ASTEROID CITY Trailer (2023) Tom Hanks, Scarlett Johansson 

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ASTEROID CITY Trailer (2023) Tom Hanks, Scarlett Johansson, Wes Anderson, Margot Robbie, Adrien Brody
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Mar 28, 2023




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Comments : 1 680   
TimeBucks 2 months ago
They are like moving vintage postcards
Prajju vlogs
Prajju vlogs 2 months ago
Very nice
Priya Khandare
Priya Khandare 2 months ago
Prosenjit Ghari
Prosenjit Ghari 2 months ago
Very good
Nazish Parveen
Nazish Parveen 2 months ago
Very good
Winnie Wamalwa
Winnie Wamalwa 2 months ago
lego4virgo 2 months ago
This is the most Wes Anderson trailer for a Wes Anderson movie that was ever Wes Anderson'ed.
Sonny Chapman
Sonny Chapman 2 months ago
i hope it is more wes anderson than french dispatch, even though i thought it was impossible
Nick Dorenkamp
Nick Dorenkamp 2 months ago
You can say that again
Forest Z
Forest Z 2 months ago
I feel like maybe he’s just trolling us now :P
Buzz Covington
Buzz Covington 2 months ago
Except no Owen Wilson or Bill Murray, so not even a Wes Anderson movie.
David Cameron
David Cameron 2 months ago
EXACTLY what I came to say 😂
Stanley 2 months ago
Love how Wes Anderson frames his shots. It is like a comic book.
TheClayBearTravels 2 months ago
yep, the camera and camera man doesn't really exist in his movies
Woozlewuzzleable 2 months ago
It's official, Wes is going to direct for Marvel.
TheClayBearTravels 2 months ago
@Woozlewuzzleable at this point Marvel has nothing to lose
Raphaël Borg
Raphaël Borg 2 months ago
@TheClayBearTravels It's Wes who's losing something here, Marvel get one of the best directors of his generation and he clearly won't have all the creative liberty he's used to work with
Mr.Battinson 2 months ago
definitely not like a comic book
injoy inmyself
injoy inmyself 2 months ago
From the colour aesthetics to the way Wes arranges objects, people, elements in the scene and fully utilizing the wide screen format and the story line , it just Delicious and a wonderful escape from this crazy world .
H L 2 months ago
I was thinking the same thing
Chuck Stark
Chuck Stark Month ago
That's the whole idea.
E Bo
E Bo 2 months ago
You know what I would love? A Wes Anderson theme park based on his movies. I don’t know how that would work, but I bet it would be wonderful.
TheClayBearTravels 2 months ago
Wes Anderson Con
TheClayBearTravels 2 months ago
Or should we call it RushmoreCon
The 6th sha ali
The 6th sha ali 2 months ago
Well his style is postmodernism, his style is basically 1890s, 1920s, 1950s 60s late 1980s mid 90s, and early 2000s
Bruce Hartford
Bruce Hartford 2 months ago
I agree with you. Here's what Chat GPT came up with- Rides: 1. The Royal Tenenbaum Roller Coaster: A quirky, fast-paced roller coaster that takes riders through the eccentric world of the Tenenbaum family, featuring key locations and characters from the movie. 2. The Darjeeling Express Train Ride: A scenic train ride that transports guests through the beautiful Indian landscapes from the movie, while incorporating elements of adventure and self-discovery. 3. The Fantastic Mr. Fox Treetop Adventure: A family-friendly, suspended ride where guests navigate through the tree canopies in the world of Mr. Fox, encountering animatronic woodland creatures along the way. 4. Moonrise Kingdom River Rafting: A thrilling water ride set in the movie's wilderness, where riders navigate through river rapids, overcoming obstacles and exploring the enchanting world of Sam and Suzy's love story. 5. Grand Budapest Hotel Elevator Drop: A thrilling drop tower set in the iconic Grand Budapest Hotel, where guests experience the thrill of a high-speed elevator drop while immersed in the quirky and colorful world of the film. Attractions: 1. The Life Aquatic Submarine Experience: An interactive walkthrough attraction where guests explore a detailed replica of the Belafonte submarine from "The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou," including animatronic marine life and interactive exhibits. 