Cartoon Beatbox Battles- Season Finale

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We finally come to an epic conclusion of the first season of Cartoon Beatbox Battles!! Yes, the winner will finally be revealed, HOWEVER, it wont be who you think it will be! Thanks for your support, much love and respect to you all!! =D

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Aug 11, 2022




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DocBrown1985 Month ago
We have finally have waited for a season one finale of Cartoon Beatbox Battle. Thank you, Ase, for six awesome years of entertainment and fun. It was a long rollercoaster ride of excitement; but nonetheless thank you for your hard work of entertaining us. Can't wait to see you in season two of CBB and your videos in the future.
Steven Jones
Steven Jones Month ago
@Steven Phillips Season 2 buddy 😀
Steven Phillips
Steven Phillips Month ago
It was really good i can’t wait for season 2
Steven Jones
Steven Jones Month ago
@Brooklyn Poirier Sonic in the losers rounds ve Thanos
Brooklyn Poirier
Random._.Cl1ps. Month ago
How did you comment before the video came
EncryptedOS Month ago
Gotta say that the quality has drastically improved, making this show quality stuff! Great job with the songs, effects, layouts, etc! Can’t wait for the next season.
dunkev Month ago
What a journey it's been. 6 years of this amazing season has now concluded. Verbalase's beatbox at the beginning was fantastic and the characters joining was great too. The winner was predictable but both Patrick and Deadpool did great. Very excited to see what's in store for season 2 and what characters will show up. The loser rounds seem like an interesting concept so I'm excited to see what'll happen there.
Jack's animations
I actually don't loser round would suck we don't need anything like that because our favourite characters are not losers
Wade Wilson
Wade Wilson Month ago
Though the finale of this was amazing (not surprised about the winner, tbh), I do think what would've made this 10 times better, is if Verbalase actually showed up at the end of the video, thanking the fans for all of the constant support, the donations, and the help of making this possible. And of course thanks to the animators too, for not only keeping up with changing styles over the last 6 years, but helping to make each episode feel fresh, and stylish. Oh well...guess this works too
ElectrikStatik 4 days ago
I think there's gonna be episodes, so I think this would be better suited for the finale and ending of this series.
Old Man
Old Man 13 days ago
@Rafael Ascenção but you have nice candelabra
Rafael Ascenção
Like a good old man said "You can't have everything in life"
don't question it
don't question it 19 days ago
It's really been a long time coming for this😁 after 4 years and a bunch of bumps his this channel, it's all wrapped up😊 I gotta admit that I actually haven't seen your channel in a while but it's so satisfying to see this and the ending made it all the better.
Insane to see how much this series has changed and evolved over these past 6 years It's going to be really exciting seeing how this will conclude
@Devilfruituser 33 OMGGG ME TO
bambi (real)
bambi (real) Month ago
@Dieu Castro patrick, was pretty obvious from the start-
Dieu Castro
Dieu Castro Month ago
So who won?
jfoxx13 Month ago
Rip verbal ase
bambi (real)
bambi (real) Month ago
I started with Patrick Vs Goofy, then years later I remembered his series so I searched up Cartoon Beatbox Battles, and was surprised to see they were on ep15, aka the final beatbox of s1. I was shocked. Then I rewatched the whole series, felt good.
Superyoshi _1
Superyoshi _1 Month ago
I love how out of the losers, Sonic is the one to tell everyone to get after Ace
Phil Windoffer
Isaiah Murry
Isaiah Murry Month ago
I’ve been watching these since day one I didn’t expect Patrick to win but I’m glad a new seasons coming out and I appreciate all your hard work you put into this
Gerald Darby
Gerald Darby 7 days ago
Hey dude. I've been here since 2018 and I would love to thank you for entertaining me all these years. The animations have gotten so much better over the years and your content never gets old
Decent  Content
Decent Content 24 days ago
Truly amazing how far this legend has come… I was here ever since before the blow up! It’s crazy.
Tomi Oluwa
Tomi Oluwa Month ago
The Animation, the music, Verbalse beatboxing that's hotter than the sun. It's more than I ever could've asked for. I'm honestly super hyped for whenever season 2 comes around.
CloudyFroppy 5 days ago
How could it get better tho 😂
Lucas Zavaluentie
Lucas Zavaluentie 19 days ago
The Hershey Kiss, the m&m boy, all of us, all of us are here!
Mr.McGriddle Month ago
The new guy
The new guy Month ago
Same but only the animation is new but still good!
