20 CRAZIEST Moments In NBA History..

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These Are The 20 CRAZIEST Moments In NBA History..

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Sep 12, 2022




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Comments 2 109
BuTTersChUnK McDonald's
Yeah I’ll never forget that time when the court began tilting towards a 45 degree angle, Warping time and space & stuff. Legendary game.
Samuel Lucero
Samuel Lucero 10 hours ago
Shut up
Brandon Ruggles
Brandon Ruggles 2 days ago
Shaq dunked so hard it broke the court and reality itself, killing LeBron in the process. Luckily the tear in space time allowed LeBron to come back but his legacy will never be the same.
Rex Jun Rebaño
Rex Jun Rebaño 2 days ago
Fckinnn comment 😭
Josh Martinez
Josh Martinez 25 days ago
@frank sanders 5/
Ace Goodheart
Ace Goodheart 8 hours ago
I was at a Houston game when James Hardin scored 60 against the Orlando Magic. I just couldn't imagine how cool it would be to see Kobe Bryant score 81 points. That's epic.
HH9 2 months ago
Oh yeah, the time the court lifted out the ground and the players went down it like a slide. Truly remarkable
Braden The Man
Braden The Man 2 months ago
that was also my favorite. I will never forget that moment
African King
African King 2 months ago
Shy Brotha Speaks
Shy Brotha Speaks 2 months ago
Metzy 4 days ago
Haha! He will not chase you down and block you from behind 😂 then LeBron does 40 pts what he said he couldn’t then makes most clutch block called “the chase down block” 😂
TheSuperGuitarGuy 2 months ago
My favourite part was when the court tilted up at a 45 degree angle and underneath the wood was just bare rock.
Nathan 4 days ago
amazing its rock
AkAtu 18 days ago
Golden Sans 6
Golden Sans 6 22 days ago
B1G B0SSS Month ago
Fr 💀
Its Ronnoc
Its Ronnoc Day ago
Very few will remember Byron Eatons shot for OSU. Basically what Rider did but for college ball. INSANE
Matthew Redding
Matthew Redding 12 hours ago
Oh wow geez, the ball court tilted like that, wow😂
Anthony Nahanee
Anthony Nahanee 3 days ago
Did he call him Leblon? I think we know why he left. He wanted a story like Steph-on Curry.
windfall 2 months ago
Ah yes, I definitely remember when the court tilted 45 degrees. One of the moments of all time for sure. Out of all the NBA moments ever, it was one of them.
Edge Transit
Edge Transit 2 months ago
Ah yes, I remember that day when the entire court became slant from an earthquake. But how does that affect Lebrons legacy?
Elías Alx8
Elías Alx8 19 days ago
LeBron probably predicted that earthquake tho
EgorLulTop Month ago
Hugo Khian
Hugo Khian Month ago
It's a joke
john cobb
john cobb Month ago
I watch this whole video there was no video that showed a court going to 45° during a damned earthquake
Meredith Recen
Meredith Recen Month ago
FJ Alac
FJ Alac 2 months ago
Ah yes, I remember the game between the Warriors and inter-dimensional celestial aliens that came to invade earth and now the future of the world is in their hands as the universe, cosmos and multiverse would be destroyed if they lose. My favorite part was when Curry was about to shoot then the aliens pulled a telekinesis ray and got it right back towards them. And the part where the Warriors went try hard so much to the point where the ground got blown to pieces. Such an amazing game.
Reminisense 2 months ago
i'll never forget the time when Lebron threw the Blazing Fireball Meteor Shot.that was legendary
{H1gh_End} 8 days ago
@Live 4Christ why r u gay
천정 Month ago
@Live 4Christ 💀💀💀
Live 4Christ
Live 4Christ 2 months ago
Yall are buggin.. when Brittany griner dunked on Shawn Bradley and tore the entire goal down..paralyzing Marv Albert at the scorers table!?! That was classic 🤦‍♂️ Lebron is gay
Bens 2 months ago
The shot had so much force, it tilted the court 45 degrees killing all lebron haters, solidifying lebrons legacy
Willy Playz
Willy Playz 2 months ago
Yeah I’ll never forget that time when the court began tilting towards a 45 degree angle, Warping time and space & stuff. Legendary game.
