Chlöe Is Too Hot For Us 🥵 | BET Awards '22

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Relive Chlöe's scorching 2022 BET Awards performance!

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Published on


Jun 25, 2022




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Comments 5 184
Sharp Shooter On Rural
Everyone crediting Beyonce for this style of performance but this is DEFINITELY a Janet the Jackson inspired performance. 🙌🏽
Vando Varela
Vando Varela Day ago
@Shay Star my goddaughter is 13th, she knows Janet ..
Shay Star
Shay Star 4 days ago
Well, younger people like me only know Beyoncé, Normani, and Ciara….We don’t really know Janet because she’s before our time 🤷🏽‍♀️
Exactly.... gave me.... "anytime anyplace "Vibes
Vando Varela
Vando Varela 19 days ago
This is Chloe herself doing what she had to do
Mel Gee
Mel Gee Month ago
Chloe eats, breathes, and dreams MUSIC… this is definitely her gift to the world and she was born to do this… CHLOE will perform and continue to raise the bar… Her time is now and she is here to SLAY and STAY!!!!!
Kathleen Lindsay
Kathleen Lindsay 22 days ago
@zzz we black - it all works!
Rene Clayton
Rene Clayton 23 days ago
@Kathleen Lindsay q
Fol Dudeney
Fol Dudeney 23 days ago
Pharaoh93 24 days ago
It’s a cross between the two lol but people don’t know auntie Jan is the queen
Porsha Edmun
Porsha Edmun Month ago
Lol well you know who inspired Beyoncé or no? Lol 😂
Laundee B.
Laundee B. Month ago
Yes Beyonce took her under her wing. But Chloe is Chloe, not the 2nd coming of Beyonce. Vocals, performance, costumes, just stunning as usual!
Justin Carey
Justin Carey 2 days ago
If Beyoncé has a protege now, it’ll expand her longevity just like how Beyoncé expanded her predecessors’ longevity. Chloe isn’t Beyoncé’s second coming. They’re intended to exist at the same time and I’d argue Beyoncé is actually in her prime right now (in regard to musicality).
sinara 18 days ago
Thank you!
Jeremy Collins
Jeremy Collins 19 days ago
@Myk Lorenzo there is no comparison Chlöe is inspired by Beyoncé and that’s okay tbh imo if she reminds me of Beyoncé she’s giving quality performances
Kourtnei 27 days ago
@Myk Lorenzo doesnt mean you have to compare.
Myk Lorenzo
Myk Lorenzo Month ago
There's no denying the comparisons
Jaiyna Aaliyana
Jaiyna Aaliyana Month ago
You can say what you want to say about her but her vocals are literally undeniable!!
Matthew Williams
Beyoncé knew EXACTLY what she had found when she signed the two of them to her label! This performance was incredible! Vocals, confidence, stage presence, choreography - I could not look away! Chloë is a true super star!! 🚨
Xavier Hurd
Xavier Hurd 28 days ago
@WPC8925 And she produces her tracks herself as well! For those that don't know what that means.... The music behind the vocals is also created by Chloe.... Ms. Belly if ya nasty!
Markus Cooke
Markus Cooke 29 days ago
@Raya’s Life always a hater who has a backhanded compliment. It must pain you to be beneath Beyonce
Raya’s Life
Raya’s Life 29 days ago
She found 2 people vocally better than her and more talented.
Dee Holmes
Dee Holmes Month ago
Beyoncé didn’t find anything they presented themselves Chloe did beyonces verses so well everyone was showing them to bey
Rob Madden Shot Ya
Chloe does NOT disappoint like at all. She leaves it all on the stage every single performance.
Odessa Williams
Odessa Williams Month ago
Now this is talent!!! She is well on her way to being an icon. Incredible
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu Month ago
Best performance of the night!!!!!!! STOP PLAYING WITH HER!!!
ToxicBeGONE Month ago
OKAY Chloe is one of those REAL music artist AND entertainer, NO BULLSH*T, just the real f'ing deal! Thank you!!
Kory Kent
Kory Kent 12 days ago
Arcadia Month ago
Real performers but he music is main stream
Stacy Lindsay
Stacy Lindsay Month ago
The Sleeved Co.
The Sleeved Co. Month ago
Vocals ✔️ Choreography ✔️ Stage presence ✔️ Wardrobe ✔️ Talent is undeniable! I know I’ve watched this thing 5 or 6 times in the last few days.
