[달의 연인 - 보보경심 려 OST Part 2] 로꼬, 펀치 (Loco, Punch) - Say Yes MV

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Aug 27, 2016




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Comments 23 717
Keep hating thrices Twice are unbothered queens
The drama is underrated in Korea but Internationally it's a big hit. I dont know why koreans dont appreciate this drama it's perfect especially their ost
서우진 11 days ago
Huh, im Korean and this was popular lol. Not sure where you got your facts haha
Chermai Ng
Chermai Ng 22 days ago
Love this drama... It makes me cry
Kusina Month ago
cuz I think this drama gave em more heart aches lol. But for me yes I love it
star video
star video Month ago
Drama name moon lover
PepeFrogLive Month ago
macc clinique
macc clinique 26 days ago
Punch is really the queen of OSTs. She has literally sung all the top 3 most viewed!
macc clinique
macc clinique 13 days ago
@ELENICE GALLES scarlet heart ryeo
ELENICE GALLES 19 days ago
Muito obrigada 😊
Iu's Chocolate
Iu's Chocolate 19 days ago
@ELENICE GALLES Moon lovers scarlet heart
Como chama essa série?
kcshjy Month ago
6 years has passed yet I'm still stuck crying on this drama. Month of august has been my reminder to re-watch this masterpiece. Scarlet Heart Ryeo deserves a Season 2 because of its great story line, my hangups on this drama is still here after so many years. Congrats on 200 million streams!!!! ෆ╹ .̮ ╹ෆ
Elangbam 15 days ago
Couldn't agree more
Macky Canuto
Macky Canuto 5 months ago
6 years and Scarlet heart still got the best ost and the best story line up to date.
dUmBpLinGs 5 months ago
Empress Ki…
Infinite Love
Infinite Love 5 months ago
It really does feel so so nostalgic 💖 💛
Jung&Yu 3 months ago
Her songs are always perfect to listen when driving!
alphy abraham
alphy abraham 3 years ago
This drama ain't a joke guys. My heart broke after this, it made me mentally wreck when they got separated . Oh God I totally need a season 2 where I can find soo and wang together again... So adorable together😍😍😍
Supa Ar-kartsupa
Supa Ar-kartsupa 6 days ago
Lisa Khusnul
Lisa Khusnul 13 days ago
is this a sad ending or a happy ending?
Melrosé 4 months ago
映月 music
映月 music 5 months ago
winter 5 months ago
exactly :(
Isabel Fênix
Isabel Fênix 2 months ago
Apaixonada por essa música🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷
Krisha Maharjan
Krisha Maharjan 4 months ago
I will never get tired listening to this song.This song just takes me back to the good times in 2016.♡ Its already 2022 now. Time seems to pass really quick!
200 M let’s gooooo !!! this OST deserve his popularity AND HE DESERVE MORE !!!
twixce🍭 2 months ago
Punch is literally amazing😭💖 her ost are awesome,it never gets old
Coleen Grace Dolloso
so cute how they have this OST fooling us into believing that the story has a happy ending
Anisha Parveen
Anisha Parveen Month ago
Thanks for the spoiling 😑😑
C L 2 months ago
Naz 2 months ago
​@Cruela You right same as 2521
elanor2006 2 months ago
It was supposed to have a happy ending, they even filmed it, but the director for some stupid reason had a change of heart and decided to cut the 2 minutes scene where they meet again in the future. The actors even reenacted that scene at IU's concert in Taiwan in 2017 . So it does have a happy ending, only we didn't get to see it
Sumaiya Almila
Sumaiya Almila 2 months ago
Annah micks
Annah micks 2 months ago
Celebrating 200 MILLION VIEWS🥳🥳Still the best drama ever no matter how many years will went by❤🥺💜💙. Still hoping for second season😭
Sekar Laveina
Sekar Laveina Month ago
Even though I play and listen to this song every day, I never get bored. I really like this song
Morango Fofa
Morango Fofa 5 days ago
Vinde a mim, todos os que estais cansados e oprimidos, e eu vos aliviarei. Tomai sobre vós o meu jugo, e aprendei de mim, que sou manso e humilde de coração, e encontrareis descanso para a vossa alma. Mateus 11: 28-30
Supa Ar-kartsupa
Supa Ar-kartsupa 6 days ago
มันเศร้ามาก​อยากดูอีกรอบ​ แต่ก็รับไม่ไหวกับตอนจบ​ 😭😭😭😭 ร้องไห้หนักมาก
Abegail Albuera
Abegail Albuera 7 months ago
IT'S ALREADY 2022 YET I'M STILL BROKEN HEARTED IN THIS DRAMA. Hoping there will be part 2 where they can be together again.
