Disturbed - Unstoppable [Official Lyric Video] 

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Watch the official lyric video for Unstoppable by Disturbed.
Listen to Unstoppable: Disturbed.lnk.to/Unstoppable
New album Divisive out now: Disturbed.lnk.to/Divisive
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Sep 22, 2022




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Disturbed 11 months ago
Did you pre-order your copy of Divisive on vinyl? Red, Clear, Gold, and Silver options available. Grab yours & pre-save here 💿📀🤘 disturbed.lnk.to/Divisive
Logan Ward
Logan Ward 11 months ago
you betch ya that i am going to listen to the album when it comes out on 11-18-22!!!!
J. Kieran Lucient
J. Kieran Lucient 11 months ago
I am all over that like Disturbed is all over Rock
J. Kieran Lucient
J. Kieran Lucient 11 months ago
I am... DISTURBED!! My dad would always ask am I disturbed? Cuz I would put up on the calendar when I would do things when I was young so they know why I wasn't there. So there u have it. I got all songs and soundtracks that u guys are on!!
Simon Tremblay
Simon Tremblay 11 months ago
Yeah the signature edition i can't wait
Scooby  Dooby With a Doobie
Im asking for it as a bday gift. Yall are releasing it two days before it
I was indestructible, then I was stricken. Now I am unstoppable!
FaanvuGein CynicalAssassin
Ooo, I like that!
Silver Wire
Silver Wire Year ago
Yeah, he was Also crucified and immortalized despite his innocence, now many pray for him
Joe Carey
Joe Carey Year ago
And also was a boy that had to live his own way. I never fit into the model they had designed... I choose the path less taken.
Y S Year ago
Preach on brother
_ JDP2104 _
_ JDP2104 _ Year ago
David Draiman has to have one of the most unique voices not just in metal but all of rock. It never gets old
Cecil - ᚴ ᚱ ᛆ ᚿ ᚮ ᚿ
His voice is like liquid platinum!
Logan Ward
Logan Ward 11 months ago
his voice is badass and awesome
Adult industry interviews by Michael Nagy
That's the best part is nobody else sounds exactly like him!!
THE ANIMATED G(J)IF 10 months ago
Not live
Warden 9 months ago
@THE ANIMATED G(J)IF David Draiman has a sort of disease affecting his vocal cords, it allows him to go from a regular voice to a scream that you'd usually hear in this genre of music. But yes for these videos they DO edit the sound, but only kind of if a DJ was remixing a song kinda but just to make it sound a bit better. I don't think they even need to edit it though, it's good either way.
Glaziola Nacht
David’s voice is something you just can’t easily forget, it’s such a unique sound with a nice balance between both the grit and melody in his voice, not to mention just how addicting the instrumentals are as well, bottom line, Disturbed is amazing! 🤘
Pete the Frenchie (Petunia)
If we were in skyrim, he'd be the Dragonborn
hazel greene
hazel greene Year ago
Nothing hits like a Disturbed song after a hard day.
Walt the King Gamer
i have never heard a more true statement in my life
Mr Evasivepants
Mr Evasivepants 11 months ago
Or during it
Anghus Morgenholz
Anghus Morgenholz 11 months ago
I like first thing in the morning
Eddinator Kostin
Eddinator Kostin 11 months ago
@Anghus Morgenholz i like it:)
MetallicNole 11 months ago
Between this and slipknot's "the dying song" proves that these are 2 bands that have outlived their peers from the nu metal era
Kenny Mooney
Kenny Mooney 10 months ago
Another inspirational MASTERPIECE from one of the best bands EVER!💪🔥💪
All Us In One
All Us In One 8 months ago
Agreed completely!! And also, I invite you to listen to ALL US IN ONE🤘🏻🔥 Debut full-length album. MYRIAD CONTENDER.
My dad used to blast these guys in the car whilst taking me to school when I was like 6 but I never knew their name, I'm 17 now and finally found them again
Maister Atte
Maister Atte Year ago
Welcome! They have a lot of good music. Look trough it all!
