뜯어먹는 식빵 한국에서 구했습니다 🍞 

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Feb 2, 2024




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@user-ku5ui7pl2d 4 months ago
당신은 축하합니다 한국인을 발견하셨습니다!
@shjeon8568 4 months ago
@user-cg4ne2cx2k 4 months ago
@YayuSusrina-nc4zk 4 months ago
Kakak itu di oven dulu
@user-ol2bu6on6t 4 months ago
А ты русский
@user-st9py1ou8e 4 months ago
@Evieplayzzz431 3 months ago
Ppl who came here form a green screen kid 👇
@Yourlocal_mm2lover 3 months ago
I came from a green screen adult
@Crab190 3 months ago
​@@Yourlocal_mm2loversame it was an old man
@Itz_Raina1 3 months ago
@SKYLINE_OP 3 months ago
@yk_the_vibes 3 months ago
@Maryelzasantos 4 months ago
Pov: When you ask the bakery guy to cut the bread into small slices
@-Ken___ji 4 months ago
I thought it was cheese-😣
@Not_mxru 4 months ago
​@@-Ken___jiWhere the F you got the cheese from...
@neneneenene55 4 months ago
@@-Ken___jiits a desert
@they4852 4 months ago
​@@-Ken___jii is mix with cheses
@nkv3697 4 months ago
@user-nc5hw6hs3k 23 days ago
왜 천겹 빵보다 시작할 때 먹스나 님이 드시던게 더 맛있어 보이징?
@user-ul8nx1le5u 21 day ago
@candy0809 6 days ago
@VyanSaja 3 days ago
ini apa❤❤😊😊😊😊😊🎉
@IMNOTUSA62 3 months ago
Nobody: Her: Eating Her: me still hungry
Guys she wasn't eating Foam She was eating freeze dried marshmallow 🙂👍
@Love_you2770 3 months ago
✨Yea i knew it but i was so lazy to say this✨🙂
@@Love_you2770 LOL
@Forests-puppets 3 months ago
It’s not it’s popcorn I know that cause I have it
@Anonymouslyhehe 3 months ago
I was just about to ask what she was eating at the beginning
@Swagger_kidIsCool 3 months ago
that is not marshmallow it’s something else but i don’t know the name
@alexisgareza8849 18 days ago
Dont worry, she's not eating foam or Styrofoam. It's just marshmello, but freeze died🙂 How this helps
@Vixo_XD Day ago
@CallMe_Epic 4 months ago
Are we just gonna ignore that she was eating thermocol/foam at first?....... Edit : GUYS! stop coming at me, ik it's dried marshmallow or whatever, I am kidding 💀
She was born to eat everything except food 🥰
@zyanidwarfare5634 4 months ago
What’s thermocol
@CallMe_Epic 4 months ago
@@zyanidwarfare5634 the foam
@CallMe_Epic 4 months ago
@@WednesdayWednesday-dk7tx fr-
@user-hr9xr4bf2b 4 months ago
Yea it was weird
@Wingdingsanz 4 months ago
“Hey ma’am, what would you like tod-“ “Styrofoam.” “Excuse me?-“ “Sty. Ro. Foam.” For people who say that it’s marshmallow, I know that. It’s just a joke, just reminding people so they don’t get mad.
@leahhhhhhhhhhz 4 months ago
Here before this blows up
@Sukuna1679 4 months ago
It dried Marshmellows
@yfw_taylie 4 months ago
Bro is dried marshmallows 💀
I was about to type that💀
@user-fj9hy4wt6h 12 days ago
Китайка хватит есть пенопласт на каждом ролике 😂
@Luckkxum 3 months ago
While she's watching, she's eating Styrofoam 💀
@user-vg1ms7ex1s 20 days ago
someone plz tell me this is not styrofoam
@EvieOfa 5 days ago
It is a freeze dried marshmallow
@user-queen.37 4 months ago
이것을 번역하면 좋아요 버튼이 나타납니다 😅
@user-jy6lg3cp8t 3 months ago
한국어 벅역 돼어있는데요?
​@@user-jy6lg3cp8t외국인 이요
​@@user-jy6lg3cp8t외국인 상대인듯
@Tokago-ue7cu 3 months ago
Есть пенопласт ✅ Есть что-то нормальное ❌
@Ccc.-68 3 months ago
@User_ukr_top 3 months ago
ДА Читать дальше...
