Disturbed - Unstoppable [Official Lyric Video]

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Watch the official lyric video for Unstoppable by Disturbed.
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Sep 22, 2022




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Comments 2 835
Disturbed Month ago
Did you pre-order your copy of Divisive on vinyl? Red, Clear, Gold, and Silver options available. Grab yours & pre-save here 💿📀🤘 disturbed.lnk.to/Divisive
Lucent Rathalos
Lucent Rathalos 9 days ago
I want this albumn but i live in a small town of 1k, and copies off amazon are sold out :/. maybe ill get my copy in a year when there is more
Paul Negrean
Paul Negrean 13 days ago
MultiTelan Month ago
Waiwaiwait, you madlads are releasing a metal album on VINYL? That's SICK
Judah Month ago
Erik Heyl
Erik Heyl Month ago
Got the autographed red as there were not the other options. And pre-ordered the digital version on iTunes. I can't wait.
I was indestructible, then I was stricken. Now I am unstoppable!
Tina Drake
Tina Drake 7 days ago
@Jimbob1337 this....this is just epic mate...well written and speaks EVERYTHING that needs be said.
FinTheRebel🏴 10 days ago
@Mutated Nut 🥾😋
MatthewRocks23 11 days ago
@Jimbob1337 wow that’s really good how u put that together
T3DDY🐨 15 days ago
Bro! You got a 🤘🏻💪🏼 from DISTURBED!!! Fuck yeah! 🔥
9288Savior 19 days ago
But before all that you were stupified !!!!
Kenny Mooney
Kenny Mooney 3 days ago
Another inspirational MASTERPIECE from one of the best bands EVER!💪🔥💪
Daniel Smyth
Daniel Smyth 3 days ago
we all need peace of mind and releasing negativity's put upon us by others has to occur, without becoming the enemy. but on a lighter note love it, uninvited guest is still my favourite disturbed song.✊
hazel greene
hazel greene 2 months ago
Nothing hits like a Disturbed song after a hard day.
Landon Woodard
Landon Woodard 5 days ago
Hits different listening to disturbed while doing hard work
Adult industry interviews by Michael Nagy
I totally agree and especially the intense energy of this song!!
Josh Rabatin
Josh Rabatin Month ago
@Charlee Lastname Shit man a hard day doesn't hit like a new Disturbed song even if it wasn't a hard day You know when one goes into work and on the way happens to listen to Disturbed for example (I'm alive, Leave it alone, Hell, You're Mine, Never again and really just any of them haha) before or while at work either way ain't nobody gonna stand in the way that day or all year 😁🤭😎 P.s. I have a straightforward military type of walk with a long legged stride because I like making My destination and when I play Disturbed You best believe I get to My destination quicker than without Disturbed and always 5 minutes early 😅
Josh Rabatin
Josh Rabatin Month ago
That is very 50/50 My fellow Disturbian because and this is only My personal unDisturbed view....I could listen to Disturbed on a hard day and remain so or the day could be easy and I Myself become suddenly hard depending on how peaceful or not I choose to remain 🔥🔥✊✊🔥🔥 P.s. I truly have not met one person in My life who has said anything negative (Lord Help them) about Disturbed and that might be because...The Disturbed Family of friends, bothers, sisters and family always somehow one way or another just happen to come together like magnets on a clear night sky with the crescent moon/stars We all know shining on us all in the way Your mind just made You imagine also I hope that makes/made sense to anyone or someone and if not then don't fret about seeing a doctor..."The Conversion has already begun" 🔥🔥🔥🔥
A Month ago
_ JDP2104 _
_ JDP2104 _ 2 months ago
David Draiman has to have one of the most unique voices not just in metal but all of rock. It never gets old
KUTLESS DOT COM 5 days ago
Not live
Adult industry interviews by Michael Nagy
That's the best part is nobody else sounds exactly like him!!
