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DOOM: The Dark Ages | Official Trailer 1 (4K) | Coming 2025 

Bethesda Softworks
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Jun 8, 2024




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@chrissousa4685 5 days ago
Devs: How do we make doom guy even cooler? Some employee: *Give him a fucking cape*
And give him captain America's shield... WITH CHAINSAWS!
@Justinj360 5 days ago
@gradeNB 5 days ago
also give him a skull-grinding gun!
@briantep458 5 days ago
Intern: Give him a fucking cape
Not just any cape. A bear hide cape.
“Behold…our most ancient and sacred weapon. The Super Shotgun.”
"It´s perfect and if anyone says otherwise they´re WRONG... Some say it´s over-powered, they´re ALSO WRONG."
@wrightnottwell 6 days ago
Listen up you savages This... is my BOOM stick!
@WorentFelix 6 days ago
Looks like we lost the meathook though... *actually realized* Oh. Oh my God I just realized. That ain't a speed loader. That's a _grenade launcher_ They gave the ssg GRENADE AMMO
@Zomtism 6 days ago
@@tsyumamatsuthehavenofguard32 Or he's just using slugs, maybe explosive tipped ones?
@jackball344 2 days ago
Demon: "It was just a bunny!" Marauder "It wasn't just a bunny.....it was the Slayer's bunny."
I got that reference. *Points finger*
It's funny because they're both named Daisy.
It was just a fookin bunny, it was just a fookin Mars
@MrSinfold 8 hours ago
I think the new lore is going to be that it was his kid's bunny
-a cape -a chainsaw shield -a flail -A FUCKING GUNDAM -DRAGONS???? we are so back
@samanawayadatta891 13 hours ago
you missed the part where he FUCKIN USED THE CRUSHED HEADS OF HIS ENEMIES AS SKULLS FUCK that's metal as fuck
@SoldierOfFate 6 hours ago
I can't wait to see what the medieval BFG equivalent would be. You CAN'T have a Doom game without one.
@malarke7677 4 hours ago
AND Mick Gordon MUSIC !
@thiccjerry5232 7 minutes ago
@@malarke7677 sadly, he won't ever work with id Software ever again. Someone else made this soundtrack and it still sounds very good.
@DaniMol 4 days ago
His shield is a chain shield. This might be the first time I have ever witnessed anything outwarhammering Warhammer.
@CybrosPrime 4 days ago
It was done twice here, once with the shield and once with the skull gun
@DaniMol 4 days ago
@@CybrosPrime that skull gun hit me so hard it actually wiped my memories of it when I typed this comment.
@lostsoul7345 4 days ago
Doomslayer original title: Captain Du nur XD
@Grimangell135 4 days ago
Khorne is pleased.......
@dutty1549 7 days ago
@The97Moose 7 days ago
We never left, for we have been waiting. Get ready to Rip and Tear until it is done.
@cra8zykidg 7 days ago
Stuff about to get reeeeeeeal RIP AND TEAR
@blaakheart8 7 days ago
@leo_v8214 2 days ago
Cant believe they made a whole trailer for their upcoming metal music album
@TessenMedia 2 days ago
Yup, Doom has become a metal showcase
Without the mick gordon unfortunately
Yeah thats truly unfortunate. The music felt kind of uninspired here.​@@petervasil5073
​@@petervasil5073... what have they done to him?
@jaymeroy Day ago
@@khoiduong8783Bethesda basically made them half ass the album version of the soundtrack and it came out not sounding great on a lot of tracks and so Mick was rightfully pissed and had a big falling out with Bethesda and won’t work with them anymore
"evacuate the city, engage all defenses and get this man a shield".
@gigagge 7 days ago
“Doomguy would never use a shield!” *sees the blades come out* “Ah.”
@OmensofDisease 7 days ago
Chainsaw shield chainsaw shield chainsaw shield
@Taron_HaiTar 7 days ago
Correction: *C I R C U L A R S A W B L A D E/B U Z Z S A W B L A D E !!!*
@batcontrol2496 7 days ago
“He has a shield?” “Yeah but it’s a chainsaw.” “Can he throw it?” “Yes.” “Good.”
