43 Illegal Houses In Minecraft! 

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Here are 43 ILLEGAL Minecraft Houses, I BET you didn't know were possible!
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Feb 26, 2024




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@MinecraftMallow 11 months ago
subscribe before 60k subs!
Shout out plzzzz❤❤❤❤❤❤❤🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉
@user-uk6jn1pv1j 11 months ago
me too shout out i subcribed before the 60k subs 😀
@Heckerisepic 11 months ago
@StaceyFowler5 11 months ago
Before 60 k
@todekthecat2857 11 months ago
I already subscribed (even my dog)
5:08 Personally I'm a Woodland Mansion guy myself. Just gotta remember to spawn proof it
@RaiderCat12 7 months ago
Man, it is such a pain in the butt. Once I started destroying one for fun with TNT and commands, regretted it later and started rebuilding it. Halfway through, it catches on fire, so I rebuild it. But it burns to the ground during a thunderstorm. I put a copper rod on top, but it somehow still burns twice. Eventually I just leave fire disabled and spawn proof it. Not knowing what causes the fires sucks, because I’m terrible with coordinates and can’t extinguish it with commands.
@icez2448 2 months ago
@Iron_Sights99 Month ago
@@RaiderCat12 I've noticed that lightning rods will occasionnally start fires when they get struck with some of my houses
@micahh9351 2 months ago
actually mushroom houses have been around for years. if anyone else here remembers the Winter Morgan Minecraft books, in Enderman Invasion, they build a mushroom house/ mine hybrid. they're really easy and simple to build and one of my preferred methods for a quick base.
@kedo 11 months ago
This man has an addiction to among us😂
@afishfishyfish-yw9xg 10 months ago
No joke I love it too lol
@SorrowfulDude 10 months ago
How are do you have a check mark if you haven’t reached 100k yet
@NetherBun 10 months ago
I agree.... very sus
@Suppe1112 10 months ago
@themerendinos6551 11 months ago
These houses are awesome,I'm definitely going to try them❤
@flippincraze6992 10 months ago
@Repent and believe in Jesus Christ don’t push ur beliefs on other people :)
@junkers-ju-88 9 months ago
​@Repent and believe in Jesus Christ you ok
@Arcticgreen Month ago
A tree on the edge of some dirt or grass will prevent the dirt beneath it from becoming grass. So breaking and replacing it is good camouflage for an entrance because it never looks suspicious, having dirt under a tree.
@dominusregni 9 months ago
Good info, but can we stop calling everything unconventional in Minecraft "illegal!" and "banned!"?
@SuperCybertiger 7 months ago
@barbequelettuce 7 months ago
@brianaschmidt910 7 months ago
@boibaconxd7897 7 months ago
I laikes
@xBabyxglotryx 3 months ago
@omerhakkisumer1653 11 months ago
How Ironic, I watched this video when it was made 43 minutes ago. Coincedence? I THINK NOT
@irisadventures4334 11 months ago
What the- I watched it when it came out 18 hours ago-
@firestorm_718 11 months ago
​@@irisadventures4334 I watched it when It came out 21 hours ago 🥲
@enderdragon97 11 months ago
​@@firestorm_718 same
@nadiastudiosyt8157 11 months ago
I got here 23
@HappyGlamgaming 11 months ago
There’s also 4.3k view and it’s number 43 on trending
@Watch_Dogg117 10 months ago
"For dogs, try a solid block instead!" got me rollin
@arisdelacruz1734 10 months ago
It almost got me rollin too, ALMOST.
@ckboland5459 9 months ago
@@ckboland5459 this is a so-so idea.
@marylfleisher5277 10 months ago
Can u go into depth on how to make the switch house? I really want to try it but I can't figure out the buttons
@Kny_who 9 months ago
Ah yes the mushroom house is banned and illegal and definitely hasn't been used since large mushrooms were added...
@brianaschmidt910 4 months ago
XD I made a mushroom house myself. (I deleted it when the mansion idea got too complicated)
@krisclem8290 7 months ago
Can't you use the map trick on the storage house to disguise it?
@CT-9904-Crosshair 11 months ago
I was just thinking that.
@@CT-9904-Crosshair lol
@Uzerlain 9 months ago
Iconic houses like these are not illegal guys
@marethanel 11 months ago
Awsome video! Can you please send a link to the MRINSAYNE's build he did there?
