A Bigger Badder Bowser - Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury - Nintendo Switch

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Bowser has become gargantuan and lost all control! Join forces with Bowser Jr. to stop his big bad dad in the Bowser's Fury adventure, included in the Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury game. Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury launches on February 12, 2021 only on Nintendo Switch.

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Jan 12, 2021




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Comments 39 174
Plant2377 Day ago
Bro so remember all the hype around this like it was yesterday and it just suddenly vanished
Lealdade 5 days ago
Thought Mario looked better but he's just Mega Furry
Cristian 6 days ago
Plis dont make mario a black guy never nintendo, plis.
Bariq99 7 days ago
Bruh I still can't belive that this is Mario music
JackTheChoujin9000 12 days ago
OPEN WORLD Mario game, with Ultra Instinct Bowser????? HYPEEEE!
Shain O'Connell
Shain O'Connell 14 days ago
Godzilla : hey bowser Bowser: yeah what?? Godzilla: your doing my thing!!!
MiggySmash 14 days ago
Amazing!Can't wait to Play it!And Bowser looking kinda Hard to fight?!
JustB3NJI 15 days ago
Was so worth buying. We need more!
John Seyfried
John Seyfried 19 days ago
Must've stepped on a Lego or something, no wonder he's so pissed
The click sounds like the joy-con sliding
Thundageon 20 days ago
Bowsette:❌ Bowzilla: ✅
Mocin Flash 23
Mocin Flash 23 21 day ago
Bowszilla: Singular Point.
Y. 22 days ago
Let's be honest, everyone forgot this after they launch it
Y. 20 days ago
@Huzunde 🤔🤔🤔
Huzunde 20 days ago
Not really
Dutch east indies
Dutch east indies 22 days ago
Jonathan hurt
Jonathan hurt 23 days ago
Che Rua
Che Rua Month ago
I don’t know why but I slightly prefer this over Mario Odyssey! I know it sounds nuts but I think this is more replayable since there is only 100 cat shines as opposed to the 999 power moons there is in Mario Odyssey. Some moons in Mario Odyssey can be extremely tedious but the cat shines in Bowser’s Fury are much more fun to complete. I never found a cat shine that was tedious, (maybe except for ‘Lost Kittens In The Wasteland’ but that’s the only exception.
Talkative Yellow Toad
There’s actually 880 moons in odyssey but you can go to 999 by buying them in the shop
Liam Whacker 53 // whacky productions
Ding ding ding ding 🔔
Luni Plex+
Luni Plex+ Month ago
is that the song of splatoon 3 but edited ???
Latthaphon Lerkprempee
Super Mario 3D world🆚 Bowser's
Alejandro Conde
Alejandro Conde Month ago
now is on Playstation 4 & pro and 5 Xbox One, PC And Android.
featherbow900 Month ago
Just watching this trailer sends me back, thanks nintendo for hands down the greatest mario game ever bowser's Fury
Eris Dysnomia
Eris Dysnomia Month ago
Sunshine Island was fun, but I'm lost for words checking this out! Awesome! Go Mario! Go Mario! Go !
Matthew Roth
Matthew Roth Month ago
This will be Bowser's final smash in the next smash.
John Hudson
John Hudson Month ago
I want cat Fury Bowser
Medicine Last
Medicine Last Month ago
Nintendo has a great console, but no great games to play only mario
Huzunde 24 days ago
Mario games are great though, and switch also has legend of zelda, splatoon, metroid, smash bros, and much more!
Golden1_1Dragon 2 months ago
Is this god of war🤣🤣🤣
Ara 2 months ago
Godzilla: Finally a worthy opponent, our battle shall be legendary!
Huzunde 24 days ago
Is it a worthy opponent though?
dashuntas .M
dashuntas .M 2 months ago
I always get Power Rangers vibes from this bc of the rock music and Mario’s megazord transformation
Josue Rodriguez
Josue Rodriguez 2 months ago
The temporary spring assembly unfasten because cobweb accordantly play during a overconfident edward. valuable, windy tablecloth
Bolt 2 months ago
Sheesh Mario went super saiyan cat
papo pepo
papo pepo 2 months ago
Super monkey ball Paradise
Eze #92
Eze #92 2 months ago
This game's still so good! I love it!
