BARÇA 3-2 CELTA | LALIGA 2023/24 MD6 

FC Barcelona
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A simply extraordinary last few minutes see three late goals turn what was looking like painful defeat into the most glorious of victories. #LaLigaHighlights
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Sep 22, 2023




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Comments : 2.3K   
@FCBarcelona 2 months ago
@xlkevin7401 2 months ago
Good Barcelona
@montana17___ 2 months ago
@modoundiaye3235 2 months ago
@barcadztv 2 months ago
ريمونتادا ملحمية في سبع دقائق
@hessami9655 2 months ago
@Harzexe 2 months ago
Lewandowski attitude was a prime example of winner's mentality. After scoring both goals he ran back to the middle, showing his teammates to hurry up and start the game as fast as possible. He knew that come back is possible if you believe in it.. and it happened 😊
@Michael.De.Santa_ 2 months ago
@deadstringdtd7726 2 months ago
The best that could happened to Barcelona was signing Lewan, once he arrived everything started to run better, obviously thanks to Laporta and Xavi too
@Alfazza938 2 months ago
@@deadstringdtd7726 Laporta is masterpiece. When he comeback Barca stopped recruiting players at high prices but then flop. the recruitment from laporta and xavi seems always on fire and low price. I remember Barca was suffering cause of coutinho, grrizi, and dembele 💩
@ziaulhaqqadri631 2 months ago
@@Alfazza938 Laporta is doing a hundred times better than Bartomeu who ruined this club and is the reason Messi was forced to leave and why barca suffered for so many years.
@gopis7073 2 months ago
@@ziaulhaqqadri631 so messi the problem ryt ....wtf u r talking
@sajmon8857 2 months ago
Lewy 35 and still one of the best strikers... this man is a MACHINE !
@check2000 2 months ago
lewy > kane
​@@check2000that's facts, Lewangoalski is build for finishing 💪
@FouriousBear 2 months ago
Lewy has 28 tropherys won and kane 0 😂😂😂😂 but english still thinks kane is better than Lewy 😅😅
@sajmon8857 2 months ago
@@FouriousBear Yea typical English fans... everyone knows that Lewy is better he wins Fifa and Uefa player of the year, he wins A LOT TROPHIES... what Kane wins ??? Lmao
@johnfrankster3244 2 months ago
Should have won the balon dor over messi tbh the last couple of times. The trophy is so fking corrupt lol.
@F0MCtrader 2 months ago
nobody is talking about the weight of the pass from Raphina, but good on Cancelo for taking such position. All of the assist were very very crucial
@iTookYourSocks20 2 months ago
@shley9915 2 months ago
​@@iTookYourSocks20pre assist from raphina on second goal
@user-gs3oo6hs7e 2 months ago
and they say even less about Yamal, it was his exit that allowed Celta’s defense to be pulled apart and because of this half-flanks appeared
Brawo Robercik👏, po drugiej bramie machnął po chłopaków, piłka na środek i polecieli po trzeciego gola 🤜🤛😃
The finished that Lewandowski has executive first is absolutely world class
ROBERT LEWANDOWSKI - he is the one who saves us everytime still people manage to blame him if he goes on without scoring for 2 games the fanbase must evolve and change their mindset about this gr8 striker who sacrificed a lot to play for our club.
@jjnn9208 2 months ago
@waitwhat1964 2 months ago
agree. fans expect him to be like Haaland. 1 goal every match.
@rakimdalida3884 2 months ago
Great comeback but let's not overlook Ter Steggen and Romeu keeping us in the game.
@IqbalMahmood36 2 months ago
Joao’s bringing instant impact to the team 😍
@thibault335 2 months ago
WHAT A COMEBACK in 8 minutes, epic Remontada so proud of our team ! Thank you Lewandowski and Cancelo ! Visca Barça 💙❤️
@khingsammy8841 2 months ago
Romeu oriol underrated
@Kalbeat_production 2 months ago
Lewa 😎😎
@@khingsammy8841definitely Best player of our first half
@khingsammy8841 2 months ago
@@saadatalimithani1336 yh bro
@ilyaxs_254 2 months ago
​@@khingsammy8841cancelo is the goat
@MrSukesh97 2 months ago
What a game boys, showing your hunger to win ! Kudos to Lewandowski ,Cancelo and Felix, they saved our ass today. My man Gavi, what a mentality. Though Pedri has the footballing knowledge and elegance, I feel gavi is a player that every club desires, fighting for the badge and keeping the teammates attitude and mentality always up !