Armor pick-ups look like _what_ again?
Same. Sekiro made me hate shields. Never used them in a souls game again. So much more fun
Imagine going back in time and showing this to someone in 1993 and telling them this is what Doom will look like in the future.
@user-hh2gs8vs5g 4 days ago
El paraíso....
@arnowisp6244 3 days ago
Dude there Minds cannot Process it. They can at least recognize the Super Shotgun and the Gore. Everything else is just. ❤
@Mixxo6 3 days ago
@@arnowisp6244well actually if it was in 1993 then the person would not know what the super shotgun is because the super shotgun was introduced in doom 2, which came out in 1994. Just sayin
@zorojuro7562 3 days ago
@@Mixxo6 🤓
@QH837 3 days ago
@bluedog843 Day ago
A dragon, an Atlan, a cape, a gun that grinds skulls for ammunition, and a chainsaw shield. I fucking need it.
@Joao-uj9km Day ago
I'm 40. Always loved videogames, but it's been some 5 years that I prefer watching games on YT rather than playing them. Well, that just changed and I found the reason to start building my next gen gamer pc.
@shadowflame68 5 hours ago
Hell yeah. As we've known since the early '90s, there's no better reason to go back than DOOM
who the fuck was the guy who thought of a gun that uses the SKULLS of the demons you kill as AMMO. holy shit this is the most badass the slayer has ever been
@HER0_ 7 days ago
Using the skulls of your fallen enemies as ammo is the most doom slayer thing ever
Seriously, that guy deserves a raise.
It's so milk for the Khorne flakes!
there are many doom mods like that.
@jothain 7 days ago
Hexen 2 and Raven Software? Iirc it has weapon with skulls
@nathanr950 7 days ago
“ I have nothing left to live fo-“ “THE FUCK YOU DOING, NEW DOOM GAME JUST DROPPED”
@danguy6591 7 days ago
Me, after i saw new Dragon age trailer
Despair is temporary. DOOM is Eternal
No kidding.
@Tamed_Delirium 7 days ago
Homie real talk you good?
@nathanr950 7 days ago
@@Tamed_Delirium I AM NOW
1:34 Demons: we're all fucked
Whoever came up with skull for machine gun ammo needs a fucking raise.
A giant robot and a fucking dragon. What more to say? Edit: Why is everyone just fighting man?
@glorbog 7 days ago
@tsartomato 7 days ago
call of duty
@citizen3000 7 days ago
It looks lame.
@Sujad 7 days ago
Good music.
@itsKimi 7 days ago
terrible and restrictive gameplay phases. thats what
@SinfulofSauce 6 days ago
Kratos: Fur coat? Doomguy: Fur coat.
5 days ago
Kratos to Atreus, Doomslayer to Intern: "...Boy."
@2011HKG 5 days ago
why not
@alidee5448 5 days ago
Doomslaya got P.I.M.P.ed
@chains2660 5 days ago
The man, the myth, the legend
Fury coat
@cobaltviper Day ago
0:59 they gave him a gun that chews up skulls and shoots the pieces as bullets incredible
@PwrSim81 Day ago
Devs: what ammo should we use? Bethesda: USE FUCKING SKULLS PEOPLE
@paulnone9984 7 days ago
*Gamers* "What else could the developers come up with in doom?" *Doom devs* "Have you ever wanted to ride a fucking dragon?"
Som' of bitch I'm in.
@akend4426 7 days ago
*You son of a bitch, I’m in!*
@rawmaw 7 days ago
already happens in DOOM Eternal The Ancient Gods 2
@AntiCx69 7 days ago
i mean ark survival did that before covid bruh
Have you ever noticed how every part of Doomguy is fully armored... ...except his friggin' biceps.
They are already hard as his armor
@EpicGamer-fl7fn 2 days ago
he canonically can turn a human into a pulp by just touching him too fast, i dont think his biceps need any protection.