Random Gamer
Random Gamer 4 days ago
girl same
Bishnu2Do 6 days ago
Same 🥺😭
Arfi ans
Arfi ans 20 days ago
I'm never watched it yet 🥺
Whats is the name of Thais série?
Akhil P Walia
Akhil P Walia 25 days ago
Woh! What a Spoiler!
Tae Mi
Tae Mi 3 months ago
No matter how many drama I watch this one will always hold a special place in my heart that none can ever replace
Mariana Zapata Rodriguez
I've been seen korean dramas since 2009, but Moon Lovers got a special place in my heart, and this is my favorite song from the OST. Greetings from México, in this country kdramas are beloved ❤🙆🏻‍♀️
Vie_ Bless
Vie_ Bless 2 months ago
Every time i listen to this song .. i remember how this show broke my heart🤧.. but i still love it especially the cast
Aliya Nadeem
Aliya Nadeem 6 days ago
This is the one of the best OSTs of Kdrama. But the ending is so sad when it was time for them to live happily she died 😭😭😭😭
Melody Cen
Melody Cen 5 years ago
Every song that is sung by punch makes me feel WARM. Not just the lyrics and the tune of the song but HER voice calms me so much
Nik Nur Aneesa
Nik Nur Aneesa 3 years ago
i know right!! omg
cutietal 3 years ago
A W 3 years ago
punch is becoming the queen of osts
Jeed Pabon
Jeed Pabon 3 years ago
Pitty Queen
Pitty Queen 4 years ago
ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ,true truee
Bianca Bhardwaj
Bianca Bhardwaj 4 months ago
I love the close ups in this drama. Everyone is so beautiful
Lyca C. Malinao
Lyca C. Malinao 3 months ago
This drama hurt me the most it makes me cry even if it's 2022 😭 This is underrated in Korea but Internationally and in Asia it's a big hit. I don't know why Koreans didn't appreciate this drama it's perfect the cast, the actors and the ost😭😭❤❤❤
Therese-Ann Cueva
Therese-Ann Cueva 28 days ago
prayatna 4 months ago
It's 2022 and I'm re-watching this drama. Definitely in my top 5 😭
제똥이 2 years ago
"I realized that the opposite of loving is not hating, it's leaving" Why does this line have to break my heart alot?
Dusty Pumpkin
Dusty Pumpkin 2 years ago
My fav quote 😭😭💛
Jessica 2 years ago
Koala Leaf
Koala Leaf 2 years ago
PNG ENTERTAINMENT / management & espectaculos .
ru-vid.com/video/video-D99rikRXU0o.html NEW VERSION SAY YES IN SPANISH .Enjoy
wkwkwkw 2 years ago
me too😭
Lillackpop 20 days ago
Essa ost com toda certeza é a minha favorita!
Flows !
Flows ! 2 months ago
J’étais pas au courant que ce drama avait autant de succès… 199 MILLIONS DE VUES ! C’est énorme, après ce drama le mérite ✨😌
Lorena A
Lorena A 4 months ago
Revivió mi amor por este kdrama ❤ Me encantan todas las canciones y en especial cuando interactuaban Wang So y ella ❤
veralim12 5 months ago
Masterpiece Drama.. love this drama so much…i have rewatch this drama 3 times.. love Joon Ki.. his Acting was perfect…❤️i wish they will make season 2..!!
Farid Hawami
Farid Hawami Year ago
PUNCH : Queen of OST - Goblin ✔️ - Descendants of The Sun ✔️ - Hotel De Luna ✔️ - Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo ✔️ - Dr. Romantic 2 ✔️
Amanda Silva
Amanda Silva 5 months ago
Alguém pode me falar o nome desse dorama?
yumyum shosho
yumyum shosho Year ago
She is Queenn!!
Khai Kedah
Khai Kedah Year ago
Punch the best
real_pcy Year ago
@Elle Lee yes!!