@MateuszDudek-rx2he 2 months ago
Lewy still does not get many passes. In some matches it seemed to me that for some reason team mates do not want to pass to him even though he is in a clear position. I remember how Thomas Muller was joking on Barca: "I was told they bought the Goal machine but we are wise not to add the manual on how to use it." Manual is very simple Lewy needs passes into the box❤
@stefanbednarz4192 2 months ago
Exactly! Very well said.
@realtd8360 2 months ago
100% agree
@polinamaurou78 2 months ago
100% agree a goalscorer like lewy needs passes into the box and then he will do his job just like against celta in saturday. In bayern everyone feeded him much more often and he was breaking every goal record its simple 🤜🤛🔥🔥🔥
@IkiMan_EdiTs 2 months ago
Pure explanation on lewandowski not showing up in the scoreboard
@heldercorreiamusic 2 months ago
Até agora estou a chorar com o passe do João Félix , esse miúdo é um astro . ❤️
@justanotherrealtor 2 months ago
Lewandowski and Cancelo were great, but let's talk about that assist from Gavi. Man 🔥🔥
Xavi school 🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐
@ramontabora3749 2 months ago
And that assist from Felix was a show
@mohammedhridoy2611 2 months ago
Gavi must never be played as a LW. He's full talent is only unleashed when he's a CM
@dantekratos5395 2 months ago
This game reminded me of the world cup final. Argentina were leading France 2-0 until the 80th minute where France scored 2 goals in quick succession. Same thing happened today where Barca were trailing 2-0 until the 80th min. Im just happy that the exact same scenario in the WC final didn't happen today....where the team that lead for the majority of the match won. Otherwise Barca would've lost. Great resilience from Barca. Comeback kings🔥
@connect_or 2 months ago
Gavibpass pass is great but was only possible cause of cancelo!! What a run!!! There's a difference lewa goal was great but felix made a magic pass!!! Magic!! Give the real credit to felix he can do things.... verticl passes are the art of the game!!
@juandeagle1795 2 months ago
Lewandowski is gonna be one of the greatest strikers for a few more years. this guy never stops showing up
@ayansengupta8474 2 months ago
he is already greatest
@piotras115 2 months ago
Brawo Robert 🇵🇱Brawo Barca
@sujexoff7605 2 months ago
What a player Gavi is🫶🏿he presses relentlessly till the whistle is blown , he defends , he creates , he links up and also assists ! Because of his built and his physicality and aggressions it often overshadows how technically great Gavi is❤️Barca is so lucky to have him🖤
@gamerskavilla9552 2 months ago
Lewan-goalwski proving again That Form is temporary but Class is permanent ❤
@PartyMartyParty 2 months ago
That first Lewandowski goal can be a Puskás award winner in my opinion, it was not just the goal itself but rather the whole attack too. Great teamwork and skills. Beauty
@mohammedhridoy2611 2 months ago
Felix is giving Lewy the support he was hoping from Dembele and Fati. We must find a way to keep both Joaos.
250 million both are yours
@rohitps2683 2 months ago
Cancelo can cost 60m.joao cost more
@kangxiangng2274 2 months ago
Joao is not consistent 😅
@aliciogarcia1430 2 months ago
The Joao Felix and Cancelo impact 🔥🔥🔥
@yoelarokeum6141 2 months ago
What a Comeback from Barça 💙❤️
@ihjihad9528 2 months ago
Lewandowski what a finisher man ❤
@mendi8nou 2 months ago
El 1r gol del Barça, asistencia de JF a Lewandoski, me recuerda al gol de la remontada del FCB en el Bernabéu allá por el 2004, pase de Ronaldinho de vaselina a Xavi. Incluso la finalización de Lewandowski recuerda a la efectuada por Xavi.
Haven't seen a Barca team like this since Messi left. Looking like an amazing team vamos.
@mokhlesrahman7773 2 months ago
Lewandowski still one of the best strikers at 35 years of age🔥
@ilyaxs_254 2 months ago
@jinkim976 2 months ago
I think messi is better considering the age.
@ljstar6528 2 months ago
No, he's 35
@suvamsarkar8335 2 months ago
​@@jinkim976Messi is the goat bro! That's normal for him
We have a great team. Should be more focused and letal from start, but the quality is there. Felix and Cancelo great gain for the team. Romeu is putting his heart there and Lewandowski is still one of a kind... . And I really like that the players are really honored and happy to play for the club. You feel this shirt really mean something to them. That's makes me happy.