Jacob Year ago
Suggest you Stricken, The lights, the nights, indestructible. And Dead Inside featuring Nita strauss.
Disturbed 11 months ago
Glad you found us again 🤘🤘
Ernesto Oyarzo
Ernesto Oyarzo 11 months ago
Check out the whole album "ten thousand fists"
SilverStar Shadowbringer
Welcome back to the family!
Alex Splicer
Alex Splicer Year ago
I'll never get tired of this band. NEVER.
CaliberCal Year ago
And this is just the beginning my friend
Shaikeira J Young
Exactly they got me forever hooked. I hope they turn this art into a poster I can keep
VarietyGamer Year ago
CaliberCal Year ago
U guys are talkative today, nice keep it up👍
ηιπjα ΓΣΧ
Vulcanus Victory
Vulcanus Victory 10 months ago
Truly unstoppable 🔥
Kyle Alexander
Kyle Alexander 11 months ago
Disturbed literally got me through some bad times with my depression and Anxiety and honestly I really believe 100% that David Draiman either had depression or suffers from some kind I could be wrong but either way he really is a gentleman and a legend after one of my heroes died from a previous band Chester Bennington from Linkin Park this guy helped as he speaks about depression and anxiety in some of his songs with his band I'm really glad I found him and his band I'm never looking back again thank David and the gang. Hope you read this and like it make my day as you make mine
Craig Morgan
Craig Morgan Month ago
Hello, how are you doing today? Thanks for your love and support🎸❤️
Jeezes718 Year ago
Was introduced to disturbed by my mom through the sickness when I was 5. Now I'm 31 and still jammin, and mom will not let me forget it.
Dale Harris
Dale Harris Year ago
Your mom had you listening to Disturbed at 5? She sounds like a badass haha
Jeezes718 Year ago
@Dale Harris at 3 both my parents had me listening to KISS, Metallica , and journey. And my Christmas carol was christmas eve sarajevo by the tran-siberian orchestra. Headbanging was mandatory growing up.
Dale Harris
Dale Harris Year ago
@Jeezes718 Maybe there is hope for your generation 😜
Jakk Year ago
The Sickness was released in 2000...
DocDominus Year ago
Since I discovered Disturbed 20 years ago... Still my favourite band, always will be. 🤟🏽
Lord Thorture
Lord Thorture 7 months ago
After over twenty years of listening to Disturbed, I can attest that they truly are...UNSTOPPABLE.
Lanie Walton
Lanie Walton Year ago
My favorite band for 22 years, can never mistake their sound for someone else. Love this!
D FABLE Year ago
I am 26 and have been a fan since the sickness in 2001 my favorite band of all time so I agree one hundred percent :)
Stephany Gema Gomez Flores
@D FABLE Same, though I’m 25 :)
Thursday Five nine
34 here, and I never will get too old for Disturbed songs/albums to listen too. Such a great band
D FABLE Year ago
@ミFreshRaven™ much respect
TheVaultBeyond Month ago
Just seen Disturbed in Charlotte. This song was so damn good live. This and Ten Thousand Fists were my two favorites from the show. Can't wait to see them again!
Sean Mic
Sean Mic Month ago
Seeing them when they come to Michigan! Can’t wait to hear this live!
TheVaultBeyond Month ago
@Sean Mic You're going to love it! It rips live
Blad3s 27 days ago
@Sean MicJust saw them at Pine Knob. Entertaining and strength fortifying it was. Definitely wanna see them again.
Sean Mic
Sean Mic 27 days ago
@Blad3s Same show I was at! That encore was epic!
Blad3s 27 days ago
@Sean Mic yeah a third of the crowd left then they said “Eff it” and came back on. Don’t know if it was planned or they did it for the fans but yeah. That was very interesting
Martin Colvill
I get a kick out of the comments saying you grew up with Disturbed or your Dad played them whilst taking you to school. The reason I say this is because I was never a Metal fan.i discovered Disturbed in my 60s and have fallen in love with their music! This is a powerful example of how music is supposed to be. Straightforward words with a poinent message backed by down to bones music.
