Divine Intervention? | Schindler's List

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Jul 22, 2022




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Hacherroja 6 days ago
No horror movie have manage to make me feel absolute terror like this scene.
Peterson Conald
Peterson Conald 10 hours ago
@saifullah khan you forgot to put ammunition in your gun too?
Delayed Reality
Delayed Reality 11 hours ago
@saifullah khan don't you mean decapitating?
Saul Classic
Saul Classic 13 hours ago
@saifullah khan shitty dogs fighting for unreal gods 😂
Cal 19 hours ago
Watch Eli roth's green inferno
Dustin Eisman
@just_dodge_lmao we unoccupied Afghanistan not because we lost but because it was a waste of time.. let Afghanistan burn itself up who cares
ICECOLD Cousin 7 days ago
It’s scary how they’re so casual and overlooking the fact that they’re about to kill a man in cold blood
Pub Man
Pub Man 10 hours ago
@Thaddeus Maurmauex So. You forget, then what? When someone calls you a nigger and starts singing about how many of your kind his grand daddy killed. You just gonna stand by?
MonkiW 15 hours ago
@Israelfan2014 not wrong.
steven c
steven c 16 hours ago
I think we Can be all Monsters when we get pushed in this way ,when you hate someone who knows what are we capable of ...
@Thaddeus Maurmauex Not a black man you are a human color won't change this fact my friend.
@Thaddeus MaurmauexHey man! It's a very common say among Jewish people about the holocaust so we shall never forget what had been done to us just because our faith. And slavery is not less than a murder of innocent people just because you are different doesn't mean you are not a person with feelings, dreams, and thoughts Slavery was never allowed according to our religious human being are not allowed to work without getting paid equally It's called "Gezel" means taking from someone else what's belong to him according to the books such a person will have to be stoned to death on Mount Meron. Any more information I can share?
Torah Clinton
Torah Clinton 13 days ago
Imagine how fast his heart was beating
OmO Hour ago
Imagine how freely his shit was flowing
Fredo Atreides
@Spencer Gacker The director?
Fredo Atreides
The actor?
Spencer Gacker
Spencer Gacker 6 days ago
The soldiers hand shakes more and more with time, he knew he was messing with more than a jam. He pissed off somebody with power.
Monica Ash
Monica Ash 7 days ago
So fast that he can dead
Matthew Moua
Matthew Moua 5 days ago
I think after the 3rd click, I would’ve started dying of laughter.
yonkers 6 hours ago
@Matthew Moua Bro you using all the might and strength in yo head to say stuff like "oh you're THOSE type of people" I know damn well you typed that and thought to yourself "man this ones gonna get em where it really hurts🤓" in front of your screen, while you could've been actually productive, doing something in your life, but you chose to slouch and look like Quasimodo and stare at yo screen and STILL you wanna laugh about serious things? Look at yourself brother you're the fine definition of a degenerate, grow up.
Oh No
Oh No 9 hours ago
@The Chairman Speak on it bruh
The Chairman
The Chairman 10 hours ago
There is a difference between making jokes about bad things and laughing at bad things. You just laughed at an old man about to get brutally killed by a Gestapo officer, Even for someone like me who likes dark humor that's crossing the line.
Oh No
Oh No 11 hours ago
@Matthew Moua It's not funny because this was a real thing. The holocaust bro. Ofc people aint gonna find Nazis killing Jewish people funny 😭
Quizzly Bear
Quizzly Bear 13 hours ago
No you wouldn't. Or at least you shouldn't in this situation. If you did, you probably would get tortured to death for offending them.
excuse me what
excuse me what 2 days ago
This is more terrifying then him actually just getting shot.
DexStarr 19 hours ago
Sophomore in high school here, learning about the Holocaust at the moment and this really hits different now knowing about the brutal reality of all this. Never let this happen again future generations.
SoZen Works
SoZen Works 7 days ago
Notice how upset he got when he realized he couldn't kill this man pay attention to that
D Nep
D Nep Day ago
@CandelaZ Such a mood killer 🤦🏿‍♂️
CandelaZ 2 days ago
Yes. If you pay attention closely, you’ll notice he’s an actor.
