지민 (Jimin) 'Like Crazy' Official MV 

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지민 (Jimin) 'Like Crazy' Official MV
'FACE' Release
📆 3/24 1PM KST | 0AM ET
💽 Listen to 'FACE': ingrv.es/face
Director: Oui Kim
Producer: Yeonjin Kim, Hyunsik Bang
1st AD: Huiwon Song
2nd AD: Sunyoung Kim, Hyeri Shin
Director of Photography: EumKo
B Cam Operator: Hyungyun Kim
Focus Puller: Youngwoo Lee, Heejung Kim
2nd AC: Eunil Lee, Hyungjun Ahn
Data Manager: Dongwon Choi
3rd AC: Donghyun Lee
Jimmy Jib Operator: Youngjung Kim
Jimmy Jib Assistant: Hyunin Kim, Hojun Choi, Minsu Kim
Grip: Jaekeun Han, Jumyung Lee, Hyunseok Jo
Gaffer: Joonghyuk Jung
Crew: Hyunsuk Kim, Minhyeok Back, Hwayong Chung, Dongyun Sin, Yusung Han, Youngmin Choi
Production designer/Art Director: Mu:E
Assistant Art team: Minjung Kim (Mu:E)
Art-team Manager: ilho Heo (Mu:E)
Team Mu:E: Jooho Jeong, Sangwon Cha, Daeyoung Kim
Crew: Daeyeon Hwang, Jonghyun Ryu, Jaehyeong Nam, Myungsung Kim, Eunsung Go, Jisu Lee, Wonhyeok Kim, Sora Chung
VFX Supervisor / FX Lead: Daeyoung Byun
2D Composite Lead: Ayoung Lee
2D Composite Artist: Youngjun Ko, Chea Young Kim
2D(Compositing, Beauty, Emotion Creative): Moonyoung Go
Colorist: Changbeen Yu
Assist: Soyeon Kim
Voiceover Samples - Shelby Young, Joe Brogie
BIGHIT MUSIC. Rights are reserved selectively in the video. Unauthorized reproduction is a violation of applicable laws. Manufactured by BIGHIT MUSIC, Seoul, Korea.
Connect with BTS:
/ bts_bighit
/ bts_twt
/ bangtan.official
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/ bts.bighitofficial
/ bts_official_bighit
#LikeCrazy #지민 #Jimin #Jimin_FACE


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Mar 22, 2023




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Comments : 451K   
@Ot7_lovey 18 days ago
Who's watching this in june 2024??? Raise your hand..no emoji please (team tegua)
@Haerin.m2 18 days ago
Here me
@03juidixit68 17 days ago
Jimin arraso..
@AyoItzValeria 15 days ago
@army_girl7_s 14 days ago
Congratulations Jimin on your Hot 100 #1! *Well done, ARMY*
@bts_.7 Year ago
@bts_.7 Year ago
احبكككك كنت منتظرتك
@any7153 Year ago
Let’s keep working together!
Congratulations 22💜🔥
@haze7485 4 days ago
지민아 힘들지 ! 눈감고 진형 허그 하는 지민이 보고 너무 애뜻해서 아직도 마음이 아프다
@rillylipan187 3 days ago
jimin is coming back!! MUSE is coming! i'm very very happy :)
@GOTGames Year ago
Fact: Jimin is The perfect man.
@HBHB1 Year ago
@_Its_J Year ago
Armies for Like Crazy the target is 80M in 24 hour. Remember we broke record by 110M+ in 24 hour, we can do this time too. just FOCUSED & wake up. if BlackPink can do 73M in their solo then Why not us "80M in Like Crazy"??? Do it with your blood and sweat, lets break world record again.. (Some fake armies/Antis/haters are trying to distracting us.. Don’t give them attention.. Just focused & believe.. We can do this, coz we did it before)
@HBHB1 Year ago
@@_Its_J it will not happen. After members going solo, ARMY'S are also going solo (⁠ー⁠_⁠ー). Half of them will not support him. But we can try as much as we can . Fighting
​​@@_Its_Jmore like 5M likes and 3 views 😂 RU-vid keep deleting BTS views anyways lol BP pay for ads and stuff too so u shouldn't be comparing organic success of a artist to a idol group who entire career depends on their company, if YG stops with the ads and if RU-vid started treating BP the same way they treat BTS then trust me BP would not even get 3M views in 24 hours. YTB be deleting BTS dance practice views but not even freeze BP MV views for more than 30secs. That just pure corruption and favouritism. Do u know ytb froze Like Crazy's teaser views for *4 HOURS* , they didn't add a single view for 4 straight hours. Well anyways, let's stop with those bs it's Jimin's solo alumb release week! let's focus on our boy! we'll stream ONLY for Jimin not bc of those random K-pop girlies.