2. Isle of Dogs Puppet Workshop: A hands-on attraction where guests can learn about stop-motion animation, create their own canine puppets inspired by the movie, and bring them to life through stop-motion techniques. 3. The French Dispatch Newsroom: An immersive, interactive exhibit where guests step into the world of journalism by exploring the French Dispatch newsroom, participating in storytelling activities, and meeting costumed characters from the movie. 4. Rushmore Academy: A multi-room, interactive experience where guests can participate in activities inspired by Max Fischer's many extracurricular clubs, such as beekeeping, fencing, or theater. Restaurants: 1. Mendl's Patisserie: A delightful bakery and café inspired by "The Grand Budapest Hotel," serving pastries, desserts, and light fare, all presented with the signature whimsy and attention to detail found in Wes Anderson's films. 2. The Whitman Brothers' Indian Cuisine: A themed restaurant based on "The Darjeeling Limited," offering a fusion of traditional Indian dishes and contemporary twists, set in an atmospheric and intricately designed dining space. 3. The Society of the Crossed Keys: A fine dining experience inspired by "The Grand Budapest Hotel," where guests can enjoy an elegant, multi-course meal in a setting reminiscent of the film's luxurious hotel. Movie Theaters: 1. The Zissou Cinema: A small, intimate theater that showcases Wes Anderson's movies, as well as behind-the-scenes footage, interviews, and documentaries about the making of his films. 2. The Moonrise Kingdom Outdoor Theater: An open-air cinema set in a picturesque natural setting, where guests can enjoy classic Wes Anderson movies under the stars. Store: 1. The Wes Anderson Boutique: A unique, themed gift shop where guests can purchase exclusive merchandise inspired by Wes Anderson's films, including clothing, accessories, home décor, and memorabilia. The shop itself is designed with the same meticulous attention to detail and color palettes characteristic of Anderson's films.
Ian Butler
Ian Butler 2 months ago
@Bruce Hartford If you build it, they will come
Lori 2 months ago
I absolutely LOVE Wes Anderson films. They are like moving vintage postcards.
thi kim
thi kim 2 months ago
BluebellBeatnik 5 days ago
this is the best way it has been put. yes.
saliiCzar 2 months ago
My favorite part about Wes’ movies is how well he knows and uses his actors. That last scene with Jason Schwartzman was hilarious.
Lady Vengeance
Lady Vengeance 2 months ago
So true! It’s bizarre to me that Wes Anderson seems to be the only director to understand Schwartzman’s talent. Hugely underrated comic performer.
CynAnne1 2 months ago
Well, Jason's always been "...a little bit...'different', ya know?" 😂
Ian Armstrong
Ian Armstrong 2 months ago
A snooze fest
Carter Sims
Carter Sims 2 months ago
The timing, the blocking, the authorial framing. I've been studying his style for years. Grateful for this new addition to an iconic career
TippyHippy 2 months ago
I put my hamster in a sock and slammed it against the furniture.
Valeria Ferriera
Valeria Ferriera 2 months ago
@TippyHippy the icons making the $$ while the end wont matter anyways ...as much there are movies and the pure HUMANS F S A F K FK brutal END ||| who is counting ?
VideoAmericanStyle 2 months ago
Kind of the same thing, over and over. It was clever and fresh 25 years ago…now it’s sort of parody.
Carter Sims
Carter Sims 2 months ago
@VideoAmericanStyle reminds me of the 86th marvel installment lol
GreenLightMe 2 months ago
he's a PARODY of himself now. None of it's real, or interesting.
Mark Thompson
Mark Thompson 2 months ago
Thanks to Wes Anderson for keeping the art of cinema alive (in an ever increasing world of popcorn flicks)!
ChatGPT 2 months ago
This looks absolutely incredible thank you!
k 2 months ago
Howdy fake chhat gpt
Christopher Penney
Christopher Penney 2 months ago
ChatGPT, write us a screenplay for a Alien vs Predator 3 directed by Wes Anderson starring Bill Murray.