Eddy Roldan
Eddy Roldan 10 days ago
legends has it that he still trying to pull the trigger till something comes out lol 😂
Vonnie Vonnie
Nope, he probably in hell right now
pakgam mayi
pakgam mayi 4 days ago
He's dead
JL 6 days ago
This joke gets lamer and lamer with each use
Cj Culminas
Cj Culminas 7 days ago
Andrew Eccles
Andrew Eccles Month ago
The fact it’s being cocked multiple times and there’s no expenditure of the un used round says a lot about the military advisors on set
Mr Cmn
Mr Cmn 2 days ago
There was on the first gun but not the 2nd
Rocky Roads
Rocky Roads 2 days ago
@Setesh_RL This isn't dramatized, it is actually quite accurate to how they acted. Not a German or Jew, but my family was Indo-Dutch during the revolution in Indonesia to free themselves from Dutch control. I know what humans are willing to do to each other through my families history and I have no doubt that the Nazis were just as bad if not worse. Any human can be bad, can be willing to rape and murder even children if they seem it morally obligated, or justified. Humanity can be the worst animals on earth, but there are beacons of hope and light like Schindler who yes, was a real person who saved hundreds of people, maybe even thousands with the way he sabatoged his own factory so the Nazi's wouldn't have as many weapons to use against Jews and innocent civilians.
james harper
james harper 2 days ago
That's what I was thinking lol
james harper
james harper 2 days ago
This was all that was going through my head lol
Sam Scheibner
Sam Scheibner 2 days ago
Didn’t notice but so true
Alexandru Voicu
Alexandru Voicu 10 days ago
I have watched this movie countless times, Liam Nesson has the important role! Although these scenes "leave us with a bitter taste" as well as the scene when he commands that indoctrinated German woman who had training in construction physics! The main hero is the Savior of Souls himself!
Jesse Muetzel
Jesse Muetzel 4 days ago
This is when you know your either the main character or it ain’t your time yet
Juan Carlos Soliz
Juan Carlos Soliz 16 days ago
Una película hermosa y doliente, pocos o muchos saben está basada en hechos reales✌
Sand Town
Sand Town 8 days ago
This is a perfect way to show how God protects you when it's not your time. Amen
Sixty 7 days ago
It's a movie and Oskar was making ammunition that doesn't go off.
ORB HEAD STUDIOS 28 days ago
1 in a billion chance for a Luger to jam like that truly a lucky moment
Quizzly Bear
Quizzly Bear 13 hours ago
Not really. I wouldn't call it lucky. If they want to kill him they will. A gun isn't the only way to kill someone. But it's quick and effective. They could use something else that is more slow and painful.
real name
real name 2 days ago
I'm not a historian but I'm pretty sure I remember a big problem of the luger being that it was notorious for jamming...
Souga 4 days ago
A luger AND a... wait is that a makarov or a 1911?
Thomas Best
Thomas Best 4 days ago
@Mike Smith he was, in the next scene he warns buddy its not going to work everytime. Folks didnt watch the movie
Plant Bro
Plant Bro 4 days ago
I actually there's not a Luger in that scene the first one is a Walther p38 in the second one is a Mauser pistol
Riya Banik
Riya Banik 3 days ago
"We can still use them like a hammer" -an intelligent pirate .
Mr. Koala Eucalyptus
Nice one
Gilvan Ferreira
Gilvan Ferreira 8 days ago
Meu Jesus, como precisamos de tua intervenção cotidiana para proteger teus filhos. Visitá-nos mais vezes com tua misericórdia e proteção!!
kleber Fernandes
kleber Fernandes 19 days ago
Se Deus permitir o justo sempre prevalecerá e nenhum mal lhe acontece porque maior é o senhor que está com ele
abel 2 days ago
I recommend this movie, however just be prepared of very gruesome outright cruel events. It portrays realistic oppression in WW2 by Nazi Germany of an entire people. However, it is also a very heartfelt historical story.
A lista de Schindler. Um excelente filme!
Yujiro Hanma
Yujiro Hanma 3 days ago
I like how every one just rolls over and accept their head shots like it's an honor, at least take one with u.
