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Jul 6, 2024




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Comments : 945   
@user-zt5ht3tm7o 6 days ago
POV U r a boy just scrolling😅😅
@kittentalks4929 6 days ago
Then ur mom walks and sees this.
@jaketuber9081 6 days ago
Damn, what carrion
@kazankazan2421 6 days ago
Life is easy
@YourfavM386 6 days ago
@İpek-63486 6 days ago
@ItsAceHK 5 days ago
Target audience:👧💃🙋‍♀️ Actual audience:👦👨🧑‍💼 I’m evading taxes
@user-jk8od6in4c 5 days ago
But u made me a 👦🧒🧒
@keonelicueno 5 days ago
@I_love_659 5 days ago
Erm actually 🤓☝
@ItsAceHK 5 days ago
@@I_love_659 ErM AcTUALlY
RU-vid girls❤️ Tiktok girls😍 👇 👇
@PhiweDhlodhlo 16 hours ago
RU-vid girl❤
Nice "TIPS"
@prodeagle607 2 days ago
Just probably the 1 million th time I’ve heard this song scrolling randomly😂😂
@sunclashmc 5 days ago
its supposed to make their videos have more videos using just one song
@user-wy8yu6cc8s 5 days ago
@ElianOoo-py8sp 4 days ago
@mateuszua8860 5 days ago
Очень хочу сделать, но из-за склеек непонятно как майку надеть, и очень расстраиваюсь...
Получается, что она надела её низом вверх, так чтобы нижняя часть футболки на груди была складкой, потом лифчик, чтоб эта конструкция вниз не спадала, а затем уже рукава и горло
@999HON 4 days ago
@ItsmeRock-to8qr 6 days ago
Boys attendance 😂😂 ⬇️ Edit : im famous in 17 hours❤
@user-xf8ew8qf5z 6 days ago
@Genzini 6 days ago
@r6ass24 6 days ago
@Liev-zc9ci 6 days ago
@simonlepgm9775 6 days ago
@JoshuaPrimrose 5 days ago
Did I just witness this girl Stretching out the head of her shirt. Just to make a crop top , you could buy that instead of destroying your shirts. 😂😂😂
@Akioshii Day ago
They're not destroying their shirt??? And it's harmless.. and maybe another day she wants to wear it long??
@Clmeena6004 Day ago
Yea we can use it as both but ur sentence is also correct
I tire ooh
​@@Clmeena6004😊 u underlying😊p😊😊😊😊😊😢😂😅😂❤❤❤😅🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉😢😢😢😢😢😮😅😊😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😮😂😅😂❤😂🎉😢😮😅😊❤😂🎉😢😮😅😊😂🎉😢😮😅😊😂🎉😢😮😅😊
@Miiya___ 13 hours ago
How is she destroying her shirt ???
@fluffles_ew 6 days ago
boys we know how to crop a shirt now 🔥🔥🔥🗣️🗣️🗣️
I'm a boy Id rather just play football
@Tutel_07 5 days ago
​@@EthanKlukas-oz7uitheres just no way football is better than finding out how to crop a shirt
@@Tutel_07 your out of your mind if you think that making a crop top is better than football
@Tutel_07 5 days ago
@@EthanKlukas-oz7ui YOU are out of your mind if you thought i was serious
@ChessyRawr 4 days ago
​@@Tutel_07nahh, only the gays
Who is boy. Girl 👇🏻 👇🏻
@Jana-ds5uy 6 days ago
Darn I'm the first girl
@Luluzinhaaa123 6 days ago
@@Jana-ds5uyyeah, i’m a girl
@Jana-ds5uy 6 days ago
@@Luluzinhaaa123 I'm the first one who replied
@conts4U 6 days ago
Boy here
@ScarlettNeal622 6 days ago
​@@Jana-ds5uy The reply to that was so good she was to stunned to speak🤣🤣🤣
@ERMAK_OV.I 6 days ago
it just seems like you need to start producing such T-shirts so that your life hacks don't poison your life
@chefffs 4 days ago
Bro what 💀
@user-qd1gq6rp3e 5 days ago
❌ Comodidad y encajar con el mundo ✅Incomodidad pero ser feliz
