“That Did Not Go As Planned!” RV-8 First Flight Aborted

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We find a problem during the first Test Flight of a newly built Van’s Aircraft RV-8. Proudly associated with ForeFlight: www.foreflight.com/flightchops
We visited Martin in Pontiac, Michigan, who just finished his RV-8 build after 7 long years.
The first test flight did not go as planned! But as test flights are meant to do, it revealed an interesting, yet serious problem with the build that Martin quickly solved, allowing us to resume and complete the test flight program.

Dave is considering taking on more test flying work, for more details reach out to:

Martin’s new RV-8 has been a 7 year labor of love and the end result is nothing short of spectacular. He also installed Garmin Avionics, which in my opinion offer the best toolset possible, especially when combined with ForeFlight.

For more of Martin’s story, check out his RU-vid channel:

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I am a "weekend warrior" private pilot, I fly for fun with no intentions of going commercial. I have had my PPL for over 15 years, but still consider each flight a learning experience - I generally take detailed notes after each flight to remind myself what went well or what I could do to improve.... Having GoPro cameras to record flights like this is invaluable. I find these self analysis videos very helpful in my constant quest to improve, and am happy to share. Feedback is invited; however, please keep it positive.
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Aug 11, 2022




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Comments 290
yzaw4411 Month ago
The test pilot is an true professional.. His thoroughness in preflight to run up and knowing the proper procedures of test flying is very acceptable to a professional..
John Rower
John Rower 4 days ago
loved watching every second of this. well done. My only ask would have been to dive into what the canopy fix turned out to be. Quick shot of it on the ground but i have no idea how he fixed it.
goatflieg 2 days ago
I don't blame you for not scrolling through all the comments to find the answer; I know what that's like. I applied some D-section silicon rubber weatherstripping to the aft edges of the canopy skirt and it cured it completely. You can see a quick glimpse of still photos of the fix near the end of the video.
Mark Arnett
Mark Arnett Month ago
I was very impressed with the professionalism of the test pilot. I'm sure that after a 7-year build, "GO FEVER" would be a difficult emotion to overcome. It is this type of video that separates "Flight Chops" from many others of a similar kind.
David Carrick
David Carrick Month ago
I really appreciate that feedback. Thank you.
Gary Laaks
Gary Laaks Month ago
I absolutely love the paint on this RV8. Congratulations on the build. There is just something to building your own aircraft / race car / bike etc. I fly RC planes and my fondest planes are the self built ones by far. Again congrats on making Oshkosh this year. Regards from South Africa.
goatflieg Month ago
Thank you!
Wally Wally
Wally Wally 13 days ago
Recently sold my 8, regret it but I rarely flew it. Of all the planes Ive driven from ultralights to Airbus the 8 was the best fir all round bang for buck👍 there’s nothing like centreline seating g & conventional U/c👍
Aaron Barnhard
Aaron Barnhard Month ago
Congratulations Martin, the plane looks great! Nice, professional job (as always) with the test flight, Dave. Another great video, Steve.
LtKernelPanic Month ago
What a beautiful plane! Glad it was something relatively minor that wasn't super hard to fix.
MrSkarpy Month ago
I wonder what the general opinion is about the RV-8. I would love to build one, but is it as good as some of the hype? Also, this plane looks great. Good job to the builder.
FlightChops Month ago
I would agree the RV-8 is as good as the hype. SO many retired fighter pilots choose the RV-8. The only reason I went for an RV-14 over an RV-8 was for the side by side passenger experience. But from a pure flying perspective, I’d rather be sitting centerline with stick right hand and throttle left hand… but I am lucky to have access to the warbird trainer fleet at the museum, for that sort of flying experience.
Brian Jorgensen
Brian Jorgensen Month ago
Good on Marty for letting this be a youtube video. But as we know, this is why test pilots exist, and that was so cool to watch the process working
Matt Uecker
Matt Uecker Month ago
What a great video! Impressive build, and I loved watching the flight test planning and execution. Very cool!!
Robert Payne
Robert Payne Month ago
He certainly went about the testing in a humble and correct way. Getting an expert opinion on a new build is very wise in my opinion. Plus it all worked out for the best in the long run.