Tenebreh 3 days ago
I feel bad for laughing at this scene as hard as I did
Fabio Visconi
Fabio Visconi 9 days ago
Todas as vezes que apertou o gatilho aquele homem morreu mas a piedade da "Autoridade" foi cada vez mais cruel 💔🥀 O mundo é um lugar podre.
Gabriel Flo
Gabriel Flo Month ago
What really got me about this scene was the emotion in them all. Not that this scene had a lot of emotion, but it had none. What got me is that these guys had the emotion of someone shooting a hurt cow.
daniel affonso
daniel affonso 8 days ago
Its because its a hollywood movie, dummie
Bold and Brash
Bold and Brash 11 days ago
Imperial Japanese soldiers would have been way worse
DJ.30 15 days ago
What is the movie
Izaque Franco12
Izaque Franco12 16 days ago
@seneca \ セネカ 000
Enhanced Physique
Enhanced Physique 18 days ago
Or just shooting into the ground. Sick sick monsters
Mario Gomez
Mario Gomez 15 days ago
Świetny film lista Schindlera 🤘😎
thatboredgamer 3 days ago
"If god says it's not the time, then it isn't.. u can go brother while god still say it's your time to live at this world" I would love to hear this quote
Plant Bro
Plant Bro 4 days ago
Did you notice that every time he wrecked the slide on either one of the pistols to eject the cartridge that you never saw a cartridge a jack out of the objection for it never won. It's extremely difficult to fire a fire alarm that's not loaded
eric f
eric f 16 days ago
The fact that this actually happened was truly an act of God.
TheSupercar01 Month ago
This is the first time I’ve been shown a Schindler’s list scene. I can now expect it never to stop
Gilbert Viera
Gilbert Viera 7 days ago
Descendientes de Cain, asesinos genocidas. Fueron colgados del pescuezo hasta morir. Lo pagaran por la eternidad.
Me my boy and our vegetables !
@Poovarasan K it's called Schindler's list also watch the pianist and the boy in the striped pajamas.they are all great films
Eni nur Aeny
Eni nur Aeny Month ago
Hey Youngstar.Quest I love your videos ♥️ l have a vid request. Could you please do a Video showing your Workout plan/ rountine for eaceh day of the week?
Poovarasan K
Poovarasan K Month ago
@Me my boy and our vegetables ! movie name pls
Julie Bryne
Julie Bryne Month ago
@LungBudda how in gods name is schindlers list funny? Get mental help for your sickness!
Евгений Сватков
Сам Господь встал между ними и охранял Свой народ!
Dimon DL
Dimon DL 12 days ago
Жалко, что господь не встаёт тогда, когда убивают детей каждый день, ээххх
Jam Creeper
Jam Creeper 17 days ago
God protecting him “I got you homie”🙏🙏🙏🙏
Nate 14 hours ago
@Jim they will have to give an account
wagner junior
@ɴɪɢʜᴛᴄᴏʀᴇ_ᴠɪʀᴜᴢ I have a simpler and better explanation: god doesn't exist.
Michael Bolton 37
Imagine thinking God had anyone's back during the holocaust.
Angeles Lopez
Angeles Lopez 4 days ago
Pierre Volatier
Pierre Volatier 4 days ago
@Becky Luz what you know him personally ? I bet the guy has a fucked up sense of humor. Look at the world we live in
pastels pink cookies
I know a similar event, a true story my Grandma had told me before. A time when there was a riot in our State and the friend of my Granpa was held at gunpoint, just like this and they failed to actually kill him as the gun just kept on slipping just like that. 😧 (sorry for my bad English,not my first language)
Marlene Melo
Marlene Melo 16 days ago
Vito C
Vito C Month ago
"This is because the guy who was good at making guns was executed last week."
Kingz Klein
Kingz Klein Day ago
Ramon Torres
Ramon Torres 2 days ago
This right here got me and I k ow I’m going to hell for it 😂
Gosh.o 2 days ago
“Quality over quantity”
a random supra
a random supra 22 days ago
He died from rare bullet in brain disease
Will 29 days ago
@Mr.Nobody lol
Андрей Любомудров
Спасибо дедам и прадедам, что избавили нас от этих зверей
Ugar 85
Ugar 85 13 days ago
Не добили чучуть возродилась нечисть...