@Nichole._Gemini_. 3 months ago
Its dried marshmallows, not foam
@user-mb1kp3nf9p 3 months ago
@APurplePureFlower 3 months ago
POV : When the baker cuts 10273836927 pieces and dont realize💀
@vanduonggiang6270 22 days ago
Tôi nghĩ là không phải là kẹo dẻo khô đâu đó là bánh đó mọi người 😊😊😊
Bu şəhri yərcümə etmisənsə bəyən!❤
@Attmoz_boy_cool 3 months ago
Whats that white thing
@Miaumiaugames_ 3 months ago
@user-fj3fk8qc9w 3 months ago
Чë бл
@Iloveyousomuch888 3 months ago
The white thing is marshmallow but it's dry
Etməmişəm qardaş ❤❤❤❤
@Normal_-.fish13 4 months ago
Nobody: food companies trying to use less money:
@SabihaZara 4 months ago
@CarmelaMabini 4 months ago
*"Money money money, must be funny"*
@saupham494 4 months ago
@Rya_edits52 4 months ago
No it’s dried mashmellows😊
Bro woke up and chose styrofoam
@Ni_sha630 Month ago
"How thin you want this bread to be?" Them: "Yes"
@aarvimonga4811 4 months ago
@Thatoneweirdgirl_mushroomsits a bread
@@aarvimonga4811it’s dried up marshmallows
@@urfavorite.person.4everyou didnt watch the video did you?
@user-zm2gp9hr6p 4 months ago
m V🎉n Amn4 EE​@@AngryAmericanGamer60
@Stitch62111 4 months ago
@rbx.katies they are talking about when she eats the thin bread not the white Thing
This just unlock the core childhood memory of the Fantasia movie. The one where mickey donald and goofy , we're having to share a slice of bread and one bean
@user-bj9hl8xr5e 4 months ago
I found Fantasia
@user-bj9hl8xr5e 4 months ago
Fantasia is japan clock
@aliciagarcia268 4 months ago
@JaneTheGentleman75 4 months ago
That is exactly what I was thinking
@user-ob6bq7yq1k 4 months ago
Itu. Harus di. Masukin ke. Oven dlu😭😭
@mustachela 3 months ago
why is no one talking abt the fact that she is eating foam 💀
@malakmahmood1119 3 months ago
تراني صايمه 😢😢😢😢😢
@Puspaa_CH 4 months ago
Sis, the bread must be in the oven first, so that it rises😊
@OliwiaKrol-yh6ir 4 months ago
@astalavista0889 4 months ago
Yes you right
@JassiGill-ox2qh 4 months ago
@Kuromilover3173 4 months ago
​@OliwiaKrol-yh6ir what you mean NO 🤨
@2ChiChi123 4 months ago
The bread is actually supposed to be like that 😅
@D_N_Yusuf_kanali 4 months ago
eğer bunu çevirdiyseniz like atın
@Meleksuper360 3 months ago
Eğer bunu çeviriyor sen Ben Türk'üm ve senin beğeni butonuna basman lazım
Не верьте ей это гораздо вкуснее чем она показывает
@welcometomyidk1978 4 months ago
I’m my country there is actually a shop that sells delicious bread like red bean mochi bread and others but there’s this one bread that looks exactly like that it’s got all the layers and everything! (I’m from myanmar and the shop name is kudos if you’re wondering!)
@chatiblaila8074 4 months ago
Nicee btw love ur pfp:D
@Rianerd 4 months ago
@Toca.poppy. 4 months ago
I agree with that ❤❤
@Fertyu0 4 months ago
А колбаску сверху?😢
That a name too
@totallynotus 4 months ago
How thin do u want your bread? Her : yes 400 likes? Thanks yall
@CherryDaAxolotl 4 months ago
YES 😂😂
@Yukisan-lalala 4 months ago
@Ms.Zainab_Roblox 4 months ago
@Zenitsu2011 4 months ago
@SofiTheQueen123 4 months ago
@laddawan830 3 months ago
If your freaking out about her eating styrofoam it’s ok you can eat it it just tastes bad
@marieruiz6023 3 months ago
Guys just put some butter on it with the bread it will hit diff
@purnalimbu5146 3 months ago
Ain't no way she's slurping a bread like a noodles 💀 Edit:ok guys please dont start a war in my comments i was joking ,also thanks for *nineteen* likes ✨✨💅🏻
@LovelyRose570 3 months ago
It's because the bread she's putting in her mouth is very flat
@ivanbaketaric2626 3 months ago
And you can slurp soup
@NoobatPlays 4 months ago
Girl eating 👁👄👁 Chipi cat:🕺🎶🕺🕺
@Kurocute 4 months ago
Its not a cat its a little girl that sings it
@HelenaBalogh-ib4rk 4 months ago
😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬 utálom ahogy csámcsognak
@@Kurocuteye but the song is irritating
@CoCothePuffs 3 months ago
It's good but I would be better without music in the background
@user-cat3425 3 months ago
What’s your favourite smack? You answer Styrofoam
@user-ex5th8ue5x 4 months ago
스나님 신선한 야채 채썰어 식빵 쌈싸서 먹어도 칼로리 걱정 하지 않아도 될거 같아요 식빵 한판만 😊👍☕즐건 휴일저녁 재미있게 보네세요 ^^
@Yoon224 4 months ago
gjgjgkgj 🍞🍞
@RFGJECDA13 4 months ago
@@alicegabrielymoraesalves3655? 왜 하트여 뭐 채널주인이여?
