지민 (Jimin) 'Set Me Free Pt.2' Official MV 

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지민 (Jimin) 'Set Me Free Pt.2' Official MV
'FACE' Release
📆 3/24 1PM KST | 0AM ET
💽 Pre-order & pre-save 'FACE': ingrv.es/face
Director: Oui Kim
Producer: Yeonjin Kim, Hyunsik Bang
1st AD: Huiwon Song
2nd AD: Sunyoung Kim, Hyeri Shin
Director of Photography: Andy Iere Kim
1st AC: Heejeong Kim
2nd AC: Jimin Kim
DIT: Hyungjun An
3rd AC: Yeoeun Ahn
U-Crane arm Mini (Service Vision Korea)
Driver: Hakser Kim
Head Tech: Sangjo Lee
Crane Oper: Yongguen Hwang
Assist: Sungjun Lee
Scorpio Crane 38ft (Service Vision Korea)
Head Tech: Sangjo Lee
Crane Oper: Yongguen Hwang
Assist: Bumki Lee, Kiwon Lee
Key Grip: Kiheon Choi
Best Boy: Sungeun Kim, jiin Whang
Grip: Deaheon Choi
Drone Team: GodFinger
Drone Opreator: Minjae Lee
Gimbal Operator: Junhwan Cha
1st Assist: Youngjun Park
2nd Assist: Euntae Lee
Gaffer: Joonghyuk Jung
Crew: Hyunsuk Kim, Minhyeok Back, Hwayong Chung, Dongyun Sin, Yusung Han, Youngmin Choi
Art Director: Minkyu Jeon
Art Team Lead: Yesol Kim
Art Team: Youngmi Kim, Yoonhwan Kim
Crew: Minseok Choi, Kisoon Kwak, Yebum Bang, Junho Jeong, Jiwoong Han, Yerim Kwon, Haeyoung Kang, Junki Jeong, Sebin Lee
Colorist: Changbeen Yu
Assist: Soyeon Kim
BIGHIT MUSIC. Rights are reserved selectively in the video. Unauthorized reproduction is a violation of applicable laws. Manufactured by BIGHIT MUSIC, Seoul, Korea.
Connect with BTS:
/ bts_bighit
/ bts_twt
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#SetMeFree_Pt2 #지민 #Jimin #Jimin_FACE


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Mar 15, 2023




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Comments : 602K   
@BTSBEINGBTSYT 11 months ago
*Can't wait for the album!*
@huniehugs 11 months ago
Omg same
@vivi-er2tm 11 months ago
when does the album release?
@gio_adventurelm1578 11 months ago
@uditgupta5067 11 months ago
You are back❤❤
@cigarettesafterjk 11 months ago
@SeokjinieOwns 2 days ago
This song rents free in my head , this man knows how to capture your heart .
Absolutely i agree With you.
@flaviacosta389 2 days ago
@so_niaaa17 2 days ago
Its February 2024, lets see how many legends are listening to this masterpiece
Who is here in February 2024?outstanding performance jimin ❤❤❤❤
@deenuraja9181 6 days ago
Me just found this song i just started listening to bts last year in like oct and im still wondering y i never checked them out till now bc they all fire
@user-bk5pm8rd6v 5 days ago
Yo 🫰💜
I become an army because of this song.
@wega.k8250 4 days ago
#Jimin #Jimin !
@michellem6826 2 days ago
Lovely seeing all the wonderful comments supporting Park Jimin!
@Vihart 11 months ago
I hope they had a week to film such an energetic and intense choreography, I can never see these things without thinking how exhausting it must be to do it once, much less across a full filming day of takes, and go that hard with that much accuracy every time. Props to all the dancers. And extra props to the lead Jimin, you can't fake that combination of modern fluidity and classical technique / turn-out, I love to see it in a mainstream music video!
@BANGTAN16 11 months ago
jimin the best
@m4yh3ld 11 months ago
@san3502 11 months ago
Brilliant Comment!! 👏👍
@ronalitatomas1845 11 months ago
@4EverRenataBella1 11 months ago
Jimin слишком прекрасен для этого мира, великолепная песня!
@wega.k8250 2 days ago
Магия голоса и танца зачаровывает! Самый замечательный JIMIN Bravo!
