An Iconic Performance Saluting Sean "Diddy" Combs, The King of Bad Boy! | BET Awards '22

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Watch this cultural reset as Jodeci, Mary J. Blige, Faith Evans, Lil Kim and more honor Diddy!

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Jun 25, 2022




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Comments 6 737
Student Loan Rage
Shyne got sentenced to 10 years. Got deported. Banned from the U.S. Became an elected politician of Belize. And came back to the U.S. as an honorable diplomat! What a story. That man's life needs a Netflix special.
Antwoniece Hicks
Antwoniece Hicks 5 days ago
@Kianta Jackson from my understanding he stabbed somebody
Pastel Pastry
Pastel Pastry 16 days ago
I didn't even know about him until this performance. So proud of him and he looks like a black James bond. So suave!
Worrell King
Worrell King 21 day ago
Big facts
melodramatic7904 21 day ago
I didn't realize he became an elected official. That's awesome.
Very Stylish Ordinary People  (VSOP  TV)
The beginning before going to the pen is probably way cool too ‼️
Infinit01 Month ago
Shyne redoing his lyrics to reflect the man he is today is on a whole different level in its own. That voice, that swagger, and his lyrics is still legendary
Bad gyal
Bad gyal 2 days ago
Epic 🇧🇿
Dee Thomas
Dee Thomas 4 days ago
khadijahlilred williams
Yes shyne
ST Lewis
ST Lewis 18 days ago
Chris M
Chris M 28 days ago
FACTS!! Shyne killed this ! 🙌🏾
Ask to seduce Miss
Shyne killed his performance This was historic, one of the best BET awards in a while. The tribute to his children’s mom was legendary.
mllop aeet
mllop aeet Month ago
could’ve been more, but we’ve aged out guys lol.
Kemaro Month ago
The lyric changes in Shynes performance hit hard man and showed the growth. Gave me chills.
Cassie Month ago
Shyne said: "Mandela, Barack... Shook the Feds, prime minister the next stop..." He switched the lyrics to fit his life now! Grown man bars! 🙌🏾
🚨W​A​T​C​H​​ M​​Y​ L​A​S​T​ V​I​D​E​O​🚨
I can't get over Shyne's performance. He just exudes effortless class and nobility in his suit, with his bars, and in his reconciliation with Diddy. It's simply amazing how he melds together politics and hip-hop. He's on another level but taking the stage shows he can still kick it, and he's still Shyne.
RapisGames Month ago
RIP Kim Porter...a woman who exuded so much class and intelligence. You represented the black woman well and will be terribly missed!
Jkhari Clinton
Jkhari Clinton Month ago
@Goldie Espinoza how she got sick cause she went to Africa
RBG Sista
RBG Sista Month ago
She represented biracial women well
WombManGoing TheirOwnWay
She didn't rep me... She repped herself. Bw we're telling her to run!
WombManGoing TheirOwnWay
@Fahtima 5.0 word was she was writing a book. Her laptop was missing too. You get useless for these guys when you are ready to call them out. His daughters look just like her... He is getting haunted on the daily.
WombManGoing TheirOwnWay
@miggs80 I didn't know that. I don't think he's a straight man either.
GMusic4TheSOUL Month ago
I love the way Diddy had Kim’s back when he said “Cmon Baby”and helped her get back on track with the verse. She was caught in the electricity of the moment and didn’t realize the verse already started before she started, but he held her down just like her verse says... DOPE
Helarpa Nibour
Helarpa Nibour 8 days ago
Same for Shyne. I think he realized people didn't know who he was at first
brittlia 23 days ago
@Tina Callahan Right!!
Mr Kaos Boxing News UK
@WombManGoing TheirOwnWay 🤣🤣🤣
Very Stylish Ordinary People  (VSOP  TV)
Oh snap, I didn't notice. I just thought she started at my favourite part of the song. Lil Kim 🔥
crybaby Month ago
me toooooooo
Mystic Akemet
Mystic Akemet Month ago
Mary and Jodeci on the same stage phenomenal 🙌 👏 ✨️
Charlie Mocha
Charlie Mocha 25 days ago
my mouth was wide open when I realized Mary was going next. Growth and healing are 2 beautiful things to watch.
blossom 🌸
blossom 🌸 Month ago
Charita Quinn
Charita Quinn Month ago
This was A CELEBRATION!!!! This made me smile from the inside out......Shyne sent chills!!!!!! Great job to everyone. Made me miss this era😔
FranCess Jean
FranCess Jean Month ago
Me too 😊
Cassie Month ago
Minister! That is Black Excellence!!!!