ChrisB257 Month ago
Great to see this Steve, beautiful plane - even back when I flew R?C a lot, there's no getting away from maiden flight' 'pucker'' - everything can have been quadruple checked but, still that nerve problem!! I could feel the tension, even with a super experienced test pilot like Dave. Vibration always very concerning... hope the canopy issue can be fixed - obviously a speed related resonance. Glad a fix was implemented quickly and it got to Osh'. (love the look of your '14' now it's in paint :))
Gary C
Gary C Month ago
Dave, nerves of steel! But, a good test pilot, and I'm glad that Marty was able to get the canopy fixed AND make it to OSH. Great story, Steve, thanks for sharing this, and Marty, thanks for allowing Steve to share it with us!
goatflieg Month ago
It was a true honor to have it shared by a good friend.
Richard Nault
Richard Nault Month ago
This is quite interesting not only to have Dave's experience and comments but also all these video footages with sound. Great team work! And kudo for the transparency of this first flight.
bigmikeh Month ago
Nice job, gorgeous plane. Love the careful step-by-step approach, treat new planes with respect no matter what the history of other builds is. Hope to see it in person one day!
Mayor Stoner
Mayor Stoner Month ago
Great content (as usual) Steve. Although not as exciting, would love to see the test pilot's walk through procedure before ever getting in the cockpit.
SuperAero Month ago
Really enjoyed this one dudes - really fun to see. Love the RV-8!
Daniel Stover
Daniel Stover Month ago
Very unusual to see a "fully finished" and "fully painted" RV doing it's first flight. In all my years, this is the first time that I have seen this. It really seems strange to me. Best of wishes with the fixes and tweaks. Beautiful RV-8. Always safety first! Thanks for sharing! 🙂👍
Texas Flyer
Texas Flyer Month ago
Love this video. Thanks to all for sharing. I got chills watching him lift off for it's very first flight. I am so pumped to start my 8's empennage kit this month. Also ordering my wing kit Monday and remaining tools tonight.
Smitty Smithsonite
Nice job, Martin! Thing is a beauty! Great job as always by Dave as a top-notch test pilot. Not to take anything away from your always epic videography, editing, and production quality, Steve! High-fives all around! 🙌🍻 👍😎👍
Justin Burstein
Justin Burstein Month ago
Really enjoyed this one. The single topic and linear storytelling really made it a fun watch!
Ludvik Blondal
Ludvik Blondal Month ago
Very good coverage...plan the flight..fly the plan..very professional
John Ritter
John Ritter Month ago
As an owner of someone else's RV8 build, who took it through Phase 1 without acro, I can attest to the nerves in trying something aggressive for the first time. Nothing but respect for those professional test guys.
Odorized Ramblings
Congratulations to Marty! What an amazing accomplishment. I watched him on VAF and can appreciate his build. As for me... my build is on definite hold... Flight Chops you rock brother!!! Keep up the good work and thank you. Hopefully someday I'll join in my Van's 👍until then, I'll be with the Bo's 😎 that's also a great thing 🇺🇸
NavinR Johnson
NavinR Johnson 14 days ago
Brings back so many memories. I did my Private training out of that airport. Great video as usual.
Mick Martin
Mick Martin Month ago
Great bunch of people in the aviation industry, great vid Chops!
Casey Ramotowski
Oh man I can’t wait to finish my RV14A. And I’m just waiting on the tail kit. I hope it doesn’t take 7 years. But I’m thrilled to go through the process and meet up with you guys along the way. Currently based at KVLL so I love to hear about other builders so close to me.
Casey Ramotowski
@Nick Hager I imagine October. It said 4 months when I ordered at the end of last month. Not sure if there’s any way to get an up to date timeline. 🤞
Nick Hager
Nick Hager Month ago
When are you expecting your kit? Mine is scheduled for crating in October. I'm near KUES in WI.
J Kingsley
J Kingsley Month ago
Great video work as usual FlightChops! Perfect editing…just the right amount of technical content mixed with good ole flying. Congrats Marty and great job Dave!
FlightChops Month ago
Much appreciated feedback on the post production!
gtr1952 Month ago
That was very interesting, and cool!! Congrats to Martin on the build, looks awesome! Elliott is one of my favorite people! We talked here a couple times about flight tests, he's an all around great guy!! "Airplanes are cool"!! 8) --gary
goatflieg Month ago
I was really glad to meet Elliot at OSH this year. With the Steve/Dave connection and also having great memories of the Sanders family and getting to ride in formation with Dreadnought, Elliott felt like family. Now I have a Wasabi Flight Test patch for my flight bag!