Logan Ward
Logan Ward Month ago
his voice is badass and awesome
Cecil - ᚠ ᚢ ᚱ ᛚ ᛗ
His voice is like liquid platinum!
Alex Splicer
Alex Splicer 2 months ago
I'll never get tired of this band. NEVER.
Adult industry interviews by Michael Nagy
Yea this is another great Disturbed song I've had on repeat since it came out!!
Logan Ward
Logan Ward Month ago
besides who would
Morbus47 2 months ago
@Michael Hawkins The OP, and honestly whoever else thinks this sounds like their 'oldschool' sound.
Michael Hawkins
Michael Hawkins 2 months ago
@Morbus47 who?
Kat Es
Kat Es 2 months ago
Same here. The best band !!!!
PlanetDead 3 days ago
After 3:06 this song knows mortal boundaries of intensity no more..
upside-down_toast 2 months ago
My dad used to blast these guys in the car whilst taking me to school when I was like 6 but I never knew their name, I'm 17 now and finally found them again
Gabrielle Pech
Gabrielle Pech Month ago
My dad has had me listening to Disturbed since ~2002 (when I was 3) and made sure I knew who they were. Now I have a 1-year old son who already loves their music too.
Ernesto Oyarzo
Ernesto Oyarzo Month ago
Check out the whole album "ten thousand fists"
Disturbed Month ago
Glad you found us again 🤘🤘
Jacob 2 months ago
Suggest you Stricken, The lights, the nights, indestructible. And Dead Inside featuring Nita strauss.
Maister Atte
Maister Atte 2 months ago
Welcome! They have a lot of good music. Look trough it all!
Heather James
Heather James 2 months ago
I love Disturbeds music. David has such an incredible voice.
Blackflame24 15 days ago
@Disturbed Hell yeah! Been a Disturbed fan since The Sickness! David has one of the most iconic voices in metal and you guys are killing it lately! Unstoppable, The Vengeful One, that whole Immortalized album. Keep rockin on guys!
generic arson enjoyer
Disturbed Month ago
Heather James
Heather James Month ago
@Ricardo Carrasco I agree. He’s amazing. First time I heard Sound of Silence, OMG, never heard anything like it.
Ricardo Carrasco
No one can sing like him. Is unique.
Paul Van
Paul Van 2 months ago
My favorite band for 25 years and still going so good!!
Scott Tamblyn
Scott Tamblyn Month ago
Logan Ward
Logan Ward Month ago
@Kelley Gieger cool
Kelley Gieger
Kelley Gieger Month ago
Same here 🤘🤘🤘
Disturbed Month ago
Logan Ward
Logan Ward Month ago
heck yeah dude
Megan 2 months ago
First Place Films
Ethan Month ago
@Dan Donegan ok
Martin Colvill
Martin Colvill 2 months ago
I get a kick out of the comments saying you grew up with Disturbed or your Dad played them whilst taking you to school. The reason I say this is because I was never a Metal fan.i discovered Disturbed in my 60s and have fallen in love with their music! This is a powerful example of how music is supposed to be. Straightforward words with a poinent message backed by down to bones music.
Kyle Alexander
Kyle Alexander Month ago
Disturbed literally got me through some bad times with my depression and Anxiety and honestly I really believe 100% that David Draiman either had depression or suffers from some kind I could be wrong but either way he really is a gentleman and a legend after one of my heroes died from a previous band Chester Bennington from Linkin Park this guy helped as he speaks about depression and anxiety in some of his songs with his band I'm really glad I found him and his band I'm never looking back again thank David and the gang. Hope you read this and like it make my day as you make mine
Glaziola Nacht
Glaziola Nacht 2 months ago
David’s voice is something you just can’t easily forget, it’s such a unique sound with a nice balance between both the grit and melody in his voice, not to mention just how addicting the instrumentals are as well, bottom line, Disturbed is amazing! 🤘
Lanie Walton
Lanie Walton 2 months ago
My favorite band for 22 years, can never mistake their sound for someone else. Love this!
