뜯어먹는 식빵 한국에서 구했습니다 🍞 

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Feb 2, 2024




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@user-ku5ui7pl2d 18 days ago
당신은 축하합니다 한국인을 발견하셨습니다!
@shjeon8568 16 days ago
@user-cg4ne2cx2k 15 days ago
@YayuSusrina-nc4zk 15 days ago
Kakak itu di oven dulu
@user-ol2bu6on6t 15 days ago
А ты русский
@user-st9py1ou8e 15 days ago
@Therainviniyt 20 days ago
Guys I think that’s dried marshmallows
Then what is it
@Therainviniyt 20 days ago
@@I_love_butterflyss . It’s dried marshmallows
@Layaer. 20 days ago
Dried marshmallow
@ITS_TIMEEEEEEEE 20 days ago
@@I_love_butterflyssDried marshmallows
@rosieelizondo9483 20 days ago
I got a headache when you said that ( Edit ) MOM IM FAMOUS! thank you so much for 48 likes
@Dafne_Vigevani 8 days ago
저 빵 정말 맛있어 보이네요. 😭😭
Parece não, você q é morto de fome
@user-nz8vy7ou5y 7 days ago
화면에는 크게 듣는데 어떻게 얇게 뜯었어요 신기해요 다른 거 같아요 빵이 ㅎㅎㅎ 😅😊❤🎉
Fwfvgbjk jh🎉
@mltp663 Day ago
I love bread 🤤
@mitsys_ofc 20 days ago
Pov: When you ask the bakery guy to cut the bread into small slices
@Hancult. 20 days ago
I thought it was cheese-😣
@Im_Mxru 20 days ago
​@@Hancult.Where the F you got the cheese from...
@neneneenene55 20 days ago
@@Hancult.its a desert
@they4852 20 days ago
​@@Hancult.i is mix with cheses
@nkv3697 20 days ago
@capiaingamer 7 days ago
Well since you wrote the Korean language and I speak 14 languages here is a Korean comment. 잠깐만요, 말린 마시멜로, 플라스틱 폼, 어쩌면 요트입니다. 이 세상에서 가장 얇은 빵을 어디서 구할 수 있습니까?, 그 얇은 빵으로 구운 치즈를 감히 만들 수 있습니까?
@id_kkk 4 days ago
Here is a reply for what you sayed 아 그 사람 다른 걸 먹고 있었는데 왜 토르마폼을 먹겠어요?
@samararehan6095 2 days ago
@Rustycafe72 2 days ago
I speak 30 Languages
@user-wx4nv9gh6d 4 days ago
저도 먹어보고 싶어요😢어디서 구매하셨는지 궁금해요😊
@EpicGirlz 19 days ago
Are we just gonna ignore that she was eating thermocol/foam at first?....... Edit : GUYS! stop coming at me, ik it's dried marshmallow or whatever, I am kidding 💀
She was born to eat everything except food 🥰
@zyanidwarfare5634 19 days ago
What’s thermocol
@EpicGirlz 19 days ago
@@zyanidwarfare5634 the foam
@EpicGirlz 19 days ago
@@WednesdayWednesday-dk7tx fr-
@user-hr9xr4bf2b 19 days ago
Yea it was weird
아 빵이 귀엽네요🤤😍
@helloDengiverni 6 days ago
투명한 빵을 보고 충격을 받은 사람도 누구일까요?😂
Me 😂😂😂😂
@Ananda_550 17 hours ago
안녕하세요! 내용이 정말 마음에 듭니다. 좋은 내용을 만들어주셔서 감사합니다.
@Mikaellovepink 5 days ago
Еще один человек, чья еда в Японии действительно вкусная. 😢😢😢😢
@TV-xz9id 3 days ago
@LiskaTherian 2 days ago
О русские и тут есть 😎
Господи а я думала что я одна русская
@Bread7427 Day ago
​@@user-bv2jq9nz1k я тоже думала что я одна русская
@Thestickyguy 19 days ago
Nobody: food companies trying to use less money:
@SabihaZara 19 days ago
@CarmelaMabini 19 days ago
@youknowBTS1777 19 days ago
*"Money money money, must be funny"*
@saupham494 19 days ago
@5everythingg 19 days ago
No it’s dried mashmellows😊
오 맛있겠군😊
영상보면서 먹는모습너무 귀엽다 그리고 와우할때 순간 심쿵😊❤
You said him and he
I’m my country there is actually a shop that sells delicious bread like red bean mochi bread and others but there’s this one bread that looks exactly like that it’s got all the layers and everything! (I’m from myanmar and the shop name is kudos if you’re wondering!)
