CatNap vs. HoppyHopscotch Transformation (Poppy Playtime 3 Animation) 

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Feb 9, 2024




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@fash 22 days ago
Full - www.patreon.com/fashik
@Masatonittanitta 22 days ago
@jadenrindfuss1537 22 days ago
22 days ago
22 days ago
@nitashino 22 days ago
what the transformation
@BlueGacha45 22 days ago
Well, the children didn't turn into monsters, Ludwig killed the children and destroyed the organs that were important for the functioning of the body and also the bones to put inside the toys and they used the essence of the poppy to make them create life
@trazbait6955 22 days ago
But remeber it's just a theory A GAMEEEEE THEORY
@arunvenkatesh5817 22 days ago
@@trazbait6955 no no its not theory its actually cannon cause in chapter 3 teaser and promos literally explain this process of transfer neural organs to dolls and toys take that toy dino for example
@user-bf3lx2qp7k 22 days ago
K we know that people just want to make animations of them becoming the monsters
@EzequielNetoo 22 days ago
The orphans at PlayCare (the daycare center where chapter 3 takes place) were also children who were selected to become bigger bodies (CatNap, Mommy, Huggy...) and the Bigger bodies process was to transform the The children's bodies in "experiments" are not just the Poppy process.
@Lumaia_Arnsby 21 day ago
Guys people UST wanna make these animations for fun but yeah I love how they really portrayed this game series it was amazing and the story line is not scattered around like most games which is good
@user-gd5xm3xm7j 17 days ago
Who's the bosses roses 😳
@Randomtaytertot 20 days ago
I almost had a heart attack at hoppy she turned buff for a millisecond
@user-ij2le3dk2t 19 days ago
❤🎉❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊 мультики
@josemir7748 15 days ago
True kickinchicken bro i thought she was buff, it was like cotton or other something
@Randomtaytertot 14 days ago
@@buchoorakshita6503 truth :>
@user-dm8kz9vc5n 14 days ago
A página que você é uma galinha pintadinha e o Marquinhos mas você é a parte
@astridcorley9548 22 days ago
I’m still gonna go with Catnap. Not only because he’s my favorite, but because the animation for him looks similar to a werewolf’s transformation
@Jasimplays 21 day ago
Dog day and prototype sitting in the corner: 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
@ArthurUWUofc 21 day ago
@@ArthurUWUofc no I just love werewolves
@ArthurUWUofc 21 day ago
@@astridcorley9548 Oh ok
@EMMA-hb5zq 20 days ago
@@astridcorley9548 same here😮
@d3v1l_fruit83 19 days ago
Let's all be honest here...sure,catnip was evil and all but he did not deserve to be betrayed by the only person he trusted...💔
@Sovietussrunon 21 day ago
Catnap turn into scooped micheal afton 💀
@user-ss7kk6sj2l 17 days ago
@aupep 17 days ago
“PURPLE GUY!!!! IS THAT U??!?!?!?!?!”
@user-kh8zz5fd9m 14 days ago
Это расскажите кто это делал❤😢
@Miko_948 7 days ago
​@@aupep Purple guy is not Michael Afton
@shoroqhasan1914 3 hours ago
finally, I found the comment that I was looking for!?
@anmaikhanh4473 21 day ago
Catnap to the purple guy in fnaf
@landonbegay9694 19 days ago
The furry version
@carlosmora1136 19 days ago
People who are just vibing with the song 👇
Jjmzhxhzzh hz❤jwmsmsxnxnsnsn😂skdks mais ksjz já😊kddkdkid🎉dkdj😢sjkssjsjsjsjsjsjsj😮jddjdjdjif😅didididicifjjfrjfjifdidididjjdicicjdfjfjfjfjciciciici
@azviel214 8 days ago
@vngaming955 14 days ago
catnap transformation was the best
@karate_teacher 22 days ago
The catnap transformation is quite similar to a werewolf transformation xD
@YanyanisCrazed 19 days ago
These are cool animations, but I dont think CatNap became CatNap like that. The way I think He became that way is: Theodore, and 7-9 year old kid got electrecuted(im not sure how). The Prototype decided to help Theo, so he picked him up and left him at Ludwigs door. Soon, Ludwig saw Theo there. Ludwig helped Theo and put his soul into CatNap's body. Now CatNap worships the Prototype because of that. (Im Not Entirely Sure if this is true, but it might be)
