"Derya MK-12 Ultra Tactical Shotgun'' 

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Feb 5, 2024




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Comments : 7K   
Wow, the new Milwaukee power nailer looks sick.
I'd definitely try to put a Milwaukee decal on it if I had this
Thought I was the only one, lol.
@brailford1 Month ago
@brailford1 Month ago
Nobody "F@$KS with you @ the JOBSITE!!!!"
@roadieman209 Month ago
lmao, nice one
@shanny6 Month ago
I-for real-was expecting nerf darts to come out of that and was pretty shocked to see it was a real firearm.
@tztezza Month ago
Same honestly
@Wookie_oo7 Month ago
It’s why I hate toyified firearms. Partially because kids or idiots might assume it’s a toy, but also because people will start assuming toys are real firearms. There is already a danger of that as is what with being able to put a firearm into toy already, but why help blur the lines?
@limathegetguap Month ago
Bro me to then I thought it was edited😂😂 then I read the title
@tztezza Month ago
@@Wookie_oo7 couldn’t agree more
@philipquaglino Month ago
John Wick movies would have been 45 minutes shorter with this.
@Stellar001100 26 days ago
Well, he did in #4. He just didn't have it when he got to the stairs. 😂😂😂
@kjwtr3100 20 days ago
@1949carlton 20 days ago
Aww thats funny
@John-qz4cv 19 days ago
Nah, there would have been a ton more reloading going on lmao
@Stellar001100 19 days ago
@@John-qz4cv Or would have been if the enemies weren't so dumb to carry the same ammo and magazines as John's guns.
@Alexzz7k 16 days ago
Cant forget the tactical flannel when you have that fancy nailgun
First time I've ever seen one that actually worked for more than 2 shots
@tomatoman3706 Month ago
Mine works great 🤷‍♂️
@ljakewillis Month ago
How much is that shotgun​@@tomatoman3706
@konanLerehcob Month ago
@TheWeekendShooter308 Never had any issue, could fire the 10 round mags no problem, sold it because the thing is just too bulky and heavy. Range mate had the 21 round mag, never seen him had any issue either.
it works when serviced😂😂
Russians: let's make an AK that shoot different boolets Americans: let's make an AR that shoots different bullets
@Factory_Edge Month ago
I see what u did there.☠️☠️☠️☠️
@robzu1010 Month ago
Derya is Turkish.
​@@Factory_EdgeWhy did he make the first one say boolets? Something I dont get here?
@Factory_Edge Month ago
@that_one_guy7037 say it like Ivan Drago.......then say "I must break you."
​@@that_one_guy7037 for that russian accent.
"Is that a shotgun or a rifle?" "Yes."
@LEGIONCABAL 16 days ago
It's just a Shotgun what do you mean
@larenzofisher2254 13 days ago
Shot Gun My Friend.
@cwb8047 12 days ago
@jaredsmith4919 21 day ago
The sound and how smooth this was, perfection.
@ryanmacs2486 Month ago
Milwaukee really makes all kinds of gadgets theses days
@jordazmo19 Month ago
@-heda- Month ago
As a Milwaukee user I approve this comment. Thanks for the laugh as I’m trying to get my impact working lmao
The first thing after the basic tools they made was a dildo for Milwaukee users 😂oh but they didn’t want the m12 they wanted the 18
Came here to say exactly this. ❤
@dpz9872 Month ago
I'm still trying to figure out where they hid the battery. 😂
@loaf1893 Month ago
That looks like it came out of a hardware store 💀
Please, it looks like it came out of the nerf gun section
@brianwball40 Month ago
Looks like it came out of Toys R Us
The new “Kubota Bang Blast Cutter”. 😆
@Knellox Month ago
You got to love the extra where that he puts on his machine at the end when he dry fires it probably does that every single time he shoots the thing he automatically dry fires it to say that it's clear
He such a badass..LOL
@kenmoyer1950 Month ago
No deer stands a chance against this fire power. What a guy!