@WWECoolKidCarm 8 months ago
@MSSHDMUSIC 11 months ago
Really underated man. He does quality content and his Vids are very good
@linyunmei 9 months ago
@ItzBrissett 8 months ago
I watched it 2 months later
@Explorerx98 8 months ago
Clearly directed towards kids tho
@TimelordChronos 7 months ago
Just watch Skip the tutorial.
@linyunmei 7 months ago
@@TimelordChronos every channel have the same videos
@chaoticcow4357 10 months ago
6:03 "and it keeps you safe from all the mobs 😏 AHAHHAAGH 👹 EXCEPT PHANTOMS 😰"
@seifu8318 17 days ago
i honestly start with a red mushroom as my starter house and eventually, made it to a fully functional big mushroom house ( just add couple of red mushrooms and make sure that they will spawn with the right block height) it will take time, but it will be worth it.
@thewendybird2413 10 months ago
Thank you for the things that you showed us It helped me at Minecraft a lot
@jumijuminten2525 11 months ago
Me thinking about my cousin that destroys everything by summoning ender dragons:
@F-o-x- 2 months ago
Fun fact: In java edition, you're able to fit into one block spaces, but did you know you can do that in Bedrock? It's not the same method, but you need water, then you'll be able to swim through the one block water space to a dry space to get the same effect, yet your player is faster in bedrock.
@taylormeekins5393 24 days ago
WOW thanks for the information
@theweemp9389 11 months ago
This mans obsession for among us is starting to get unhealthy…
@KosstAmojan 7 months ago
Paranoia will do that.
@user-lz1pj5iu9l 11 months ago
Mallow literally wrote "TommyInnit likes mud " on tuff or block like that 😅
@vadnalanandu7266 10 months ago
It is mud dude
@AmaalO 9 months ago
@@vadnalanandu7266 YEP
@BigManCrimzon 13 days ago
Mallow sounds like the guy that voices the main character in some romcom manga
@a3denclaggett254 9 months ago
The fact that this is only 42 illegal houses is pretty strange
@the-fastest-fox 11 months ago
This video is Amazing!
@flighttastic9914 10 months ago
This dude is going to become the next Block Facts.
@joshman844 Month ago
Ending was great lol. Subscribed because of that bit haha
@tanmigz19 Month ago
3:11 Putting water in every leaves would help :D
@krissymarie7542 10 months ago
"for dogsm try a solid block instead!" Them's fightin' words, mister
@anney1278 11 months ago
the fact he was gonna make 43 Houses, when he made only 42.
Does it matter
@Doyouremberme 10 months ago
@@AlexisTheCutiePatootie do you matter?
@7fatcows889 10 months ago
@@Doyouremberme that was deep omg
@johngamboa8602 10 months ago
How do u do the 40 wall secret base in pocket edition/ bedrock edition
@user-wn6vt4sl5u 9 months ago
"this is how to build a secret base' also *Minecraft name tags:* ,,im going to end this mans whole carrier"
@memepin 11 months ago
I figured out no.10 before this vid was uploaded, BUT I made that into a 1 block base!
@qhcyptx 10 months ago
How do you get under the trapdoor on switch bc when I crouch it doesn't work
@kingmasterlord 11 months ago
amethyst is awesome wtf? best carpet block in the game. why walk on anything else but tuff?
@romjhh2370 11 months ago
The herobrine joke got me
@PoisonedMonkey 10 months ago
Tried to do number 6 and can't get it to work. It looks to be exactly as in the video, anything to look out for with that one?
@npaulfun7196 3 months ago
@valenciageode25 4 months ago
I actually have a world where I’ve made a home in a desert temple. It’s next to a village so it’s a great place. I also have a world where I’m moving in to a woodland mansion. It’s perfect, once you evict/execute the previous tenants. A huge house I didn’t have to build. When I was younger, I loved to move in with villagers. Chill roommates.
@user-ir7ib9qu9s 4 months ago
My favourite house is nothing but silhouetted , so I make gigantic mast in front of Rim of wall corner, recently I made a red square upon the rod sunk with brine , aroma of laker is given
@A8E0 4 months ago
@denimartines 10 months ago
This houses are REALLY fun!
@worthit826 8 months ago
1:40 i legit cant be the only one who did this unironically sometimes
Him: 43 illegal houses to built in minecraft Also him: *build all 43 illegal houses*
@hwm121 10 months ago
2:14 how do you make invis item frames?
