Crowds gather outside Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago home following word of FBI raid

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Monday’s FBI raid of Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home quickly brought out supporters of the former president, and those who oppose him as well.

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Aug 7, 2022




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TimeBucks Month ago
That man was in tears
Iwatcher games
Iwatcher games 3 days ago
just think how many liberals or lefties were in tears when Trump became president.
Games4life 20 days ago
@Hugginsince79 no it’s just gay
fabe thomas
fabe thomas 23 days ago
@Chelsea Taylor LOL, I'm ready for white Jesus to come and take me out right now!!!!
fabe thomas
fabe thomas 23 days ago
@Chelsea Taylor Likewise!!!! Repentance is for Jesus christ followers not for normal unprogramed people like me.
Chelsea Taylor
Chelsea Taylor 24 days ago
@benandtiff pastranowalley please democrats are crininals liera and theifs and worship saten!! Repent!! Only saten comes to steel kill and destroy! And plit wickked against Gods chosen!! Ur day will come if you dont repent!!!
Kevin Rose
Kevin Rose Month ago
We have a two tiered justice system in this country.
dierjran Month ago
You just now realized that? Black, brown and poor ppl could have told you that. It’s been that way since, well, America had a justice system.
Narrow Pather
Narrow Pather Month ago
"An honest but mistaken man, once shown the truth, either ceases to be mistaken or ceases to be honest."
Picco bow
Picco bow Month ago
Yeah you think Biden and his family are honest? What about The Biden administration cohorts? You think they are ethical and good stewarts of whats been entrusted to them?
hieu hoang thanh
🚨W​A​T​C​H​​ M​​Y​ L​A​S​T​ V​I​D​E​O​🚨
"It was beautiful, the most beautiful raid you've ever seen. There were people, lots of people. It was unbelievable how many people, and it was beautiful." - Donald Trump
Kenrick G
Kenrick G Month ago
yhea like how they showed up for that golf game hosted by the Saudia terrorist supporters trying to sell $1 ticket for a game nobody wanted to see. some of us don't forget 9/11/2001
Lorenzo Rodriguez
I appreciate how the news here is completely in the middle just reporting . Not taking a side just stating the facts as they are. And interviewing people from both sides that's my kinda news .
Anthony Piacentini
Anthony Piacentini 23 days ago
@A. P. fr tho. Journalism should be unbiased. Not yellow bellied
Amy🧁Cakes Month ago
@First Daddy Biden is your savior!!
Amy🧁Cakes Month ago
Please clown 🤡
Amy🧁Cakes Month ago
@First Biden is into pedophilia along with his son. There are many pictures of Biden and his son nude with foreign underaged women. That they bus to their hotels.Sicking af !! Biden voters are losers who live off their parents and don’t succeed in life so they need the government and the news to tell them how to think and what to do consistently.
Amy🧁Cakes Month ago
@First Biden made a eulogy for a KKK grand wizard. He’s one of the most racist men in politics. He even called the grand wizard his predecessor.
ʀ ᴏ ꜱ ᴇ-Vlog Go to My Channel
This wasn’t a “raid” by the FBI at all. This was just a normal friendly tourist visit led by members of the federal government
Mary GH
Mary GH 23 days ago
When are they going to send the federal government tourists to Wilmington Delaware to raid Biden's house. He has more corruption stashed there than President Trump. Or maybe he has it in the office that Hunter rented for him with chinese laundering money.
Shelle Capos
Shelle Capos 24 days ago
I love that!! What an awesome comment.
Mary GH
Mary GH Month ago
And you are not a woman but a man by democrats definitions.
💞Sunny Т@p т0 Ch̴a̴t̴ ̴ ME 💞
It wasn't a raid... The FBI was taking a peaceful tour through his property. It was totally peaceful, totally peaceful. People came to me and said "Sir we're just going to take a stroll through Maralargo." And it was the most peaceful tour ever.
Philip Erdman
Philip Erdman Month ago
Imagine not realizing that this is all part of a script. 😂
Gaspar Nuño
Gaspar Nuño Month ago
Ok tin foil hat
bilishu aliss
bilishu aliss Month ago
0:52 The fact that he crosses out Pence is beyond hilarious.