@RobertBoiteau 18 days ago
These work great to stop home invasions
Other than the sound of the shotgun shells being fired, it sounds just like someone loading a mag into a Nerf blaster with all the sounds of the plastic parts
@666Mantios666 Month ago
Same. 🤣
@zevs... Month ago
У меня инструктора заставляют бойцов также до автоматики движений тренероваться в Частной Военно Компании в батальоне
@somarhanna6199 Month ago
If you think that’s the sound of plastic, you are an idiot
Aside from the grip and the stock it's entirely metal, actually
@FullTwos Month ago
Now that you mention it. I use to sell these shotguns to all the new "tactical" shooter who didn't want granddads 870 or couldn't spin a m4 (or vepr12 for us cool kids)
Damn, they make them nerf guns look so real! And he takes it real serious too!
It’s used to trick home invaders!
Yeah he wanted to be a seal but they just laughed.
So he just became a walrus@@relichunter7308
@@relichunter7308 😂
@johnmcneal9477 Month ago
Yeah, and he has all the cool moves down pat. The video needs some type of robot type music to go along with his robot type moves. lol
@BN-HAPPY 23 days ago
Makes me miss those BBgun wars we had as kids. Stung like hell
@zedus4042 13 days ago
Holy shit the sound is so satisfying and the reload was clean af.
@ghironsingh Month ago
With drones everywhere on the battlefield now, playing a little high-speed duck hunt might not be a bad idea.
I've been wondering about that myself. Shotguns may become a regular feature of the battlefield now.
VR80 with 20 round drum.
@@TheMidLifeCrisis817 ew not a rock island
@farnarkleboy Month ago
The hight and speed small battlefeild drones move at makes any shotgun useless . Buckshot would give you the best range but even then you are going to struggle to hit anything beyound 40m given the spread , low energy and relative slow rate of fire.
@farnarkleboy Month ago
nah , they are pretty much useless against modern fpv drones @@afrocentricalbion
@mattrader3647 Month ago
The modern sporting rifle business is doing so well that Mattel got into firearms.
@imaddi Month ago
that was what i thought
Actually, Mattel made many of the first m-16s used by the army.
@basedlogic Month ago
If you think this, you have absolutely no idea of the quality that comes out of Derya. This is an amazing shotgun to shoot, and is built like a tank. I don't think I've ever seen someone jam this gun.
@billbirch3748 Month ago
They were making AR plastics 50 years ago.
@FoxtaleHi Month ago
Was gonna say it looks all plastic and not durable; altho clearly its a good product and made for it
@blakjesus8034 16 days ago
Bro was waiting his whole life for this video
This is the best looking AR style Shotgun
For a second there I thought Milwaukee had started making shotguns
@Mr1BOSANAC 21 day ago
Comes with a free charger and two 18v batteries!
@user-oe5ey3ex8b 20 days ago
Does it take the 12 volt or 18 volt batteries? Never mind, shut up and take my money.
Instead of batteries, they include 2 extra magazines, a manual speed loader and of course, a sticker (every man's dream item in a large order). It also comes with a 10% off coupon for Milwaukee brand flechette rounds comprised of snapped drill bits that didn't pass QC.
@arekpetrosian4965 17 days ago
Sigh...if only...
@registration3453 17 days ago
I laughed. Thank you lol
Saw red and thought it was some kind of Milwaukee commercial
@lucylee2338 12 days ago
No hands or fingers were shot off during the making of this video, thank you very much!!!
@user-jp3nu3fz6x 14 days ago
Really well-done!
@nickmora2544 Month ago
I thought Milwaukee came out with its own shotgun haha
Helluva ramset, lol
I love that this had the option to translate to English​@@maxr.mamint8580
@kennys4100 Month ago
You mean Nerf
I saw a reddit post with ai generated power tool brand guns that was my first thought
@fuccyahhat1229 Month ago
Shit would work like a dream for 2 months then break lmao
You know it must be a great gun because of how ridiculously seriously the guy using it is taking himself 🤣
Seriously, homie is the "sheepdog" in his head.
@@jesusibarra5498 I bet he recites the speech from "taken" every time he cleans his teeth to get himself into the "superhero leet operator" zone.