Marcos Antonio Alves de Oliveira
A cena mais linda do filme🥹🥹🙏🏽
Atm 4 days ago
Not in a million years Lugers would fail that much. The thing is a masterpiece of design. But I guess I’m being too rational. That was meant to be a powerful and emotional scene.
Dany Dan
Dany Dan 16 days ago
Woowww Amazing protection and intervention of our Lord Jesus Christ in extreme last minute. Thanks Jesus Christ our Lord
Thaijler 2 months ago
Good thing Alec Baldwin wasn't in this scene.
Linda Jenkins
Linda Jenkins 13 days ago
Oh that's Deep.,..ha ha ha...Did You know Alec quit acting after that? He wasn't seen in movies/on any media since.
EDC TV 24 days ago
Ok buddy
Ladell P
Ladell P 24 days ago
To much man. To much.
L 26 days ago
god is good
Heroic777 Month ago
S-c-_0_-u-T Day ago
“The fact that the more the gun clicks the more your heart rates knowing that your going to die”
Mike Lira
Mike Lira 11 days ago
God be like, "Nah, not this one". Totally Divine Intervention.🙌
Remzii The great
Remzii The great 3 days ago
Legends says that the heartbeat rate of this man is 300²/m
Brandon Hay
Brandon Hay 15 days ago
Well here’s one problem… each time you rack back the pistol, there is suppose to be a bullet fly out. So at the end, when he continues to cycle his gun.. it’s out of bullets
Sandmansrolling RL1911
Imagine hearing those clicks in real life, the fear one must be feeling
Alastor 3 days ago
@Alien "cuz you fought back and hurt ONE of the commander, you'll be torched to death, and we'll starve the entire camp in your name so no one does it again"
Μιχαλης Μιχαηλ
@Stinkfinga Source ?
soldier 617
soldier 617 14 days ago
@KT G because the truth terrifies them, it's easier for them to say it never happened.
Charlie 14 days ago
@Savanah Mclary Um if I’m understanding what you’re saying you think that didn’t abuse slaves because then they wouldn’t do the work? Um they quite literally forced them to do the work or they would get beaten etc, they had no rights, they couldn’t just say nah I’m not gonna do this anymore or they’d be killed like what the fuck
Charlie 14 days ago
@Justin Maze even during the holocaust people thought it was all fake, it’s been a conspiracy theory for a loooonnggg time. There are whole groups of people who seriously believe the holocaust never happened it’s absolutely ridiculous. It’s like the Covid deniers
Joseph Hanna
Joseph Hanna 15 days ago
When the Lord intervenes ✝️
Samuel Hernández
Samuel Hernández 12 days ago
Amén bendiciones gracias mi señor
William araujo dos santos
Meu Deus e muito maravilhoso....
Charles Drumm
Charles Drumm 3 days ago
The reason why the second gun didn’t work is because it wasn’t loaded. I didn’t see any shells exiting after he racked it
Robbie Cabrera
Robbie Cabrera Month ago
the heavy burden was on that poor condemned man, imaging the agonising he felt on every click of the gun😖
Darthbozohammer 1v1 pro
@fake AmzR ikr lmao
outlaw68 28 days ago
@Papa🏳️‍🌈⃠ wtf does that mean 😭 ptsd is real and it’s been happening to people for all of time. See: shell shock in wwi
sys32 Month ago
The shooter should check their ammo batches for their pistols. Someone's probably sabotaged them in factory.
6ixstoney Month ago
If u hear the gun shot, the bullet wasn't meant for you
@TheLastSteakBender americans more so than others
Andrew Fowler
The brilliant acting makes this scene what it is infact the whole movie great cast think I've seen this film Three time's? Really good give it a go.
Pruxx 7 days ago
That was GODS WORK right there. Amen
Aron 🤨
Aron 🤨 19 days ago
This scene : You see yourself between life and death ...
Jason Mcpherson
Jason Mcpherson 2 days ago
Every time those pistols were cocked and an unspent round didn't eject I wondered at just what the hell was going on with the pistols in general use in the 1940's era German Army.
