[CHOREOGRAPHY] 지민 (Jimin) ‘Set Me Free Pt.2’ Dance Practice 

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Mar 17, 2023




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Comments : 42K   
@jeon-soli 11 months ago
맙소사 목소리도 춤도 너무 놀라워요 지민이 너무 멋져요 너무너무 사랑해서 어떻게 표현해야할지 모르겠는데 너무너무 사랑해요❤💗💜💜💞💓✨🤍🦋🇰🇷💗🇲🇦😭❤️❤️‍🔥😌🤩
@MalikaAyman-hc2bc 11 months ago
네 네 그렇게 생각합니다 🤨🤨
@jeon-soli 11 months ago
@@MalikaAyman-hc2bc 너보다 훨씬 낫다😒😏😏😎😌
Desperate much 😂😂
I still don't know what's better about Jimin, his voice or his dancing. He is perfect in absolutely everything. He has the body for dancing, the lightness of his movements is incredible. Simply perfect
@haniyafatima392 6 months ago
I recently saw an army say this is one of the best solo project by BTS members,I see no lies!!!
@jm.minji13 6 days ago
I totally agree! Jimin had the best solo debut!! I just wished his promotional period lasted much longer.
@sherrieallen980 6 months ago
Jimin worked so hard for all of his success and it really shows. So proud of this man.
me too
@saralovesbts7 20 days ago
He’s amazing
@ilianalazaridou 3 months ago
He is an exceptional dancer! I'm completely in love with his dancing style!
@im.margery 6 months ago
This is still the most legendary dance practice of the year
@btsjoy7 26 days ago
Absolutely agree!! It definitely should have won more awards!!
@lujim8037 11 months ago
서사적이고 장엄한 지민에게 감사합니다. 당신은 모두에게 훌륭한 본보기입니다.인생이 많은 사랑, 건강 및 성공으로 가득 차길 바랍니다.❤
@TEAM_TODOROKI 11 months ago
Que hermosas palabras Jimin se merece eso❤
@saamluham5964 11 months ago
Kindness what I read oh beauty
@MdShakil-nh3xr 11 months ago
@kaylay97 7 months ago
This choreography is insane! I love Jimin and dancers so much. Their effort can be seen clearly.
@user-fn3dj4re3u 5 months ago
Jimin is really king of Kpop
@user-ss9kg4of4x 7 months ago
... still watching Jimin.
this is what being a successful k soloist who can stand on his own two feet looks like
@haniyafatima392 7 months ago
Can't agree more.
@jefflo1487 6 months ago
I like the part where he said “it’s Jimmin’ time” and jimmed all over the place. Truly one of the songs of all time
@__Afifa 11 months ago
The performance and choreography are truly captivating, Jimin and the entire team have done a great job.
@G_Anji0 11 months ago
Please delete the emoji)
@noufafathima8368 11 months ago
No emoji please
@Kittylover732 11 months ago
@@noufafathima8368 why
@armyalways6441 11 months ago
Delete emoji
@kimtaehyung_ghena 11 months ago
@gogodidi9151 6 months ago
Jimin's presence as a singer and performer is just out of this world
@michellem6826 Month ago
Park Jimin forever! One month down and 17 to go. Waiting for June 11, 2025!
jimin king
@user-zi4pj1og6w 11 months ago
진짜이건 예술이다~~지민이만이 만들수있는 예술~!!남성미 물씬 풍기는 멋진무대 기대이상이에요~~꺄~~~
@Lillaklz 11 months ago
Ho ho shahi ho 😂
@fawadkhan-nx9gk 11 months ago
Best bend of the world
@Shoyix 11 months ago
Girl if you don’t get out my man’s comments
@nourkim927 7 months ago
Look at him , he is the best in everything
@irilics90 6 months ago
this choreography is sverything!!! and jimin is the most perfect dancer ever
@likecrsy 4 months ago
jimin is so unique
@Armygeddon-mh4dd 4 months ago
Jimin is such a strong and concentrated dancer, he makes the moves look so easy and it's the power of his athleticism. He is a very graceful and charismatic dancer and his dance team are all so amazing and match him well. Set me free pt. 2 is a great song!
@stillpurple Month ago
Happy 11years with Jimin. (since 12 Jan 2013) With Jimin till the end. We love you Jimin.
@flowertsab9545 11 months ago
Jimin’s song and performance is beyond K-pop now! This was definitely a new side of Jimin, one that I can say that we are all not ready for. He definitely surprised us all and I’m here for it! 💜
so proud of jimin for making quality music
@saralovesbts7 20 days ago
@avani7161 6 months ago
The world needs to see more of this top class performance. Park Jimin is a one in a billion.
So difficult to do, but it's so easy for Park Jimin. So cool.
@nelly17ful 7 months ago
Jimin is such an incredible dancer and this song is so powerful
jimin main dancer things
@linasburrow 11 months ago
Can we take a moment to give a shoutout to the dancers on this choreo! They are AMAZING! The art, the power & precision.. The energy.. Everything is on point.. We already know that Jimin is a great dancer and singer.. But in this choreo/MV, the dancers along with Jimin combined are what made this performance a masterpiece! Just perfection! 🎉❤
@sevim_li 11 months ago
Her detayı ayrı muhteşem olan harika bir albüm...
