614 - 11+ LIVE Shiny Pokemon in the Safari Zone/Great Marsh! Safari Week 2022 compilation

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Jun 30, 2022




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TheSupremeRk9s Month ago
‪Dude Cal Zone is back??? We eating good tonight!! ‬
-FutureTaken- Month ago
@expo I dunno, but if it was known for calzones, would it be the Calzone Cal Zone Zone Zone?
expo Month ago
​@-FutureTaken- if you had multiple cal zone zones in one spot, would it be the cal zone zone zone?
-FutureTaken- Month ago
If you had multiple people named Cal Zone in one place, would it be the Cal Zone Zone?
LeafyBanette Month ago
Cal is in the zone
TheSupremeRk9s Month ago
15:50 loved seeing another perspective of my parasect fleeing, really caught it at all angles
Broseidon Month ago
Hey, all I’m saying is: No one’s ever seen Cal Zone and Batman in the same room before 🧐 Congrats on all the Safari Week Shinies Matt!
I think you might be onto something!
trainerNils Month ago
Love to have Cal Zone back, he always chooses his words wisely. Great video as expected from Mr.Blogs. Congratz on all the finds Matt! My favourite has to be the non sparkly 1.0 shin though.
BlueVacktor Month ago
Amazing finds Matt! And best of luck to you Cal Zone! Matt is a monster who MUST be stopped!!!!!!!!!!111!11!
Bayporeon Month ago
Finally got around to watching this, what a bountiful week!! All those male Nido lines were just waiting for this week to finally greet you
Yes!!! I asked for them and certainly received. Now I just need to catch one more to complete the line
Isaac Juntunen
Isaac Juntunen Month ago
My trainer ID in my Yellow copy on my 3DS is string of zeroes ending in a 1, I will never be resetting that, haha. Gen 1 shiny legend hunts are definitely part of my docket.
Love that!!! Nothing like a cool ID
ThatOnePep 2.0
ThatOnePep 2.0 Month ago
Any day Absol posts is great. Thank you for being a big reason as to why I’m getting into shiny hunting!
lepyti Month ago
This was my first safari week ever. I got a shiny wooper and a quagsire in bdsp. It was so fun to hunt and watch your streams. Keep up the good work.
PortRaptor20 Month ago
Glad to see Mr Zone is still kicking around. Congrats on all the shinies Matt! That second blue boy got my heart going a little bit lmao.
Jack5326 Month ago
Congrats Matt! Your commentary was absolutely hilarious 😂 “I need to take a photo of this guy… of this woman” 💀
Inky Month ago
I love how you said "beware the forest's mushrooms" and then that song started playing for the next shiny! Always love the editing on these videos :)
PokeToT Month ago
that pic at the beginning of absolblogspokemon was definitely a kingdom hearts character! also i think you caught that nidorino because you were wearing a bucees hat! the power of the gas station beaver is powerful! congrats on the cool finds, LOVE that bibarel not sparkling LOL
Sleepy Taylor
Sleepy Taylor Month ago
V1.0 of BDSP reminds me of gen 1, you never know what bug you'll experience when playing haha. I hope you can recreate that next year if you are still on 1.0 on one then.
zZigzag Month ago
i’m glad everyone had a good safari week! can’t wait for next year :)
Polgara Month ago
Cal Zone returns!! Safari weeks villain we never knew we needed. Congrats on the shinies!
TheNovaLeague Month ago
My favorite holiday: Safari Week. Banger video as usual, absolutely love shroomish, what a good little guy. Very polite to show up one encounter in. Shroomish was the only thing making me consider doing BDSP Marsh... kinda regret not doing it now, it looks so nice!
Shawver No. 1
Shawver No. 1 Month ago
I don’t own bdsp, but now I kinda wanna get it solely to get a shiny shoomish. Breloom is my favorite pokemon and I already have a shiny but I don’t have a shiny shroomish
King Note
King Note Month ago
Duuuude!! I would've lost my mind getting a shiny shroomish first encounter of the day! I really gotta do safari week next year, my life has been kinda busy lately so I didn't get a chance this year, but I really want to hunt in BDSP in the great marsh mostly for shroomish. Big congrats on the super awesome safari finds!
