ELITE Powerlifter ANATOLY Pretends to be BEGINNER in GYM  

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May 8, 2024




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Comments : 12K   
@vladimirfitness 20 days ago
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@jvs2023 20 days ago
@dariuswillder3169 20 days ago
Anatoly big fun of you from Poland, please wear next time supermen cloths to the make prank :)
@musikku5241 20 days ago
Real saitama
@CsabaTothMr 20 days ago
The music is well cut, portion of the lyrics "Nyet problema" = Anatoly
@santinopaglia7869 20 days ago
First , the baseless comments "......You are gonna hurt yourself " Second , the dumb looking faces after his performance .😮
@MrNickMulgrave 15 days ago
Removing the weights at the end was the ultimate humiliation.
@TRUEROOTS2022 15 days ago
Haha I loved that too 😂 like okay back to your baby shit boys
@user-eo1zf8lp1h 15 days ago
i didnt thought about that :DDD
@2tofff 15 days ago
totally "you skinny boys can't handle one more"
@sr-xrp4817 15 days ago
@Mohit355... 20 days ago
Anatoly is a professional EGO Cleaner...🔥 Both of them can't believe it.... 😵‍💫 and their reaction.... 😂
@CsabaTothMr 20 days ago
And he is even humming :D
This is the best comment! Haha
How is that ??
@DespaceMan 20 days ago
Not only EGO cleaner but suddenly that gym memberships went down.
@Mohit355... 20 days ago
😂. ​@@CsabaTothMr
I LOVE how this Man Will HUMBLE you in a Heartbeat!
In a staged video it’s possible
@asdmayn3749 20 hours ago
@@catchingpipsfx8332 You even lift bruh??
@soulixyt1998 9 hours ago
@bitch_pfp_hunter Bro get her out
@McTickle27 8 hours ago
What the hell is that profile picture
Can’t get enough of this guy’s video. Very funny watching the hefty guys shock treatment. Funny
Came as Clark Kent and left as Superman
@user-su5lj4de3x 20 days ago
@ericcavelg 20 days ago
El mejor comentario
@DavidMedina-cb4rf 20 days ago
True 😂😂😂
@moralista2000 20 days ago
You gonna hurt yourself. Anatoly: Nope i'm gonna hurt your feelings
@dalelawrence85 20 days ago
@norlan3525 19 days ago
@Unknown-li2zz 19 days ago
@rzor1911 16 days ago
that's why people should keep in mind there will be someone superior, stronger or smarter, than you.
@WWuxian 15 days ago
Guy in black took the socks outta his shorts after that because he felt inadequate enough already
He laughed in his face while looking at the other dude. He's a B*tch his ego needed to get checked
Yeah wat is with dudes wear shit like that...he wants other men to look I think
@-Jesse.C Day ago
Okay? You imply being gay is wrong . Grow up ​@@nathankomosa8928
@adbc6740 Day ago
​@@nathankomosa8928Look at what???
@Pottled_Benis 20 hours ago
Pretty sure his shorts were just riding up from the lift he just did.
@TruLee-3745 2 days ago
I love this. Something about making haters and bullies look bad gives me fulfillment 💪🏽🙌🏽
@LakeAnglers 2 days ago
You know it’s all set up 🤦🏻fall for anything these days
Why are they haters and bullies? I didn't see them as such on this video.
@klaschel Day ago
Es gab keinen Hasser. Sie waren eher besorgt um seine Gesundheit.
@TheIceyeddy 20 days ago
Adding then removing the weights is the ULTIMATE ego buster.
@kelincitigaroda 16 days ago
1.7k likes without any reply? Let me fix that
@mcg9916 16 days ago
Laughed my ass off immediately reading this comment
@Zobokolobozo 16 days ago
Hilarious he just removed the extra plates and moved on lmao
@iTheWatcher-yk1ui 16 days ago
Well, may be that now they lift more because of a little egotimidation :)
@judithazi7362 16 days ago
Its fantastic!
@teaaet1 20 days ago
The "wtf" look on their face is priceless.
@0000gogo 20 days ago
Don't judge anyone !
@marrowvontie8096 20 days ago
I feel a little bad for them.
@user-mg6wn4hs5t 20 days ago
Anatoly blows them all away every time!