@user-di9iv3rm1v 11 months ago
I enjoyed so much
@mekhalam9365 11 months ago
So true. A big shoutout to the dancers💜🙌🏻👏🏻🔥🔥🔥
@mariadelgado-pm5jo 11 months ago
Absolutely love their energy!! It's SPECTACULAR!!
@SumireDasha 10 months ago
so true!
@vanessatorreg9561 7 months ago
i got goosebumps! this is impecable!! BRAVO JIMMIN AND dancers as well amazing!
@matchamadeinhvn 4 months ago
we need to see this live performance in MMA OR MAMA OR ELSE
@Augustyt-sh3mg 6 months ago
@anak5459 7 months ago
This dance practice still impresses me so much even after months of watching. Jimin is such a great performer.
@IucaKioh 5 months ago
Please vote for Jimin in idol plus.
@lyaepz4546 11 months ago
*Popular opinion: Everyone agrees that jimin isn't only dancer and singer, he's actually MULTI-TALANTED*
@MdRazib-jb6kh 11 months ago
Many thanks for your email
@mdalamin-ej1br 11 months ago
Great , Thank You
@kbreacao 11 months ago
@yooniecardbtsclips 11 months ago
Overused cringe comment
@kainatkainat613 11 months ago
He is an idol a talented one so ofc bro
@amirafernandez1379 6 months ago
This is absolutely mesmerizing. I’m so in love with Jimin, it’s ridiculous.
@user-bl2gt1ru6s 7 months ago
このダンス構成で主役はれるジミンさすが レベル高すぎるダンプラ
@NhungNguyen-kk1bt 7 months ago
Jimin is so great
@michellem6826 7 months ago
Park Jimin … so talented!
@user-rj5mt4wq5c 7 months ago
Who will always support Jimin and BTS Forever Raise their hand✋APOBANGPO
@lovelyjmmk 11 months ago
우리 지민이 최고다 최고!!!
Jimin te amo
@monishashultana3464 11 months ago
Thank you for your emails , i read them all the time !😀
@thv_marve. 11 months ago
آحــــبـــــــك جيــمــيـــنـــي
@batashykhanom6523 11 months ago
Thanks a lot !
@naskilatabasum7750 11 months ago
Thank you, so much
No one can perform this song because no one in Kpop can convey those emotions and have that amount of charisma while performing and ofcourse many dont have the dance skills Jimin is like a once in a lifetime performer
jimin is so talented its insane
@miyoora9763 8 months ago
This man just mastered his full talent and I'm here for that Began as a dancer and nailed singing...I can't describe how much I cherish this artwork
@ether_eal 7 months ago
Jimin you are the best dancer in the world.
@jane2694 7 months ago
All rounder Jimin
@tsh13nn33 11 months ago
This choreography is so artistic, very expressive, all the dancers are really amazing. Jimin is a perfection in itself. A beautiful performance piece. Thank you!
@erinj5018 11 months ago
@PoliTerelopez-oy2wy 11 months ago
Quiero bailarla pero tengo dos pies izquierdos
@Joyce-lr2jk 11 months ago
@jikook168 11 months ago
whole-heartedly agree
@sailorgirl1121 11 months ago
True. Its quite intense and i love it!!!
@coomy918 7 months ago
PERFORMANCE - 100% JIMIN - 100% DANCE - 100% VISUAL - 100% VOCAL - 100%
@llisek 5 months ago
I hope he will perform with this in the year end awards
@Mickey-bo6cv 7 months ago
I cried. The choreography. The performance. The camera movement. The music. All come together in a flawless synchronization. So perfect! Bravo to everyone involved!
@yoongieshii 6 months ago
BTS and ARMY are so proud of you Jimin ♡
@doriasaidi3318 5 months ago
jimin the main dancer that you are
@user-uc3il3kf7j 11 months ago
지민의 노력이 대박이네요. 전율을 느꼈어요. 수고많았어요 지민!!!❤
Ay que Linda... Nos sentimos orgullosos y felices 😍😍😍😍
I am loving Jimin's outfit❤❤❤
jimin with his own original choreo oh i love my honest and organic artist
@distancego8983 7 months ago
How beautiful is the choreography. It's so Jimin. Glad it's designed to showcase his style. How the dancers move from the side to side and who they move with Jimin is just so great to behold. Thanks Sienna Lalau for this!
jimin best dancer
@user-zc2te7by2y 11 months ago
지민이 넘 대단하네요!!!! 댄스팀들도 !!!
@nsyhjtj_0613 11 months ago
Fallow back?
