$456,000 Squid Game In Real Life!

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MrBeast 2 days ago
Like I said in the video, subscribe if you haven’t already and you could win $10,000!
Eebox EMX
Eebox EMX 2 days ago
UPFan6430 2 days ago
Rated-R 2 days ago
how about th amount the actual show had
Lunar 2 days ago
Gamer 3Y3S
Gamer 3Y3S 2 days ago
Pikachu chu chu cool
How do you give us the money?
Federico nicolas Andreoli
Вадим Лубянов
Реально круто сделали )
Julie Tinajero
Julie Tinajero 2 hours ago
Player 433 is literally young James Franco!
Cynthia Tovar
Cynthia Tovar 2 hours ago
William Gomez
William Gomez 2 hours ago
e 2 hours ago
the english dub but better
Jon 2 hours ago
It was just last week that I was wondering if anyone is going to make this movie into a real game and here is it is. Simply Brilliant!
whatapp, ➕(➀)➁➀➂➈➇⓪➅➁➁➀
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Ten Chittaphon
Ten Chittaphon 2 hours ago
wow, just wow
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luis retamozo
luis retamozo 2 hours ago
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MrBeast never ceases to amaze me
Loni Tamez
Loni Tamez 2 hours ago
He gained 1,471,178 in 24 hours
the gamer of games
the gamer of games 2 hours ago
how high up in tug of war and glass bridge were they?
SMIMOU ZAKARIA 2 hours ago
Wooowww i can't believe that mr beast he can do anything for us ❤️
Shivers 2 hours ago
with the tug of war i thought someone was going to fall off and die lol
judith macias
judith macias 2 hours ago
DCB Vlogs
DCB Vlogs 2 hours ago
New subscriber 😎
Анна Л
Анна Л 2 hours ago
Go Russia
tristan pantin
tristan pantin 2 hours ago
this man needs money
꧁Glow Bright Unicorn꧂
Mr beast looks so fancy in the suit XDDDD
Rodrigo Sousa
Rodrigo Sousa 2 hours ago
i really will win 10,000????
Karolina Campos Zuñiga
Halguien que entiendas eapañol y le dig a que lo ponga en español
Schemealot 2 hours ago
whatapp, ➕(➀)➁➀➂➈➇⓪➅➁➁➀
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Pilot 2 hours ago
لو معي فلوس اقدر اشتريكم كلكم 😘
Josh Harden
Josh Harden 2 hours ago
Come on 10 Grand!!! No Whammy!
hOyeOn jUnG
hOyeOn jUnG 2 hours ago
yawsouljahh 2 hours ago
Brawl stars is good i have 10k trophies
Andrew keukjian
Andrew keukjian 2 hours ago
I have been playing brawl since global
Jonatan Hernandez
Jonatan Hernandez 2 hours ago
Can he even see who subscribed in the time frame he set(7days)?
• GrOuB 999 ! -
• GrOuB 999 ! - 2 hours ago
Katalin Csermely
Katalin Csermely 2 hours ago
man 2 hours ago
Ion care what anyone says Mr.Beast > Pewdipie
whatapp, ➕(➀)➁➀➂➈➇⓪➅➁➁➀
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Bothrug7 2 hours ago
Geometry Dash Yuvi
Geometry Dash Yuvi 2 hours ago
I subscribed!
Just Some Animator
Just Some Animator 2 hours ago
456 was so close
Sumayo official
Sumayo official 2 hours ago
Please share lagend
Yeshvant Gill
Yeshvant Gill 2 hours ago
62? Million thousandth bagillon bizllion ultra mega sweaty ballz views
Recreartion 2 hours ago
i did
Male Rollet
Male Rollet 2 hours ago
i love you , i leave my boyfriend for you
Mel B
Mel B 2 hours ago
Amazing job with the set. After watching I seriously would pay to play.