Sai Harika Pallela
❤️ her
JLo58 2 months ago
I’m in love with this song. Love the drama!
WALAA 25 days ago
i just finished it For the millionth time my tears have not dried up yet but I want to forget it and rewatch it again.... i love this drama so much 😭💝
crazygirl@love 5 months ago
It is so nice to see the comments section so live even after 6 years, a really amazing drama and beautiful ost. It will always stay in our hearts ❤❤
crazygirl@love 5 months ago
@winter Me too 〒▽〒
winter 5 months ago
@crazygirl@love im literally crying every time I see a sad video of them :’)
crazygirl@love 5 months ago
@winter Together sis 😭😭Maybe our tears will cause a flood that will force them to make season 2 😅😅😂😂😭😭
winter 5 months ago
@crazygirl@love let’s cry together 😭
crazygirl@love 5 months ago
@winter Everyone does 😭
Karina isabel Diaz moreno
Preciosa canción 😍
hobieekookie is life
i have completely fallen in love with Lee jun ki's character(4th prince)his pain his suffering but his hidden love for others is pulling me towards him.. i m expecting an amazing chemistry between him and iu . just one scene of him pulling iu at the end of the 1st episode was enough for me to realise that there chemistry would be awesome..😀
Chantal Jacee
Chantal Jacee 4 years ago
I also loved that scene so much and after he pulled her close to him he just shoved her away. And the way she bravely reacted after. It's cute.
Syafiqa Tsukushi
Syafiqa Tsukushi 5 years ago
hobieekookie is life d
Kaito 5 years ago
yes! they truly love each other!
LHOR DAGLAB 5 years ago
Shirley Cc
Shirley Cc 5 years ago
yes me too
Bookwatt 5 months ago
isn’t it crazy how songs come into your life at the right time?
Juveriya Rockzz
Juveriya Rockzz Month ago
This Drama is masterpiece and this song is my most favourite. Me still waiting and hoping for Season 2
발라드 명곡
발라드 명곡 5 months ago
*Beautiful voice. Great music. I am ready to listen indefinitely.*
SU KI 4 months ago
Support Tu Tontawan
Support Tu Tontawan 5 months ago
@발라드 명곡 Hi
발라드 명곡
발라드 명곡 5 months ago
@Support Tu Tontawan hi
Support Tu Tontawan
Support Tu Tontawan 5 months ago
Kshiti Singh
Kshiti Singh 2 months ago
I haven't not watched moon lovers yet,but still this song..is just so beautiful 💙💙💘💯
jamieleejy 2 years ago
koreans gave this drama a miss because they didn't like iu's acting before, but this was the drama that made me and all of us fall in love with her... look at where she is as an actress now. truly my favourite drama for life.
DONIA Nabil 6 months ago
You are right 👌🏻
John Doe
John Doe 7 months ago
@-aestaethic Honestly i took a look at both dramas, and love in the moonlight's historical setting and story is quite different. One is in goryeo dynasty while the other is in joseon, and they touch on different things
John Doe
John Doe 7 months ago
@jamieleejy i still felt like scarlet heart is better than moonlight though, but i guess koreans have different views on historical drama
Ymin Park
Ymin Park 8 months ago
전에 아이유 연기를 좋아하지 않았다는 루머 퍼뜨리지 말아라 같은 시기에 방송된 드리마가 더 인기있어서 그런거야
vTuber🤖ランキン 歌みた オリジナル曲 再生数 視聴率TOP100🏅のVロボです。
"After all『Say Yes』is wonderful 👍. Anyway, the atmosphere of the song, the melody, and the singing ability are all comfortable. As expected, it ranks high. ru-vid.com/video/video-2H4-iwPvHaE.html"
Raquel Cardoso Sena
Raquel Cardoso Sena 5 months ago
Apaixonada nessa música
Neeshyy 3 months ago
I remember watching this drama before because of Baekhyun, and did not regret anything, but still anticipating for an impossible season 2 of this kdrama 😃👍
Krizia Mae Domingo
Krizia Mae Domingo 23 days ago
It's already 2022 and I'm still in love with this song ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Noranora 4 months ago
This drama is literally so hyped I see everyone talking about how sad it was and I’m so surprised to find out it didn’t actually get high ratings in korea.