Michael Newsome
Michael Newsome Month ago
Matt! I have been watching your videos for about 7 years now. Every so often, I will be having a rough week, and I will watch some of your videos. Your wonderful content has been the reason I get back into Pokèmon SO many times. You are someone that I watch to remember my childhood, and remember when the only thing that mattered to me was Pokémon. Thank you for being a light in my life and all of your subscriber’s lives for all these years. Thank you for never being afraid to show your true self online. I am truly inspired by your kind tone and clean content. You are a wonderful entertainer and a fantastic Pokèmon trainer! Never stop shiny hunting, my friend.
milkbox Month ago
didn't find anything this time around and couldn't do as many encounters as i wanted to, but i still had fun! first time double hunting too :) congrats on the random gloom, i know you've been absolutely dying to get your hands on one of those.
Noah Month ago
This week is always so hype even though i don't shiny hunt, great video man
Classix Month ago
I found 3 shinies in the Johto safari zone this time. All of which fled. :)
ShinyCollector Month ago
Congrats on all the finds & wins this year! That sparkle glitch on Bibarel was so cool to see!
Thanks LJ!! Never thought a Bibarel could be the highlight of my week, but it definitely was!
Kwikpanik Month ago
The redemption arcs in this research video were fantastic! Congrats on the neat discoveries!
ArcaneArts Month ago
Safari Week's always a blast! Congrats on your Shinies!
bruce lau
bruce lau Month ago
Damn Matt !!!!!! Congratulations on them safari zone shinies dude Those were amazing and Omg CAL ZONE IS BACK 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
Logan Lathrop
Logan Lathrop Month ago
Funnily enough, I also found a random shiny gloom in that spot too, though it was in ORAS and not RS
Angel-Baby Month ago
Man I have watched this video 6 different times. I love this video Matt. Keep up the good work
Stephanie Chan
Stephanie Chan Month ago
Love how much fun you have making this video!
AuraEspeonYt 24 days ago
Safari week seems like it's a lot of fun! :o, I've always wanted to try it, lol.
dorothyofDA Month ago
Not a safari zone, but your videos brought me the luck to get a shiny Ribombee in a den! My first den shiny!
CarrotSword Gaming
I would pay to see Cal Zone do a shiny race with Absol. (It'd be #1 in Top 10 Anime Battles of All Time)
Existing Man
Existing Man Month ago
Dallas legit took everyone's shiny luck. My luckiest phase in June is ongoing and nearing triple odds. More quadruple odds last month than I've ever had. Good luck for July, we're gonna need it.
Leto85 Month ago
You are so lucky with encountering so many shinies. Well done man.
pnutterbutter69 Month ago
At the time of me posting this comment it is the 15 year anniversary of you getting Oyeah the first shiny you got in a 4th gen game!🎊
gotta celebrate!
stevic 1
stevic 1 Month ago
great luck man!I haven't found anything this week (it was also my first safari week ever) hopefully I'll get something next year :)
Tordsworld Month ago
Matt you make so great content i wish you could get muuuuuuuuuch more Subscribers Im always exited when a video drops
Matthew Wolfe
Matthew Wolfe 25 days ago
I really enjoy these. I don't think I could do the huntings in Safari Zone knowing they might flee so quickly! I hate to be that guy, but what is the setup for the multi Switches controlled by one on the screen?
SoJuicee Month ago
Best week of the year, also what the heck was Dallas's luck this year
The Sludge King
The Sludge King Month ago
I think Cal Zone might be receiving donations from Big Chip companies to keep the zone open.