@dinohugsscake 9 months ago
You need to create a map of a block on the wall which will probably take forever😂lol and then place the item from and place a map in it
@darkkinkitty 6 months ago
Maps instantly replace item frames completely.
@hadesmyg1114 11 months ago
I’ve always made mushrooms homes on MC 😂
@user-dp4fm6eu6c 11 months ago
Same lol
@spacecat3198 10 months ago
Me tooooo
@ReleasedHollow 6 days ago
We all just want to be little smurfs.
@hadesmyg1114 6 days ago
@@ReleasedHollow right 🥹 loll
@Lorronzo 10 months ago
Can't stop watching these videos 😂
Can you do a video toturial about amethyst house?
@warrior5789 8 months ago
Damn, you're freaking genius
@ZodiacGMD 11 months ago
nice video, i love it, and i subbed!
@kishanlee6206 11 months ago
@ZodiacGMD 11 months ago
@@nickh6216 ???
@ZodiacGMD 11 months ago
@@nickh6216 wtf
@ZodiacGMD 11 months ago
@@nickh6216 bruh what claw
@finsavz7020 11 months ago
Look in this dessert? See anything? Me: a secret base 0:25
@faridsmet Month ago
you can just drop shulkers in the void and they kinda just float at the same place some where 🤔
@gamerdragon8605 10 months ago
Cool, the pressura plate behind the picture is a great idea
@christyelliott8482 10 months ago
How many days does it take to make a giant block??
@TsukiGacha666 10 months ago
I love his obsession with among us
3:36 perfect advice
@NicoleHarris-kv3yv 8 months ago
I love watching these videos they egg keep me entertained and into the show. Best channel out right now.hands down
@fluid1126 8 months ago
Bro didn't just say that this is the best channel out of 60 million channels out there, including mrbeast's.
@Fiddledeedoo 8 months ago
@@fluid1126mr beast? Lmao yeah no
@phantomxro9249 9 months ago
This guys voice is the voice I want narrating my dreams
@gojaxsonytgaming 9 months ago
I would build them only if I have any friends to hide my secret base from
@axobuild1971 11 months ago
Very cool my friend!
@user-jq6ol8th2v 10 months ago
bro what about using a MOB to make a hidden entrance and you would say "Just ride on the mob and the secret entrance will be open!"
@naziaali17 8 months ago
Thanks, I'll build them now
@Moki_Mocha 11 months ago
I love his humor on here.
@D3ep3st_YT 11 months ago
@hakeemlawal3751 11 months ago
Very funny
@TimelordChronos 7 months ago
He's been on RU-vid longer than you think.
@Moki_Mocha 7 months ago
@@TimelordChronos um cool??? I don’t necessarily think, “Oh, I think he’s been here for one hundred years!” I never even guessed or thought about how long he’s been here. So no, he’s not been here longer than what I thought. I never thought. 🙂 This also doesn’t pertain to anything about my comment. Your reply should be for those who think they know how long he’s been here, someone who thinks they’re funny. 😐 Have a good day…
@TimelordChronos 7 months ago
@@Moki_Mocha I'm just saying, watch the smashbits smash brothers series.
@name-hm9vx 9 months ago
I ALWAYS go to lush caves and amethyst geodes.
@Funfactory-gaming 6 months ago
8:10 tommyinit likes mud got me rolling on the floor😂
@janakracmarova7843 9 months ago
Mushroom houses were my childhood in Minecraft 😂
@nailfile 7 months ago
Sounds like he would be a good frisk. Am i right lads or am i right lads?
@enderknightsword 5 months ago
7:40 I'm sorry but I don't think that's how tree saplings works unless it was a jungle 2x2 sapling
@Zergeras 11 months ago
3:35 My dog died😥
@emers8794 9 months ago
Yea use a glass block for a wolf instead too XD the wolf will suffocate and die
@aprilbrandon3441 8 months ago
The item frame is hard because it’s hard to match it exactly
@RaiderCat12 7 months ago
Doing the block’s texture is also extremely lengthy, even if you know how to match it.
@aprilbrandon3441 7 months ago
@ra-1697 11 months ago
How do you do that?🤔🤔🤔
@user-kl5gx5bs9h 8 months ago
Dude u can waterlog chests and beds in bedrock so some will not work and u can’t crouch with a trapdoor
@PhonechayBaker 11 months ago
Do you play java or bedrock?
