Col. Fletcher Prouty interview 1994

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The censorship exercised by the newspaper editors
The advantages of hemp
Tungsten mining in Vietnam
The garden of eden in the world was Southeast Asia
Saigon was called the Paris of the Orion
It was mindless to destroy a beautiful place like Vietnam
Most likely one of the reasons for the Vietnam war was to get American businesses to replace the French
Is petroleum a fossil fuel?
Generally, no fossils are found below 16,000 feet
The oil depletion allowance
Video: President Kennedy calls out the steel companies (1962)
"It has long been a Kennedy tradition: not to get mad but to get even. I fully realize that
I shall not be able to get even during my first term in office. But during my second term,
you are going to see some important changes" - President Kennedy
Why was Governor Connally in the same car as the President?
Lansdale and Col. Prouty knew each other since 1952
Lansdale was sent to the Philippines in 1952 to overthrow President Elpidio Quirino
And replace him with the new President Ramon Magsaysay
Col. Napoleon Valeriano trained Cuban exiles before the bay of pigs invasion
Valeriano became an American citizen
A million Vietnamese migrated from the North to the South before the war
The US Navy transported 660,000 Vietnamese from the North to the South
330,000 were moved by CIA's airline Civil Air Transport (CAT)
On September 2, 1953, Secretary of State John Foster Dulles said "In Indochina, a desperate
struggle is in its eighth year....We are already contributing largely in matériel and money to the
combined efforts of the French and of Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia."
Chiang Kai-Shek's presence at the Tehran conference
Article from Parade Magazine, Feb 1986:
Why Stalin Never Forgave Eleanor Roosevelt by Elliott Roosevelt: Page 1, Page 2
The cold war really began before the second world war ended
Our governments do not know how to operate without the threat of war
Report from Iron Mountain by Leonard C. Lewin
New York Times Book Review: Report from Iron Mountain: The Guest Word by Leonard Lewin
The degradation of the infrastructure in the US


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Jul 13, 2022




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Comments 453
Pippa Dawg
Pippa Dawg 4 months ago
Absolutely astounding. This is priceless history, so no wonder the press and academia have studiously avoided Prouty. Their job is to steer us away from the truth, not towards it.
erin fredericks
erin fredericks 3 days ago
@Sterling Walter Read, it's not that hard.
Sterling Walter
Sterling Walter 3 days ago
@erin fredericks looking up your ass?
erin fredericks
erin fredericks 4 days ago
@Sterling Walter Like we used to before compulsory education.
critical point
critical point Month ago
And it's also common known fact that zionists are in charge of almost every mass media in us.
Sterling Walter
Sterling Walter Month ago
@omalone11 foo ?
Guy Graham
Guy Graham 3 months ago
Fletcher is an absolute legend. A wonderful mind, communicator who experienced a very controversial time in history and had the integrity to tell the truth.
Samba C
Samba C 9 days ago
​@Mike Graham Logic and basic research techniques were taught in the jr. high school I attended. That's what I've applied here.
Mike Graham
Mike Graham 18 days ago
@Samba C reading your replies give me the impression that you are a highly intelligent and educated person. I definately have a question. Where were you educated and what did you major in? Lastly, what field did you end up in after graduation? Thanks in advance....secret admirer
Peter fraser
Peter fraser Month ago
"Fletcher is an absolute legend": that's obviously a typo; you meant to write 'liar'.
Aaron Z
Aaron Z Month ago
He was a paranoid and demonstrable liar and kook.
A Waren
A Waren Month ago
@davidmgilbreath sure am,thank you🤣
Michael Hoffman
Michael Hoffman 2 months ago
Where are the Fletcher Prouty's today? This guy is remarkable. I hope someone is saving every interview this man has given.
ZE 15 days ago
@jdotpenneyatcomputer Unfortunately I do not think Chris hedges is offering any clarity. The key to all of this the Trilateral Commission, East India company, round table of London, I.e bankers forcing the dialectic culture wars which creates more chaos and division. Key is still to disturb Agenda 21 from the grassroots, means doing this yourself by going to city counsel meetings inform people. Rosa Koire is a good start, look up Trilateral Commission, that is key and connects to everything Fletcher Is saying. Inform yourself and whatever group you belong to, the key to all this is not to get discouraged but to educate yourself and others by participating and changing it before it is actually out of your hands.