@@_Its_Jof course we could do it for Jimin, but YT keep freezing and deleting our views. Let’s stream even harder! Don’t let YT block masterpieces!
If you didn't come from tiktok raise your hand ✋🏻✋🏻
Me 🤚
Me🖐🏻 but not only jimin , i will always support my all members of bangtan till my last breath🥰💜
@svn995 Year ago
Not only jimin but all 7 of them
@kartiwahadi Year ago
@ciro-yt9rm 3 days ago
We need 100M on the title track of the MUSE album this year!! Lots of stream for Jimin
Yeah ❤
@user-ze7yh4nt1n 21 hour ago
@user-fo9ng8ym2j 6 hours ago
Guys Jimin's another master piece MUSE is coming !!!!!!!!!!!!
This album is amazing. Thank you for your hard work, Jimin!
We love you Jimin 💜💜💜
thank u jimin
Army please keep streaming without skipping or pausing
Yes FACE is awesome
@Purplewaves585 3 months ago
Those who are watching this in 2024 raise your hands....(no emoji pls)
@Tarocchi753 3 months ago
@JALILAhere 3 months ago
@user-ni7rb6wl2u 3 months ago
@AsiyaAnastasiya 4 days ago
ARMY!!! Who is looking forward to July 19th and dreams of seeing the new ALBUM "MUSE" by our unsurpassed and talented ANGEL JIMIN, please raise your hands!!!!!!(no emoji pls)
@saiane666 3 days ago
A new masterpiece is coming!
+1 great album of great member of great group)
@michellem6826 2 days ago
Park Jimin is coming! Pre-save, pre-order and prepare!
@so_niaaa17 3 months ago
It's June 2024, lets see how many legends are listening to this masterpiece?
@Desired16 3 months ago
I'd rather be lost in the lights 😊💜
@4EVERYOUNG_rosie 3 months ago
There's not a bad thing tonight.
@4EVERYOUNG_rosie 3 months ago
@@Desired16 Lost in the lights, I'm outto my mind
@user-ej6mj3hf8m 3 months ago
Я слушаю. Чимин голос прекрасен!!!
@SonyaEthelMUA 3 months ago
@so_niaaa17 12 days ago
It's June 2024, let's see how many armys are listening this masterpiece!
@Arina-j_k 12 days ago
@user-fo9ng8ym2j 7 days ago
@lynmeow 6 days ago
Mee 💜
@Fira15 4 days ago
let's help our Jimin and reach 200M!!!
@michellem6826 4 days ago
Closer Than This … support and appreciate.
Your voice is diamond Jimin .. keep up the enthusiasm to work. greetings from Indonesia
Yes he's the king of vocals
Yess ty
well said
True ❤
@@asarichan4995 true
Congrats on 20M!
vamos por los 22 si se puede
Vamos por más
@mnhk5307 Year ago
계속 가자!!!:)
@ipromise1013 Year ago
how come he's #2 trending with 20 mil and ed shed #1 with 9 mil ? :l like youtube blind ?
@vluvs 4 days ago
like crazy is timeless. no matter how many times i hear it, it gets better everytime 💜
@loonvers 4 days ago
I think this is the best song I've ever heard in my entire life
@Rmasud-xe6dc Month ago
How many international army's are here to support JIMIN ?
Россия!! Тут.