Kam’s plush shorts
I am so hyped
SmartGamer07 27 days ago
Thank you for all your hard work! Those rap battles were very creative and were hard to both animate and actually beatbox all on your own. Great job!👏
Ricchnie Ganeshkumar
I can't believe Patrick is the winner 🏆🥇!!! Congratulations 🎉🎉👏👏!!! Cant wait for season 2
Jessie Renfro
Jessie Renfro Month ago
Nice save with Deadpool Ace! Congratulations to Patrick! Hope to see season 2. ❤👍
★Littlefoot★ 9 days ago
I've watched you for years I've seen EVERYTHING the art changes, the voice changes literally EVERYTHING
Júlio Cesar
Júlio Cesar Month ago
I think we should appreciate how much effort he put into something like this, the first episode felt like a pointless thing, now it's come this far, everything he is doing here is amazing.
Steven Jones
Steven Jones Month ago
Season 2 will be Amazing
The Aston Villa Seal
The potential it had though.
Elementalist Xander
Skittzen Month ago
@watercat this video was premiered
watercat Month ago
How was this comment 2 days ago..? The video was made an hour agi
Regdu Geht
Regdu Geht Month ago
Man this guy came this far. I'm happy that Patrick Star won. Man the series has been going on for a few years I can't wait for season 2.
Bhulu Kar
Bhulu Kar Month ago
Im surprised he made it this far. He improved so much! I didnt really like the videos he made but now I do!
nijuo joing
nijuo joing Month ago
getting better at this, and I already know season 2 will be a blast
BLUERAY 29 days ago
Is amazing that in such a simple anination, the amount of people involved to make this reality on screen...what a Teamwork!! Kudos to all for such hardwork!!💯🤘🔥🔥🔥
Leon Brewton
Leon Brewton Month ago
We're bringing back batman, Mario, darkseid, joker, goofy, everybody. Can't wait to see everybody again and their reactions!
SonicFan126 21 day ago
I can’t wait to see sonic
Trevaughan Williams
Mickey,Pikachu,Joker,Goofy,Deadshot,Batman,Darkseid,and Mario Spongebob,Thanos and Sonic Pennywise and Black Panther
Cory Farrugia
Cory Farrugia Month ago
And stay tuned for the loser rounds losers🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬get him
Xeorboom Month ago
how did comment 11 days ago
Julian Guerrero
Julian Guerrero Month ago
@many not what
I'm so proud to be apart of this channel for 1 year, you worked so hard
That…ONE guy
That…ONE guy Month ago
I just wanna say, congratulations on the 6 years of this amazing show
🧇 Teas
🧇 Teas Month ago
So much improvement I'm proud of you verbalase! And your animation crew reminds me so much of fox kids lol
vliduu zeeb
vliduu zeeb Month ago
I wanna say that the season finale was amazing and the amount of time verbalase puts to making these so round of applause to him
Ultra_7 Month ago
After the past couple of years, a winner has finally been crowned. Can’t wait for Season 2 aswell as any other content being produced. And finally… after all these years, he did it. He actually won: 3:00
Trevaughan Williams
Patrick Star 🌟
Jace Oliver
Jace Oliver Month ago
@Asanda nkosi yes
Asanda nkosi
Asanda nkosi Month ago
Jace Oliver
Jace Oliver Month ago
@Asanda nkosi Hello Sir Chad, Giga.
Asanda nkosi
Asanda nkosi Month ago
@Jace Oliver hello Patrick Stewart
BRAD 15 days ago
Wow.This was Great Verbalase. Awesome season. Im definitely watching season 2 Thanks for all the effort and entertainment in season 1 The next one is gonna be so awesome.
Sans The Skeleton
Sans The Skeleton 26 days ago
Your animation skill has greatly improved since from the Thanos beatbox meme.
Honestly I'm impressed by much you put into this show although I would give the trophy to someone else like Sonic or Thanos but the show is amazing and I can't wait for season 2
Truefredking2 Month ago
I’ve been watching this since Episode 9 with Spongebob and Deadpool back in 2019, this finale was very great. Keep it Up Verbalase! Also, congratulations to both of them for getting a prize.
Is it me, or does this confirm Verbalase is a bigger sonic fan than what we were previously given. I personally respect that.
jo jones
jo jones Month ago
@Tails man yea we are
jo jones
jo jones Month ago
Same bro
Steven Jones
Steven Jones Month ago
Yes it does since he gave Sonic a lot of love in Cartoon beatbox battles
Table 3
Table 3 Month ago
As a fan I respect that
Layton Chege
Layton Chege 21 day ago
You really did a lot of work on the animation can't wait for season 2 by the way loved your beatboxing
RWConz Month ago
At this point, this man needs to get on the board and make an all original animated series. His animation is so smooth.
