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The Legends of Olympus Skins are coming soon!* Play the #legendsofolympus Challenge today!
🐶 Cerberus Tick is out now!
*🗡 Ares Nani arrives on June 11th!
*🌩 Zeus Brock on June 13th!
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Jun 8, 2023




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Perilous 3 months ago
Every tick mains' dreams be like:
kirbyboi 3 months ago
I main tick
Hahaah, yes maybe. He became sigma
jacky 3 months ago
Bro nani main are crying in corner got only two skin with these one
Aroma 3 months ago
Nani has 4 skins btw
Zorro 13z
Zorro 13z 3 months ago
Mee :
KAMIKAZE 3 months ago
Estaba esperando que apareciera el Sam-Kratos con los guantes de hierro de Heracles.
Katiemitchell nunca muere
Kamikase que haces aquí amor ❤
KAMIKAZE 3 months ago
@Katiemitchell nunca muere 😳
ItzelPC2006 3 months ago
Yo también
Temible Gabriel
Temible Gabriel 3 months ago
Hola KAMIKAZE espero que me respondas, ya has hecho un versus de Griff y Shelly en ataque super, de quien hace más daño, ya que esos 2 personajes son similares en cuanto a ataque
so 3 months ago
La skin es del chad Julio César, no de un personaje de un videojuego zzzzz
FloweyTheFlower 3 months ago
Would love to see a Hercules Primo skin or maybe a Hera themed skin, not sure which brawler a Hera skin would work for though. A Persephone Rosa skin could work and maybe a Hades Mortis skin. So much potential for Greek god themed skins.
Synthwave 🌆
Synthwave 🌆 3 months ago
That’s such a great idea. How did I not think of that
Notificaciones 3 months ago
Kratos Primo…
Boros 3 months ago
Hercules Primo !
SamuraiVert 3 months ago
@Notificaciones or maybe Kratos Frank, as they made a GOW: Ragnarok themed post once with frank as Kratos
Zenth 3 months ago
Poseidon Bo?
Diego De la Macorra
Diego De la Macorra 3 months ago
With Cerberus Tick, it would also be cool to see something related to the Underworld, like Mortis as Hades or something.
Pmajja 2 months ago
Minotaur would fit Bull Willow is like Medusa Cyclops looks like Otis Byron is linked with snakes like Typhon Eve has babies and they would fit Echidna
Viking Gamer
Viking Gamer 2 months ago
​@Pmajja Nyx/Hypnos would fit Sandy. Apollo would fit Bo. Thanatos would be Mortis. Perseus is Leon.
N1NJASoul 3 months ago
I like how they added the actual voicelines from the game into the animation
Lendafire 3 months ago
@May 'Matt' Trout no Sorry
Blockbustah 3 months ago
what is going on in the replies
Jasic 399
Jasic 399 3 months ago
Me encantaría que esas skins tuvieran voces propias como las skins mecas, serían unas de las mejores skin de todo el juego. Y también me gustaría que tengan más conceptos o ideas sobre otros dioses para añadirlas a otros brawlers. Sin duda alguna son increíbles ❤
Gatinhuh 2.0
Gatinhuh 2.0 3 months ago
As Skins são esplêndidas, Obrigado Supercell!! Me surpreendeu com tudo nesta atualização!
capivara agiota
capivara agiota 3 months ago
Ei cara pode me responde uma pergunta? Aquelas recompensa que vieram grátis na loja eram pra pega ? Pq elas estavam com letras chinesas
Gatinhuh 2.0
Gatinhuh 2.0 3 months ago
@capivara agiota Sim sim, Não tem problema cara, Ninguém nega uma recompensa não é mesmo? Auzuzhzh
capivara agiota
capivara agiota 3 months ago
Rafa Capivaro obrigado :) pela informação agente n vai nega uma coca com coxinha certo ?
Gab 3 months ago
​@capivara agiota era alguma coisa a ver com o brawl chinês pelo q eu me lembre
the yellow cowboy
the yellow cowboy 3 months ago
​@capivara agiota Nos somos pobres,até um tiro de graça a gente aceita
jyjers 3 months ago
The lobby music is awesome! Love to see the team straying away from the usual motif ❤
Jay 3 months ago
ralsi deltrun
ralsi deltrun 3 months ago
i don't
Xxblade17 3 months ago
Manar altoubi
Manar altoubi 3 months ago
Pettpon 3 months ago
This has to be my favourite theme in the game! All of the skins are so good 🔥 (The Tick skin is just a little better than the rest) Also the animation is sick!