@thephoenix4093 2 days ago
Tbh i dont like it, makes him look like a show off which doesnt fit his personality.
I find it hilarious.
@AdoreYouInAshXI 2 days ago
They can’t make armor strong enough to contain his biceps.
I keep coming back every couple of hours to watch this, since it dropped, because it has taken my soul entierly. May we Rip and Tear in his name 🙏
0:59 even the doom Slayer recycles XD
@the_nameless21 5 days ago
I like how we don’t even call them enemies anymore, the demons are just victims at this point.
@mohanbabu1614 5 days ago
@abulvan 5 days ago
I couldn't stop lmao...it's so over the top and brutal and awesome
They deserve it all and more =)
@DarkJJ13948 5 days ago
Calling them enemies implies they have a chance to survive
@bangg_bhai420 5 days ago
Satan himself checks under bed and closet for doomguy
@janpaulx5892 7 days ago
Doomguy has so much testosterone that his cape is made of his back hair.
@texasrider4D5 7 days ago
Jeeez.. 😂😮
In today’s society he is a giant breathe of fresh air 😂
@Khann_2102 7 days ago
@mj.b8690 7 days ago
@twitchmain-5048 7 days ago
Are the leaks true that its also gonna be on ps5?
@I_Am_A_Sheep11 2 days ago
Bro is literally that one lego character that we maxed out
@iHaveAbomb194 2 days ago
I'm playing this with loud speakers on a Sunday afternoon
@zxJC34xz Day ago
And some weed
@acemaxximus7175 7 days ago
I thought I'd never see the day when the Doom Slayer wore a badass fur cape
Doom of war
@voxelemur 7 days ago
Torn from a demon's merkin
@darthcinema4262 7 days ago
Been wanting that since TAG 2
@acemaxximus7175 7 days ago
@@attackhelicopter588 Sadly, no Boy in this
God of War: Removes Kratos' Fur Cape DOOM: "Fine. I'll do it myself."
@Marnige 6 days ago
Using his victims skulls as ammo. That's straight up mental.
@MarioOnShrooms 6 days ago
You mean metal*
So metal to the point that it's mental.
@WiseAcres-op2qz 5 days ago
I lol'd
@WeaponXSigma 5 days ago
​@@MarioOnShrooms How about both
@TheExxl 5 days ago
I actually hope so much we get an impale weapon just like painkiller 🤤
@Danielle422 Day ago
Devs: alright how can we make doom slayer more menacing. Random employer: lets make him use skulls of his enemies as a source of ammo
@Santafunk Day ago
The levels look more like a battlefield now
@TarASS_FranCOCK 6 days ago
- How much have you rewatched this? - Yes
@lynx7575 6 days ago
38 times 😅out of
@cristiany140 6 days ago
Many times and with subtitles [EPIC HEAVY METAL MUSIC]
@wolfexxvii 6 days ago
right click video --> loop an unknown number
@Joao-ur7ey 6 days ago
I. Can't. Stop. Watching.
@NightGD 6 days ago
to be decided
@aysn2277 7 days ago
Demons: “Haha look at him, hiding behind his shie-“ Doomguy: *Revs Shield*
@toes5720 7 days ago
"aw come on man I CANT HAVE SHI-"
@JoshAndre2007 7 days ago
​@@toes5720 -eld
>doom slayer with shield >look inside >its a chainsaw
​@@mohibisweeboooh6735 (IYKYK) "Sadly he's still weak to being torn in half BY A MOTHERFUCKING CHAINSAW!!!!"
Wait till doomslayer become captain argent with that shield throw
I think it makes Doomguy more badass that he's holding all these guns with *one hand*
Mate, the man could probably use a shotgun with his teeth if he wanted.
@majorasmask5523 10 hours ago
This has been out a week, and I can’t stop coming back to rewatch it, over and over again.
The demons: "HES GOT A FUCKING DRAGON NOW?" Other demons: "HE WHAT?!"
@davidgaming95 5 days ago
The developers: " They will scream like little girls and buy the game because of dragons and Captain America"
Demons: "He flies now?" Other demons: "He flies now!"