Knightwolf 91
Knightwolf 91 Month ago
That was fun!! I can't wait for the next season and the loser rounds. I really hope that in the future you try to make team battle, think of the insane remix of two characters in a team.
Knightwolf 91
Knightwolf 91 11 days ago
@AppleClock verbalace said it Maybe call it: the redemption rounds.
AppleClock 19 days ago
Sam Chak
Sam Chak Month ago
Lat_Playz Month ago
I love the animation it has really evolved after the past few years
SpaceFace Month ago
The characters look great in the new art style. I can’t wait too see more of this in season 2.
Ian Ortiz Matos
Ian Ortiz Matos 11 days ago
The first 6 years was so amazing keep up the good work
Murray Reaction
Murray Reaction Month ago
i can't wait for the redemption rounds as it gives them more performances and more disses for us to enjoy
Aleka Gaming
Aleka Gaming Month ago
this was a awesome journey and a great series (also glad patrick won and help spongebob, even though he's in the loser round) But great stuff man :)
Ella McClanahan
Ella McClanahan Month ago
Wow I love the way he works so hard making these videos for us it is so entertaining I always like his vids cuz how fabulous it is!👏🏾🙏🏻👍🏻❤️
Ella McClanahan
Ella McClanahan Month ago
Sub to his Chanel please he worked so hard!👍🏻🙏🏻❤️👏🏾
SkyLight Awakens
The amount of change that's happened over time with his beatboxing an animation plus the songs are an incredible work of art!
Kevin Caudle
Kevin Caudle Month ago
3:50 Welp, I Was Hoping He Was Gonna Say The Loser Rounds
B F Month ago
This animation quality is silver screen quality. Holy crap!. The attention to details is through the roof. So stinking smooth.
Gabe The Shark
Gabe The Shark Month ago
I like how when Ace was About to say the winner he hung us off like "DEAD silence guys" "PATRICK Stewart" "DEADshot and Batman"
Barney 04 ☕
Barney 04 ☕ 9 days ago
this series reminded me so much of ultimate cartoon fighting by toonsmyth... thank u verbalase for that kind of nostalgia...
py Month ago
Verbalase really thought “you know, why not make characters from games and from movies rap battle?” Okay, on a serious note these are amazing, the Animation has gotten a let better. This gave me a chuckle, thank you verbalase.
OinkertPlayz Month ago
Man, I still remember a year and a half back when I 1st started watching this. Now look how far it came. This series was awesome and still will be to watch. Thank you Verbalase, and thank you to the fellows who have animated this scene by scene.
The Aston Villa Seal
Fr, I remember watching years ago, Thanos scratching it and all. Damn.
I was just coming out here to pick up a cupcake
@Be Straight Lets be honest, we all enjoyed not hearing your comment and want you to shut up. anyone who agrees say ✅
_no____name___ Month ago
I remember seeing the first episode
Be Straight
Be Straight Month ago
Let's be honest we all enjoyed this video by having this: *ru-vid.com/video/video-mCfYi7634rU.html*
StumpyFunnel Month ago
@FutureHeightPredictor same
Indoraptor_plays 23 days ago
I do can not wait for season 2!! I know it will be a masterpiece like always ase!!
TXZ ColtN Month ago
I'm kinda sad this ended on a bias, but it was still a great series.
NuclearNachoz 8 days ago
The most quality I've seen in an animated audience
Gonna take a lotta work into the first episode of Cartoon Beatbox Battles Season 2, you know?
The Real Sean W. Stewart
I've been following this series since 2019. What a finale! Verbalase and the animation has come a long way.
SPAZZ ._. GIRL 5 days ago
Could you possibly release instrumentals for these? Because work like this deserves to be known.
Inverted Illusions
Inverted Illusions 12 days ago
So happy for "Deadpool" to win season 1 and I'm definitely jealous of Patrick's trophy shaped snack.
MarioLord 14
MarioLord 14 15 days ago
So Patrick won overall. That’s awesome. Good choice. Nice job Verbalase for making these CBBB videos so fun to watch.
cnmmd qiuoo
cnmmd qiuoo Month ago
I wish this was an actual event that people would go to. I would buy tickets every time one came out, we love you ace!
Acermani456 (RATED R)
This Season has been a blast. Can't wait 4 Season 2
Charsonic Month ago
Bully peter
Bully peter Month ago
*ru-vid.com/video/video-mCfYi7634rU.html* Let the salt flow
Melanie Britt
Melanie Britt Month ago
I just want to say congratulations to Patrick but you better put some respect on verbalace him and his animating crew was absolutely phenomenal I can’t wait for season two thank you season one
Atkataff the Alpha
We need a separate video of just the incredible intro beatbox!