David Jenkins
David Jenkins Month ago
Liking this video I'm sure makes one an "undesirable, honesty and entagraty is not tolerated these days . Look what's being done to Alex Jones, a real patriot. Eventually even I was deemed a " conspiracy theorist " and exiled by my family, my home and possessions dispursed and sent walking I the snow. Mom got murdered and my birthrate squandered by greedy ,obese, freak criminal step-dad. Air America was a windfall for theneuclaearwaste overboardnavycouard.. Dropping the mic and desolving into thr shadows! Which deems me a danger! Yep ! Thank you Jesus for sacrifices! Them other tails gota little tall !
Sterling Walter
Sterling Walter Month ago
@jdotpenneyatcomputer he has what now?
Look at what chris hedges is doing.he has some of this stuff now.
monument landscape services llc
Thought Police got them.
Devon Seamoor
Devon Seamoor 2 months ago
This is a valuable history lesson, very well presented. Rest in peace, Prouty Fletcher.
Devon Seamoor
Devon Seamoor 2 months ago
@MOONLIGHT LOVE 🌙💓 Have you lived under a stone, your light hidden, never received an education? 😋
Curious, how does dead flesh RIP?
Seth Carter
Seth Carter 2 months ago
This deserves 10m+ views Edit: The amount of information hidden in the shadows is beyond what 99% of society can imagine
ChickenLord Month ago
It is not hidden it is in plain sight. People just are out educated from the habit and love of reading.
Cobra 2 months ago
Great interview! You have to pay close attention to what Col. fletcher is saying if not it will probably go right past you. A lot of what he is saying in this interview if you were to repeat you'd be called a conspiracy theorist by any normie. But this is a man who lived it.
Marvin Boggs
Marvin Boggs 6 days ago
Exactly. Like, why WAS Johnson in a car just two cars behind Kennedy? And "fossil fuels?" Really? Dead dinosaurs? Really? Consider the Marcellus Shale; one of the richest repositories of natural gas on the planet. You can dig (vertically) less than a mile down, make a 90 degree turn to horizontal, dig another couple of miles horizontally, fracture the shale, and find lots and lots of natural gas. Wouldn't that mean that there are off-gassing dead dinosaurs buried less than a mile beneath our feet? Fossil fuels?
Peter fraser
Peter fraser Month ago
@Chris N I just thought you'd have more privacy and be more comfortable with a private room, that's all.
Chris N
Chris N Month ago
@Peter fraser why are you mad?
Peter fraser
Peter fraser Month ago
You two should get a room
omalone11 2 months ago
No idea how I got here from a Jacob Carruthers video but I'll keep going
Das Kommandant Krieger
Buy Prouty's books as well. Remarkable how well-placed he was in the transition from WWII to Korea and Vietnam. He is one of the very few ex-military sources for when our military involvement in Vietnam started: 1945.
bert della luna
bert della luna 2 months ago
This man knew all the inside facts and where the bodies were buried.
Mind blowing! Any 20 second segment of this interview in isolation could easily have been WTF moment for the week, and he just went on for 2 hours in the most nonchalant way. That’s exactly what the TV is for. To keep stuff like this away from the public eye.
4775joshua 4 months ago
What an amazing interview. Priceless info.
Just think
Just think 2 months ago
@reesa beee yes shots from all over including the north or grassy knoll, but the throat and head HITS came from the south knoll parking lot close to the overpass. ru-vid.com/video/video-c8emNECYgmg.html
reesa beee
reesa beee 3 months ago
priceless info speaking on prices of oil lol
Old Guard
Old Guard 2 months ago
So refreshing to listen to a man telling the truth. I pray others with his experience and knowledge carry on his real history lesson. Thank God for all our blessings including the gift of this wonderful Fletcher Prouty; may he rest in peace.💙
Sherry Cordaro
Sherry Cordaro Month ago
An absolutely fascinating man. Could you imagine how many others stories he had to tell? Impeccable memory.
