Catfight on the Catwalk Almost Ruins Bride's Day | Say Yes To The Dress Bridesmaids

Say Yes to the Dress
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Cassie has brought her two best friends and bridesmaids with her dress shopping, but will their feud ruin her day day?
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Oct 29, 2018




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Fairy Princess
Fairy Princess 17 days ago
Okay but it seems like the girl who called the other girl a bitch was right. She didn't seem nasty or anything towards the other girl, where as the bitch WAS being a bitch.. like commenting on her having 'no' chest. She was right too, she shouldn't have been forced to apologise. She wasn't the one being moody or rude, she was being civil. The other one wasn't able to be civil, not her fault. Nothing to apologise for really.. but she seems like a good friend for doing it.
hs1athome 18 days ago
This show was wasted on the 2 bridesmaids. I feel like the Gold was the 50's style blonde holding her tongue.
Ashley Danielle
Ashley Danielle 25 days ago
lol everyone’s blaming Hannah but she did no wrong in my eyes 🤷🏾‍♀️ Danielle was the one who always had something to say to get a reaction outta Hannah.
Tia Hauser
Tia Hauser Month ago
I love the brides attitude and style. Her hair is awesome.
I miss everyone
I miss everyone Month ago
Throw both of them out the door and wedding. Why would a bride do this to herself ?!?
Adro V
Adro V Month ago
Why are girls so damn catty? Just suck it up damn
Nelly Smith
Nelly Smith 2 months ago
Why did Danielle have to apologize to Hannah who was publicly rude to her the first time they met? She seems like the toxic friend who should be cut from the friend group tbh!
You Tube
You Tube 2 months ago
Hannah and the bride are both terrible - no good friend would be allowing Hannah to treat that woman that way.
Mace Fontenot
Mace Fontenot 2 months ago
If anyone was a bitch, it was Hannah
Hope Haskins
Hope Haskins 2 months ago
I'm from Chattanooga bro🥲🥲🥲
Cupid Joon
Cupid Joon 2 months ago
So is no one gonna talk about how the groom looks like John Green 😭🖐🏾
Eunique Wright
Eunique Wright 2 months ago
Emily is so cute and small
Eunique Wright
Eunique Wright 2 months ago
Going to get a dress have a therapy session
Welcome to Florencia
That poor girl in the middle, #Safethemiddlegirl
Aura Bevaart
Aura Bevaart 2 months ago
I’m going to be honest I’m here for the drama
Rebecca Watson
Rebecca Watson 2 months ago
Grow up!!!
jeswainston 2 months ago
Battling bridesmaids? Oh boy
Shelly & Kevin Baumgartner
She chose the perfect bridesmaids dress to compliment her lovely gown. ❤
Steve Sanzari
Steve Sanzari 3 months ago
Most Boring Show ever and that's why I never Watch it ! Oh ! The Three Dresses ! HATED IT !
Grace Axisa
Grace Axisa 3 months ago
Hanna needs to be taken back to the factory, quick smart, for an emergency personality reboot!
Gennae Abatti
Gennae Abatti 3 months ago
Hannah should of been the one to apologize first like that’s bullshit I applaud the other girl for saying it first like she’s more grown the that bitch ughhhh
coraline1503 3 months ago
hannah needs help, poor girl
Marlena Nix
Marlena Nix 3 months ago
When me and my cousin (Jacey) were on second grade, she had a best friend (Grace). I hated her best friend. Looking back now, the truth is I hated Grace because I wanted to be Jacey's only best friend as she was my only best friend. I wanted to be more important to Jacey than Grace. The way I saw it, I was her cousin anyways, who was this other girl? She wasn't related to us. However, I had just moved to town. This other girl had been Jacey's best friend since Pre-K. Jacey just wanted us to get along and be friends too. Well the 3 of us weren't very popular. It was literally just the 3 of us. One day Jacey was out of school and Grace was the only person I knew, and I was the only person who didn't bully her. She came up to me and called a truce. I accepted her truce and we agreed to be cordial for Jacey's sake. By the end of that day, I thought that maybe she and I could possibly be friends one day. By the end of that school year, she and I were just as close as we both were with Jacey. By the end of that summer, me and Grace were closer than either of us were to Jacey because Jacey didn't get to go anywhere that summer and me and Grace were always together. Grace is still my best friend to this day. We've been best friends since we were 8. My point in sharing this is that Hannah may feel the same way. That may be why she started the fight.
Joy Webster
Joy Webster 3 months ago
The attendants hair? Holeeey
Mlle V. auxiliaire sexuelle
That consultant look like Dolly Parton cousin!