RegressMeNot Month ago
Wow! The paint job on your RV-14 is stunning. 18:42 Hope you do a video about the paint process and how you went about choosing the livery and color scheme.
Mikercflyer Month ago
Great video Steve. It must give your heart a little boost feeling those vibrations thank goodness it was only the canopy. A great feeling being able to show off your baby at Oshkosh.
T Bone
T Bone Month ago
I had the floor under my feet develop a vibration on my 8 , that was due to impulses from the exhaust pipes, a change in deflection was the fix..I also had a 1.5 inch strip of the fuzzy side of Velcro around the inside of my canopy , might be why I had no vibration of the canopy.
Ima Paine-diaz
Ima Paine-diaz Month ago
Good fix! the Velcro would disturb the laminar airflow under the canopy edge and cancel out the speed induced resonance☺☺
Keith Phillips
Keith Phillips Month ago
Beautiful workmanship and a thorough and professional approach by all......spot on
I M Czech
I M Czech Month ago
What a great video. Great job Martin it is a beautiful plane. Loved Dave's cool and precise analysis of the vibration. Great job guys.
Andrew Schmitt
Andrew Schmitt Month ago
Awesome that you were in my neck of the woods, went for a joyride Saturday in a T6, love your content
MiVyoo Month ago
Beautiful plane, beautiful editing! Congratulations to Martin! - How's Elliot, hope he's doing just fine... All the best from Finland! 👍😎
FlightChops Month ago
Thanks! Elliot is doing great - I saw him at AirVenture - he’d flown in a cool project based on a hybrid powered Cessna 337. He’s very active on Instagram if you want to see what he’s upto.
Ryan Verplank
Ryan Verplank Month ago
Everyday is a opportunity to learn more! Rarely does is go off perfect this 1st time out of the gate. Glad everyone is safe.
helipilotuh1 22 days ago
I’m glad they did the -15 but I really vans would’ve redone the -8 with the faster build technology because it is such a better looking aircraft.
4:42 Exactly! I got to fly an RV-4 at the EAA in Oshkosh (actually a nearby airport) with Dick VanGrunsven, the designer. What a joy to fly, coming from an ex-flight instructor with thousands of hours in boring Cessna 150s. I got the tail kit, shaped the spars and drilled them, but due to other factors, sold the kit to a local. To me, the RV aircraft with a roughly 4:1 cruise to stall ratio and a simple design, cannot be beat. And I like to sit tandem and roll on the point.
Clarkston Guy
Clarkston Guy Month ago
Very nice well produced video, and congratulations to the builder! I learned to fly at KPTK, so this video brings back some pleasant memories. I highly recommend the DCT Aviation flight school on the field. But one of the reasons this is a great airport to train at is because it is so dang busy! If a student pilot can get comfortable flying with all of the traffic that used to be there, pretty much any other airport they go to will seem to be operating at a more relaxed pace. I would have no concerns about making my own first flight, and I would have no concerns flying into KPTK after the fly off. But unless things have slowed down a lot there, I wouldn't be brave enough to do both at once!
goatflieg Month ago
Agreed; I got recurrent at DCT before getting glass cockpit time with Crosswinds. Although PTK is my home base now, I learned to fly at the Palo Alto Airport in the S.F. Bay Area. A tiny and very busy airport in very busy airspace is a good place to learn.
Mike Kobb
Mike Kobb Month ago
Great video, I really enjoyed it. So it looks like the solution was basically to install a gasket on the canopy so that it seats firmly against the fuselage and can't vibrate. Simple. I hope the paint touch-up wasn't too onerous. Great-looking plane.
VelosiT Month ago
Excellent video as usual. Out of curiosity, what helmet is Dave wearing in this video? It's gorgeous!
blancolirio Month ago
Haa! Steve called it seeing the chafeing! Good job all! Great points about paint and spot landings before OSH!
blancolirio Month ago
@goatflieg Excellent! See ya here! KGOO.
goatflieg Month ago
Juan, it is an honor to have you comment on this video. I hope to include your home field as one of my destinations during my Tour of Gratitude next year. I'll be visiting many significant locations regarding my building process; many places on the west coast including my fledgling airport PAO; LVK; SJC; SQL; AUN and many others. Hope to meet you in person someday.