@azarinoctavia4259 4 months ago
@user-zr8cu3up1y 4 months ago
It looks so good
@christiannava5227 4 months ago
american food be like:this mid 🍔 then japanese food pulls up:🍜🍤🍥🍣🥡🍡🥟🥠🍙🍘 this is bussin bussin
@Indirahsjwej 4 months ago
@ebonypresent 4 months ago
@MellyGamerTV 4 months ago
That is Korean
@Reem_10110 4 months ago
@SOA_yt 4 months ago
Also american (sees any east asian): "this is japanese"
@Ari_es09 3 months ago
The smacking is driving me crazy 😭
@Mevoy234- 3 months ago
저 빵 정말 맛있어 보이네요. 😭😭
@zoeoficial2261 3 months ago
Parece não, você q é morto de fome
@roblox_alaraymiss 4 months ago
Müslümanlar butonu 👇 👇 👇
@dyw6ru 4 months ago
Sus la arap
@belu-summer 4 months ago
Cringe beggar kid i wish you all go to hell and no annoying ppl like ctringe ppl like you
@OYUN_tv. 4 months ago
@user-fm5jr1vb3t 4 months ago
@Beromio 4 months ago
@Kokushibo163 3 months ago
I THOUGHT SHE WAS EATING STYROPHONE- Correct the spelling if wrong
@Kaila81993 22 days ago
Makan roti Indonesia dong😊
@capiaingamer 3 months ago
Well since you wrote the Korean language and I speak 14 languages here is a Korean comment. 잠깐만요, 말린 마시멜로, 플라스틱 폼, 어쩌면 요트입니다. 이 세상에서 가장 얇은 빵을 어디서 구할 수 있습니까?, 그 얇은 빵으로 구운 치즈를 감히 만들 수 있습니까?
@id_kkk 3 months ago
Here is a reply for what you sayed 아 그 사람 다른 걸 먹고 있었는데 왜 토르마폼을 먹겠어요?
@samararehan6095 3 months ago
I speak 30 Languages
@user-ii9ju3ux7w 4 months ago
Hello . I'm Korean. It's not dried marshmallows, it's a traditional snack called yeot, in Korea. This traditional Korean food,yeot, is sweet and jelly. 😂😂 I'm sorry I didn't know because I was an elementary school student. It's a dried marshmallow. sorry…😢😢
@wendydark4863 4 months ago
Я думала это пенопласт
@arfaturnessa6727 4 months ago
I am Bengali 🇧🇩🇧🇩
@user-oz1zf9ds3w 4 months ago
저거 엿 아니고 동결건조 마시멜로우예요. 이전 영상들 중에 마시멜로우라고 나와있는데, 왜 허위정보를… 애초에 엿은 저것보다 훨씬 딱딱하죠…
@user-ii9ju3ux7w 4 months ago
@@user-oz1zf9ds3w 앗 다들 엿이라고 하길래 잘못알았네여ㅠㅠ
@user-ii9ju3ux7w 4 months ago
@@user-oz1zf9ds3w 엿 동결건조 한줄 알았네여ㅜ 정말 죄송해여…저가 초딩이라 잘 몰랐어요ㅠ 생각해보니…우리나라의 전통음식을 이상하게 말한것 같아서 정말 죄송해요
@Husk_2 3 months ago
What are you eating? Her:foam🗿
@Blueberry.official 2 months ago
What are u eating today for breakfast? Literally her: Styrofoam 💀💀
@user-ul4nd2jf8r 3 months ago
당신이 번역했으면 좋아요. 눌러주세요
@Hanulek18 3 months ago
Przetłumaczyłam a teraz proszę przetłumacz to
@rodolfosolis7035 3 months ago
​@@Hanulek18I only speak English do I translated
@lopakamal 4 months ago
LaurenZside watching this: BREAD 🥖🍞
@Lila030lus 3 months ago
Bro that is not bread because is it crunch so that is it lettuce🧠👍🏻
@Sky_fresita 3 months ago
🇯🇵:今、お腹が空いています😩 🇨🇳:現在我快餓死了😩/现在我快饿死了😩 🇺🇲:Now I'm starving 😩 🇲🇽🇪🇦🇪🇨🇨🇴🇦🇷:ahora me muero de hambre😩
@user-su5lu8rv8d 4 months ago
🐰 👚 👖 지금 이 토끼는 먹스나님 입니다 좋아요를 누를때 마다 먹스나님이 먹방을 찍습니다!