@originalno1087 19 days ago
looked for this comment did not search long. Anotoly shredded his brain. cleaned the jerk.
@ricardodayao2457 19 days ago
Hahaha emotional damage😅😅😅
That the definition of don’t judge a book by its cover.
@nicojauregui740 2 days ago
Didn’t even take the backpack off 😅😂😂😂 gold
@messiah.complexx 17 days ago
Two plates were enough for that man to break his ego.
@damjanmladic9327 17 days ago
He did sumo … Anatoly did it the clean way !!!!
@Ya_Mf_Boi 17 days ago
@@Whatsgoodmydude2222 and everyone clapped
@willhull9075 17 days ago
​@Ya_Mf_Bodon't don't forget the bj that was so good it sucked his soul out for a moment. I mean when the woman worker saw such a feat how could she refuse😅
@Neopitpit 16 days ago
But 40 kg plate!!!
@TET2005 11 days ago
He reached the end of the bar... I know he could lift more.
@lwgrch3391 20 days ago
Anatoly: can I humble you guys please 😂😂
@engrchris8149 20 days ago
@DespaceMan 20 days ago
Anatoly *YES*
@normanalvarez5751 17 days ago
@normanalvarez5751 17 days ago
@vincentabel6654 4 days ago
This man’s mind is more powerful than his body at the time of lifting ❤
@herogunslinger 4 days ago
Those guys honestly needed to be humbled. Clear difference between being big and being strong.
@powerk21 3 days ago
to be honest they were warning him he could get injured, I think they were cool
@puckered6036 3 days ago
@Jaywant811 3 days ago
Most of his audience are like that​@@puckered6036
@sam-ej7sq 3 days ago
Bro what u mean, they where doing their sets by themselves? Its perfectly reasonable to assume he was not a powerlifter and could hurt himself. And wym difference between strong and big? Ur forgetting they aleready had a shit ton of weight on.
@wide-awake 3 days ago
"Clear difference between being big and being strong." there's not that big of a difference, man. those guys are already strong. anatoly is just an absolute freak.
@andreasklindt7144 20 days ago
His relaxed humming while he lifts the weight is killing me... 😂
@A.M.Customs 20 days ago
@leoderick8217 20 days ago
@skylark4901 20 days ago
Ha, this was my thinking 😆 Their looks!
@c523jw7 20 days ago
😂😂😂 Just noticed that 🤣💀
😂 Yeah... The silly , sheepish "hmm hmm... hmm hmm.." with that kind of weight in the air... 😂 For a moment they questioned their each and every life decision 😂
@paulstevens2666 17 days ago
Anatoly, proves there is a real difference between a body builder and a power lifter.
@jaysonb.6669 17 days ago
super DENSE muscle and ELITE technique
@elduderino1329 17 days ago
@@jaysonb.6669 There is no such as super dense muscle. The density of human muscle is always the same.
@jaysonb.6669 17 days ago
@@elduderino1329 wrong. Spend some time around lifetime boxers or wrestlers.
@kyju7093 17 days ago
@@elduderino1329bro I had an assistant wrestling coach in high school. Guy was maybe about 70 years old wasnt a buff or tall guy but his muscles felt like literal stones and can mop the floor with dudes 2x his size and 3x his age. Absolute beast and an amazing coach
@Ronlemay 17 days ago
@@jaysonb.6669 no, they're right. The difference lies in training for strength and training for hypertrophy.
@papim9759 4 days ago
Bulk vs density, dude is goku
Both are humble and caring. Sweet!
@francisgricejr 11 days ago
Perfect way to show how size doesn't matter, but muscle density and form do.
@voce3337 8 days ago
Doesn't have to do with muscle form. Strenght is a system of trainning too. If you often lift heavy weights (max. weight with low reps) but don't eat enought to build bigger muscles, you will be a very strong but thin man.
@@voce3337 he said form, not muscle form. he means the form you have when performing the exercise
@cinnamonpie5215 7 days ago
has literally nothing to do with muscle density buddy, you can't change the density of your muscle based on how you train
@@cinnamonpie5215 Amen. These jokers need to look up CNS muscle fiber recruitment.
@cionm7077 5 days ago
@@voce3337 u live in a fictional world lmao
@frozen427 6 days ago
The way they looked each other and questioning their existence.