yotsu 3 months ago
cap zeus brock is easily the best
Maria 3 months ago
@yotsu yea Zeus Brock the goat
SaucY Boi
SaucY Boi 3 months ago
@yotsunah lowkey nani
bj 2 months ago
i like the max one
SaucY Boi
SaucY Boi 2 months ago
@bj bait
Kani Ou
Kani Ou 3 months ago
this animation is so stellar, I absolutely love the animation/art team of supercell they're absolutely incredible!
clownfr3d 3 months ago
I really apreciate the love and effort they put in animations! They are always amazing, thank you
ShadowPlayZ 3 months ago
Wow, the animation is top tier. And the skins are godly (pun intended). Also the environment looks awesome. It has good potential to be in the game itself, imagine playing gem grab or brawl ball on a colosseum on top of a heavenly mountain amongst the clouds. Everything in this animation is amazing! Great job supercell
Okrosh 3 months ago
Yes, yes, I agree with you! I would really like to see fountains with water, clouds and large pillars of the Colosseum
ShadowPlayZ 3 months ago
@Okrosh thanks!
ズリ乙の 3 months ago
Now we need to get Frank a KRATOS skin
Ahmed the dimension fighter
And then frank killed them all
Ring Ring Sir
Ring Ring Sir 3 months ago
Primo would probably be better for kratos
Axd3 3 months ago
​@Ring Ring Sir yea
ズリ乙の 3 months ago
@Ring Ring Sir ye but kratos has an axe
Aman 3 months ago
Primo should be Hercules
Squeakezinho 💦
Squeakezinho 💦 3 months ago
Essas skins são lindas! Arrasaram demais ❤
Vinni Portento
Vinni Portento 3 months ago
Amazing!! Essa skin do tick é o ápice de toda a temporada!!
♡MOXy♡ 3 months ago
Opa estais por aqui
Gustavo medeiros de Lima
Não a skin da nani e do brock são melhores principalmente a da nani
𝐍𝐢𝐜𝐨𝐥𝐚𝐮 𝐀𝐧𝐭𝐨𝐧𝐢𝐨
Eu gostei mais da do Brock, a melhor dele até hoje
Darryl 3 months ago
​@Gustavo medeiros de Limacara cada um tem um gosto diferente,eu mesmo gostei mais da do Brock
Super Paçoca
Super Paçoca 3 months ago
​@𝐍𝐢𝐜𝐨𝐥𝐚𝐮 𝐀𝐧𝐭𝐨𝐧𝐢𝐨verdade po
Lucas Ferreira
Lucas Ferreira 3 months ago
Adorei esse tema, com certeza irei adquirir todas os visuais das lendas do olimpo, já tenho a Max Hermes, vou adquirir o restante.
Luis Suárez
Luis Suárez 3 months ago
Os caras fizeram uma referência ao jogo God Of War! Mds muito bom Supercell cada vez mais surpreendendo nas animações, visuais e temas! 🎉🎉
Gondalon 3 months ago
Supercell, you have never let us down with animations and you never will.
Bob Suplodestory
Bob Suplodestory 3 months ago
An Hephaestus Jessie could be pretty cool. Lot of potential for skins and great other ones in this update!
Neemias4 3 months ago
Tá de parabéns hein Supercell, acertou em cheio nas skins, vou comprar o Brock Zeus já tenho a quantidade certa de gemas
Belobim Sprite | K4uãtheC00lGuy
Supercell never disapoint us with its animations
NinjacatCreative 3 months ago
This is so sick! You guys never dissapoint with animations! And these are probably some of my favorite skins
MT789 Studio
MT789 Studio 3 months ago
Mais uma vez o Brawl nos surpreendendo
MAkif 3 months ago
witty minds
witty minds 3 months ago
They dont listen us dont worry
Shidqa Fayyadh
Shidqa Fayyadh 3 months ago
@witty minds they do listen, but not everytime
ItzMisbah 3 months ago
Would be a BANGER
God Poohdini
God Poohdini 3 months ago
That would be so fire 🔥
Chara 3 months ago
​@witty minds they do actually
Doktor Doom
Doktor Doom 3 months ago
It's great to see how the Brawl Stars Universe is expanding. You have to show what the future of this world looks like!
Ivis 3 months ago
They should really make a show or an anime. I mean they can do it, im pretty sure money isn't a problem as well as the artists/drawers so im still hype for when it will get release( i hope).
Ícaro Mathieu
Ícaro Mathieu 3 months ago
eu vou querer muito esse brock, tomara que seja um pouco acessível
3 kardeşlerin oyun kanalı
This is epic! The brawl team deserves all the compliment ❤
hollyversouza 3 months ago
Essa super Cell não erra! Porém deveriam voltar com as caixas, caixas grandes e mega caixas
Tu Humilde Vecino
Tu Humilde Vecino 3 months ago
Me encanta la skin de brock, en el juego talvez se vea mejor xD
T Ø Đ Ø R Ø Ķ Į Ackerman
Acho muito bom esse tipo de tema "deuses" e tbm as skins tão muito bom , vcs poderiam trazer skins bonitas que nem essas. Tem skins que são muito vago poderiam melhorar muito mas né ..... Mas esse tema aí tá muito top 🎉😊
Cluster 3 months ago
Suggestion: What do you think about adding Mike to the game so that I can talk to those with me on the team about values?