@Jannescraft 21 day ago
bro did'nt know how catnap became catnap LOL
@US_ismyfav 22 days ago
bro transformed into a furry💀
@AnaRuiz-vt7tf 16 days ago
@Catland2914 19 days ago
THIS IS WHAT IM TALKING ABOUT!!!!!!!🗣️🗣️🗣️🗣️🗣️🗣️🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
@user-qn1sq6jh4f 21 day ago
Se soente bien el haber conocido a FASH desde sus inicios, el primer video corto era de personajes de poppy playtime haciendo corazones
@KetutRawa 9 days ago
🟣🐱vs🐰🟢vs 🦄⚪vs 🐷💓
@user-qn1sq6jh4f 9 days ago
@@KetutRawa ufffff referencia
Bro turned into william afton💀
@AdogHitter 19 days ago
I thought hoppy was bunzo bunny💀
@user-vo7md7ti6u 19 days ago
Dogday please next🙏🏻
@user-gj1tq3tl5b 21 day ago
i like Hoppy more then catnap❤
@fhaizalmuhd884 20 days ago
I don't know
@emmahowe9311 19 days ago
@SarahUnknowns 7 days ago
I hate bunnies 👁️👄👁️
@@SarahUnknowns lol
@Raquel-kv6gn 15 days ago
My God, the girl turns into a green monster and the guy even turns into William Afton ☠️
@_Siza_kit_ 5 days ago
That's Hoppy n Catnap💀
Team all
@gladysguevara5658 19 days ago
I dream or napcat tranformation is q bit like micheal with ennard
@ghostdobrawll 20 days ago
its not canon xd
@user-rk9zf5ib7i 19 days ago
@jasonz3492 21 day ago
Bro turned in to a furry 💀
Wdym bro you mean bruvs
They both turned into a furry
@zari9896 19 days ago
@carmelaserio7225 17 days ago
OMG the Catnap trasformation is so cool😮
Team 2👇👇👇
@user-ek7yr3od2k 20 days ago
Cat nap:❌️ Purple guy:✔️
@TOJImation 21 day ago
Only animators will know how much work and time you put in these animations, GREAT JOB ❤
@user-bw8ch4qz6m 22 days ago
Trhegeehe oy rhdurg😊😊😊
@user-lp2tx3wp1f 21 day ago
maybe smiling critters are not human except catnap
@DAMAGE1000 21 day ago
Animation:😢 Original:💀
@Street_official30 22 days ago
Mas eu acho o catnap fofinho
Love catnp
Catnap just wanted to play with his toys:( Oh wait I am catnap
@Catnap_exp_1188. I was catnap wait... I STILL AM 💀
@@KITTYCATNAPLOVE Nah u are cartoon Catnap, i'm the experiment one
@Catnap_exp_1188. Yeah
I love catna
@APP-vj9vu 15 days ago
It's not catna It's cat nap
@dipabiswas-yj4eg 20 days ago
Catnap transform is best
@Lucky45612 21 day ago
Bro turned into purple guy
Deberias hacerlo pero con dogday
@JesusAcosta-ic5og 22 days ago
"Elliot the prototype will not save you . .. " Moments before disaster
@CherryBloxRB 19 days ago
Team Hoppy Forever❤❤
paying attention, to the video. ❌️ paying, attention to the music ✅️
@nazlyanaglbas8155 12 days ago
Bro Music:lovely Bastards
@TugbaCakr-pi4js 18 days ago
Hoppyhopscotch team like CatNAP is coments
@3rresmakeup 17 days ago
Name of the music :3 and good animations
@attackoftheflynns 22 days ago
What song is this
@3rresmakeup 14 days ago
Lovely bastards
@smile-fl5mk 14 days ago
catnaps eyes literally fell out 😮
@Kauri71hehe 22 days ago
All you need to know is that they became a furry.
so? are they cringe or no? if yes, you are 5 yrs old
@Kauri71hehe 20 days ago
I meant it in a knowledgeable way,and no they’re not cringe.
No se supone que es un peluche
@user-mj3xo2gb4s 19 days ago
I really like🥰 catnap catnap Wow
To be honest, i really like both of them, but if i was to pick i would pick hoppy just because the fact that her hand reaches out near the end made me think........ WAS THAT THE BITE OF 87?!
@domflores2378 15 days ago
I love cat nap. I love how you just put all of the tail into it. I love the animation to it so cool.😍😍😍
@Nose_.-. 20 days ago
Furros be like:
@user-mx5qv2zy9s 15 days ago
Team hoppy❤
@fhaizalmuhd884 11 days ago
Sorry idk
@Lilaki880 7 days ago
I love video Hoppy Hopscotstch❤❤
@nazlyanaglbas8155 20 days ago
Music:lovely Bastards
@3rresmakeup 14 days ago
Thank you
@user-vd8bl9rb9y 19 days ago
Ayo?catnap furry edition?