Joshua Month ago
Now RU-vid went from Better call Saul, to Schindler's list recommendations.
Krzysztof Struski
Krzysztof Struski 18 hours ago
Bruh sameee, first breaking bad clips now these
Chris Day ago
Exactly! Like wtf
Anthony Rivera
Yo for real
YaBoi Dash
YaBoi Dash Day ago
Bro mine toooo, went from comedy to depression
kawaianuhea808 2 days ago
Omg same. RIGHT AFTER BETTER CALL SAUL. Battery scene.
Ben Perez
Ben Perez 12 days ago
Imagine cycling and not seeing rounds come out while trying to shoot something 🤣
Zero Requiem
Zero Requiem 4 days ago
After the 3rd try I would've die from heart attack each and every time I hear the click of the trigger.
latairean 14 days ago
"No weapon formed against me shall prosper!"
Marcos Martinez
Marcos Martinez 5 days ago
George Thomas Mendivil
"GOD is good" ❤ 🙌
Bruhism Month ago
This is also result of pow forced labourer laughing when they see their shipment of defective weapons being sent out for use.
modelcitizen72 14 hours ago
@greyroof They used forced labor to manufacture V2 missiles.
Aaron Bennett
Aaron Bennett Month ago
@Nate Box sounds like being dumb enough to do that. "Oh no woman working, duh let's use prisoners instead, they wouldn't possibly sabotage the stuff they're making."-some Nazi I mean they were all dumb enough to believe Hitler and either commit genocide in his name or look the other way while it was happening.
Nate Box
Nate Box Month ago
@Aaron Bennett not nessescerialy, near the end of the war they just needed people in factories. And due to them being so appalled at women in the workforce, they did forced labor.
Nate Box
Nate Box Month ago
@Sanjay Vaidya they were, in fact they were even involved in making wunderwaffe, such as that shit rocket plane that Germany used near the end. They were often sabotaged.
Aditiya soo
Aditiya soo Month ago
Move name
sah Alves
sah Alves 5 days ago
Kkkk caso ninguém reparo toda vez que ele basculha a arma nem uma vez as balas e descartada como deveria ser kkkk
BEAST FF 16 days ago
When God with u. Every thing is nothing ❤❤
Marcos Martinez
Marcos Martinez 5 days ago
Then who can be against you
Lucius M
Lucius M 3 days ago
Looks down the barrel and pulls the trigger and now it shoots like a bugs bunny skit 😂😂
Operator-Odin 2 days ago
I would fall laughing the when it click for the 3rd Time « oh jesus, let me handle that you stupid nazi » 😂
BiGsImY Month ago
Nazi General: “this man is beyond blessed at this point, lemme fall back” Edit: thx for the likes, guess I’ve made it!
Walter Irizarry
Walter Irizarry 23 days ago
@Break My Legs! Thank you for being the only person with sense in this comment thread
Cesareo Martinez
Grzegorz Szewczyk
Were the Nazis from outer space? Because I see a German uniform here.
Kabeer G
Kabeer G Month ago
Сергей Богатов
Забыли , что творили покаявшиеся фашисты ?!
Zombeast31 11 hours ago
Crazy how casually they were trying to kill this man....even getting upset that they couldn't.
Hachiman Jiro
Hachiman Jiro 5 days ago
Ammo must have been made in Schindler's factory(he did say that none of the munitions he produced would work)
Gravina Blancs
Gravina Blancs 7 days ago
I was waiting for the worker to ask: Let me fix it for you sir. 😅
Am in Ariverse's
Am in Ariverse's 2 days ago
I've only watched few of these clips, and most of them I didn't even cover my screen. But for this, I just can't watch an old man getting killed. Whenever the soldiers click the gun, I just cover my screen. I can't...not an old guy. 🥺💔
Demon Man123
Demon Man123 Month ago
Not gonna lie, I was fully expecting it to go off when aimed at one of the other people.
Mike Yunga
Mike Yunga Month ago
@The 90’s fatty from Take that relax
The 90’s fatty from Take that
@Mike Yunga I’ve seen it u spaz
Mike Yunga
Mike Yunga Month ago
@The 90’s fatty from Take that just watch it 😂
Wakit Riady
Wakit Riady Month ago
It will happen in an American movie.