susan anderson
susan anderson 7 days ago
62 and I have been a fan since the beginning
Night_Shadow 2 months ago
@Ballagorn Queen of the Damned wasn't that great of a movie, at least as far as adapting the books, but damn it has a amazing sound track! Forsaken is top tier!
irememberlove 2 months ago
I first heard them live at KattFest, a one day festival put on by a local radio station, while I was chaperoning some kids. This was 26 yrs ago and I was hooked. I recently (I'm 68 now) found a copy of Immortalized at a local record shop and decided to buy it. The young man at the check out looked at me and said "Excuse me, but you don't look like a Disturbed kind of person" (I'm actually bipolar1 so I thought I'd have some fun) I handed him my money and said "Son, you have no idea how disturbed I am! Keep the change." Oh, the look on his face as I walked out the door! I laughed all day!
Mike Hunt
Mike Hunt 2 months ago
27 and still infected with the sickness 🤘🤘🤘
Benjamin GD
Benjamin GD 2 months ago
Moi j'ai 17 ans j'écoute beaucoup de métal j'ai découvert le groupe il y a 6 ans et c'est mon groupe préféré je le considère comme le meilleur
Hobbit89 2 months ago
This song is on fire!! You guys really ARE Unstoppable in its literal meaning and haven’t lost your touch. Thank you for making our lives better with your energy ✊🏻❤️
Chris Donnell
Chris Donnell 2 months ago
I'm digging the clear ode to Indestructible era Disturbed, both Unstoppable and Hey You resonate more with "classic Disturbed" than anything else they've put out since the hiatus and reunion.
Gints Zirnis
Gints Zirnis 2 days ago
The more I listen, the more I am getting addicted to this album!
Lucas Vinícius
Lucas Vinícius 12 days ago
Que música maravilhosa senhores
DJ Q 4 days ago
Man David never disappoints!. This album is pure fire to be unstoppable can’t wait for This to slams yours! Harder then down with sickness striken em with Ten thousand fists in the air to feed the animals within the asylum of silence!.
Jeezes718 2 months ago
Was introduced to disturbed by my mom through the sickness when I was 5. Now I'm 31 and still jammin, and mom will not let me forget it.
Adult industry interviews by Michael Nagy
Hard to believe the sickness was released over 20 years ago and it still doesn't get old to me!!
fbi agent miyako hoshino
thats a pretty badass mom
Qusay Marashdeh
Qusay Marashdeh Month ago
Respect to You're mom for she is immortal, she knows what real music is 🤘🏻🤘🏻
Aditya Haldipur
Aditya Haldipur Month ago
@Toaster Disturbed started in 1994........
Jeezes718 Month ago
@Toaster as I mentioned in a previous comment I had my years wrong, i first heard about them around the time they came out, but it feels like it's been practically my whole life.
Israel Mars
Israel Mars Month ago
I'm a huge Disturbed Fan, but this sounds like the best stuff I've heard in a while. It's so packed with conviction it makes me want to do something important.
Shawn Michaels
Shawn Michaels 2 months ago
This guys absolutely killed it, Truly one of the best bands of all time.
GdybyKózkaKwiecieńPlecień ToByŚlimakTakBógKubie
Great as always. Disturbed never dissapoints.
Dark_Fatigue023 1
Dark_Fatigue023 1 11 days ago
@Andrea Serblin Doesn't mean you gotta insult someone for an opinion they have on music. That's pretty pathetic if you ask me
Andrea Serblin
Andrea Serblin 12 days ago
Dark Fatigue I listen every day and this album is badass and pure masterpiece but not this song. This song is nothing special sorry.
jb 29 days ago
@Andrea Serblin 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩
First Place Films
Dark_Fatigue023 1
Dark_Fatigue023 1 2 months ago
@Andrea Serblin Can they not enjoy something? Why doesn everyone have to agree with you?