Andani Thakhani Netshitahame
This tribute took me back to the 90s where music had a soul and meant somthing
Valbzzz 17 days ago
Nonye Month ago
SeanO Jones
SeanO Jones Month ago
It's pure garbage now
mllop aeet
mllop aeet Month ago
Diddy never fails
Mark Hanson
Mark Hanson Month ago
Shyne performance was epic! I don’t know if people understand how big that was. This man went from dropping number 1 albums with Puff to jail to being the next Belize Prime Minister! That is Black Excellence!!!!
Chanda Blatch
Chanda Blatch 14 days ago
He absolutely did!!!!👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
ST Lewis
ST Lewis 18 days ago
My Cat Sheena at Lulu Bookstore
Manuka Honey
Manuka Honey 21 day ago
@Z Was 💯 Deuteronomy 28:64-68 King James Version 64 And the Lord (The Most High) shall scatter thee among all people, from the one end of the earth even unto the other; and there thou shalt serve other gods, which neither thou nor thy fathers have known, even wood and stone. 65 And among these nations shalt thou find no ease, neither shall the sole of thy foot have rest: but the Lord (The Most High) shall give thee there a trembling heart, and failing of eyes, and sorrow of mind: 66 And thy life shall hang in doubt before thee; and thou shalt fear day and night, and shalt have none assurance of thy life: 67 In the morning thou shalt say, Would God it were even! and at even thou shalt say, Would God it were morning! for the fear of thine heart wherewith thou shalt fear, and for the sight of thine eyes which thou shalt see. 68 And the Lord (The Most High) shall bring thee into Egypt again with ships, by the way whereof I spake unto thee, Thou shalt see it no more again: and there ye shall be sold unto your enemies for bondmen and bondwomen, and no man shall buy you. We are indeed scattered everywhere.
Oda Al Abaca
Oda Al Abaca 21 day ago
After everything I'm surprised he did it
ladenn Month ago
The ending with Faith is always giving me chills when those 2 perform that song it’s just so unique.
TheBrownIsland Month ago
@Angel Rogers Everyone can't be at 100% all the time I mean these are humans.
Angel Rogers
Angel Rogers Month ago
What happened to her voice?! It doesn't sound the same.
MaryamMure Month ago
This tribute was absolutely beautiful. Only diddy can make you stand up and sing and then sit down and cry. The way he did it was so effortlessly. He gave us 90s era with the legends there. Thank you Diddy. ✨✨✨
Derochelle 26 days ago
God bless Diddy and his Family. ❤️🖤
Abstraqt Philosophy
Diddy still a clown
Lesego Marungwane
Puff understands stage presence and crowd control.
mllop aeet
mllop aeet Month ago
Bringing Shyne out was everything…..full circle moment…. The last performance gave me goosebumps
Shaniqua Walker
Shaniqua Walker Month ago
Damn Jodeci still sound so good after all these years. This is the era that had true talent. I really miss this kind of music and talent. ❤️❤️
Very Stylish Ordinary People  (VSOP  TV)
They are making a comeback that's why. I read about it in 2021.
Roger Rondo
Roger Rondo Month ago
JoJo finally sounded good!
MSTHANG! Month ago
They do!! Haven’t missed a beat!!
Rena Stewart
Rena Stewart Month ago
Yessss 😍
Jessica Whitehead💓AKA1908💚
Only a boss performs during his "own" tribute, honoring himself & hits that he's produced..... LEGENDARY 🔥🔥🔥🔥 Momma Combs & his sons looked so proud while he performed
Keisha Charmaine
I keep running back Shyne's part. His presence keeps giving me chills.
Paul Gates Banda
Paul Gates Banda 2 days ago
Me too. That was a moment in time
Deborah Whelan
Deborah Whelan 23 days ago
Same here
Mark Salerno
Mark Salerno Month ago
Yo seriously his album is CLASSIC and never got its credit. And the fact that he was able to change the verse to fit his new message, that man is talented
mllop aeet
mllop aeet Month ago
legends there. Thank you Diddy.