Taylor Talks
Taylor Talks Month ago
Chloe did great! Performed in front of icons, Mary J Blige, Brandy, Lil' Kim and on the same stage that Mariah Carey was on! Can't wait for the album drop
Ja'Quarius Griffin
Ja'Quarius Griffin 12 days ago
@Chile_Anyways thisssss
Chile_Anyways 15 days ago
Like to see y’all do better
Chile_Anyways 15 days ago
I’m sorry but seeing All these comments is disgusting just worthless nobody’s wit a whole lot to say
Da Don
Da Don Month ago
@Rosie Brooks Then idk what strip club u go to cause that def was not "stripper" dancing, but okay...
Ja'Quarius Griffin
@Rosie Brooks bro her performance is not giving stripper she just going with the vibe of HER song not yours and when she start making songs just about black people like Beyoncé y’all would be mad bc y’all would want her to go back to the way she was before she started making songs like that so think before you speak and Chloe spoke in many interviews on how she loves her body and wants to show it off so goodbye and keep it cute with your comment boo
Beauty1111 Month ago
She did that!!! She kept in pitch until to very last note. Didn’t let her lil malfunction with the cord thingy mess her up. Smartly turned around to enter the next dance move so the camera didn’t catch it. All while keeping in pitch. I can’t even pick who I like better. Her and her sis are just adorable equally.
AnaisJae 13 days ago
@Jinnko! yea I saw that. With all of the movement and her breathing throughout the performance I’d concluded that it was prerecorded vocals
AllyOnAir 26 days ago
Hard to be off pitch when you’re doing playback on prerecorded « live » vocals though but yeah
Ekaterina Kozhevnikova
@Jinnko! 😒💅 Lil malfunction, hope nobody trying to sabotage her. She is talented and seems like a kind lady.
Jinnko! Month ago
@Tiffany Ashley Brown Around 3:56-3:58. She is slightly late on the deliver if you watch her mouth closely.
Tiffany Ashley Brown
@Rachel Riley I’m with you! I didn’t hear any notes that were off key at the end. Her performance was just fine.
Khari Khy-ree
Khari Khy-ree Month ago
Chöle's "Freak like me" rendition was wild‼️ I hate when performers do this lol🤧I need a full version now. It sounds so smooth.🤎 That part is on replay.
Mya 24 days ago
tatiana alexandre
tatiana alexandre 26 days ago
@jenell clarke yesss and I love it too and sameee
jenell clarke
jenell clarke 27 days ago
I have to come back to this video just to hear that part every day 😩
Getyour 29 days ago
Yup it’s my fav part
L M Month ago
You can tell she’s grown over the years as a performer.
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu Month ago
So fun fact…I died halfway though this performance. Her vocals brought me back to life. Thankfully I got to finish watching the performance. 🤩🤩🤩
Safire Inspire
Safire Inspire Month ago
So fun fact…I died halfway though this performance. Her vocals brought me back to life. Thankfully I got to finish watching the performance. 🤩🤩🤩
yendaaaa Month ago
@visualhatefuck ​ artists studio record themselves 'singing live' so its not the studio version. So that IS her.
L M Month ago
@visualhatefuck Even if true, we all know Chloe Bailey has been a talented singer since a child.
marcelle215 Month ago
@visualhatefuck she was def singing the first half
visualhatefuck Month ago
So fun fact... it's not live singing
Zamie Burnette
Zamie Burnette Month ago
Mic pack came off…coat got stuck…and she still killed the performance like a true professional all while singing live…that’s a true performer!!!!
Daniel Jackson
Daniel Jackson Month ago
@CRISPR I exactly. If you sing the phrase she’s singing, that’s how your mouth will move. The idea that she needs to be moving her lips to each word would make it impossible to sing how she is.
Daniel Jackson
Daniel Jackson Month ago
@Golden holding your ear wouldn’t give you those count-ins and backtrack back… the purpose of a singer holding their finger in their ear, especially when they lose an in-ear, is to monitor their own voice from the resonance of their head. If you were lipping, you would just keep following the cues of the second in-ear. Again expecting her lips to “match the words” like she’s rapping a verse and not singing legato is erroneous. If you watch a person sing legato, that’s how their mouth is going to move. Sharp movements of the mouth lead to sharp changes in the sound coming out your mouth-the opposite of legato. But beyond all that, they already released rehearsal videos showing they didn’t make a ‘live’ prerecording because they only had a week to rehearse in the first place. This is live.