@lifefighter88 3 days ago
373 likes and no replies? lemme fix thaaaaaaat
@frapsATV 3 days ago
they literally could not fkin believe what they're seeing
@MegaGamer-kx4jm 14 hours ago
That's that old sub par DNA for you. You can tell someone's IQ really easily by their body type.
@user-uo6jv2of3p 4 days ago
legends say they haven't closed their mouth yet
@B3A5TMOD3 4 days ago
yeah i was 6'2, 245lbs in hs. i squated 730lbs, and benched 480lbs. deadlift was amazingly at 815lbs. i made it to the 2000lbs club and that was an amazing goal for me in hs. but there was also a classmate of mine at 5'9, 165 lbs. he also squated 750lbs, benched 415 lbs, and dead lifted 790 lbs. and didnt look near as huge as i did. size doesnt matter. its how you train your muscles. everyone is different.
@Lonniebelle1979 16 days ago
I literally can never get enough of his "tee-hee" laugh😂
@user-xj9br7hi5y 15 days ago
and he was also humming a melody while lifting
@Senator315 17 days ago
Energy drink $5 Gym membership $30 The look on their faces- priceless
@relics2397 16 days ago
Where the fuck does an energy drink cost $5?
@AshErin8304 16 days ago
@@relics2397 I’m in Jersey and there’s places that Prime cost $7
@iHMDulton 16 days ago
@@relics2397costs $5.49 at my old gym
@jamumsiselad 16 days ago
@@relics2397in australia its $6
@Naturelife74636 16 days ago
Idiots .. in Europe it’s 2 Euro … american guys got fucked up of Their Social Media Heroes Hahahha
@effdiffeyeno171 3 days ago
The little tune he was humming! Gone, but not forgotten. ❤
@user-ve9bz1lr1y 3 days ago
his casual humming makes it even better because you can tell by the humming that he isn't struggling with the weight at all...
@ansoucamara9462 18 days ago
Don't ever underestimate small people in public. I salute you Anatoly.
I'm 6ft 6 and 166 pounds I bench 225
@alexpritsert 17 days ago
He is not so small. Under those big clothes hiding pretty neat buddy.
@NowLedgeOutpost 17 days ago
​@@alexpritserthe meant overall.
@sethralston4340 17 days ago
​@@footballmangerchampion2023 I'm 5' 9" 175 and can bench about 250 lbs
@DongsMcLong 17 days ago
​@@footballmangerchampion2023At that height you're a twig at 166
@vickydixon7512 4 days ago
Goes to show it's not about size, it's about the concentration of muscle, and technique. 👏👏
@harrywatson2694 2 days ago
its about strength and form
I'm still amazed @ how he does it without bulk muscles🤔
@v3n481 2 days ago
@Matt-jc2ml 2 days ago
​@@GodessIsabelRaina deadlift doesn't require huge muscles, and heavily relies on arm length
@@Matt-jc2ml Seems like continuous reps/sets would build muscle🤔
@MsCheriecoco 3 days ago
The way to took off the weights he added like, “okay kids go back to what you were doing”, took me out.😅😅😅
@320speed 12 days ago
"I'm sorry" He's savage 🤣
@user-ou5tm8vf8m 11 days ago
Он русский и этим всё сказано.
@user-lc3gv7li5l 3 days ago
​@@user-ou5tm8vf8mвообще он украинец, но это тоже самое😂
@Klaustrus 8 days ago
I fucking love these clips. The look of sheer disbelief on their faces every single time 😅
@pio7763 5 days ago
Son, it's acting
@adolft_official 5 days ago
Fake Weights+ Acting= RU-vid Money
@lucasd534 5 days ago
@@adolft_official idk about the acting part but theyre definitley not fake weights lol the guy is a power lifter and the bar is clearly bending
@davidmedina6874 5 days ago
​@@adolft_officialyou must educate yourself more before being a hater!😂
Me too! This Mt 8th time watching this in a row.
@sandipgurung7404 8 hours ago
Anatoly humming while lifting was the best part 😂😂😂❤❤❤
@C-YAH 4 days ago
Taught my guys, "never judge a book ny its cover". That was another emotional damage moment!!!