Link Link
Link Link 2 months ago
I remember before the game released I wanted it so much but I had to wait like 2 months before getting it, even though I beat the Bowser's Fury mode at 100% and normal story mode at 100% seeing this trailer just makes me want to play the whole game again
KINGDOM MINDED 2 months ago
John 3:16 “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.”
Leander Herman
Leander Herman 2 months ago
I remember as a kid Bowser was called King Koopa
Gamer boii
Gamer boii 2 months ago
big mario looks like goldin sonic lol
Giselle Vasquez
Giselle Vasquez 2 months ago
1:08 oh
Giselle Vasquez
Giselle Vasquez 2 months ago
0:02 the giga bell awakens
Michael Lehl
Michael Lehl 2 months ago
Well done guys your making greaterMario games keep it up!
Angel Hernández Navarro
Leo William
Leo William 3 months ago
Robertino Coloma
Robertino Coloma 3 months ago
Sebastian 654 #2
Sebastian 654 #2 3 months ago
A goddamn onion
A goddamn onion 3 months ago
This should’ve been a sequel
Cody Davis
Cody Davis 3 months ago
I’m sorry Nintendo but Bowser looks FREAKING HOT NOW!!!🤩
Bandicoot Sauce
Bandicoot Sauce 3 months ago
I'm back here months after the release and this still doesn't feel real.
The Amirisphere Zone
I finished it 3 times and it still doesn't.
Sergeantmajormario 2 months ago
I know exactly how you feel
The Follower
The Follower 3 months ago
Same here
LK_Bricks 4 months ago
Ok I have a theory on why Bowser it was the way he is in Bowser's Fury. At the end of Mario and Luigi Bowser's inside story they defeated Fawful inside of him, and during that battle Fawful was composed out of a werd black material simmelier to the black mater in Bowser's Fury. So my theory is that Fawful has slowly put himself together again and was able to over power and corrupt Bowseer just as he and Bowser Jr arrived at Lake lap cat, causing him to turn into what he seen in the game. But after mario defeated him Fawful was released onto the world to wreak havoc! Of course I know Nintendo will not have done this but it's fun to make up connections between games.
Seas lol
Seas lol 3 months ago
Bowser. Jr painted Bowser’s face, he got mad, and transformed into Fury Bowser. Sorry for ruining your theory.
skywish r
skywish r 4 months ago
GodSlayer9000 4 months ago
So happy that in this Boswer's not trying to kidnap a princess. He's just pissed. And trying to straight up kill Mario. It's perfect!
Giran 0
Giran 0 4 months ago
Someone in the board meeting :🧐"So who should join Mario on he's new adventure Yoshi or Daisy?" Some jerk i will hate forever :🥴"derp a der how bout his best friend for life who always helps him... Bowser Jr." Me:🤬
Rick Tapia
Rick Tapia 4 months ago
Nasho 4 months ago
This Big Bad Bowser art should’ve made by DeviantArt
Darkbeautylightning 4 months ago
I remember seeing this and thinking "does he not go away when he comes?" *Oh boy little did I know*
SuperGamer 22
SuperGamer 22 4 months ago
This is like the gvk trailer where in this trailer its shows the story before the real fight begins and the Giga cat Mario (Kong) Gets the Advantage
Ryad Ben
Ryad Ben 4 months ago
The Chicken Wizard
The Chicken Wizard 4 months ago
"Badass" is not a word usually associated with Nintendo games. This is definitely an exception
Kungfudell07 4 months ago
Jr: Somethings wrong with my dad Mario: Understandable, have a nice day
Andreas Dalgaard
Andreas Dalgaard 4 months ago
I wish Nintendo would do stuff like this more often. Make a new game using an older engine, and make it something that does not take long to complete. Releasing a game like this one on its own for just 20$ or so would not only be a cash grab for Nintendo, but would also spark interest for many people who does not want to spend 60$ for a long game if they do not have the time for it, or just want a smaller game. Odessey is great, but I do not see myself coming back to it agin after 100% it. Bowsers fury is the exact opposite for me. Something short, charming and sweet that is fun to complete in a few hours. Anyone else agree with that?
vicente delvalle
vicente delvalle 4 months ago
alternative name super mario 3d all stars 2
Samarpan Dhakal
Samarpan Dhakal 4 months ago
The real name of this game should be “Bowser’s Furry” due to the game being cat themed.