Angus Orvid
Angus Orvid 2 months ago
@Christopher Penney Ha Ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jomskylark 2 months ago
Honestly it looks absolutely terrible but I'm glad there's an audience that will enjoy this lol
illProX 2 months ago
I love how the dialogue is always delivered in his films. I woulda LOVED to see Clooney in this. The way he spoke in Up In The Air would be great for a character here.
Kostis T.
Kostis T. 2 months ago
There's always Fantastic Mr Fox.
REAL Retail Co.
REAL Retail Co. 2 months ago
It would be like that oldie where they escaped prison
Fabio Oliveira
Fabio Oliveira 2 months ago
@Kostis T. which is to this day my absolutely favorite of his (anderson)
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Trina Baker
Trina Baker 2 months ago
Felyx Millicent
Felyx Millicent 2 months ago
Wes can always pull together a phenomenal cast. 🔥 It looks great.💯
Kyle Aldrich
Kyle Aldrich 2 months ago
I would imagine being in one of his films is such a delight for his cast, how could they say no?
TW Ray
TW Ray 2 months ago
The cast alone has me wanting to see this.
Jason Kelly
Jason Kelly 2 months ago
its always the same cast.
Ben Wasserman
Ben Wasserman 2 months ago
This is exactly what i dreamed a Wes Anderson sci-fi movie would look like. The man’s trailers could easily double as parodies.
The Rest Of Us
The Rest Of Us 2 months ago
The older Wes Anderson gets the more Wes Anderson he becomes.
Cinétiste 2 months ago
...as it does to The Rest Of Us.
Caitlin Frawley
Caitlin Frawley 2 months ago
Wes Anderson is such a unique film maker. I love that Tom Hanks and Scarlett Johannsson are working together. I love this trailer.
Elizabeth Ann Hanks
Hello ma’am I really appreciate your love and support for my dad’s movie careers thanks for the love ❤️ ❤😊
Taylor Corlett
Taylor Corlett 2 months ago
I really appreciate this style of humor. Wes Anderson has such a unique way of film making. Dry humor and a great cast. This looks like another hit in my books.
Charles Hagen
Charles Hagen 2 months ago
trailer has been over for two minutes and I am still smiling. Love it!
Prism 2 months ago
I knew this was a Wes Anderson film before they even showed his name. His style is so incredibly unique. From the cast to his style of filming. Very excited for this!
What brings me Peace
Oh I'm so glad this appears to have a cohesive plot. I've loved all Wes Anderson films except the French Dispatch which didn't engage my emotions at all. It was too episodic. This looks amazing and I adore the fashion from that era. Bring it on!
Himanshu Dudi
Himanshu Dudi 2 months ago
another gem from Wes Anderson . you can easily point out its his movie with its signature style of movie making
Richard Carter
Richard Carter 2 months ago
I think Wes Anderson has to be the number 1 in the world for putting together the most incredible cast. He can pretty much attract whoever he wants…
Grayden Day
Grayden Day 2 months ago
It's like the Wes Anderson-verse Avengers Endgame.
Daniel San
Daniel San 2 months ago
Close but I'd give that honor to Tarantino. I've heard several A listers, Pitt and Leo for ex., say that the only director they will automatically read any script that he might send them without question no matter what. Love him or hate him, QT is the Director of choice to hopefully work with for a majority of hollywood.
Heather Campbell
Heather Campbell 2 months ago
Wes Anderson finally did a full-on parody of himself!!! 😂❤
Elizabeth Ann Hanks
Hello ma’am I really appreciate your love and support for my dad’s movie careers thanks for the love ❤️ ❤😊
Ethan_gCLIPS 2 months ago
I’m really digging this new style of movies doing like a alternative past that is way more ahead in tech
Ptao Tom
Ptao Tom 2 months ago
This looks amazing and I adore the fashion from that era. Bring it on!
Dave Fisher
Dave Fisher 2 months ago
Wes Anderson really knows how to get a bunch of good actors for an all-star cast
Dean Dsouza
Dean Dsouza 2 months ago
Honestly, if anyone could pull off a movie in pandemic/ quarantine /lockdown situation, it would be Wes Anderson. His style fits the shots and the locations are usually set pieces
Brandon Croker
Brandon Croker 2 months ago
This looks charming as heck and I cannot wait for it.