Heavensent0602 Month ago
And I didn't even noticed. That ladies and gentlemen is a STAR! 🌟
CRISPR I Month ago
@Golden Yep it is obvious she is singing live and filling in certain parts with pre-recorded parts to smooth out transitions and moving which is still impressive. Honestly though I think some people who don't actually sing (this is coming from a singer) don't really understand that you don't have to move your mouth as much when singing because phrasing comes moreso from tongue placement and manipulating pitch then mouth shapes. I just practiced it to test and yep when I sing a phrase I can use my mouth alot less but when speaking I am pulling the sounds together more with mouth shapes lol
@Brandon lmaoooo you funny
Debbie L
Debbie L Month ago
Chloe been waiting all her life to bruck out 😁🥵. Glad she's finally coming into her own and becoming the performer she always wanted to be. Go Chloe. She's definitely going to leave a mark in this industry. She also has the perfect group of dancers.
Jess Watson
Jess Watson Month ago
Lol! I bet she has! She’s incredibly talented.
kolim jone
kolim jone Month ago
Halle are STARS!
Gigi Cat
Gigi Cat Month ago
Chloe is an absolutely fantastic performer, every single time she is the life of the show! ALSO, can we hand it to miss Blondie with her whole vibe she MURKED that!
TREAT ME .. I love this live version. Arguably more than the studio version.
BreeAyeezy Month ago
Damn she definitely has the power and breath control like Beyoncé on stage!!! Vocals and voice amazing but I would love to hear a ballade from her cuz she can sing sing🙌🏾😩
Here Forever
Here Forever Month ago
@BreeAyeezy right!! When you have a good engineer that knows what they’re doing. All that was practiced.
BreeAyeezy Month ago
@Here Forever lol sometimes it really doesn’t match, especially when she’s dancing but damn it looks goddamn real😭 But she would sometimes say lil words, after she danced like to proof that her mic is on lol
Here Forever
Here Forever Month ago
@BreeAyeezy na this was in fact a pre recorded vocal, the breathing is recorded as well to give it that high energy live feel. But true she really is that good at it, so is Beyoncé lol she taught her well!! This was necessary for this performance to be perfect. Thank god she caught the mic pack and ear monitor cause it could have messed up the whole performance, cause she wouldn’t be able to hear the pre recorded vocals. Thank god! Certain parts you can tell it’s not live because the way she moves her mouth and pronounces her words doesn’t match the way she may have recorded it.
BreeAyeezy Month ago
@visualhatefuck she definitely sung live, u can hear her breathing and it doesn’t sound like recorded or a studio tape🤦🏽
BreeAyeezy Month ago
@visualhatefuck huh… yes it was🤦🏽 if not then she’s rlly good at lip sync 😩
Bre Marie
Bre Marie Month ago
This is has to be her best solo performance that I've seen. She has channeled & controlled her energy & gave us what we all knew she could give. A world class performance!!! She had the grade A vocals, dancing , arrangements, I mean she gave what it was supposed to give. Her & Lotto were my fav for BET.
The Double 2Ruth
Her and latto hands down
Dumbb Outt
Dumbb Outt Month ago
U hit it right ona money
Bella N'Khor
Bella N'Khor Month ago
I said the exact same thing her and Latto was my fave. Maaan Mariah is always gonna be a top tier woman I love her an the fact that Latto actually gave Mariah her flowers was bomb af I loved it and them having YDB there was epic..
theojambalaya Month ago
Can we just talk about how her mic pack fell out and she effortless recovered and killed those vocals?!
Kayla Kieko
Kayla Kieko Month ago
There needs to be a live version of all her songs she performs on every streaming platform.
Aavale' Storm: Iconic Performers
I love how Chloe out dances the dancers while singing flawlessly.
K. Alvarado
K. Alvarado Month ago
Yea she’s not out dancing nobody. But we love her
digthewarmth Month ago
That's a stretch. She's not outdancing the dancers, but she does a good job.
nieooj gotoy
nieooj gotoy Month ago
Chloe is killin’ it!!! She can sing, dance, and perform!!! She’s a true entertainer!