Sarah Doak
Sarah Doak 4 months ago
Hannah and Danielle please stop fighting it ruining your friend's wedding so hugs and carry on
TAH MERCY NUNG 4 months ago
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Mr. Buttnugget
Mr. Buttnugget 4 months ago
Couldn’t be me I would have thrown hands because you not gonna talk to me disrespectful that will get her ass handed to her 😒
Denise 4 months ago
The consultant???? OMG!!! I would walk out. Sorry but....
Nicole Harnischfeger
The bride’s dress is so beautiful!! I know I only saw it for a moment, but I think she looked absolutely stunning 🤩
Stephanie Yee
Stephanie Yee 4 months ago
That Hair!
Starbaby Galaxy
Starbaby Galaxy 4 months ago
This just seems like a made for to moment?
Jessica Marequez
Jessica Marequez 4 months ago
fuck Hannah
M M 4 months ago
M M 4 months ago
lucybsweet xoxo
lucybsweet xoxo 4 months ago
hannah should of just kept her mouth shut in the first place which was when she made that tweet. 😬
rhonda graybiel
rhonda graybiel 4 months ago
Now who’s the bitch with no personality?
Carylon Rae Sellers
Carylon Rae Sellers 4 months ago
Hope she got her teeth fixed
Kim Rodriguez
Kim Rodriguez 4 months ago
They don't have to do kumbaya. They have to shut up and get the job done.
Carol Harris
Carol Harris 4 months ago
The consultant looks a little out dated with the hairdo 👀👀👀👀👀👀😩
jane .flippo
jane .flippo 4 months ago
As much as I love Say Yes to the Dress, the Bridesmaid version is the worst ever!
Ariana Perea
Ariana Perea 4 months ago
“Why are y’all still bringing up little spats?” Maybe because you keep bringing it up first….???
Sherry Islam
Sherry Islam 5 months ago
That hair is really something.
Pixie Bubbles
Pixie Bubbles 5 months ago
The consultant, Beth, has hair that reminds me of Elvira, Mistress of the Dark. Look her up, you'll see what I mean.
Barbara Montalvan
Barbara Montalvan 5 months ago
Can we talk about The friend in the middle is so cute and looks like a doll .
interested observer 1949
I don't know why she does not remove the dueling bridesmaids from the wedding party and if they don't straighten up I would disinvite them from the wedding. The only other thing she can do it give them an ultimatum: work it out or both bow out of the bridal party. The bride deserves a drama free wedding.
Ms Be
Ms Be 5 months ago
Bride…..invest in getting your teeth fix before the wedding!
Gladys Cuevas
Gladys Cuevas 5 months ago
Hannah (red dress) twitted something VERY RUDE, towards someone she doesn’t know only based on what she think she felt from the other bridesmaid the first night they met, if she talked to the bride or the other person instead twitting something hideous this wouldn’t be an issue until now. Hannah is childish, entitled and egocentric, she needed to apologize first, not the other girl cause she didn’t do nothing wrong, it was Hannah from the start.
Diane Brazil
Diane Brazil 5 months ago
What grade are these mean girls in? What decade was this show taped? holy cow.
Mariam Abdeali
Mariam Abdeali 5 months ago
Danielle Denis
Danielle Denis 5 months ago
Elope and get your teeth fixed 🤦‍♀️
Kusum Fernandes
Kusum Fernandes 5 months ago
Yes it's the bride's day and both Danielle and Hanna should remember that. BTW Danielle maybe on a bit heavier side but she got the best features compared to Hanna honestly
Shanika Ayanna
Shanika Ayanna 5 months ago
Hannah is kind of an a**hole. Why would she tweet that AT the bridal shop? She was acting like a brat!
Debbie Marquis
Debbie Marquis 5 months ago
Why the dude is there in the first place.??
Inna G
Inna G 5 months ago
that bridesman is everything
Wendy Gillard
Wendy Gillard 5 months ago
Why would you make a rude comment on Twitter about someone anyway. Keep your nasty thoughts to yourself.
Memes Galore
Memes Galore 5 months ago
Why are bridesmaids dresses so ugly… is it on purpose?
Victorys Goodlife
Victorys Goodlife 5 months ago
Jesus she does not like 24 she looks so much older
Salomeii 5 months ago
Hurt and more hurt were her bridesmaids! Thank you for stepping in the help the healing Lori and team!
Omg Hannah just talks ugly to everyone, but she definitely comes off as knowing who to try.
Vicktoria Veela
Vicktoria Veela 5 months ago
The consultant looks like that one mom in 2004 in southern texas that forces her 4 year old into beauty pageants. She's a pretty version of that.
truther cat
truther cat 5 months ago
Is the consultant a dude?
Bec Thumma
Bec Thumma 5 months ago
If you meet someone ONCE and then you go home and post on social media that she's a bitch is just about the rudest thing you can do, especially know she will see it. I think Ms Zero owed the brunette an apology, but I don't think the other girl had to apologize for having someone be rude to her.
