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Shiba Inu Manyu
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I hope you will always be healthy and carefree.
• 我跟曼玉manyu的故事要从何说起呢.......
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Nov 19, 2023




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Comments : 7K   
@Elpibasoheteroxd 17 days ago
Who agrees than this dog lives better than 99% humans? Edit: 20k likes Thank you so much guys i appreciate it too much
@kennygawu219 17 days ago
@Adam-fx3cq 17 days ago
l think so😢😢
@natalia.vieira. 17 days ago
Of course 😔
@user-ms1pg2ok4i 3 days ago
That sweet look on Manyu's face says it all. Happy Manyu!
@Gamers_Rule1000 2 days ago
This dog is so calm my dog would be running faster than an NFL Player
SAME☠️☠️😭.. If I even tried to place it down it wouldn’t even stay there
The fact that the Shiba made a heart with the other dog 🥹
@user-hd3fh9jx8b 10 days ago
Hola Lucas Xd
@dovie2blue 5 days ago
No crossbreeding!!!
@ashishpurohit2683 23 hours ago
Do you all also accept that this is the cutest dog in the world ❤🥰
@ryder1856 2 days ago
Who agrees that this guy buys more things for his dog than our parents brought for us
@itzcassidyy8326 9 hours ago
@saracalawy6314 2 hours ago
@RainFarrlz 20 days ago
the bombastic side eye when you lift bros tail 😭😭
@witherzz 19 days ago
Lil bro got violated 😂
@FangyDoesArt 19 days ago
It's a lil ma'am 😩
@CrystolDavis 19 days ago
470 likes lemme fix that 🗿🍷
@ShaylaHuevo-vu6bh 19 days ago
Ha! I love that dog
@mausuririn 17 hours ago
You have pampered this little one so much, it lives a better life than most humans.
@AviationGuy1010 14 hours ago
This dog is cleaner than every discord mod and Genshin player combined
This is the most calmest dog I’ve ever seen washing their paws and trimming their nails
The dog is sure baby sit since birth that why it look like normal to the dog. Lucky dog we human live longer than them
@senghongte5642 7 days ago
He been through this alot of times das why
@Ms.Pumpkin 6 days ago
I'm gonna need one of those paw cleaners For the dog of course...
@Mad_dogidklol 2 days ago
This dog is adorable!😁The sounds are so satisfying😌
@Rik-sk7yd 5 hours ago
@actionfire4036 19 days ago
that little sneeze was too precious!! 🥰🥰😍😍
@stadomerk8633 19 days ago
Its fake sound
@ScarIettx 19 days ago
@kenrobins9 19 days ago
@@stadomerk8633 its not fake bro u can clearly see that she sneeze
Love ❤
@pottyamaa 19 days ago
@docsmall8173 3 hours ago
Bros having a whole spa day 😊
@Yormom800 Day ago
@cjaypaz9842 4 days ago
Lifts up tail and the dog is like "I beg your pardon "
@gamerdan2280 3 days ago
@dorisbello2154 3 days ago
@Ash_Has_Claws 3 days ago
@mariherrera5998 3 days ago
❤ 😊🎉si
I’ll do anything for love… but I won’t do that! 😂
@Oliverfamily924 8 hours ago
OMG that sneeze was so cute. I think I'm in love with that puppy I want it so bad.
My heart just melted within seconds 🥰🥰
@itsgachaem5490 7 days ago
That dog's paws have more skincare than my face. Adorable:]
@user-jf2ds3cd5m 6 days ago
Que le. Paso al. Otro perrito tiene un ojo rojo❤😢
@randyfisher3158 15 hours ago
Dang this dog has better skin care than most people😂😂😂😂
@phaexus 5 hours ago
Most pampered dog in the history of dogkind 😊
@jaquelynrey 18 hours ago
That dog is getting special treatment every single day❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
The frist part was like a song😂❤
@aks1994u 10 days ago
Love the way he just falls asleep while being taken care of
@Shyknit 8 days ago
Manyu is a she
@catanrunyan7319 7 days ago
@shyknit it don’t matter
@Shyknit 7 days ago
@@catanrunyan7319 I was just letting them know since they didn't, and if it doesn't matter why are you replying to me
​@@Shyknitthe dog is living better than 99% of humans
@MamaMura 2 days ago
Нос намазывает и лапки лучше всего!
@TheNoHater1 Day ago
Not this dog having a better skin routine than most humans
@user-hb4yc5tr6m 2 days ago
The side eye the doggo gave their owner at the end 😂
I can swear, the dog was smiling all through
@Space_Nurde 5 days ago
thats shibas for you
@ccollett0023 4 days ago
I love watching your videos and I subscribe and like on every video you make!!