LouBaby Coles
LouBaby Coles Month ago
There's a standard being set and it feels so familiar. I remember when Beyonce was still a 'new' artist and everytime she was expected to perform at an award show, you knew she was gonna be the performance of the night and she was gonna tear the stage UP with choreography and vocals GALORE. This feels like that and everytime Chlöe performs, it's FIRE!!!
thomas bass
thomas bass 5 days ago
@Jesus is lord 😂😂😂😂
thomas bass
thomas bass 5 days ago
Earth Experience by KO
@Allyssa Cook exactly she sounds identical and her performances as well like they groomed her
Earth Experience by KO
@Levin Kobb I'm glad I'm not the only one that feels like I'm watching Beyonce being channeled through her
Levin Kobb
Levin Kobb Month ago
@Allyssa Cook 💯💯💯
Work It Out with Rufaro
It's never enough for me to watch any of Chloe's live performancs only once. She brings it each and every time. She keeps setting the bar high and i love that about her 🔥
Eric Ward
Eric Ward Month ago
Best performance of the night! Vocals and dancing went so brazy!
Sonia Blount
Sonia Blount Month ago
Her vocals are amazing no question! Her performances always have a tad bit too much incorporated. She is finding her way though but I think balancing between seductive and sexy is what would take her to the next level.
Nina Edwards
Nina Edwards Month ago
Jay Butter
Jay Butter Month ago
She has a very beautiful voice and it stays consistent throughout her performance. It's truly amazing.
Donashia Month ago
💜Ladies and Gentlemen this is what you call a performer. The stage presence, choreography and vocals are all 🔥. She’s in her own lane and giving the girls a run for their money. It takes a lot of practice and hard work for someone to sing and dance. The breath control is amazing. They relate her to the Queen 🐝 because u can see she’s just as driven. We see you Chloe and here are your flowers 🌹 🌸🌺🌷. Vocals are outstanding🔥🔥
Here Forever
Here Forever Month ago
@Heaven Moore you’re confusing hate with sharing information, I love Chloe she’s an amazing artist. You’re perceiving it as hate when it’s just an observation. Saying she Lip syncs does not equate to hate. You can believe what you want tho, but it just shows that she pulls it off to the majority. Real musicians will decipher it
Heaven Moore
Heaven Moore Month ago
@Here Forever you’re determined to convince me but you won’t , have a nice day keep up the hate
Here Forever
Here Forever Month ago
@Heaven Moore I have and she does sings live at her concert, but all 3 of her televised award show performances were all to pre recorded vocals. VMAs, AMAs and BET Awards. The “feeling good” performance in the black cat suit was also lip synced.
Lunga Rubuluza
Lunga Rubuluza Month ago
@Sheluh.Huncho. wait, what drag and which celeb? im so confused
Heaven Moore
Heaven Moore Month ago
@Here Forever if you say so you’ve obviously never been to her concerts
JUSTME Month ago
She can perform! Singing was on point even while dancing!
rita6th Month ago
Did not watch the awards, but this performance was truly amazing. Loved the dancing and shout out to Adina Howard with Freak Like Me. Also I loved the background dancers everything was on point. I love great choreography and her singing was beautiful. 💯💯💯💥💥💥
Tanesha L
Tanesha L Month ago
Miss “She Does Too Much” did it again!! Miss lady can perform and sing! 👏🏾👏🏾
Julio Lopez
Julio Lopez Month ago
i’ve been watching this an unhealthy amount of times! she can perform and EAT it up every time ! we finally have someone that can fit well in beyoncé’s shoes
Isaac Month ago
So proud of Ms. Chloe, she never lets anybodies opinions keep her from shining like the star she is. This performance was so dope! 💃🏼✨
bbxy Ari
bbxy Ari Month ago
Metro Pcs
Metro Pcs Month ago
@bubbzy and yet at the same time those same types of harsh opinions can save a reputation or a life! Just because it hurts you to the core does not mean it's not fact.
Dylan Billion
Dylan Billion Month ago
I'm super proud of my girl
Raquel C. Gary
Raquel C. Gary Month ago
Chloe definitely keeps improving as a performer! Definitely did not disappoint! Go girl!
Chances C
Chances C 26 days ago
Chloe is her own person. She’s killing the game right now to be so young and very talented
Afoma Afobunor
Afoma Afobunor Month ago
Fantastic well done Chloe! Diamonds shine through it all. The other artists are busy complaining on social media and blaming their poor performances on technical difficulties ‘making up excuses’ not even giving their performances this much energy to begin with while Chloe managed to pull off perfect pitch/timing w/o earpiece, battery pack swinging across her body too. People need to sit down & take notes rather than complain/justify or make-up excuses for technical errors. Instead always prepare for the worst and to work around it when it occurs. Lastly, BET production crew need to step up their game and do better…let people enjoy quality music. Hire people who are great at the technical jobs and stop embarrassing artists.