@jrwill58 Month ago
He needs more stuff to strap on, stick on or mount. The gun obviously needs a flashlight and a laser , as well as a red dot. He was lazy getting the accessories!
I use to cringe at that stuff too but honestly, id rather a bit of cringe than people who don’t take firearms seriously or worse, try to legislate away our constitutional rights because they don’t understand them.
@zip458 Month ago
Oh yeah he's the main character in his dream no doubt. Gun looks as quer as he does
@juggernautgrant 16 days ago
There are a lot of cool shotguns out there, but nothing beats the AA 12
@ibugu215 7 days ago
It's great, fun, fully tested for reliability! The main reason is obviously the weight..
Bug-A-Salt has come a long way in a short time
@jrwill58 Month ago
I have one of those!
Looks like a 12ga version to me. No salt ALL LEAD. ;D
@toddsalmon6541 Month ago
It fires rock salt. 😂
@pseudonymn Month ago
The foley engineer working overtime with those reload SFX edits.
btw a bot copied your comment
@pseudonymn Month ago
@@spongeboss_richpants Further proof that bots aren't thinking for themselves, yet. Lol
@jdisdetermined Month ago
They even added a holster draw sound effect when he shouldered it.
@ravenflight7099 13 days ago
Manual of Arms is so much different now than it was in the early 1980's. lol
This video made me feel all the emotions.
@pyromayne3709 Month ago
Mans face really be sayin “it’s NERF or nothin!”
It is a nerf gun, with new real tactical shotgun sound!😁
@Captoasted Month ago
Imagine being a 18th century militia man and seeing someone unload like that.
Pretty sure they'd drop their gear like "yup, FCK THIS."
@kuroneko4276 Month ago
They lived before smokeless powder, so the phrase "Brother, your musket is very fine, but pray, you did not by any chance commission its' make from a man in a dark cloak at a crossroads late at night, did you? No? ...So your ammunition, when your wife loads your cartridges, has she a black cat, perhaps? A favorite broomstick? No doubt she is a good and worthy lady. We mean no insult. But nonetheless..." *looks of admiration and concern* Second colonist shows up a day later with a black kitten for the Mrs. and a smoked ham for the family, ready to help build you a barn and maybe get some advice.
@pfzht Month ago
Like facing a high velocity wall of death.
Similar to the effect of something like the Chambers Flintlock Machine gun of the 1700's. except the flintlock would have a lot more smoke
@Systems1 Month ago
Butt pucker time especially if it was buckshot
@fuzzbuzz6581 Month ago
Is there a reason why it REALLY hard to make a reliable shotgun on an AR platform? I can't think of a single one. But they look REALLY COOL!
@rexdittmar3095 17 days ago
I also go for the safety everytime after dropping the hammer, glad Im not the only one
@ckane510 Month ago
Love the thumb on top of the barrel. Even with open sites! LOL!
@Brofrankkb Month ago
Did I miss something or is this a shotgun I'm not very experienced but don't you just kind of generally aim a shotgun in the general direction you want to spray pallets? Buckshot at that rate of fire do you really have to aim specifically?
Buckshot does not fix bad aim. It gives you a higher percentage chance at a hit but still requires skill. If that's 00 you want 9 hits on target if up close(r).
@Brofrankkb Month ago
It doesn't fix bad aim but it helps right. And I think the point of this video wasn't so much hey let me show you how accurate I am as let me show you how fast I can pull this trigger.
In the U.S. easier to find as the Rock Island VR80. Made by Derya Arms of Turkey, imported by Rock Island, and has a lifetime warranty.
@DL101ca Month ago
Lifetime of what, a fruit fly ?
@DL101ca as long as you are the original purchaser, it's covered. Directly from Rock Island: Rock Island Armory’s warranty covers its firearms and parts. We offer Limited Lifetime Warranty on our products for their intended purpose. As with any product, abuse, gunsmithing by an unqualified person and normal wear and tear are excluded.