Rainflowers 2 months ago
Can't wait to see this, loving the setting/colours/look of it.
bonnie fox
bonnie fox 2 months ago
we our SOOOO excited for this film to come to theaters!!
RK 2 months ago
I knew it was Wes Anderson within 3 seconds of this trailer. Love him or hate him... he is definitely his own person as a filmmaker.
Carol Walker
Carol Walker 2 months ago
I loved the colors, actors, music, and everything! I’ll watch the movie! ❤❤❤❤
O'hara 2 months ago
This had Wes written all over it 5 seconds in. Love it!
Aussie Marcel
Aussie Marcel 2 months ago
Genuinely glad to see Jason Schwartzman in a more significant role. He's such an underappreciated actor! Bored To Death was incredible (still hoping for a movie).
Reese Graham
Reese Graham 2 months ago
All the actors and actress in this is ridiculous. So much good talent I'm excited for this!
LongoTV 2 months ago
Wow! What. A. Cast! I can't wait to watch this and have zero clue of what is happening and still love every second of it!
fairdesful 2 months ago
I get the sense that the Tom Hanks character was actually written with Bill Murray in mind.
Joe C
Joe C 2 months ago
Agreed, I looked up that the actors and crew were sequestered for Covid, and Murray contracted it before he could shoot his scenes.
Melissa A.
Melissa A. 2 months ago
Looks absolutely amazing! Can't wait to see it.
Steven Rosenfield
Steven Rosenfield 2 months ago
The cast is outrageous. Looks cool!
Alex Zivkovic
Alex Zivkovic 2 months ago
Love Wes Anderson's quirky films.
weaponized glitter☣️
Me too. Fantastic Fox And Grand Budapest Hotel are my favorites so far
Anders Green
Anders Green 2 months ago
♥ Wes Anderson: when you want to see a real film, not just a movie.
Shane Cameron
Shane Cameron 2 months ago
I would disagree but art is subjective. So each to their own.
Stacey Reynolds
Stacey Reynolds 2 months ago
All that film and you used it to record cardboard sets. Weird.
Robert Mills
Robert Mills 2 months ago
You know a Wes Anderson movie as soon as you see it......this looks great!
TaLa - Fails
TaLa - Fails 2 months ago
Oh I'm glad this seems to have a coherent plot. I love all of Wes Anderson's movies except "The French Contingent", which didn't touch my emotions at all. This is so accidental. This looks amazing and I love the fashion of that era. bring it on!
Lana Cease Watercolor Arts
I still have no idea what this movie is supposed to be about. But I want to see it... I love that aesthetic
InAniméte 2 months ago
Looks brilliant, Schwartzman looks divine and it could be a return to a more unusual Rushmore type film for Anderson, so excited
Paul Leverton
Paul Leverton 2 months ago
If this film is only half as good as The Grand Budapest Hotel, I'd happily stand in line all night to ensure buying a ticket to see it. Wes is a filmmakers filmmaker. Just look at the list of top level stars at the zenith of their careers. Every one of them will have turned down leading roles with much higher pay checks for maybe ten speaking lines in this Wes Anderson movie. That's how valued he is by the professionals of the Hollywood dream making machine - the movie industry adored by the world.
Jackie-boy 2 months ago
It feels like a weird live action cross between isle of dog and Mr. Fantastic Fox, and I kinda like it
TIGHT TIGHT TIGHT 2 months ago
Never saw a Wes Anderson movie until I saw Grand Budapest Hotel late last year. Then proceeded to watch all of his movies in about a week. Can't wait for this!
Matt Gabe
Matt Gabe 2 months ago
I could watch a Wes Anderson film every year for the rest of my life
nope nope
nope nope 2 months ago
I always look forward to a new Wes Anderson Film! My fav of all time was Isle of Dogs. ❤
DOYLERULES69X 2 months ago
This is the type of movie I'll go to the theater for.
