7 Days Stranded On An Island 

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I can’t believe we actually did this
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Mar 29, 2024




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Comments : 137K   
@MrBeast 19 days ago
I tried to really slow this video down, let me know if you liked it :)
@Waok_9.9 19 days ago
its so preppy in here
@Papishrek69 19 days ago
@CharlyYT789 19 days ago
@bays95 19 days ago
@zenferns 19 days ago
@ayra3002 19 days ago
Why's nobody talking about how caring and accommodative Shawn was.
@Tommy_plays_games 18 days ago
@GosTicksYT 18 days ago
Это точно
@oscar4236gaming 18 days ago
@Kagero_kon 18 days ago
Free ps
Also keep Shawn in the team he’s awesome! So charismatic and fun😄
@user-zi2bi1ju7d 11 hours ago
Traz o Mac
When Mr. Beast said “Hey! Stop!” To the chickens, all i could think of is him saying next “Do you want so money?”
@xdithamex7960 19 days ago
please keep Mack on the team, he's incredibly charismatic and cool
@ashtoncdr 19 days ago
Agreed, his personality fits well
@IMv7PLx 19 days ago
@3gou 19 days ago
He should join yeah lol
@user-uc2uh2hb2x 19 days ago
@Hashiruuuuuuu 15 days ago
Being completely serious, 7 days in space would be entertaining
@cyn_ami 15 days ago
@Yoshi.FromMars 15 days ago
it would... but rn it's very hard to do
@defaulton 15 days ago
"Welcome back, today we are Spending 7 days on the international space station!"
@user-sw2mv4vh8r 15 days ago
same @@andrewolsen7617
Los Que No Se Pierden Ningún Video De Mrbeast Saludo Desde Argentina 🇦🇷
Pensé que era el único que hablaba español 🗿
Y yo🇦🇷
@elp4che-lq2il 11 hours ago
Presente 🇦🇷🇦🇷
@@bernardomachuca2365 igual
@@bernardomachuca2365 yo lo uso para estudiar ingles
@user-om7xr2kg5t 23 hours ago
It's interesting to have several survivors on the island for 7 days. I'm going to have a chance to participate. 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉
@HITECHMallu 19 days ago
MR beast on 2078 "Surviving 7 days on a inhabitable Planet"
@Tiger10002 19 days ago
😮😮My parents said if I hit 20k they'd buy me a professional camera begging you guys literally begging ..
@SolariumV 19 days ago
@GoatVader7 19 days ago
@theonlyosc5951 19 days ago
Here before this gets famous
Hello 😊
@NaesNavillus 23 hours ago
Mack and Shawn are a perfect fit.
@boyankarshakov2576 17 hours ago
Thanks MrBeast for making sure that Feastables makes it to all parts of the world! They are in Bulgaria as well, and I am really grateful for your efforts. Also great vid as always ❤
@kaushalkumar5953 18 days ago
I'm so glad Mack was able to join them . His personality matches them perfectly! Please keep Mack on the team .
@D1reL0ck 18 days ago
Support a doxer and bully? Ok
@tylerevans4488 18 days ago
@adamsd5301 18 days ago
@@D1reL0ck what did he do
What? ​@@D1reL0ck
@RyanMercer 19 days ago
In for "stranded in Antarctica for 7 days"
they did that already tho
@Handasik-1 19 days ago
Ага, я русский задавайте вопросы
@RyanMercer 19 days ago
@@elmarzouguiahmed2631 well crap. *stands in corner*
@LBoy97 19 days ago
Super 🎉☄️⭐💯😎
@Handasik-1 19 days ago
@@RileyAndDJMarioBrosAndJohnny ?
@RahimShim 11 hours ago
@HeisenbergFam 18 days ago
Shawn is underrated for his kindness, give the man some credit
@drei3198 18 days ago
@LBoy97 18 days ago
@Lasolucion369 18 days ago
@Lasolucion369 18 days ago
@LChemistt 18 days ago
@hongxen1478 20 hours ago
Thank you so much Mr beast ❤ Love from 🇳🇵Nepal ❤
Very Interesting! I love the energy they put into anything they do.