@user-wd5dl3bg8c 2 days ago
Наш Мега талантливый король!!! Лучший из лучших!!! Совершенен во всём!!! Обладатель свободной души!!! Мы любим тебя,наш драгоценный артист!!! ❤❤❤
@wega.k8250 Day ago
Отличный фантастический яркий артист с магией голоса и исключительной теплотой! Bravo #Jimin !
@yashzzz5554 Day ago
I love how bts comes with a different concepts and jimin here rocks
@SohaBTSarmy7 7 months ago
*Lets Go For 100M Armys!*
@BishalSah-dz2es 7 months ago
Also JK seven plzzzzzz
@shaami254 7 months ago
Let's goooooooooooo
@Himariri_13 7 months ago
let’s gooo
@Dilekogzz 7 months ago
@Caro.D14 7 months ago
BTS are the one who set me free from my anxieties, depression, loneliness, sadness and struggles. Thank you Jiminie Oppa for such masterpiece. I purple you
@kpop_1dols 3 days ago
Jimin, you are the only loving, beautiful, kind-hearted person in this world. You are the most beautiful guy in the world for me. Your songs bring me inspiration and love. Your dance is amazing. I love you ❤❤❤❤
Set me free pt.2 by Jimmin is a masterpiece.
Who else is here in 2024 watching Jimin's amazing performance? I miss him😭💜🔥
@25ian 5 days ago
I miss him here too
@wega.k8250 4 days ago
#Jimin потрясающий артист !
@Min_ann224 2 days ago
don't use emoji
@user-ko9xf9zy2q 2 days ago
Смотрю и смотрю и смотрю как чудо, как подарок нам всем!!! Чимин!! Ты восторг и счастье!! Песня с большим смыслом, не то что про трах……
@vktho 2 days ago
@michellem6826 2 days ago
135,8M! Park Jimin every single day!
@awanmalik3916 11 months ago
How many international Army are here
@jan_vi0341 11 months ago
@nancyarita9704 11 months ago
Present ✋
@jinwang5536 11 months ago
@kimsama5948 11 months ago
iam so exited
@Melissa-mn9if 11 months ago
Hello from Australia
Jimin wins our hearts with his enormous talent. I love him very much!
@Agatacrs Day ago
This choreography is incredible, I never get tired of watching it
You are an epitome of PERFECTION. You are talented, handsome, unique and born to be a star. I am a new ARMY since you've captivated me with you Charm and I LOVE YOU Jimin . FOREVER. Congratulations and Please continue to make beautiful music. You inspire me and make my day a better one , always. I wish you are happy and achieve everything your heart desires. My forever Crush :)
@michellem6826 2 days ago
@kellyrv3322 3 days ago
Jimin baila tan asombroso, es espectacular
@so_niaaa17 2 days ago
Lets Go For 200M Armys!
@BANGTAN16 11 months ago
@Jungkook_97HOP 11 months ago
@vamikasmommy9487 11 months ago
Let's go
@rabiakaratas5622 11 months ago
Of courseee
@21ywc 11 months ago
@blurry1467 11 months ago
Where is set me free pt 1
tu demeures la meilleure performance même après une année
@danselet802 Day ago
Jimin é aquele membro que não é o Bias mas é o que SEMPRE me deixa mais chocada
@Happysot 4 days ago
I bet no one has done a performance like this >>>>>
Without exaggeration I could dance with this all day long. Volume is on full blast then just dancing with it. Oh heaven. I love you Jiminah, thank you for this MASTERPIECE. Already looking forward what’s the future holds for you. Keep safe, we will be here waiting for you. #Jimintilltheend
@BTS_JK01 3 days ago
Чимин просто разнёс прошлую весну 🔥.
Cada vez más cerca de los 100M, vamos, animo! Sigamos! Estamos aquí por amor a nuestro hermoso ángel JIMIN!
@berenicearmy_0628 7 months ago
Intercalemos con los demás temas de los chicos!!
@nil7833 7 months ago
sigamos con el strem
@carolinaa.a6129 7 months ago
@army-le8wf 7 months ago
Смотрю этот клип каждый день минимум 10 раз!!))))
@Gabi-em3eq 7 months ago
Ya estamos cercaaa
Canción tan más espectacular, no pienso soltarte nunca.
Tremendo MV, Jimin lo hizo espectacular!
@lovelyyskyy 14 days ago
Jimin, you are a legend that will never be repeated.