BayAviator Month ago
Great content. And so close to home. I earned my private at Pontiac.
gsknowslinux Month ago
So this is the one y'all consulted with Elliot on! Very, very cool. Love the solution to the canopy buzz - it'll also make it warmer in the winter! And Martin, if you're watching this, you're no idiot, you're very, very meticulous; it shows in the quality of the finished product. (Who the heck gets aileron rigging spot on the first time?!?! )
goatflieg Month ago
Thanks. It's always good to hear that.
Marty Dalton
Marty Dalton Month ago
Well done Marty. I remember you talking about your build on Wally Andersons course back in 2016? Hope you're enjoying your 8 Mate. I'm now retired and building my RV14 on the Gold Coast in Queensland Oz. Thanks Flight Chops. (The other Marty from Oz)
goatflieg Month ago
Good to hear from you again! Good luck on your building journey.
John Haedtler
John Haedtler Month ago
A lot of canopied planes have this problem. There is a low pressure area there and sometimes the airflow is froward! I would tuft the canopy and film it to see what is happening.
Mike Kelly
Mike Kelly Month ago
7:06 - Martin has an awesome drum kit as well as an awesome plane! Nicko McBrain would be proud. Terrific content; these build/test process videos are so enlightening. Hope to see more!
Cody Walz
Cody Walz Month ago
Thanks for always crushing it with your content!
Jeff Gerard
Jeff Gerard Month ago
What an excellent video! Been mulling over building an RV...this may push me over the edge ;-)
Speed Bird
Speed Bird Month ago
I have never liked green, but it looks stellar on that aircraft. Beautiful paint job.
Travis Eggl
Travis Eggl Month ago
Nice airplane. Glad he was able to get it sorted out quickly.
Dean Miles
Dean Miles Month ago
Hi Steve and Dave, That was a great video. Having Dave fly the first flight was definitely the right call. I believe in having a professional test pilot for the first flight. It's a great feeling seeing your plane take to the air for the first time. Steve, you flashed your plane picture too fast...beautiful paint job but I also really liked the polished look. That was a funny name for a plane, it made me laugh. Take care, Be safe.
FlightChops Month ago
Glad you enjoyed it - Full episode about the paint job an related mission - coming soon
jay kastner
jay kastner Month ago
Awesome! Well done, and most important, SAFE!
jacob daniel Kuiper
Done some TestFlights myself, like the way he did it, still very gutsy! Stay safe!
Peter Month ago
Great video great view. Airplanes ✈️ great weather sounds fight great show
Deluk Month ago
Beautiful looking plane. A quality build. Should I be concerned about the rather limited leg clearance below the instrument panel? Looked rather close and the owner might be a bit bigger here than the TP.
goatflieg Month ago
I had to develop certain methods of getting in and out, but once I'm in the seat I have plenty of room.
SnowTiger45 27 days ago
If you want a skilled, reliable test pilot, find a Canadian. 🙂
B Walt
B Walt Month ago
This is familiar. I had 'buzzing' on first flights of tip up canopy of my RV-7. Redid the seal of the front canopy lip to the fuselage and went away, and has stayed good for over 500 hours. Funny how 150 MPH airflow can change things unexpectedly. BTW, I DID paint before first flight.
Kendall Month ago
Great episode! Thank you for bringing us along.
FlightChops Month ago
Glad you enjoyed it Kendall!
Aleksandar Month ago
At Waterloo-Wellington flight center, I was flying a DA40 with my instructor and we encountered a loud rattling sound around the pattern at particular power settings. This aircraft was a new plane to the club that just finished a full teardown inspection a couple weeks before the flight. We couldn't find the source of the noise initially, even on the ground, and though the trim seemed to 'get stuck' it had nothing to do with the noise. In fact, on my next flight a week later I did a thorough walkaround and found a flashlight in the wing cavity where the gear strut joins the fuselage. I was rather shocked that of all the pilots who flew it in that time, nobody else reported or found the issue.
Chuck.U.Farley Month ago
I like RV's .. when you see them touching down at the local field - they look like flying lawn ornaments!