Kathi Morrical
Kathi Morrical 5 months ago
"We gonna have a cat fight.." no, it's a temper tantrum, by two Karens who never grew up. I've had "friends" act like that..in 6th grade.
Dr. Braxy Gilkey Cruises
The Karen in the red dress is just horrible.
Maraud DesMers
Maraud DesMers 5 months ago
I The hair of the consultant. How is it possible? And... Why 😭?
Hyena 5 months ago
"thats because you have no boobs. " love that noone says anything to the bigger girl when she attacks the skinny one and the skinny one said nothing that even had to do with her. if the small one said something nasty about the big ones body, all hell would break loose.
Kathy Hansen
Kathy Hansen 6 months ago
Too many people here!
Mal K
Mal K 6 months ago
Justin was the lowkey MVP of this episode. Lots of great reactions, but he let the bride have control, and didn't add to the cattiness.
Bea Kinde
Bea Kinde 6 months ago
Brides Please...let your bridesmaids wear the cut that flatters their figure but keep the color tones the same. Then everyone is happy and has a great time.
MariskaJayne 6 months ago
One rule I've had for my bridesmaids since getting engaged: if there's any crap before or on the wedding day between them both the giver and the receiver will be asked to leave. Don't care who it is but not having any of that negative energy around me at this time. Haven't had to do that quite yet but that's what I stand by.
Daisymay 6 months ago
That 80's hair on the consultant is so overwhelming. I can't get past it.
Belle the Romantic
Belle the Romantic 6 months ago
She hates her for a lack of personality? That’s stupid.
Tamara Silver876
Tamara Silver876 6 months ago
The Consultant’s hair looks like a reincarnation of Priscilla Presley circa 1968. 😂😂
Linda Lulu
Linda Lulu 6 months ago
I would never have them together.
Jeannie Boivin
Jeannie Boivin 6 months ago
If the one in red doesn't like talking about it so much...then why did she post such an awful thing to say in the first place...
Pamela Johnson
Pamela Johnson 6 months ago
Elitsa Gospodinova
Elitsa Gospodinova 6 months ago
Bride looks like she could be English actor Stephen Fry’s daughter
Cathleen Caratan
Cathleen Caratan 6 months ago
Why would you have two people who are toxic like this in your wedding party? Is this dress shopping or group therapy?
Kavya V
Kavya V 6 months ago
This has more DRAMA than keeping up with the kardashians
Heather Paar
Heather Paar 6 months ago
The bride looks like a snob.
Billie Cosmetics
Billie Cosmetics 6 months ago
The most intense 6 minutes of my life
Billie Cosmetics
Billie Cosmetics 6 months ago
Vicki Noeske
Vicki Noeske 7 months ago
What the hell is with the bridal consultant 's hair???
Varaidzo1 7 months ago
How long ago are clips dang... The hair, makeup, styles are super outdated... Seriously
Sarah E
Sarah E 7 months ago
I hate it when people let their petty problems between each other ruin a wedding or wedding planning. It's not about you it's about the bride, everyone needs to remember that.
TK W 7 months ago
See how the one in red gets a red chest when she's on the spot? I do that. When I'm emotional or had wine....turns out this is a lack of an enzyme. My doc told me!
Lisa Perea
Lisa Perea 7 months ago
I am betting Hannah is not in a relationship...
NanM 7 months ago
Huh..One bride’s being caught in the middle is another bride’s being the center of attention.
Grandmaster Pax
Grandmaster Pax 7 months ago
Imagine taking a Twitter feud into real life.
yosoyconsuela 7 months ago
The bride's teeth are weird. I thought she was missing a tooth at first, but it's just really tiny and pointy.
Barbara-Louisa Walker
What awful horried people!
Frances 7 months ago
I wish they could of done the manbride, totally would of loved to see that
Mississippi Mud
Mississippi Mud 7 months ago
Say No to the HAIR
Gazza 4
Gazza 4 8 months ago
A new friendship was formed
Danna Boy
Danna Boy 8 months ago
If two of my bridesmaids hated each other and kept fighting with each, they ain't invited to my wedding because they can't learn to get along. You don't have to be the best of buds but at the same time they have to learn to suck it up and get along for one night. They don't even need to be near each other at the wedding at the reception. "I have a right to say whatever I feel." You also have a right to be respectful to everyone and not to act like a five year old
lo life
lo life 8 months ago
Omg I love Beth 🤣🤣🤣
Leena Sheikh
Leena Sheikh 8 months ago
"I have a right to say what I wanna say" Yes love, but that doesn't keep you from the consequences of those words.
Juanita Acevedo
Juanita Acevedo 8 months ago
Can anyone say Dolly Parton
Lilly VonShtup
Lilly VonShtup 8 months ago
Don’t bet on this “ truce”
Mari Schwab
Mari Schwab 8 months ago
The two women (and I use that term lightly) need to grow up for the bride. 🤨