Joaquin Novoa
Joaquin Novoa 17 days ago
Man Patrick definitely earned it with his great ones with his last ones being great although I can’t wait to see a loser round if you do one thanks for this incredible journey Adam 🥹
Cool Carlos Latham 23
Can't wait for season 2 I know it's going to be as good as it's pre-assessor season 1
Spinjitzu Master Falcon
Dude, even after all these years, Thanos still hits hard. And man, It's incredible how one guy is able to voice all these characters, yet they're all unique.
Akiplay2 Month ago
Bro’s a one man movie studio
Steven Jones
Steven Jones Month ago
@cbb darkseid my favorites were Mario Deadpool 1&3 Thanos1&2 Sonic's Patrick's and Black Panther's Beatbox's your favorites are good bro
cbb darkseid
cbb darkseid Month ago
@Steven Jones my favorite raps were mario and thanos 1 deadpool 3 and Patrick 4 and Sonic 2 And Batman (Only Batmans part) + Mickey mouse rap and lastly spongebob 2
Steven Jones
Steven Jones Month ago
@cbb darkseid yes bro I'm glad we agree
Alexander Jackson
Indeed! I liked how in character Thano’s beatbox was. Still one of my favorite performance, memes aside. If only his second performance was like that
Red Bucket
Red Bucket Month ago
We need all of Patrick’s beatboxes remixed all together the best beatbox to exist
Red Drago
Red Drago 24 days ago
Kinda wish we could have seen Deadpools reaction to losing. It would be justice for all he's done to Spongebob.
lyndsay lyons
lyndsay lyons Month ago
i love the first season of the beatbox battles and i cant wait for the next season!😆
ben dover
ben dover Month ago
the most awaited event in history
Tanjiro Kamado
Tanjiro Kamado 21 day ago
Now I Wonder If Verbalase Would Actually Add Ninja Turtles In Season 2
Tiffany English
Tiffany English 25 days ago
IM SAD TO SEE SEASON 1 END BROO:(( This guy is amazing. My favorite episode of season 1 will always be episode 14. I love you man.
Didi Subban
Didi Subban 28 days ago
Hi I've been a supporter from the start and I'm impressed and thankful... Also I can't wait for season 2
Awesome Drawer
Awesome Drawer 21 day ago
15 episodes of improvement, talent, humor that no one can beat, and roasts that literally made my cousin hide in the dark This cannot be matched. But please, HAVE LUIGI VS TAILS PLEASE!
deku 19 days ago
I grew up on this and its still 🔥
Mysterywolf Mysterywolf
I love this I truly do but imagine if they had to beat box against verbalase as some secret boss
Ronald Monk
Ronald Monk Month ago
I can't wait for season 2🎤
Dominic Zimmerlin
Wait is there gonna be a new season and it’s been so long since I’ve seen your vids I can’t believe how good your editing has gotten I can barley recognize this
Mr. Burger
Mr. Burger Month ago
This was a great show to watch over the years! All the people that worked on this have my gratitude! I cant wait for Season 2!
aaron zachary
aaron zachary Month ago
Okay but that's not a loser don't even forget u understand what I say.
Steven Jones
Steven Jones Month ago
@aaron zachary yes Season 2 will be Amazing Loser rounds and new Characters 😊💙
Steven Jones
Steven Jones Month ago
Season 2 will be Awesome
aaron zachary
aaron zachary Month ago
Okay 👍👍👍👌👌👌👍👍👌👌👌👌👍👍 on RU-vid channel in episode.
Jelly ronaldo sewey
Yeah season 2 is coming out
sj the goat
sj the goat Month ago
what a fun time it has been Ase thank u for the best time in cartoon beatbox battles I really had fun watching your content for a while and I can't wait for season 2 to come out im sure your gonna introduce us to some more awesome characters and once again thank u for an awesome time see u in season 2 congratulation patrick for winning
Joshua Khalik Anderson
So i'm confused who won? Thanks verbalase another great animation as always can't wait for season 2. Keep up the good work. God bless🙏💖
An Animation Profile
patrick won cuz he got the trophy, verblease said Deadpool won cuz he was holding a gun to his head
NintendoKid139 Month ago
6 years, I can’t believe it’s been 6 years since cartoon beatbox battles started
Eliel Ortiz
Eliel Ortiz Month ago
There should be an extended cut on this episode
bambi (real)
bambi (real) Month ago
It's all coming together, thank your Verbalase, for all these fire beats and even making beatbox battles in hard times. Give this man a trophy...well it seems he has one. Can't wait for it! EDIT AFTER WATCHING VIDEO: I didn’t know they were gonna using Verbel Ase’s solo! But now it makes sense with all the character voices! I also like that he focused more on laughs and jokes this time! That last audio of Ase begging for the “losers” to stop got me cracking up. Well, seems like Patrick won! Let’s go! I enjoyed his beatboxes a lot, but I think Goofy won EP2. See everyone in Season 2! :D (also stay safe Ase! )
Steven Jones
Steven Jones Month ago
@bambi (real) hello dude how are you??