@Charlotte_F2010 3 days ago
Cutest doggo ever💗
@Bella-cb7ps 12 days ago
I wish my dog would stay that calm while she gets her nails cut 😭
@Panda72021 11 days ago
Our cats flail and try to escape. I've never injured them while trimming their claws, so I think it's more about them not liking their paws touched. As far as dogs go, I've never owned one; but in the majority of the nail-clipping videos I've seen, the dogs are screaming like they're getting a limb amputated.
@user-tg3pu3ig1w 8 days ago
На чиле на раслаблне
@user-yc4jk8io6k 8 days ago
@pellzzie 8 days ago
They drugged the dog so it’ll stay (not in a bad way)
The fact that he is smiling❤
@Gracecat-bn1bg 15 hours ago
That dog is a princess
@Shadw0z6128 20 days ago
That little wink at the start
@CrystolDavis 19 days ago
40 likes lemme fix that 🍷🗿
@DiveintoiveSeason 19 days ago
47 likes? Lemme fix that 🍷🗿
@user-hk1nm6mx9n 18 days ago
Oh yeah, that wink is just perfect. By the way, I got you 59 likes🍷🗿))
@sCIeMer253 18 days ago
99 likes? lemme fix that!
@unknown88052 18 days ago
Hoho money 🎅🎅🦀💵
The sneeze was just too cute❤
@user-lx2zo4iz7f 2 days ago
The paw cleaning just sounded more terrifying than ASMR😂😂😂
@Rexy0.8 12 days ago
This dog lives better than some of us here.
@psycholol4855 9 days ago
And I wouldn’t want it any other way.
and so cute
@vex7974 3 days ago
this dog got better life than me
@user-cm9du6py1o 7 hours ago
This dog is cleaner than almost all humans Including me 😢
@El_Perrito_Dani 17 days ago
That little dog lives better than I do
@user-po4kv6dn8j 14 days ago
@Mizraab2912 14 days ago
He deserves to though 🙈
@user-bu8zp8bw3e 14 days ago
❤ ❤ ❤
@user-rl4mm8vk8s 13 days ago
Hhhhh I have the same though
@user-rj7yw9fw3i 13 days ago
This dog has a better life than me...
@Rose-ue9rj 19 hours ago
He fell asleep but when the owner tried to touch his tail he went like “excuse me do not touch my tail”❤❤❤😂😂😂
@BloomingwisdomYT 14 days ago
This must be the cleanest and happiest dog on the planet 🥰
@dani4-top 12 days ago
Как сказать она скорее не чистоплодная просто её с детства приучали
@deibu__ 11 days ago
For real, with all the sedatives they give them to stay put they must feel like they're in heaven at all times
Wow, what a calm doggo! Pampered little baby
@flamerocks 2 days ago
bro is having the time of his life
@Phanthergs 8 days ago
I love the part where he rubs Manyu’s nose. SHE’S TOO CUTE!!!❤❤❤
@Lincoln_XD 6 hours ago
@Keaton_LFC 15 hours ago
Never thought id be jealous of a dog, but here we are 😢
@user-sb6ti5mt8g 18 days ago
@user-nm7pz5jq2u 15 days ago
@touya856 15 days ago
@Igoro-jg4ez 14 days ago
@Adriandaone 14 days ago
@Igoro-jg4ez 14 days ago
@Darkstalker988 16 hours ago
Nah this dog got a better lifestyle then me😭
@user-oo3ip6nh9l 9 hours ago
Bro has a better skincare routine than me😭💀
@user-zc8nf7bq1j 4 days ago
@user-hd6ce5ni6c 3 days ago
That wink at beginning 😊
@MicASMR546 10 days ago
The first part of it sounded like a beatbox lol. Still adorable
@user-jr8sm6xy2y 7 days ago
@sandramalone3522 15 hours ago
I love the sound effects. And love that face.
@DrewClipz424 2 days ago
That sneeze was personal
@user-hg3is3bx5s 6 days ago
@user-iw4oq8xz4v 5 days ago
Тебя очень красиво
@ffht2023 5 days ago
είσαι και πολύ έξυπνος
@Pinkiecaramel 5 days ago
That dog has a better skincare routine than me 😮
@kousi788 3 days ago
Ive started to follow cleanliness afer seeing her😂❤❤
@zt1239 19 days ago
THAT SNEEZE ❤❤ Manyu is too cute!
