10 Things You Didn't Know About James Harden..

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These Are 10 Things You Didn't Know About James Harden

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Jun 18, 2021




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Comments 2 072
2Vulture Year ago
Who else tries to predict when rebound gonna get us emotionally grabbed then tells us to subscribe to the channel 😂
i am 17 and dangerous
Me from now
i am 17 and dangerous
I’m psi
I’m psi 5 months ago
Tarius Jacques
Tarius Jacques 5 months ago
Looney Tune HQ
Regardless of the past, he is certainly a great player and an asset to the NBA. Positivity always wins
Dane Slayer
Dane Slayer Year ago
Regardless of all the drama & stories, Harden is one of the greatest scorers of all time. I’m a huge fan of JH, my favorite current player.
Yoooo 9 months ago
Your favorite current player never show up in the big games
Plazma_Gaming 10 months ago
@Ethen Cortier ye fax though
Ethen Cortier
Ethen Cortier 10 months ago
harden had the record for most missed 3 pointers
Iqiyi 1
Iqiyi 1 10 months ago
@Lai Firu who cares what age he is
Plazma_Gaming 11 months ago
@Lai Firu mine used to be but then he left houston and im still a rocket fan
Brady Harris
Brady Harris 3 days ago
I'm just sitting here watching videos and everytime I say imma go to sleep he says another video at the end so I watch it too I'm hooked
BlackPanther Year ago
not just a life.. he changed all our lives.
i am 17 and dangerous
Vladirack Pubama
Vladirack Pubama 10 months ago
No he ain't
Datboi Zay
Datboi Zay 10 months ago
Bro what?
Neal Small
Neal Small Year ago
@Joshua Martinof He probably might be on meth 😂😂😂
EG 101
EG 101 Year ago
@Codemonkey good one
Kraqd Year ago
I really do hope Harden comes back to Houston and signs a day contract to retire as a Rocket when he hangs it up. Loved watching him play. Just wish he had the success here. But now we look to the future with KPJ and Green
Plectura Productions
This was funny and cool to learn…I hope he can keep his head up and stay grindin after this trade
Little Sparrow
This was interesting!! I have a Harden Jersey cause he is an amazing shooter. I liked him especially on the Houston team that represent my city. But knowing how he got onto the team woah!! I know he's in NY now so good for him
Junior Franklin
Bruh when harden said “ let’s go out for seafood” I died 😂😂
Shironda Johnson
Shironda Johnson 8 months ago
Same lol I peed almost
Neal Small
Neal Small Year ago
James Harden is overrated
SDN_Musti Year ago
Same bro 😂😂😂
Dominic Brogsdale
I just seen that 11:06 mark lol stick to bball buddy lol
calano reid
calano reid Year ago
Smart man...I respect every decision he makes..he's no fool..vanity fools...business is wise investment..
arthurboyJ Year ago
7:26 it never gets old
Jonas Ohlsson
Jonas Ohlsson 11 months ago
0:24 ”Leaving Harden alone and defenseless” Defining his basketball career right there.
M Scott Lawrence
M Scott Lawrence 9 months ago
Harden is great, he's playing in Philly now and is Winning a chip this season
Aj Phelps
Aj Phelps 8 months ago
@Jose Hernandez …yet they are winning
Jose Hernandez
Jose Hernandez 9 months ago
Yes his winning a chip..he average 7/23 those are chip numbers..not
Bane Year ago
I don't even watch RU-vid like that, but when I do it's coincidentally been one of your videos every time. And I love them all! I love the way you keep us interested with your word choices all throughout the video even when it's not entertaining you make it entertaining. Keep up the great work! Definitely earned my sub
kruz3rr Year ago
The Houston trade is why he averaged 37 in Houston and like 5 assists, now that he’s on a team he likes he averages like 20 and 11 assists while destroying every nba team’s defense
Janetta Wallace
Janetta Wallace 10 months ago
When u feel down something good always appear. His big heart got him something bigger. He is a great player. God bless. By the way he can wear the beard. The eyes fit the face too.
Gromin With Rob
Gromin With Rob 8 months ago
I've never liked Harden, but this video puts him in a different light. He's put in work and has come a VERY long way.
No Cap Hats
No Cap Hats Year ago
Harden: throws ball at girls face Giannis: what goes around comes around. YEET
macy🎄 Year ago
I remember playing charades and one was James Harden and someone said “a NBA play with a long beard”. I was like Jamessss Harden!!