bambi (real)
bambi (real) Month ago
@Roheena Shahryar Oh heya!
bambi (real)
bambi (real) Month ago
@OcelotDungeon It’s all I do.
bambi (real)
bambi (real) Month ago
@Steven Jones Look at the edited comment, also hi Steven! I saw you on premiere chat yesterday I think.
Steven Jones
Steven Jones Month ago
Hope you enjoyed it 😊
pepsisodal six
pepsisodal six 14 days ago
I'm really hyped for season 2 and the loser rounds.
KrazyGamer Month ago
Can't wait for season 2
Dragonic Gamer
Dragonic Gamer 9 days ago
If it's possible Ase, can you add Verblasey next season . This was such an awesome video! Can't wait for season 2!
Valencorn Month ago
My favorite part was when Verbalase said “It’s verbin’ time!”
Enough with morbius.
dustbinsauce11 Month ago
it’s so heartwarming to see that all the opponents are now in harmony for the intro
charles lloyd jr
yeah 👍
Ronel the robot
Ronel the robot 11 days ago
This season was awesome for real I love the beat box battle and you, bro we need season 2 fast!!!
A G GO Month ago
thanks for such a great series
Cornell M Burke
Cornell M Burke 28 days ago
Imma miss this show...TIL SEASON TWO! WHOO!
BManMarioTV Month ago
It was really cool that the animations were awesome to watch
🍜𝑀𝑟.𝐶 🍜
I can’t believe this day has already come, after seeing some of these recent episodes I already know that Season 2 is going to be amazing!!
YourBoyDonald Month ago
If we're gonna get Donald VS Daffy in the next season, he should get me to voice Donald!
Gamer xd p̶r̶o̶
damn the beatbox is super cool i am sure the season 2 would be cool
AH.Gaming 28 days ago
Thank you for season one!!!
Dylans World 2.0
For those confused about why Patrick was given the trophy when verbalase said DeadPool won is because DeadPool had a gun at verbalase head, Patrick is the real winner of season 1, verbalase had to false DeadPool of winning so he won’t die.
Pedram Does stuff🐷👑
Can we all appreciate the work Verbalase puts into his videos just to make us happy give this man a TV Show Already
I was just coming out here to pick up a cupcake
@hope. Lets be honest, we all enjoyed not hearing your comment and want you to shut up. anyone who agrees say ✅
hope. Month ago
Let's be honest we all enjoyed this video by having this: *ru-vid.com/video/video-mCfYi7634rU.html*
Marco Casanova
Marco Casanova Month ago
they would try to change all his work so it fits them damagin it all
J-O Month ago
Muki Vici
Muki Vici 27 days ago
Can't wait for season 2
Wolfie Clips
Wolfie Clips Month ago
season 2!!! but take your time my man! Dont rush it. AND BY THE WAY the intro was F.R.E.S.H.
Sadaq Mohamed
Sadaq Mohamed 4 days ago
I’ve been watching cartoon beatbox battles since i was 4 it’s really been a big part of my and will really miss the characters 😊😊😊
Magicblood Month ago
Hopefully we will see some of the characters that were didn’t make it far in the series like Micky, pickachu and others
KSCG Guy Month ago
I'm sure you have plans to continue making more Cartoon Beatbox Battles episodes. But I find this to be the culmination of all the work you and your team have done for many years ago. I first got into the series with Black Panther vs. Batman and then Mario vs. Sonic. Can't wait to see how season 1 concludes.
KSCG Guy Month ago
Wow. 100 likes in days! That was fast.
Rogers Month ago
Ur 1st episode was episode 8?! Wat
Dr eggman
Dr eggman Month ago
@Phanty I'm not just a fan though, even though I know you're not talking to me I gonna love season two tho
Cool emoji face
Cool emoji face Month ago
@Sam Wilkin yes verbalise is amazing we can use episodes Who makes it so quick and fun
Sam Wilkin
Sam Wilkin Month ago
We don't know many verble ase will be rap batteling
Cinema Bricks
Cinema Bricks 20 days ago
I need doomslayer, Donald Duck, and DARTH Vader in season 2! It would be sooo cool!