AwwwSnap77 Month ago
I loved this performance! The Diddy bop, seeing Shyne again, that voice is one of a kind! Seeing Kim Porter looking like an angel with Faith and Quincy up there singing brought tears to my eyes.
Roger Rondo
Roger Rondo Month ago
JoJo sounded great! Best I’ve heard him sound live in ages. So glad to see Jodeci still getting love.
I have a Message for You...,BLUE
I really loved this performance🔥🔥🔥 Puff picked all the perfect songs🙌🔥 I sang along the entire time 🙌🔥 Kim's tribute 🥺 was really wonderful, so beautiful💎❤️
cslworldwide Month ago
So much variety and meaning in the music of the 90’s. It will never be forgotten.
Scott Huey
Scott Huey Month ago
LIterally wanted to come and just comment on how Shyne KILLED IT and I love seeing him getting his flowers here. Seems like everyone feels the same way. Performance really touched me just knowing what he went through and where he's at today. Such a positive transformation!!! Love that he switched up his lyrics to reflect where he's at now AND he straight Jadakiss'd that ish with no vocal backing. Just straight HipHop at it's finest! Big ups to Shyne for real!
Cassie Month ago
RIP Kim Porter...a woman who exuded so much beauty, class and intelligence. You represented the black woman well and will be terribly missed!
pansysgarden Month ago
Shyne stood out the most for me on this performance. Authentic, without trying hard.. Glad to see him and Puffy resolved their differences.
RapisGames Month ago
I absolutely love everyone in this stage, but seeing Shyne on stage brought tears & a smile to my face! 🙌🏾🥰
DOxENVYxME Month ago
@MSTHANG! lol gotcha!
MSTHANG! Month ago
@music lover1984 That Tux is hitting!! So Powerful
MSTHANG! Month ago
@DOxENVYxME do not even waste your brain cells. He probably just likes your picture and didn’t know any other way to say something.🤦🏿‍♀️🫣
music lover1984
music lover1984 Month ago
@Libert33 Belle993 yessss I always thought so it was that voice .
music lover1984
music lover1984 Month ago
@D_money I thought it was his dad ok it's him .
Jasmine Jones
Jasmine Jones Month ago
I Like How He Held Lil Kim Down When She Needed It! Bless Her Heart! Overall Good Performance!
Rachele L.
Rachele L. Month ago
I loved that! She tripped over her lines at first, but he got her right back on track and she's always entertaining in my eyes.
Cynthia Miss Zambitious Mulayantanda
Kim messed her body up
Lexus Coleman
Lexus Coleman Month ago
God i love all of this straight up old school jams from Jodeci ,Mary , Kim and everyone killed it the end I teared up. Even though diddy has a history of screwing most of these artist over in the past I must say he did give us the best artist ever who made history and music that inspire and live on forever so thank you diddy for that and the ending Kim porter almost brought me to tears I know she is happy looking down here is your flowers Rip Biggie and KIM P 💕 🤍💐🙏🏾💕
Caramel Cooler
Caramel Cooler Month ago
The only person I know who can perform in his own tribute and pull it off!🙈😌 Loved it!!! Ya boy hasn't lost his touch and looked better than anybody else up there! Yeaaas Diddy! Way to take care of yourself and keep yourself relevant!!😍🥰😍🥰👏🏾👏🏾
Caramel Cooler
Caramel Cooler Month ago
@Cassie oh yeah! For sure!
Cassie Month ago
All Performers still sound good like hearing it in the 90’s I wish those days come once again 💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾👏🏽
Darren Bajnath
Darren Bajnath Month ago
My god, the last performance and dedication to KIM 🙏🏽 gave me goosebumps. Diddy is such an icon. Grew up listening to all his CD that I bought from Circuit City.
A. Marie
A. Marie Month ago
RIP Kim Porter...a woman who exuded so much beauty, class and intelligence. You represented the black woman well and will be terribly missed!
Donna Wilson
Donna Wilson 7 days ago
@Ms Bronze Goddess yes diddy does do men. No shame in his game. He took Kim out. Again, no shame.