Shani Smet
Shani Smet 11 months ago
My mind is blown, since I was 12 and now nearly 29 in April my mind still gets blown. You guys never fail to amaze me and never disappoint. 💖 I'm so stoked for this album!!
Adult industry interviews by Michael Nagy
This song pumps me up and is personally my favorite song they've released so far in years and can't wait to hear this live and feel the energy of it in concert!!
Lauren Year ago
David Draiman’s voice ❤ just wow! Disturbed songs are just incredible
Dima Dobryanskiy
Who would we be without these masterpieces? Without the voices of David, Serj, Chester, Corey... It's easier for me to imagine life without food. Thank you Disturbed for breathing life into us.
J. Kieran Lucient
Please don't put Serj in the same sentence w them they are all way better than him don't disrespect them.
Thursday Five nine
@Paul Van better who than who
Tier7Gaming Year ago
@J. Kieran Lucient Sounds like you need to listen to more System of a Down if you think Disturbed is better. They are on the same level and you need to accept it.
D FABLE Year ago
don't forget adam gontier because saint asonia is essentially early tdg evolved
adam brasier
adam brasier Year ago
You forgot Jonathan Davis
Disturbed has the most powerful uplifting lyrics that has helped me through many tough times in my life. I wish I could sit and talk to Dave in person some time and tell him thanks
Serg S
Serg S Year ago
This band has always played great songs, often on very current topics. Now when the situation in our country is difficult (to put it mildly), It is like walking on the edge of a cliff when a gust of wind can blow you away instantly, but I will still keep going forward. These songs sound different to me now, not at all like they used to. Sometimes even too close.✌
KISS Army Things
KISS Army Things 10 months ago
I can't stop listening to this song. The new album just arrived and I LOVE IT! Unstoppable is definitely my favorite. Thanks, Disturbed, for making great music!
Ramiro Ferreira
Disturbed na sua essência!!
Cale Slack
Cale Slack 3 months ago
This song is fire! 💯 I've loved Disturbed since I was 14 and I'm now 27 and still pushing through with a little help from Disturbed sometimes!
Heather James
Heather James Year ago
I love Disturbeds music. David has such an incredible voice.
Terrence Burrell-Little
My first concert was disturbed...my favorite band..still after all these years..
Ricardo Carrasco
Ricardo Carrasco 11 months ago
No one can sing like him. Is unique.
Heather James
Heather James 11 months ago
@Ricardo Carrasco I agree. He’s amazing. First time I heard Sound of Silence, OMG, never heard anything like it.
Disturbed 11 months ago
generic arson enjoyer
generic arson enjoyer 11 months ago
Arman Akrama
Arman Akrama 7 months ago
"Unstoppable" You're never gonna stop me I'm the nightmare you've been dreaming of Now the day is approaching Gonna show you what I'm made of This is just the beginning Your anxiety is justified Let me tell you something There's nowhere left for you to hide Justice will be mine You can be certain That sound of your heartbeat Like a time bomb slowly ticking down You won't see me coming I can end your life without a sound Hear me now It's unavoidable I fulfill my vow There's no escape I am unstoppable (I am unstoppable) There can be no penance For the parasite that you've become There is no repentance This judgment can't be undone There will be no mercy No lenience while I'm alive Vengeance is coming Believe it now, you won't survive Justice will be mine You can be certain That sound of your heartbeat Like a time bomb slowly ticking down You won't see me coming I can end your life without a sound Hear me now It's unavoidable I fulfill my vow I am unstoppable Don't bother running It's over this time You're going to pay now For all you have taken Hear me now There's no escape I am unstoppable I am, I am, I am, I am I am I am unstoppable I am, I am, I am, I am I am I am unstoppable I am, I am, I am, I am I am I am unstoppable Hear me now It's unavoidable I fulfill my vow I am unstoppable Don't bother running It's over this time You're going to pay now For all you have taken Hear me now There's no escape I am unstoppable (You're never gonna stop me I am unstoppable You're never gonna stop me) I am unstoppable
Que som foda, adoro essa banda 🤘🏾☠️🔥
GunsAndOrRoses 11 months ago
Couldn't be happier with Disturbed's latest songs. Seems like a perfect return to form. Heavy, chunky riffs, Draiman's signature spitfire vocals. Absolutely love it!! Can't wait for November 18th
Lúcifer Year ago
A primeira vez que eu escutei uma música deles foi no filme madrugada dos mortos aí eu pesquisei o nome da banda e desde então não paro de acompanhar
 Chad Nerd
Chad Nerd 11 months ago
I'm a huge Disturbed Fan, but this sounds like the best stuff I've heard in a while. It's so packed with conviction it makes me want to do something important.