@mphompeo5667 4 months ago
Happy 2nd birthday
@sincerelysnc 3 months ago
I love the texture of white pressed bread it’s just so good😭🤚
@user-yd1eb1js3t 3 months ago
I want that now
@sincerelysnc 3 months ago
@@user-yd1eb1js3t no fr
@Zdofosss 3 months ago
Во-первых зачем ты ешь пенопласт а во-вторых можно было и не чавкать 😶
@Nikolummm1234 3 months ago
Türkler nerdeeee oruçlu oruçlu canım çrktii
Cats: This song is for us! Japanese people: この歌は私たちの言語だと思います。 Christell: *remakes the song to prove it is not for cats or is Japanese, it’s Spanish*
@user-nz8vy7ou5y 3 months ago
화면에는 크게 듣는데 어떻게 얇게 뜯었어요 신기해요 다른 거 같아요 빵이 ㅎㅎㅎ 😅😊❤🎉
@osmanaden6123 3 months ago
Fwfvgbjk jh🎉
@SilentPrincess519 3 months ago
I love bread 🤤
@user-nz8vy7ou5y 3 months ago
@@SilentPrincess519 왠영어
@user-ui7nj7kl9d 3 months ago
Chinese woman Sydney good evening I'm speaking Chinese
@manuelasantos795 2 months ago
Person: what's your favorite food? She: Styrofoam Person:O my God, what do you eat every day girl, can't it be Styrofoam?! Her: Styrofoam!!!
@user-eq8zm7du8d 4 months ago
Guys don't worry she's not eating foam it's dried marshmallows
@AlexaCoraoCampos 4 months ago
플라스틱 소리와 빵이 어떻게 보이는지 asmr이 맛있을 것 같은지
@carreritaaxdd 4 months ago
Enrealidad, no es plástico, son malvaviscos secos jajaja 😂
@dukechiong3419 4 months ago
@AlexaCoraoCampos 4 months ago
와! 좋아요를 많이 받은 적은 없어요. 정말 감사합니다.😁
π£¥¢€•×§ ?!?!
@user-zc1ir1we2q 3 months ago
Дети и родители не едИте пожалуйста монтажную пену
@Cat_2-2.8 3 months ago
Вот некоторым людям есть нечего а вы?!?! Ненавижу такое🤬
@Duongnek76 4 months ago
식빵을 전자레인지로 15분 칭하면 부풀어 오르고, 1장씩 안주 쉬워지고, 우유와 함께 먹으면 맛있습니다.
@KristlCocaCola 4 months ago
와 내가 해볼게!! 😋
@Owangzogbarbossam 4 months ago
​@@KristlCocaCola(그러나 이분은 돌아오지 못했다고 한다.)
@user-sz7gh5fz7j 4 months ago
15분이요?? 빵 다 타버릴것같은데.... 1분30초 아니에요??