Silvex the Hedgehog
Silvex the Hedgehog
You’ve gotta be kidding me…😔 Thank you for taking the time to tell me. I’m not trying to sound rude, please don’t think that!
might be a counterfeit Ruby version unfortunately... I think only authentic copies successfully connect
Bear Month ago
Absol Uploaded it’s going to be a great day! Haven’t watched the whole video yet but I can tell it’s going to be awesome!!
On The Hunt
On The Hunt Month ago
Great job Absol, I didn’t get anything safari shinies this year
Theniceapple Sans Unterdale
Are you sure that ISHC isn't short for the International Shiny Hoothoot Cup? Congrats on all of the shinies!
Theniceapple Sans Unterdale
It could also be International Safari Hoothoot Cup
it is now!
Ercan Isik
Ercan Isik Month ago
As always, really cool video, thank you :)
Domonic Ramey
Domonic Ramey Month ago
Gratz on all the shinies dude!
Shawver No. 1
Shawver No. 1 Month ago
I don’t have any games with standard safari zones so I just tried to hunt for a sneasel in X and Y friend safari. I phased on shiny spheal 3 times 😭
Scott Cameron
Scott Cameron Month ago
Your PoGo shiny Meltan luck was UNREAL I got 0 after 7 boxes.
Fluffy Gamer
Fluffy Gamer Month ago
Yooooo! Wish I could have done safari week, but I’ve been busy all week!
Fire Cat Swag
Fire Cat Swag Month ago
I only got 1 shiny from safari week but I started on the 2nd to last day and got a shiny starly after only 208 encounters so I'm not complaining
marlon knockaert
Fun fact that 'face encounter' means the pokemon you encounter has 3 perfect IV's
Question master
Question master Month ago
I have not found a shiny since 2019, with me doing like a hundred runs of dynamax adventures with shines charms and putting hours in let’s go with a catch combo of 32
David Patrick
David Patrick Month ago
Another great video! Very fun to watch. I was curious which you decided to evolve your Gloom into? Or did you not evolve it? I've recently ran into a shiny Gloom myself and I'm trying to decide which to evolve it to. I'd appreciate your input!
David Patrick
David Patrick Month ago
Cool. I think I'll go with Vileplume as well. Better special attack and it's just a larger model pokemon.
I think this one will be a Vileplume!
G Month ago
Been over a week, but I finally got me a calzone
Aeolus Month ago
Boy, hearing that MMBN music when ports were just confirmed for Switch put such a smile on my face.
Fer💀 9 days ago
When is the next saffari week? I wanna try my luck lol
Hexed Up on Caffine
Fun Fact: Shiny Pokemon have unique Portraits compare to their normal counterparts.
Galaxy Cat
Galaxy Cat Month ago
I still can’t believe I got that shiny squirtle at that time tho
♤Gengar♤ Month ago
A̶l̶o̶m̶o̶m̶o̶l̶a̶ Paras is caring and sweet
MidNiteJoe Month ago
Gratz on all the Safari catches
RocketJo86 Month ago
I recently finished my own stupid shiny quest. Well, not totally. I used shiny Ditto to breed the Johto part of the national dex in Crystal, than moved on to catch an Unown I, before resetting for the gift Shuckle and Lugia (I got Ho-Oh in HG). While playing through the game to get to Lugia I found a full odds Electrode in the Rocket HQ, too ,😁 I'm still on Lugia and im adamant to get it before Wednesday. Let's see if I can get some of your luck ^^
Maxszwell Month ago
congrats on the sixtyple rhycorn finally
BattleGh0stz Month ago
Been waiting a while but LUCKY cal zone is back
Angel Garza
Angel Garza Month ago
Quieres ? Congrats for all the shinies !!
I am Brycey
I am Brycey Month ago
Congrats on the Gloom
Taylen Cooper
Taylen Cooper Month ago
I hear if you eat those mushrooms you’ll have a wild ride.
Poké Lynke
Poké Lynke Month ago
You have 6 SP's? I feel jelly.