Heavenly Purple
Those growls never get old! This new single is another banger! Great job Disturbed! You guys never disappoint me! Can’t wait for the rest of the album!
Jeremy S
Jeremy S Year ago
I'm sorry but where in this song did you gear growls??
Heavenly Purple
@Jeremy S During the instrumentations towards the end of the song.
Thursday Five nine
November 18
Narsaku Year ago
I want to share a few experiences I've had this year, I hope it helps someone in need.
Heavenly Purple
@Narsaku Absolutely! Amen!
RBlooBloo 6 months ago
Absolute Masterpiece
Sean Mic
Sean Mic Month ago
This song got me through that last mile on my 4 mile run!
Fatal Shot Gaming
Fatal Shot Gaming 11 months ago
I absolutely love this song. I listen to it every day. Your band has changed my life, and still continues to do so! Thank you David, and to the other band members as well. You guys are awesome!
Flipper 11 months ago
Isto que é musica de verdade senhores
Lee Maxwell
Lee Maxwell 8 months ago
Keep up the great work fellas!! YOur music continues to inspire me every new album that comes out. While i served in the Army, your music fueled me and kept me going! From a CD player to an ipod lol your music has always been great!
Larissa Rafaela
Disturbed never gets tired of making masterpieces!
ChefBoi, ardeeznutz¿
Personally, I think they make the same stuff. It's getting old.
Dima’drum world
@ChefBoi, ardeeznutz¿ well I’ll disagree with you , because they speaking about mental health, and as a whole Confidence
ChefBoi, ardeeznutz¿
@Dima’drum world I dont care just what they're talking about, I care about what it sounds like too.
Nick Bowater
Nick Bowater Year ago
@ChefBoi, ardeeznutz¿ no one asked what you think. Don’t like it then FO 🤷‍♂️
ChefBoi, ardeeznutz¿
@Nick Bowater apparently it's you that's triggered 😂
Tony Marks
Tony Marks 7 months ago
Always loved disturbed..got me through some times and more times to come very motivational 🤘🏻
Dawna Hayes
Dawna Hayes Year ago
Loving this song 💯🔥💯❤️ Definitely a hit to me 💯
Дим Телеш
Дим Телеш 11 months ago
Disturbed снова на коне молодцы парни продолжаете в том же духе
Elias 021
Elias 021 10 months ago
Passa ano e eu não me canso de ouvir essas obras de artes ❤️💪🏼🔥
power_guido 10 months ago
Um br
Can i take a second to say thanks? Thanks for still rocking out and making awesome freaking music. You guys are epic and I'll be a fan until the day i die. And this song is awesome by the way. then again, so is everything you guys do.
J. Kieran Lucient
My favorite band for 25 years and still going so good!!
Rob R.
Rob R. Year ago
Modern day Mozart. Beautiful!
Cade92 Year ago
same here for 17 years!
Jolene Gall
Jolene Gall Year ago
Same. I have seen them 13 times...and they're better every time.