DocDominus 2 months ago
Since I discovered Disturbed 20 years ago... Still my favourite band, always will be. 🤟🏽
I recommend playing this song while playing games especially grinding. Makes things a bit more epic.
Metal Show
Metal Show 2 months ago
Essa banda só sabe fazer sonzera , os cara são animais 🤘🤘🤘🤘🇧🇷
M.S. and fitness
M.S. and fitness 2 months ago
disturbed is the reason i got into metal! MAD RESPECT! you guys never disappoint! #DavidDraimanforlife!
First Place Films
Sam 2 months ago
Some here love the band disturbed for life
Jessca Golfman
Jessca Golfman 2 months ago
Those growls never get old! This new single is another banger! Great job Disturbed! You guys never disappoint me! Can’t wait for the rest of the album!
Sergio Ach
Sergio Ach 21 day ago
@Narsaku I'm sorry but what does it have to do with Disturbed??
Xenos Arcadius
Xenos Arcadius 2 months ago
@Narsaku Amen brother
Jessca Golfman
Jessca Golfman 2 months ago
@Narsaku Absolutely! Amen!
Narsaku 2 months ago
I want to share a few experiences I've had this year, I hope it helps someone in need.
Thursday Five nine
Thursday Five nine 2 months ago
November 18
Disturbed has the most powerful uplifting lyrics that has helped me through many tough times in my life. I wish I could sit and talk to Dave in person some time and tell him thanks
Serg S
Serg S 2 months ago
This band has always played great songs, often on very current topics. Now when the situation in our country is difficult (to put it mildly), It is like walking on the edge of a cliff when a gust of wind can blow you away instantly, but I will still keep going forward. These songs sound different to me now, not at all like they used to. Sometimes even too close.✌
Julio 2 months ago
Disturbed foi uma das primeiras bandas que conhece e comecei a ouvir, muito orgulho de ter conhecido eles lá no álbum indestructible, q foi o álbum que eu fiquei fascinado e que me abriu as portas para o metal/rock. 🔥🔥🇧🇷🖤🤘🤘
Артур Шитик
Спасибо за творчество!Disturbed создают шедевры!Не хочется чтоб комментарий удалили,по этому скажу чтобы прекратили эту проклятую русофобию,мы обычные люди как и многие,не верьте политикам и новостям ПОЖАЛУЙСТА.
Axel Draiman
Axel Draiman 18 days ago
Полностью поддерживаю, вся эта ничтожная политика только и делает, что стравливают друг с другом обычных людей. В конце концов мы хотим жить и наслаждаться жизнью. Главное не слушать что говорят недополитики👿👿 Привет из Беларуси.
Xzarr 2 months ago
YES THERE IT IS! The random 'oh' and evil laughs are back bois
Mad World
Mad World 12 days ago
@Andrea Serblin without sense? The music is about killing, about pleasure in vengeance, are u dumb?
Maliki Higgs
Maliki Higgs 18 days ago
Every now n then the demons come out to play
Aqua 22 days ago
​@Andrea Serblin what?
nathan desselle
nathan desselle Month ago
I literally was just telling my friends how much I love the evil laugh and growls and then saw this comment 😂
Pedro Trejo
Pedro Trejo Month ago
@Vampire A If this album is anything like Ten Thousand First, I'll shit myself.
MandyWalton 2 months ago
I swear David Draiman just gets better and better I pledge to be a Disturbed fan forever 💛👍💛
Cecil - ᚠ ᚢ ᚱ ᛚ ᛗ
Indeed. Although, if i'm being honest, Evolution felt more like a Devolution, i liked that album but didnt really played over and over like the others. Divisive now, i can see myself playing it over and over if the rest of the songs are like this one.
Dark Duane
Dark Duane 2 months ago
We are Disturbed Ones forever.
Razor 8j
Razor 8j 2 months ago
Fucking love this band they never fall to bring great music 🤘😈🤘🎸
Adult industry interviews by Michael Nagy
This song pumps me up and is personally my favorite song they've released so far in years and can't wait to hear this live and feel the energy of it in concert!!