@lgabundance 17 days ago
Guy in the black questioned his entire life like "what have I been doing wrong"! 😂😂😅
@magoolew5131 17 days ago
The other guy too.
@joeshmoe8432 17 days ago
@ajoyrosle5446 17 days ago
@okay377 17 days ago
Very true 🤣
💞 😜 😂😂😂😂😂👍
The way they laughed and the way they looked at the end was priceless 😅😂
When the farm boys show up at the gym.
@cheskoblast 6 days ago
Totally. They were pretty jinxed
Los plumuos pensaban que la fuerza esta en la musculatura no señor la fuerza esta en la mente 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣👏👏👏👏
@CaptainSpud88 3 days ago
This dude is a beast .. he’s humble … and cleans ego clocks
@MD_Wisdom Day ago
I used to work out with a guy, in college who would always wear baggy sweats to work out. He was highly intelligent and educated and knew how to move his body to target the muscle groups he wanted to focus on. He taught me that it was unnecessary to wear revealing clothing. He had mastered discipline and humility.
@siramira4183 12 days ago
They went silent real fast 😂 with a disbelief on their face i love it
@Validity_TN 12 days ago
i like that they cared for his health. imagine a random dude who has no idea and just want to show off. he could get hurt pretty bad. i dont think they were cocky. just seriously worried
@d_mac3233 11 days ago
I've been thinking that some of these Anatoly vids look staged but that was some genuine disbelief on those faces 😂
@Jonathan_007 16 days ago
"You'll hurt yourself" Anatoly's is like noooo, but watch me hurt your ego.
@OfSheikah 12 days ago
i think to be fair he kind of put concern but Anatoly's already pick the bar, the show is already started...
@DrBreyn 3 days ago
This was the best reaction yet. They could not understand. Their faces were crazy good
@redskorpion75 3 days ago
Anatoly is fucking awesome. 🤣 If I ever see him in the gymn I'm taking notes and asking questions. 🍺🔥🔥🔥
This prank is the coldest 😢. The look of bewilderment and utter confusion after Anatoly completed the lifts is priceless 😅😂.
@JohnDoe-xi3nk 17 days ago
They even looked angry hahaha
@Justinsox39 17 days ago
I hope you’re all bots
@dirleidalpiaz894 17 days ago
E sem tocar os pesos no chão
@endurofan9854 17 days ago
i think they were feeling insulted to be outdone by a guy 3x smaller than them
@micsss_ 17 days ago
they really felt the useless size they have given their strength
@Funnyclipper12 20 days ago
The next stop is the SQUAT 😂😂
I love how he just goes around TAKING SOULS😈 David Goggins style🤣
@user-vx5zt7yj1d 4 days ago
I love watching your videos, the expressions on people's faces is priceless ❤😂
@poeskey 17 days ago
Honestly these guys were pretty respectful all things considered. I loved lefts reaction, his whole life flashed before his eyes.
@wardiya3arbiya 16 days ago
All guys in anatoly videos are nice guys. He is changing the way people like me, who don't go to the gym, think about those gym guys
@imhypers 16 days ago
Everything's about politics these days huh? Left vs right. Sheesh 😅
@jiro6748 16 days ago
​@@imhypers really bro? 💀
​@wardiya3arbiya nope. I've seen real assholes in some of his vids
@TheCelticsAREboss 16 days ago
it's fake lol this is a skit
@raybugz9275 13 days ago
How to embarrass yourself? Let Anatoly enter your gym.
@nicksmackerz 12 days ago
Nah just be humble, cheer him on, don't ever try to belittle anybody
@sloth1555 Day ago
Love the humming on the last rep! Just crushes their ego even more cuz he makes it look so easy!
@adamlampard1933 10 hours ago
Anatoly is the SH*T. I love this guy!!!!
@SpiritYouAll 10 days ago
Dude really defines quality over quantity.
@ernestomunoz2129 16 days ago
Everybody gangsta until Anatoly pull's up and effortlessly pick's up their weight. He a real inspiration tho 🫡
@mareksklenar8668 15 days ago
IT IS comedy
@user-vg8tv1hp9c 15 days ago
@@mareksklenar8668he’s basically Brad cattleberry rebranded, but since he’s smaller people let him get away with it
@donniefaust2763 15 days ago
Dude is extremely strong for his weight and size no Diddy.