M. Kanita Key
M. Kanita Key Month ago
Ms Davis
Ms Davis Month ago
The views count is not accurate. I have viewed this 1,000 times. I’m obsessed 😍. Chloe, thank you 😊. Raw talent. Unique and Empowering.
Bri B.
Bri B. Month ago
Her vocal control is everything 💯 definitely not easy but Chloe does it so effortlessly. I love that she’s getting more comfortable with performing. Her and her sister are so talented!
hearsaytruth 25 days ago
@Bri B. Wow way to take it so personal 😂
Bri B.
Bri B. 26 days ago
@ambiemouse No ones lying so first of all come correct. She clearly was singing for the most part. How do I know?? Cause I know singing and you don’t. Gtfo and mind your business and stop worrying about whether she was lip syncing or not. She’s still way more talented than you. I’m sure you can’t even walk and talk at the same time. You’re dismissed.
ambiemouse 27 days ago
@Bri B. You may not be blind but you might have cataracts. There are clear sections of this that are live pre-recorded- which isn't a big deal, it is the norm for high-intensity performances and sounds natural since they record in breaths. If you watch any of her other live performances, you will KNOW after a dance section--she is a little out of breath because...she is a human being and dance is exercise lol You ain't gotta lie craig.
Just another Waver
@bo Dixon it’s in and out lip singing. Some parts she song and some she lip sing.
Here Forever
Here Forever Month ago
@Kelsey Stoudmire yeah it was beautifully done, but she kinda missed the cue a bit with the delivery of the run.
A Month ago
Her voice and dancing style everything it’s just like Beyoncé, feel like Beyoncé approves it 🙌👍🧡
Just A Thought
Just A Thought Month ago
Ok, I HAVE WATCHED THIS PERFORMANCE OVER 10 TIMES NOW 😂❤️🔥 I am super proud. I can not wait until she tours🔥🔥🔥
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu Month ago
She killed that!! 🔥 🔥 🔥 She had the vocals and dancing on lock. Not everybody can do both flawlessly.
MAS MAN Month ago
This is the kind of sexy I like. It wasn't to much and just right for her voice to get the SHINE it deserves. I love this all black and her natural locs...she looks darn amazing while delivering these vocals!!!
Lesli 🔥 I WANT SЕХ 💋 F Uc_k me
This is has to be her best solo performance that I've seen. She has channeled & controlled her energy & gave us what we all knew she could give. A world class performance!!! She had the grade A vocals, dancing , arrangements, I mean she gave what it was supposed to give. Her & Lotto were my fav for BET.
Shayvideos1 Month ago
I agree..I see the adjustments and improvement.
Kelsey Stoudmire
@Jhene Gaming right? It’s giving bot
Jhene Gaming
Jhene Gaming Month ago
I can't take you seriously with your user. Lmaoo
JeanLuc Couture
JeanLuc Couture Month ago
The performance was good.... But she needs to gwon and sing LIVE at these major televised events.
Wilona Month ago
Gosh… the vocals 😍!!! Chloe never lets us down 🫶🏾💖💖💖
Shakeria Month ago
As someone who didn't care for her previous performances I must say that this was amazing from the vocals, dancing, transitions & outfit. I loved that it wasn't over the top or too sexual. It was perfect! Her talent is impeccable!
kristy Albert
kristy Albert Month ago
Wow, her vocals! Even when she’s live.😍 fire 🔥
Shabreta Ware
Shabreta Ware 25 days ago
She did so Good was waiting on a performance like this all night🔥..Love,Love,Love❤🥰😍
Robert Henry Jones
This girl was dancing so hard that her battery pack went flying and she caught it so fast at 3:30 that you can even notice it. Thereafter she is holding the mic AND the battery pack IN ONE HAND!!! She makes a difficult situation seamless and easy. A PROFESSIONAL!!!!
Lance Wise
Lance Wise 4 days ago
I didn’t even notice until I read this comment, and I watched this performance several times!!! Wow!! She’s truly a performer!!