Daniel Koschalka
Daniel Koschalka 9 months ago
@the Hempportunity Radio Show Yup, the end of the story was presumably “they were then disqualified for cheating”.
the Hempportunity Radio Show
You're not supposed to talk in the game of charades
macy🎄 Year ago
I know 24 isn’t a lot but thank you!
The Places I Go
The Places I Go 9 months ago
"This man had a hall of fame ceremony in the strip club...i mean, that's legendary" 😂😂. That was a funny line. Great video
Kal Year ago
A true Money Making Legend!
pgv2 Year ago
"From a platinum recording artist, to being in multiple professional sports." *misses the kick*
Dexter Oneal
Dexter Oneal Year ago
EJ x SB Year ago
He don't play moron, he bought the team and arena
Wolfanik Year ago
PFGuo87 Year ago
Nice finally a video about an NBA stars sponsorship besides shoes! Hoping that there will be more videos of other NBA players and their other sponsorships besides shoes!
Rico Year ago
If OKC didn't split everyone would have rings
Oliver Osburn
Oliver Osburn Year ago
“Harden only plays basketball, so he can eat more McDonald’s” Legend😎🤣
Gabrielle Wickware
Gabrielle Wickware 10 months ago
Highest playing face card, King David a leader defeating goliath... Heart check David Rakestraw was genuine
Lapdance Year ago
"PS: Keep this paper, imma be a star." The way to predict the future is to create it. 🔥
SONDER Year ago
Underrated comment
Coolnvigilant Outreach
Damn! This man loves working. I respect it
Kaide Sinichi
Kaide Sinichi Year ago
Harden deserves a ring and championship! Injuries betrayed him years by years
MenaceGod4860 Year ago
@Take a shower jeez 🧼 !!! your 9
Take a shower jeez 🧼 !!!
i agree please go watch deeznuts and ligma on insta they're dog has sugma please support their fundraiser
Cristian Tamayo
Harden lived at the club in Houston. It’s how he gained all that weight
Cee Bee
Cee Bee Year ago
Yep. I never knew Harden was all this.
Poor harden why do they have to go down like down like that
Baseball Fan
Baseball Fan Year ago
Love these vids there so good and i love to watch your basketball vid story’s
RedGuacamole Year ago
Bro how is he so smooth when he plugs the Subscribe Button😂
kittycat 8 months ago
It's so true like teach me
kittycat 8 months ago
It's so true like teach me the ways
Michelle Wright
Michelle Wright 9 months ago
He totally slipped that in like crazy creative style
buttersduckface 10 months ago
UrMom 10 months ago
I can’t stand that voice tbh I’d subscribe if he promises to stop doing it
The Assister
The Assister Year ago
The thunder with their millions of first round draft picks: I think we won the trade The rockets who don’t have any draft picks or all stars: nah
Nubbz3 Year ago
“That’s how you turn a negative, into a positive” That didn’t age well
lebron is the goat
Man I want you to post 3 or 4 times a week like just post little more videos even I know it's hard for editing but try it man Other thing that you're LEGEND OF LEGENDS
Alex2018 K
Alex2018 K Year ago
Hardens dark past: I didn’t know Hardens assault: I didn’t know Harden played for Big Macs: didn’t know Harden beard for sale: I know Harden betrayed by OKC thunder: I know Harden giving mansion to sister: I didn’t know Harden adidas deal: I know Harden candy deal: I know Harden in strip county hall of fame: I know Harden platinum recording artist: I know Harden is pro at soccer and basketball: I know
Martin Aguilar González
As rockets fan he 4 ever be my favorite player he literally bless us with all them picks and Cade so I hope he gets ring in the nets, and if there is chance he comes back old I would take him from court Cade, Kpj, jaesean Tate, Kenyon Martin jr, c wood and then picks to trade for an all star center
J Th
J Th Year ago
@Kelly Kennedy the Nets winning the chip next year
Kelly Kennedy
Kelly Kennedy Year ago
@Gabriel the menace haha yup
Gabriel the menace
@Kelly Kennedy dam this happened.
resignated Year ago
@Kelly Kennedy i wish
Kelly Kennedy
Kelly Kennedy Year ago
i don’t want to start anything i was just stating my option nothing more no hard feelings
Bundles329 7 months ago
Good for James 💪🏾
Mike zilionaire
harden singing priceless 😂💯
Jayabdi Mohamed
Jayabdi Mohamed 9 months ago
jakeyjake69 Year ago
If okc kept harden westbrook ibaka and durant they will be a superteam
LegitCool Gaming
I’m a Thunder fan And I’m Sad that we traded harden
AGTG Jeremiah
AGTG Jeremiah Year ago
Who else loves when rebound posts
Footy talk with James
One thing I didn’t know is how disappointing he can be in the play-off game
KEENAN Year ago
16 years since going to a final??!!! You cant count the sonics time on that.