Blessed Me
Blessed Me 14 days ago
Minus the _"ride-or-die" for a man who doesn't reciprocate_ persona that BW are all trying to shed. 🙏🏽
James Smith
James Smith Month ago
@TheBrownIsland Aint get problem with that if and only if they are Single baby moma, a license to single fecking life.
TheBrownIsland Month ago
@James Smith Wait. Being a Mom somehow De-value a person in your Eyes? Would you like it if someone said that about your Momma Or Daughter if you have one?
@Queen NitaBo She was a model, a spokesperson and the woman that now regrets he didn't marry, I am sure. Diddy was broken and came out of this with a change in his heart. I am sure if he could give anything to turn back time, he would make it official.
Kimmie B
Kimmie B Month ago
LOVE JODECI!!!💜💜💜💜So good to see them together!! These were some serious hits!!
Very Stylish Ordinary People  (VSOP  TV)
Was DeVante there ⁉️🤔
Roger Rondo
Roger Rondo Month ago
Was thinking the same thing. Wish they had a longer performance, they’re my all time favorite group.
Donnie Phillips
Donnie Phillips Month ago
I loved it!! It was definitely Shyne for me!! And ANY TIME Bus get on any stage I'm here for it lol!!😍😍😍
Q Smith
Q Smith Month ago
This was so great performance brought tears to my eyes puff been through a lot and is a living legend literally no one has made music th way he has. Regardless of where they are in life, we remember them because he brought out stardom in ppl who thought they had no chance and made them into legends as well. Gotta give credit when it’s due
Rai Renee
Rai Renee Month ago
EXACTLY 😍🔥💯🎉🙏🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐
Takari Brewer
Takari Brewer Month ago
When he starts crying for Kim, I cry EVERY TIME!!! There's nothing worst than to long for someone who you know you're never seeing again!😭😭😭💔
/dev/null 19 days ago
@Jkhari Clinton It's called whipping sweat from His forehead not tears.
/dev/null 19 days ago
@Takari Brewer It's called whipping sweat from His forehead not tears.
/dev/null 19 days ago
It's called whipping sweat from His forehead not tears.
cdsboyg Month ago
@Takari Brewerto be honest ironically what you just said is thinking more deep than if he actually cried
Takari Brewer
Takari Brewer Month ago
It wasn't a literal cry, yall. It was like his heart was calling for her thru his expression when he was saying I love you and I miss you....don't think too deep. You lose the moment....
Terry Porter
Terry Porter Month ago
How Shyne just stood there for a moment was what made it epic
Rob Madden Shot Ya
Shyne was the biggest surprise. I did NOT expect him to come out but so glad that he did. This was fire 🔥
Emily Month ago
Diddy really brought out the lox, jodeci shyne, busta rhymes, Mary j Blige, Lil Kim and faith evans this performance is iconic
SANTANA Page Month ago
I wish I could buy back the last 20 years of my life, I loved the 90s !!! This performance was epic indeed!
Cynthia Miss Zambitious Mulayantanda
Was a blessing to have been there
juststudyinn Month ago
I can't get over Shyne's performance. He just exudes effortless class and nobility in his suit, with his bars, and in his reconciliation with Diddy. It's simply amazing how he melds together politics and hip-hop. He's on another level but taking the stage shows he can still kick it, and he's still Shyne.
The anonymous help line
Yes! Love him!
Gee Month ago
No but yes he dropped salt. Belize Flag 💧💧 . Nice message
Ivory Williams
Ivory Williams Month ago
On another level. Shyne’s segment was EVERYTHING!
He had my attention!
GoldChi Month ago
Was in tears. Well done @ShawnCombs. You have A new glow and calm humble feeling when you speak. I tuned into every word you said, when you received your award! Well said! We have to put our words into action, help our community. I'm so proud of all of your accomplishments! You deserve it all.😘
Toni Month ago
Even though lil Kim’s music was off…she still killed it! True artist
thatzmee Month ago
This is one to go down in history, I even teared up... Good job Puff, u did good!!!💜🙏💙
cactus Mac
cactus Mac Month ago
Dude performed in his own tribute. There's levels to having an ego and Diddy is on a next one.