Lisa Knell
Lisa Knell 2 hours ago
I sub years ago
Wajma Touryalai
Wajma Touryalai 2 hours ago
Bruh crazy squid game
Cats1789 2 hours ago
079 cheated lmao
Level Fresh
Level Fresh 2 hours ago
Coolchipmunk21 2 hours ago
yeah he wasnt supposed to stop at the chairs but its whatever
name .-.
name .-. 2 hours ago
Tails Fanteg
Tails Fanteg 2 hours ago
I hoped that guy that win wins. Welp, I was right and still... No real guns, -1/10 (jk)
Peaxhyxbees 2 hours ago
Don’t😡you☝🏼dare😰disobey😃me😔Coraline😍 ueeegh😱
GameStation NL
GameStation NL 2 hours ago
62 mil in 2 days
Alma De Santiago
Alma De Santiago 2 hours ago
ove been waiting for this for a month
Miley Wilson
Miley Wilson 2 hours ago
albert is in it
Boyfriend+ 2 hours ago
I have 9 years but i want participate
LillyianPuppy 2 hours ago
Knowing that all the money you spent on this just builds more money to help more people and nature makes it even better. You're good people, Beast. 👍
Apocalyman 2 hours ago
I have been subscribed for a while
Elijah Bailey
Elijah Bailey 2 hours ago
Lol I need 10k
Boop Doop
Boop Doop 2 hours ago
456 lasted a long time though
Виталий Цой
really god!
Jesus Gonzalez
Jesus Gonzalez 2 hours ago
satish bathla
satish bathla 2 hours ago
I play brawl stars
Ивайло Касамаков
I don't stop playing brawl stars for 2 days and I am 15000 trophies.
turtle vr
turtle vr 2 hours ago
When 456 died I was sooooo sad just imagine he died in the show
Mr. Carson
Mr. Carson 2 hours ago
Dude the selfish people piss me off at glass bridge, the 5th person pisses me off the most istg
Cayden Dubray
Cayden Dubray 2 hours ago
Adam & Amir Tube
Adam & Amir Tube 2 hours ago
كوتش 2 hours ago
محتواك جميل ورائع إنك تساعد الناس كم هذا لطيف واتمنى الفوز
Mary The Berry [Hawaiian pizza rolls]
I wonder how it feels
Travel Boucher
Travel Boucher 2 hours ago
Eli is on
Eli is on 2 hours ago
You: if it makes you feel better I give you 10,000.330:YOUR KIDDING!? You calm: no
Kristjan Rolandsson
I subscribed 5 sec before you said you could win $10,000 haha =P
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Lorena Pinto Prada
Lorena Pinto Prada 2 hours ago
hi, good vidio
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Tiana Earley
Tiana Earley 2 hours ago
Im subscibed
Cristian MQ
Cristian MQ 2 hours ago
esperando que salga en español ;-;
Wajma Touryalai
Wajma Touryalai 2 hours ago
Seth Hutzler
Seth Hutzler 2 hours ago
ow owwwwwwww
NEI 2 hours ago
just subscribed for 10k :)
Vanessa Vasquez
Vanessa Vasquez 2 hours ago
Where the other doll
Wajma Touryalai
Wajma Touryalai 2 hours ago
Mark from somewhere
What happened to 69?
Matthew Murphy
Matthew Murphy 2 hours ago
I subscribed 😎
Brandon Taylor
Brandon Taylor 2 hours ago
unusual sub
unusual sub 2 hours ago
hombre bestia
Exotica! 2 hours ago
I'm so happy that you partnered with bs I love the game and just got my first r35 :)
Elegante 2 hours ago
Now recreate Total Drama Island in rl
NoyLeK 2 hours ago
Are anyone of they are suffered? This is rlly scary at the moment with the ropes
Sander16V 2 hours ago
10s face
PaPeR iS cOoL
PaPeR iS cOoL 2 hours ago
My parents said i couldnt watch the show (im only 9), so i watched this instead, and i have 2 words for Jimmy and the team. Thank you
Prince Fiel
Prince Fiel 2 hours ago
love MrBeast
Bossmug 2 hours ago
Dominic Pedraza
Dominic Pedraza 2 hours ago
I download brawl stars today
Michael Dy
Michael Dy 2 hours ago
Good content
كوتش 2 hours ago
أتمنى الفوز
Griminion TV
Griminion TV 2 hours ago
How would he know if we downloaded the game?
Froggy 2 hours ago
Where did you get the masks
Davidluiz Flova
Davidluiz Flova 2 hours ago
Mister beast por favor aslo en espanol
كوتش 2 hours ago
أتمنى الفوز بلجائزة انا بحاجتها كثيرا شكرا لك
m_a_t_e_j :/
m_a_t_e_j :/ 2 hours ago
Natnael Samuel
Natnael Samuel 2 hours ago
I wanna be awinner please
Mark Wright
Mark Wright 2 hours ago
This is insane had me on the edge of my seat the whole time💯💯
Ilyass Manni
Ilyass Manni 2 hours ago
Pliez marok
spy633 2 hours ago
i thought jimmy would kill the people who lost