Larry Nguyen
Larry Nguyen 2 months ago
Don't forget that one time Tracy McGrady scored 13 points in 33 seconds when the Rockets were down by 10 with less than a minute and came back to win.
Dinkle Magic
Dinkle Magic 2 months ago
Y’all remember when the court lifted at 45 degrees? I was freaking out and then realized the players were somehow able to continue playing, seemingly unaffected. too bad it was a blowout against the home team, it could have been wild.
Slapshot Jack
Slapshot Jack Month ago
Looks like the court tilted in their favor 😉
bobi miiu
bobi miiu 2 months ago
were fixed. The game was resumed and the Lakers ended up winning 542-68. Absolutely insane, definitely the moment in NBA history.
John Anderson
John Anderson 2 months ago
You didn't mention a large reason for Cleveland's game 5 victory was the absence of versatile Warriors starter and defensive specialist Draymond Green, who was suspended for a low blow he administered in the previous game. He played in games 6 and 7, but the Cavs had too much momentum from game 5 to overcome.
Definitely Akira
Definitely Akira 2 months ago
Desi Hale
Desi Hale 2 months ago
@lescobrandon45 😂 😂 😂 😂
lescobrandon45 2 months ago
Mr. Triple single
Arodz1056 2 months ago
I’ll never forget the 2016 NBA finals. I remember watching game 7 with my family. Honestly one of the best days in my life
Mr.walrusman Month ago
@Arodz1056 same the 2016 finals were crazy!
Arodz1056 Month ago
@Mr.walrusman my Father, despite being a warriors fan, had a great time even though his favorite team lost on Father’s Day. He enjoyed it all
Anthony Render
Anthony Render Month ago
Great Father's day
Uncle Reub
Uncle Reub 2 months ago
@LeFraud Has Choked In SIX Finals still delivered on his promise to bring the title to CLE
LeFraud Has Choked In SIX Finals
My user name.
Brian Thomason
Brian Thomason 9 days ago
This was actually a countdown list worth watching .. for real whoever created this video has got some talent.. it's not overly generic or anything and doesn't sound corny it's perfect
Chris Robinson
Chris Robinson 2 months ago
My favorite part of the video is @ 14:47 where he shows a graph giving Cleveland 4.1% chance of winning the series as he proceeds to say they have less than 4% chance to win the series LOL great editing
ThunderKat Month ago
I just made a comment with the same thing to you pointed out. Like “they were given less than a 4% chance to make a comeback!” (@ 4.1%) 🤔😕🧐😐
Vic 2 months ago
I’ll never forget the court going 45 ° angle and bron still dropping 40 points
AngryPeanut52 28 days ago
Man never skips leg day
euro-py Month ago
Yeah I’ll never forget that time when the court began tilting towards a 45 degree angle, Warping time and space & stuff. Legendary game.
Adit Bhatia
Adit Bhatia 2 months ago
It's crazy the work Rebound puts in. Its crazy he deserves the love.
EgorLulTop Month ago
idi ti nachuy
Alex Trabal
Alex Trabal Month ago
He did get the love, he got the Kevin Love.
O Wisdom
O Wisdom Month ago
Nah man
Duffal0 Month ago
That Shai devontae graham sewuence was insane. I’m happy it at least gave Shai some recognition
Kamari_Lotus 2 months ago
@uGeez PAUSE🤨
Buzzed Aldrin
Buzzed Aldrin 2 months ago
The part I couldn't believe about that basketball game is how they played the entire 3rd quarter on a 45° incline. Amazing!
Wesley Silveira
Wesley Silveira Month ago
onei jike
onei jike 2 months ago
You know it's a good day when rebound uploads
dilik mli
dilik mli 2 months ago
You know it’s a good day when rebound uploads
・your non favorite person 👍・
My favourite part was when the court tilted up at a 45 degree angle and underneath the wood was just bare rock.