NarcsHateTheyLoveMe© #NHTLM©
@Carol White well yeah you got a point 😂 💯💯
Carol White
Carol White Month ago
@NarcsHateTheyLoveMe© #NHTLM© What did Suge say😳😳😳😳😳😂😂😂
NarcsHateTheyLoveMe© #NHTLM©
And hogged the stage dam there the whole dam time
Eddie Delgado
Eddie Delgado Month ago
🤣🤣🤣 can’t even be surprised he’s funny
Loud and clear
Loud and clear Month ago
I would.
Ndeshi Way
Ndeshi Way Month ago
Woooow! A show that can make you smile, dance, jump and cry. This is why Diddy is a legendary artist 🤌🏼 🔥🔥
Traci B
Traci B Month ago
All Performers still sound good like hearing it in the 90’s I wish those days come once again 💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾👏🏽
Aura Love
Aura Love Month ago
Glad to see so many Legends came out for BET this year. The one time I missed BET and wish i had seen it. 🙏👑👑👑👑👑
Cassie Month ago
indicator and his performance was great!
ola babs
ola babs Month ago
Diddy will never do a stage without paying homage to biggie small. Truly his death hurt him badly that he had to think of him every single year. True friend indeed
nxssa diane
nxssa diane 27 days ago
@Mr. Stoney Loney right lol..
Mr. Stoney Loney
Mr. Stoney Loney 29 days ago
@Kenny Jones exactly bro
Kenny Jones
Kenny Jones 29 days ago
@Mr. Stoney Loney I literally said this today. Diddy does not care about that man. He only pays homage to him because he knows it makes him money
ola babs
ola babs Month ago
@Shenyae your evidence?
Shenyae Month ago
Dummy he had him killed. Are you serious???
Suzanne Lopez
Suzanne Lopez Month ago
This Era of music is the best and can never be replaced or duplicated.... so thankful I got to grow up enjoying it 🙌🏽 😌
Very Stylish Ordinary People  (VSOP  TV)
@Coko W Ye, 😂 the samples are hitting like it post to. 🍒❤️
Coko W
Coko W 13 days ago
Although they keep trying to duplicate and sample 😅
iiomqfany Month ago
Brooo this is factssssssss
MotherKnowsBest RR
Facts!!!! The memories!!
TheBrownIsland Month ago
It was influenced by Old School... they Respected Old School and were very creative with Creating the New Sound. You can Keep Today's junk.
Taiwo Williams
Taiwo Williams Month ago
Watching this clip makes me so grateful that I was able to enjoy these tunes in my early 20s! University, good times, then marriage and babies came mid 2000s. I only listen to this era music, together with the classics of yesterday.
jea J.
jea J. Month ago
As a 2000 baby, I know all of these artists. Legends.
Take 2 around the 🌏
Yes!!! I truly enjoyed this show especially the end. It brought high school memories and college memories back with these songs.
Floating Counselling UK
Faith's voice is so amazing. Wow. I forgot how great she is. Shyne and Faith should do a song together. Wow
RapisGames Month ago
That Kim Porter tribute really hit the heart man..I lost my mom in 2016. Seeing him pay tribute to her still to this day I know his children appreciate that. 🙏🏽 That he still loves their mother and cherish’s her. Memories are golden man. Money can be replaced, but time can’t.
Jarek Bradshaw
Jarek Bradshaw Month ago
To see shine come out on the BET awards, I was completely blown away ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Coko W
Coko W 13 days ago
My favourite song though still on point and 🔥. I can't even sing it without tears so you both sang amazing 🌹🙏🏽😘
iRepNGR Month ago
Yo Shyne came through...seeing him on that stage brought a smile to my face
Vish View
Vish View Month ago
All the kids in the crowd don’t know what’s going on right now , but this here is REAL RAP
Vish View
Vish View 22 days ago
@Lady Knockout CEO so I grew up in the 90’s and all we know is rap. This is not a debate 🙌🏾
Lady Knockout CEO
Lady Knockout CEO 22 days ago
More hiphop then rap
Rhea Jeffers
Rhea Jeffers 28 days ago
I literally felt his heart in his tribute and I cried! Kudos to you Diddy!