Cade92 Year ago
Nice! I have seen them 6 times :)
wise and humble!!
Old head like me, i was hoping id be the only cool grandpa in here, lol, nah they stretch well into their 60 and 70s, my mom loves these guys and thats mom, lol, we still spring chicken my freind, heres to another 25yrs, 🍻🕛⏳⌛🎸🎶🎧🎤🥁🪕, the banjo is a side toss,lol im predicting with age comes change and we may just see these guys at a blue grass fest in like 2065 or something, ill burn one with em for sure!!! Lol
William Munny
William Munny 7 months ago
I remember seeing Disturbed in Huntington, WV 20+ years ago. Can’t believe they’re still capable of putting out an absolute BANGER of an album, like this one. Respect!!! 👊🏾👊🏾👊🏾
D K 8 months ago
It's 5am and I haven't slept yet. Something hit me to listen to some Disturbed. Absolutely loving the new album.
Ole Zornow
Ole Zornow Year ago
Love this song well done Disturbed!
Ricky Moran Jr
Ricky Moran Jr 7 months ago
WOW!! just.... WOW!! disturbed never ceases to blow me away with their newest songs, this song is my newest ringtone for my phone! 🤯😄😍🤩
Fox Tashikata
Fox Tashikata 6 months ago
The more I listen to Disturbed, the more convinced I am they are one of those inspirational bands telling you that you will make it through this life and that nobody can stop you. Also, nobody is able to copy Disturbed sound. Davids voice is pretty unique and there are a lot of copy cats in the music industry.
GdybyKózkaKwiecieńPlecień ToByŚlimakTakBógKubie
Great as always. Disturbed never dissapoints.
Shakil Souls
Shakil Souls Year ago
The highest number of favourite songs of a particular band/singer which I have is Disturbed. Guess more is adding up.
Devon Devo
Devon Devo Year ago
You got that right
GdybyKózkaKwiecieńPlecień ToByŚlimakTakBógKubie
@Shakil Souls same as me. Maybe just "Horytnica" (Polish band) can compete here (imo of course).
Mirafal Year ago
Zajebisty kawałek ‼🤘
Renato Oliveira
Renato Oliveira 5 months ago
OMG I have been binging this album and everyone of these tracks are flawless. Congratulations Disturbed, you are like a fine wine, the older the better! 🤘
No 11 months ago
Definitely going on my music playlist.
Henrique Nunes
Henrique Nunes 6 months ago
Sempre mantendo a essência deles. Amo !
Marno Meyer
Marno Meyer 10 months ago
I love this, this just sounds like a message from God. I love how you guys make these songs and bring out such strong mesaages
Amber Dyet
Amber Dyet 11 months ago
Unstoppable is my new favorite song by Disturbed now. Scary + accurate. So scary + no one can escape it either.
Amber Dyet
Amber Dyet 11 months ago
Dan Donegan you too Dan. I picked up my phone to put on some more music for energy for packing. I start moving into my new apartment tomorrow. Has more amenities galore than the one I am currently in right now. Sorry but I'm busy.
Amber Dyet
Amber Dyet 11 months ago
Dan Donegan I am putting on unstoppable right now.
Artikay Year ago
This is great. I'm very excited for the full album.
Narsaku Year ago
I want to share a few experiences I've had this year, I hope it helps someone in need.
Jolene Gall
Jolene Gall Year ago
Love Disturbed! My favorite band. They never disappoint. Can't wait fir the new album.
blood batch
blood batch Year ago
Amazing song as usual. Instantly going on the Spotify playlist.
Matthew Johnson
I just hit Liked even before the opening lol
New Avenues
New Avenues 11 months ago
I discovered Disturbed during their hiatus back a few years ago. I'm glad I got to witness this wavelength of their talent fresh out of the studio!!!
Victor Row
Victor Row 4 months ago
Unstoppable is great. Truly a fascinating song. An absolute thrill in lyrical composition. It is a good powerhouse. Has a great beat to it. There is a bigger picture to what this song represents.