R0N1N EMP1RE 3 months ago
They refuse to make bad animations. The devs are amazing
Local_Bee 3 months ago
I wonder if you guys are going to add a backstory to each brawlers i think it would be interesting
Neckromancer 3 months ago
Petition of an animated series of Brawl Stars.
Gameboiii 05
Gameboiii 05 3 months ago
Can we give credit to the animators of this group. Almost every animation they do is better than every anime or 2D animation that's been made
Joaquin Novoa
Joaquin Novoa 2 months ago
I’m glad we have more mythology brawlers skins as well as Hermes max makes it feel like that skin didn’t just get added out of random
LuffyDoGrauOfc 3 months ago
Olá Supercell, eu ainda não me comovi com a perda das caixas. Logo após o jogo atualizar e as caixas desaparecerem, eu e meu primo pegamos depressão fomos diagnosticados um dia após a atualização, infelizmente, perdi meu primo ontem e eu realmente estou pensando o'que eu faço da minha vida. A única coisa que desejo é que as caixas voltem, nem se for por um dia, mas eu quero que volte. #comebackboxes
EUNHYE PARK 3 months ago
This deserves a season of its own
Masterx Surfers
Masterx Surfers 3 months ago
Soon! In a year
BENDY 3 months ago
Eu quero que as caixas voltem junto com A Mega Box
Arjanosky08 3 months ago
I love Greek mythology. I'm gonna have a ball with these skins. Keep it up! Maybe an Hades Edgar or Demeter Rosa would be awesome...
Muammer Barlik
Muammer Barlik 3 months ago
Supercell's animations are great and successful as always
ThunderKonGR 3 months ago
These skins are some of the best in the game!! Great work Supercell!!!
Daisy Chainz
Daisy Chainz 3 months ago
When's Brockoli skin coming? ❤⚡😍 Also on a side note please make the thumbs up after a game available multiple times! Sometimes both of your teammates are really awesome and I wanna let them both know they are appreciated! 😊❤
SamuraiVert 3 months ago
I guess you can say this animation is GODLY Jokes aside I love it :^)
Emilio Gonzalez
Emilio Gonzalez 3 months ago
Me encantó la animación, igual que las skins!!
ELECTRO GAMERZz 3 months ago
As always awesome animation ❤❤❤
ELECTRO GAMERZz 3 months ago
SaveYourLive i am scared 🥲🤣
a animação tá linda meu deus😮
BRAWL HELPER 3 months ago
Finally Hermes Max has some friends!
🔥Пан пулич 🔥
🔥Пан пулич 🔥
0:35 😂Max 😂
Mr. TURB0 3 months ago
Esperando uma skin de Medusa para a Willow
Steve Drags
Steve Drags 3 months ago
For those who are new or haven’t played brawl stars for a long time, it’s now kinda difficult for them to realize what the brawler actually is. No offense to the skins, they look splendid but I almost thought that tick was a Nita bear until it’s head fell off ☠️
Jose orcasitas
Jose orcasitas 3 months ago
Harán algo especial para la actualización número 20 del pase de batalla?
Zoardo 3 months ago
I always love these animations and love the awesome game too! :D
Raúl Fernández
Raúl Fernández 3 months ago
¡ME ENCANTAN LAS SKINS! Pero, me gustaría que se hiciera un brawl pass de mitología griega. Estaría súper chulo skins de los dioses griegos y criaturas, a mi me encanta la mitología griega y me encantaría que hicieran eso. Además, es una buena idea.
José Fernando
José Fernando 3 months ago
a próxima atualização chega no dia 24 de junho o tio gus confirmou 😊😊
DkBzaツ 3 months ago
Muy bonita y divertida animación
an Đào
an Đào 3 months ago
This animation shows how much effort they put on communities
TheFrozenGeode 3 months ago
Are these skins staying in the game forever or just for the offer in the shop?
⚡️Éclair Bleu ⚡️
Masterpieces ❤
WEEB NATION 3 months ago
Top tier animation What can I say more?❤
Joe Wolf
Joe Wolf 3 months ago
I love how they brought in Hermes Max!!!
Luis Albarran
Luis Albarran 3 months ago
Guys you definitely have to make an Amber Helios skin, would be awesome!
