Crazy Fast! Crazy Fun! Racing & Crashing with a New HDZero Lite 1S Whoop.

Mr ShutterBug
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This is a brand new build with the up-coming HDZero Lite 1S Camera and VTX. I want to show you the ridiculous fun that I've been having flying around the house! Links and related videos below...

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- My first HDZero 1S Whoop Build: ru-vid.com/video/video-44Bu2HgIWkM.html
- My ShutterBug85 2S Whoop with HDZero: ru-vid.com/video/video-UgvgwyX5DgI.html

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Jun 24, 2022




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Comments 71
Mr ShutterBug
Mr ShutterBug Month ago
After watching it again, I made an interesting observation. When the video cut out, the OSD was still updating! Maybe the VTX can continue broadcasting at low voltages? Maybe it's just the camera that needs to stay above 3V? Interesting.
Ryan Quellet
Ryan Quellet Month ago
I was pretty excited to see your results after all this time. There is a new firmware for you to try that adds a 16x9 full mode (that uses the full sensor). You get vignettes on the corners, but way bigger FOV. Curious what you'll think of it
Mr ShutterBug
Mr ShutterBug Month ago
My testing was somewhat delayed due to two faulty FCs in a row. Third time’s the charm. The new firmware sounds interesting. I’ll have to check it out.
Legendarypot8o Animates
damn, digital fpv has come so far now, i can still remember when sharkbyte was being tested. however idk if anyone else feels this but the fov of the camera seems a tad small for me, maybe im just claustrophobic but i definitely dont think its bad and your amazing flying skills make it work. i do think it would be great on an outside quad though.
Robert Garcelon
Robert Garcelon Month ago
Nice to see great progress on the HDZero front. Very impressive camera, for how tiny it is. You mentioned it’s large sensor, so it must be a glass lens.
AVGVSTVS Month ago
Think I'm finally ready to add HDzero to my arsenal in addition to DJI. It'll do perfectly on my whoops and 1s toothpicks!
PropsOff Month ago
Man Nate, so can't wait for more to come! Whoopin The Cbus is going to be amazing. Me and my friend TJ whoop race a couple times a week and to have HD is going to be epic. I have to get a new radio first then I will budget for it. Keep the videos coming. I'll keep my fingers crossed the manufacturers send you the latest and greatest. Have a great night...👍🏻🍻👊🏻 Oh yeah, I definitely hit the like button on the way in, it was so easy...🔥👍🏻🔥
Mikael Bäckström
HD Zero is starting to look real great. Amazing that we now can have whoops with that quality of picture and control link with ELRS.
Bad Raven
Bad Raven Month ago
Thanks very much for posting and your efforts are appreciated. PLEASE continue! Currently I'm using DJI for HD but of course its no damn use for 65's and in reality not that usable on 75's either. My current analogue outdoor/indoor set up has been carefully honed over time and gives good quality flicker free video all around my two story house with critically minimal motion blur even through three solid 9" brick walls and down the 80 foot back garden from the front room. Impressive though your set up is, IMO its at this stage a way short of me wanting to change over, but I suspect a year from now I'll see progress and think differently. Subscribed.
Jason Gauruder - R/C Stuff
Very cool, very exciting. I think 1s digital HD whoops are going to be a hit. I've been boost regulating the OG whoop board over 5 builds now 75mm 450mah and I can't wait to retire those regulators once and for all. Nice indoor flying example and excellent image for such a tiny camera lens. HDzero, take my money! :-)
Dcabecao Month ago
Can't wait for the build video! You're probably the best builder around, thanks for sharing the knowledge!
Peter Kiczula
Peter Kiczula Month ago
This is fantastic. Makes me feel the itch to upgrade all my quads to HD zero and abandon pure analog.
Chris Parayno
Chris Parayno Month ago
So cool. This has really got me wanting to a digital setup. I hope price drops even more. I'd love to a see a Collab between you and Nick burns 😉. Go micros!!