Empty Space
Empty Space 2 months ago
Bro my favorite moment was definitely when the Lakers were playing the Jazz at home and Lebron was wide open at the other end of the court with 2 seconds left in the 2nd quarter but then there was an earthquake and the court started rising up on one end, creating a 45° angle. The earthquake that caused it also ruptured the water pipes so the court became slippery. Then the announcers said that the crowd is welcome onto the court to use it as a slip n slide. So the audience slip n slided on the court while the players went back to their locker rooms to discuss the game plan with the new court layout. Then another earthquake happened and the court lowered itself back down and the pipes were fixed. The game was resumed and the Lakers ended up winning 542-68. Absolutely insane, definitely the moment in NBA history.
Lila Hulsey
Lila Hulsey 13 days ago
I know! That was so crazy!!
Dale Cristian Estremos
I was there when the court just tilted at 45°. Best game ever! The team on left side never got to score again after the tilt!
Curley Sam
Curley Sam 2 months ago
Lebron James coming from a 3-1 lead was breath taking
Cincysol 2 months ago
Y'all remember when the court bent at a 45 degree angle? That was so cool. Never thought they put bedrock under the court
Lucy Reed
Lucy Reed 2 months ago
My favorite crazy moment was when the Raptors were down 103-101 in Game 3 against the Celtics during the 2019-2020 season and Kyle Lowry threw a huge pass over Tacko Fall to OG Anunoby with 0.5 seconds left and OG made the three to win the game by one point
BIG AL 23 days ago
Live 4Christ
Live 4Christ 2 months ago
It was after Brittany griner caught that lob over Giannis and broke the goal down on his neck..Remember he was out for 12 seasons after that
Buzzed Aldrin
Buzzed Aldrin 2 months ago
Was that before or after the entire court protruded 45° out of the ground?
Bluebirdfalling 2 months ago
@Dex Terrr The Heat
Bluebirdfalling 2 months ago
that was real
Richman4 2 months ago
"Their chances of making a comeback was less than 4%" *shows chart with 4.1% chance of comeback*
river Mullen
river Mullen 2 months ago
i remember watching kyrie hitting that game winning shot for the title, greatest nba moment for sure
Hashvyvy 2 months ago
The Bron Jane's was so Strong that the ground went 45 degree angle when he dunked.
Cloudy 2 months ago
2:48 had me at the first part
Matty.Hill_Drifts 2 months ago
That 65ft shot was insane, he was practically on his own free throw line
Joel Willems
Joel Willems 2 months ago
Meh, I'd seen Snake Plisken do that before. While rifles were aimed at him.
The best part was when the court tilted towards a 45° angle.
Clayton Laflamme
Clayton Laflamme 2 months ago
8:16 "you gotta stick around Leblon we got nothing else" 🤣😭😂
Ayi Donno
Ayi Donno 2 months ago
Bo3storejue 2 months ago
I love the part when the court said "it's tiltin' time" and tilted 45 degrees
tpecdolan Month ago
I don't care Bozo
ShadowLeader5 [GD]
Coalcis 2 months ago
Erix963 2 months ago
"he's not gonna chase you down from behind and block you" We all know how that turned out
Pibbles Army yt
Pibbles Army yt 2 months ago
I was so scared when the whole court tilted 45 degrees and all the players fall off now that is true fear
snowah 2 months ago
11:43 the suspicous thing was kobe bricking a free throw
MoneyMo 2 months ago
How is Malice At The Palace only mentioned? That was insane. They went into the stands and beat up rows of fans!!