Zoro Juro
Zoro Juro 2 years ago
I love Kang Ha Neul so much till the end. Their love is just so natural. We can feel the love just by the glances they exchange, they don't need physical touches to make us like them.
Ariadna Arevalo Rodriguez
Agree, KHN is a great actor
Hanif Damayanti
@neet neet qqqq
dOn'T sToB iT
dOn'T sToB iT Year ago
I can not move on and watch the other episodea knowing that she will fall in love with the 4th prince😩😩😩😢 I like the 8th prince so much. The harmony and chemistry between them is so beautiful
dOn'T sToB iT
dOn'T sToB iT Year ago
LOL, I just started watching this drama and I fell in love with the 8th prince and their couple is so great and beautiful for me. My heart is melting each time he is looking at Soo. And now I feel so bad knowing they will not be together
finfin day
finfin day 2 years ago
@Destikanisa sayangnya waktu si hae soo lagi sayang2nya. Malah disakitin.. Huhuhu.
Froiland Kurt
Froiland Kurt 6 months ago
This OST never get old.
Naui Selene
Naui Selene 5 months ago
Manya Baranwal
Manya Baranwal 2 months ago
How so? 😳💕
Ryanex 4 months ago
Mangiring Lumban Toruan
I never get tired of this song, not this is a beautiful song
Diana Silva Chagas
Diana Silva Chagas 2 months ago
Super recomendo ,combinou muito bem com esse Dorama ☺️... Linda d+, parabéns...😍😍🇧🇷
Eliane Martins de Araujo
Por favor, qual é o nome do dorama?
Let's see how many people 'SAY YES' for 'SEASON 2'
Intan Nurenida Nasution
still waiting for s2.... :))
ɢᴜǝss Wʜᴏ?
ɢᴜǝss Wʜᴏ? 2 months ago
It's sad because there will be no SEASON 2 for Scarlet Heart: Goryeo Cuz the other characters in the drama is already dead and it's not good if they will reborn/reincarnate again in future or past. All IU's leading man deserves their leading ladies in the story, IU and her other leading mans shows good chemistry. sad because it's not happy ending 😩
Lindsy Marie Buri
Lindsy Marie Buri 2 months ago
Kheroda Sanjenbam
Kheroda Sanjenbam 2 months ago
Add me too
Devi Ema Febriani
Devi Ema Febriani 2 months ago
Vic 4 months ago
This song is so classic that it is very worth listening every day. The fact that Punch is the queen of the Ost in K-pop.
Linh Truc
Linh Truc 3 months ago
I'm Vietnamese but I really like listening to Korean music. This article is really good. 🥰
Faria Ahmed
Faria Ahmed 4 months ago
I love this song so much❤️ When I listening this song..I feel good..when I first see this song then I decided to watch this drama...
Thet Zaw
Thet Zaw Month ago
Whenever I listen to this song, I get love feeling... 💖
Ken Ken
Ken Ken 2 years ago
Iu is really the ideal girl in K dramas. She's just so good in whatever roles she gets. She makes you fall for her
Intan Nurenida Nasution
Yansha Y.
Yansha Y. 2 years ago
apparently this kdrama wasnt a hit in korea and flopped is cz people were criticizing how IU is an idol and how her acting wasn't good. Which i completely disagree with i think she did such a good job but i guess idols are just judged on a harsher standard
Diane Malate
Diane Malate 2 years ago
This is so true
Nasamy 2 years ago
Yes yes 😍😍😍
vanita jadhav
vanita jadhav 2 years ago
Maya González
Maya González 4 months ago
en el 2018 lo mire por 1ra vez, después de 4 años pienso volver a verla aún que se que duele 😭 pero lo soportaré por 2da vez 😢 😢
Farizka Qinthara
Farizka Qinthara 6 months ago
oh my god the views. what a best ost!! i will never get bored listening to this song
kurumimad 2 months ago
happy 200 mill!! still the best drama ever and the ost is so beautiful, very deserved !