Mahlatse 27 days ago
@Taj Simms 🤣imagine lol
Whitzala Month ago
A PRO!!!
Taj Simms
Taj Simms Month ago
@Myk Lorenzo lol you know Beyoncé was in the production room yelling “SWITCH TO CAMERA 3”
Thomas Lykes
Thomas Lykes Month ago
AlisaKay Month ago
She is growing so much as a solo performer! Her confidence is shining through and I’m so excited to continue to watch her journey. I really feel like a proud auntie. 🥲🥹🥰😍☺️
BooBoo TheFool
BooBoo TheFool Month ago
Love love loved every second of her performance. Her voice, timing, dancing, stage presence are all excellent!💕💥🔥🔥
Tyshauna Henderson
She is so amazing!!! Her performance and vocals was on point as always! Great job sister 👏 You did that queen! To me the best performance of the night!
Obi Month ago
yea this is her best performance so far. you can tell she's paying attention to every last detail
Chuq B
Chuq B Month ago
Best performance of the entire night. She gave us the old feeling we had when we use to watch the BET awards
Deborah Tulloch
Deborah Tulloch 11 days ago
@hearsaytruth there’s a backtrack but she’s singing live. You can hear it right before she climbs on the chair, and the way she emphasizes the words after she comes down, shows she is singing live.
o K
o K 16 days ago
hearsaytruth 23 days ago
@G0dismabestfriend no she's not. If you watch carefully you'll notice she's lip sync ing to a prerecorded track. But I don't find that to be an issue. It's her own vocals and the performance is physically exhausting so nothing wrong with that.
G0dismabestfriend 25 days ago
@hearsaytruth doesn't she sing live majority of the time ? I expect nothing less from her!!
hearsaytruth 25 days ago
@G0dismabestfriend Mariah actually did sing live. No prerecorded crap
Jai Tazel
Jai Tazel Month ago
She’s incredibly definitely one of the best performers of our generation
Coco N.
Coco N. Month ago
Love watching her performances. She kills it every time! Vocals are amazing 😍
Peter's Sister
Peter's Sister Month ago
I love HER!! She is continuously pushing the envelope and necessary conversations!! BRAVO!!!
Gabriella Jackson
Her vocals. Just crazy.
Jzon Azari
Jzon Azari Month ago
Mama is a performer and she continues to prove that.
Ken Globally
Ken Globally Month ago
@clgasto 8490 Omg you guys are just replying without thinking abs being haters. No one moved.
Ken Globally
Ken Globally Month ago
@Wandile Xaba fetch her bestie! 😭✋🏽
Tyrell Anderson
Tyrell Anderson Month ago
@7th chamber which is what, darling?
7th chamber
7th chamber Month ago
@Tyrell Anderson She is doing everything the other new girls are supposed to be doing but ARENT.
K. Es
K. Es Month ago
@Tyrell Anderson 😒 I say modern day because her first hit was in the 90s. I could’ve said a younger version of Beyoncé ? Anywho… She’s been around for so long. She could be making hits when she’s 90 and you’d still say this lol
Nirah_love Month ago
You know your a star when the cameras never leave you the whole performance she kilt it 👏🏽🔥🔥
didintleSA 28 days ago
I love her voice and rhythm. I just wish she'd tone down the sexual stuff a little.
Simply Tay Marie
Simply Tay Marie 17 days ago
This performance lives in my head rent free ‼️‼️
Aujj Aujj
Aujj Aujj Month ago
It’s giving Janet with an undercurrent of Queen BEE!!!! I love it!!!! So raw. So pure. Just TALENT and DEDICATION reeking from this performance
Fancy Ally
Fancy Ally Month ago
Vocals on point like always. I’m so happy she got to perform Treat Me
Talia Oliver
Talia Oliver Month ago
I really enjoy her live vocals more than her studio vocals. She sounds amazing 🔥🔥🔥
Lenworth Month ago
My fave performance of the night! Vocals and choreo demolished!
Jordy Eggermont
Jordy Eggermont Month ago
Vocals absolutely on point, great performance
tRIXIIE1 Month ago
This was her best live performance. Energetic yet balanced.
marie94 Month ago
@perry jones exactly! Wasnt it around Halloween too so it was supposed to be like that?
perry jones
perry jones Month ago
@Aarthémuse yea but I love how her vmas performance was messy cause you saw the sheer amount of PASSION IN HER EYES
Aarthémuse Month ago
Akasha Andrea's
Akasha Andrea's Month ago
I’ve watched this atleast 40 times ! I am literally Obsessed 🔥 yesss Chloe 🥰🥰 HER PERFORMANCE WAS THE BEST OUTTA ALL THE OTHER ONES 💛🌻💛🌻💛🌻
Queenie Pooh
Queenie Pooh Month ago
She’s an awesome singer and performer.
