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asdfmovie1 animated by James 'GlassCake' Cunningham ( ru-vid.com/u-glasscake )
asdfmovie2 / asdfmovie2: deleted scenes / asdfmite animated by Edd 'Eddsworld' Gould ( ru-vid.com/u-eddsworld )
asdfmovie3 + 5 animated by Jamie 'RageNineteen' Spicer-Lewis ( ru-vid.com/u-ragenineteen )
asdfmovie4/6/7/deleted scenes/8/9/10/11/12/deleted scenes/13 animated by Ben 'Wonchop' Smallman ( ru-vid.com/u-WonchopAnimation )
Music by Todd 'LilDeuceDeuce' Bryanton ( ru-vid.com/u-LilDeuceDeuce )

For cast/additional credits, watch the actual asdfmovies, ya goober.

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asdfmovie1 0:00
asdfmovie2 1:28
asdfmovie2: deleted scenes 3:10
asdfmite 3:49
asdfmovie3 4:28
asdfmovie4 5:46
i like skyrims 7:11
asdfmovie5 7:17
asdfmovie6 8:38
asdfmovie7 10:10
asdfmovie: deleted scenes 11:40
asdfmovie8 13:38
asdfmovie9 15:17
asdfmovie10 16:55
asdfmovie11 18:53
it's muffin time! 21:04
asdfmovie12 21:13
asdfmovie12: deleted scenes 23:27
asdfmovie13 24:25
asdfcredits 26:31
asdfmerch 27:58


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Nov 5, 2020




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Comments 22 243
This series is slowly becoming an actual, full-length movie.
Ijaz Ali
Ijaz Ali Day ago
Imagine 1 and half hours of this... This...
Feena Hulnoss
Feena Hulnoss 7 days ago
@Windows 7 5
Sloth 16 days ago
@Windows 7 nope
Apple iCar from Pixar cars
It’ll only take at least 20 more years, you know because most movies are around an hour 30 minutes now
a platformer guy
a platformer guy 20 days ago
I never reply to comments, but that was legendary lol
Mr Nobody 101
Mr Nobody 101 Month ago
I never used to get a lot of these jokes when I was a kid, but I still found them funny. Though, looking back on asdfmovie when I’m older now makes it even more hilarious. Truly a timeless series.
yoinks 2 days ago
brrPlays 26 days ago
HEy BoSS 2 months ago
I noticed that the earlier versions got reanimated. This series really stood up against the test of time despite being made back in 2008.
BriccDud 15 days ago
I just realized lol.
Born To Climb
Born To Climb Month ago
✨ JELLY ✨ Dumlao
I just realized the difference oh my Lordy lord
Evan Cloud
Evan Cloud 2 months ago
Holy hell you are right. The animation for the beginning ones are different o.o
Amelia Dreemurr
Amelia Dreemurr 3 months ago
It's absolutely nuts to me that this was so relevant to the internet as a whole, that literally so many famous content creators got to take part in it. And now it's done, and new RU-vidrs who were kids growing up on RU-vid will know they missed out on something this great, and yet love it all the same.
Peter Fleming
Peter Fleming 14 days ago
Iran turn up front
Peter Fleming
Peter Fleming 14 days ago
A faint Iran do that
Peter Fleming
Peter Fleming 14 days ago
Everyone do that floor
Peter Fleming
Peter Fleming 14 days ago
F gwdt
Peter Fleming
Peter Fleming 14 days ago
Yoitsmybroskis 2 months ago
I still remember watching this series when I was 7-8. I’m *16* now and the nostalgia is almost killing me
Olivér Mercel
Olivér Mercel Month ago
Imagine this 5 years later It's getting worse
Tedds Year ago
Nobody appears to be pointing out the absolutely gorgeous HD remaster of the first few in the series. I would like to do so, because they are masterfully done. That audio is particularly crisp and lovely!