​@@davidgaming95it's true, i fucking love it
@erkinyldrm6579 5 days ago
He used to I guess
@joepancerz8048 5 days ago
@@davidgaming95 And the giant pacific rim doom slayer mech. We can definitely thank Hugo Martin for that one.
@s.sradon9782 7 days ago
"Game industry is collapsing" >look inside >DOOM
doom is fcking back
@agenda2175 7 days ago
This new doom looks so badass
@Jerome18921 7 days ago
This is peak
wrong! doomguuy is now black and transexual
Yeah it really is this shit isn't DOOM LOL
@MrZkoki Day ago
Doom meets captain America and gets his own megazord. Epic stuff.
@mimo1.0 2 days ago
2025 gone be the best year
@FridayOneEye 7 days ago
"How over the top should we go?" " If you can see the top you haven't gone far enough"
@kroposman2302 7 days ago
@postblitz 7 days ago
"And then, the dragon vomited fire into the demon's mouth to cook it inside out"
@azn1011 7 days ago
"How over the top should we go?" yes
@i.d.9754 7 days ago
​@@kroposman2302SO HIGH OH OH OH
@Claire.sterling 7 days ago
- Chainsaw shield - A new parry System - A Flail or Morning Star - A Van Helsing inspired Stake Shooter - A Demon Mount - A Mech Titan - A Fur Cloak All shown in less than 2 minutes. What else could we have asked for
@Apricator 7 days ago
A Mick Gordon track :(
@TheRoyalCheez 7 days ago
@@Apricatorthere was one playing in the background, was there not?
@AnimatedTerror 7 days ago
@@TheRoyalCheez as far as I can tell, no. Mick did not return after bethesda tried to throw him under the bus. I could be wrong, hope I am. but I don't think he has returned.
i dont know, perhaps a game that is like doom and not a heavy metal medieval ages wankfest? Some of us actually like the UAC sci fi themes of the 2016 game. Wtf does riding dragons have to do with doom?
@thorveim1174 7 days ago
and dont forget a gun that uses skulls as ammo by grinding them up and firing the bone shards...
@minimidge614 2 days ago
0:59 hell yeah
@gradeNB 6 days ago
His gun grinds skulls into bullets TAKE MY MONEY! TAKE IT!
@enkinaru4109 5 days ago
This I was sold at this exact moment That is soooooo ridiculously awesome I'm all for that ridiculous weapons design
@razgriz1ne1ne48 5 days ago
Saame, I've never played a doom game and that one weapon has me involuntarily throwing my wallet at the screen
@jaymxu 5 days ago
The weapon after that spikes enemies into surfaces... that was much cooler, they got it from Painkiller
@zaczane 5 days ago
@@razgriz1ne1ne48well if you like that, i highly recommend the previous 2 first.
@Eking-su3tr 5 days ago
Bro they had me at the chainsaw cap shield lol. I need that immediately 😩
Never watched a game trailer and then went to the gym so fast
This comment deserves so much more likes ❤👍😂🔥🎉✨💯
@wardaddy_76 Day ago
Saaaaaame! Literally I could feel myself getting a big ass pump while changing to my gym clothes
@mkultra2456 21 hour ago
LOL you didn't go anywhere.
@registereduser 20 hours ago
You didn’t lift weights you lifted the entire weight rack.
"Go forth, sir knight, and mangled thy opposition"
@honeybakedjdog 2 days ago
I love this trailer so much, but I wish that when Doomguy lifted his head the E1M1 riff would start playing
@dg7347 2 days ago
i bet mick wouldve done something like that
@DoctorCVC 7 days ago
Captain America with a shield: “I can do this all day.” Doom Slayer with a shield: “I WILL do this all day.”
@mediocrecorps 7 days ago
I will do this for eternity
@KnightErrantRen 7 days ago
"I can do this until it is done."
@liyann1 7 days ago
I will rip and tear until it is done
@lolstalgic9602 7 days ago
Bruce Banner in a mech: "AHA! You guys are so screwed now!"