Luku 5 months ago
I’ve just realized something. There’s two Mario games that give the ability to be a cat, 3D World and now bowser’s Moody Monday, but there’s no dogs to be seen anywhere. Now I remember that the Mario maker 2 story mode villain was the undo dog that deleted the castle…
tiny_dino 5 months ago
this video is spawnsered by venom from mavel
tiny_dino 5 months ago
black goop like venom:)
Aparna Aluru
Aparna Aluru 5 months ago
This is just bowser opening the eight inner gates...
Video game enjoyer
Video game enjoyer 5 months ago
I was hyped when i saw this
Ilias Hans Triebener.
Bowser's Fury is like Godzilla vs. Kong, because Giga Cat Mario is just King Kong and Fury Bowser is just like Godzilla!
The Road Spud
The Road Spud 5 months ago
Mario collects the 7 dragon balls and wishes himself into the spirit of the 9 tails fox to send bowser back to the shadow realm
Aidan Devine
Aidan Devine 5 months ago
Bowser Jr is Mario’s friend? Interesting and different.
Skull Kid
Skull Kid 5 months ago
Egyptian Sphinx fighting a Japanese Kaiju
DanimalLover01 5 months ago
Super Mario 3D World: Age Of Calamity
GVDA685 5 months ago
+1 pour Bowser Fury
Alyssa Graham
Alyssa Graham 5 months ago
Ale_ 5 months ago
Nintendo switch is magic 👍
William Bédard
William Bédard 6 months ago
Nintendo why is there no dogs
OGH Cute Animation Headquarters
We need a face traders 2 I believe that face Raiders was A big success Idea one: put it on Nintendo switch please Idea two: since the Nintendo switch doesn’t have a Camera could the enemies and bosses have cute faces instead of pictures of faces please Idea three: make it so you don’t have to put on the VR goggles in order to play the thing please
Mario 6 months ago
Jr isn’t mad because Bowser has gone mad. It’s because his dad put parental controls and he has had enough of this
Mario 7 days ago
@why I'm losing subscribers? add merchants? What the..
why I'm losing subscribers?
Please Nintendo add koopalings
Cogwheel999 6 months ago
He angyy
Mighty Child
Mighty Child 6 months ago
Silver Wolf
Silver Wolf 6 months ago
I remember when I first saw this
Joel Wade
Joel Wade 6 months ago
Fury Bowser
Joel Wade
Joel Wade 6 months ago
Fury Nesho
Cute Virus
Cute Virus 6 months ago
Its a family console :) . I love it
Alexander Deyloff
Alexander Deyloff 6 months ago
That bowser looks like an unfinished character design. Almost like they were afraid to be creative and they decided hey the beta build for that bowser could pass as the new bowser
Lil'Fox The Hylian Warrior
Calamity Bowser
They should've made bowser slightly glisten in multi color, as a reference to Final Bowser from SM64
1:58, bruh why is he looking like the Super Saiyan Great -Ape- Cat?
Dr Cory
Dr Cory 6 months ago
Cool Mario game trailer
Bruno Jovita
Bruno Jovita 6 months ago
Nunca joguei nenhum jogo do mario
Bruno Jovita
Bruno Jovita 6 months ago
Eu sempre quis jogar super mario
Bruno Jovita
Bruno Jovita 6 months ago
Podia ser qualquer um mais Eu queria
Super Kirby Bros.
Super Kirby Bros. 6 months ago
I Found ALL 100 Cat Shines TODAY!
Federico Zuin
Federico Zuin 6 months ago
If Bowser fury could be a sequel of Mario Sunshine this game is a dream come true
J Gro
J Gro 6 months ago
The furry of a thousand hurricanes.
margaritavalle 6 months ago
Bowser is so big bigger then Godzilla
Misty Robertson
Misty Robertson 6 months ago
I won't one!!!!!!!!!!+!+!!!!!!!!!!!
Kaiju Kirby
Kaiju Kirby 6 months ago
I had fun and anxiety playing this
eseys evangelium
eseys evangelium 6 months ago
Mario finally goes Golden Oozaru - Legendary Super Saiyan
Toadette Gamer
Toadette Gamer 7 months ago
why they make bowser racist
Talkative Yellow Toad
I seen you a lot, hi
UNHhhh ep 166 - Marriage