Jacob Wolf
Jacob Wolf 2 months ago
It's great to see them finally reusing the insignia from the Believe album. That symbol shows unity and groups joining as one. It is some amazing stuff to be able to see that glorious logo once again.
Jacob Christopher
Jacob Christopher 2 months ago
Absolutely awesome. Rock on 🤘🤘🔥🔥
Matt Myles
Matt Myles 2 months ago
This track is 🔥 as always. These guys are unstoppable
952shadowman 2 months ago
This song omg I feel so much power its so amazing.I AM UNSTOPPABLE!!!!!!
Christopher Schmidt
Love this song and the artwork just amazing imagery.
Dima Dobryanskiy
Dima Dobryanskiy 2 months ago
Who would we be without these masterpieces? Without the voices of David, Serj, Chester, Corey... It's easier for me to imagine life without food. Thank you Disturbed for breathing life into us.
Ahsoka Tano
Ahsoka Tano Month ago
Don’t forget Dustin bates
First Place Films
Logan Ward
Logan Ward Month ago
all of those guys are very cool and awesome
Braden Burger!!
Braden Burger!! Month ago
@adam brasier in my humble opinion Johns voice just doesn't move me but we all got our taste! 😁
The Fighter
The Fighter 2 months ago
@TraciM Yeah thanks for saying that. Because I'm always full of energy and that's why I'm doing my music on my channel and you can listen to it if you want to and sub and it's all good.
KISS Army Things
KISS Army Things 17 days ago
I can't stop listening to this song. The new album just arrived and I LOVE IT! Unstoppable is definitely my favorite. Thanks, Disturbed, for making great music!
Lauren 2 months ago
David Draiman’s voice ❤ just wow! Disturbed songs are just incredible
Dan Donegan
Dan Donegan Month ago
Hello, how are you doing today? Nice meeting you here.
GunsAndOrRoses Month ago
Couldn't be happier with Disturbed's latest songs. Seems like a perfect return to form. Heavy, chunky riffs, Draiman's signature spitfire vocals. Absolutely love it!! Can't wait for November 18th
Brad Brandon
Brad Brandon 2 months ago
Damn. Y'all have been around for a long time and gotten me through things that most wouldn't survive and y'all still rock just as much as you did on day one!
Two Octaves Below
Two Octaves Below 2 months ago
Another awesome track, I’m really looking forward to this new album, “Divisive”.
Gabriel brawl
Gabriel brawl 2 months ago
eu estou surtando por esta música!
MTB_N00B 2 months ago
Been a disturbed one since 2000. David and the gang never fail to deliver. 🤘🏻🔥
Uffff los estuve esperando un buen rato, simplemente excelente igual que toda las canciones que hacen 🙏🏻🙏🏻
iam francisjohnlee
iam francisjohnlee 24 days ago
I start listening to Disturbed since 2012 I was 14 years old that time. And now 2022 I'm 24 years old still listening to this Masterpiece.
Michael 2 months ago
This song slaps hard.😎
bottomofastairwell 2 months ago
Can i take a second to say thanks? Thanks for still rocking out and making awesome freaking music. You guys are epic and I'll be a fan until the day i die. And this song is awesome by the way. then again, so is everything you guys do.
momozene 0094
momozene 0094 Month ago
Disturbed is always at the top level! For so many years! 😎😎😎👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 I can't get enough of it. 🇨🇵🇨🇵🇨🇵🇨🇵🇨🇵🇨🇵
Nourdine M.
Nourdine M. Month ago
Incroyable ce groupe 🤩🤩🤩
WolFury Month ago
Oh un français
Artikay 2 months ago
This is great. I'm very excited for the full album.
Narsaku 2 months ago
I want to share a few experiences I've had this year, I hope it helps someone in need.