Iplayforthefun Month ago
Very dope video shiny man 👍🏼
I found 2 shiny in real life in the form of a mallard Duck🦆 with a red head instead of green and a brown and white pigeon
Ceep Month ago
Well done Mr. Blogs
Bartosz Krzowski
Good to see the recap as I was watching the stream for mayby like 2 min. Europe time zones 💀
teh_Gazzy Month ago
It would have just been salt in the wound if you had caught your shiny at the same time Dallas failed his....
SoapStar Month ago
First time since subscribing I've been able to catch a safari week video when it came out
SoapStar Month ago
@Kris I'm glad I finally got to see him get that shiny Nidorino
Kris Month ago
cuddly crib
cuddly crib Month ago
late to this vid but where do you get you gboys i really want one after all the safari weeks
Looool Month ago
The yo kai watch music suddenly playing in the background at 18:16 caught me sooo off guard… i love the games so much😂
Sykonotix Month ago
Absol looking like Sora from KH Cal Zone giving us the real deets
Shiny Psyduck
Shiny Psyduck Month ago
I got no shinies in 8000 encounters. I couldnt upload for a week! It was still fun though.
André Calderón
18:14 *sonido de acercar la mano rapidamente Quieres?
Sam Sulser
Sam Sulser Month ago
IM trying to shiny hunt caterpy in let's go what is the best cache combo i already have 46
Shiny Zoroark
Shiny Zoroark Month ago
Great to see you again
Aven GachaGames
Aven GachaGames Month ago
Let's go!!! New video hype
Silversayin6 Ree
I got a shiny totodile from sr in SoulSilver only took like 10 hrs
alolan sableye
alolan sableye 28 days ago
What you need to realize about sexual dimorphic species like Nidorino is that they are competing for a limited number of mates. Their bright coloring, both the normal pink and shiny blue, is for attracting said mates. By changing the environment lighting you diminished their chances to attract a mate and they simply left to find a place they stand out better. They developed their venomous spikes specifically to discourage flying Pokemon from picking them up while they do this, so it's perfectly safe for them to be out in the open like that.
Baja Month ago
Thanks Cal Zone!
Gabe Waller
Gabe Waller Month ago
Thinkin heatran was in mt coronet in pearl on my ds i found a orange scarf chiling and i almost ran because it almost didnt notice the orange scarf
Astro Month ago
Sadly I was late to the event but next year I will be playing on my Gameboy advance sp
Shiny Hunter Nono
I double hunted the hole time in Diamond and Pearl nothing : (
some random guy
some random guy Month ago
18:55 loved how you used yokai watch music
Amazing video Matt
Arcibaldo II Sbroffolo
You found 2 shinies in my birthday 😀
Kapi Kapisun
Kapi Kapisun 25 days ago
do you have the shiny charms on your bdsp? or does it not matter?
Kapi Kapisun
Kapi Kapisun 25 days ago
@AbsolBlogsPokemon ok and is safari week a set week or can it be any week?
AbsolBlogsPokemon 25 days ago
nope, it doesn't matter either way though because the charm only affects egg hunts in BD/SP
DriftingQuill Month ago
Hey matt! I'm DriftingQuill, and the vods I need for tracking expired on twitch. I've msgd you on twitter as well ^^ any way I could get the vods?
DriftingQuill Month ago
@AbsolBlogsPokemon I'm not sure of the exact vod, but I've got up to trade 862
Where did you last leave off?
Meezy Month ago
I have a video on my channel of me failing a shiny quagsire. I just wanted a yanma :(
gamer Month ago
Yoooo Absol with the sora clown shoes
Sunshine Choppa ♪
Bro somehow I forgot about safari week💀
Minished Month ago
Is there any other community events like this?
Minished Month ago
@Kurenai Shu {{ Requiem Blader }} thank you
Kurenai Shu {{ Requiem Blader }}
Roamer week. Uncatchable week Rumble weekend
WooptyFricken Doo
18:36 that yokai watch music be hitting different
GerHerber Month ago
ohh sextiple, sixtuple rhycor- rhyhorn finally
is he named clayton after claymates? :)