@wishvakrish3583 2 months ago
Felix and Gavi assists are class Lewa is 👏👏👏👏 Great game
@builder14 2 months ago
Liwandowski is unstoppable even at this age
@mfarisap 2 months ago
My God. That passion from Cancelo gives me chills.
@Radek__ 2 months ago
2:21 I love when Lewandowski score first and second important goals - he didn't run to crowd to show his celebration, but only encourage the team to do it again very quickly. 😍
@user-kk1id2zb3j 2 months ago
Me too
@polinamaurou78 2 months ago
True leader and born winner in the last games lewy is just on fire tonight we won definitely cause of him and cancelo
@qasimhussain3335 2 months ago
well thats not surprising or its not that only he does it obviously u wont celebrate when ur losing cuz it would waste time so anyone would do the same what he did and I have seen it countless times
@FlowMustGoOn 2 months ago
this is normal when you loosing....but i get it you must see it first time.....
@dantekratos5395 2 months ago
This game reminded me of the world cup final. Argentina were leading France 2-0 until the 80th minute where France scored 2 goals in quick succession. Same thing happened today where Barca were trailing 2-0 until the 80th min. Im just happy that the exact same scenario in the WC final didn't happen today....where the team that lead for the majority of the match won. Otherwise Barca would've lost. Great resilience from Barca. Comeback kings🔥
@adrigomez2393 2 months ago
La reacción de Joao Felix con Gavi después de que este de el pase de gol a Cancelo, dice mucho de la unión de este equipo. Vamos por el buen camino, aunque va a ser largo
@jesusojeda7850 2 months ago
Ter Stegen saving the team to the limits of what is humanly possible, Ferran Torres back to his "ManCity's reject" level and both Joaos being world class reinforcements. Great victory.
@JacintaOvalles 2 months ago
No habia tenido la oportunidad de verlo porque estaba en el trabajo pero ahora mismo de noche que me pongo a ver resumen y que bonita sonrisa me a sacado este partidaso amigos que bien me voy a dormir ⚽👍. Visca al barça ❤💙🥹🥲🙌 saludos desde panamá le apoyamos 🇵🇦🇪🇦
@coolsquirtlesquad 2 months ago
The assists were all worldclass, in a game where Celta de Vigo was putting up an incredible defensive/counter-offensive performance, and its amazing to have a player like Lewandowski who we can always count on to convert the opportunities into goals. New mytical player unlocked: Cancelo after minuto 80 😂
@annajuliafes1154 2 months ago
Que partido, Visca el Barça ❤️💙
@xlkevin7401 2 months ago
Remontada Histórica Gracias Barça💙❤️
@janpierzchala2004 2 months ago
to Barca with Love
@richiesambora1300 2 months ago
Histórica, histórica...
@bryanazulgrana834 2 months ago
@stefanbednarz4192 2 months ago
and here I was, went downstairs to get some food (almost lunch in California), came back and the game was over. I thought Barca lost. Now I see this. Crazy good!
@RealestShitEver_ 2 months ago
From a liverpool fan, I hope barca continues to provide for lewandowski Really want him to win ballon d’or cuz he deserves it
@sidneythefirst4184 2 months ago
That's the realest shit I've heard by far 👌💯
@2030EXIT 2 months ago
FR bro at least 1Ball he deserves!
@NayraAmisse 2 months ago
@NayraAmisse 2 months ago
Tyiogvb Hum MC hyb
@LuisRdzG10 2 months ago
Vaya partido mas difícil, increíble la remontada. Este equipo si tiene agallas. Orgulloso del Barça.
@MC_Nike777 2 months ago
LewanGOALsky never disappoints 😂
@larryhover8150 2 months ago
Joao Felix's Flip Assist To Lewandowski Is A Vision From An Eagle❤🎉🎉🎉❤❤❤❤
@dendethegrey 2 months ago
Romeu is a huge improvement over busquets of the last 2 seasons, liking the interplay, just wish fati was here. Feel like he's way more talented than any other left winger in europe right now. he just needs confidence and good team chemistry.
@sohambhakat1789 2 months ago
I don't think we are appreciative enough of the two brilliant blocks by romelu and that bullet shot from araujo and the saves of ter stegen
@johnanthony596 2 months ago
@farjanaakhter3872 2 months ago
@@johnanthony596yh LAKAKA is a defender so obviously he would block
@arvin390 2 months ago
@@johnanthony596 He meant Oriol Romeu.