Steve C
Steve C 2 months ago
Maybe I'm just old, but this felt like ground glass against my face. I hope you'z people enjoy it.
Rich B
Rich B 2 months ago
I feel you. His last movie was like that too. I feel like it's for arty pretentious people who like to feel superior.
ILoveBeingAGamer 2 months ago
It is insane how easy it was to tell this is a Wes Anderson movie. Not that its a bad thing, but the shot in a lot of the scenes reminds me so much of Isle of Dogs and Fantastic Mr. fox.
CynAnne1 2 months ago
Gamer - FMF is one of the best movies...the story, the puppetry, the spot-on punchlines delivered by the best actors and actresses currently living - I could go on (and on), but I'll just say I *never* turn down a chance to watch Foxy and Badger 'cuss each other'. 😉
Darrin Brunner
Darrin Brunner 2 months ago
Sheesh, look at all the stars on that list, everyone wants to be in a Wes Anderson movie. Matt Dillon, he never fails to entertain, even if his role is small.
Bryan Riel
Bryan Riel 2 months ago
Loving this cast! Can’t wait!
Kenbie Mac
Kenbie Mac 2 months ago
Within the first 3 seconds...Wes Anderson. Looks amazing as ever! Can't wait to see it.
Fahad Zaidi
Fahad Zaidi 2 months ago
This will be the movie of the year.. Can't wait to watch this one! What an incredible cast that is.
j f
j f 2 months ago
What’s the movie about? I’m so confused it gives me nope vibes and I hated that movie.
Benjamin Short
Benjamin Short Month ago
Every single Wes movie is the exact same and I love them all
Kendall Jones
Kendall Jones 2 months ago
Love the esthetic. Modern cinema suffers from trying to tell too many people's stories instead of telling one person's story or one story from multiple perspectives. I always worry about that with one of these ensemble cast jobs, but I trust Wes Anderson, and every member of this cast is famous precisely because they can actually act. I will definitely be supporting this in the theater.
DylanMulvaneyPsyop 2 months ago
David Posey
David Posey 2 months ago
I’ve only seen one Wes Anderson movie, & that was Life Aquatic. This movie looks interesting, I may try to see it in theaters this summer. Lots of amazing actors in this movie
Vituke 2 months ago
Anyone else get the urge to watch again all his previous movies, after seeing this trailer?
david trainor
david trainor 2 months ago
Every scene looks like a postcard or a billboard, I like it!
James Dean
James Dean 2 months ago
This whole trailer looked like a Norman Rockwell painting and I love it!
DirtyDinner64 2 months ago
From the first shot in this trailer you can tell this is a Wes Anderson film. No other director’s films are so instantly recognizable.
Lorenzo Melendez Muñoz
Esta muy bueno el trailer, Wes Anderson hace muy buenas peliculas, viendo esa misma gráfica es algo similar a la pelicula "El gran hotel budapest"
Mar7Mac7 2 months ago
This was filmed beautifully. Definitely checking it out.
Ralphieboy 2 months ago
Its like they got all the Wes Anderson tropes and planted them in Anderson's dream - inception style. Genius!
stateniland 2 months ago
In pretty much all of his films, you could take any single frame and learn so much about the characters or plot. And it all comes down to how Wes uses color.
Mathew Schueller
Mathew Schueller 2 months ago
I like the look of this. I don’t know about the story, but I really like the aesthetics.
Simon Salatandre
Simon Salatandre 2 months ago
I'm punching my ticket for Best Production Design at next year's Oscars. 😎
Chris Mc
Chris Mc 2 months ago
it looks like it is a broadway play
Soearadiri 2 months ago
Can't believe I'm going to be in an era where the name Tom Hanks is not a big deal anymore
Matt O'Neill
Matt O'Neill 2 months ago
I feel like every Wes Anderson movie at this point is a catalog for clothing and interior accessories. It doesn’t matter what the movie is about. It’s always just a vehicle for a color palette and a style. ‘Asteroid City’ is the spring 2023 catalog.
WIDE AWAKE 2 months ago
A new Anderson film is always exciting.