The Imposible Startery
The Imposible Startery
2:01 why
Matt Lobacz
Matt Lobacz Month ago
amy uzuki
amy uzuki Month ago
You look like a kid from class dismissed
Jeff Jackson
Jeff Jackson 2 months ago
シUnknown✘ 2 months ago
"Legends say he still punching this dudes salad." 5:15
*GACHA * TR33*
*GACHA * TR33* 16 days ago
rip them
Cirica Arthur
Cirica Arthur Month ago
"And the guy punching the salad is getting punched"
Chelsea Month ago
Awoken_PanMan9001 2 months ago
You ever wonder how TomSka feels whenever he has to compile *ALL* the asdfmovie videos *again?*
Atul Gautam
Atul Gautam Month ago
5:42 I love how after the train comes his face slightly turns into a smile😌
Klig Act
Klig Act Month ago
It is the I love train murderer
ToastPandaPlays 23 days ago
I love how people are generic but the furniture and objects are really detailed. “I can dream Harold!”
Moon Cat Studios
Moon Cat Studios 2 months ago
"I CAN *DREAM*, HAROLD!" Why does this series appeal to my broken sense of humor so perfectly?
lo-fi ROBOT Boy
lo-fi ROBOT Boy 6 days ago
This series owes a lot to Don Hertzfeldt. So much so that it feels like the dad-joke version of his work.
lo-fi ROBOT Boy
lo-fi ROBOT Boy 3 days ago
@AriLol Exactly. The ASDF stuff is a like a watered-down replica. Some of it's still funny but it lacks the brilliance and depth of the original.
AriLol 4 days ago
Yeah i can see the similarities. Although a lot of his work seems like it has more of a deep message behind it. And Asdf movie is way more lighthearted (ironically)
Arizona The Cat Lover
Deciding to rewatch the whole asdf series. Lmao this brings back memories
MightyMorphinMonty7 3 months ago
I remember recreating some of these scenes with my friends a few years ago. Great times
Pick A Flower?
Pick A Flower? 2 months ago
It has been 13 years since the first asdf movie. I still remember all of them
the bunniboi
the bunniboi 2 months ago
The amount of genius that went into writing this really shows you there are many more awesome UK filmakers and artists besides BBC tv's choice ones.
Smartmouth 04
Smartmouth 04 Month ago
I remember quoting these back and forth with a guy in like 6th grade all the time and it was our entire friendship
Mel southwell
Mel southwell Month ago
it's amazing to see how the animation has changed over the time!!!
emily barclay
emily barclay 4 months ago
It’s been 13 years since the first asdf movie and yet I somehow remembered all of it, like muscle memory
Kah278 2 months ago
Nah same. The guy really referenced annoying orange 13:10😂
Ariel Chapman
Ariel Chapman 2 months ago
Same but like 13 years wow.
Mason The Epic Weeb
Mason The Epic Weeb 2 months ago
@kid cola animations! its 6
Kylee Hinkley
Kylee Hinkley 2 months ago
senpapi 2 months ago
@emily barclay holy shitt, are we also going to talk about how kids born in 2014 are literally in 2nd grade (in America 2nd grade , they're first grade here )
Blarp248 Month ago
"the orphans, theyre all dead. what kind of a man would do this" i immediately thought of the blade
Turner Domingo
Turner Domingo Month ago
9:04 it’s been so long and this joke still gets me 😂
Clyric V
Clyric V 2 months ago
I've been watching it so many times!!! It still hilarious 🤣! I've shown my friends and they always laugh. Lol
Deon van der Berg
Deon van der Berg 2 months ago
Years later, I still have memories with my old friends when I was 10. Us quoting the hell out of this, dying of laughter while the other kids look at us like crazies. The dry comedy that we all secretly love 🤣 Rated: 12 ☆/0☆. The irrationality is called the asdf fraction.
military soldier
military soldier 6 months ago
"I like trains" is an phrase that will be forever be remembered
AriLol 4 days ago
@I am a stegosaurus like seriously I am. oh so it doe-Aaand you stole my lungs
Gaming christhecat1
Gaming christhecat1 4 months ago
500th like
Арсений Григорьев
I like trains
THEPENGUIN 5 months ago
The person that voiced the i like trains guy died in 2012
BummyDummy100 5 months ago
This joke is to take the hell out of autistic people
manrique rodriguez
manrique rodriguez 16 days ago
3:06 Legend has it that he is still waiting to eat his bagel
Jeffle0n 2 months ago
This brings back so much nostalgia of me and my friends being idiots and laughing at the "i like trains"
Titos 4 days ago
2:49 Fun fact: you seen that get used in almost every asdf movie ytp ever
The toy soldier with a little gun
Lol I remember I never found this funny in grade school but now I die laughing.