@anguschen2855 11 months ago
7:41 skipthetutorial
Theese bases are really secret... But i can find all of theese bases, WITH THE POWER OF LITEMATICA! (But some servers dont allow litematica)
@brodypleasant9521 9 months ago
i don’t get the one way glass and stuff. what do you put in a item frame
@ulakwiecien4395 10 months ago
I watched this over 3 times!!😂😀😀😀
@NuclearVoid2749 11 months ago
Hey mallow, how do i make custom wallpaper?
@theghostybee 11 months ago
It takes a lot of time, but you take a wide area and place multiple blocks (Whatever you want) all over the area, then stand in the middle, take an empty map and use it.
@Coolestgamer20 11 months ago
Keep making vids okay and keep growing
@seanhelmi3928 11 months ago
Are you ridiculous? He will grow his age.
@Coolestgamer20 11 months ago
@@seanhelmi3928 I mean his channel
@seanhelmi3928 11 months ago
@@Coolestgamer20Ok, but are you a good gamer for real? or is that just a showoff? Please be honest.
@AmaalO 9 months ago
@@seanhelmi3928 shut up
@azuincapable 16 days ago
mallow sounds like he’d be in a dubbed ( I think that’s the right word ) anime
@Eli-wu5jm 17 days ago
You gave me a small heart attack with that door-banging audio in the last one.
@julioortiz8186 8 months ago
When I placed the shocker boxes in the void, they just swing around So yeah
@BeffaK 10 months ago
How do u get the invisible item frame?
@BeffaK 10 months ago
@ooHECT0Roo 8 months ago
its been 2 months and i still dont know😔
@alexhalili6806 10 months ago
@AmaalO 9 months ago
@AmaalO 9 months ago
@darwish122 11 months ago
Amogus 0:57
@kristoffgaming5836 11 months ago
I dont think the 1st one is good bcs players could find it on accident and raid/greif it and also 13th bcs they would just break the paintings
@SamankwanYodkaew 6 months ago
1:38 a true zee bawx moment
@user-dp4fm6eu6c 11 months ago
I love these videos I watch them with my kids and friends Carry on making the amazing content!
@danielleowens7162 2 months ago
0:20 bro knows dang well we see that “cactus”
@Bladetheblackdragon 11 months ago
They are legal copy of them we could get banned at Minecraft
@as51400 11 months ago
Had a stroke reading this
@JeffersonTheGenius 11 months ago
@elmerfajardo-kz8wx 6 months ago
You can use the infinite room for making the backrooms
@Yara-cm8mh 10 months ago
This is like skip the tutorials videos except the stuff is actually cool and useful
@saadsiddiqui2533 9 months ago
I have tried the powder snow secret base but now i can't find it😅😅
@MrClipsOffical6000 3 months ago
On 28 he could’ve just used a silk touch picaxe
@xanthimkie9395 10 months ago
Ancient city on the far bottom right 5:22
I LOVE your humor and you build good!
@Aisers 3 months ago
Wow, I think we never expected this to be mcyum
Fun fact if you have a mushroom plant try to grow it with some bone meal and you get a mushroom house and if you want to you can add a second floor by just getting a grass block or dirt block and just getting another mushroom and then you go over more bone meal or you can just make a boring old house who cares about them some mushroom houses do just the thing and fun fact people really don't do the mushroom houses it's not really that common and it's not banned it's actually starting to get very common now and then and I also want to tell you guys that nobody should start doing normal houses ever again because those are like take like a thousand years probably if you want to make three floors three floors 3/4 is the hardest thing to do in the house that might take you out here where are you going to die when it comes to a year and a half joke what is a rabbit with no head a a rabbit with no head if it has no head it won't be able to see it's a rabbit's head
@Wombatgamer11 8 months ago
With the shulker box one I found it out accidentally
I wouldn't call them illegal i would call them clever builds
@ultra-rex7648 10 months ago
Maybe im just high, but this guy sounds like the kid from undertale in that one animated youtube series about Undertale that I watched like 5 times in a row at one point. Just thought I should mention. Nice video though.
@forsythshelby 11 months ago
but are leaves the fastest to get in game because you have to get iron to make shears also you need coblstone to make a furnace to smelt the iron
@vinwaffle7077 16 days ago
I know I've heard this guy's voice somewhere outside of his channel before... I just can't put my finger on it