~Whitewolf Month ago
You can tell the difference between people who research the lies, and daytime TV watchers.
estarateta Month ago
@war13death first, you're not researching anything.... You're googling stuff. And I don't have a problem reading anything from any sources, that's the difference between loonies and normal people. We are not afraid that reading something that goes against our stance will affect our views, it only offers an insight into the mind of others. Unlike like loonies who want to ban history and sexuality. Second, you have to consider the sources. Why do you think CPAC featured Viktor Orban? I'm sure you actually believe his a savior to his people.
war13death Month ago
@estarateta Look it up for yourself from a variety of sources including foreign ones and you'll get a better picture of what the truth is. The alternative is believe the lies that you've been told your entire life.
sankee Month ago
It is really shocking how many idiots are there, they really look like retards. What do they eat there? MY GOD!
Harry Briscoe
Harry Briscoe Month ago
@Amy🧁Cakes Trump is not the president or a god
~Whitewolf Month ago
@Harry Briscoe and the Far Left Lunatics can’t meme. 🐸. So what’s your point? I’m an Independent, what do I care? I grew up in the Reagan Era, I didn’t agree with many things, but I know what I heard and saw when TRUMP came along. He’s one in a million, and the ‘racists’ aren’t on our side. That’s been made abundantly clear. You have yourself a great weekend, try to enjoy yourself and maybe have a conversation and try to open your mind. You lefties have no idea what you’re pushing for. Research POL POT, MAO, STALIN. THAT is the DISEASE you’re trying to spread. Far more deaths and horror than Germany trying to recover from WWl
aliss liou
aliss liou Month ago
"a lota people tell me, no one gets raided like mara lago, an FBI agent came to me...tears in his eyes, he said SIR, this is the best raid ever in the history of the FBI"
Carlos Lara
Carlos Lara Month ago
Trump this has the biggest crowd that came to M o L to watch a raid in my Home. they admired the way I live. The Cheers can be hear around the globe, they truly love me. I'm theirs leader.Biggest crowd bever.God bless.
Sophia Miller
Sophia Miller Month ago
"Obama never had a raid like this. The crowd outside my house? The biggest EVAH!"
Nico Brav
Nico Brav Month ago
1:04 that's freaking sad 😔 that old man need a dad
Cee Cee
Cee Cee Month ago
This wasn’t a “raid” by the FBI at all. This was just a normal friendly tourist visit led by members of the federal government 😂
Fred Freddy
Fred Freddy Month ago
What did trump intend to do with our top secret documents?
Steven Blocker
Steven Blocker Month ago
@Em B Not all of them were committing violence, a very small fraction were. The media lied and misrepresented the severity of it. Legal or not, it was still a targeted raid to silence a political rival, nothing to do with justice whatsoever.
Em B
Em B Month ago
@Steven Blocker is that the only difference, really. Except one was a legal search of NOT his house. He's not allowed to live there. And one was you beating cops with flagpoles.
Steven Blocker
Steven Blocker Month ago
@Trump Doesn't Wipe Some of them. But a few bad actors doesn't mean they all were. Many were peaceful. One could say it was a mostly people protest
Trump Doesn't Wipe
@Steven Blocker The footage was of trump supporters using battering rams to bust into secured areas of the capital.
Kebo Walker
Kebo Walker Month ago
Took 6 years but we finally got him!!! Great day for democracy
Philip Erdman
Philip Erdman Month ago
We live in a Democratic Republic not a Democracy. Lol
Dineshan Pillay
Dineshan Pillay Month ago
He deserves this, we came to celebrate 🤣🤣🤣🤣love this lady
Björn Felten
Björn Felten Month ago
I guess that the definition of a crowd is very different among some so-called journalists...
grangran67 Month ago
There are jail beds available for all these bad actors. Nobody is above the law in the USA. Karma and disgrace
mrsmarvelous1 Month ago
We have a two tiered system of "justice" in this country.
Harley B.  Bird Whisperer
@Vincent Hammons Stupid reply. What do you suppose IS and insurrection? How about an armed mob attacking the capital and people dying as a result?