BlackLightAngel 2 months ago
Legend says he’s still punching the salad to this day.
MHPRODUCTIONS 55 2 months ago
Legend has it.... Demond is still on the moon all today and still wondering how he got there
tobias Willemsen
tobias Willemsen 2 months ago
I remember watching the first asdf movie with my friend, damn now I'm 19 🥴
TaylorFit Gamer
TaylorFit Gamer 26 days ago
God I haven’t watched these in ages, still fun to watch
Angela Marie Berdin
Proof that improvement exists in every aspect: This animation, despite having one of the simplest styles I've ever seen Look at that evolution
erik wagner
erik wagner 6 months ago
@Angela Marie Berdin I prefer Enigmatic Encoumter from the Last Breath fan game along with the FNF version of reality check through the skull
Angela Marie Berdin
Angela Marie Berdin 6 months ago
@brian kelly Chua It's a nice take, but it's not officially made as his theme. It's a remix of Tokyo Teddy Bear and Megalovania after all, and in the meantime, I'd prefer NyxtheShield's Brushwork as his theme. If ever SharaX makes a theme song meant for Ink, then I'll probably go for hers (I love a little bunch of her works)
brian kelly Chua
brian kelly Chua 6 months ago
Do you like tokyovania as ink's theme or nah
James Buchanan
James Buchanan 7 months ago
I'm going to do internet keyboard blows up
Alexandra Rivoire
Alexandra Rivoire 7 months ago
RiAMaU Month ago
Why is this still actually funny this many years later?!
Zinnia27 Month ago
"Congratulations! We got it back in." That part gets me every time lmao
TV-WSNO Snepsburgh Television
love to see how this guy started out here and now he's vibing with cool rivers and electric windmills in europe
Maximilian Rafael Angelo
BloxxingDinosaurus 7 months ago
"Wait, humor is now randomly generated?" *"Always has been."*
Royal Pain
Royal Pain 14 days ago
@Time Clock it’s a Veggietales reference
Time Clock
Time Clock 14 days ago
@Royal Pain what the f***
Royal Pain
Royal Pain Month ago
Ivy Rivera
Ivy Rivera Month ago
@ThatGuyHarry What?
Ria 6 months ago
lmaaoooo I laughed so hard at this random sh*t is the best lol
Jelly bean
Jelly bean 4 days ago
It’s not a mistake ✨ITS A MASTERPIECE ✨
Jonathan Easow
Jonathan Easow 9 days ago
You know how nostalgia makes you wanna cry. Well THIS nostalgia makes me wanna LAUGH!!!
WizBatPlays Month ago
Tomska, you made so many people's childhood so much funnier, I just now saw a Clip of an ASDF movie in a nostalgic video and it hit harder than anything else in the video, it made me realize how much I appreciate your effort to make us all laugh
oldmandomi 2 months ago
*thanks you for making my childhood the best
Stupidity Incarnate
we gonna ignore the fact that the audio is all crisp and clean, and the animation for the past movies is smooth and HD?
Anne3278 Year ago
benbuzzes Year ago
Yes, shhhhhhh. 😉
Lol it is pretty impressive actually
Korla Animates ✰
Yes we are
Black Photography
congrats tomska you have finally made it all the way to the top scenes and random wacky shit I have seen but keep this new movie I've never seen before
AmazingAmilia:] !
I like singing. I like dancing. I like trains. Gets me every time.
ミIɳƚҽɾɠαʅαƈƚιƈ Sραƈҽ Kιƚƚҽɳ ඏ
Behold, the most quotable series of shorts teenagers everywhere repeated since 2008... and I'm sure nobody within hearing range knew WTF they were talking about.
eliez106 2 months ago
20:39 The “doctor” sounds awfully familiar…
katie _cakey
katie _cakey 2 months ago
It'd theodd1sout
Sup#2.0 Year ago
This aged better than well.