@Nfsu2fans 19 days ago
Please keep Mack on the team, he's incredibly charismatic and cool! Mack deserves it!
@user-vg2ic7rp2v 19 days ago
yea bro
@lupa427 19 days ago
Yes please!
@sjwright3533 19 days ago
i know the perfect guy he can replace LOL
@grass729 19 days ago
perhaps he could replace another 'guy'?
@ajyt2165 19 days ago
I agree we need mack back
@Sponger104 18 days ago
shawn deserves more gratitude for his compassion and sharing nature
Ok 👍
@Poyraz1283 18 days ago
@user-ss5fe1nj7p 18 days ago
Yeah, Shawn deserves more credit!
@neelamyasam5818 18 days ago
@LBoy97 18 days ago
Cool job ✌🏾👍🏾😎☄️⭐
Let's keep pushing mates 🎉, Mr Beast channel is the inspiration ❤
this was a great video idea! keep up the grat work
being mr beasts cameraman gotta be an extreme sport
@pe1ce_TOP 17 days ago
More money than 7-9 jobs
@LBoy97 17 days ago
Cool job ✌🏾 👍🏾☄️😎⭐
@HughWoo 17 days ago
@@pe1ce_TOPwho do you know that works 7-9?!?!
@notjun7203 17 days ago
@@pe1ce_TOPthey probably dont get paid that much in reality
@MissMalikaA 16 days ago
For sure
@SigmaEVAN12388 18 days ago
Please keep Mack on the team, his personality match perfectly with all of you, this would be perfect to see!
@epiq9859 18 days ago
Unoriginal asf
I got banned
Wait I didnt
@biggyhead 18 days ago
@ESEERWIN 16 hours ago
Nice . I love this island video . Keep it up.. ❤😊
Every time i build with lego, i watch your videos they keep me entertained
@patrickpotts4598 14 days ago
Mack should be a permanent member. He helps make the content way better
@RtgRfx 14 days ago
@jupiterely 14 days ago
@TheSexiestGoblin 14 days ago
@kedskies 13 days ago
​@@jupiterely why no,You better?
@rajeshshree1753 18 days ago
We can say that mack is perfectly fit to this team, natural chemistry
@DIOSINS 18 days ago
@user-hq9xv3ic8c 18 days ago
@LBoy97 18 days ago
Good job ✌🏾⭐☄️😎👍🏾
@jen4renjun 2 days ago
@alexd.fishing989 12 hours ago
keep mack in the team! He's verry funny ,i love watching him hang out with you guys
Clouds shapes are amazing, My stress is gone now after Cloud Gazing
@kaushalkumar5953 19 days ago
I'm so glad Mack was able to join team . His personality matches them perfectly.
@rafael-lc8fw 19 days ago
yes bro, i hope he continue to appear in the videos
@izeraticx 19 days ago
I agree!
@Square681 19 days ago
Square baby square
@Square681 19 days ago
No joke, square and boy are the best
@user-hp6hl9ht3k 19 days ago
Я такая же фигня!