Sojo Month ago
@Maya Tara Most aren't going to go for that... Trump is their idol, he's above any other man, on par with or second only to their god. It's why they think we idolize Joseph Robinett Brandon... They think Trump graces them with his presence, so we must think the same! It's kinda sad... I used to find it funny, but now it's just pathetic...
albert miller
albert miller Month ago
@Vincent Hammons Majority rule in a democratic republic like the United States means the Government is guided by what most of us want them to do. A few thousand fools on January 6 do not decide for 350 million Americans, Vinnie. The minority tried to steal power from me & the rest of us American citizens on January 6. The United States has a government created to exactly represent the citizens. Idiots who adore a fascist clown are, thankfully, NOT THE MAJORITY HERE!!!!
albert miller
albert miller Month ago
@Vincent Hammons Hey Vince, in America the elected public servants have no unique authority. The power of government is “by the People, of the People & for the People.” You probably don’t understand this because you evidently live in an authoritative country where the government is run by the Leaders, for the Leaders & Leaders Only. It is not like that in the USA. trump does not know America at all. He doesn’t get it.
Vincent Hammons
Vincent Hammons Month ago
@Harley B. Bird Whisperer taking power from politicians is not an insurrection also over dramatic much.
Antonio Robles
Antonio Robles Month ago
Impeached twice and now raided by FBI....... I'll wait for the supporters to start giving their excuses on how this could be possible 🤦‍♀️🤦🤦‍♂️.
Marilyn Willett
Marilyn Willett Month ago
and we all know the FBI has integrity,
TranceReligion 23 days ago
My right ear loved this interview
Joseph Coello
Joseph Coello Month ago
It was a beautiful raid like no one had seen before, an a fantastic time taking a huge amount of beautiful items like no one had taken before, taking millions and millions and millions of papers even dead people were there, the FBI said to me sir you like the beautiful raid no one had one like these before just special for you, the FBI love me They do like me, the FBI love me more then my friends Mitch and Ted Cancun Cruz the FBI people are Amazing they even build a wall with officers outside my home and I cry of joy and happiness because they like me they are amazing and I have HUGE amount of love for them
kinlika Month ago
It was a beautiful raid. A big, tremendous raid. Some people said it was the best raid they had ever seen. Lots of people said that..... A friend of mine said I am the most raided President ever... Trump told the FBI agents “ we love you, you are very special people, but it’s time to go home now, we need to keep the peace..''
CountryPower Month ago
@JimmyTGoose Ummmm...I don't believe you understand the meaning of the word 'specific'👈😂🤣😂, what you said is the direct opposite of that....one more thing, are 90yrs old or something? Do you still buy Newspapers👈? That's where you get your current events from?😂🤣
than dinh
than dinh Month ago
Boston Kiter
Boston Kiter Month ago
@Samsquatch Like trump getting booted off twitter?
Samsquatch Month ago
You should be permanently silenced
Julio Reyes
Julio Reyes Month ago
Unfortunately, we are on a trajectory aimed at the destruction and dismantling of our American Civil liberties. It won't be long until we become a totalitarian nation and then the winds of war and conflict will finish our nation. Nikita Krushev hit the nail on the coffin...we will destroy ourselves from within.
shazamdeal Month ago
Ron DeSantis is loving every minute of this - scary thing is he’d be a even more dangerous president than Trump
Kyle Reed
Kyle Reed Month ago
Lmfao ahhaahah
How can you mess up the audio THIS badly lol
Tony D
Tony D Month ago
You can tell the difference between those who do what peoplle tell them and those who research on there own
Apps Apps
Apps Apps Month ago
It was a beautiful raid. A perfect raid. No one has ever had a better raid than I did. Highest ratings ever. Much higher than Roger Stone's raid. It was an incredible, beautiful thing to see. And all of you were enjoying it.
Maximus Month ago
You should be a writer! You interpreted it exactly how Trump would say it. lol
Shafiq Raju
Shafiq Raju Month ago
Just love it😍
Michelle Antao
Michelle Antao Month ago
while you mohammadun love living in a democratic country of course.
osiris towers
osiris towers Month ago
"He separated all of us" not really, he just made the line much more visible.
A M 21 day ago
The line of idiots! Trump for prison 2020
Christopher Smith
"Look what they put in the billionaire scam artist through" and this guy's crying about it hmmm it's truly sad.
TINY Eisbrener
TINY Eisbrener Month ago
I hope you like the IRS going to be checking on you
TINY Eisbrener
TINY Eisbrener Month ago
What about the the Communist Democrat that's in the Oval Office right now and his family oh but that's okay right
Words from our master
That one lady who said he hasn’t done a thing for this country “well enjoy your $10 a gallon”. and prices that have doubled
Timothy TwoTwoThree
No one is more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe that they are free
A M 21 day ago
Translation : magatards are blind sheep brainwashed into a cult
Fred Freddy
Fred Freddy Month ago
Poor trump cultists died because he believed trump.