Zachary 9 months ago
How did well age
P. W.
P. W. 9 months ago
Not at all haha
[Insert Channel Name]
This aged like the finest wine.
Damon Spiers
Damon Spiers 10 months ago
@Nathan Gi kjj
Ye i’m done posting videos
@Eloy Mikratos WE HAVE A WINNER
JackScout14 5 days ago
24:04, I lost my absolute mind when this clip showed.
Muffin rat 🐀🧁
Muffin rat 🐀🧁 2 months ago
This never gets old
Bruh man
Bruh man 22 days ago
I like to think of the first asdfMovie as the beginning of the batshit crazy stuff that happens in the asdf movies
Magic Cat
Magic Cat 14 days ago
Davin sounds like Markiplier. And you can’t change my mind.
StephLynn 8 months ago
25:26 is the most genuine cry of help I've ever heard and it always makes me laugh
Taddict37 13 days ago
8:39 after many years i realize that's markiplier's voice and that markiplier has done a lot of these skits
Emily Sinclair
Emily Sinclair 2 months ago
anyone else realizing that the muffin song is legit just a mashup of all most all of thees
CndrCommentary 2 months ago
This should be continued, it is hilarious
spacebutler29 Month ago
9:30 I laugh every time, exactly my humor
OrangeBoy Productions
I love how it comes full circle. Starts with “got your nose”, ends with “got your nose” with a twist!
CamTGM Year ago
I was going to say that lol
SithPenner Year ago
@Henry Amazeing oh no is this the end
Hln-a Month ago
my whole childhood series lol XD i really love this when i was a kid lol
eggman 2 months ago
3:22 the best anime scene I’ve ever seen
Sun Star 5000
Sun Star 5000 3 months ago
Man: Die potato! Potato: Nooooo… Kid: I like trains. Man: Oh no no no no wait… (Train horn sounds) (Kid smiles) 5:41
♡JellyXbearzz♡ 2 months ago
I watched this with a friend that lived in my neighborhood we were great friends he would come to my driveway and we would watch everything we could find of these
Symon Uy
Symon Uy Year ago
imagine : so many innocent lives lost just to create this timeless masterpiece.
Jocelynn Dotson
Jocelynn Dotson 2 months ago
don't forget the person that got a concussion falling down the stairs
Idiot That does stuff
@Prink PBJ true
Prink PBJ
Prink PBJ 11 months ago
@Moon true (Continue the chain)
Peacekeeper the Serenity Dragon
@Tamika Lonard 8
Tamika Lonard
Tamika Lonard Year ago
PwrTurtle42 2 months ago
Me: "Why won't you let me die?" Totally not a undercover muffin
Lasko Month ago
The gunman scene is absolutly legendary "Oohoho Im gonna stab ya"
Kookie Star
Kookie Star 2 months ago
22:15 (Honestly the best one from the 12th episode) "You're fired!" "You can't fire me, I quit!" "You can't quit, I quit!" "You can't quit, you're a frog!" "You can't frog me, you're my wife!" "I'm not your wife, you're MY wife!" "Oh hey honey, how was work?" "Pretty good but I quit my job" "YOU CAN'T QUIT YOUR JOB YOU'RE FIRED!" "AAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!"
Nixie 2 months ago
Some guy on the internet
1:38 "I like singing!" "I like dancing!" "I like TRAINS"
kawaipatachouu 11 months ago
Cake: wants to live Muffin: wants to die Waffle: has brain damage Marshmallow: pleads guilty
Kid: Wants to be a pie
spongebob popsicles taste good
@nihal then just breathe
someone 3 months ago
Waffle sed hes maouth tas lik teeth
Jared Ray
Jared Ray 3 months ago
You forgot the potato too.
Bree Knot
Bree Knot 3 months ago
David shores420
David shores420 2 months ago
I love how Markiplier is in this multiple times
✨Duckie✨ Month ago
i want 28 minutes and 42 seconds of my life back.
GlowstoneLove Pad
GlowstoneLove Pad 2 months ago
Funniest moments (asdfmovie8 and after): 15:06 16:45 18:39 19:20 21:46 26:23
Cotton kitty
Cotton kitty Month ago
This whole entire video was so funny
5:28 I can confirm, this is how us women act.