@yohanndamystic 7 days ago
I will do this eternal
@reyruiz8484 7 days ago
"Is this from the future or the past?" "Yes"
for anyone actually curious, this is a prequel yes, and it's most likely set during the "Unholy crusades".
@elididde3377 7 days ago
No, just the past.
If you played Doom Enternal , one of the places you see during this video should familiarize you. Spoiler, based on how Doom Enternal begins and with enough attention to detail , you could speculate how the story ends for Dark Ages.
@@ChrisEyeHaveAutismHow? I have played Doom Eternal and the DLCs but I can’t imagine it. Also , does this game occur before eternal and after 2016 or before 2016 when he was a warrior?
​@@CastejonGarciaGonzaloIt's supposed to be before both 2016 and Eternal chronologically I believe
@ss_hat 2 days ago
It really is the Dark Ages without Mick Gordon 😱
Andrew Hulshult is even better.
@KyokHere Day ago
@@hyperboreen4854 they both good
@@KyokHere Yes, but Hulshult is DARKER.
@@KyokHerethis is the correct mindset
@Zoro-bs3zb Day ago
Damn that's sad
@Nate-ms6cn Day ago
That gun better be called the skull crusher 😔
@Eli-el4ls 6 days ago
Doomguy to the Dragon: ".... I shall call you Daisy II"
@Shieftain 6 days ago
@@mattgerrish908 No, I think this is after Doom 64, which means Daisy already died.
@@mattgerrish908 Yea, lore wise, Doomguy encountered the Sentinels after going all the way by himself through the series up to Doom 64. So he's already somewhat of a veteran even at this point, though probably still getting used to his newfound strength.
@bigcheese9087 6 days ago
we don't talk about what happen to Daisy I
@avinashtyagi2 6 days ago
He was just doom guy then
@williambeck2372 6 days ago
@GamingMafia_id 7 days ago
In the first age...
@Stevenson198 7 days ago
In the first battle….
In the first battle...
@sephyroth89 7 days ago
@@Stevenson198 When the shadow first lengthened
@blackice8043 7 days ago
When the shadows first lengthened.
@thisguy1640 7 days ago
​@@the.real.deyrongWhen the shadows first lengthened
@pedrofonseca1892 3 hours ago
The moment you realize (correct me if I'm wrong) doomslayer dialogs in all the years of franchise are 3 words: "Rip", "Tear" and "No"
@Voltpus 2 days ago
This may sound really unnecessary, but I'm so glad this is a prequel. With how Eternal ended, it's nice to hear that Bethesda isn't trying to lazily "revitalize" the franchise by bringing the Doom Slayer back from his coma.
@vadernation1233 8 hours ago
Yeah and as this CLEARLY shows the time before 2016 and after 64 is a very interesting time that I feel like would be a lot of fun to explore. I’m still hoping we one day get to see the events of the slayer testaments covered where it ends with him in the sarcophagus since I don’t think that’s what this game will be.
@DeadPixel1105 6 hours ago
That's why I was certain this next id Software game was going to be a new Quake game (or Quake reboot), rather than a Doom game. I knew a sequel to Eternal was out of the question, considering how the DLC ended. And I wasn't expecting a prequel.
@Dai_40 3 days ago
Doom guy normally: RIP AND TEAR Doom guy in dark ages: SQUASH AND BLEND
@sniper102a2 Day ago
British Doom Guy: Fisticuffs and Instigation
Dark Ages Doom Guy: PARRY AND SMASH
@truthseeker6532 17 hours ago
British Doom Guy: Gravy and Stabbing French Doom Guy: Baguette et Guillotine German Doom Guy: ...
@1gient 7 hours ago
@@alejandrocalori6298 German Doom Guy is just his grandfather, William J Blazkowicz. So still ripe 'n tear. I am aware he's Texan but he did to Nazis what DG does to demons. Something about OG Doom and Commander Keen being the link to the OG Wolfenstein.
@Sigmakratos 2 days ago
I am officially back here for the 20th time since this trailer dropped!