Уберите смайлик
Every real armys are here specially hes my bias💜💜💜💜
WE HEREEEE Türkiye den bile
@sohbayeni6666 Month ago
Im here from South Africa
@kdas_13 11 months ago
this is gonna be one of those timeless masterpieces isn't it? because its been 3 months and it still feels brand new
@yuliethpaom6833 11 months ago
@wega.k8250 11 months ago
#Jimin Angel! Love
@annagereza1411 11 months ago
Oh yes! 😊
@siphesihledube966 11 months ago
We are almost at 80M
@rosemiller6388 11 months ago
Of course it does. 3 months is not a long time lol
Jiminaa....you look like gorgeous prince...and all your songs are perfect....
@sutucs. 2 months ago
Congratulations Jimin for getting the 1 Billion plays plaque for Like Crazy on Spotify! you deserve it.
@michellem6826 2 months ago
Yes! So talented! Supporting him every single day!
@LolaKi807 2 months ago
Yes ! So talented
@Lifeisadream. Month ago
​@@FatimaNaitBouih he did.
@btsjoy7 Month ago
Big applause for our History Maker KING JIMIN!!
@JALILAhere Month ago
​ @FatimaNaitBouih can you plz not spread hate and lies about him? He's a very kind and talented young man, plz be fair to him, he deserves nothing but love and support
@iamarmyot7 3 months ago
If you're listening to this in 2024, you're not alone!
@user-on7bh7ng2v 3 months ago
Me too watching it :)
@Maat151 3 months ago
Me too
@Maat151 3 months ago
Watching the music video and listen to the song on repeat
@Desired16 3 months ago
I'd rather be lost in the lights 😊💜
@eugenia1995 3 months ago
Of course I’m here too
Congratulations Jimin 139m 140m soon
@user-mk2nd7rh2s 4 days ago
Jiminaa magic always amazing
@user-uc6dk1xh3k 2 months ago
It's April 2024 let's see how many legends are listening to this masterpiece
Truly a legend crossing 1B on Spotify🎊
@evieevy9636 2 months ago
On spotify too 💜💜
@Wintae_bear. 2 months ago
@Bts_army_106 2 months ago
Me 💜💜
@call-me-Terka 2 months ago
@angham142 11 months ago
When I hear this song I feel like a butterfly flying in the blue sky, this song is everything to me
@axelcardenas9151 8 months ago
Please if you have Instagram, weverse, let JIMIN know when we reach 100M. It will be TODAY.
@anshi4290 8 months ago
Очень мило😊
@raresvibes 7 months ago
Hahhaaah SAME ,so sexyyyy 😅
@AswiniAhir 2 months ago
@user-mr6qx2ix2i 8 days ago
지민 어제 얼굴 보았더니 기분이 좋아요. 건강해 보여서 다행이구요. 군복도 잘 어울리고. ㅎㅎ 사진에서 손과 군화가 기억에 남아요. 기다리면서 지민의 소중한 노래 듣고... 언제 들어도 질리지 않는 목소리와 노래. 어느곳에서든 최선을 다하는 지민이라서 항상 믿어요. 남은 군생활도 건강하게 마치고 짧은 휴가이지만 마음의 여유가 잠시라도 있음 좋겠어요. 항상 지민을 생각하는 팬이 있다는 거 알죠? 멀리서 응원하고 있어요. 파이팅!
@user-wc2dv5gq2g 6 days ago
I'm obsessed with this song ...I can't stop me from repeating this song . "I rather be lost in the light ".......
@diya9560 11 months ago
It's been 3 months & I'm still so obsessed with this song like it's a total bop
@enfp_cat_kpop 11 months ago
Today i all day sing this song :)
@dynamite8831 11 months ago
Şarkı zaten BOP
@sarahmoller7308 11 months ago
Me too! I love to dance to it at night, it feels amazing. ❤
@justinvega8334 11 months ago
@annagereza1411 11 months ago
Ilove this song so much
@liatt348 Year ago
Thank you Jimin for this beautiful song, there is not a day that I don't listen to it, it's so addictive ♡
@wega.k8250 Year ago
Гений Jimin Bravo!