Everett howton
It’s the same team Just different state lol
Carter C
Carter C Year ago
I don’t know why, I really like James Harden
Bob William
Bob William Year ago
It's always a W when Rebound posts
Leslie Nelson
Leslie Nelson 5 months ago
@Rekt-graff! What for reals yo lol nah you're obviously just joking around 🥴L😆M🤥F🤥A😆O🥴
Rekt-graff! Year ago
Pls what does w mean 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Harry Potter
Harry Potter Year ago
@Dont Mind me he does almost dued
Dont Mind me
Dont Mind me Year ago
Yh 3 weeks😭❤️❤️❤️❤️
Bob William
Bob William Year ago
@Delfiffer A how?
Nathan Cantkier
7:26 I love when he does this. Like if you think so
Dragonboy Year ago
To be honest in game 7 of the eastern semis vs the bucks was really BS. Harden is legit PUSHING off the bucks. Good thing he’s out.
Kender the extremophile
He's a great man
Peter Skordou
Peter Skordou Year ago
Thank you for letting me Learn about basketball😀
Oilers_suck Year ago
Idk why but we he said “our boy Harden ain’t no simp” I cracked up
Saish Kanakmedala
Harden wanted a bigger contract so he asked for trade or bigger contract
Michelle Wright
Michelle Wright 9 months ago
I didn't know about the OKC thing. Now I understand better why he has no problem telling teams when he wants to move 😄
Grim 11 months ago
James harden is one of my favorite players
Sherlock Year ago
0:23 so that's why he didn't play defense early in his career. 😂😂😂😂
Gabriel the menace
I called when rebound was going to tell us to subscribe. I knew it when he said “There is a reason Adidas gave Harden such an insane deal”.
K Nasheed
K Nasheed 11 months ago
"Even Harden's mom is a savage," Can you imagine that the narrator actually said that?
Momin Muzammil
Hardens a legend
Abominable. Year ago
I love James harden he's one of my favorites and it's awesome to see him play with KD and kyrie in this series
Vladirack Pubama
Vladirack Pubama 10 months ago
@Spiderplayz36 / How is he a terrible human being for liking a basketball player? Are u mad? And I don't like harden either, but calling yourself his biggest hater is pretty pathetic.
Spiderplayz36 /
@King Will your probably right. I am the biggest harden hater, and I have no shame. He ripped his jersey once. And harden has slammed the ball on himself in a fit of anger. Luka has also only been in the nba for a couple years. How many has harden been in? Enough to build a rep being known as a huge baby
King Will
King Will Year ago
@Spiderplayz36 / Luka is worse Luka rips his jersey complains about fouls in meaningless regular season games and throughs a fit every game so not the biggest baby I think your the biggest harden hater
Spiderplayz36 /
Your a disgusting human being. He's the biggest baby in the nba. He gets most of his points from the free point line
charlie sulteras
You should do top 10 weirdest plays in nba history ;)
King Storm718
King Storm718 9 months ago
Harden has a heart hope he gets a chip soon
Retro Gaming
Retro Gaming Year ago
Rebound: I bet you didn’t know that he was a platinum producer Me who heard it at the start of the video: I’m light years ahead of you*
Reynaldo Depaz
when he sing bruh i lost my soul😂
One time I was in Houston at the Astros field and harden was working out and my baseball team said what's up James harden
Neal Small
Neal Small Year ago
@Jay Mendoza I remember I saw Harden and Westbrook at the Kobe Bryant memorial and they looked sad
Jay Mendoza
Jay Mendoza Year ago
Houston cheated
Bucks Fan
Bucks Fan Year ago
What did he say
Vincent Highsmith
Oh really James is now officially in the Basketball Hall of Fame even though he's not even though he didn't retire yet
deadpoetz7 Year ago
One thing no one knows: who lives in James Hardens beard
Rasmus Svensson
@Black Kratos my guy
Takado Watie
Takado Watie Year ago
Takado Watie
Takado Watie Year ago
Takado Watie
Takado Watie Year ago
MrFloydnorton Year ago
Eunsung Kim
Eunsung Kim 9 months ago
This man makes subscribe adverts actually entertaining Not even 100 youtubers combined could do this 👌👌👌
jz Ltrz
jz Ltrz Year ago
damn most relatable player 😂
Cee Bee
Cee Bee Year ago
His weight caused his hamstring issue in playoffs in 2021.