Hot Pocket
Hot Pocket 3 months ago
That this video only has less than 4000 views might be the biggest reason our country is so messed up.
Hot Pocket
Hot Pocket 6 days ago
Check out the interview with Whitney Webb on Viva Frei's Rumble channel from today. Will probably be on RU-vid later. It is just as eye opening if not more than the Prouty stuff.
Hot Pocket
Hot Pocket 7 days ago
@Gary Johnson When he released the Secret Team originally in 1973, the gov bought up all of the copies and destroyed them.
Dave Dillon
Dave Dillon 7 days ago
Are you required to vote? OR re this? I avoid the ones that are '# specific' re the 👍/ likes, but it's NOT SPECIFIC COMPARATIVELY RE THE BAD/'THUMB'S DOWN' VOTES. THAT'S NOT CLEAR SO I COULD BE DOING SOMETHING ELSE THAT OFFERS A Y/N & #S FOR EACH.
Mike Graham
Mike Graham 18 days ago
@Page And Powers very well said and my feelings exactly!
Gary Johnson
Gary Johnson 18 days ago
@Zack Z ...definitely, because I never heard of him. I've heard the stories but not from him! Glad it happened though!!
betlo87 2 months ago
24 mins in & already searching for more Col. Poutry interviews. Thank you for posting.
AMEER 2 months ago
@osanic how can this last in this place?
osanic 2 months ago
vooooooood 2 months ago
Outstanding! What a way to be informed about such key events in US history. This is such an interesting bundle of compressed information. Delivered to us by the one who seems most perfect for the task. Excellent interview.
nines 2 months ago
We need another like him REALLY badly... a bunch more like him. We might get our country back.
Lee Turton
Lee Turton 3 months ago
He opened my eyes on a lot of things... JFK Vietnam the second world war gary power's.... it's grim stuff but it's essential if you really want to know how the world is run... how things work in the west... anybody who hasn't read his two books should definitely do so
Just think
Just think 2 months ago
@Anna Lisa Vajda yes shots from all over including the north or grassy knoll, but the throat and head HITS came from the south knoll parking lot close to the overpass. ru-vid.com/video/video-c8emNECYgmg.html
Just think
Just think 2 months ago
@Explorer of Unknown WorldDepthTruth yes shots from all over including the north or grassy knoll, but the throat and head HITS came from the south knoll parking lot close to the overpass. ru-vid.com/video/video-c8emNECYgmg.html
Explorer of Unknown WorldDepthTruth
To Lee, "some strange and a weird woman " , immediately cut in front of me! This is a pattern of their constant surveillance on me. Not a single second missed. If I send message of any severe suffering of me from US to my hometown, they thugs will immediately hit me badly by using the DEW in neighbor of upstair. NSA DoD DHS DIA etc. thugs!
Explorer of Unknown WorldDepthTruth
I tried so many times wanting to read his books by buying but delayed. Been harassed constantly by those ruffians intelligence nearby, all of them around me - a little people of me, but seemed "so important" -- spent tones of million $s on me. Truth hurts their asses, so any time I will be killed by them. They already killed my mom last 9.30.(2021) at 10am est.! How cruel and brutal they are!? A long long sign when read that Prouty said "they don't know how to run a government but by threatening a war"! It's so true so true and so true! So do their intelligence works. They just threaten all of innocent civilians by labeling them as terrorists w/o capabilities to run a governmental business, but like a bully teen just bully and bully, even by killing, murders, severe injuries domestically to its own peaceful citizens, exactly like the young "white trash bullies" or general young bad guys' doing in local folks. They are so brutal and cruel. Too much to say, but cut in short.
Anna Lisa Vajda
Anna Lisa Vajda 3 months ago
Yeah I suspect many would prefer not to know he sounds pretty upbeat though.
Sueezedtight 2 months ago
Brilliant perspective and as perceptive as anyone who "was there" and in a position to know what was going on. Many thanks.
Brendan Mc Garry
Brendan Mc Garry 2 months ago
This man is THE REAL Forrest Gump! From the ‘40’s thru the ‘60’s this man was EVERYWHERE!! Fascinating!!! Peace…..