Joseph Rivera
Joseph Rivera Month ago
I still can’t believe the time that the court tilted at a 45 degree angle it was insane
Text on tele gram 👉@cosmicwonder01
☝️☝️ thanks...for watching, and congratulations 🎁🎁 you have been selected among my shortlisted winner.💯
Thomas Benedict Duya
06:08 I Remember That Moment In 2019 🏀🏀🏀
Yoshiroulol 2 months ago
That time the court went up 45 degrees was crazy
trolololololololo 2 months ago
Yeah I'll never forget that time when the court started tilting 45 degrees
Papi Goldito Gaming
Papi Goldito Gaming 2 months ago
If I had a dollar every time he says “in NBA history” I love it 😂
Will Carroll
Will Carroll 2 months ago
I love how these moments arent the same old moments we always see
Shinano Month ago
Dang that Venusaur! I remember when I had one of those, when I pulled one I went crazy😂. Brings me back to my childhood.
Felx 2 months ago
I'm not surprised the game where this court slipped 45 degrees made into top 20 craziest moments
Mackle 2 months ago
Hitting a half court shot and getting hug tackled by lebron has got to be one of the best moments a person can experience
Alicia hurtado
Alicia hurtado 2 months ago
When rebound posts it makes my day so much better
Grzegorz G.
Grzegorz G. 2 months ago
I think You should include in Your list a come back Tracy McGrady made against san antonio in 2004 scoring 13 points in 35 seconds.
Alex O'Leary
Alex O'Leary 15 days ago
Remember The Finals 10978 when the court tipped and LeBron the seventh scored 700 points? Crazy game!
Alberto Vazquez
Alberto Vazquez 2 months ago
Its crazy how you know everything REBOUND. Keep up the good work!!!
Text on tele gram 👉@cosmicwonder01
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LeFraud Has Choked In SIX Finals
They missed Manu catching a bat out of the air BARE-HANDED! He had to get rabies treatments afterwards.
Robert Marsh
Robert Marsh Month ago
@LeFraud🌹 How are you doing today
Glaicel Dizon
Glaicel Dizon 12 days ago
This is the same moment of San Miguel beermen and Alaska in pba finals history. It was 3-0 in favor of Alaska but the San Miguel beermen didn't lose hope, the finals goes up to the game 7 and San Miguel beermen down by 0-3 as it happens on 3-3 and San Miguel beermen wins the championship
Jimmy And Olivia
Jimmy And Olivia 2 months ago
3:09 i could not stop laughing! Thanks for the content
Zander Norton
Zander Norton 2 months ago
Thank you so much Rebound for the great video. You always make my day.
Ivan Martinez
Ivan Martinez 2 months ago
17:56 LOL that coffin ⚰️ is amazing made me laugh so hard. 💀
Mnty 2 months ago
I like how Lebron did everything the news dude said he couldn’t
Lawrence Wesson
Lawrence Wesson 2 months ago
That wasn’t the first time a team came back from a 1-3 deficit… Golden State did it against the Thunder…
HOTWETHOLE 2 months ago
"a side line reporter...." Thats Craig Sager my man. He's a legend of a reporter on the court. Rip
Theophile Guimbelleaux
How do you forget Wilt Chamberlin's 100 points in a game BEFORE there was a 3 point line?
James Burns
James Burns 2 months ago
"God, what I would do to be that cheerleader..." I'm done ,🤣🤭🤦
Eleck Lyle
Eleck Lyle 2 months ago
“Knocked Phillies asses out of the playoffs” how could you do me like that 😂
Legobuilds!23 Month ago
Keep up the good work rebound 👍🏽👍🏽🥳🥳
Andrew Bryant
Andrew Bryant 2 months ago
Ron Artest is so legendary that the actual craziest moment in NBA history, which he caused, is just a footnote in the video
Buzzed Aldrin
Buzzed Aldrin 2 months ago
Well the joke's on him, because it was Jermain O'Neal, who tilted the court at 45°. And he wasn't even playing. He was suspended.