@chatiblaila8074 19 days ago
Nicee btw love ur pfp:D
@Rianerd 19 days ago
@Toca.poppy. 19 days ago
I agree with that ❤❤
@Fertyu0 19 days ago
А колбаску сверху?😢
@BLIZZARD_GAXHA 19 days ago
That a name too
@MonyKhetthyma 7 days ago
세상에 너무 귀여워❤
I love the texture of white pressed bread it’s just so good😭🤚
@Wingdingsanz 18 days ago
“Hey ma’am, what would you like tod-“ “Styrofoam.” “Excuse me?-“ “Sty. Ro. Foam.” For people who say that it’s marshmallow, I know that. It’s just a joke, just reminding people so they don’t get mad.
@leahhhhhhhhhhz 18 days ago
Here before this blows up
@ednahkerubo3384 18 days ago
It dried Marshmellows
@yfw_taylie 18 days ago
Bro is dried marshmallows 💀
I was about to type that💀
@anurupa-dt8so 6 days ago
@Its_you3926 6 days ago
Korean’s are so pretty❤sometimes I wish I was Korean😅
@user-queen.37 17 days ago
이것을 번역하면 좋아요 버튼이 나타납니다 😅
이거 어디서 구했어요 해봐야겠어요 😍
The styrofoam at the beginning be lookin mad delicious
"How thin you want this bread to be?" Them: "Yes"
@aarvimonga4811 13 days ago
@@Thatoneweirdgirl_mushroomsits a bread
@Rebzyy4ever 12 days ago
@@aarvimonga4811it’s dried up marshmallows
@@Rebzyy4everyou didnt watch the video did you?
@user-zm2gp9hr6p 11 days ago
m V🎉n Amn4 EE​@@AngryAmericanGamer60
@Stitch62111 11 days ago
@rbx.katies they are talking about when she eats the thin bread not the white Thing
@Too__just__tah 8 days ago
맛있어, 엄청 맛있어 보여 🌷😭
Nie ma to jak siorbać bułkę, jak herbatę 😼
This just unlock the core childhood memory of the Fantasia movie. The one where mickey donald and goofy , we're having to share a slice of bread and one bean
@user-bj9hl8xr5e 18 days ago
I found Fantasia
@user-bj9hl8xr5e 18 days ago
Fantasia is japan clock
@aliciagarcia268 17 days ago
That is exactly what I was thinking
@user-ob6bq7yq1k 16 days ago
Itu. Harus di. Masukin ke. Oven dlu😭😭
먼저 오븐에 구운 다음 바삭바삭해야 합니다.
아직 굽지 않은 것 같군요😊
@Puspaa_CH 19 days ago
Sis, the bread must be in the oven first, so that it rises😊
@OliwiaKrol-yh6ir 19 days ago
@astalavista0889 19 days ago
Yes you right
@JassiGill-ox2qh 19 days ago
@Kuromilover3173 19 days ago
​@OliwiaKrol-yh6ir what you mean NO 🤨
@2ChiChi123 19 days ago
The bread is actually supposed to be like that 😅
와우 멋지고 대단해
❤😅 너무 맛있을 것 같아서 먹고 싶어요 ᄒᄒᄒ
@totallynotus 24 days ago
How thin do u want your bread? Her : yes 400 likes? Thanks yall
@YukiDaAxolotl 21 day ago
YES 😂😂
@Yukisan-lalala 21 day ago
@Zenitsu2011 21 day ago
@SofiTheQueen123 21 day ago
@Hello_hamzzi 4 days ago
진찌 햄스터가 최애 간식 발견했을때 몰래 은신처에서 먹는 햄스타같다😂
That looks yummy I want to try some I want some bread like that🍞🍞
@SusuTheLulu 14 days ago
Uhh so for people confused, it’s like very thinly sliced loaf of bread you peel to eat :D
@AliFadil-dx9lm 4 days ago
I'm confused about the food at the start
@LUNANIN_NESQU 7 days ago
Tek wow derken Roblox taki pizzacıda çalış oyunundaki sesi duyan ben miyimm?? (Sesin çok tatlıııı)
The stuff that this girl does for us ❤
@face6929 19 days ago
@user-ll7ub2gu2v 2 days ago
자 만드는 법을 알려드릴께요 1.식빵을 준비한다 2.유압프레스로 누른다 3.그다음 걍 먹는다
@user-qw5pr4zu3y 4 days ago
빵을 먼저 구워야 해요😌
@user-ex5th8ue5x 28 days ago
스나님 신선한 야채 채썰어 식빵 쌈싸서 먹어도 칼로리 걱정 하지 않아도 될거 같아요 식빵 한판만 😊👍☕즐건 휴일저녁 재미있게 보네세요 ^^
@Yoon224 23 days ago
gjgjgkgj 🍞🍞
@RFGJECDA13 23 days ago
@@alicegabrielymoraesalves3655? 왜 하트여 뭐 채널주인이여?