Ace Bow and Aro :) she\her
What the hell is this nonsense I have just discovered? Don’t get me wrong I love it.
TofuDaTurtle Month ago
This is one of those videos you almost never search for but you pretty much always watch every time it shows in your recomened
Neighborhood Simp
Looking back at this from a couple years ago I can see where my humor came from
Maddox 11 months ago
@ThatOneAnimator - Official hah. Thats funny
catgirl Year ago
Carlo Walther
Carlo Walther Year ago
Yeah Astf is funny
Windows98Geek Year ago
Ollie Is Tall
Its basically a Skit that's jokes.
Ice bear
Ice bear Month ago
This part I nearly broke my jaw and laughed so hard like a demon (or… does that count) 4:45
crazy man
crazy man Month ago
I just rewatched this after years
Craig Daly
Craig Daly Day ago
6:29 it should be in the next asdfmovie!
James Williams
Random person: If I upload all of the asdfmovies in one compilation, I'll get a ton of views! Tomska/DarkSquidge: I am 4 parallel universes ahead of you.
Eagle Go Fly
Eagle Go Fly Year ago
Cormick Green
Cormick Green Year ago
Gabriel Rivers
I guess that’s how it works
Fama Year ago
Level up
August TinsleyYT
I remember one of the fan made compilations was taken down from tomska
Jack DarkLight
Jack DarkLight 2 months ago
This is the embodiment of taking things way too far
𝒾𝓉𝒷𝑒𝒾𝓍𝒶𝒷𝑒𝓁 ♡
“I AM PUNCHING YOUR SALAD!!!!” “NAAAAAAAAAAW-“ Leaves me in tears every single time 😂😂😂
Tasoq Month ago
7:33 Whenever I read/see a scene like that, I think of this 😂
Kaijinn Animations
Kaijinn Animations 2 months ago
I love how asdfmovie made dad jokes funny
Viper631 Year ago
The "whats behind your ear" one has to be my favorite. Also the opposite day one. Sooooo many memes from that one alone
DuccEatBred Gaming
@Meeper The Doge yep
Meeper The Doge
@JakeGamingGessy are there actually people seeing these for the first time here? shame
Meeper The Doge
hey whats behind your ear? its... nothing.
F.M.T Year ago
But it's opposite day
Eva Wilson [1308O-S]
2:37 me in school when i gotta read a paragraph from the text
Trouble marker
Trouble marker 27 days ago
I’m still watching this after a year 😌
D Was here
D Was here 2 months ago
During the pointless button scene, one of my apps failed, and it was perfectly times with the push of the button. He pushed the pointless button, and i got an app failure on my screen.
é Month ago
the best 28 minutes of my life
Eric TheBro
Eric TheBro 7 months ago
This comedy is inexplicable, random, strange, and fascinating in the sense that it is nonsense incarnate. AND I LOVE IT. edit: Good lord this is my most liked comment! Thanks, guys!
F4E phantom II
F4E phantom II 4 months ago
This is an early stage of 21st century humor
Patricia Townsend
Patricia Townsend 6 months ago
I Love It
Mmmmmmmmmm Mmmmmmm **more mmmmms**
Tom Dack
Tom Dack 6 months ago
Hmm Yes
Hmm Yes 6 months ago
AmazingAmilia:] !
6:55 I love this scene
aziz maken
aziz maken 18 days ago
I love the asdf movie! :D
HD SpongeBob SquarePants Content
So much nostalgia.
cat in a forest 1212
When the guy says has tie is evil I love the face he makes after the person walks away from him
supaFD07 Year ago
Oh yeah this is the ULTIMATE asdf collection.
thatone meme
thatone meme Year ago
The spider King
For now
Tenguツ Year ago
There is another
Laura Cairney
Laura Cairney Year ago
Until asdf movie 14
Lauren Chandler
No this is asdf movie themed smash ultimate + dlc
Akın Month ago
6:40 still the funniest random shit in this series
В і ш н ё в а я
This is a work of art
Prime YT
Prime YT Month ago
16:54 Dark humour is the way some people cope with tragedy
Fun Facts & F**k-Ups #CONTENT
The First Phineas Drawing