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Eye of Truth
Eye of Truth
andres cintron
andres cintron 30 minutes ago
Your content is PHENOMENAL. Well documented, straight to the point, and indeed is impossible to be here alone. Truly appreciate your hard your, keep it going.
mugs kirya calvin
mugs kirya calvin 46 minutes ago
This is as realistic as it is when a child thinks the stars in the night sky are smaller than their light bulbs in the house
Tortoise Ahoy
Tortoise Ahoy Hour ago
This is exactly what I've always thought. Literally can't believe this is an actual theory! Every philosophy of mine matched with this video to the extent of 80%.
Fish Hour ago
just an arc instability into a cme
Siimensor Hour ago
If we already know about this why don’t we do it?q😅
GamerNoob 2 hours ago
Drop videos faster or else😐
Armand Arthur
Armand Arthur 5 hours ago
Whoa thats totally a whole lot of... Guesses and wild assumptions, with fancy numbers to catch idiots. My scale has 3 more level, for a total of 10, hence being a superior scale. At level 10, civilisation can resurect Elvis. Like and subscribe !
GA 6 hours ago
Btw thats how they look 1400 years ago…
Swishask8 7 hours ago
Literally sit and wait for you to post. I love your channel so much bro never stop.
TheDespawner 8 hours ago
they said it would take a million years to fly, they did it in the decade. 542 years, 7 months, 14 days and 16 hours and 12 minutes until our first Dyson-esqe device is activated
EdSanchezSports 8 hours ago
I REALLY want to believe it's an advanced civilization... But I thought these irregularities in brightness had already been attributed to thick dust/particle clouds orbiting the star (which would clearly explain the irregularities in period & brightness)? Many other videos on RU-vid suggest this.
Ashley 9 hours ago
It’s insane to think about, but I dont think it’s impossible. I just saw this video not long after watching the new movie “Moonfall” which is a sci-fi movie about the moon being a megastructure built by ancient aliens. The design of the moon megastructure is exactly the same as the dyson sphere! To think we don’t know what the universe truly holds. Keep up the videos!!
Mohd Kaif
Mohd Kaif 9 hours ago
First we need to conquer ourselves then we will be able to think about only type one but mankind cannot even understand their selves and it's true
Glert 11 hours ago
all the sources in this video: trust me bro
Ramaano Muravha
Ramaano Muravha 11 hours ago
I love your content its literally out of this world 🌎, very insightful
Carlos Pisani
Carlos Pisani 11 hours ago
There were are all as 'earthly' ones
Chris S
Chris S 11 hours ago
If you go to some parts of Alabama, you can even see a negative 7 civilization 😂😂😂
Slave Holder
Slave Holder 12 hours ago
I think that we can reach level 1, or even 2 and 3 much much faster. We were riding horses 200 years ago, and now we are going to mars. I think that we are 200-300 years away from gathering energy out of our sun. Of course if putin won’t nuke us all in a few days lol
Martin Kroebel
Martin Kroebel 12 hours ago
Were they using a Dyson Sphere?
Vipin Nair
Vipin Nair 12 hours ago
I have a very open mind. But I think this is just a massive coronal mass ejection. The size of the earth means nothing when you're studying the Sun. Each magnetic loop that you see on its surface can allow 2-3 earths to pass through easily with some space to spare.
Heritage Bow Works
Heritage Bow Works 15 hours ago
100,000 years is nothing. We need to be prepared for or at least think about civilizations 100 million years ahead of us.
Steve Scott
Steve Scott 16 hours ago
Love these vids. Never miss one
Denys Thomson
Denys Thomson 16 hours ago
This is the only channel from which I have watched every single video uploaded. Fascinating stuff. Please, continue!!! We need more of this! Really, really appreciate your work!!!
Venkian Vibes
Venkian Vibes 17 hours ago
These are all illisions
Anu Arjo
Anu Arjo 17 hours ago
Bro, we're talking about space: a trail from an spacecraft would stay for centuries if not far longer
judi davis
judi davis 18 hours ago
I love how the evidence was carefully put together. I'm convinced of the highly intelligent life existing in that solar system as well as many others.
Tanner Kay
Tanner Kay 18 hours ago
Probably Just superman Sun dipping again...
Eugene Bright
Eugene Bright 18 hours ago
The Dyson sphere is obsolete. One can draw energy directly from the vacuum without using star as a transformer and become Type 5 instantly
Eugene Bright
Eugene Bright 4 hours ago
@Alex Buswell @Alex Buswell And BTW calcite piezoluminescent crystal in pineal gland make you multidimensional being. The genetic mutilation known as the Original Sin blocks it from functioning
Eugene Bright
Eugene Bright 15 hours ago
@Alex Buswell Not much, look for working examples based on patent 512340
Alex Buswell
Alex Buswell 15 hours ago
Your gonna need the energy to do that in the first place tho
MeMooo 18 hours ago
Is that your voice?