Hailei A. Hall
Hailei A. Hall Month ago
Chloe is 🔥🔥🔥 Outside of her really being able to SANG, she can perform. Has great stage presence and breath control! I’m amazed every time I see her!
Redddmaaan92 Month ago
I want nothing more than for her to continue winning! She up next as far as being one of the greats! 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽 HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHLOE 😘
Dano83 Month ago
Is it just me oor does she sound better live than the studio versions of the songs? I also wish she would release a full song of Freak Like Me because that was fire.
Suga T
Suga T Month ago
@Thomas Hood it had nothing to do with her studio release but Adina Howard studio release is what I like. I'm a fan of hers as well as Chloé. I have a right to like what I like just like anyone one else.
Suga T
Suga T Month ago
@BMW Jourdan Dunn Goddess! I'm not bashing I just have a preference of Adina Howard sing Freak Like Me I'm a fan of hers and always been. I love Chloe as tge older folks say she can sang. People can have an opinion. An opinion is not bashing.
Thomas Hood
Thomas Hood Month ago
@BMW Jourdan Dunn Goddess! ok! Like what did that have to do with her sounding better than her studio releases? 😂😂😂
BMW Jourdan Dunn Goddess!
@Suga T Bashing why? Lord y’all know how to ruin things.
Suga T
Suga T Month ago
It's cool she did a snip bit if Freak Like Me. But it will never be like the orignial iconic Adina Howard song.
Giuls & Juliet’s Cort
She has a phenomenal vocal range! She has everything 😍
The Werker B
The Werker B 12 days ago
I've watched this a million times, Chloe is impeccable! Shoutout to the background dancers. White girl BODIED!!!!
A star is born! This performance was fire from start to finish. The dancers hit every step. Chloe’s in her bag right now & there’s no stopping her. 🔥🔥
Kevyn States
Kevyn States Month ago
She just keeps getting better and better. So exciting to have her ⭐️ on the rise.
Call her provocative all y’all want her talent backs it up unlike some others. Also can we TALK ABOUT how she listened to her fans? We said we prefer choreo over live chorus for “Treat Me” because we know it’s hard to do live and she did just that. I LOVE HERRR
Ramona Javier
Ramona Javier Month ago
Yup 👏🏻
Davi Devechi
Davi Devechi Month ago
Ni Month ago
Bagchasinglee Month ago
It’s crazy cause she had the best vocal performance and the dance moves while so it’s so amazing
Priscilla P.
Priscilla P. Month ago
For me it's how clean and crisps her vocals are with all the movement. There are not that many performers that sing so clean. This will take her much further.
hearsaytruth Month ago
this wasn't 100% live
James Major Burns
Yes Chloe I love to see the passion and growth in every performance
Miss Maya’s Channel
Chloe is extremely talented!! Her performances are so good 💖
The Breakdown
The Breakdown Month ago
That Adina Howard Sample on a lower register was ICONIC.. my folk coming up in the 90s rnb /hip hop era, remember that era. Adina indirectly shaped the original city girl in a memorable way. CHLOE U ATE💯Take us around the hood on a gangsta leannnn💯💯✨Vocals on 💯
Esther McDonald
Esther McDonald Month ago
Yessss...she bad..I was thinking about the performance of Destiny child when they perform dance for you and had men from audience come on stage and they danced on them..I think it was Terrance Howard..I think she did better! Just my opinion! And yes..I'm a 90s early 2000s music lover and love to sing ..
prissylinksx Month ago
@SuperCrys a true artist can make anything flow. Plus it was only a suggestion, I used Whitney as an example..watch her live performances you'll see. She never missed a beat.
prissylinksx Month ago
@jacob . boy bye. Crediting your work is respectable. It was a nice addition so saying adina would've been just fine.
Lara Month ago
I loved that as well
nkumbu mulenga
nkumbu mulenga Month ago
Go Chlöe!!!!!!🤍🤍🤍
Vivian Robinson
Vivian Robinson Month ago
Chloe's performance was so amazing she's a triple threat. She killed it hands down.