@miftahulalam638 2 months ago
Ahahaha😂😂😂romelu lukaku😅😅😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣 intermilan😂😂😂
@czapkad9235 2 months ago
Brawo Barsa,brawo Lewy,brawo chłopaki 😅😊
@NTL971 2 months ago
@danielp9451 2 months ago
Was there and was amazing to see them come back!! Força Barça!!
@sapixer1559 2 months ago
Felix and cancelo really make an impact on this team..glad to have them in our squads..visca barca!!!
Hoy fue mi cumpleaños y esta remontada es el mejor regalo que me han dado, gracias mi barca❤👌
@pabculit 2 months ago
Don't forget to Romeu's great hard work in the box to blocking the ball from kicking. What a performance, Oriol🔥🔥
Thanks 🤝🏻🤝🏻🔥
@CRazy-hw5ic 2 months ago
@@oriolfernandezpinar1399 😂👌
@karolol127 2 months ago
Also TOP ter Stegen
@alive27 2 months ago
Always wanted this sorts of mentality from our boys❤❤ Very proud of this team❤️❤️👍
Com raça conseguimos os três pontos,agr é continuar a trabalhar e melhorar para continuar a avançar,Viska barça ❤️💙
@footballtok 2 months ago
All are talking about cancelo,felix,lewy and gavi, they all are brilliant but noone is appreciating Raphinha, he gave 2 beautiful pre assists and play like a no 10 ,his substitution changed the whole game❤.
@sachurv7822 2 months ago
That assist from GAVI....damn. consistency would put them as one of the greatest midfielder of this generation
@fanmaitregims9623 2 months ago
This game was amazing, it raised my adrenaline ❤️‍🔥🔥🔥
An amazing comeback! We have to find a way to buy Cancelo on a transfer, he was the last missing part of our defence. We needed a right back like him! Both Joaos gave us a huge class in attack! Visca Barca 💙❤️
@emil5651 2 months ago
Some journalist say city will let him go for 20 mil €
@ifeellikedying4040 2 months ago
@@emil5651 25 mil actually, amazing deal still
@polinamaurou78 2 months ago
Cancelo and lewandowski showed true balls tonight those two won us the game
@bam8425 2 months ago
Cancelo's goal celebration is the proof he feels the blaugrana colours more than many other players. I hope both Joaos make a deal with their previous teams and stay at barcelona. we need more players like these
@Resilientspirit18 2 months ago
Amazing comeback form Barca ❤💙 gavi’s assist was amazing
Bayern Munich fan here, I think Barcelona are gone more ruthless than before. Lewa, Gundogan, Felix, Cancelo added that killer edge
@hndmusic1489 2 months ago
Lewandowski's mentality is what drives our team forward
@omondiarwa8133 2 months ago
I still can't find the right words to express this. All the players gave their best, Barca is 🔥🔥🔥
@kowal767 2 months ago
Lewandowski at his age is still one of the best.
He's great in the box - keep him there and pass him ball - outside the box is not his position.
@isakvlhrila1280 2 months ago
@@arminiuszmazowszanin2670 just like haaland
@@isakvlhrila1280Exactly - stop trying to make messi from him. He's not that type of a player.
@babagin 2 months ago
@@arminiuszmazowszanin2670 lol, Barcelona were forced to do so because the main players kept for supplying the ball into the box was not upto the task
This team is highly motivated. The 2 Joas and Romelu are really a positive to our team❤
@bunny308 2 months ago
What a Comeback Visca Barca❤💙
@MrBadhan95 2 months ago
What a comeback! This Barca team looks exciting!
@samsbookbook3425 2 months ago
Lewa and Dembele saved Barca in hard times. Now they start standing on their own feeds and lewa is still doing the same. Just insane
@kaugumedia4783 2 months ago
Lewandowski too good 🔥
@hamzaSport123 2 months ago
The two goals from Lewandowski were prepared on a quiet fire🔥🔥
@eikmaladam6145 2 months ago
U mean quick
@imjota4321 2 months ago
Cancelo, Félix and Lewa 😏
@habibahmad574 2 months ago
ياخ لا ترجم من عربي لإنجليزي 😂
¡Buen trabajo João!💙❤️
@sigittralala3423 2 months ago
Duo Joao.. Gavi.. Lewa 💥💥💥
@princebanda 2 months ago
Romeu worked hard.. He did his job well.. He defended and tried to create chances... What a great performance by MATS.. Raphinha, Lamin yamal and Balde came with more pressure 💪.. We are Barca!!!!.....
@MateuszDudek-rx2he 2 months ago
Guys look at lewa by the third goal he is always in the right place ❤
@jasonrjlam1 2 months ago
The assist by Gavi is astonishing.