Morango Fofa
Morango Fofa 5 days ago
Não te mandei eu? Esforça-te, e tem bom ânimo; não temas, nem te espantes; porque o SENHOR teu Deus é contigo, por onde você andar. Josué 1:9
Moon Bob
Moon Bob 6 months ago
This song never gets old.
star video
star video Month ago
Please hindi dubbed 👍👍👍
DOON GAMING 3 months ago
Waiting for season 2
from Siberia with love
Очень красивая песня! 💗
mikey 6 months ago
@Roy Wens the sped version slaps
Виктор Якимов
шикарная дорама,отличная музыка и актерский состав! Корейцы молодцы!
Monika Gembeeram
Monika Gembeeram 6 months ago
I absolutely love the drama, this drama has everything and it is emotional as well.
Hanna Hirata
Hanna Hirata 4 months ago
Almost 191million views for this masterpiece OST of all time. Waahhh it is now 2022!!. And I can't help but to be emotional because this song and the drama was still popular allover the world. Petition for season 2!
levi jung🧡
levi jung🧡 6 months ago
When the drama is underatted but the songs are so "GOOD" that you forgot it has a sad ending🤧
Iu Is my queen
Iu Is my queen 3 years ago
Been two years and still can’t get over this master piece
Lenheim Sy
Lenheim Sy 3 years ago
Cliche, but me too! Even watched the last 2 episodes last night just to see myself being emotional once again T_T
Matea Luketin
Matea Luketin 3 years ago
Dita D
Dita D 3 years ago
shawn mendes
shawn mendes 3 years ago
same here
Geeng Jieh Chwang
Geeng Jieh Chwang 3 years ago
I wAnt season 2 waiting for more than 2 years 😭😭😭😭😭
MS 6 months ago
Even with the cheerful flavor of the song I'm still feeling emotional 🙃
Every Amber
Every Amber 4 months ago
I just recently watched this. It's one hell of a rollercoaster ride and it's Soo good 😭😭
Sweet Dreams 투바투!♡
Últimamente la escucho en mucho en TT. Es que es tremenda joyita!! Han pasado 4 años desde que ví el drama :")♡
J-anneYeolie Park
J-anneYeolie Park 4 months ago
ً ً
ً ً 6 months ago
Punch always has the most amazing OST’s, her voice is amazing
Hend Yasser
Hend Yasser 2 months ago
It's true she is the top ..write ost and filter according to view count she is the first.
Yoori Bae
Yoori Bae 5 months ago
She is the OST fairy!!
KUROKAMI 4 months ago
This phrase at 2:51 still gives me the chills.😆😆😆😆😆😆😆
Caroline Eve
Caroline Eve 4 months ago
Every time a new drama with sad ending comes out, ppl will always bring up Scarlet Heart again. That’s how iconic this drama is.
Debany J. Guevara
Debany J. Guevara 6 months ago
Vengo a diario a reproducirla para hacer una respectiva lloradita diaria, jajajaja.
dhanush 5 months ago
Its been years but Still in love with this song 😍💖❤️...
한명순 5 months ago
Nahyeon Ju
Nahyeon Ju 2 years ago
Am I the only one wondering how a show can become such a sad and tragic story from such a sweet and cute story!?!?!
John Doe
John Doe 7 months ago
@Somya Bhardwaj very sad indeed
Somya Bhardwaj
Somya Bhardwaj 7 months ago
@John Doe then how is it? Sad or very sad?🤣
John Doe
John Doe 7 months ago
@Somya Bhardwaj Haha just a warning that the scenes from this MV are all from early episodes. The overall drama is nothing like it at all.
UniJin Jade
UniJin Jade 2 years ago
I’ve been avoiding this because I heard it has a sad ending - but it looks too good I’m gonna have to take the plunge .