Fred Freddy
Fred Freddy Month ago
@Timothy TwoTwoThree Why are trump fans so crazy and fact-free?
Fred Freddy
Fred Freddy Month ago
Trump fans can't talk about trump's crimes. They have to change the topic to nothing issues like Hunter Biden and Clinton's emails
Fred Freddy
Fred Freddy Month ago
@Timothy TwoTwoThree Now we find some of the confidential documents were related to nuclear secrets. Thank you for your hopeful prediction about trump's legal jeopardy. Everyone else is not sure because we can't know about potential charges.
hoiy vinosa
hoiy vinosa Month ago
That man was in tears
Ptao Tom
Ptao Tom Month ago
That man was in tears
Michael Thomas
Michael Thomas Month ago
Trying to see he should be in jail where he belongs he's an a****** and he gives me a heart attack every time he's our president
Pamela Brown
Pamela Brown Month ago
America needs to be saved !
FORD TUFF 3 days ago
@David Mays TRUMP 2024 🇺🇸
FORD TUFF 4 days ago
@David Mays Hate to burst your bubble captain clueless American will get President Trump back 👍🏼😉 you can thanks us later ...
David Mays
David Mays 4 days ago
@Andre Dewar Trump isn't going to run again, not with all of the crap he's pulled. Not even the Republicans want him.
David Mays
David Mays 4 days ago
@FORD TUFF With all of the bullcrap Trumps done, not even the Republicans want him anymore. He isn't going to be running again, that's for sure.
SMOKEY428 20 days ago
Yes , from someone who has cognitive problems and shakes hands with the air
Rain Man
Rain Man Month ago
chants heard " We're above the law " " Down with law and order "
fabe thomas
fabe thomas Month ago
I hope he goes to prison!
Reality Bites
Reality Bites Month ago
The guy at 1:05 will need years of cult deprogramming
Laura Fedora
Laura Fedora Month ago
Thoughts and prayers! 🤣
Ian Parker
Ian Parker Month ago
Hopefully, justice will run it's course.
Brandt Manning
Brandt Manning Month ago
And all the democrats will be hanged, right?
@Let Your L⚡️GHT Forever Shine ❤️ AMEN!!!!
Let Your L⚡️GHT Forever Shine ❤️
"Hopefully, justice will run it's course." 2 Corinthians 5:10 For we must all appear before the judgment seat of Christ, so that each one may receive what is due for what he has done in the body, whether good or evil.
The Strange Kage
E T Month ago
@joe197301 Hunter sold U.S. secrets to Ukraine and shared a percentage of the proceeds with his father. The laptop has it all.
alida flus
alida flus Month ago
0:52 The fact that he crosses out Pence is beyond hilarious.
Ptao Tom
Ptao Tom Month ago
We have a two tiered justice system in this country.
Cathy Haller
Cathy Haller Month ago
It’s amazing that with all the information and video people still believe Trump. People please do your research on the republicans and trump before you vote
Brandt Manning
Brandt Manning Month ago
@Cathy Haller Alright Cathy, you are right.....it was a childish comment and I apologize. Its something I wouldve said to my brother/sister back in the 80's....and to this day lol. You are entitled to your opinion, and I to mine. One thing we both can agree on: everyone should be taking the time to look behind the curtain and investigate beyond whats served up to us as 'the daily special". Sorry again.
Cathy Haller
Cathy Haller Month ago
@Brandt Manning Alcoholics Anonymous seriously I don’t drink kinda childish don’t you think .I only hope you learn the truth before its too late
Brandt Manning
Brandt Manning Month ago
Cathy.....have you ever researched the Clintons? And what information source do you recommend? ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS, BBC,.....maybe sit in on a local high school US History class? Alcoholics Anonymous meeting?
Michael Myer
Michael Myer Month ago
As if any communist nazi loving democrat is a good choice. Career politicians on either side are all criminals and all need to be executed for treason.
Billy Cunningham
Can u imagine a Biden supporter literally CRYING “why do they keep calling him brannnndonnnn!!”😭. I’m absolutely positive the trumpers would say “it’s a cult!!!!” But they’re just incapable of recognizing it in themselves 🤦‍♂️
Rich S.