Berats Builds
Berats Builds Month ago
That's awesome! You'll make me spend even more money on whoops now 😜
Jeff Cap'nfpv
Jeff Cap'nfpv Month ago
As usual, I set new goals for my next build with every new project you show me! BTW, you didn't mention the dry or AUW figures?
Mr ShutterBug
Mr ShutterBug Month ago
A little under 23g dry with 0802 and BT2.0.
SquishinStix Month ago
The video quality is *excellent*, especially considering the miniscule size and weight.
sean dolan
sean dolan Month ago
Very cool 😎 keep doing what you do ✌️❤️
Shogunemperor Month ago
Awesome video man! Thanks for being an inspiration
brandon woodford
Welp, it looks wayyyyy better than some other system that was just released a couple of days ago.
Styles Extraordinaire
Wow... outstanding piloting.
HersheyFPV Month ago
Low voltage brownout is an issue with every camera but the Runcam nano 3 imo
Delta Bravo Tech
Love this! I look forward to your build video. Thanks!
chris miller
chris miller Month ago
Awesome little quad and Rippin my friend 👍🏼👍🏼
Neil Camara
Neil Camara Month ago
Amazing rip! I was quite amazed with the video quality too. Am I right that the battery you used during that flight is now a goner?
Neil Camara
Neil Camara Month ago
@Mr ShutterBug Cool!
Mr ShutterBug
Mr ShutterBug Month ago
I haven't tried flying that particular battery again. It will probably still work, but may not hold as much charge as it once did. Fortunately, 1S batteries aren't that expensive.
Bobby Baggs
Bobby Baggs Month ago
Yess! I can't wait for your build video! And I'll be keeping an eye out around July 4th to snag a couple boards. Thanks.
Mr ShutterBug
Mr ShutterBug Month ago
That's when they ship out from HDZero. I don't know if stores will start taking orders at the some time. Some stores might take pre-orders ahead of time, and some might wait until they have the physical goods. Hopefully we won't have to wait too much longer either way.
z506fpv Month ago
Super excited can’t wait to buy one
CostaFPV Month ago
Nice to see you again, dude 🙂👍
Dick Van Campen
Dick Van Campen Month ago
I see you still use the old ex0802 motors.. I can't wait to see the build video but lose part's are very expensive now you better off buy a complete model. But just brought the mobula7 1s with the new motors. I will see how it performance is. And I am going express elrs that is also new. Hopefully it doesn't get more expensive in the future.
FaktionFpv Month ago
Really excited for that 1s vtx Do you think 1s vtx is light enough for a babytooth? Are you ever going try to build a hd babytooth with that vtx?
Mr ShutterBug
Mr ShutterBug Month ago
@FaktionFpv I don’t think it needs one for 1S. Maybe for 2S or 3S? I don’t know what the official recommendation is. I got mine prerelease with no instructions.
FaktionFpv Month ago
@Mr ShutterBug does it need a capacitor like the previous whoop vtx?
Mr ShutterBug
Mr ShutterBug Month ago
It is definitely light enough. If it can fly on tiny 31mm whoop props then it can fly on just about anything.
engizmo Month ago
Nice. Can't wait to see DJI HD jet shrunk so much. I was wondering given your expertise in light builds... Would you know of a DJI HD FPV Quad that flies for 20m+ and is under 250g with battery for some light weight long range cruising?
engizmo Month ago
@Mr ShutterBug yeah, and they tend to need 4 x 18650s that puts them over 250g 😥 in order to do 20+ I'm thinking there must be a quad out there that can do it all if you replace the 4 x 18650 with 4 x 18350. But seems like no one has tried this....
Mr ShutterBug
Mr ShutterBug Month ago
I don’t know which drone would be best, but I do know that LiIon batteries are the best way to get 20+ min flight times for cruising.