Will Anderson
Will Anderson 2 months ago
I love Wes Anderson's movies...The Aquatic Life of Steve Zizou is awesome...The Royal Tenenbaum's is classic.
Stubbz 2 months ago
I dont know why, but I love how this film is shot.
Paul Borron IV
Paul Borron IV 2 months ago
My year is almost made. A new Wes Anderson movie is coming out and he finally got Tom Hanks in one of them.
Cabé 2 months ago
Hanks has been to Epstein Island you know...
Paul L
Paul L 2 months ago
​@Cabé Tim Honks? No way.
RAD 1979
RAD 1979 2 months ago
The cast in this movie is incredible.
Maynard's Spaceship
Maynard's Spaceship 2 months ago
I don't know that the hell's happening, but this certainly is gorgeous.
Bathara Rangga
Bathara Rangga 2 months ago
Another wes anderson movie??!!! HELL YEAH!
Rosemary McMullin
Rosemary McMullin 2 months ago
Very Mid Century clothes/setting, right down to the colouring of the filming. Visually love it!!!!
gina campana
gina campana 2 months ago
Has a “Grand Budapest Hotel” vibe. Which, by the way, is another great Wes Anderson film.
Jason Canby
Jason Canby 2 months ago
I'm a simple man. Whenever Wes Anderson releases a new movie, I'm there
Elise 2 months ago
His shots and choice of color palette are so iconic, I just knew it was Wes Anderson
Brandy Posey
Brandy Posey 2 months ago
OMGosh!! LOVE Wes Anderson movies ❤ and yes, typical Wes movie trailer lol 😂
047Kenny 22 days ago
I am so excited for this!
qwickiller 2 months ago
Wes always makes interesting movies
Lori Rilling
Lori Rilling 2 months ago
Ahh! Wes Anderson, I cannot miss it
fran ward-jones
fran ward-jones 2 months ago
Dear Lord…..had no idea this was even in production…..love Wes, can’t wait to see it…what a cast not including the usual suspects of course
Arthur Eames
Arthur Eames 2 months ago
We are also getting a second Wes film in 2023!
fran ward-jones
fran ward-jones 2 months ago
Well this is what I'd call a 'Red Letter' year!
MarkTaylorAuthor 2 months ago
I was watching this with no sound, and said, ah a new Wes Anderson film. I’m in!
Curtis Daniel
Curtis Daniel 2 months ago
So looking forward to seeing this!😊
Selene 2 months ago
I don't know what that is but it looks AMAZING. Also, great cast!
DrLovesLearning 2 months ago
I am so excited to see a new Wes Anderson movie! :-)
Whatt! 2 months ago
Moonrise Kingdom was a disgrace
Todd Douglas
Todd Douglas 2 months ago
Toothpaste colors in the ‘50s with bubblegum wrap all over the countertop but neat of course. Each cast member said to themselves “run don’t walk” to be in this film. Everyone is awaiting a rose for their portrayal. And, the aliens are sitting on the edge of their spaceships to find out if they are in the cameos or just the outtakes.
ShannonIonaFaith 2 months ago
It’s giving Sims 2 strangetown vibes 😅 can’t wait!
NimNoms 2 months ago
Love to see Wes expand his usual, already amazing , cast with some new faces (at least for his movies), like Tom Hanks and Steve Carrell!
Henry Tilley
Henry Tilley 2 months ago
This looks like his masterpiece out of all his masterpieces.
Nephilim DMC
Nephilim DMC 13 days ago
Vintage throwback movies are a thing again not just for the B grade
Coyley 2 months ago
I chortled all the way through this. The way the characters speak and the camera moves reminded me of Isle of Dogs. Can't wait to see this.
alias fakename
alias fakename 2 months ago
Love that one, I've watched it a few times
teacup mvox
teacup mvox 2 months ago
You said chortle
Z1REF 2 months ago
i love how they created the train scene by using a toy train in a set :D
Bruce Hartford
Bruce Hartford 2 months ago
The candy color grading on this is absolutely delicious. It wants to be watched on a giant screen.
crimsonraen 2 months ago
I so look forward to this one! Sooooo good!
The French Dispatch