I am from vietnam and i enjoy watching your video so much
@DeilanieDeilanie 20 hours ago
Hey mr beast huge fan I’ve been watching you since 2016 your the best RU-vidr ever keep up the great work man 😊
@remyanishanth6636 18 days ago
Jimmy: RUN CHICKEN RUN Jimmy: RUN GOAT RUN Also Jimmy: Catch fish
@ahmadmahdi8784 18 days ago
@rajjivermaverma 18 days ago
@kertop5928 18 days ago
Он хороший человек и весёлый)
@aki__mih 18 days ago
Hes prob fasting by Orthodox church
@user-do3ow2rm9x 18 days ago
So true 😂
@ProShakilGaming 20 hours ago
We all love you mr beast❤❤
@tocini1 10 hours ago
odio que haga bullyng a beast
@saleemahabeeb5719 11 hours ago
Mr best do contests and challenges and gifts for the homeless in the streets it will be a great video ❤❤❤❤
Shawn and mack should be in more videos,theyre chill and funny
@Goofyahh36 18 days ago
@LibanReactsTo 18 days ago
I watched this video on my channel
@VertRz 18 days ago
@Sirvillion 17 days ago
@zaydanshariff5622 17 days ago
Shawn was so kind and did whatever Jimmy said the whole time he was so chill❤❤❤
@LBoy97 17 days ago
Good job 🎉❤
@PlaxxFN 17 days ago
Good job
@Mr.paukes 16 days ago
@zaydanshariff5622 16 days ago
Thx so much
@user-hr9ok3rb9c 15 days ago
@NtombikayiseNgcume 12 hours ago
Your video are very nice Mr beast ❤
@LancePierce-qp5gr 11 hours ago
Hey Mr beast you should make a new video where contestants dressed as vault dwellers compete in a fallout themed event, becuase of the new show, I would love to be in it, love ur work
@livviebarr8933 17 days ago
Petition to keep mack as a permanent member of the team
@LBoy97 17 days ago
Gooooooooooooooood Job 🎉❤
@zazalove6940 17 days ago
@akxrii-cod 17 days ago
@adelthegamer1439 17 days ago
@diegorisco996 17 days ago
honestly thought the guy was or from someone else’s channel
This video reminded me of bootstrap island, I think it would be really cool on the gaming channel.
Mack is just such a cool guy please keep Mack in the team
@dibbadab 17 days ago
I think Mack has warranted himself to be a regular on the crew. Hope to see more of him in content in the future
@LBoy97 17 days ago
Super 👍🏾💯☄️⭐✌🏾
@user-xf8yi4nw5c 17 days ago
@faizakashan8181 17 days ago
@GabeTheMC 17 days ago
@hajushi7412 17 days ago
Mack should also be in the team actually. He's such a gem
@placepages8071 18 days ago
@placepages8071 18 days ago
@LBoy97 18 days ago
Super 🎉
@Moral633 18 days ago
@DutchBall02 18 days ago
Pretty late man
@WyattsWorldMaps 16 hours ago
You make the best videos!! 😊😍🥰😘
Jimmy congrats you with 252M❤
@Syrus_Priest 19 days ago
Mack is a really fresh addition to the crew I gotta say I enjoyed his antics
@YuremRivera-lz1xj 19 days ago
@YuremRivera-lz1xj 19 days ago
@teslacamman811 19 days ago
Yeah but he works with airrack who is a terrible person who fakes videos and doxes people
@user-sb3pm3dm3y 19 days ago
동의합니다 !
@MeoOOOWWWWSGOOO 19 days ago
True I wanna see more of him
You are my favourite RU-vidr❤️
@melissacramer1233 16 hours ago
Hey Mrbeast could you make a video about donating money to a refugee shelter? Or maybe do a livestream for it? Ty if u do it! 😊❤
@AndresDuran-gh2ij 18 days ago
Mack fits in perfectly with all of you, natural chemistry
@remyanishanth6636 18 days ago
@Wickster-ln2ci 18 days ago
@Wickster-ln2ci 18 days ago
@LBoy97 18 days ago
Super good job ✌🏾⭐☄️👍🏾
@kibatail 16 days ago
Mack really did fit in. I was impressed.
@desfdjfle-qn7iu 16 days ago
@swalihanaseem7248 16 days ago
Fr chain
@mojogustavo336 15 days ago
@LuzAlvarez-ni5ue 15 days ago
@resfeber5035 15 days ago
@user-qr3ek5rv9n 12 hours ago
keep mack on the TEAM!!!!!
@priyankasunar8876 16 hours ago
Thank you so much for helping Nepal❤❤
@lmPeely 17 days ago
Shawn was so caring and kind, give the man some credit
@onlygana4588 16 days ago
Fr fr
@LBoy97 16 days ago
Super channel 💫 💫 💫 💫 💫 💫 💫
@Brooke_offlslai 13 days ago
I Russian
@abbyraines2591 16 days ago
Please keep Mack on the team!!! Please!!!!! He’s so cool and he fits in perfectly!!! He added so much comedy!!!