Mark D
Mark D Month ago
The words you never want to hear your pilot say, “What the hell was that?”
goatflieg Month ago
Tell me about it. It had already been a very stressful morning (learning of death in the family just before Steve and Dave arrived) and to hear "7AR has an unexpected vibration; immediate return" had my heart in my mouth. But all's well that flies well!
C Starks
C Starks Month ago
Love that paint livery! Even as a Navy vet, I gotta like it. Great choice. Would like to know the details of what solved the vibration problem, just for the edification. Nice video, too. Well done! Steely test pilot!
goatflieg Month ago
@Ali Pam No; it formed to the gaps really well and then held the shape. If the canopy is locked for a long time with temperature changes the weatherstrip can stick just a little bit, but it always comes free without peeling.
Ali Pam
Ali Pam Month ago
@goatflieg thanks marty. great build. Does the weather stripping interfere with canopy function/retraction at all?
C Starks
C Starks Month ago
@goatflieg Thank you! Glad that it worked well.
goatflieg Month ago
On the advice of Curt Martin, LongEze builder and dear friend, I used strips of D-section silicon rubber weatherstripping along the aft edges of the canopy skirt. It worked perfectly (see still photo near end of video).
Hamish Brown
Hamish Brown Month ago
Super interesting video! thankyou for sharing this process.
Hayden M.
Hayden M. Month ago
The paint on the RV14 looks amazing!
jason huntley
jason huntley Month ago
That is a superbly built lovely aircraft. May you have many many enjoyable and safe hours up and above Sir!
goatflieg Month ago
Michael Jordan
Michael Jordan Month ago
"took 7 years and it's a quick build" - loved that comment :)
jakk222rem Month ago
This is neet. I worked for the company that powdercoated the frame parts. I've been to their factory in Wilsonville hundreds of times but never got to go inside one of their aircraft. Thanks for the check flight.
Ms. Randi Cook
Ms. Randi Cook Month ago
Beautiful plane!
Roy Bertalotto
Roy Bertalotto 26 days ago
If I build a Van, I want THAT guy to test fly it!!! Great video.....
goatflieg 2 days ago
Dave Rocks!
Lawrence 8 days ago
Sweet airplane! Nice work. I actually started an RV-8 about 20 years ago, but never had the funds to get very far with it. Sold off what I had. Eventually had to throw the towel in on flying altogether. It just got too expensive for this blue-collar boy. One of the saddest days of my life. I appreciate your channel.
Lawrence Day ago
@goatflieg Roger that, brother. Good luck.
goatflieg 2 days ago
I sympathize. I've had that throwing towel in my back pocket for over seven years now. Even though I'm flying it now, it's still in my back pocket, because I don't know how long I'll be able to keep it due to financial issues. Hanging on as long as I can, and enjoying the time while I still have it.
FlightChops 7 days ago
Ag well - thanks for letting me know you’re enjoying the content in leu of actually flying yourself.
Takesix Month ago
Great flights!
Lee Kitson
Lee Kitson Month ago
Great Video. Congrats Marty and thanks for sharing your story.
goatflieg Month ago
Thanks to Steve for giving me such a great chance!
Brado K
Brado K Month ago
Very cool. Good looking airplane. Thanks for sharing.
SIR-JJ Month ago
How can I have an RV8 bias! Probably because we’re building one, nice one Chops. Thanks to all concerned here, especially the troops in the bleaches on the picnic chairs.
Anthony Puca
Anthony Puca Month ago
Long time viewer, usually on TV so can't comment. Love your channel and learn so much from it that I'm applying to my RV-10 build.
FlightChops Month ago
Thanks for dropping into the comments for this one Anthony :)
quinnjim Month ago
Beautiful plane! I am convinced Steve says "PRO-cess" over and over to drive me nuts. 😀
goatflieg Month ago
@FlightChops I always thought it was a Canadian pronunciation and kinda liked it. Here, it's Prah-cess... but we could be wrong. ;)
FlightChops Month ago
Haha - ok - you're the second person to comment on this - I will do my best to say "Pruhh-cess from now on :)
GungHo Month ago
Moral of the story dont try to land at exctly the same time. A fast Twin engine on final does not mean one should go on left base at an uncontrolled airport. I would have extended my downwind by 1-2 miles.