The 90’s fatty from Take that
@Demon Man123 sorry I assume everyone is my age I take it it was made before u were old enough to watch it that’s fair enough I haven’t seen films that are well known from before my time. I haven’t seen any of the Star Wars actually.
Alessandro Dias
Alessandro Dias 8 days ago
O defeito tá nos carregadores que não impulsionam a munição à câmara.
Apollo Animations
"God: I got you bro don't even trip"
Apollo Animations
@Educatedh20 most def lol
Educatedh20 Day ago
I guess in this case it would be YHWH lol
Kanda Koe
Kanda Koe 12 days ago
Legend says he still reloading the gun
Kiler_mansters 3 days ago
that rage when he couldnt shoot XDD
Vignesh G
Vignesh G Month ago
Imagine the fear of the man every time he hears that "click" sound..
José rodolfo Navarro Lucio
Magnifica película Schindler’s List!
Kathy Fowler
Kathy Fowler Month ago
I believe it was God saving him.
Joseph Munuhe
Joseph Munuhe Month ago
The moment you hear the click know you are still alive.
Russell Lippitt
Russell Lippitt Month ago
He had much belief in his God.
Scenery Month ago
다시는 이런 잔인한 전쟁과탄압이 없어야합니다
Elias ferreira neves
🙏 Louvado seja o Eterno Deus dos judeus...
Андрей Потапов
Ангел Хранитель 🙏
Нуржигит Абдуразаков
Аллах хранит нас
Rafael Rodrigues
Rafael Rodrigues 9 days ago
Deus abençoe 🙌🙏
Luca Ghiani
Luca Ghiani 6 days ago
Per tanto tempo ho odiato Ralph Fiennes, era più forte di me. Quando lo vedevo in un altro film smettevo di guardare. Un interpretazione incredibile
Lotus. Month ago
"oh sht im gonna die" *Didnt die* and so it repeats... Man this is mental torture...
Michael Haller
Michael Haller Month ago
@alan wiggins I was totally thinking the same thing. but probably after 3secs for me
Gordon Phillips
@Kiran Valand
Xəliyəddin Məmmədov
Аллах Горуйур
Ahmet Keleş
Ahmet Keleş Month ago
@Dr. Singh The Palestinian people to lining to palestin land until 6000 years.... but Juddens migrand from Mezapotamya
Dr. Singh
Dr. Singh Month ago
@Ahmet Keleş lol, israel was there from beginning, if you think they came from mesopotamia. Then you guys go back to Mecca or medina
Duje Simić
Duje Simić 10 days ago
They were so determined to kill him. Nothing will stop them. 😔😔
Shawn Nichols
Shawn Nichols 5 days ago
There were many reports of officers purposely sabotaging their firearms, because they were against mass executions. They’d make it look as believable as possible. And they’d purposely mishandle paperwork in hopes that by the time it was actually processed, the war would be over.
nikhil rajput
nikhil rajput 3 days ago
The guys died 20 times in a minute 😂😂😂
Трудно идти против рожна ! А против Бога ещё и опасно ,как показывает история
Martin Peter Hughes
Absolutely brilliant film
artful dodger
artful dodger Month ago
One of the most heart rendering films I've ever seen.
Jacqueline Wright
Its True, We as a high school class in Germany went on a tour to One of the Concentration camps. So sad and You can Feel something Horrible happened there. I Cried thru the whole Tour. We also saw the stadium where the 3rd Reich and Hitler spoke.
Ron Month ago
@Shahadat Hossain its in the title 😑
Tim_of_Kent Month ago
Did your heart load yet? 😉
Chuck Month ago
@artful dodger "sorry grammar police." Grammar was fine. It's your literacy that's in question.