@diti1367 16 days ago
@elemos_ 16 days ago
He lost so much on challenge videos. I think staying on the team is a good 'price'
@vihaanm. 16 days ago
Yeah Mack should totally stay!
@tienthyule 16 days ago
fr he's amazing and he tries his best to make our day
@PartikBelbase 12 hours ago
Thank you Mr beast coming Nepal 💗❤️
I love your mrbeast bars
@AbiKenzie-mz5sb 18 days ago
Mack was pretty chill, even if doesn't win, you should ofter him a spot on the beast team. Definitely has great chemistry with you boys.
@EIBarto777 18 days ago
Hola mr beast
@um_aleatorio_kkj 18 days ago
Great idea
@slxyz3219 18 days ago
Agreed 💯
@Amara_Evvie4L1F3 18 days ago
Or at least have him as a honorary beast member and have him on the show a lot more often. He really would be a great addition to the team!
What about aric?
@dark_moth7 15 days ago
Mack is an official unofficial member of the Beast team, glad to have him back.
@user-li9us3eb4z 23 hours ago
This comment is for those who did not know ,that you can change audio track in any other language please try Japanese it was dubbed by the voice actor of Naruto I really loved it 🍁☄️
@Nipesh_Xettri 12 hours ago
Love from Nepal🇳🇵
@rianlynn3854 14 days ago
SO HAPPY FOR MACK!!!!!!!!!! Hes a keeper, please keep him.He jumped in the water pulling them, he can catch food, hes such a good sport.
@user-eu6wf3gp6c 14 days ago
@MMSisters23 14 days ago
His name is my nickname
@ONLY_Ice_bear 13 days ago
​@@MMSisters23MMS 🌚
@Freddynightmares 13 days ago
I know he won
@Chautayninh 13 days ago
Good Vietnam
@user-wi4xv5nt9j 14 days ago
Keep Mack on the team he’s just so funny and entertaining Pls keep him pleaaaaaaase
@Jakob1243 14 days ago
I’m ur first sub
@user-wi4xv5nt9j 14 days ago
@@Jakob1243 holy crap thank u so much
@jupiterely 14 days ago
@notthhed8347 14 days ago
​@@Jakob1243 my names spelled the same way
@its_sneak Day ago
Nice video, keep it up
@nhu7094 Day ago
Love Mr beast❤
@wran50 19 days ago
At this point, Mack is starting to become my favorite contestant.
@LBoy97 19 days ago
@C.L.O-Co_Owner 19 days ago
​@@LBoy97is a bot doing comments😂
@user-sw5oo6ij2r 19 days ago
Definitely ❤
@Spork.exeeeee 19 days ago
Mack and Shawn need to come back more often, they’re great!!
@jackgrey8664 19 days ago
Yes they should stay and keep that's confused man off....👍
@PauseDaEditor 19 days ago
@BIG_Mexico_ 19 days ago
@user-yc2ti9ij5b 4 days ago
Can I ask you for a request? Please publish this. Comment on all the comments that are not present in this channel. Please, please comment on my comment, Mr. Best. I ask for your dismay, O foreigner. Is it possible that dismay will increase my love for you, my beloved? Be a reason to make me happy.
@Cliftictac Day ago
Love the feastables
@suescun8589 Day ago
Mrbeast makes the best videos
@VikzGochu 18 days ago
please let mack become one of the people of your team, his humor is hilarious, and he tries to feed his friends everytime 😂
@nikwilde9652 18 days ago
Эм, что ? Он нудный и выскомерный + обиженка. Какая ему команда ?!