@lavvi7045 3 days ago
@wega.k8250 2 days ago
Потрясающий #Jimin настоящая ЛЕГЕНДА! Bravo
@michellem6826 26 days ago
133M! Park Jimin forever! Park Jimin worked so hard to give ARMY gifts while he is performing his duty. Supporting his work until he returns is the least I can do. He deserves everything! June 11, 2025, can’t come soon enough!
@swidaxx1231 26 days ago
June 11th 2025
@tundee_Violet 25 days ago
@ristytadong 4 days ago
@MalakMalak-yi2rq 22 days ago
Iam leaving this comment so whenever someone likes it i am reminded now great and amazing this song and jimin is
@lavvi7045 17 days ago
Come back come back
@MalakMalak-yi2rq 13 days ago
@@_to_the_moon_forth_and_back yeaaa thank uuuu
@wega.k8250 4 days ago
Талант безграничный!Bravo #Jimin !
@@wega.k8250 I don't understand
@hia1375 24 days ago
Set me free pt2 is a piece of art.
@btsjoy7 21 day ago
It truly is!! Jimin and the dancers conveyed the message of breaking free so powerfully amd beautifully!
@AnushkaNoor 19 days ago
Well said
@wega.k8250 6 days ago
#Jimin навсегда!
@MonaAhmed-yf9xz 2 days ago
정말 고급스러운 노래, 훌륭하고 형언할 수 없습니다
@hia1375 2 days ago
Jimina no matter what you always make hits with your great talent.
@uarmylovee 2 days ago
Su voz tan melódica con la coreografía tan bien hecha, el esfuerzo en conjunto fue genial
@MonaAhmed-yf9xz 2 days ago
이 곡을 들을 때의 느낌은 말로 표현할 수 없을 정도입니다
@CassidyPjm 7 months ago
Closer to 100M, let's give Jimin what he deserves for his hard work
@Suzyy2013-Bangtan 7 months ago
96M already, fighting
yehh fighting....
@Caro.D14 7 months ago
@allisonjung4148 7 months ago
Lets go fighting this song deserve it
@RuthMia-07 6 months ago
Let's go 200M Army
Y a pesar de los meses, seguimos disfrutando se está joyita #Jimin #SetMeFreePt2
@Mikasa-qq8sy 2 days ago
Todo o meu carinho para ti, JImin! Thanks!
Who's watching the masterpiece song in 2024?
@nusratjahan3461 15 days ago
@user-sm5gy1gh6n 14 days ago
@lucysm76 3 days ago
Sigamos apoyando llegemos a las 140M y mucho mas 💪
Let’s go higher!!!!!
@imemyself207 14 days ago
Park Jimin is one of the rare kpop idols who are considered as one of the best vocalists as well as one of the best dancers. He is the king of performance, his charisma is out of this world. Park Jimin is truly the " king of kpop "
@jerlynyoo6886 12 days ago
one of the best vocalist???
@ashanaabbas8674 11 days ago
@@jerlynyoo6886 yes, he is, if you don't agree, well we dont care
@j-boogy9841 10 days ago
King of pop gon always be that man MJ
@imemyself207 10 days ago
@@jerlynyoo6886 Ofcaurs yes
@michellem6826 7 months ago
91,8M! Face … 700M streams in the shortest amount of time for a K-pop soloist on Spotify! Park Jimin rocks!
@wega.k8250 7 months ago
#Jimin Angel Bravo!
@Twenty24. 7 months ago
@paulinavega.7360 7 months ago
Str34m* pls
@karyvlogs4326 7 months ago
Vamos ya casi 100 millones
지민 최고
@AzraIrfan 2 days ago
Masterpiece Can't stop myself from listening this song ......
@Anah956 2 days ago
If i always repeat watching vids, it increase views??
@sohoobi Day ago
​@@Anah956What I do is play all their songs and repeat the album again so that it counts the views
@bydbnltr Day ago
150 million go fighthing army
Amado Jimin, eres mi felicidad!
@Jayhoon.23 Day ago
@moonlightuwu3252 11 months ago
¿Quién está de acuerdo en que Jimin nunca nos defraudó con su MV???
@verocuba20june 11 months ago
@missesm3394 11 months ago
@star4bangtan 11 months ago
@gogodidi9151 11 days ago
"FACE" by Jimin charts at #9 on this week's Billboard World Albums Chart. It has spent 40 weeks on the chart, extending its record as the longest-charting album by a K-Soloist. Congratulations, Jimin!🎉
Las verdaderas Army’s apoyaremos a BTS.! Sin importar lo que otros digan.