Exu Year ago
7:26 he had me there
RX484 Year ago
One thing I don't understand: How the hell is throwing a basketball at somebody ASSAULTING them
DopeAnimeMind Year ago
Assualt with a deadly weapon if she got hurt and pressed charges
Natalie Martinez
Frrrr!! I was gonna sayy..
Unlucky 13
Unlucky 13 4 months ago
I watched this and couldn’t stop keep going rebound
Knoda Year ago
Harden is pretty much an open book at this point we know too much about him
Anthony Sporty
Haha I agree though Cosgrove is better
Sebastian Rudas
That okc team could have been something really special
ExonimousRBLX Year ago
I have one of his candy shoes in my room I’ve had it for so long lol
G0ddEity Year ago
Top 10 things you didn’t know about James Harden: Number 1: he plays defense
Photo Vision
Photo Vision Year ago
Would you shave your beard for… 1 million dollars? Harden: No Everyone else: With that be Andis or Wahls please
Zackingpre Year ago
11:00 this mans spittin facts
jason Jayson
jason Jayson Year ago
gd content dude keep it up
RaptorsWyn Year ago
everyone knows how harden got betrayed by OKC
Victoria La Tella
Victoria La Tella 7 months ago
james harden is the best i love him
Imagine how James Harden looks like without the beard 😳
Taj. Year ago
@deadpoetz7 his big ass step-back
deadpoetz7 Year ago
What would people fear??
Ivan Lacayo
Ivan Lacayo Year ago
Ivan Hernandez
Still James Harden. Without the beard,
A Random Bird Flying
James look like a rookie
Ballpark 2
Ballpark 2 Year ago
I didn’t know James Harden somehow lost to The bucks
J Th
J Th Year ago
@Bristol Clark Kyrie was injuried and harden was on one leg
saqib chauhan
saqib chauhan Year ago
Bristol Clark
Bristol Clark Year ago
Especially with Kyrie,KD,and Blake
SN1P3RKN1GHT Year ago
Bucks for the win 🥇
Kevin Sandoval
The reason why the nets lost cause harden ain’t sub the reason why the got to 7 cause he liked
Ny Kings
Ny Kings Year ago
Harden made mad bread for that nasty candy that's my dude 🤣🤣
CB Eb 6 months ago
James has many secrets. He earns a lot of money each day.
Nature King
Nature King Year ago
So we get it his mom was doing all the *defense* for him almost all his life
Poizedd 2 months ago
Harden top #5 point guard today's league.
RoboTube Year ago
Investing in football is smart af. Harden might be one of the smartest players out there. Football is enormously growing sport in USA. Its a huge potential
Jaden King
Jaden King Year ago
Bro Harden! I work at a McDonald's so I'll hook you up with that employee discount 😆😆😆
cruseship09 Year ago
You missed the fact that harden’s beard and and his top hair actually are switched
Cliff Noel
Cliff Noel Year ago
saul 102
saul 102 Year ago
wockst★r Year ago
imagine having twist for a beard though lmao
Noah_Gameer Year ago
Whata butt
Sad Patriots fan since Jan 4, 2020
Bro upload more ur content is awesome
Scoobert Year ago
Did you know he's a magician? He can disappear......... in the playoffs
Take a shower jeez 🧼 !!!
please make a video about the history of the LA Lakers
Nabi 5 months ago
Another fact about Jimbo Harden … unlike most players especially at his level he doesn’t have any tatts
BobatreeYT Year ago
When harden didn’t have his beard I didn’t even recognize him
Kiki Rolle
Kiki Rolle Year ago
Ten things we already know about James Harden!!!
Rolando Rizo
Rolando Rizo Year ago
Can you plz do one about Russell Westbrook
Neymar in Santos 🤩
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