Wes Paul
Wes Paul 2 months ago
Sure is. Not a great American but a great man period. So intelligent and humble. When he quips to "the kids" help yourself to my fridge I just lmao. Essential viewing for anyone with an ounce of historical curiosity. Great post.
Mr flowerz Mc Coy
Mr flowerz Mc Coy 2 months ago
This is the CIA's very own 'Mr X' Most important part from this interview is Oil is abiotic from a geological process Serpentinization. A processes whereby rock (usually ultramafic) is changed, with the addition of water into the crystal structure of the minerals found within the rock. A common example is the serpentinization of peridotite (or dunite) into serpentinite (the metamorphic equivalent).
William Ladrum
William Ladrum 2 months ago
98% of the people in this country have no idea who this man is ,that’s why it hasn’t had that many views ,it needs to be shown at every college in the u s and maybe we would end up with a better country
HammerBack0 /02
HammerBack0 /02 2 months ago
Show this in a college and America would burn in protest. Put lipstick on him and heels, let him adopt a pronoun, the college idiots would follow him/her/zer off a cliff. Its too late
Will Peony
Will Peony 2 months ago
Too late though, 98% have atrophied to the point where they can't even get angry.
nick SOULE
nick SOULE 2 months ago
His story is a great way into the idea that these system of control called government are far more fragile and far more interdependent then anyone could of possibly image. These same invisible ties are happening all over the world, just most people are so narrow in their perception that they only view themselves...
Kyle 3 months ago
It's sad hearing about Vietnam. Specifically all the flowers. I work with a man who was a small child in Vietnam during the war. He lived there until he was 20 before coming to America. He told me they don't grow flowers in Vietnam because they are a useless resource. Based on the stories he has told me it seems like he may be unaware of his beautiful his country used to be.
sam 2 months ago
beautifulflowers: were the young children
Sterling Walter
Sterling Walter 2 months ago
North and South America were beautiful too.
Mister Google
Mister Google 2 months ago
@Kyle They grow flowers for export and make money.
Kyle 2 months ago
@CommonSense81 Man that's wild. I wonder why he said that. Maybe I misunderstood the extent of it because of a communication gap. Thanks for replying.
CommonSense81 2 months ago
They do grow huge amounts of flowers in Vietnam. Have been there four times and travelled all over the country.
Marvin Sannes
Marvin Sannes 4 months ago
Prouty is the best history of the US. I know why he's so little known. "Secret Team" is my Bible.
John Essmyer
John Essmyer 2 months ago
Most fascinating interview I’ve seen in a long long time!
Corey Johnson
Corey Johnson 2 months ago
Its crazy that he was one of the biggest critics of US intelligence and oil companies agencies and died few months before 9/11 from stomach surgery. 🤔🤔
g77enn1 2 months ago
A real jewel of a man.
Josey Wales
Josey Wales 2 months ago
Fascinating subject on our infrastructure. He asked what are we doing forward? Outsourcing everything. Sadly. And the bridges are still a mess! Also found his comments on Castro interesting. Was he a convenient Boogeyman or they couldn't whack the Beard? Great interview!
This guy is brilliant, he is drowning these folks in information.
nick SOULE
nick SOULE 2 months ago
Dude life is a stream of history, it's funny when he say " you know when I get going it just seems to be one endlessly connected memory it never stops"
MrFreedomismyname 2 months ago
This guy is like the genius version of Forrest Gump
Jason Johnson
Jason Johnson 2 months ago
An American hero speaking truth to power.
heli fan
heli fan Month ago
This is art Saying way too much without saying something Avoiding key questions is also an art Yes, he has a lot of story, his-story
EL BARTO 4 months ago
Prouty was the man.
Techno Goober
Techno Goober Month ago
Fascinating! The algorithms were working perfectly when they suggested this for me. I'll likely come back to this interview at some point. Thank you so much for posting this. I would comment further but my mind is racing with so many ideas.
TheAllSeeingGuy Month ago
I'm here because I once heard this man singlehandedly foiled a coupt against the U.S.A. I wish we had someone like this now.
jesse garcia
jesse garcia 2 months ago
My God, the books that could be written on just this interview alone.