@flovryy_.verse. 4 months ago
​네, 빵이 15분 정도 탈 거에요. 너무 많아서 1분이면 될 것 같아요. 그래도 잘 부풀어오르는지는 모르겠어요​@@user-sz7gh5fz7j
Esta tonta me cae mal
@Pawtion._. 4 months ago
@AnhTu-ws3zz 4 months ago
@AnhTu-ws3zz 4 months ago
F hhh&jjgcmkgk😮hljlpvff
@lilybitmoji 4 months ago
@FIippers 4 months ago
It’s even more aesthetic in North Korea! 😁
@Kralca282 3 months ago
@TotallytherealVox 3 months ago
This mentally and physically hurts me as i have a sore throat
@user-tg5ii9sh7v 4 months ago
이빵은 어디서 구입해야 할까요
@user-yt8pv7io8t 4 months ago
@starkyu766 4 months ago
@asyrafshariman7294 3 months ago
@great-p1717 4 months ago
ㅋㅋ 처음에 먹고 계신거 동결건조 마쉬멜로우 이실꺼예요ㅋㅋ 모르고 보면 스티로폼 으로 볼수도 있긴 하겠어욤ㅋㅋㅋ
@user-kr7gm3wo3c 4 months ago
@user-hc1ht1qx1d 4 months ago
@namjoon486e 4 months ago
스티로폼 먹는건줄알고 진짜 식겁했어욥...설명 감사
@GiNtez0R 2 months ago
ребята не еште монтажную пену и паутину
@malikayusupova7423 3 months ago
Вначале ролика она как будто ела бенопласт
@adisusilo3381 4 months ago
@hung5613 4 months ago
Mềm sẵn r
@nadiasepti7650 4 months ago
@SillyLittleQuit_ 4 months ago
She's Korean
@user-zj6vd6rd8y 4 months ago
@mateusgordim5788 4 months ago
@Hijab-_-chan 4 months ago
세상에서 가장 얇은 빵인가요? 꼭 사서 먹고 싶어요
@user-uk5us3ri7d 4 months ago
천겹 토스트치면 나와요
Aooooo 😊
@user-ll4co9pv6v 4 months ago
لا لا تشتريه أنصحك
@HueHju 3 months ago
Cái âm thanh lúc đầu nó đang giết chết bộ não của tôi☠
@AFa_iza 3 months ago
Kak seharus nya si oven terlebih dahulu jadi bisa di makan😊😊😊😊😊(aku orang indonesia)😊😊😊😊😊😊
@user-yn8xs7kg1q 4 months ago
저 첫번째 음식의 정체는 대체 뭐길래 우리를 소름끼치게 만들까ㅠㅠㅠㅠ
@abc-wq4gb 4 months ago
마쉬멜로우 아닌가요
@user-oy2eu8ks5u 4 months ago
마쉬멜로우 동결건조한 걸로 알고 있어요 ! 출처 아누누님
@SNKim-ml8lt 4 months ago
식빵보다 스나님이 먹고 있는 것이 더 맛있어 보여요 ~ ㅎㅎㅎ
@andiafriyanto6656 4 months ago
@user-zs4de2rj9z 4 months ago
@user-cr9eh1ev7w 3 months ago
맞아요 넘맜있을것같아 ㅠ
@Yu-sr3wp Month ago
스님으로 읽었음
@That-one-idi 3 months ago
I can be the only one that thinks that like Styrofoam that she ate 💀💀
@Nini-fu8rv 3 months ago
Friend: what did ur mom pack u for lunch? Me: um I got ✨PAPER BREAD✨😂
@NazipaGinayatova 2 months ago
@NazipaGinayatova 2 months ago
@serwer163 4 months ago
☪️ team 👇 👇
@Muslimah-artist123 4 months ago
🇲 🇪
@user-yh9so7yy3u 4 months ago
@devansky591 4 months ago
@maimohammed4716 4 months ago
@Mazer_case 3 months ago
Why is no one saying it's satisfying 😂❤
Я что тебе сказала не жрать штукатурку для потолка 😡😡😡😡
@Seninicinvideolar 3 months ago
Abla senin şimdiye kadar 100 kilo olman gerekiyordu
@user-ii2bx8ml7c 4 months ago