@jh.1eeeeeeeee 7 months ago
지민이는... 대단해...
jimin's solo's been the best so far
jimin is so successful
Jimin is an angel
@GirlandTheWord 11 months ago
Exceptional choreography and performance!! Jimin and the entire team are truly great artists 👏
@claudiaf103 11 months ago
@martinbellosillo2992 11 months ago
​@@claudiaf103 😅l
@zedi8209 11 months ago
The way Jimin delivers emotions through the choreo has me awestruck
@urchimjeong 11 months ago
Yes indeed
@harikuc1999 11 months ago
Jimin Love💜💜💜💜💜💜💜
Amazing!!! Jimin is really really amazing
@michellem6826 Month ago
He is! Fire!
@gogodidi9151 7 months ago
처음부터 지민이만 보였어 어쩌다 보게된 방탄 뮤비에서 지민이가 시선을 끌었고 내가 아직 여기 있네 오래오래 행복하게 노래해줘 지민아
set me free pt two best choreo
@pjmontop 6 months ago
The Best debut song in the industry sooo proud of u jimin I hope that jimin knows that he made a masterpiece that let everyone be in shocked and love from the first sec in the song
yessss, nobody's doing it like him
@DanPV1306 6 months ago
@user-iu1qm6cb6u 11 months ago
엄청난 퍼포몬스~ 진정한 아티스트 지민이의 노력이 가슴 깊이 와닿네요~ 박지민 대박 기원~
@YoNita-gz7hh 11 months ago
Let's unlock 7M.. keep the spirit ARMY.. let's go!!!
@LunaApiolino-ht8yn 11 months ago
Ohh vamos está buena
@sarahrasonable 11 months ago
I am sharing it to my friends and family! Jimin deserves all the support and love for his first ever album. This deserves many many awards!
Quiero bailar edta noche
@flowerjm13 5 months ago
i still can't believe how INSANE this choreo is, it always leaves me speechless
me too.. park jimin's a living legend for this
@esahn6670 5 months ago
so , this is just a dance practice!😮amaziiiing
@mimi_iuvrs6 6 months ago
This is like the Michangelo Sculpture of This Century.
@justnobodynobody 4 months ago
The energy everyone in the video has is incredible I love this song and choreography
@EikaBary 5 months ago
Jimin♡ Set me free♡
@jmlove5556 11 months ago
정말이지 이건 정말 말을 잃어버릴정도의 압도적인 퍼포먼스다 모두다. 정말 모두가 다 너무나 멋지고 아름답다 완벽하다는 말이 이럴때 쓰이는것같은.. 정말 우리 지민과 댄서분들 모두 다 예술입니다.
@user-xl9ey1bm5f 11 months ago
!- 인정 o
@sc6631 11 months ago
@mochipark4557 7 months ago
Jimin = Art❤🔥💘
@jinvmin1213 4 months ago
Starting Jimtober early, just in a mood for lots of Jimin content today
@anuradha9455 7 months ago
Jiminshi is best
@mylovemyjimin753 7 months ago
Jimin is so talented you don’t have to worry about him wearing same color clothes as the dancer! His performance shows true color of Jimin and even among the professional dancers Jimin shine so bright that our eyes goes only to Jimin! Jimin you are king of K-pop and you are amazing
@beeep1013 6 months ago
@chaedzamugoni8429 11 months ago
Jimin's solo debut is just so incredible. Thanks to that, we even got four consecutive wins for him on music shows and that shows that he is conquering the world through his album Face. Let's continue to support him through concentration and dedication.
@sylviajerin 7 months ago
The camera work at 2:31 was so awesome ! LITERAL GOOSEBUMPS !
@user-dr4mr7fp5l 26 days ago
Опять посмотрела клип. И опять под впечатлением нахожусь. Какие все молодцы. Как красиво они делают руками. Чимин продолжает радовать. Не только руки, но и лица на фоне чёрной одежды создают невероятно красивое зрелище.
Its wonderful how jimin can dance his moves are just like possible but how we can see for jimin is nothing possible . And about his voice we dont need to talk its just amazing❤
@manjjaemdee3805 3 months ago
park jimin is an icon, slaaaay
Esto es maravilloso! Apoyemos a JIMIN, merece lo mejor de nosotros! SET ME FREE 2!
@Karen_713 11 months ago
Let's go!
@gogodidi9151 4 months ago
Can you imagine the band starts playing the intro of this song with a blasting sound effect at Jimin's solo concert? And Jimin comes up on the stage with the dancers and starts sinign this song? I gonna F*cking cry like crazy. PLEASE MAKE IT COME TRUE!!!
Это шедевр! Энергетика зашкаливает! Музыка, текст песни... А танец...нет слов👍👍 Браво!! Чимину, хореографу и танцорам браво!!
@ekramulhoque3875 5 months ago
Jiminaaaa sarrrrangeeeheo💜💜💜
@gogodidi9151 5 months ago
Nobody can do it like JImin. His charisma is out of this world. Jimin's artistry is phenomenal.
@srijantripathi9048 6 months ago
Successful 3 minutes 34 seconds of my life.
@leilianeramos9323 11 months ago
지민아 축하해 아름다운 퍼포먼스 완벽해 완벽해 사랑해 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻💜
@hongxiaolong4160 7 months ago
Jimin is such a cool dancer and the backup dancers are so amazing, this is awesome
JiMin is on fire
self-made artist of the year