Yes, surely BTS forever.
2024 ? Anybody watching this masterpiece?
Almost everyday!!! ☺️☺️☺️☺️
@pramuu6416 11 days ago
@imemyself207 10 days ago
Yes mr
@user-ds5eu4eq1k 8 days ago
Faz parte da minha playlist,desde que foi lançada,ouço todos os dias😍#Jimin
@wega.k8250 6 days ago
Потрясающий #ParkJimin! На все сто процентов!
@Mahiarora310 8 days ago
Congratulations JIMIN for winning a "Global Artist Award - South America & Oceania" at the 31st hanteo Music Awards! #CongratulationsJimin
@prkjmn1013 3 days ago
Give my Jimin back..
@berry1043 7 months ago
love how meaningfull everything about jimins solo debut FACE has been. it's just isn't an album, the tracks aren't just songs but his own raw self with his own stories and emotions. everytime i listen to it, it makes me feel even more proud. every decision, every effort, every single detail made it so perfect. thank you so much jimin for working so hard always. we love you, we love your music, love your performances. so incredibly proud of you
@lindsaycarpp973 7 months ago
@orla_j.m130chan.b 7 months ago
WE'LL BE WITH JIMIN TILL THE END! THANK YOU for your beautiful words ♡♡
@Twenty24. 7 months ago
@tundee_Violet 7 months ago
Well said, dear! I feel the same - so proud of him! NEVER JIM-OUT!!!
@Twenty24. 7 months ago
@seven13061 5 days ago
Feliz Aniversario de FACE es grandioso.
@inamori9867 2 days ago
ojalá volver al día en que salió esta joya
@elianesobral412 2 days ago
Ate hj me arrepio vendo essa obra de arte, parabéns a todos envolvidos e principalmente a esse artista maravilhoso, jimin.❤
@user-tv7xf7nn3d 3 days ago
2024 e o jimin continua fazendo história. LENDÁRIO!
Entre poco va a tener un año esta espectacular canción
@N.a_20. 11 months ago
Неважно сколько просмотров убирает ютуб. Мы не сдадимся и продолжим стримить сие совершенство!! SET ME FREEEE~ АРМИ ВПЕРЕЕЕД!!
@BTSPAVEDTHEWAY.875. 11 months ago
Yes army! We will support our Jimin!
@musicloverhiphop 11 months ago
Don't worry Army friend.. This shitty RU-vid always do this to BTS, but we don't need RU-vid to bag all the trophies. While RU-vid taking away all the views, our Jimin is busy collecting trophies. With or without utube, Jiminee is King, BTS are Kings the true Legends
@user-yb2nn7no5v 11 months ago
@user-fl2wz7fr2h 11 months ago
+100 !!
@IraMir-it8my 11 months ago
@HAHApunk.. 13 days ago
Jimin has such an expansive vocal range that here he genuinely sounds like different characters when he sings.
@michellem6826 12 days ago
Beautiful and talented Park Jimin!
@imemyself207 10 days ago
@wega.k8250 6 days ago
#Jimin Навсегда!
@user-ds5eu4eq1k 4 days ago
O talento do Jimim,é inquestionável,ele é brilhante em tudo o que faz.Sem palavras pra tanta perfeição👏👏🎉🎉The King K-Pop👑
베스트 퍼포머 지민
Seet me free pt2 siempre será de mis canciones favoritas. Es demaysiada perfecta en todos los sentidos...
@RubiMS1 3 days ago
Set me Free
ARMY sigamos con el stream demoles este regalo a JIMIN ustedes saben todo lo que el se esforzo en su album, el lo merece vamos ARMYS
@min_fairchild 11 months ago
@Btsfanfic231 11 months ago
@withluvgabi 11 months ago
@lynsws8816 11 months ago
@armyamu07 11 months ago
Potete dire quello che volete ma sta canzone spacca un casino e troppo bella!!!
Can't believe my support song is a year old ❤
@TunDee_Lucky 2 days ago
@jiminie0522 13 days ago
"FACE" becomes the FIRST and ONLY album by a Korean Soloist to spend 40 weeks on Billboard World Albums Chart!! Keep streaming Jimin's album including all remixes on all platforms!!