@Cloudyyy833._. 4 days ago
Yeah ohhh my Jiminaa keep it up
@blue_sweater 4 days ago
this is so amazing im in love with the song. thank Jimin you are my star!!
@Studentlife-vf2zd 4 months ago
Like Crazy charts at #1 on Deezer Top 100 Worldwide Jimin becomes the FIRST & ONLY Korean/K-pop act to chart at #1 on Deezer Worldwide chart in history. Another record for our king , congratulations Jimin We are proud of you Let’s keep supporting our talented artist 💪🏻
@iamarmyot7 4 months ago
"Como loco" de Jimin es una canción que detalla un momento de pasión y deseo entre dos individuos que solo quieren perderse en el momento. En la canción, le dicen al orador que no piense demasiado la situación y que disfrute la noche. El coro enfatiza el deseo del orador de perderse en el momento y ser ahogado por él. Él quiere ser abrazado por su amante y sentir la intensidad de su relación. El post-coro destaca su deseo de rendirse a su amante y divertirse, expresando su disposición a enamorarse incluso si al final lo rompe. El puente captura los pensamientos del orador mientras desea quedarse en el momento y no despertar de la experiencia como un sueño. El significado de la canción es el de seguir sus instintos y disfrutar el momento por lo que es, a pesar de los temores de perderlo.
@Sangita-xp4du 4 months ago
Yeah ofcourse ❤
@jm.minji13 4 months ago
AMAZING!! Congrats Jimin!! I'm always here to support you!
@KittyGang-ty6dz 4 months ago
Congratulations KING
@wega.k8250 3 months ago
#Jimin победитель! Всегда Первый !Bravo
@ayeayeaung15398 11 months ago
This song is so addictive and I can't stop listening when I play. All are perfect. Well done my jimin oppa
@namiraorea4609 11 months ago
Yss so true ❤🥺💜
@Fearless.cat1209 11 months ago
Same here I'm addicted since day 1 this song is a BOP
@user-ce2gu9nk8z 3 months ago
JIMIN браво😏🥴
ARMYs let make it 150M!!
@user-tb2pf7jg4i 4 days ago
心が何度も奪われる とても愛してる
@applexbean1534 11 months ago
This song is truly a masterpiece. i am so proud of our Jimin for being able to produce such art! Keep streaming to 80mil!!!!
@streetstar1836 11 months ago
Todo un rei
@user-ce2gu9nk8z 3 months ago
JIMIN браво😏🥴
@btsjoy7 4 months ago
JIMIN has surpassed 2 BILLION streams across all solo song credits on his official Spotify profile!! CONGRATS KING!!
@margarethassis3009 4 months ago
E ainda ganhou 9 prêmios de uma vez só💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜
@tarashuangliu857 3 months ago
Jimin created a monster. This song literally can fight.❤‍🔥 Almost one year passed, this song is still going strong. Reading daily news mentioned first & history makes army so prod.
@wega.k8250 3 months ago
#Jimin Bravo Bravo !!!
@user-ej6mj3hf8m 3 months ago
​@@margarethassis3009уберите emoji. Убирают просмотры из за вас.
@TreeTree6501 3 months ago
Congrats, Jimin!
With "Like Crazy" Jimin became the first Soloist to reach HOT Billboard No. 1 , second KPOP Artist , and the third Asian that too with a Korean Track, Just imagine if he releases an English track in future it would break Internet !!! Waiting to PJM2 .
@kevinross6235 8 days ago
Jimin made a timeless song
@jennifer.kj97 2 months ago
The incredible Jimin continues to break several records, he was born to shine this angel, congratulations Jimin Like Crazy 1 billion
@Ari12133 2 months ago
Es talentoso, amoroso , entregado a Army, merece reconocimiento, amor, protección !! Te amamos JiMIN acá estamos disfrutando tus canciones y atentos a tu regreso . Ah! FELICITACIONES! 👏👏👏♥️🙅🏻‍♀️
@user-zl7go4gb5o 2 months ago
Поздравляю тебя мой ангел!!! Обожаю тебя всем сердцем!!! Ждём твоего возвращения, здоровым!!!❤❤❤🎉🎉🎉❤❤❤
@FirstsnowSecret 2 months ago
And the thing is song was in korean language and jimin and rm are credited for lyrics 1st solo korean song to hit that 1 b Fastest korean song And 3rd korean song after boy with luv and hylt to hit 1 b And finally 3rd as a kpop,soloist Congratulations chimmy Armies area always with bts Fighting
@user-xh5nu1ur4p 2 months ago
@user-fo9ng8ym2j 2 months ago
Я так его горжусь! Чимин самый лучший!