Thursday Five nine
Thursday Five nine 2 months ago
Terrell Mckinney
Terrell Mckinney 2 months ago
Ayan Senroy
Ayan Senroy 2 months ago
Loved this, my new favorite. Can easily become a John Wick soundtrack. Missed Dan's blistering solo though.
Yukon Phil:Toy Hunter
EXCELLENT SONG!! I love the machine gun riffs and speed of this song! This is going to be a great album!!
i Zombi
i Zombi 2 months ago
I never listen to Metal due to being biased with this type of music, and after 26 years of bias judgement on Metal, I find out about Disturbed and feel emotionally attached to this sound in ways I've had disbelief for 😔 This is insanely crazy!
Chaosvolt Month ago
Definitely my favorite so far of the latest batch of songs. Reminds me a bit of the older albums while still having some of that harder feel the last few albums have leaned towards in some songs.
Merch by Powl
Merch by Powl 2 months ago
can't wait for the full album, I hope you guys did some nice bonus records :D
Dewman Free
Dewman Free 2 months ago
Disturbed is the energy of heavy metal bands. "Unstoppable huh" I am impressed!!
Jonnys Channel
Jonnys Channel 21 day ago
glad we can still have new albums, I remember jamming out to believe, the sickness and 10,000 fists album for as long as I remember Keep those fires hot, this some good shit yall cookin up
William Ether
William Ether Month ago
Props on the dope video. Love these artist created lyric videos. 💎
MrX13 2 months ago
Badass like always! Great sound and the lyrics reminds me of Indestructible. Love Disturbed!
Raging Raichu
Raging Raichu 2 months ago
Been listening to Disturbed since my early teens, still an ass-kickin' band!
Tony Zaremba
Tony Zaremba Month ago
Absolutely 100% classic Disturbed 🔥🤘🔥
Sam Burnglaze
Sam Burnglaze Month ago
Absolutely EPIC! Keep up the great music and greetings from Austria!! Unfortunately I'm the only one in my family who loves listening to your songs!
Fatal Shot Gaming
I absolutely love this song. I listen to it every day. Your band has changed my life, and still continues to do so! Thank you David, and to the other band members as well. You guys are awesome!
loboestrella1 2 months ago
This song couldn't be more perfect than it already is. Such a new masterpiece!
Paulinho gamer FF 157
Disturbed é foda demais 🤘💀🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷.
Larissa Rafaela
Larissa Rafaela 2 months ago
Disturbed never gets tired of making masterpieces!
jb 29 days ago
@ChefBoi, ardeeznutz¿ 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡
ChefBoi, ardeeznutz¿
@Razgriz1ne 1ne fair enough but I still stand by what I said
Razgriz1ne 1ne
Razgriz1ne 1ne 2 months ago
@ChefBoi, ardeeznutz¿ more varied than the bland stuff that "artist" like Billie Elish come put with ....every several months
The Fighter
The Fighter 2 months ago
@Mike Hunt Yeah that's good that you agree and sub.
The Fighter
The Fighter 2 months ago
@Memnon 22 you're welcome and sub
immortalized 2 months ago
Нереально круто, в общем как и всегда!)
C_Noob_Dude Month ago
My GOD this was awesome! The laugh at the end was spine-chilling! You guys really are indestructible and UNSTOPPABLE
Ramiro Ferreira
Ramiro Ferreira 2 months ago
Disturbed na sua essência!!
Ness Liz
Ness Liz 2 months ago
Been a huge fan since The Sickness & they just keep getting better!! I LOVE DISTURBED 🤘🤘🤘🤘
Dan Donegan
Dan Donegan 2 months ago
Hello, how are you doing today? Nice meeting you here.
Alejandra Vrbada
Alejandra Vrbada 2 months ago
I love this song!! 🤘🖤
Isaac Anderson
Isaac Anderson 2 months ago
amazing disturbed one of my favorite hard rock bands of all time :)
Phyllis Fender
Phyllis Fender 9 days ago
Love, love, love this. Keep on rocking 🤘
Shani Smet
Shani Smet Month ago
My mind is blown, since I was 12 and now nearly 29 in April my mind still gets blown. You guys never fail to amaze me and never disappoint. 💖 I'm so stoked for this album!!