Matei Mandru
Matei Mandru 3 months ago
Question: you will make other gods skin? Because that would be really cool. For example Poseidon or Dionysus
Asmodey ad
Asmodey ad 3 months ago
Or Hephaestus Frank
Blank 3 months ago
Hades or Zagreus would be cool.
driednowhere112 3 months ago
​@Blank we already have ares nani
Blank 3 months ago
@driednowhere112 mb i forgor
Kole Kreations
Kole Kreations 3 months ago
The Olympus skins are limited time or do they stay?
GREASYSTAR01 3 months ago
Zeus brock skin is definitely one of those skins which will break the game soon after its release 😢
Shikamaru 3 months ago
Dios que buena animación y que imponente se ve Nani
Flyfish 3 months ago
Dev team going all out again 💪💥⭐️
mr_kyogre 3 months ago
para mi las mejores skins de este año
Julio Carrasco Valdiviezo
Esa skin de Nani me hace recordar a meta knight xd
Kjell 3 months ago
I love Nani, finally she got a new skin and it's absolutely AWESOME
CREEPY PLAYER 525 3 months ago
Al fin otra skin de tick para mí colección 🤩😎
tiago mol
tiago mol 3 months ago
A Max fazendo carinho no tick , muito bom kkkk
RS FEVA 3 months ago
Vous êtes un ami de mon ami
kim 2 months ago
Sería genial ver a Piper como afrodita!!
Sebastian Valero
Sebastian Valero 3 months ago
Nothing like Nani’s bi monthly 10 seconds of screen time
Tricks man
Tricks man 3 months ago
Cool animation as always❤ Just one question : Where's Valkyrie Janet , Caesar Sam or even Even Gladiator Colette ? They're from the same theme i guess
FloweyTheFlower 3 months ago
Valkyrie Janet is a Norse themed skin not Greek
mario de gracia
mario de gracia 3 months ago
Ceasar Sam is a ruler human and Colette a soldier gladiator. I mean those you mention are not Olympus Gods theme.
Benjamin Salgado
Benjamin Salgado 3 months ago
Muy buena la animsion❤
I_lost_it 3 months ago
Brawl stars never disappoint us with an animation 👍
Martin Clavijo Rocha
Pero que buena animación y las skins están increíble
GewoonOh 3 months ago
I LOVE IT!❤ The skins,AND THE LOBBY MUSIC❤That music and skins are fire🔥And the animation,PERFECT!❤
El Nacho Macho
El Nacho Macho 3 months ago
Song? Also it would be cool to implement new skins to this group and with every new skin new animation.
mpanana 3 months ago
As a Greek, I can confirm this is 100% true. Good Job Super Cell👏
Nikolaos Rompolas
Nikolaos Rompolas 2 months ago
As a Greek I agree that Hermes knows Cerberus because its him who takes dead to the underworld
MadMessirve_Frio 3 months ago
Nueva calidad en BS OMG esto estara epico necesito saber cuales seran las skins que seran miticas como Tick Cerberus
Eros Chiri Condori
Eros Chiri Condori 3 months ago
Que gran animación
Francesco Pio
Francesco Pio 3 months ago
tip: I would make thresholds of a specific rarity, accumulating credits and unlocking a brawler. For example, in a mythic threshold, you can stack the credits and get a random mythic, so you know what you get and return suspense.
Unbounded 3 months ago
Jrqolx 3 months ago
Supercell should start making a animation with fights on it
Victory Coconut
Victory Coconut 3 months ago
One of the best skin classes!
Angel Martinez
Angel Martinez 3 months ago
Yall could have done a Poseidon Mortis. Wielding a trident and having a wave be his super.
ze boy qd
ze boy qd 3 months ago
Amazing, like always !!
MBJKYT77 3 months ago
Tick actually walks like a human now for the skin lmao
Sly 3 months ago
Supercell, non ci hai mai deluso. Questo tipo di animazione sarebbe perfetto per un film o un programma televisivo di Brawl Stars!
Sandro Guzman
Sandro Guzman 3 months ago
A hydra tick skin would be cool too
YodaZilla 3 months ago
I cant wait for more skins like this
Marci Szalmay
Marci Szalmay 3 months ago
when does the brock skin come with the lightnings?
Encryptoh 3 months ago
Godlike animation
shouta_365 3 months ago
Esto es digno de los dioses ❤️
valentino 3 months ago
dyb1xa 3 months ago
El tick Cerberus estaaaan adorable, ojalá me alcanzará las gemas, las skins están INCREÍBLES 😭💖💖💖
V.H.S productions
V.H.S productions 3 months ago
I love how this ended up in max hugging and tickling tick then him exploding unintentionally gotta love these wholesome animations keep it up brawl stars !
Phineas the goat
They should have made a Medusa skin for Lola.
Darryl 3 months ago
Eu acho que vocês tinham que fazer um desenho do brawl stars com vários episódios e temporadas iria ficar muito brabo