@TheDbrown416 24 days ago
And for $250 more
@user-zg3sh5yr1x 19 days ago
Bom dia muito top boa ótima qualidade
@eddiejohnson7245 18 days ago
Damn they came a long way from the 12gauge Auto I had in 97 😮 I definitely need One of those 😊❤
@DERYA_ARMS 15 days ago
🌎 For any inquiries, questions, or dealer information requests, please feel free to reach out to us at support@deryaarms.com. We are eager to assist you in any way we can.
As a combat vet and trained shooter on various platforms, I've never understood the point of shouldering your weapon after it is empty just to engage the safety. ;D
I think the idea is to do a safe shot towards the target to make sure the gun is empty and then you put the safety on. I believe that's why he shouldered it.
@Firewolf35023 Month ago
@@JorgeSanchez-ht3tqyeah, do a safety shot because F your trigger group. This vid made me cringe hardcore.
@Firewolf35023 Month ago
Not only that, but the reload time. A 5 shot mag, man, I’d be counting those shots and getting ready for the reload. That dude was acting like he was on vacation lol.
@charger5golf Month ago
Bc its tacti-kool
@danegan1068 Month ago
Wonder why he flicked the safety on at the end 🤔
@buddy9200 Month ago
My brother's and I loved playing soldiers growing up, sadly we grew up, I miss playing soldiers with my brothers, I guess some kid's never grow up...🤣🤣🤣🤣
@coreydiggs2367 Month ago
@efg-smca 20 days ago
If that hasnt been in a John Wick set piece yet, look for it in JW5.
@e137enfingers5 Month ago
For the man that wants an Mk 12 made by Tyco
@turnersawman Month ago
Awww ain't you just the coolest.
@iowa61 Month ago
Very ultra-tactical. Most ultra-tactical ever.
That attitude on his face shooting at card board cutouts 😎
If that red was green in the same tone that gun would be fire.
The attempted safety flip after the dry fire was so relatable
@carterrrrrrr Month ago
why’d he do it like that tho? he shouldn’t have to take his hand off the pg to operate the safety, it’s just a flick
@@carterrrrrrrbecause he dry fired it, which means the safety will not rotate to safe.
@j.r.d7230 Month ago
Yeah why he did anything after ejecting mag on empty chamber is odd, and the rifle won’t go on safe anyway
@Hollogodis Month ago
Ego and Too look cool
@74Darkman Month ago
@@j.r.d7230 Because of safety procedure? If you just go by assuming there are no rounds left in a weapon, sooner or later you will fuck up. Now he made sure by checking chamber, removing mag and dryfire and finally put it on safe.
@rw2619 Month ago
A tactical shotgun those are two words that i would never thought could be in a sentence together😂
@ag4allgood Month ago
Then you are living under a rock ! 😎
@farnarkleboy Month ago
its no more weird than a "tactical potato peeler" or a " tactical asthma inhaler"
Lookup Fostec Origin 12 w/30rd drum
It goes so well with that tactical Baby Bjorn he's wearing
@user-ou5nf5wu7i 3 days ago
Love this weapon!!!!
@dobby3674 22 days ago
Man gotta love that cod pose at the end of
@P.D.artist Month ago
"Nice airsoft"-famous last words. 💀👍
@jackwages1596 Month ago
Every American needs one or two of these!!
Take it dove hunting
@ONE2ONE3 Month ago
@@stevenarnold3935 That game warden would have a field day if he caught someone bird hunting with one of these.
У каждого Россияна таких давно по два,+по одному СВД с оптикой.На всякий случай.Путин разрешил.
@dawnrider5632 Month ago
En France aussi !
@Lowie522 Month ago
@nikolayW9061 21 day ago
Крутые парни и девушки так всё чётко делают , настоящие ковбои ! Вот только очень хотелось бы понаблюдать за ними в настоящем бою , как быстро они умеют менять памперсы ?!
@nicolasrey1190 4 days ago
I did not know that i like shotguns that look like normal rigles until this day
That would be the dopest home defense shotgun
@tjmoneybags 22 days ago
That's what I think too
@filip1408 19 days ago
Useless probably
@barbarhoroz6496 16 days ago
come ı will try at on ur mouth :)
@captainl-ron4068 15 days ago
For home defence no matter what else you roll with…..a reliable pistol is a must have. Pistols are easier to wield in indoor scenarios than longer guns are.