Rich S. Month ago
Largest crowd in history to witness a raid!
Samuel H.
Samuel H. Month ago
I love the Trump sign with Pence’s name crossed out
Facts_ NoFiction
Facts_ NoFiction 4 days ago
@David Mays I never said that. Is it possible? Yes absolutely. Did it happen? Nobody really knows for sure, but you have to have evidence to support a claim.
David Mays
David Mays 4 days ago
@Facts_ NoFiction You actually believe the election was rigged? Were +60 court failed court cases, even by judges who were appointed by Trump, not enough for you?
David Mays
David Mays 4 days ago
@Doug Warner Didn't he?
Gary Johnson
Gary Johnson Month ago
Samuel H Trump ask Pence to break the dam law
Facts_ NoFiction
@David Matejka And everyone else is still waiting for the evidence that Trump was in the saddle with Russia, you guys can't seem to get him no matter how hard you try.
South Florida Hustle
What are they celebrating though what did they find I love how they mention raid every 5 minutes how many people have gotten raided the past 9 months and whats to show for it. .. 🤔
Christian Banks
Christian Banks Month ago
“Any prior investigation was a witch hunt and I believe this will also be a witch hunt.” I thought only starfish live under rocks.
Tawney Month ago
“They even broke into my safe!” Um yeah bud that’s how a raid works.
FM3 Month ago
After All Justice Is A Dish. Best Served Ice Cold.
L̴en̴a̴ C̴h̴a̴tT ̴ -m̴e̴- 👉t@p
"It was beautiful, the most beautiful raid you've ever seen. There were people, lots of people. It was unbelievable how many people, and it was beautiful." - Donald Trump
thomas cooper
thomas cooper Month ago
I’ve got ice cream for the big guy from China hunter, potus my hair on my legs as children rub them down “ when he’s mentally capable of making a response with sounds😉
Im subbing to everyone who subs to me [Not A Bot]
Hi everyone 🙂 I'm from Egypt 🇪🇬 , and i have something to say to the all citizens of the United States of America : as a young man , especially during my teenage years in the 90's , i saw a wonderful America , i saw Mtv , i saw celebrations , sports , cinema , culture and most of all .. i saw UNITY & EQUALITY. Please dear Americans , all of you , come together , overcome differences , deny others from seeing you in conflict , please go back to your solid values , your constitution , and your EQUALITY. Love to all ❤️
RedneckHippy87 Month ago
We can’t when communists have taken over
Travis Hartman
Travis Hartman Month ago
@Harry Martinez Everything you said is wrong or lies. hilarious
Travis Hartman
Travis Hartman Month ago
@Harry Martinez LOL the Bible and constitution aren't the same thing.
Style Month ago
@Georgia Girl get gone to Jordan hun. Good luck
Style Month ago
@Harry Martinez my pronouns are "Navajo Chief"...and simply "He, and one who walks on water."
Dre Davis
Dre Davis Month ago
Send him to jail 🤟🏿
jona cla
jona cla Month ago
"He separated all of us" lol- okay lady. Democrats are funny
Travis Hartman
Travis Hartman Month ago
where have u been. your own words prove it.
Gary McAdams
Gary McAdams Month ago
No one is above the law…… back the blue…… LOCK HIM UP !!!!
Michelle Antao
Michelle Antao Month ago
lock you with them.
Kevin Clark
Kevin Clark Month ago
I KNEW I'd see a grown man crying when I clicked this video. LOLOLOLOL
Lunar Guardian ☾
Jesus Christ, that man was in tears.
h w
h w Month ago
@Brandon tran a lot of gullible fell for 🍊 conman bull$hit
Patti Dick
Patti Dick Month ago
@Jim M. Trump didn't find Jesus , because he sold his soul to Satan. A long time ago.
Hugginsince79 Month ago
Love of America does that to you.
SMOOVKILL1 Month ago
Listen to trump supporters talk. Obviously some screws are loose. Crazy brainwashing.
@Byron Stansberry And you guys are terrified of Donald Trump.
EagleRockers Month ago
"When you're attacking FBI agents because you're under criminal investigation, you're losing," --Sarah Huckabee Sanders, November 2016.
Kenrick G
Kenrick G Month ago
isn't she one of those born again Christians holy than thou showing up every morning at the podium to tell lies
Valerie Hobbs
Valerie Hobbs Month ago
Oh nice!