@ciancorby 18 days ago
@@nikwilde9652shut up
@VikzGochu 18 days ago
@@nikwilde9652 слушай сюда умник, ты насмехаешься над тем, кто потерял почти МИЛЛИОН ДОЛЛАРОВ, ты покажи мне момент где он нудный и остальное что ты сейчас наложил, он в этом видео очень забавный и старается развлекать людей, пытается прокормить своих друзей ловля куриц, и он наполнен жизнью, в отличие от некоторых, если ты понимаешь о чем я умник Хренов
@CloudsExplorer. 18 days ago
Yes I agree
@VikzGochu 18 days ago
@@nikwilde9652 и еще, я проверил комменты которые ТЫ написал, и в одном из них ты САМ написал «Блейк удачи❤️» жду твоих отмазок умник
@user-fz3jq6ul3d 12 days ago
Please keep Mack on your team MrBeast. ❤
@NBu-gp7ni 12 days ago
Bijî Kürdistan
@MARIONTOP-mp1lk 12 days ago
He was never own his team
@Tabbyshines Day ago
Wow congratulations you survived if had that I will be by myself there I would move out 😉😉😅😅😅
@Am9li9 Day ago
*اللَّهُمَّ صَلِّ عَلَى مُحَمَّدٍ وَعَلَى آلِ مُحَمَّدٍ، كَمَا صَلَّيْتَ عَلَى إِبْرَاهِيمَ وَعَلَى آلِ إِبْرَاهِيمَ، إِنَّكَ حَمِيدٌ مَجِيدٌ، اللَّهُمَّ بَارِكْ عَلَى مُحَمَّدٍ وَعَلَى آلِ مُحَمَّدٍ، كَمَا بَارَكْتَ عَلَى إِبْرَاهِيمَ وَعَلَى آلِ إِبْرَاهِيمَ، إِنَّكَ حَمِيدٌ مَجِيدٌ* .
@David-uz9zt Day ago
@kallumberg 16 days ago
Mack ought to stick around at this point full-time, he is one heck of a character.
@MdSayeed-dj6cq 16 days ago
You should give the cameraman Tarek a challenge ✊💰
​@@MdSayeed-dj6cqnerd- its Tareq
@Mcfilms318 16 days ago
Tareq and Mack should become full time members
@LBoy97 16 days ago
Goood job⭐️💫💯
@Mcfilms318 16 days ago
@@LBoy97 what?
@ingrid128 17 days ago
Mack should DEFINITELY become an member of the crew❤
@Garfield912 17 days ago
@TheSaltedIceCream 17 days ago
i concur!
@Miguel-ic7vb 17 days ago
Keep Mack on the team!!!!
@Dunking_Dynasty 15 hours ago
Keep mack on the team he's funny 😂
@BxssTV 18 days ago
Mack fits in perfectly with all of you, natural chemistry 🤝🏼
@zachmorris778 18 days ago
Agreed keep mack
@gigaslime3627 18 days ago
He is in a mrbeast copycat channel after all
@mrfish2.07 18 days ago
@@gigaslime3627 ???
@godz_i 18 days ago
@Mxblu3YT18 14 days ago
Shawn and Mack are very chill you should keep them on the mrbeast crew.
@Chautayninh 13 days ago
Việt Nam good
@Shortslaiba 13 days ago
@aamcandyy 13 days ago
Iphone pls
@user-yc2ti9ij5b 4 days ago
Can I ask you for a request? Please publish this. Comment on all the comments that are not present in this channel. Please, please comment on my comment, Mr. Best. I ask for your dismay, O foreigner. Is it possible that dismay will increase my love for you, my beloved? Be a reason to make me happy.
@zinhahjom 17 hours ago
omg I'm so love this video 🤩💋
Omg your videos is very good mrbeast
@arroxmusic 16 days ago
The voices of amixem is just too good Ivan and Etienne needs to voice over too
@-wiitroxs-6137 16 days ago
N'oublie pas Thomas sinon il va être chiffon 😕
@PilouMystere 16 days ago
Thomas the best ​@@-wiitroxs-6137
@xcfort 16 days ago
les roi
@Sharkii596 16 days ago
Les kings
@aiadeva 16 days ago
wait amixem a doublé la vidéo???
@JoshuaPlayzYT 11 days ago
Mack is so charismatic, he keeps the energy flowing, please keep him on the team.
