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rinocerota 3 hours ago
Justus Wünsch
Justus Wünsch 3 hours ago
If you say Ali is the best even though he wasn't the best pound for pound, you also have to say Federer is the best over Williams, because let's all be honest, he'd beat her at least 9 out of 10 times
P3oplez Champ
P3oplez Champ 3 hours ago
Pastor Irvin🤣🤣🤣🤣
Jnelle Trim
Jnelle Trim 3 hours ago
Remember God loves you♥️! John 3:16 For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that whosoever believeth in him should not perish but have everlasting life. Please repent, change your life around and live for Him🙏🙏. He is coming back soon🤗.......
Jnelle Trim
Jnelle Trim 3 hours ago
Remember God loves you♥️! John 3:16 For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that whosoever believeth in him should not perish but have everlasting life. Please repent, change your life around and live for Him🙏🙏. He is coming back soon🤗........
P3oplez Champ
P3oplez Champ 3 hours ago
Please keep bring back 88 on the show. Loving it💯💯
Isaiah Schroeter
Isaiah Schroeter 3 hours ago
Stephen a smith acting like the packers had platinum wide receivers this game lol.
Razor Reacts
Razor Reacts 3 hours ago
Rg 3 lay off the crack
HUSTLE MUSCLE TV 3 hours ago
Much as I would want him to but he's not he's doing good where he is
Raul Garcia
Raul Garcia 3 hours ago
Michael Irvin sounds like Mr randy Watson
Jay Smooth
Jay Smooth 3 hours ago
We not gon sit here and act like the Eagles haven’t looked phenomenal on both sides of the ball. Only thing is that they haven’t scored a lot in the 2nd half and it’s mostly because they haven’t had to.
Warlock Magic
Warlock Magic 3 hours ago
I believe they will go back to Indiana and say here's 2 1st's. We aren't doing this negative media attention all year again. We need to move on.
Rupert Medford
Rupert Medford 3 hours ago
:12 you can see the umpire at second start going after Mr home run.
Bodil Halvarson
Bodil Halvarson 3 hours ago
Football sans filtre
MLS players are at the end of the chamionship, therefore they are overplayed & tiredِ. This world cup would be challenging because they do not have fresh legs
Warlock Magic
Warlock Magic 3 hours ago
It's bad enough it doesn't work. Yet the media clowns so hard. It's almost unbearable for all side's.
Jason Richards
Jason Richards 3 hours ago
All these people calling him westbrick the man's name is Westbrook. Spelling and pronunciation of a name is not hard. The man's family is being threatened. How as people you don't realise the disrespect goes too far ? He's a beast don't get hurt much he plays every game 💯 . He was utilised wrong . L.A. traded for him . Looking to change his game. They have a coach that is making the right changes hopefully with the other players .
Financial Horizons 404
Snoop is a clown. An old wanna be pimp/player who running around gifting Death Row chains to anybody with notoriety that, and Steph is one, who won’t be wearing it and not into all that. A clown u too old for how he acts
Say Cheese
Say Cheese 3 hours ago
Stephen A just hating that the top players are mostly non American
Jasave Simmons
Jasave Simmons 3 hours ago
The nickname makes sense because it is extremely rare for a player of his size to have the speed and ball handling ability that he has.
Beau Bellamy
Beau Bellamy 3 hours ago
Both teams were barely .500. Probably should calm down on the flexing all together. Just sayin.
Jonathan Sykes
Jonathan Sykes 3 hours ago
Kyrie Irving is a massive garbage pile of a human.
Jermell Griffin
Jermell Griffin 3 hours ago
SAS sound crazy! How is your health and body less important than a NBA championship? 🤦🏽
John Frank
John Frank 3 hours ago
What missing foul shots and passing up dunks don’t forget won’t take a 3
Southern Wake
Southern Wake 3 hours ago
I've given up on US Soccer until decades from now we actually put promotion and relegation into our system. We play for ratings, not to be the best. And we can't put together a decent team until it changes from the ground up. Yes we have players in the UCL now, etc, but that doesn't make a team. Our technical ability outside of a top few is still at England 2nd division level...
JWils17 3 hours ago
Sound stupid moving Bron from 6 to 4 like that’s a real difference
Angela Toussaint
Angela Toussaint 3 hours ago
They..mostly white men in the sports world, in their arrogance or refusing to hear Deion Sanders. He states that he was called by God to make a change to level the competition for HBCU. It is disrespectful to his mission. He is a father that loves his son. Do you honestly think he would leave Shedeur in his sophomore year? Why? He doesn't need money,?? You think he would leave Travis Hunter after he turned down every power 5 for Jackson State because of Deion? Can you imagine the betrayal they would feel?
Trainer Rob
Trainer Rob 3 hours ago
The funny thing about this whole "Russ is terrible" campagin is that in Philly... James Harden was just as bad or worse yet even this network has him ranked top 20 in the league right? Russ is the #3 there, if he`s giving them the exact same numbers on the exact same splits while reducing the turnovers and they are still not a contender that won`t be on him. There`s only two or three other teams in the league that have third option capable of 19/5/5 and all those teams are expected to be legit contenders coming into the season. Just call it what it is. If Lebron and AD are not elite and available they won`t get out of the first round. That`s on Lebron and Ad, not Russ.
RoLlinstone Moula
RoLlinstone Moula 3 hours ago
Ask Fox did MV7 have a Entire Offense around him.. Vick neva had RPO'S in his Playbook like Action Jackson have.. 😎💯