@Mortiel 6 hours ago
In my head cannon, Doom Slayer is the avatar of Khorne. "In the grim darkness of the far future, he RIPS AND TEARS UNTIL IT IS DONE."
@joeschmoe2697 4 days ago
This is how you know the devs are proud of their game when the trailer is literally 99% gameplay. Edit: okay correction is that about 50-60% is gameplay but all of the stuff isn’t pre-rendered is more along the lines of what I meant. Apologies🙏🏼
@jeed4119 4 days ago
gameplay doesn't start until 0:55, in a 1:55 long video that's roughly 50%
@racerx6247 4 days ago
@cwx8 4 days ago
@@jeed4119 I think he means in engine/from scenes of the game itself. which is probably all of it (those being actual cutscenes)
@seretith3513 4 days ago
I mean, Doom was never a Story-Focused Game-series, let's be Honest. The Gameplay is realy what everyones after in Doom.
@Valon129 4 days ago
Doom is mostly gameplay, they made up some story to make a universe for it but really if they showed only that people would be mad.
@saltysovereign 7 days ago
the shield is a throwable chainsaw. the gun ammo is demon sculls. you get a mace. you spin the shotgun. you can nail demons to walls. you pilot a mech. you ride a cyborg dragon with guns. *the trailer is only 2 minutes.*
@andrewowens4421 7 days ago
Telling me the entire story without telling me the entire story.
Weirdly this is a great synopsis of the trailer 😂
@DinoPie 7 days ago
and the trailer shows the freaking gameplay instead of being wholly cinematic
@CarlTheSpud 7 days ago
Literally FPS shield parry too.
@God-xd1wr 7 days ago
@godofcoolkids 16 hours ago
Other games: Ammunition are bullets, pulse capsules, nuclei and other stuff that has some physics Doomguy: *laughs and loads with skulls*
@Setsuzation 6 days ago
"So, do you want to look fantasy-like or scifi-like?" "Yes"
@Quigmman 6 days ago
It gives me og Quake vibes ngl
@DamienDarkside 6 days ago
The best thing I like about old Sci-Fi is that they didn't really know what to do with space. So they threw fantasy into space. So many times I see 70s space art with astronauts on planets with white castles, or a space shuttle landing on a primitive planet with a spear elf girl on a dinosaur.
@Quigmman 6 days ago
@DamienDarkside lmao I love it. It's really charming
@Cobaltios 6 days ago
​@Quigmman this should have been a Quake remake or something Quake related.
@LILAC_CHAOS 6 days ago
Those DnD genes are shining strong
@mr.pearzz3559 7 days ago
a gun that shoots skull fragments gotta be one of the most metal fucking things ive ever heard of or even seen before
@AnonJuggerbot 7 days ago
Also the most Catholic
@@AnonJuggerbot @mr.pearzz3559 Well, Good thing both call for the killing of demons
@GraveYardShif7 7 days ago
0:56 _We need More of this in all games, and less woke (We live in a Society) crybaby crap in games. Fuck your feels, no one cares._ 😂
I though that was the most stupid fucking thing. Unless that is lead skull.
@tatgam7674 7 days ago
Doom now Serious Sam.
Captain America: My shield is the most baddass shield ever Doom: Hold my Fucking Beer
The harder doomguy is to cosplay the harder his fit goes
@sqjpure 7 days ago
MY PC Ten minutes into the game: "I'm tired boss..."
@itsjustme4039 7 days ago
@@squweebybeebitz3289KEEP PLAYIN’!
@ab_obada5012 7 days ago
Don't worry ID software got very optimized games.
@NotAHueman 7 days ago
​@@ab_obada5012really it's insane
@jonnyboi2967 7 days ago
@@ab_obada5012 real
I am not even kidding, this straight up looks like a metal album cover turned into a game.
Metal: Hellsinger
@Belial1125 5 days ago
Honestly as fope as this video looks i still think its a weaker trailer then doom 2016. New noise made me wanna go out and fight some one and burn the city down.