@Lena-806 Day ago
Нет это удобно я пробовала
Теперь мы знаем какой у неё лифчик
@Edanur_7292 4 days ago
Bedenine göre almak daha çok mantıklı bence❤
@necefovakif3313 16 hours ago
@Useless_bott 5 days ago
Fall back guys !!! We're in enemy territory 🚨
@AdraViana-wg3by 7 days ago
She's a celestial beauty, lighting up the world with her presence.💓💓
@vedikadubey1052 6 days ago
@Tamj_Bty 6 days ago
I hope Aliens can digest that 👽
@PaquitoSuprim 6 days ago
Stop calling
I saw your sneaky links I will watch
@deborahco3875 5 days ago
She really said "oh shirt" 😂😂
Comment section,❌ Changing room ✅
But the wrong one actually looks prettier than the right one🎉🎉
@Marmara-MyBio27 3 days ago
that's better, I haven't tried that way😭💖
@ReemKellezli 6 days ago
Can u please do the same thing but with a hoodie 👇🏽 👇🏽
@obitoxic04 4 days ago
Target audience 🙎🏻 Actual audience 🙎🏻
@KOLX_7 6 days ago
I understand why I don't have a girlfriend
@JadeSmith-et9my 6 days ago
People who have real crop top attendance 👇
@hacking_life 6 days ago
Boys learning what they should give their crush 🤫
@Sg_AimZzz 5 days ago
Pov 5 minutes craft💀
@prashanthm1986 5 days ago
I am a male . I am here for educational purpose 😅
@Noahaltink 7 days ago
The girl: ☺️❌ ✔️ The bird: 🗿🍷
@yaboixav 6 days ago
took so long the song said you doing too much🤣💀
Praise be to God, Islam forbids a woman from showing her body to anyone other than her husband and her family, and grants her modesty, chastity, cleanliness, purity, and beauty through the hijab.
@conts4U 6 days ago
No offense bro but today's girls are so westernised they won't listen instead argue
@Scorpio_78 7 days ago
What’s happening in the back?
@clouds-p6c 6 days ago
@ryusama6402 6 days ago
Same let us see the back too
اي ولله ماذا يحدث في الخلف😂
@Scorpio_78 6 days ago
@@clouds-p6c What does the T-shirt look like when she turns around
@clouds-p6c 6 days ago
@@Scorpio_78 Ah ty! Sorry im bad at understanding lol
@marufhassan9611 6 days ago
Target audience 👩🏻 Who see 👦
I can't escape this song
@mandykrans-w3x 6 days ago
❤I. Like. you. video
I need a even slower version😭
@bobrownn 7 days ago
I can create ❤
@@bobrownn oh yeah that would be great, please and thank you!
@Angel07022 5 days ago
Pov : you are a Muslim and you just wear your hijab
@Yibblet 6 days ago
instructions unclear, got stuck in my shirt
@TseDan 6 days ago
OK I will try❤❤❤❤❤
@lusrengoku5268 6 days ago
I prefer the wrong way because it's faster and it doesn't take 10 hours
@TheBandit1111 5 days ago
mah boyz who was just scrolling 👇
@user-ss2nd9rr3i 3 days ago
Те самые девушки с маленькой грудью, надевают вещи как хотят, также мы , девушки с большой грудью: -дада
@neerenyt 6 days ago
Deep in enemy territory,need backup boys
@andromeda845 2 days ago
Nah first one🤌🏻
@vbn6865 15 hours ago
❌ купить сразу укороченую ✅оборачиваться длинной футболкой в несколько слоев
@ItsLayla-p5b 4 days ago
If you try to do a cartwheel 🤸‍♀️ with the right way…💀
That's why we need Khaby 😅
@Mishiblog 6 days ago
@josephjose5209 2 days ago
POV u r a boy who was just scrolling 😅😅
@enochsapam3893 3 days ago
As a man I wasn't prepared for this. Now I won't be able to unsee this.