Roy 1
Roy 1 Year ago
Another rocking masterpiece from Disturbed. Getting the drum track down now on a Sunday morning. I'm "Unstoppable" this morning 🤘🤘🤘❤️❤️❤️
Hobbit89 Year ago
This song is on fire!! You guys really ARE Unstoppable in its literal meaning and haven’t lost your touch. Thank you for making our lives better with your energy ✊🏻❤️
Troya Schroeder
Troya Schroeder 4 months ago
Heard this for the first time yesterday on Octane. Instantly cranked it. I needed something like this for a new beginning in life. YES. 🤘
Britt Vd R
Britt Vd R 9 months ago
I am so lucky to find Disturbed through Sound of silence. What a journey it was to discover all their masterpieces and oh my, what a voice David has. Thanks boys (my age, so allowed to call them boys right?) for this incredible journey and all your MEANINGFUL lyrics. It's what I think, know, believe too. (I agree with the lyrics) New album is (again) PERFECT. BRAVO AND DEEP RESPECT 🙏 👏 🙌 👌
Uffff los estuve esperando un buen rato, simplemente excelente igual que toda las canciones que hacen 🙏🏻🙏🏻
The Nightmare AngelYT
My GOD this was awesome! The laugh at the end was spine-chilling! You guys really are indestructible and UNSTOPPABLE
Donovan Rose
Donovan Rose 11 months ago
Whether or not it’s mainstream, Disturbed is made up of skillful musicians. Their timing and rhythm is just as good live they clearly know what a metronome is and how to use one. I’m glad to see that they’re still jamming.
William Valentin
Thursday Five nine
rafael freire
rafael freire Year ago
sou fã deles tambem todo album que lançam e um melhor que o outro ansioso pelo album novo
T3usZin248 Year ago
banda foda amo muito des de pequeno, que ano eles vão vim pro brasil ❤...
William Valentin
@T3usZin248 torcendo pra isso, pq quando eles vieram foi em sp e eu n pude ir 😔
Rodrigue Year ago
Banda boa, tá naquela pegada do Indestructible dai é só headbanging bb!
Joshua Wright
Joshua Wright 10 months ago
Nobody ever mentions Dan Donegan when they talk about great guitarists. He’s so underrated!
David Sundbaum
David Sundbaum 10 months ago
People talk more about Dan than Mike though. But I agree. Dan is awesome!
Denis Demichev
Denis Demichev 11 months ago
Как всегда огонь 🔥🔥
Jason Year ago
Looking forward to the other songs. That guitar riff is absolutely nasty and I love it, and the vocal shifts over time is just amazing.
HikerLady Year ago
just love this song - it gave me strength when I needed the most
Maria Davies
Maria Davies 8 months ago
I love this. It speaks to me in ways not many would understand.
Sergio Stelbickij
Such strong vibes from their early albums. Like ten thousand fists, two worlds, defy, facade, serpentine, sons of plunder, prayer. And I absolutely love it! Much love from Riga, Latvia!
patrick grondines
yeah this is better then thier last album Evolution
patrick grondines
@Andrea Serblin that's your opinion
Just to be that guy, it's Deify not Defy.
Ryan Curtis
Ryan Curtis 26 days ago
I heard this on my alternative radio station and the moment I heard those kicking drums, I fell in love! This really gets your blood pumping!
Daniel Smyth
Daniel Smyth 10 months ago
we all need peace of mind and releasing negativity's put upon us by others has to occur, without becoming the enemy. but on a lighter note love it, uninvited guest is still my favourite disturbed song.✊
Alex 9 months ago
I agree.