@Smitten_kitten_3 22 days ago
Amazing animation ❤❤❤
@Viana_ofc 20 days ago
@hasanfakih-xr7yp 13 days ago
That kid turned into Gumball
@martinosorio4596 13 days ago
I feel bad for the smiling critters
@user-we4rp4jx3b 22 days ago
Cat nap 😢❤
Team transformation hopy hopshoch😭😭😭😭
SOS. I love Catnap so much that i act like him😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😅😂
@TOILET832 22 days ago
Skibidi - Skibidi Traductor : “ *Viviendo sus propias pesadillas interminables* “ ✨🎼🏭💥
@user-ug3rw8ee5q 16 days ago
people who thought hoppy hopscotch is a boy 👇
@Tv_Minu_XD 9 days ago
it's a girl
Thats wild bc Hopscotch almost turned into a buff version and ill freak out if i saw this
@saseevanne6401 22 days ago
@Floppafan120 22 days ago
She is not a boy
@arieljohnson994 22 days ago
No if you saw poppy playtime chapter3 her voice is a girl because she is a girl
@adSame_1 22 days ago
What.. No.
@arieljohnson994 22 days ago
Obviously hoppy hopscotch is a girl
@SALKMALODY8740 12 days ago
CATNAP: ❌ Michael Afton: ✔️
@danimerante2436 18 days ago
Amei 💗 Cat napi Meu Deus
@user-tv6st6lr5n 15 days ago
👹👹👹 Strenght : 🐱 Durability : 🐱 Speed : 🐰 Travel speed : 🐰 IQ : 🐱 Battle IQ :🐱 Stamina : 🐱 Skill : 🐱 Power : 🐱 Abilities : 🐱 Combat :🐱 Agility : 🐰 Endurance : 🐱 versatility : 🐱 Dexterity : 🐰 AP/DC : 🐱 Experience : 🐱 Hax : 🐱 Free point : 🐰 🐱14-5 🐰 Catnap wins Low diff
@andreayork6505 8 days ago
Although catnaps transformation isnt canon its still prety cool
@EcIendo 7 days ago
I think the actual thing is more horrifying... Being put into plushies, being blinded, killed but alive
catnap is awesome
@_Galia. 14 days ago
Is it a movie? If it is a movie/series, I would like its name please😊
eu amo muito o CAT NAP💜💜💜💜🐱
@amalkrutoy 20 days ago
Btw they are cute for me ❤
@sooyatamang4301 13 days ago
Bro turned into the alpha💀
@vovo-zp4cm 17 days ago
I love catnap and all of the smiling critter's to◉⁠‿⁠◉
@RuzgarTUBE35 13 days ago
Catnap turns into purple guy :D
Is that, Justin from Lankybox???
@user-ux4hy3pk8y 12 days ago
Theo really wanted to be Micheal For context Micheal Afton basically looks like purple guy.
@user-hi9lt2tk2z 20 days ago
o catnap é o meu favorito também💜💜💜
Me: now it's my turn...HAAAAGH!!!...this is super saiyan 3
@user-ff3sc9bz9h 16 days ago
My favorite catnap
@user-yx9im7ez9h 14 days ago
Hoppy is one of best
@dumkenadine1268 21 day ago
All are very cool
Hoppy became buff 😂
@simplyallen4388 16 days ago
That's not even catnaps origin story💀
@AnnaLiu-mw8tg 11 days ago
¿Al principio era wuillian Afton o catnap?
@K4iLYA 20 days ago
Catnap no era solo un robot?
@3rresmakeup 14 days ago
No no es un robot
@K4iLYA 13 days ago
@@3rresmakeup no me habia visto todas las cosas q habia en el juego , perdon 😃👍
@3rresmakeup 13 days ago
@@K4iLYA TA bien perdonada 👍
@abrilgomez3149 13 days ago
One of craffycorn pls😺👍
@alaskas_mansion 16 days ago
Heres a fun fact! Catnap used to be a child named Theodore Grambell
@user-tl3sy8rp9w 9 days ago
You never know is that purple guy or catnap💀💀💀
@zoepun5275 19 days ago
Catnaps balls retracted into his body what a painful thing to happen
@Normalefoxy 7 days ago
The hoppy looked buff a lil
@gosiak4531 15 days ago
Hoppy Hopscotch ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤🎉
My God, I can't believe it was like that?
@user-mj7dm6dp9r 12 days ago
Team 2 lime
@gnomestr8897 11 days ago
10/10 bro catnap is sick like dope in the real game he's sick may you make catnap sence when he died
@Sussybakaman3259 18 days ago
Oh poor catnap and hoppy. He is now into monster. I love hoppy and catnap but now he and she is evil😢😢😢