@valkimus 18 days ago
At least you didnt get boogered
@Dinoboy_-hp4yc 5 minutes ago
@user-vy7qh3sv8h 4 days ago
This dog is cleaner than I will ever be in my entire life 😭❤️
@Jilgenheimer 3 days ago
Fr the literal dog has a better routine than I do 😭😭😭
@user-se7or4de5l 2 days ago
The dog is a girl or a boy 🤔
@user-vy7qh3sv8h 2 days ago
@@user-se7or4de5l Smiles ☺️I'm thinking it's a girl cause the rate at which it's allowing itself to be pampered is alarming 🥰❤️
@BexJM Day ago
​@@Jilgenheimer😅 bonito
Bro got a pedicure,massage,dentist,groom, and clean all in one appointment 😂
@M4anny 9 hours ago
I love how he always makes a song while nail cliping
@jillvancamp4062 7 days ago
The dog during the brushing face an foot rubbing looked like it was having the time of its life
@captnemmy 2 hours ago
OMG manyu has a very cutie little friend 😭
I love the cuteness from the dog❤
@iTZ-MAYANK 17 days ago
This Dog lives Better than Us.... 👇🏻 Who Agree
@JoseLopez-gp2il 15 days ago
Awwwwwwww they are so cute😊❤
@irfansagar2198 15 days ago
He /she is still a dog . N we r human so don't b silyy .
@ElliesSpace99 13 days ago
Like beggar
@user-zj1bs1ip4t 22 hours ago
This puppy have a better skincare than me
@abbylumok237 8 hours ago
This is to cute I’m literally dying 😂
@ohdrey89 10 days ago
I love how the baby pulled their butt in like “don’t look at my butt sir!!” So cute!!
Ҵ ӝдїөбдї өя ӎдҋұҵ? (ᴜ ᴍᴇᴀɴ xᴀɪᴏʙᴀɪ ᴏʀ ᴍᴀɴʏᴜ?)
@ohdrey89 7 days ago
@@dorotakarwowska3579 I think it’s manyu? The little shiba baby!
@Vinline_473 3 days ago
The dog just Enjoying it😂😂😂😂😂
This dog has a better skincare than me!
@paigebasenberg 13 days ago
The sneeze😭🥰SO ADORABLE!❤
@ttimegaming272 3 days ago
Bro be getting better treated than me💀
This dog is more relaxed than I will ever be in my entire life.
@user-fx2tb7to5o 6 days ago
it is so relaxed since this is a daily thing for it most likey
@kendallcross655 9 hours ago
Is anyone else thinking what I’m thinking about that leg cleaner😂😂😂😂
@Rosy-Playz Day ago
The dog winked at the start!!! 😅❤
@user-iz8nh1qe7q 19 days ago
Я ведь не одна завидую этому милому песику? 😊
@leoneestime48 17 days ago
Your not the only one 😂😂😂
@leoneestime48 17 days ago
omgggggggggggggggggggg o got one like ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
@Just_s0nya 17 days ago
Не только ты:__)
@WilliamHabbershon 17 days ago
The dog is so cute
@user-gb3ih2ow3x 17 days ago
Ты не одна❤❤
@user-lc6yi5rn3q 11 hours ago
Bruh not gonna lie but look at teh dogs face it’s so cute ❤
*~FaRtS~* me: dying with cuteness....
@MyKutie 19 days ago
I dont care how many times ive seen it, its still to damn cute.
@user-cp8sc2xf6u 2 days ago
It’s to cute I just keep coming back ❤😂
@TheCoolG-12 3 days ago
that dog is in paradise
I love how the dog is so chill respect 🫡
Nuh uh this dog is living a better life then me 😢❤
@lavale777 2 days ago
Ese perro vive mejor que toda Latinoamérica 😂😂
@Lisammm27 17 days ago
This is the first time in my life that I see such a well-groomed dog.
@evaong4830 9 days ago
@@GingerTheStarTherian. ???
@@evaong4830 Sorry, I thought it meant something else
@evaong4830 9 days ago
@@GingerTheStarTherian. You should lay off the internet sometimes, it’s bad for your mental health
@@evaong4830 I thought it's something that's bad for kids, I don't really know English words meaning that much sorry
Bruh we just watching a dog live a better life than us 😭
That dog has a better skin care routine then me💀😂
@Saya.Minatsuki 15 days ago
@naoko22 11 days ago
@tinycandy1113 10 days ago
@bonnie45625 3 days ago
The nail trimming tho ❤
@Xoxo.12310 3 days ago
Bro has a better routine than me 💀
@carlcofr 15 days ago
I can watch this all day!
@Zayki_toka 13 days ago
Me too 😊
@NgocMaiinh-uk1db 12 days ago
Me three
@user-yh8ke6qm4w 12 days ago
@sehlamamedova2796 12 days ago
А мне сиводня день раждения❤
@Zayki_toka 12 days ago
@@sehlamamedova2796 и чо
@lrtrucking3661 3 days ago
😃….. that’s a very willing client alright 😊
@duncanfontana9683 6 hours ago
This is the only kind of ASMR I will approve of in my feed
Such a well behaved and pampered pup.
@user-sc6tc1bx8b 19 days ago
@heriyahmanja1008 18 days ago
@heriyahmanja1008 18 days ago
@ashly-yc2yj 3 days ago