You are adorable ❤
@akmarallotos9307 10 days ago
@sxbasxr 10 days ago
@sxbasxr 10 days ago
@sxbasxr 10 days ago
I tryed your feast Abel’s they are the hest chocolate I’m ever ate
@DhanKumar-ob1he 16 hours ago
Thank you mrbeast for support Nepal 😊
@harshitfx 5 days ago
Mr Beast in 2050 : Destroying Saturn and surprising the aliens with a new one
@SurplusPlays 5 days ago
As a time traveler from 2050 I can say I have watched that episode before
@PBslip 5 days ago
@lifesgood5753 5 days ago
@@SurplusPlays😂😂the best ever
@Domeythedummy 5 days ago
​@@SurplusPlays prove it pls
@Rojacat 4 days ago
Agreed AF
having Mr Beast as a friend is literally better than winning the lottery.
@declanmccabe8803 18 days ago
Unless you’re Mack
@Sadaf_mee 18 days ago
​@@declanmccabe8803mr beast say bengal??
@zaiidtrazo3042 18 days ago
I've seen this comment in almost every Mr. Beast video, and it's true
@Jaspersharpe 18 days ago
I’d prefer to win the lottery
@dorrrrrman 17 days ago
Naah gimme the money
I follow you from the Ivory Coast because your videos are super cool Mr beast. I am your fan
I am so glad mack joined them in this video. He is incredibly fun to watch.
@OJustsomething 19 days ago
True he is fun to watch
His a great addition to the team
@fishingsib2253 19 days ago
Гораздо лучше, чем с этим животным в теле женщитны😂
@Vinylover409 19 days ago
He should become a permanent member
@josuegonzalez4761 19 days ago
Así mismo 🎉❤​@@fishingsib2253
@Handler914 16 hours ago
world best content creator❤
@KeroSabry-xx8uc 11 hours ago
I am from Egypt. It would be great if you made a video at the Great Pyramid❤
@Braydog717 13 days ago
Make Mac a permanent member of the team he is so fun
@LBoy97 13 days ago
Super 👍🏾🎉☄️💯⭐
@LegoStarWars22 13 days ago
And not as stupid as jimmy
@@LegoStarWars22jimmy isn’t stupid
@kylepaje9161 13 days ago
​@@LegoStarWars22 Jimmy ain't stupid.He makes wayyyyy more money than you
@kylepaje9161 13 days ago
​@@Mydogisgoatedatfortnite fr
@s.sk1234 21 hour ago
Hello mr. Beast i am from nepal and we really love you ❤❤❤
@user-yq6nz8hw8v 18 hours ago
Jimmy i just tried feastables it was the best chocalate on earth❤
@xX_j3ss_Xx 12 days ago
Please keep Mack on the team. He matches so well and is funny. And Sean is very good for these survival videos.
@bethbailey405 12 days ago
Do it Mr Beast
@BeauBro 12 days ago
@briansusi7689 12 days ago
come on guys bring mack back
@briansusi7689 12 days ago
bring him back
@jobcondori 12 days ago
el pepe
@alexnorman9630 19 days ago
Keep Mac in the videos!!! Love the energy he brings
@fahimafzal4070 19 days ago
Mac should join the channel
@BravoPix 19 days ago
no because hes airracks buddy
@DudesAPro 19 days ago
Make him in both channels
@That1RandomYTR 19 days ago
@gerrythegamer627 19 days ago
He should leave airrack he fakes vids
This man can do anything. 😂😂
انها مجرد جزيره
@Endermenka17 13 hours ago
Помню все видео как Джими рассказывал как он хотел стать популярным, чтобы у него было много подписчиков. Что этим он живет. Интересно, сейчас у него 250 млн. Подписчиков, его все знают, фанаты не дают проходу. И сейчас он счастлив? Или он чувствует какую-то пустоту?
@graysonrazer7034 17 days ago
bro’s dad lore is unreal
@villageintro0.1 17 days ago
@ChrisW7075 17 days ago
@glacousxx 17 days ago
Jimmys grandpa lore is gonna be insane.
@darlybelardo4060 16 days ago
Cuál vas Mac
@Abdbsjak 15 days ago
انا عراق
@GOJOSATORU-KM 19 hours ago
Thxxx Mrbest or team Making hospital in Nepal ❤❤🎉😢
7 Days Stranded At Sea
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