@EurydyceChan 11 months ago
@mochimochi1310 11 months ago
Todo verdad el es MAGNIFICO EL REY
@A2004B 11 months ago
@michellem6826 4 days ago
Park Jimin! Park Jimin! Park Jimin! Muse … coming July 19th!
@dasha__shar 7 days ago
I need new masterpieces from Jimin
@elif_ck0782 11 months ago
Jimin's powerful vocals have never let him down.
@cristianabarbosa8985 11 months ago
tiene un voz imcomparable
@user-js3sh4uc7l 10 months ago
@haslinafarisify 10 months ago
Stream on
@adrielebuker5418 10 months ago
지민의 사랑스러움과 이노래의 아름다움을 더 많은 사람이 알아주길 소원합니다~
Ошеломительный успех дебюта! Неповторимая индивидуальность, потрясающий фальцет-это Чимина! Браво!
Lo se !!!
@Emeryjoon04 Year ago
He is
Every time I miss Jimin I'm going to watch here.
Now is 6/13/2024 and who is watching this masterpiece ????????
@jpjina 2 months ago
Who is watching this on LikeCrazy/FACE anniversary ???
@maro2024 2 months ago
@user-fg7ww9ze7i 2 months ago
@user-fo9ng8ym2j 2 months ago
@EnzoGrabriell 2 months ago
@my.jiminssi 2 months ago
I watch it everyday!
Jimin’s solo song “Like Crazy” is a wonderful song. His voice is emotional and powerful, and resonates with the listener’s heart. The melody of the song is catchy and beautiful, and the rhythm is dynamic and energetic. Jimin is a talented artist, and I think “Like Crazy” is a masterpiece that expresses his charm to the fullest
@MinP.-rz1oh Year ago
jimin deserves more love
@user-ce2gu9nk8z 3 months ago
JIMIN браво😏beautiful
@gatchagirl1762 2 months ago
Ai generated
@AdaJessenia 5 days ago
Jimin and all boys members looking stunning in ig posts.
@user-lc1gm8vt8c 7 days ago
Пак Чимин прекрасный настолько что не возможно влюбиться
@wega.k8250 5 days ago
Невозможно не любить такое очарование! #Jimin! Love!
@izukumidoriya5319 11 months ago
This song is really addicting.. I can't get out of it also I don't want to.. Jimin you are so hard working... Thanks for your hard word and gifting us such a beautiful song!!
@joalin9 11 months ago
@cristianabarbosa8985 11 months ago
@allisonjung4148 11 months ago
It is its ashamed yt did him dirty this could have been 100m now but sure we can still do it soon
@izukumidoriya5319 11 months ago
@@cristianabarbosa8985 what?
@jungkook25. Year ago
잔잔한 휘파람 소리가 사람의 마음을 사로잡는 마법 같은 음악이다. 아름답고 매력적인 음악입니다. 지민이를 사랑하고 응원합니다 ~♡♡
@user-lc1gm8vt8c 7 days ago
Слов нет. Пусанский принц навсегда в сердечке.
@wega.k8250 5 days ago
Пленил своим талантом! Love Angel #Jimin!
@AdaJessenia 8 days ago
Jimin I was so happy to see you today .
@serfianuslipan7831 11 months ago
this album is amazing! thank you for your hard work jimin, we always support you.
@jmjk713 11 months ago
stream more
@farhana.. 11 months ago
fighting Army let's reach 100m for this masterpiece
Jimin really just makes you fall in love with his music. The stories, the emotions. Its amazing
@Talks_a_latte 9 months ago
Very well said!