Charles Maeger
Charles Maeger 4 months ago
Kennedy was killed around 12.30 PM. Friday, November 22, 1963. Johnson was meeting with South Vietnamese officials, in the White House, pledging them U.S. support on Sunday, November 24, 1963.
Sterling Walter
Sterling Walter Month ago
@John Loftus me too couldn't put it down.
John Loftus
John Loftus Month ago
@Sterling Walter i found out a lot more about Poppy after reading family of secrets
Wounded Dove
Wounded Dove Month ago
@Sterling Walter Bush Senior was at the ENTRANCE of the hospital in Dallas where they took the President. He lied when he said he did not know where he was. I was 5 years old and I know EXACTLY were I was, because all the adults started crying. THE BUSH FAMILY ARE ALL X- NAZI. Pure evil.
Sterling Walter
Sterling Walter 2 months ago
you can find that in Russ Baker's "Family of Secrets".
Just think
Just think 2 months ago
@Sterling Walter yes shots from all over including the north or grassy knoll, but the throat and head HITS came from the south knoll parking lot close to the overpass. ru-vid.com/video/video-c8emNECYgmg.html
Tommy Keefer
Tommy Keefer 2 months ago
Prouty was played by Donald Sutherland in JFK
Paul Nipper
Paul Nipper 4 months ago
When I was in the Army, although low key, we heard about off shore fields in Vietnam
Political Boffin, PhD
@CA Catr A perfect perspective upon examination is that you're a communist saboteur. Hahahaha. So you forgot about horses. You turn around and blame your ineptitude on someone else. I'm laughing at total ignorance or just someone being a dolt. Hahahaha. Next time you might think twice before writing a comment.
CA Catr
CA Catr 2 months ago
@Political Boffin, PhD This thread and video is not about horses. The only reason you would go to my 'About' page before posting would be because you are a troll on the make. The only reason why you're trying to make anything here about horses or my perspective is because you are paid to be a provocateur. Why else would you do it? There's nothing here to poke at, yet you're foolishly poking, looking like what you are. Is *this why you fought in Viet Nam, so you could poke at people in YT comments 54 years later? Is that why you fought? So you're a 70+ year old RU-vid provocateur, playing the fool, for no good reason.
Political Boffin, PhD
@CA Catr H+ahaha, you're the troll. Go read your own "About" page on Tube. Horses? Hahahaha. I'd say your perspective on life is jaded. Hahahaha.
CA Catr
CA Catr 2 months ago
@Political Boffin, PhD You're presenting as a troll, as what on Earth "horses" are you talking about, and the context of wells was obviously oil wells. Not funny, not perspective. You're not funny.
Political Boffin, PhD
@CA Catr Maybe the horses don't have anymore fields or wells. What kind of wells? Water? Hahahahaha, you're funny and it's all about perspective.
Tommy. Bee. .
Tommy. Bee. . 2 months ago
I knew dozens of men like Fletcher...Greatest Generation...
Tommy. Bee. .
Tommy. Bee. . 2 months ago
@Mathew Bateman ...No Details on that...QT. quiet .
Mathew Bateman
Mathew Bateman 2 months ago
@Tommy. Bee. . You read the secret team brother? Prouty knows we're alot of the 'bodies' are buried - many state secrets he's not telling. You know any chaps like???
Tommy. Bee. .
Tommy. Bee. . 2 months ago
@Mathew Bateman ..General Paul Tibbetts..I met him 3 times.. Next Door Neighbor Wally Stover .. Distinguished Award..He saved 4 Lifes . Early 1942 Army Pacific.. Many Officers lived in my Neighborhood...Many gave Me Mechanical Tips.. Few .very Few spoke of Service..Different Times.. Burma was Tough one Neighbor served there..Disease was the survival game..
Mathew Bateman
Mathew Bateman 2 months ago
Who? Any books, knowledge or wisdom plz share???
Domingo Esquivel
Domingo Esquivel 2 months ago
Wow it is so refreshing to find such wounderful interviews especialy in these times when we are fed so much lies.Thank you friends for shareing and much appreciated.
Karl Hido
Karl Hido 2 months ago
This 🐈 is a real player.