저도 사연 먹방 부탁드려도 될까요 저는 혼열입니다 어머니가 베트남 사람 아버지가 한국분 이신데 한국에 살아요 명절에 자주 베트남에 가지못해 이번 설날에 오게되었는데 이번 올때는 할머니가 어떤 사정으로 먼저 베트남에 가셨어요 어머니와 저만이 같이가는데 베트남 갈때 마다 아프다는 공통점이 있어요 이번에는 어떻게 아플까 생각해봤는데요(?) 예상이 안가서 안 아팠음 좋겠다 했어요 그런데 그날 도착한날 배가 새벽에 무지막지하게 아픈거에요 다음날에도 똑같이 아파서 작은 병원에 갔는데 맹장이 터진겄같다고 의심이 되어 큰병원을 40분 걸려서 갔는데 액스레이,피검사,초음파 검사,코로나,독감검사를 했더니 결과가 장염이 걸렸데요 이유를 생각해보니 비행기 타기 전날 초밥을 먹어서 장에 염증이 생긴것 같더라고요 베트남에 좋아하는 음식 과일 간식 등이 많은데 못먹어서 슬픈 와중 먹스나님 1판만 영상이떠 보고있는데 너무 재밌어 계속 넘기는데 사연 먹방도있어 참여해 봐요 제가 2가지를 내드릴거에요 그중 1를 선택하셔서 영상만들어주시면 감사드리겠습니다 1.선택 1모둠초밥 아무거나 하나 2.선택 1.제육볶음 2.덜 매운 소스가 발라진 닭발 3.하얀 쌀밥 4.미역국 5.짜파게티,불닭+체다치즈를 감싼 라이스 페이퍼 해주시면 감사하겠습니다 ❤❤ 구독과 좋아요 댓은 필수!!로했어요❤
@Miscirclelovers 3 months ago
Еще один человек, чья еда в Японии действительно вкусная. 😢😢😢😢
@TV-xz9id 3 months ago
@vasucoo 3 months ago
Я вас люблю ну ладно не сидите в этих китайцах американцах и не сидите в английских они вам портят жизнь глаза портите будете слепыми ну ладно вы русский Я вас люблю русские А китайцы они я их ненавижу и английском
@LiskaTherian 3 months ago
О русские и тут есть 😎
@user-bv2jq9nz1k 3 months ago
Господи а я думала что я одна русская
@Bread7427 3 months ago
​@@user-bv2jq9nz1k я тоже думала что я одна русская
@user-sr5hu1lp7r 3 months ago
Пожалуйста не ешьте монтажную пену ,займитесь лучше чем то полезным
That sound hurts my brain 🧠🧠🧠
@Mostafaonly 4 months ago
The first:💀💀💀💀 The end:😃😃😃😃 Oh thanks for 1like🎉
@user-zq9ck1uv8h 4 months ago
Müslim 👇 👇 👇
@user-he9xx7dd3w 3 months ago
Me waiting for the crunch when she made it:😐
@6iv1ll 3 months ago
Eating a sandwich be like: 0% middle part bread 100% crust part Unless you cut the crust bit ofc
@face6929 4 months ago
@bori_bbori 4 months ago
먹스나님!! 요즘 챙겨보고 있는데 먹방 신쳥해봐요❤ 저의 어머니는 간호사신데 항상 밤낮 안가리고 정말 열심히 일하세요❤ 그런데 요즘 엄마가 지치셨는지 표정이 항상 안좋으시더라구요.. 그래서 신청이 된다면 엄마 보여드리고 싶어요!! 음식은 엄마가 좋아하는걸로 신청해요!! 삼겹살을 좋아하시구요 녹차라떼에 샷 추가 하신걸 좋아하셔요 연어 회 드시는걸 좋아하셰요❤ 고추튀김도 좋아하시는걸로 알아요 마라탕도 좋아하시더라고요 베라 아이스크림에 아몬드 봉봉 꼭 부탁드려요😢
@Kawai824 4 months ago
Olivia loshi LA la LA la LA la LA la LA la
@Kawai824 4 months ago
I talk posh
@haozhou200 3 months ago
This sound means bad manners in chia 😢
All she does is say wow and eats
@mohdchong3301 4 months ago
itu nampak sedap🤤🍞
@lunac4tz 3 months ago
karena emang sedap
@Noobgamer-bm2kb 4 months ago
I am on fast and i am watching this .u don't know how much jealous i am. i am carving so many food right now 😢 it looks so delicious
@n.atarar1183 4 months ago
I feel so bad for you but good job fasting👏👏👏
@Teaaaluv 4 months ago
Well at least it’s not all the explore are foods, until ramadan comes… I do fast before ramadan coming in a week.
@MongPhanThiBe 16 days ago
Chị ơi chị là người Việt Nam hay người Nhật Bản hay nhất là người Hàn Quốc để chị😢😢😢😢 em cầu xin chị trả lời đi chị ơi😢😢😢😢 em cầu xin chị luôn đó chị ơi 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼
@user-sh4fg1tg8n 3 months ago
Even the chipi cat wants a bite,look at her