RECK Adventures
RECK Adventures Month ago
Seems like the osd information is pretty delayed. Is that expected to change at all?
Mr ShutterBug
Mr ShutterBug Month ago
I don’t know. The OSD data is transmitted separately from the video and then it is rendered by the goggles. That means it isn’t at the same rate as the video. But I don’t know what rate that is exactly.
ONCLEFLY Month ago
Hi, nice camera I like quality Bro. 😉
2SeeFPv2022 Month ago
what size do you use for your goggles and vrx I already bought 3 vrx module v2 the first 2 just didn't power up anymore I used 3s lipo what happened
Mr ShutterBug
Mr ShutterBug Month ago
You have VRX modules that don’t work? That’s the first problem I’ve heard about. I usually use a 1300mah 4S battery with mine. Sometimes I use a 6S racing pack if I happen to have one of those charged up.
Change Agent
Change Agent Month ago
Take note DJI. We need a 1s single PCB VTX for the new V3 goggles released later this year.
Change Agent
Change Agent Month ago
Yeah we'll just have to see what scraps they toss us mere users lol
Mr ShutterBug
Mr ShutterBug Month ago
I don't think anybody doubts that DJI could make something amazing for 1S if they wanted to. However, they have not given us any indication that they do want to.
Nellik Month ago
@Change Agent Yes I'm aware of how easy it would be for them - I was being sarcastic as this is DJI we're talking about...who never listen to their customers...and half arse everything...
Change Agent
Change Agent Month ago
@Nellik Lol. The Vista and AU are listed as 2s minimum but will work down to 5.5v. It's minimal effort to add a lower voltage regulator in their next release. The Vista and Air unit have a 3v rail driving the logic and a 1.1v rail driving the camera if someone was to rebuild the regular stage they could convert an existing Vista / AU to 1s.
Nellik Month ago
DJI be like - Here you go! 3s-6S supported!
Df Fg
Df Fg Month ago
Bendiciones hermosa Celina que Dios te cuidet donde quiera que Kayantanii.UNO encantan tus videos.
Vasya Month ago
What's the weight without the battery?
Mr ShutterBug
Mr ShutterBug Month ago
Just under 23g
Ludo Fevrier
Ludo Fevrier Month ago
Hurry up HD Zero 😜👌🏼🚀😍
Frank Nord
Frank Nord Month ago
I want one! Noooow.
Grumpee Daryl
Grumpee Daryl Month ago
are you flying in angle mode?
Mr ShutterBug
Mr ShutterBug Month ago
sixtofive Month ago
Very nice!
The Schlaegel Family
I can't wait
Hyperflyt Month ago
Do you have a stl for the canopy?
Mr ShutterBug
Mr ShutterBug Month ago
Yes. I’ll share it with the build video later.
dcvshambhu Month ago
Vtx transmission res 720p , can I choose 1080p vtx video tx for high end goggle having 1080p screen for top notch hd flying experience???
dcvshambhu Month ago
@Mr ShutterBug nice answer.. but 1080p would be better.....
Mr ShutterBug
Mr ShutterBug Month ago
HDZero does not currently support a 1080p high resolution mode for transmission. It is always 720p transmission. The receiver on the goggles can output 720p or 1080p, but that just controls the HDMI format. It doesn't change the amount of detail you see. Now, they are working on some new goggles that will be optimized for HDZero. I don't think they will increase the amount of detail, but they will decrease the latency even more, which is exciting!
Aythix FPV
Aythix FPV Month ago
When will we get the babytooth
Gabe Chenault
Gabe Chenault Month ago
2min to 3.5v.
Penny Amaran
Penny Amaran Month ago
batt dead
DS007 Month ago
his patches are lit?
Mr ShutterBug
Mr ShutterBug Month ago
Are you referring to the green glow? That comes from the HDZero VRX. I have a prototype sample with translucent white plastic, so the light actually shines through. Feature?
ID FPV Month ago