Lisa Ferguson
Lisa Ferguson Month ago
Thank you for this amazing share! 💜💜💜
Nice Guy48
Nice Guy48 2 months ago
He just gives so much to think about and much we were brain washed by our government
Sueezedtight 2 months ago
Oh wow! He mentioned the "oil men" coming in by helicopter and the contraband and drugs that they could bring in... gives new meaning to the nickname of George H.W. Bush ... Poppy, The head of Zapata oil co.
Marian Treber
Marian Treber 2 months ago
He's worm food, now. Can't stand ANY OF them --- crooks and lizards.
Jim Wednt
Jim Wednt 2 months ago
This man is wise !
Ivrish con-Abarth
Ivrish con-Abarth 2 months ago
I´m now at 1 hour mark, and I´ve learnt more about certain things than I ever did in school. However, going to school taught me to look elsewhere for answers, and that I´ve done. But many details are still brand new to me despite having checked things out quite a lot.
Doug Hambone
Doug Hambone 2 months ago
Thí fella í Gold, what a breath of fresh air in a stifled world.
Marc Oliver
Marc Oliver 2 months ago
Great man. Thanks for this very precious upload!
Jake Minner
Jake Minner 2 months ago
I'm 40, makes me want to have a redo of my life and do things so different.
Para Pitro
Para Pitro 2 months ago
Thank you Col. Fletcher but Where does the lie end, where does the truth begin in all that we've been taught?
Steven McShane
Steven McShane 2 months ago
I love this guy
Red 2 months ago
Such an amazing person❤️real man❤️thank you so much
bunk 2 months ago
Great interview but I disagree with how he feels about the idea that we need to get organized bc poor infrastructure and that there’s an actual way to do that. See I, Pencil or Hayek’s ‘The Use of Knowledge in Society’ which explain the impossibility of knowing that and how a free market solves these issues
James Clary
James Clary 2 months ago
When I was a kid, Sassafras trees grew around us. We used to take pieces and make Sassafras tea.
erin fredericks
erin fredericks 2 months ago
Real deal info right here.👍
osanic 2 months ago
The Collected Works of Col. L/ Fletcher Prouty now available by direct download - shop.blackopradio.com/downloads/the-collected-works-of-col-l-fletcher-prouty/
John Loftus
John Loftus Month ago
Thank you Len
yvonne ollivier
yvonne ollivier 2 months ago
Thank you.
Mark LaFaire
Mark LaFaire Month ago
Sounds so credible on all subjects.
Sterling Walter
Sterling Walter 2 months ago
everything that comes out of him is truth, as when he slips and says Michelin rubber plant-tation, lol.
Al Nilam
Al Nilam Month ago
THank you for your service ColProuty! Fossil eh??? Something very old very aged and extremenly hard too determine an age for I always somewhat thought, yes Hard Deep & Solid!!! Thank you sir, very informative!? {\}
Claudia Claudia
Claudia Claudia Month ago
Why can't he be our PRESIDENT😔
John Carroll
John Carroll 3 months ago
I'm always somewhat surprised when RU-vid let's videos like this stay up. It just goes to show that the infamous "they" just really don't care if we see it. I guess the few thousand views they receive are already factored in to a much larger agenda. Or maybe people that watch them are tracked and are the first to get scooped up when the whole thing goes down.
David Clear
David Clear Month ago
All I can say if you gonna come after millions of armed patriots.........GOOD LUCK buddy, cause you gonna NEED it
andrea fong
andrea fong Month ago
Videos and remarks do not always show accuracy in who has seen them in my paranoid opinion. Lol
sebatian alvarado
sebatian alvarado 2 months ago
they appear then disapear .. was heaps on here about 7yrs ago but they all were to trueful for our masters .. this will get deleted eventually ...
Patricia Kohler
Patricia Kohler 2 months ago
History from the mouth of someone who lived through it, telling his truth and only 4000 views??? How is this possible? No wonder people are morons today 😞
Marian Treber
Marian Treber 2 months ago
naradaian 2 months ago
Re. JFK - Pres. Kennedy’s main Secret Service commander had been sent to Australia on some pointless pretext. Its said he would have refused any open top car etc
John Loftus
John Loftus Month ago
And Kennedy’s driver had a heart attack and was replaced by that simpleton Greer who slowed the car down for the kill shot
Gabi S
Gabi S 2 months ago
Imagine sitting around a camp fire with this guy..