@AdaTomas Day ago
Beautiful jimin. My beautiful park jimin
@Iss_mariana 11 months ago
Hola A.R.M.Y, gracias por l@s que están apoyando a Jimin, no olviden ver Like Crazy que ya se lanzó y escuchar su album FACE
@MarianaLanne 11 months ago
Cómo no hacerlo, si este hombre es arte.
@any7153 11 months ago
Like crazy esta wow!!!! Me encanto
@sevim_li 11 months ago
Her detayı ayrı muhteşem bir kareografi
@vick26119 11 months ago
Su album es una obra de arte
@ElsaCanoalva 11 months ago
Hasta el final like crazy es una joya
@jm.minji13 6 days ago
JImin creates incredible masterpieces and is himself a masterpiece!! I am always in awe of him and his performances!!
@Jimin..95.. 7 days ago
Прошёл почти год, а я всё ещё возвращаюсь сюда ежедневно!! Чимин создал шедевр!
@wega.k8250 5 days ago
#Jimin безграничный талант!Bravo!
@user-vt2jy9up6l 5 days ago
полностью согласна, вообще весь альбом Чимина шедевр
@Jimin..95.. 5 days ago
@@user-vt2jy9up6l это факт
@user-nh6pl8xh2i 4 days ago
@Mikasa-qq8sy 2 days ago
Amo-te, Jimin!
@AdaTomas 2 days ago
My love jimin. Precious
@user-fh6td9vg3l 7 months ago
지민이가 함께 참여해서 만든 소중한 첫 앨범😊 오직 가수와 팬이 함께 1억뷰 2억뷰 쭉 쭉 갑시다. 프로모없이 우리의 힘으로 1억뷰 갑시다.😊
@dennilee2137 7 months ago
@user-fo9ng8ym2j 7 months ago
Да! Мы это сделаем! Чимин этого заслуживает!
@na.9046 7 months ago
@@dennilee2137no emoji
@na.9046 7 months ago
No emoji
@wega.k8250 7 months ago
#Jimin лучший артист во всём вне конкуренции! Bravo #Jimin
@Mikasa-qq8sy 4 days ago
Meu lindíssimo e talentoso Jimin!
@susycarreno3321 5 days ago
Excelente y Profesional ,se nota los 10 años de trayectoria !!!!
@user-bu8qb8je5v 2 days ago
832K Army let's go 136M
@michellem6826 2 days ago
Park Jimin … fighting!
This is the best solo debut ever.
the best!!!
@mariaespinola4877 11 months ago
얼마나 많은 멋진 지민이 당신은 위대한지 나는 당신을 너무 존경합니다 지민 당신은 내가 만난 최고입니다
@namjoon_i 11 months ago
park jimin
@aditisinghsengar3474 11 months ago
@Yeymy25 11 months ago
Es increíble, hermoso, que hace que lo admiremos más......
@mariaespinola4877 11 months ago
@@Yeymy25 también por su talento
@user-gt5sw7bo9v 11 months ago
Park jimin
@user-cu4ki2ku8e 5 days ago
legend song!!!! how can be so hot jiminshi???
I miss our Jimin so much💦☔️. Set me free - It’s genius 🔥
@Mikasa-qq8sy 3 days ago
Love you forever!
This piece of art deserves 200M and more! Let's go higher!
@michellem6826 12 days ago
@cutiekat86 9 days ago
@wega.k8250 8 days ago
#Jimin! Fighting!
@myahmue7545 Day ago
Bring me this area again😭
@marte8409 11 months ago
Por favor no deje de reproducir, la meta es 50 mill hasta el jueves del conteo para que tenga un buen debut en billboard 100 y 200, no sueltes el str3am, piensa en lo duro que trabajo jimin en esta canción y démosle un buen debut en la listas!!
@yoelianaarrieta1 11 months ago
Si pero es injusto lo q está asiendo RU-vid siento q de aquí a jueves llegamos a los 45 de vista más q sube cada 3 o 4 horas
@rillylipan9182 11 months ago
let's gooo
@user-df7ff3fu6x 11 months ago
Let's go army
@beatrizmorais944 11 months ago
Vamos sim continuar!
@mnhk5307 11 months ago
아미들 제발 힘내자!!!!!
@tundee_Pinky 4 days ago
Just let him flow! ♡
@jiminie_oppa 10 days ago
I can never shutup when it comes to SMFpt.2. The more i listen to it the deeper i fall in love with it😢. Jimin... you really are one of a kind
사랑해 지민