watch 1billion views music video
@Somya Bhardwaj its sad but still its so beautiful..you won't regreat it..its emotional ride...you will fall in love with all characters
Long Lê Vũ
Long Lê Vũ 6 months ago
After nearly 6 years and my heart still breaks into pieces whenever I heard ppl talking about this drama. Always my favorite though I never dare to watch it again anymore
Hanna Hirata
Hanna Hirata 4 months ago
This song will be forever in our heart. I didn't understand the meaning of the song, i only knew the part "Say yes, say yes", "Baby, baby, baby boy, Love is true". But once i hear the first tune of the song, oh yeah this is from Moon Lovers:Scarlet Heart Ryeo! ☺😭😩💔. All OST from this drama was unforgettable for the rest of my kdrama life plus+ they gave us a heartbreaking ending, whyy?!😭😭. Please heal our hearts with season 2🤧🤧
tatisloveoth 2 months ago
The chemistry between the 2 main characters is off the charts
Ammu 4 months ago
We want season 2 🙂💖
CASUGA Lazer Anne
CASUGA Lazer Anne 2 years ago
Who wouldn't agree that Punch is the Queen of OST? From DOTS, Goblin, Scarlette Ryeo, Hotel de luna and etc. All her songs are LSS
Saloni Verma
Saloni Verma Year ago
Soak Hing Lay
Soak Hing Lay Year ago
Ya, she might a fairy
Babi Ketu
Babi Ketu 2 years ago
UltraNoob 61
UltraNoob 61 2 years ago
@Athalia Nicole what about stay with me goblin
Chick Fighter
Chick Fighter 2 years ago
she really has that OST Voice. For me Punch, Taeyeon, Wendy, Ailee have sung Best OSTs
atabayarvi 6 months ago
this is my favorite ost 😍
EvoLvE 5 months ago
This song is too good like I am addicted and I would come back to listen to it time to time.
Jacky Lorena Chapoñan Vidaurre
Hermosa canción
Himanshu Verma
Himanshu Verma Month ago
One of my favourite songs of all time
anak mama papa
anak mama papa 5 years ago
i still can't move on!! i just fall in love about everything in this drama 😭😭😭😭😭
lydiasyah 4 years ago
Me too
Sukmawati Dede
Sukmawati Dede 5 years ago
Pinky Siregar
心心 5 years ago
Pinky Siregar
Just Play
Just Play 5 years ago
Chanez Rh oedfyjrf
Chanez Rh
Chanez Rh 5 years ago
catsgoesmeowed i cried so much in the ending 😢😢😢
Jade Beltran
Jade Beltran 4 months ago
I love this OST also the cast
Marlene Huallanca Benavides
ay qué bonitooo, ya quiero ver el drama
Cheche Che
Cheche Che 2 days ago
I have fallen and i think will keep on falling in love with this one…❤
Itri Maulidatina
Itri Maulidatina 5 months ago
2022 this drama still in my heart and number one forever❤
Miss Sadness
Miss Sadness Year ago
When Punch's sang the ost, for sure, it is gonna be a must-watch kdrama
Jimin Shi
Jimin Shi Year ago
And Rapper Loco, too
AiMi👻 Year ago
Yes my favourite solo singer
Divyaaa RG
Divyaaa RG 4 months ago
Kang Ha Neul has my heart, soul and everything precious! Gosh he's simply beautiful... that smile >>>>>😍😍😍
Katherine Mercado
Katherine Mercado 26 days ago
Love the OST ... LOOOVE THE DRAMA Moon Lovers/Scarlet Heart Ryeo This drama did something to my heart. Just can't explain it... I will forever love it♡
joviemay bonanciar
joviemay bonanciar 5 months ago
One of the best ost in K Drama❤❤❤
Chona Catindoy
Chona Catindoy 4 months ago
Very genuine chemistry 🥰💖
Lmao 2 years ago
The legend says that whoever watches this drama will never be able to move on from it and will always carry a broken heart.
abcdefu 9 months ago
@Shamma Alshehhi. شما الشحي scarlet heart
Stuti Bhattacharya
Stuti Bhattacharya 9 months ago
@Shamma Alshehhi. شما الشحي moon lovers : Scarlet Heart Ryeo
Shamma Alshehhi. شما الشحي
What’s the drama name please
abcdefu 9 months ago
Sooo damn true, until now its still break my heart😭❤❤❤
Stuti Bhattacharya
Stuti Bhattacharya 9 months ago
Our hearts were broken, shattered, pulverized and then thrown in the dustbin after watching this drama. Now we just have a beating muscle in its place. Let's all cry while praying relentlessly for a damn season 2
뇸뇸 6 months ago
달연은 진짜 배우들 라인업이 미쳤다.. 저시절이여서 가능했던 라인업..
babypauwinako 6 months ago
This drama really hits different, especially the song
Ma Nal
Ma Nal 5 months ago
Amazing OST 😍
Nhân Võ Trọng
저는 한국 음악을 좋아해요 🥰
It's You
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Another Day
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