Animetrash AMVs
Animetrash AMVs 11 months ago
To think 20 years ago I discovered Disturbed because Stupify was on a Dragon Ball ost and I’m still getting chills at every new track. Phenomenal and creative, I loved every second!🤟🏾
momozene 0094
momozene 0094 11 months ago
Disturbed is always at the top level! For so many years! 😎😎😎👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 I can't get enough of it. 🇨🇵🇨🇵🇨🇵🇨🇵🇨🇵🇨🇵
JeremWolFury 11 months ago
Oh un français
Nourdine MDZIANI
Nourdine MDZIANI 11 months ago
Incroyable ce groupe 🤩🤩🤩
Chris Donnell
Chris Donnell Year ago
I'm digging the clear ode to Indestructible era Disturbed, both Unstoppable and Hey You resonate more with "classic Disturbed" than anything else they've put out since the hiatus and reunion.
White Mama
White Mama Year ago
basedlifter3 11 months ago
Dan Donegan ok
Its so good to see this band still in their prime,DISTURBED FOREVER 🤘
Chaosvolt 11 months ago
Definitely my favorite so far of the latest batch of songs. Reminds me a bit of the older albums while still having some of that harder feel the last few albums have leaned towards in some songs.
Yukon Phil:Toy Hunter
EXCELLENT SONG!! I love the machine gun riffs and speed of this song! This is going to be a great album!!
Aaron Mars
Aaron Mars Year ago
First discovered Disturbed in 2006, in the WWE Elimination Chamber promo. They used "Stricken" as the song choice Been a big fan since then, happy to hear them still making great music
Michelle Moore
Michelle Moore 7 months ago
This song truly strikes a chord within my soul. The hell I've endured, the unimaginable loss... It would have destroyed others, but I am unstoppable...
Craig Morgan
Craig Morgan Month ago
Hello, how are you doing today? Thanks for your love and support🎸❤️
Chevy J
Chevy J Year ago
Disturbed never disappoints me, they always come back with bangers and fire. I love this band so much i can't imagine myself not listening to this amazing band. Thank you Disturbed for everything, can't wait for the new album 🤟🤟🖤
Articz74u 9 months ago
This song is an absolute masterpiece. I love it
wise and humble!!
The bass on this with the double kick drum really set the pace for this one, i like it!! Thanks disturbed!!
Psydeffect Year ago
How is it possible to keep on producing such masterpieces.. absolutely insane
Dragon Steamworks
Dragon Steamworks 4 months ago
My introduction to Disturbed was from need for speed most wanted. Ever since then I discovered my love for metal and rock. Keep on keeping on Disturbed. You're unstoppable.
xX115WOLF115Xx 11 months ago
I remember being 13yo indestructible just came out and I was at my local sanity store I made a custom track playlist from various artists and got the new album. I guess it was a weekend a usual warm sunny day and I spent it in my room all sunny afternoon blasting that music in my two speaker cd player with its fancy light up blue interface 😅🥺🤯 DISTURBED FOREVER 🤘
Stephen Trottier
Disturbed always brings it with every album...whether it's harder or mellow....I'm a fan for life
Christopher Schmidt
Christopher Schmidt 11 months ago
Love this song and the artwork just amazing imagery.
Jean-Sébastien Trudel
As much as I liked the Evolution album and their attempt to branch out, which whows their skills as a band, this return closer to the original is definitely excellent !
SAS_j-money 11 months ago
I literally can listen to each Disturbed album front to back album to album starting with The Sickness. Thank you For adding to that incredible list Disturbed! 🤘
1st Feather
1st Feather Year ago
I cannot express how much disturbed has helped me deal. Thanks guys! ❤️
iam francisjohnlee
iam francisjohnlee 10 months ago
I start listening to Disturbed since 2012 I was 14 years old that time. And now 2022 I'm 24 years old still listening to this Masterpiece.
John Dandrea
John Dandrea Year ago
just like all Disturbed songs the lyrics are absolutely killer. The story they tell is amazing. Nobody does it like them.
William Thomas
William Thomas 11 months ago
Wow, absolute brilliance they always keep it fresh
Raging Raichu
Raging Raichu Year ago
Been listening to Disturbed since my early teens, still an ass-kickin' band!
Legion of Monsters