Truth Reigns Forever
De La Rosa: “Why did you guys give me this assignment? I detest, despise, and dislike 👎 Trump.”
Walter Burger
Walter Burger Month ago
Well this certainly gets the news off that lousy Democrat spending bill they passed yesterday!
M. Evans
M. Evans Month ago
Sis said we came to Celebrate‼️🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
davidhunternyc Month ago
"It was beautiful, the most beautiful raid you've ever seen. There were people, lots of people. It was unbelievable how many people, and it was beautiful." - Donald Trump
David Mays
David Mays 4 days ago
@jennifer sprague Documents?
war13death Month ago
@Choco MojoThere would be no water to muddy if the left would be open and transparent instead of shady and lies, but they can't do that lest the people see just how corrupt they are. Add to that this quote by Biden "We've put together the biggest voter fraud campaign that the world has ever seen" and it should be clear why people think the worst of the government. Too bad they don't realize that whether they have D or R next to their name doesn't much matter because they're two sides of the same coin of tyranny and oppression.
J E Month ago
@Kevin James No
Choco Mojo
Choco Mojo Month ago
@war13death stir the mud, then Say the water is too muddy. Classic right wing
war13death Month ago
@Choco Mojo The report is that the FBI was in the home at least an hour before anyone else was there and that they ordered everyone out so they had ample time to plant evidence. With allegations like this running around it'll be impossible to convince people that it was anything other than a political hit by the Biden administration.
mi ke
mi ke Month ago
Back the blue and lock him up!
Vidalion Month ago
“Crowd” is a pretty generous description of the number of people they are showing….
Raziq informationtech
I appreciate it
Sukotto Shinobe
Sukotto Shinobe Month ago
“Raided and occupied”🤣🤣🤣🤣
Susan Hewitt
Susan Hewitt Month ago
These people are insane! My God
Monkeyman Month ago
Who the people who support him or the leftists
Stokes Month ago
Thank you dems for making trump even MORE popular!!! Free media!!!
Clay Butler
Clay Butler Month ago
"crowds" in air quotes. I've seen bigger crowds at a quinceanera!
estherr asfan
estherr asfan Month ago
Nobody is above the law,they did the right thing.
Tybold63 Month ago
🤣 He is not above the law is he? So what is the fuzz?
Fuck Youtube
Fuck Youtube Month ago
It wasn't a raid... The FBI was taking a peaceful tour through his property. It was totally peaceful, totally peaceful. People came to me and said "Sir we're just going to take a stroll through Maralargo." And it was the most peaceful tour ever.
KARMA!!! 💯
John Morris
John Morris Month ago
Laughing 🤣🤣
kramer911 Month ago
awesome. This is disgusting. Good to see some supporters out
Wayne Rogers
Wayne Rogers Month ago
I agree with the lady in the green t-shirt, How many people have been to prison, that work directly with Trump during his time in office ? How many people quit how many people were fired ? He had a dysfunctional administration,
Wizardof87 1987
Wizardof87 1987 Month ago
Those folks have been arrested for stuff many times I bet and STILL not knowing how warrants work.
Ptao Tom
Ptao Tom Month ago
You can tell the difference between those who do what peoplle tell them and those who research on there own
Aj Coluzzi
Aj Coluzzi Month ago
1:16, this guy in the green shirt & the ponytail needs to get a life!
William Rivera
William Rivera Month ago
That man was in tears 😭 wow
Games4life 20 days ago
@Let Your L⚡️GHT Forever Shine ❤️ shut up
Precious Flores
Precious Flores 23 days ago
@Chelsea Taylor 😅🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 thank you for the Laughs🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 WADFBYA...I'd type it out but It violates community guidelines and I wouldn't want you to 😭😭😭 because I'm such a Bully 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Love the Power My Comment Holds Over Total Strangers, KEEP TAKING EVERYTHING PERSONAL PRINCESS and You End Up Just as Miserable as Me, The Bully
Chelsea Taylor
Chelsea Taylor 24 days ago
@Precious Flores repent turn to jesus!! Quit bullying inocent people as seen with trumos house beingg raided thats what democrats do best lie steel destory and bully around people. Like they are so powerful got another thing coming for you
Chelsea Taylor
Chelsea Taylor 24 days ago
Imagine doing nothing wrong being a good person with human compassion and getting lied on plotted and scemed against and that mans in tears because the evil that is done to inocent people!! And he knows that its only gonna get worse because demicrats think they run a show!! But there show and evil plans will all come to a end you have no power over God! And God destroys wickad and evil!! Have a Heart ! Would u like someone to lie on u plot evil on u? How would u feel! That man has compassion leave him alone!!