Laceshia Yarborough
Mary J killed it! As usual!
tatiyanna hughes
I love his performance but his dedication to Kim was beautiful ❤️ he had a moment towards the end . But it’s ok to grieve. Continue to hold it down puff you’re doing great 😊
Tisha Willis
Tisha Willis 20 days ago
I love my era of hip-hop when artists really did live performance
k2datrack Month ago
Shyne said: "Mandela, Barack... Shook the Feds, prime minister the next stop..." He switched the lyrics to fit his life now! Grown man bars! 🙌🏾
Milk Mustache Maiden 🥛
See.... exactly. I'm not crazy!
Chinemerem Udoh
Chinemerem Udoh Month ago
Grown man bars!
Tiberius Bernardez
BlackberrynGold Month ago
Extremely intelligent 🔥🖤
k2datrack Month ago
@Tayyy Original lyrics: "Coke boil in the pot... Shake the Feds and bust shots at them street cops..."
OCO Month ago
The ending was the sweetest thing. A reminder to live life to the fullest, and enjoy life
Ashlee Anokwuru
Ashlee Anokwuru Month ago
This has to be the best performance of the night ❤️😢. This was beautiful
Luv Honey
Luv Honey Month ago
The crowd isn’t as loud. They shouldve gave Diddy his tribute in the 2005-2010 era. This is when BET awards were epic! Btw. What happened to jojo’s mic? His voice is amazing, but the mic issues ruined it Overall, great performances!
Jacinta Lashley
Jacinta Lashley Month ago
It's great seeing and hearing them again. Love these guys
pires jah
pires jah Month ago
That Shyne performance thought me a lot about forgiveness, growth and redemption. He really turned his life around and cleaned up. I see a great future ahead of him
Esther McDonald
Esther McDonald Month ago
James Smith
James Smith Month ago
LOVE conquers all, If he never forgives then he won’t amount to anything!
Cheraye Powell
Cheraye Powell Month ago
Absolutely amazing. Brought back memories 🥰🤟🏾💯👊🏾
OneForAll Month ago
Shine SHYNE! YES!!! Came out so dapper, that song right there is one of my faves til this day, it brings back so many good memories from childhood. Diddys tribute to the beautiful Kim was so heartwarming.
Judy Beltran
Judy Beltran Month ago
Wow I really loved it 🎶 good performance from everyone....go Diddy, Puff Daddy, Bad Boy, Sean 🤗
Shanee Cuevas
Shanee Cuevas Month ago
The tribute to Kim Porter was beautiful. Rest In Peace to a true queen!
Dezmond Harris
Dezmond Harris 22 days ago
Yes, she was! RIP
TA[P] Me!! To Have [S]EX With Me
This is how a music award show is supposed to be. Every single performance at the BET awards was fire. I love how each artist did a medley of their current hits. Chefs kiss
0nlyLivi Month ago
Someone auto tuned his mic he had the wrong mic he can sing actually…
SMT SMT Month ago
Everyone except Giveon’s non singing self
Alexandra Tonico
Alexandra Tonico 15 days ago
Performance was epic!!! Got to actually meet Shyne this weekend at an event and he was so sweet! Got to take pictures with him!
Tissa Price
Tissa Price Month ago
I was honored to share this moment with my babygirl. She's a 90's baby now she finally got to see the beautiful era her DNA was produced from when Music was Music!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Marie Robbins
Marie Robbins Month ago
I cried damn I was kid wen I was listening to them and it’s good to see everyone alive.
outspoken king
outspoken king Month ago
A moment like this is years too damn late...the wrong crowd is there. The audience shud be way more lit
Anna M
Anna M Month ago
So many industry kids don’t get to see their parents get their flowers while they’re alive. I love that Diddy’s kids get to see and celebrate this while they have him. Regardless of any controversies
Donatella Bartolo
Thank you BET you guys brought back to pure hip hop who pure legend thank you Sean Diddy Comes for your pure master and a legend thank for your music
Soñelle SoniSweetz Williams
THIS WAS EVERYTHING!!!! 🥰🙏🏾💪🏾 💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙
Arielle Month ago
I’m salty they didn’t cut the recorded verse for Kim’s part out. She doesn’t need any backing tracks! She was trying to create a moment when she came out! She caught it and still killed it though!