@wega.k8250 9 months ago
Единственный и неповторимый артист в своем очаровании и совершенстве!#Jimin BRAVO !
@Jim_in702 7 months ago
Thanks alot. The stories are mostly from experience
@eugenia1995 6 months ago
Agree! I listen to it and I feel drunk and crazy too. Haha
@wega.k8250 4 days ago
Легендарные сольные шедевры поющего Ангела украшают жизнь! Покорили навсегда! Bravo JIMIN!!!
@Bts_suga_agustd 10 days ago
We love you Jimin
@user-fo9ng8ym2j 4 days ago
Да, мы обожаем Чимина!
@ketoshin6089 Year ago
빌보드 1위 감축드립니다~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 박지민 최고!
Min yoongi
Vamos! Sin rendirse, apoyemos a JIMIN, el merece nuestro mayor esfuerzo!
@jesse4408 Year ago
Rendirme jamás
So cute
@sashasolyban Year ago
Se merece esto y más :D
@Nisa_S 5 days ago
Tam bir başyapıt. Jimin'in sözüyle melodisiyle kurgusuyla emek emek yaptığı o şarkı Çok daha fazla değeri hakediyor
@wega.k8250 5 days ago
Невероятной красоты #LikeCrezy! Bravo #Jimin Angel!
@AdaTomas 7 days ago
My beautiful jimin missing you like crazy.
@jm.minji13 4 months ago
Like Crazy won THE BEST SONG 2023 of Daejejeon Idol Champ!! Congrats Jimin!!
@Born_to_be_real- 4 months ago
​​@JungKook-Topic247Hi, I am from Bangladesh🇧🇩 How's your day going?
@jacky371 4 months ago
The best of the best.
@tundee_Pinky 4 months ago
Well deserved!!!
@michellem6826 11 months ago
74,2M! Beautiful Park Jimin and your endless talent never grows old.
@katelin6546 11 months ago
74.6! Keep streaming!
@batoul2953 11 months ago
It should be at 100M already😭
@yuliethpaom6833 11 months ago
@clarisseburlat6712 11 months ago
@michellem6826 6 months ago
@@clarisseburlat6712Park Jimin’s last day!
@AdaJessenia 3 days ago
Jimin my love miss you like crazy so happy and excited for new album. Can’t wait, let’s gooo army less go army make history again
@amibts13 Year ago
Love you Jimin! Thank you for showing us your beautiful music :)
@thv_- Year ago
amazing beat amajin vocals totally masterpiece
@hello-vy2ti Year ago
EVERYONE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ot7 #BTS is comeback is on "9 june" with a new digital single #TakeTwo. remember it is not a ost like the planet . it is gonna be a single like #dynamite, #butter and #ptd . please hype it up and spread it everywhere!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! also yoongi and halsey are releasing lilith mv on 5 june.......................
@safy2909 11 months ago
it's been three months and he's still is insanely stable on music charts all over the world. Jimin's a force to be reckoned with, I'm so happy all of his hard work is being rewarded so well
@roshnimughal9127 11 months ago
Yeahhh but YoUTube views are hardly increasinggg .....I think we should focus on YOuTube views tooo
@alaska1538 11 months ago
​@@roshnimughal9127 because a lot of views have been deleted unfortunately. But let's keep streaming well
@juliecook8364 11 months ago
Chapter 2 is really allowing each member to showcase their talent, their creativity, and their unique style! Jimin's solo debut has been amazing!
@farhana.. 11 months ago
@@roshnimughal9127 cause yt keep deleting views from BTS mv
@farhana.. 11 months ago
@@juliecook8364 cause Park Jimin is amajin
King of Kpop is Jimin.......he won that award
@AdaJessenia 7 days ago
Jimin I can’t wait to see you
@mnhk5307 Year ago
BB Hot100 1위 가수 지민!!! 너무나 자랑스럽습니다♡ 오늘도 지민을 위해 전폭적인 응원을 아끼지 말아요. 35M를 어서 무너뜨립시다!!!!!