Ripcity00 Month ago
I cried at number two. I miss this guy so much
John E. Mancini
John E. Mancini 2 months ago
I’m so happy for the cavs Lebron kept his promise 🎉
Sovannavee Lim
Sovannavee Lim 2 months ago
Yall remember when the allstar games was cancelled in 2102 because of an natural disaster causing the court to tilt in a 45 degree angle and Lebron James almost died that day😢
Evan 2 months ago
Hey y’all remember that sick day when the whole court turned at a 40 degree angle😂😂
Text on tele gram 👉@cosmicwonder01
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Kyrie Irving
Kyrie Irving 2 months ago
You know it’s a good day when rebound uploads
Wise Mystical Tree
Wise Mystical Tree 2 months ago
Your edits are amazing my guy. Keep up with the good content
Smooth Operator
Smooth Operator 2 months ago
That Crazy behind the back shot should be top 5 and people keep forgetting it's not Kyrie's shot that won the game it's Lebron's foul shot afterwards because it closed it out even if the Warriors hit another 3 they'll still be up by 1. Had Lebron not get fouled it would give the Warriors a chance to tie the game
the guy who cares
I loved the part when the court came out the floor,very interesting
Hood Spaghetti
Hood Spaghetti 23 days ago
I love how happy Lebron was for that dude
EternalApostle Month ago
that half-court shot was the greatest moment in that dudes life. That’s awesome!
Fx McTommy
Fx McTommy Month ago
if thats the greatest moment in his life, then he has a pretty sad life
Arman Mernado
Arman Mernado 2 months ago
Man, how about Mcgrady's 13 pts in 35 seconds? That should be up there, right? 😅
K.K 2 months ago
I'll never forget when MJ had to dunk to save the earth from aliens
TI 2 months ago
3:59 yao's reaction😂😂
CRAZYASSASSIN 2 months ago
The best part is when half of the ground went up😲
Gavin DeFord
Gavin DeFord 2 months ago
I love when he says he had less than a 4% chance of winning when the graph shows 4.1
James Burns
James Burns 2 months ago
I remember when LeBron was the most hated player of the year 🤣 litterly everyone was hatin on him for wanting to play with miami 🌴🤦 they litterly wanted to kill him..
Izaya Tiji
Izaya Tiji 2 months ago
"God what ill do to be the cheerleader" 😭😭😭💀
Fear 2 months ago
How dare Cleveland treat him like that after what he did for them I'm convinced they just suck
John Anderson
John Anderson 2 months ago
This was before he won them a championship.
MegaBlaster XYZ
MegaBlaster XYZ Month ago
The craziest has to be when that court started shifting out the ground like that was amazing
Dontae Washup
Dontae Washup 2 months ago
Bro that kyrie shot turned fire and lebron strive to win gave me chills
Hayul Kim
Hayul Kim 2 months ago
very well made and all but i hope you can upload more. I miss the old rebound😞😞😞
Kid Astronaut
Kid Astronaut 2 months ago
I’m a time traveler from the future. The ground actually raised up to a 45 degree angle during a game. You guys just haven’t seen it yet.
The Flame Hashira
The Flame Hashira 2 months ago
When Lebron said: "CLEAVLEND... THIS IS FOR YOU" gave me goosebumps
Uncle Reub
Uncle Reub 2 months ago
Space jam the hedgehog Space jam the hedgehog
I was at L.A for the Lakers when they won the ring the front was crazy I could barely move almost lost myself
Alex Parra Parra
Alex Parra Parra 2 months ago
Yes, my favorite part was when the Lakers ran so much that the court got lifted up and underneath there was rock. HUGE Laker fan now. R.I.P Obama, he was a great basketball player. He did die when the court got lifted up.
Ayden Manriquez
Ayden Manriquez 2 months ago
“When the world needed him the most he vanished”
Jaden Quesada
Jaden Quesada 23 days ago
I remember the cavaliers and golden state warriors when the cavaliers came back 3 games to 1 in 2016 in the same year 2016 the Chicago cubs and Cleveland Indians faced eachother in the world series (MLB) and the cubs were down 3 games to 1 and the cubs came back so the CLEVELAND cavaliers came back 3 games to 1 and the Chicago cubs beat the CLEVELAND Indians 3 games to 1 coincidence huh just not a San Francisco team
noob 2 months ago
Loved the part where the entire tectonic plate tilted
Parker Mudsen
Parker Mudsen 2 months ago
The way he set up no. 14 I was kinda expecting something different. 😏