Samba C
Samba C 2 months ago
The comments about hemp are not accurate. It was not made illegal in the 1930s, the law passed then was the Marihuana Stamp Tax act, which required growers to pay a federal tax- which amounted to about $4. a year- not onerous.( the law did make it illegal for private citizens to use it as a drug) It was never illegal to grow hemp for fiber etc. the business went under because it couldn't compete. By the 1930s rope made from cannabis hemp was replaced by manila- marketed as manila hemp, it makes tighter, stronger , longer lasting rope that does not stretch when wet ,like hemp does. But no one in their right mind would choose manila much less hemp over modern braided dacron, for logging, rigging, climbing, sailing.
Samba C
Samba C 2 months ago
@April Campbell What do you mean online error? I researched this stuff in libraries, long before internet was common. Among other sources,I have a 1932 Merchant Seaman's manual that goes into great detail about rope, something sailors needed a thorough working knowledge of. It states plainly that hemp had been replaced by manila, due to the latter's superior qualities
April Campbell
April Campbell 2 months ago
That’s online error
Carlos Caso-Rosendi
Saigon was called the Paris of the Orient
Thank you I wish I would have seen this years ago
Samba C
Samba C 2 months ago
"NSAM 273, approved by new U.S. President Lyndon Johnson one day after Kennedy's funeral on November 26, 1963, affirmed the withdrawal called for in NSAM 263, saying "The objectives of the United States with respect to the withdrawal of U. S. military personnel remain as stated in the White House statement of October 2, 1963."
Samba C
Samba C 2 months ago
This seems to be contrary to what Prouty asserts
José Guerrero Mora
Alguien que lo tenga con subtítulos en español???
Steven McShane
Steven McShane 2 months ago
William Cooper said the Cold War was a ruse. "Behold a Pale Horse "
Karl Hido
Karl Hido 2 months ago
When good people do nothing.
Josh Bowman
Josh Bowman 2 months ago
@ the 4:00 minute mark the col. secretly points out exactly what u need to know to solve the JFK assassination. Facts....
Richard Kirk
Richard Kirk 2 months ago
What a interesting man.
Nicholas B
Nicholas B 2 months ago
Propaganda is carving our future....as it always has...
mega at oh
mega at oh 2 months ago
videos like this is being allowed back on RU-vid?well.let me enjoy it whilst it last
mega at oh
mega at oh 2 months ago
@Mike El you're too vaccinated to have the brain to understand
Mike El
Mike El 2 months ago
Videos like this? I'm confused what you mean exactly. I dont consider this to be synonymous with Alex Jones type shit if that's what you're implying. I do technically agree with your sentiment at face value but I don't like the underlying false implication that's been spread that its only far right messages that have been censored.. in fact the platform actually promotes those messages as long as they dont go full alex Jones. People like ben Shapiro and his ilke are highly promoted and established because their messaging serves a capitalist fascist narrative while the algorithm is actually more actively targeting leftist messages. The whole JFK conspiracy that he was killed by the CIA etc is not something that serves a right wing narrative so its really irritating when right wingers try to co opt stories and warp them to fit their delusions of persecution when they do everything in their power to serve the establishment and now they have the nerve to pretend like they're edgy persecuted outsiders..
John Carroll
John Carroll Month ago
The idea of the uninformed masses has changed with the advent of modern technology as it was accurately predicted. to do. The average person in the United States is tragically misinformed as to what it takes to maintain an acceptable quality of life in this country. The social engineering alone that has always been necessary to insure the "American way of life" is little known to the general public.
klingklang werk
klingklang werk Month ago
He was the only commentator who single-handedly highlighted the international conspiracy against L. RON Hubbard and his reputation. This almost destroyed him too. A quite unique and incredible speaker and author
klingklang werk
klingklang werk Month ago
And also my point was about Fletcher Prouty not your hate on someone's religion
klingklang werk
klingklang werk Month ago
@Hercule Holmes thats just hate speech and this should be taken up with admin.