Cynthia Johnson
Cynthia Johnson Month ago
Love all of the performances and Lord the tribute to Kim Porter had me in tears
Dezmond Harris
Dezmond Harris 22 days ago
Rest in Peace
Rai Renee
Rai Renee Month ago
Besides MJ there really isn’t anyone that could surpass a Diddy celebration 💯💯👑🔥🔥 Ain’t no party like a Diddy party 🎉 🐐 WELL DESERVED 💯😍❤️
Rochell Barbara
Rochell Barbara Month ago
I’m crying 😭 Diddy put his heart and soul into the ending ☹️ RIP KIM
LaToya P
LaToya P Month ago
This performance was epic!!!
Global Ambler
Global Ambler Month ago
I love that Shyne took the opportunity to represent his country. I'm pretty sure he agreed to his performance on the basis of being able to promote Belize, the flag was a major indicator and his performance was great!
@joe Simmons no he’s not lol
Aitiana Smith
Aitiana Smith Month ago
@joe Simmons no, he's not even in the ruling party. He's in the opposition. But his goal is to become prime minister.
joe Simmons
joe Simmons Month ago
He's the prime minister...
B Haskins
B Haskins Month ago
A different generation of Music. Diddy deserved his flowers- good tribute.
Shacorya Michaels
HITS after HITS…. CLASSICS after CLASSICS…. Kim tribute was beautiful. Great job Diddy
Najerea 29 days ago
what a beautiful blessed moment in time ! that was LOVE on that stage; pure love !
Dori753 Month ago
throwback made my 90s heart happy as hell
Elite Hair Care USA
Shyne was hands down the best performance!!!!
Aijah Donyae
Aijah Donyae Month ago
came & ate IN A SUIT & TIE!!!
sher Vlog
sher Vlog Month ago
@Askiah Richardson lol 😂
sher Vlog
sher Vlog Month ago
Collie Jazz Jackson
@vava vogue 😅😅😂
SelfMade 128
SelfMade 128 Month ago
Naa busta
bofooit gojo
bofooit gojo Month ago
I keep running back Shyne's part. His presence keeps giving me chills.
Dezmond Harris
Dezmond Harris 22 days ago
Me, too!!
classykeys Month ago
Me too! 😂
Tanya Mitchell
Tanya Mitchell 26 days ago
Shyne is so elegant, we need more of his music.
Henry Howz
Henry Howz Month ago
What an emotional experience for me watching this performance from Diddy and Co. That last song would always stick.
Ruthie Adams
Ruthie Adams Month ago
That was Real Music! Only 80s babies understand! 😜✌🏾
DeyontaHopkins Official
That Kim Porter tribute really hit the heart man..I lost my mom in 2016. Seeing him pay tribute to her still to this day I know his children appreciate that. 🙏🏽 That he still loves their mother and cherish’s her. Memories are golden man. Money can be replaced, but time can’t.
@renaissanceman165 thank u so much
Yes and the hard thing about it is that my mother and I share the same birthday on July 26th. It's so hard celebrating without her.
Amen. My condolences for o all here who have lost a mother or a bed one. You never forget, always remember, and always want to share new memories, and experiences with them. God Bless!!!
@Ms.Southerngurl72 Amen. My condolences.
@Brachellie Joshua God bless u 🙏
Jessica-Silver Gonzalez
Iconic i cried at the last performance it was so beautiful
Talk2Neit Month ago
Shine ate! Excellent performance! Congrats Brother Diddy Love!
Jonag Deals
Jonag Deals Month ago
Kim Porter/ Biggie’s tribute gave me goosebumps!! 🙏🏾🕊
Clarissa Westbrook
Clarissa Westbrook 23 days ago
What a tribute if you I felt I was back in the golden age of music in the 90s! I'm glad Diddy is receiving his flowers.
Kxcouture Month ago
Being a 90s baby this performance had me so emotional. Who else was sobbing at the end ?! 😭 💙
bernadette D
bernadette D Month ago
The emotion in his voice at that end broke me
Tia Abdillahi
Tia Abdillahi Month ago
Only Diddy can bring KC and Jojo and Mary J and lil Kim and Faith Evans on the same stage
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