Κίρκη Month ago
That's a bad case of FBI derangement syndrome.
Ol' Dirty Dasher
I love it when witch-hunts finds witches!!
R. O.
R. O. Month ago
Wow! how exciting! 🥱🤨
Matt Iga
Matt Iga Month ago
Some of the things people say live one perturbed 😳
Obey Jesus Christ
GOD BLESS Trump ✝️ 🙏 🇺🇸
mi ke
mi ke Month ago
Nobody cares about your invisible friends in the clouds.
M. Phoenix
M. Phoenix Month ago
The people outside supporting him would never ever be let inside.
Tek Powers
Tek Powers Month ago
@ktopp123 im a democrat come at me Walmart trash if you got the stones
EliteCoder Month ago
Wtf does that have to with anything? That's like the most random argument I've even heard a liberal say
ktopp123 Month ago
@Tek Powers what do want me to say, fake name?
Tek Powers
Tek Powers Month ago
@ktopp123 im right here say something
Michelle Antao
Michelle Antao Month ago
@ktopp123 whole nation of donkeys who let demonic dems ride them down to the pit.
MEE7 Month ago
how tf did he take 15 boxes?
Pepega Papaya
Pepega Papaya Month ago
The feeling to need to belong = easy to manipulate.
Azgamezest Month ago
Haha trumps gonna be in prison with the three asking to be kept in federal custody lmao
Confident dude 2002
0:52 The fact that he crosses out Pence is beyond hilarious.
Iwatcher games
Iwatcher games 3 days ago
hehehe, i saw that too.
Gold Experience Requiem
Whoever Trump doesn't like, they don't like
Dave NC
Dave NC Month ago
Lock him up, lock him up.
Green Girls Golf Caddies
Devin …..you are the best ! Get a job working with FBI . We need a women like you .
Iyke J
Iyke J Month ago
Same folks who raided the capital 😂
applehead252 Month ago
I hope they plant something if they don’t find 15 boxes cause this guy need to go for reals!!! He racist and bad guy!
Wasa Bista
Wasa Bista Month ago
Watch out for undercover feds yelling, "We need to go inside Mar-a-Lago!"
X P Month ago
@Proud Conservative keep crying snowflake 😂
Proud Conservative
@Bill Flyer The only quotation marks I made was around "L + ratio", which was an exact quote from X P. Thanks anyway for your grammar lesson, Libby.
Bill Flyer
Bill Flyer Month ago
When you put a phrase between quotes that is suppose to mean it was actually said by someone. NEVER HAPPENED
Proud Conservative
@X P So I guess "L + ratio" is English? When I need a translator, that's a problem, Libby.
Proud Conservative
@X P My name isn't bro, Libby.
stacyeandrew2 Month ago
Just a hunch but I feel a planting of evidence coming.
JayTac1 Month ago
What did he do that makes him the best president ever?
boli milda
boli milda Month ago
It wasn't a raid. It was FBI tourists exercising their right to tour.
Adriana Ticas
Adriana Ticas Month ago
Grandes seres fuertes honbres con mucho honor y seguridad y gentes debuen corazon. Todos por liberar y. Tener un paiz con muchocontrol y seguridad y liberlo de tantos hipocritas. Y corupcion. De. Y tener enalto este paiz. Con privilegios. American y susbuenos ciudadanos
OHLeeRedux Month ago
The maid from Family Guy answered the door and when the FBI told her they had a warrant she shook her hair and said "Nooo."
MSA Month ago
@CSharp He's on the Biden spectrum it seems.
The King
The King Month ago
@Amug us Fan Seems like conservatives are bigger SJWs than the left. Imagine thinking a comment is offensive
Phileas Fogg
Phileas Fogg Month ago
@Amug us Fan Whoosh.
CT Month ago
@Amug us Fan You really are stupid.
CSharp Month ago
@Amug us Fan That's not even close to what that comment was about. LOL
John Mack
John Mack Month ago
Linda Brown
Linda Brown Month ago
His supporters are contiguous to the truth.