Особенно если у тебя четвёртый размер груди 😂
@shadowdude-g7g 6 days ago
Why did think this was phoebe thunderman for a sec😅
@Guerla-ru6zx 3 days ago
All that just to put a shirt?! Damn.. nah, i'm good
@user-sh5jd9uu6m 6 days ago
Me trying it and realizing there's no way to wear the shirt upside down 😅
@yuri_bp_love 13 hours ago
меня теперь будут учить футболку надевать
@user-dj4xb2so1i 6 days ago
رسول خارجی نداریم؟؟؟؟😂😂😂😂 ایرانیا لایک کنن🇮🇷🇮🇷🇮🇷
@AbiAbi-sb8nq 4 days ago
Expectation 🤡 Reality 🗿
❌ wear your shirt ✅Do a whole routine till you have a slightly smaller shirt
😢so cool needed this
@DillonsEdits 6 days ago
👇Fly fisher button
Step 1: find a T-shirt that the neck hole will fit around my massive ass waist
@-layan.777 6 days ago
جيش عراق اثبو وجودكم
Nice video . i am boy . please don't see girls . this video is for only boys 😂😂
@habeebii.. 4 days ago
Legends: just buy a crop t shirt
@videohitam 4 days ago
In fact, it is not men who are the main target of this video, but 80% of the viewers are men, and in their minds they must be saying that this is a way to make life difficult. but because the bra is beautiful, they like it, including me
@EmoPeppaPig-v- 3 days ago
Ngl It actually looks good, I would to that. 👍✨
@사문희 Day ago
He's a smart dog, he's trying to differentiate between play and fight.
Target Audience: 👰 Actual Audience: 🧑‍🦱
@hanumanji120 6 days ago
Why are you watching 😂
@user-ou4qq7pu6s 6 days ago
That dog is locked in on everything that's happening.
RU-vid ❌ changeing rooms ✔
@MeyarRehim 6 days ago
واو تجننين انا احبك وبيت المسلسل تبعك
@hazmchawakh7846 6 days ago
@TheBabbsFamily7 2 hours ago
Not only is the neck stretched out but it’s on backwards 😂
@Baileyn98 6 days ago
She kinda looks like kira kosarina
Rest here now soldier you have found a female comment
@user-br7fn7xo8l 15 hours ago
Первый вариант удобнее, а второй красивее, поэтому я бы выбрала 1
@228Kep4ik228 7 hours ago
А трусы по верх джинсов ?
@user-ky8ci3fg2f 3 days ago
Вот как я буду одеваеться когда у меня косточка на ливчике вылезет)
@alenagergova 5 days ago
Это для тех у кого маленькие груди
*pr bhai ye tu kyu dekh raha hai*
Aise hi 😂😂
@@divyanshughanchi7b559 😅🤣
@AlyaNurlanova 5 days ago
У меня получилась 🎉ура🎉 У кого тоже получилось Сюда👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇😊
@Roqaya9908 5 days ago
جربتها طلعت تجننننننن❤❤
Какая ужасная мода. Покупают огромные вещи, а потом думают как их уменьшить. В джинсах тоже пуговицу перешитали.
@JESSpolli Day ago
Длинная майка же на оборот лучше..
Зачем усложнять себе жизнь?
@Jorge-nu9xs 6 days ago
Aquí los que piensan que tienen .!.
Buy a actual crop top ✅️ Follow her instructions ❌️
Один вопрос - на фига??? Купи топ и не парься!
@user-fx9bn6qz2e 3 days ago
Лучше сняли со стриптизом, лайков море было бы.
Supplies: 2 bra 1 tank top 1 t-shirt Conclusion: It's better to buy a new crop
@baskakolbaska 3 days ago
То есть для этого надо растянуть горловину футболки до размеров жопы слона??
Bros are gonna pick that backpack
@avabendle3608 4 days ago
Just so you know I’m not a hater guys it’s just the truth OK sorry if I ruined it for a little bit but it’s just all the truth
Targeted audience ♀️ audience reached ♂️
@sarakaiba 4 days ago
As a flat chest, I don’t have any bra….frickin it. 😂
@user-tm8pi2mi1m 6 days ago
You show it😮
@Little_one984 3 days ago
Step no 1 You should be a girl first.
@VasenIrusan 6 days ago
Wow cool life hack ❤
@user-kd2oz5vl5x 3 days ago
Представляю как она будет это снимать с себя 🗿