Mathew Renfro
Mathew Renfro 3 months ago
@1:03:03 little would he know that one day they'd be giving out Oscars for Political Propaganda
Slippin Jimmy
Slippin Jimmy 2 months ago
I think I may have this on DVD somewhere.
Adam Pro
Adam Pro 2 months ago
Wow ❤
chrismyers043 2 months ago
If I was listening to this and couldn’t See his face I would think it’s Christopher Walken… “gotta have more cow bell.”
Samba C
Samba C 2 months ago
Wrong again, Sarsparilla, Smilax ornata ,is an entirely different plant than Sassafrass in N. America is either Sassafras albidum ,or Sassafras hesperia . There are also 2 Asian species. The herbal source of Moxie was Gentian.
Samba C
Samba C 2 months ago
@April Campbell He said sassafrass and sarsparilla are the same. They are two different plants.
April Campbell
April Campbell 2 months ago
What was he wrong about
Groce Family Farm
Groce Family Farm 2 months ago
He’s like forest gump with double the IQ.
Karl Hido
Karl Hido 2 months ago
Parade. The 1 guy who read that issue. Impressive!
Samba C
Samba C 2 months ago
As of Sept. 2022 , Known petroleum reserves are 1,650,585,140,000 barrels, usage is 35,442,913,090 barrels per year. That's about 50 years worth
Panarch The Holon
Panarch The Holon 2 months ago
@Elizabeth Winsor Agreed but don't worry eugenics is here
The Flaming One
The Flaming One 2 months ago
@Elizabeth Winsor according to demographers, the depopulation is on it's way.
Samba C
Samba C 2 months ago
@Elizabeth Winsor I've posted replies to this 4 times now, all have vanished
Elizabeth Winsor
Elizabeth Winsor 2 months ago
Look up, exponential growth - its not 50 yrs and its highly likely the figures you have are wrong - it's probably more like 20years at current levels of use if that.....also "known" isn't necessarily what's recoverable.... Usually a lot less - hence the need for depopulation -
Kid Augustine
Kid Augustine 2 months ago
One of the best things I've seen lately..and I've seen some really good shit.
Brandon Obaza
Brandon Obaza 2 months ago
I wonder if that anecdote about Canadian wheat is still true :)
Marian Treber
Marian Treber 2 months ago
Everything in USA is poisoned, so we'll die but the tables turned. The so called elites are gonna die, instead. Lol
Brandon Obaza
Brandon Obaza 2 months ago
@A Lang He said American wheat is inedible and that fine restaurants only serve bread made fro Canadian wheat.
Karl Hido
Karl Hido 2 months ago
Editor of parade. Dream job
FR33DOMF1GTH3R 2 months ago
The one main disagreement with Proudy I have is that moxie was a good drink that shit is disgusting lol
Hard Ware
Hard Ware 2 months ago
1:10:00 now we know why the truckers in canada were made an example of... And how important it really is! Omagad...
Drue 2 months ago
The second disc (hour) is just as 🤯
homemadehell 2 months ago
Read the book titled Killing Hope by William Blum.
itsik Carmona
itsik Carmona 2 months ago
He didn't say that they hadn't landed on the moon
sam 2 months ago
Each stands alone before God... but for Gods grace there go you or I
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"War is Peace" Read your Orwell, people!
ese kay
ese kay 2 months ago
Proof that the professionals are only that in name
STOFFEL Month ago
Nice. I had this on my old YT account but i got banned and lost it lol. Thnx for uploading dude.
STOFFEL 26 days ago
@Metz : loads of stuff. Jan sikf, Anti trans, Anti homo, anti blm, anti climate hoax etc. I made my way through 8 accounts total lol. Basically everytime they said we couldnt say anything i went right ahead and said it. I just wasnt having it.
Metz 27 days ago
What did you do or say to get a Google account banned?
Enriching Knowledge
Enriching Knowledge 2 months ago
For real this video is huge!
Rey Gordo
Rey Gordo Month ago
The truth should be the same thing every time
ITZY “Cheshire” M/V @ITZY