XP Time Traveler
XP Time Traveler 2 days ago
You may have done this and not shown it, but you should box check in both directions in case a linkage or control surface binds as a function of not only position in the box but direction of movement. For instance, a heim joint that rubs a bracket when aileron is at full left deflection and elevator is moved. If you pass it elevator nose down to nose up it is a glancing rub, but from nose up to nose down it meets a lip and is a firm stop.
FlightChops Day ago
Thanks for the added insights
Yurii Hordiienko
Yurii Hordiienko 16 days ago
Interesting to know how that vibration finally fixed?
goatflieg 2 days ago
D-section silicon rubber weatherstripping applied to the aft edges of the canopy skirt solved the problem.
Michael Month ago
1:31 is doing planes as well? I love their GTM.
Aran2323 Month ago
Very cool video! Thank you for sharing Marty! What's the "wedge" that Dave mentioned at 19:36?
Aran2323 Month ago
@David Carrick Very cool, thank you!
David Carrick
David Carrick Month ago
A wedge is a term for a physical piece of material (usually balsa) that is shaped like a wedge and attached to the rudder to trim the airplane into co-ordinated (ball in the centre) flight at cruise speed. Some airplanes have rudder trim systems to do this, and some airplanes have a tab on the rudder bent in the direction required. It’s always nice to simply build it so well that it is not required (in the RV universe anyway). It takes only a tiny imperfection in the rudder to need it.
artgoat 17 days ago
The driver's door of my Chevy Astro does the same thing when It's on the downwind side of a crosswind.
Mike Freeman
Mike Freeman Month ago
I was admiring this aircraft at the PTK Open House on August 14th!
goatflieg Month ago
Thanks! It was very cool to finally have it on display there.
Sébastien MICHEL
What's that helmet model ? It's very nice! Great video !!
Christopher Beddoe
First impression. Man Marty's RV8 is BEAUTIFUL.
goatflieg Month ago
Thanks! After a while of flying, I'll get the wing tips, wheel pants and intersection fairings finished off, then have the paint cut and buffed. Then it will be quite a bit better!
Dream Diction
Dream Diction Month ago
Wingspan only 24 feet . . . wow.
goatflieg 2 days ago
My shop was only 25x25; made the initial wing fitting interesting. Especially when I forgot to insert the aileron push tubes inside the wings before fitting. Yes... I had to drill a big hole in my interior wall to get them in. If RU-vid would let me post photos, I'd share the meme it generated!
Bill Brisson
Bill Brisson Month ago
another RV grin! I didn't get to Osh, but I did make a couple trips from Dryden to Moosejaw in my RV6 :) (that's farther than flying to Osh) Stay tuned to my channel for some new content
Jeremy Month ago
I think every single builder regardless of experience should have a test pilot. There is too much emotion and nerves and attachment to make objective decisions in the airplane should something go wrong... even if it all goes right, you may not be paying attention to the correct thing. For example, if you were working on a certain part of the aircraft and had some thoughts on that, your mind will be stuck there when it should be elsewhere. Smart move. Nice airplane.
goatflieg Month ago
Thanks again, Steve and Dave. #MyShortestCommentEver
Max Runia
Max Runia Month ago
Really really enjoyed this
A Good Person
A Good Person Month ago
Awesome !
gt40driver1 Month ago
Brilliant video. Got to build and RV soon but have a Porsche 908 to build first.
Paul Brenton
Paul Brenton 19 days ago
How was the vibration in the aircraft fixed ?
Mike Waterfield
Mike Waterfield Month ago
My T neighbor is building an RV10. Can’t wait to see that thing fly.
Matt T
Matt T Month ago
I spot a CAP aircraft at 9:32. Pretty cool.
Richard Month ago
Okay Steve, when do we get to see a feature video on your RV 14 in its final form? Have you given it a name?
goatflieg 2 days ago
@Richard LOL
Richard Month ago
@FlightChops "Thunderbolt Grease Slapper?"
FlightChops Month ago
Paint shop mission video coming soon - and still haven't landed on a name for the plane...,
Incenius Month ago
Went down to OSh for the first time this year, spotted you taking shelter from the heat under Doc's wing in boeing plaza :P
David Vanmeter
David Vanmeter Month ago
Man I miss flying!!