@user-zr8cu3up1y 21 day ago
It looks so good
정말 좋은 시간이야
@Asiarich4310 4 days ago
Looks so tasty 😋
@user-ii9ju3ux7w 14 days ago
Hello . I'm Korean. It's not dried marshmallows, it's a traditional snack called yeot, in Korea. This traditional Korean food,yeot, is sweet and jelly. 😂😂 I'm sorry I didn't know because I was an elementary school student. It's a dried marshmallow. sorry…😢😢
@wendydark4863 14 days ago
Я думала это пенопласт
@arfaturnessa6727 14 days ago
I am Bengali 🇧🇩🇧🇩
@user-oz1zf9ds3w 14 days ago
저거 엿 아니고 동결건조 마시멜로우예요. 이전 영상들 중에 마시멜로우라고 나와있는데, 왜 허위정보를… 애초에 엿은 저것보다 훨씬 딱딱하죠…
@user-ii9ju3ux7w 14 days ago
@@user-oz1zf9ds3w 앗 다들 엿이라고 하길래 잘못알았네여ㅠㅠ
@user-ii9ju3ux7w 14 days ago
@@user-oz1zf9ds3w 엿 동결건조 한줄 알았네여ㅜ 정말 죄송해여…저가 초딩이라 잘 몰랐어요ㅠ 생각해보니…우리나라의 전통음식을 이상하게 말한것 같아서 정말 죄송해요
Кому очень сильно захотелось этого хлебушка или что это поставьте лайк, у меня уже слюнки потекли?
The asmr:🔊 The music:🔊🔊🔊🔊🔊
@NoobatPlays 18 days ago
Girl eating 👁👄👁 Chipi cat:🕺🎶🕺🕺
Its not a cat its a little girl that sings it
😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬 utálom ahogy csámcsognak
@@Espresso_happy_starye but the song is irritating
사람들,그녀가 스티로폼을 먹었다는 것은 당신을 괴롭히지 않습니다..
@sandyiron-ov8it 8 days ago
It looks so good 😮
@SNKim-ml8lt 16 days ago
식빵보다 스나님이 먹고 있는 것이 더 맛있어 보여요 ~ ㅎㅎㅎ
@andiafriyanto6656 12 days ago
@user-zs4de2rj9z 12 days ago
@user-cr9eh1ev7w 9 days ago
맞아요 넘맜있을것같아 ㅠ
Thats why i love Pillsbury flaky biscuits ❤i just have layer after layer of dam deliciousness 😂❤ always made me feel like they i had more😂❤
@BasedCroatia 7 days ago
That styrofoam surely was delicious.
@user-md3ms8cf8g 29 days ago
뜯어먹는 식빵!?? 처음 보는데 맛있어 보이네???❤❤🎉🎉😊😊
@user-dt9gx2op5b 2 days ago
Ещё один человек чья еда в Японии действительно вкусная. 😢😢😢😢
Look so yummy 🤤 i want to eat it!
@HCLove 28 days ago
한장씩 띄어서 드실때마다 중앙부분이 투명해서 언니가 먹는게 식빵인지 그걸 가장한 먹는비눗방울 드신건지😂❤
@Anny-qw6so 3 hours ago
這很令人滿意 ❤
@Nayii.ff386 7 days ago
Ver el video❌ Cantar la cancion✅ Watch the video ❌ the song ✅
@uttpistrash107 19 days ago
Cats: This song is for us! Japanese people: この歌は私たちの言語だと思います。 Christell: *remakes the song to prove it is not for cats or is Japanese, it’s Spanish*
@toto_8_0 7 days ago
muksa is so cute and I wish she have a cute husband like her 😊☺️😍😘
@Varent9426 22 hours ago
전자레인지에 돌려 섭취해야 더욱 부드러워진다
@christiannava5227 20 days ago
american food be like:this mid 🍔 then japanese food pulls up:🍜🍤🍥🍣🥡🍡🥟🥠🍙🍘 this is bussin bussin
@ahsbs. 20 days ago
@ebonypresent 20 days ago
@MellyGamerTV 20 days ago
That is Korean
@Reem_10110 19 days ago
@SOA_yt 19 days ago
Also american (sees any east asian): "this is japanese"
@Neko_3905 6 days ago
와 맛있어 나 하나 갖고 싶어❤🍞
@iRb1x_Sasha1 3 days ago
맛있어? 나는 단지 시도하지 않았을 뿐이다.
@user-cd9hr3qf5h 28 days ago
소리가 고양이가 벽 긁는 소리 갔네요 소리 너무좋아❤❤❤❤
@Angielover0808 7 days ago
What was the thing in the beginning it looks so good🤤
@user-wx4nv9gh6d 4 days ago
소리가 그.. 뭐지?그...스티로폼!씹어먹는 것 같아요!!