@RedCarGuy123 14 days ago
20 inch gun. Not ideal.
@SMORES_4_SALE Month ago
He should talk to the modern warfare community. See what they think.
@witwunsz4740 3 days ago
Cool AR-15, what caliber is it? "12 Gauge"
@user-yn1od2xm9v 6 days ago
Your comedic timing is spot on.
@jackhammer7776 Month ago
This man is just way too cool for me
@cwb8047 12 days ago
I have pretty much the same Shotgun. Beautiful ❤️
Nice kinda surprised there's not many shotguns with a removable magazine seems way faster than loading the internal mag
@dtroutmann Month ago
No pun intended but that's a killer shotgun
Recoil, fire rate, even it sounds like my AR-10. 308 almost identical
@sinon_games 15 days ago
That gun would be cool to have in call of duty ngl
@skodatnt4126 Month ago
"We call this one the Mistinator-9000"
@garyhaber333 Month ago
Home defense has never been prettier
I feel sorry for anyone in the line of fire with that weapon and a well trained person using it
Mag retention leaves something to be desired. Especially when the extra rounds are being fed by hand one at a time
You don’t love a girl because she is beautiful, but she is beautiful because you love her!
Wish I could be as cool as him someday. Gotta love the holstering sound when he shoulders it😂
@selimcapkn4581 2 months ago
Fena makina elinize sağlık😊
jaming a lot, would never trust this with my life
@Eddy.1819 Month ago
Type in English bro or go back to the other comment section where they speak your kinda gibberish
@Emir69er Month ago
@@Eddy.1819its the internet and theres a translation button stay mad oruspu çocuğu
@@Eddy.1819Actually this is a Turkish channel and a Turkish comment section so just ₺uck off
​@@Eddy.1819ingilizceni sikeyim
@cameronzero 17 days ago
The casings on those .22lr rounds were bright
@demokebab2314 16 days ago
The skin, the red , beautiful ! ❤
@BuildBreakFix Month ago
This is the type that either dies first or Crys in a ball on the floor when s*** really goes down
@Busta_Capp_ 21 day ago
🤡👈🏻thats you
I want me some of that. Total game changer for home security
When falling in love, some lose their head, others lose their heart.
@billharpster7968 19 days ago
They used to make toy guns look like real guns now they make real guns look like Toy guns.
This'll be perfect for when I go on my grocery runs I'm so afraid of the world that I need to stay prepared. Thank You, Derrier Firearms!
@Manhandle730 5 days ago
Sick burn bro.
@frankoliva9874 Month ago
That's one bad ass piece of machinery.
@user-mx5jw3sy9o 9 days ago
This is fantastic!
@eevee_p 14 days ago
That magwell is more flared than pants in the 70s
@zxjockey Month ago
Somebody's been watching too much John Wick. No actual operator shoots like this.
@hasanbeslioglu5349 2 months ago
Tüfek efsane atan muhteşem derya yine yaptı yapacağını...
@Vitaliy_Utkin Month ago
Представим себе: если бы детям с детства прививали уважительное отношение к чужим жизням, объясняли бы закон их неприкосновенности (за исключением лишь некоторых случаев самозащиты или защиты других) - то ведь насколько бы нравственным стало всё общество! Прививаемая детям способность к состраданию к животным (а животные - это и рыбы) не позволила бы им в дальнейшем становиться преступниками по отношению и к людям…
@snemirs8249 Month ago
@@Vitaliy_Utkinпредставим себе, что идиоты научились бы думать, прежде чем открывать рот. Тогда в 99.9% случаев они вообще бы молчали, сообразив, что благоглупостей на свете и так выше крыши.