Dan Donegan
Dan Donegan Month ago
Hello, how are you doing today? Nice meeting you here.
Puller94 2 months ago
All Hail The Disturbed Ones. Let's go. Come on David Draiman you are a beast of a vocalist for real. Incredible work have grown up listening to you for a number of years. Thanks guys.
Thursday Five nine
Thursday Five nine 2 months ago
Andrea Serblin
Andrea Serblin 2 months ago
Yes he is the beast and he is the best singer of all time but this song is instrumental boring sorry but this is boring. I will go back on hey you song
Jason 2 months ago
Looking forward to the other songs. That guitar riff is absolutely nasty and I love it, and the vocal shifts over time is just amazing.
V.J. Allison
V.J. Allison 2 months ago
Love it! Great job guys... I can't wait to get the new album!
Dan Donegan
Dan Donegan 2 months ago
Hello, how are you doing today? Nice meeting you here.
I wasn't too excited about this album or song and then I woke up today singing it so it seems it grew on me. Nice little tune. Now I'm UNSTOPPABLE.
MeowthRocket 2 months ago
Never stop being awesome, Disturbed.
Sergio Stelbickij
Sergio Stelbickij 2 months ago
Such strong vibes from their early albums. Like ten thousand fists, two worlds, defy, facade, serpentine, sons of plunder, prayer. And I absolutely love it! Much love from Riga, Latvia!
patrick grondines
patrick grondines 2 months ago
@Andrea Serblin yeah true
TimelyPrince14 2 months ago
@Andrea Serblin they might have a song that transitions into this song and that's why it comes off like this
Andrea Serblin
Andrea Serblin 2 months ago
Patrick only stupid man can think that this is better than Evolution. Evolution is masterpiece when we look this song.
JustSomeFecker 2 months ago
Just to be that guy, it's Deify not Defy.
patrick grondines
patrick grondines 2 months ago
@Andrea Serblin that's your opinion
Jolene Gall
Jolene Gall 2 months ago
Love Disturbed! My favorite band. They never disappoint. Can't wait fir the new album.
Henry Garcia
Henry Garcia 2 months ago
It took me a bit to get around to listening to this one but it sounds like the old Disturbed is BACK 🤟🤟🤟
Vinnie Borzillo
Vinnie Borzillo 2 months ago
Oh hell yeah. We need an old school tour with them, Papa Roach, Breaking Benjamin, Sevendust, P.O.D, Mudvayne, etc. Needed it like yesterday
William Thomas
William Thomas Month ago
Wow, absolute brilliance they always keep it fresh
Jonathan 2 months ago
This is beautiful, just amazing 👏
Eddi Bar
Eddi Bar 2 months ago
Banda foda demais, NUNCA decepciona 👏🤘🏼😈🔥🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷
Primordial Floaters
Primordial Floaters 2 months ago
The contrast of the relatively light disco groove in the choruses and the heavy af main groove makes the heavy groove so much heavier. Then the bridge tho. So heavy I keep dropping it and breaking things . 🤘🏻👽🤘🏻
wise and humble!!
wise and humble!! 2 months ago
The bass on this with the double kick drum really set the pace for this one, i like it!! Thanks disturbed!!
WolFury 2 months ago
This album will be AWESOME Disturbed one's forever 🤘😎
O Social Media Nerd
O Social Media Nerd 2 months ago
Aí sim! Disturbed tá voltando com tudo. Que música foda!
Emil Munch Hansen
Emil Munch Hansen 2 months ago
Disturbed never gets old or bad so good band! ❤‍🔥❤‍🔥
blood batch
blood batch 2 months ago
Amazing song as usual. Instantly going on the Spotify playlist.
Matthew Johnson
Matthew Johnson 2 months ago
I just hit Liked even before the opening lol