@mink0538 Year ago
누가 뭐래도 당신은 최고의 가수 입니다.지민이은 우리의 달에서 천사이자 보석입니다.세상의 모든것보다 빛나는 보물이자 자랑입니다.
Throw fast, we need to get Jimin's song to 100 million quickly, please
@msham5213 8 days ago
너만보이고 너만 찾아 다닌 그 수많은 날들,, 그 시간들이 너무 행복했고 지금도 행복하고 앞으로도 행복해 할거야~ 매순간 반짝반짝 빛나는 내가수 박지민 건강하게 군생활 잘 마치고 멋진 모습으로 다시 만나자! 내가 많이 사랑해~
@Seamin304 8 days ago
FACE is so amazing, I love this album
Si estás leyendo esto mientras haces streaming, muchas gracias por apoyar a los chicos y de igual manera a cada uno de ellos
Es un placer , apoyarlos almenos haciendo streaming ,ellos son realmente maravillosos y merecen lo mejor .Gracias a ti también por apoyarlos.
Seguimos presentes, ellos han trabajado tanto para mostrarnos su trabajo, lo menos que podemos hacer es apoyarlos y amarlos.
Aquí intercalando el stream entre el nuevo mv de YoonGi y JiMin!
@JKarol7 Year ago
Siempre apoyaré a los chicos, aquí ando intercalando los MVs
Siempre OT7
@Ember_Editz 11 months ago
This album is truly incredible. All of his amazing songs don't fail to impress me. From the music to the choreography, there is only one word to describe this album : Perfection
@-0cil. 11 months ago
But so far it hasn't reached 100 million listeners so Jimin deserves more
@Ember_Editz 11 months ago
@@-0cil. I know. He deserves all the love he can get. Which is why we should try to get this to 100 million. And "Set me Free pt 2." as well
@kimberquirky 11 months ago
And I love the vibes of it how he shared the inspiration through Covid…. Amazing, beautiful!
@iyuzjeon7 11 months ago
​​@@-0cil.who said he hasn't reach 100m listeners, LIKE CRAZY has reach 350M listeners on Spotify
@pilaraneiros6309 11 months ago
So true, it's a perfect album. Honest, authentic, emotional, powerful. His voice is wonderful and he expresses all those feelings really well. And the music and sound effects make you fully immerse yourself in each song. The choreographies are magnificent and fit perfectly. Art is its purest form.
@wega.k8250 7 days ago
Ну,вот ! Пройден еще один престижный рубеж- одиннадцать лет ! Bravo BTS #Jimin 💜
Счастья тебе, #Jimin, и новых творческих успехов! Береги себя и возвращайся здоровым!
@wega.k8250 4 days ago
Ярких эмоций и приятных моментов ! Love Angel #Jimin!
@jiyeon687 Year ago
노래 너무 너무 매력적이고 좋아요 올해의 노래 맞는 것 같아요 지민 최고의 아티스트
Like Crazy неподражаемо! Ангельский голос Чимина!
@TyTy-td1fb Year ago
Согласна,лучшая песня!
Estoy de acuerdo es exelente
@VaeKimmy Year ago
Yes! Song of the Year indeed!
definitivamente 👏
@avani7161 Year ago
The beats and Jimin's voice hits the spot for me. Been listening to this everyday and still wont get tired of it.
Totally agree. Jimin's unique voice is very charming.
@wega.k8250 Year ago
Такой уникальный вокал из звездной пыли! Bravo Park Jimin!
@Peachblack19 Year ago
Esque es muy buena canción y exelente voz
Me too
Only 1M away from reaching 140M we gonna do this before the end of June, after completing 140M we will go for 150M !!! Let's go ARMY's !!!
@michellem6826 21 hour ago
139,6M! Supporting Park Jimin everyday!
@amymin6727 Year ago
Jimin se merece el mundo
@sevim_li Year ago
Tüm sevgimizi sonuna kadar hakediyorsun seni tüm gücümüzle tam destek arkandayiz JİMİN
@any7153 Year ago
Eres maravilloso park Jimin !!!
@ivettem Year ago
Están bajando las canciones apoyemos en todas las plataformas subamos vistas y a reproducir en Spotify, vamos Army
Jimin gracias por existir y por darnos felicidad através de tu imagen y música!