The Crook
The Crook Month ago
Her vocals are emasculate!!! Amazing overall performer
Here Forever
Here Forever Month ago
NOW THAT’S! how you deliver a pre recorded vocal 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 she ate this. I know Beyoncé is proud!!!!
D Barnes
D Barnes Month ago
Facts! I noticed that too😂😂. Still A1 performance tho 👌🏾
D Barnes
D Barnes Month ago
Facts! I noticed that too😂😂. Still A1 performance tho 👌🏾
Hil Tan
Hil Tan Month ago
CHILLS !!!!!!! Everytime I watch this I get chills up and down my arms ! She ate that stage up !!!!
Jade Prince
Jade Prince Month ago
Chloe never does “too much” she performs and she gives us everything she has. SHE EATS EVERY SINGLE TIME! I love her😮‍💨
No Month ago
@Cavalry Styles that's just who she is. If you watch her from her younger days... That's literally her.
Blessed Me
Blessed Me Month ago
@SoulSweet🧿🦋 "Her act" =her persona. *She **_is as a performance artist,_** after all.* Your 'rebuttal' actually _underscores_ the comment to which you replied. _Relax._
@Cavalry Styles it’s not an act, she’s been theatrical if that’s what you want to call it since she was a child. Look back at her old videos before the fame. She’s literally always been that way 🤦🏽‍♀️ Y’all just basic and that’s okay too😆 She gives her all every single time. Damned if she do and Damned if she don’t !
Cavalry Styles
Cavalry Styles Month ago
Actually she does WAYYYYY too much. Her vocal inflictions are extra, facial expressions are extra, hand gestures extra, body language etc. She even admits to being extra, its part of her act.
Jeremy Collins
Jeremy Collins Month ago
That’s what your supposed to do as a performer. That’s why she gets my full attention.
Deborah Johnson
Deborah Johnson Month ago
I love all of her performance she keeping it real 👋🏽
melesentially Month ago
WHATTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!! Absolutely stunning and the performance so appropriate. I was so worried before watching but Chole did that! I’m so proud of her because it’s been a lil hit and miss with the raunchier performances. Her vocals were pristine the energy in the choreography was on 10000! Yess gooodie yuh shut it down right truuuuuuu👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Tina J
Tina J Month ago
I agree. This is raunchy too.
Chloe showing how it's done ! WHAT AN ARTIST ❤️
Matias blanco
Matias blanco Month ago
God blessed her and her sister and her whole entire family momma and daddy proud. She owned that stage towards the end as she put her hand near her face walking closer towards the crowd was amazing. She did it. She is it.
ebbi Month ago
She killed it and looked beautiful! This is how you sing and perform unlike the versus battle *cough cough* Let's not forget about the dancers
Raya Sunshine
Raya Sunshine Month ago
My favorite performance! She did so good!
Shonta Gearlds
Shonta Gearlds Month ago
She is most definitely the Beyonce number 2# voice,dancing,body,and soul..Yes she is 💜🔥🔥🔥🔥
Uwa O
Uwa O Month ago
Chloè is just it for me! A perfect ten on all scales!!!! Sis came and ate it up and left no crumbs!!!🔥🔥🔥
Jhase the doll
Jhase the doll Month ago
Phenomenal. The girls talent is practically limitless. She doesn’t have not one bad performance. It’s actually mind blowing watching her perform cuz she’s such an incredible singer and dancer and just all around entertainer. Beyonce chose well. The girl’s just got that IT factor.
Dori B.
Dori B. Month ago
Yes I agree talented she did own the stage and got everyone's attention!
Lisa Freeman
Lisa Freeman Month ago
I agree they are both beasts in their own rite but Chloe is phenomenal I can't wait to see what her sister does solo though as well! 🥰
Dylan Billion
Dylan Billion Month ago
BEYONCE taught well ✔️.... Taught her how to STEAL a show "Dressed in all black like the OMEN" ( lil Kim) ---- now wipe ya nose....and you did not have coke...but you high-----..... silent laugh
Emma Elyse
Emma Elyse Month ago
STUNNINGGGGGG. She is made to do this, I adore and love this performance
Xxix_desii_xo Xo
Xxix_desii_xo Xo 16 days ago
Such a amazing performance I mean the vocals and dancing. I use to say she do to much but man forget that she killed this
Respect 100% #shorts
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