@TheAg2661 Month ago
Future mask shooter in the making
@ARC_30-06 Month ago
@@Vitaliy_Utkin yeah, well you see, here in rural Texas, I was raised just like that. To respect all life. To only take life when my own or that of my family or other innocent and defenceless lives are in direct danger and there is no- and I mean absolutely no- other way to stop the threat to their safety. So, safety training and familiarity with the equipment which is used for self defence is essential in order for us to be able to perform this terrible task in the way that’s most effective and safest possible to others, so the fight will be over as fast as possible. This limits possible collateral damage. Plus we enjoy competing for sport and hunting for food while using the same equipment. So, again, this enables us to be more efficient with the same equipment as is used for self defence. It’s just how rural Texans live… you don’t understand that, you don’t live here; and if I’m wrong about what I’m about to say then I apologise in advance!!!---> But I’m guessing that you probably don’t like us for political reasons, and probably Already have your mind made up about me and my guns and my state and my religion before I even comment here. But I explain it anyway because, well… we people have a voice too and we people have the right to be heard too. At least for now, us quiet simple, Christian, gun carrying rural folks are demonised by the majority more and more these days. My point? Before you twist this all around into something else is that the guy dressed in the tactical gear on a safe, dedicated shooting range with ear protection, using PROPER FORM who’s obviously had the correct training, demonstrating a nice auto-loading shotgun (that’s not even his-cap, by the way, AND doing it on RU-vid who filters anything that is remotely pro-right) isn’t ‘teaching’ children anything. It’s just an advertisement for the shotgun. Period. Nothing more, nothing less. You don’t hear him talking about how well it’ll take people out, how quick it’ll reload, or how much better it is at killing stuff than a more ‘conventional looking’ shotgun. Because the people here in the USA who live in places where it’s legal to buy it KNOW that it is no better or worse than those at any of that, except for the faster reloading…. That’s it…. Hell, the video doesn’t even show the TARGET he’s shooting at! Lmao!!! So, it’s not like he’s shooting up full body ballistic gel torsos or even paper silhouette targets! Lol. Ppl liberals from the east coast, west coast, north and you foreigners sure have mighty inflated and (you think at least) informed opinions about how we truly free people here in the last truly free areas of America 🇺🇸 should be living. How we should raise our kids even. Thanks for your input. But you can keep it to yourself, we’re a bit busy right now, trying to keep millions of illegal aliens out of our state who wanna mooch off our prosperity. Bison
@Brian-qq5ts Month ago
​@@Vitaliy_Utkin Yo les enseño a cazar y a pescar. No les convierte en violentos. Les convierte en supervivientes.
To exist is to change, to change is to mature, to mature is to go on creating oneself endlessly.
@kevinjones5429 19 days ago
Absolutely magnificent!👍🏽
@atilla972 2 months ago
AR 15'in en güzel uygulaması
Bu bir AR platformu değil.
@Fandaanx Month ago
AR 12
@zumbinisgm Month ago
Only five rounds?!? WHY? 😮😮
@XieTianXieDi888 18 days ago
Looks like something you’d pick up at Home Depot!
@Ohne_Silikone 24 days ago
Don't worry girls, it also comes in pink, lila and turquoise.
@PapalovesNoah 10 days ago
If the country keeps heading the way it is, that may be a useful tool!
Man's face feels tough and like a Combat warrior 😂😂😂😂
Holy smoke try not to kill anyone with that heavy artillery my brother!
Really love the looks of the 9mm pistol, is it coming to the US for sale?
It's a shotgun, I could own that in the UK, and it would be perfectly legal! 👌🏻
@user-oc4wc3gy7c 18 days ago
Needs bigger clips. Very nice!!
@dedeeprice6560 14 days ago
And that's what you call something for those Close encounters Nice I like it
If the Central American bad Boys roll up on my House to take over and squat in my house, having perfect form won't be requirement. I'll be letting loose from behind different windows with different firearms. I have this shotty as well. G Force sells 10 rd mags on their website but been sold out forever.
@felgood2478 19 days ago
I had never seen an automatic rifle that looked like an AR. Very interesting.
@tomstack8801 15 days ago
It's semi auto,see how many times he pulls the trigger, and it's a shotgun not a rifle,wow some people, this is what makes gun's look bad because people have no idea, gun's don't kill people, people kill people
@user-tt9ol6ql9x 24 days ago
Your energy is contagious.
This is so RISKY ^^