@pedroduran8927 5 days ago
Yeah!! this is why we love doom
That’s basically what doom is. Also why it’s so fun
@John-- 5 days ago
I came for the killing and stayed for the music 😅
@MellowCanadian 16 hours ago
Little saddened we won't hear Mick in this one but I'm VERY glad ID/Bethesda didn't abandon the metal. Considering Mick had to fight for damn near every guitar track he added, I was expecting a more electronic soundtrack. My head immediately starting bobbing at 0:56
@M4x_M3m3z Day ago
@pedroduran8927 4 days ago
Friend: "How many times are you going to watch this trailer" Me: "Yes"
@StanFromTheShip 3 days ago
With gta6 and the new doom game coming out next year hopefully 2025 will be good
@vencelloth 5 days ago
Khorne: WHERE IS MY F_CKING SKULL MOUNTAIN?! Doom Guy with new weapon:
@thecourier3771 4 days ago
Was waiting for someone to make that joke
@mattwells5347 4 days ago
You think he left an I.O.U?
@wither5673 4 days ago
Khorn would be to busy frothing at the mouth for his potential greatest champion, to bad for him Doom guy would sooner rip his big brass head of his over sized shoulders before that ever happening lol.
@ln7929 4 days ago
​@@wither5673Doom Slayer can absorb demon souls so khorn would hate him
i just figured out this is set during the war against hell when doomguy becomes a legendary night sentinel and fights alongside them in the war against the forces of hell. That's the reason you see the drakes and the atlan titans in the trailer. There might be a crew of night sentinels in the Atlan piloting it alongside him. I bet there might even be some sort of rallying system where you can buff friendly warriors.
@RobC_0 Day ago
Doom of war: Krato's Uncle
@flintaran 7 days ago
Doomguy really said: "I'm gonna get medieval on your ass!"
@leguac4187 7 days ago
it was getting to that point in eternal but this is next level
@M.W.H. 7 days ago
I know what you did there 👍🏻
@hdragon2712 7 days ago
Leon: 👏👏👏
@T-vo5em 7 days ago
@Narggie 6 days ago
I like how instead of launching an artillery strike they just send in the doom slayer
@solisprime2669 6 days ago
He is the artillery strike
@wither5673 6 days ago
bro is a WMD lmfao.
@mechm1nd 6 days ago
You can dodge the artillery…
@Sumblueguy41 6 days ago
He’s helldiving before it became mainstream
@R3_En3zyProd 2 days ago
Thank you so much for not ruining DOOM Bethseda
I mean they did ruin Mick Gordon's work, so it's not like they didn't ruin anything in the Doom franchise
@modeman15 Day ago
@@nikoraasu6929 It could have been worse. much, much worse.
@@modeman15 sure thing
@modeman15 Day ago
@@nikoraasu6929 Imagine what horrors we could have seen.
@@nikoraasu6929that was one guy
@SoldierOfFate 7 hours ago
"How can we make the Slayer any more badass?" "Give him a Jaeger and a Dragon."
@JoniCardenas 6 days ago
Doom Slayer is now a Death Metal Captain America
@linkeroniw 6 days ago
You should look into getting a real job instead of running scams.
@fdslk1 6 days ago
no, he's QUAKE, for real, this is quake on doom and it's so effin' gud
@tyberius5615 5 days ago
Still better than a black captain america, right?
@bumponlog 5 days ago
He's in his goth phase
@Siracha-Sauce 5 days ago
Probably ​@@tyberius5615
First of all: Fuck. Second of all: Yes.
First off calm down. Hey I said calm down Jabroni!
Nice profile picture
@mozamman7219 7 days ago
Third of all: Daddy.
@DarkerIsDarker 7 days ago
@infinity_sh4816 6 days ago
Holy shit what did I just watch?? Ingenuity in a shooter? YES PLEASE!!!!!!!
1:30 "Get in the robot, Slayer"
@Solo_man69 7 days ago
"Parry this you filthy demon"
@CarlTheSpud 7 days ago
Yes. This
@BigHailFan 7 days ago
Petition to call the skull gun the "Head Cannon."