Punit Joshi
Punit Joshi Month ago
You might as well also want to watch "The Kashmir Files" , in other words as a Hindu I beg the world to watch it
Jose Martin Alvarado Soto
Definitivamente si esto ocurrió en la vida real..es Dios... algo parecido me pasó a mi .. una persona disparó al aire y luego me apunto a mi... Y estaba a un metro de mi y cuando me apunto directamente se le cayeron las balas al piso
FuzzyMommy 12 days ago
This film is AMAZING.😰🥺🫤
Imagine just sitting there hearing the gun click behind your head, then you’re anticipating when you’ll be shot but it never happens and now your heart it beating outside of your chest😶‍🌫️
Sonny Marciano
Sonny Marciano 8 days ago
Emerson Almeida
Emerson Almeida 3 days ago
Fé. Deus é maravilhoso o tempo todo. Quando não é chegada a nossa hora não adianta.
wagner junior
Então já era chegada a hora dos outros seis milhões de judeus? E outra, se os outros seis milhões de judeus morreram porque tava na hora de morrer, então os nazistas não tem culpa de nada.
Nft Artist
Nft Artist 12 days ago
Amazing movie moment... God Bless
Kevin Reyes
Kevin Reyes 12 days ago
The purpose of the weapon factory that Schindler owned had one purpose, it would never fire
Edilberto Godoy
Edilberto Godoy 6 days ago
El que está con Papito Dios nunca estará desamparo Gloria y Alabado Dios Padre Todo Poderoso
Rich Tenamore
Rich Tenamore Month ago
The no rounds getting ejecting says they don’t know how to load guns…lol
Christopher Shiels
Christopher Shiels 14 hours ago
@modelcitizen72 if you have a speach impediment. Schindler's lisp. Lol
modelcitizen72 14 hours ago
@Christopher Shiels SCHINDLER'S LIFT
Andre Rijn
Andre Rijn Month ago
@Torite Thoraiys Nonsense. The engineers do have scientific knowledge of course, just like you and me have scientific knowledge without necessarily being scientists. Just like so called rocket scientists aren't scientists at all, they should be called rocket engineers, people just use the word science wrongly to make the job sound more impressive. Check Elon Musk, he explained this very point, but I'm shure you are more knowledgeable than him right? And if you want to look dumb, go right ahead.
Mouse BlackCat
Mouse BlackCat Month ago
@Ghost Nappa Speilberg probably IS one of the greatest directors of all time, however we need to realize how LOW a bar that is. Hollyweird is garbage, and always has been, we just managed to pull a few good things out of the dumpster over the years.
Mouse BlackCat
Mouse BlackCat Month ago
@schoon3303 All THREE guns. The Commandant took a Browning Hi Power out of his pocket at the end, rather than the Lugars that both officers had in thier Belt Holsters.
Naga Ao Boy
Naga Ao Boy 3 days ago
This might even happening in real life. When God says "No".
Nice Penna
Nice Penna Day ago
Ele é um filho de Deus,só ele pode recolher seu filho.
LunaMapping 2 days ago
He has the main character plot protection
Lily Awan
Lily Awan 5 days ago
Imagine the old man gave his own gun to that soldier 💀
Lou Joseph Tabajen
Nazi: “Oh Christ” Jesus: *And I took that personally*
Bold and Brash
Bold and Brash 11 days ago
Noah... Get my lightning bolts
Ricardo Lima
Ricardo Lima 29 days ago
Right?! The hypocrisy!!
Queso Saucedo
Queso Saucedo Month ago
@Steven Johnson you should read hitler last interview on starting world war 3 in his death pay attention to the key words “American has god people”
Queso Saucedo
Queso Saucedo Month ago
@Aaron Retter ofcourse we do we going through these curses to prove it we are hated amongst all nations ashkenazi jews are thriving but that were they messed up everybody wants to be a n***** but dont wanna be one why would they come to Babylon if there they jews they willing came to Babylon 🤔😂
Aaron Retter
Aaron Retter Month ago
@Queso Saucedo so you believe that God is black, Jesus was black, and so on? Right?
Omar michel Ramirez feliz
Cuando en realidad eres un hombre de dios y estás al cien por ciento con el creador no el fuego te kema
DyingRedHorizon 4 days ago
When the plot doesn’t let you die it’s called plot armor
Shohruh Gaibov
Shohruh Gaibov 17 hours ago
This is what literally means "your time have not come yet"