@Caell 2 months ago
lewandowski's first goal was really brilliant the ball was bouncing the keeper and defender were closing in he wouldn't be able to control the ball and hit it so he hit it one touch mid air and hit it perfectly so that neither keeper nor defenders can reach it,pure class really also guy came in to a whole new squad a club getting rebuild under a new maneger became the most scoring player in the league the same season while also being top 5 in assists, and this season he is tied 1st place both in goals and assist in the league he is a beast the fact that he was bought for only 45 millie in today's day and age where young players who achieved nothing and have no consitency get 2x more and now he's valued at 30mil is CRIMINAL
@prakharsinha7 2 months ago
Without Oriol Romeu's important tackles this game could have gone out of our hands.
@random__bruh 2 months ago
So happy to see Barca's performance this season. Just wishing to see that in the UCL. VAMOS BARCA!!!
@sameerivan 2 months ago
Brilliant pass from Gavi, this team is giving the authentic Barca vibes. 🔵🔴
@MichaelDavidWiller 2 months ago
Ter Stegen kept that game alive, unbelievable save after save.
@arzoxffyt18 2 months ago
What a comeback 🔥🔥
@jamesofosuhene4570 2 months ago
What a comeback.. Força Barça❤️💙
@aaronhidalgo358 2 months ago
Por la manera en que cayó el tercer gol ❤ dios me hizo recordar esa remontada al PSG grandes recuerdos gracias a esta actuación
@geol2294 2 months ago
Brawoooo Ty ❤️ Robert, gratuluję 👍👏💖🇵🇱
@win98... 2 months ago
Usuń ten komentarz i naciagnij portki.
@Wixy-cj1lq 2 months ago
An absolute amazing come back Visca Barça 💙❤️
@barretobacca9754 2 months ago
Mais força, meu Barça! ❤️
@hazz999 2 months ago
@ufonduemeka7316 2 months ago
Gavi ability to spot cancelo's run was awesome
@akhilajohny6640 2 months ago
I must appreciate felix...he is not a selfish player... everytime he gives ball to Lewandowski...first goal was from fekix assist...it clearly shows how he loves this club❤❤❤
@AaravGireesh 2 months ago
What about cancelo 1 assist 1 goal
Man, Ferran Torres is a selfish player. Just look at the chance he got.
@Michael.De.Santa_ 2 months ago
​@@rocksonphilipnyarko9743 💯😂😂
@gummyranger5996 2 months ago
​@@AaravGireeshwhy do you compare everything to put others down
@xinavswok4607 2 months ago
​@@AaravGireeshCancelo was very bad defensively for the rest of the match.
@MrBiszkopty 2 months ago
Finally, Dembele out, Cancelo&Felix in and Lewy is alive! Those young guys well know where the main man is and to feed him as much passes as possible. In those last 10 minutes it really looked like oldschool Barcelona with assist from Gavi (almost Xavi-like) being a cherry on top. Vamos Lewy!
@mohdashiq2245 2 months ago
What a comeback ❤
@peterpanou7475 2 months ago
Força Barça ❤💙❤💙
@lucasAlmeida-io7vb 2 months ago
@martomcknight9565 2 months ago
Beautiful comeback with three goals in eight minutes. Visca Barca.
No team annoys Barca the way Celta does. What a comeback guys. We need this in the UCL. It's been so long since we saw an epic comeback mentality. Already liking this team 🔥🔥🔥 Gracias Don Laporta for making this happen.
@hjmoro9841 2 months ago
wait until we play that granada team, they always annoy us every season 😭
@footballlover9544 2 months ago
Getafe ... 😅
@darKnight_-_ 2 months ago
did you forget that german team...
@motheeeee7345 2 months ago
What a Comeback 💙❤️💙❤️
@ChemXporta 2 months ago
Incredible comeback with three goals scored in the final eight minutes!
@clevo12 2 months ago
Such a stunning pass from Gavi. Well done
@user-wb3bm7ks6x 2 months ago
Я смотрел матч до 80ой минуты и потом когда утром хотел посмотреть результат надеялся на то чтобы барса сделала хотябы ничью А тут победа🤯
@AcidRai 2 months ago
Lewandowski what a score!!!!!
Lewandowki 1st goal - maestro !!!
@MEHULofficial14 2 months ago
What a comeback 💙❤️
@fazalbhatti457 2 months ago
This is a new Era of Barcelona 🔥😮
@pinchyprince 2 months ago
Oriol romeu what a signing!!!!