@ploopower89 7 days ago
It's like the old tyme version of the unmakyr
Give me head, cannon
Apparently it’s called the Accelerator
Either that or “Mindblower”
Bro how tf you gon make doomslayer more badass than he already is😭😭😭😭
@parviz862 Day ago
He is using a fucking head as bullets. 🫨
@LonelySandwich 5 days ago
"May the blood on your sword never dry, and may we never need you again." Doomguy: "No"
@tomaslimer 5 days ago
its a prequel so Yes. For now.
@jurivjerdha2467 4 days ago
@@tomaslimer prequel before eternal ?
@astrowolf61729 4 days ago
@@jurivjerdha2467Before 2016
@dieptrieu6564 4 days ago
@@jurivjerdha2467 yes, they literally stated that this was before he became a hero. And the fact it set in the dark age, aka the middle age
@Dennis-nc3vw 4 days ago
He liked the first part.
@drewfitzy 6 days ago
Devil 1: He flies now? DEvil 2: He flies now!
@thequietone6860 6 days ago
“It’s game over man! GAME OVER!”
Devil 3: He flies now?!
@AnotherVexium 6 days ago
Erm, this is awkward. He's right behind me, isn't he.
@DraaelD 6 days ago
@lazyasfff 2 days ago
"Doom Eternal raised the bar too high, there's no way the sequel can- okay nvm."
@BFArch0n 2 days ago
Top 5 gaming trailers ever. That music is fantastic
DOOM is the most unapologetically metal franchise ever. Thanks DOOM!
@user-xq7to1ht2m 7 days ago
you are doomed
Most Christian game too
And that's how's supposed to stay!
@DeadPixel1105 6 hours ago
This comment currently has 666 likes. Nice.
@OL1V3RTHE1ST 3 days ago
“Thou Shall Ripeth And Teareth.”
@argus4108 2 days ago
And we shall sendeth to them, only youeth
underrated comment XD
​@@argus4108And we shall sendeth unto them only thee*
@---cn3zh 23 hours ago
Hahahah 😂
Everyone: I dont have munition help!! DoomGuy using demon skulls as ammunition: Yes
@beep1580 15 hours ago
this is unlike any fucking modern doom game this is gonna go fucking insane
@kadenbirch 5 days ago
"So how metal do you want your trailer to be?" Bethesda: "Yes."
@ziadbittar3797 4 days ago
Fyi bethesda are just the publishers, they don’t make the game
@rizzo-films 4 days ago
​@@ziadbittar3797ID software, whatever. Point still made!
@novato929 4 days ago
@kadenbirch 4 days ago
​@@ziadbittar3797 obviously. I wasn't gonna go into the nuance of publishers and developers and who actually markets the game in a satire post my guy.
@kadenbirch 4 days ago
​@@novato929what do you mean? The music is BA
The shield just looks so perfect like it should have been there the whole time
@dwaynecox2002 2 days ago
Isabelle be like: my Best friend got a fit for Ren Faire now?
@TheJimmyPops 7 days ago
1:00 Sentinels: “We’re getting real tired of tripping over all these skulls.” Sentinel Engineer: “Yeah, so, hear me out for a sec…”
@wilddoge5130 7 days ago
Sentinel: "Stop right there and let me say..... That is so Fucking Metal."
@RakieemF 7 days ago
That's pretty metal...
@dammond696 7 days ago
we got a skull grinding machine gun, ripping out shards of bones to rip off pounds of flesh from our foes. so cool.
@evanbelisle8464 7 days ago
Khorn is pissed
@TheJimmyPops 7 days ago
@@wilddoge5130”SHUT UP AND TAKE MY PRAETOR SUIT COINS” Or whatever they use for currency, ha, had to make the meme fit!
@sharkladtm2264 7 days ago
"how many times have you watched this?" "Yes"
@tsartomato 7 days ago
i wish negative
been out 2 hours so 60 timed
@delofon 7 days ago
i've not been this hyped for a game for a long time
@thunderred5263 6 days ago
I will watch Eternally
@aYtto Day ago
that bunny must've been his best companion, he still ain't done with em.