Gracias Jimin
@any7153 Year ago
Eres el mejor Jimin!!
@abzzayas1740 6 days ago
지민시 넌 정말 대단해
@wega.k8250 5 days ago
💜Bravo JIMIN!
@user-hf7ep8ye7r 17 hours ago
His 2nd album MUSE is coming but still can't get over from this masterpiece !! We love you jimin
@jimin-5816 Year ago
너무 좋아 들을수록 노래가~~ 지민아 수고했어~ 좋은 노래, 퍼포먼스 보여줘서 너무 고마워~~~ 사랑해~~~
@YoNita-gz7hh Year ago
Keep listening ARMY... let's enjoy the song...
@Twenty24. Year ago
lets go to 35m
@wega.k8250 Year ago
Непобедимый Park Jimin
@Maryana77821 4 months ago
@user-ce2gu9nk8z 3 months ago
JIMIN браво😏🥴
@ER.j 11 months ago
If you only knew how much your album means to me. I listen to your music every day and it heals me. Thank you and I love you, Jimin
@tetekim.889 11 months ago
Que lindas palabras!!! =,). También me pasa con las canciones, la dulce voz y la vibración energética tan pura de Jimin. Ojalá sus seguidorxs sigamos apoyándolo, ya que ha quedado muy claro que "Army" da bastante preferencias en especial a JK (y también a V), muchísimo más que a Jimin. Veo con total asombro lo que ocurre... Nos ha costado más de 3 meses llegar a ésta cantidad de vistas en éste tema, de lo que "Army" (si entre Comillas, porque *Army debe ser OT7* , no sólo STANs OT1 u OT2), ya está consiguiendo sólo en 3 días! con Seven. Aclaro que sí apoyo a Jungkook y estoy muy feliz con él por su éxito, porque amo a BTS y a los, pero eso no significa que ha dejado de dolerme todo el sabotaje, el robo de vistas y ventas (denunciadas incluso hecha por las disqueras) y las INJUSTICIAS CONTRA JIMIN. Así que nosotras quienes valoramos su trabajo y a él como artista y más aún por la persona noble e mente trabajadora y resiliente que es: SIGAMOS POR ÉL, *por JIMIN!!!* 💪.
@TreeTree6501 11 months ago
Perfect album!
@ER.j 11 months ago
@@tetekim.889 Let's support Jimin, show him a lot of love!
@ER.j 11 months ago
@@TreeTree6501 yes!
@gogodidi9151 7 days ago
D-361 More than a year-old song #LikeCrazy has been loved so much in the world. Jimin has been breaking many more records with only one version of it without any big playlists' help or any support from the company. Let's keep streaming, guys!! WE LOVE YOU JIMIN WITH JIMIN TILL THE END #Jimin #지민 #ParkJimin
Who are here in 2024 miss you jimin
Gracias a todas las armys que están apoyando, a pesar de todo el sabotaje por parte de las plataformas no hay que rendirnos. Jimin se merece un buen debut y debemos hacerlo posible
@sammy366 Year ago
Siii hay que darlo todo!! sigan comprando y reproduciendo!!!!!
@paoltorc Year ago
Vamos Army, también reproduzcamos los teasers
@alyy713 Year ago
yes, we got this!!!
@michellem6826 11 months ago
75,9M! Beautiful Park Jimin, I appreciate your music so much!
vamos por esos 80 M
@AdaTomas 9 days ago
My beautiful love park jimin. Jimin missing you like crazy.
@Lilly_suga7 18 hours ago
언제나 멋진 지민님 응원합니다 빌보드 차트 1위 축하드려요 자랑스럽습니다~
Throw fast, we need to get Jimin's song to 100 million quickly, please
@Mamo0O0o Year ago
​​@@queenmimi9991 armys are focus on spotify 😂 because youtube is against Jimin, deleting "MILLIONS" of views. and until now ,they dont stop deleting...
@Naksu_XXI Year ago
이모티콘 넣지마세요
@@queenmimi9991 Let´s go Army