@user-mw5yc5it5s 19 days ago
Mmm yummy styrofoam that looks delicious 😋
@user-ye7oo3su4c 8 days ago
Wow it's so amazing 🤤😋😃
@Candytube-ix2mk 4 days ago
이런거 특 : 영상에 있는거보다 먹스나가 먹고있는게 더 맛있어보이고 신기함
@user-tg5ii9sh7v 20 days ago
이빵은 어디서 구입해야 할까요
@user-yt8pv7io8t 20 days ago
@starkyu766 20 days ago
먼저 오븐에 들어가야 해요😁
어디서 구매하신거여요? 바로먹고싶네요
@user-wy4og2hp2o 15 days ago
스나 언니 항상 즐겨보고있어 화이팅!❤
@w.w948 Day ago
당신을 축하합니다 제 2의 한국인 발견하셨습니다
Now styrofoam looks yummy to me I wanna eat it
@A.Midtrexy 23 days ago
식빵을 전자레인지로 15분 칭하면 부풀어 오르고, 1장씩 안주 쉬워지고, 우유와 함께 먹으면 맛있습니다.
와 내가 해볼게!! 😋
@Owangzogbarbossam 22 days ago
​@@Kristl_Mitsuri_KNYEdits(그러나 이분은 돌아오지 못했다고 한다.)
@user-sz7gh5fz7j 21 day ago
15분이요?? 빵 다 타버릴것같은데.... 1분30초 아니에요??
@Alora._ 21 day ago
​네, 빵이 15분 정도 탈 거에요. 너무 많아서 1분이면 될 것 같아요. 그래도 잘 부풀어오르는지는 모르겠어요​@@user-sz7gh5fz7j
Esta tonta me cae mal
한국인입니까, 중국인입니까? 그렇지 않으면 혼란 스럽습니다.
Omg thats yum 🤤😋 I'm hungry 🌭🌭
@Liar.forlifex 18 days ago
그거 정말 맛있어 보여요!
@Bandie.1213 2 days ago
맨 처음에 무슨 스티로폼 뜯어먹는줄 알았어요😂
@Cloudyy_247 19 hours ago
"how thin would you like for this bread?" Her: yes
@AlexaCoraoCampos 19 days ago
플라스틱 소리와 빵이 어떻게 보이는지 asmr이 맛있을 것 같은지
@carreritaaxdd 19 days ago
Enrealidad, no es plástico, son malvaviscos secos jajaja 😂
@dukechiong3419 19 days ago
@AlexaCoraoCampos 17 days ago
와! 좋아요를 많이 받은 적은 없어요. 정말 감사합니다.😁
π£¥¢€•×§ ?!?!
@Dinosaur_elsh 43 minutes ago
wow I think thay's dried marshmallows 한국어로 번역
@user-yc3en8dy2h 3 days ago
처음으로 그녀는 맛있고 부드럽게 먹었습니다.
@Noobgamer-bm2kb 19 days ago
I am on fast and i am watching this .u don't know how much jealous i am. i am carving so many food right now 😢 it looks so delicious
@n.atarar1183 19 days ago
I feel so bad for you but good job fasting👏👏👏
@Teaaaluv 19 days ago
Well at least it’s not all the explore are foods, until ramadan comes… I do fast before ramadan coming in a week.
@WeybiDadu 23 hours ago
I love the little hoo she did when she got the bread
That looks to tasty 🤤 yum
@Rezampp 5 days ago
맛있는 것 같아
@Zhansaya20145 3 days ago
Мне одной нравится как она делает асмр на белую штуку
@user-vv5hf2xo2r 27 days ago
언니 영상 볼 때 뭐 먹고 있는 게 너무 귀여워요❤귀엽❤❤❤새해 복 많이 받으세요❤
@KhanhTran-ud8kt 22 days ago
❤❤❤🎉😂😢😮😅😊 tỷ USD hủy y ủi kfrfu jjj😞😢😍hbbbnnnggkh
@user-ui7tx5zc5e 20 days ago
,,,,,, ( . . ) ( 9 9) / / 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
@Mikaellovepink 5 days ago
А в Индонезии еда вкусная и вкусная 😢😢😢
@user-ds7ig8cp9r 6 days ago
@hubertmet8963 17 days ago
Where did you get this bread? I live in Poland, so where did you get it? Can you write it in English please?🥺
They both look pretty
You could do that with biscuits too😊
@great-p1717 19 days ago
ㅋㅋ 처음에 먹고 계신거 동결건조 마쉬멜로우 이실꺼예요ㅋㅋ 모르고 보면 스티로폼 으로 볼수도 있긴 하겠어욤ㅋㅋㅋ
@user-kr7gm3wo3c 19 days ago
@user-hc1ht1qx1d 19 days ago
@namjoon486e 18 days ago
스티로폼 먹는건줄알고 진짜 식겁했어욥...설명 감사