@mane690 15 days ago
​@@user-vg8tv1hp9cwhat do U mean with they let hin get away with him? The other Guy Not or what
@toddhellyar4167 15 days ago
​@donniefaust2763 Actually a world champion for his weight class....so yeah, he is very strong....lol
I never get tired of watching the gym bros faces when you lift a heavy lift no diddy 😂😂
Killed their egos
@qthirteen13 15 days ago
Guy legit looked down and questioned if the weights were real 😂
@AndersP-qv9ct 15 days ago
Plot twist, they aren't
@Dylan-vv3gn 15 days ago
“Am I lifting fake weights?”😂😂😂
@marcusgee3002 15 days ago
@@AndersP-qv9ct Yes they are bro, look into Anatoly. He is a beast
@prestonbaker8456 15 days ago
Ofc their fake… and these dudes are definitely acting.
@AndersP-qv9ct 15 days ago
@@prestonbaker8456 a LOT of ppl here aren't realizing this
@sillieww 15 days ago
If Anatoly walks into my gym I'll walk out to avoid being embarrassed.
@johndevin1193 14 days ago
@lemmecook911 14 days ago
​@@johndevin1193avoid? avoid.
@GioGrimaldi 14 days ago
why lol, unless you have a big ego
@rioluvo 4 days ago
i hope he doesnt start faking these theyre so good 🦔❄
Hahaha their faces once He's living. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Love this guy how he destroys their hegos.
@dylanind2629 16 days ago
Ego DESTROYED !!!!!! Youre an absolute beast 🤙🏻
@UditENG-xi4pu 15 days ago
I don't really think that was ego they were just worried for him . Also pretty sure most of his videos are staged .
@user-qr2jl6gk4i 10 days ago
But when he said,, you are very skinny, I fell off the chair, they really didn't understand that it's not all about big muscles...
@sigho4094 20 days ago
It's the way the smile wipes off their faces for me
@Brian-qf4iw 18 days ago
@JohnDoe-xi3nk 17 days ago
They even look angry at the end hahaha
@homedogoli 17 days ago
@@JohnDoe-xi3nk Guy in the white was actually laughing a lot at the end in the full vid. The other guy was just mindblown though lol.
This is one of your BEST videos, because of the two arrogant guys. The bigger the pride the bigger the humiliation... GREAT prankster Anatoly.
It's official, I love these videos. For some reason they never get old.
@jbarron4596 15 days ago
He wiped that arrogant smirk right off their faces. Could hear their jaws hitting the floor. 😂
@aydinsha 15 days ago
Its not arrogant to assume something you'll be correct about 99.9% of the time. They were concerned he'd hurt himself. In reality the douche would be the person taking over your workout mid set.
@harumakival 15 days ago
Is it arrogant to reasonably judge someone’s ability based off concern for them?
@mikedarius994 15 days ago
​@@aydinshalaughing about a person means those are concerned about him? GTFO, disappointment
@iaamara8434 15 days ago
That's what a DYEL would say
@carljohnston7527 12 days ago
I've never seen someone choke on their own words before! Anatoly humbled them real quick!😂😂😂😂
@Jagabot_Esq. 12 days ago
You know that these are 100% scripted, right?
@@Jagabot_Esq. vous étiez là?
He has that ultimate sleeper build.
The way the looked at each other and laughed😂 I love it man
@seizuresalad91 17 days ago
Not only did he shatter the ego, he did it with conventional.
@endurofan9854 17 days ago
additional breaking point with those extra 2 weightsfor the skinny guy 😅
Is that what it is?? Ego? The muscle man seriously told Anatoly not to pick such heavy weight as the skinny guy. But it turned into an ego thing? Why? How?
@TheTRAINOR11 11 days ago
The looks on their faces is priceless 🤣
@VilleValpuri 8 days ago
They acting
@slimcharles3222 8 days ago
​@@VilleValpurishhh, don't ruin it for the 308 idiots that liked it
@michael12ware 4 days ago
His power is amazing 🤩
I never get tired of this guy 😂😂😂
@GummySlayer 16 days ago
Size doesn't matter. - Anatoly
@AxTenTen 20 days ago
Anatoly was born with 8 balls. He gave away 6. Now they are called "The Infinity stones."
@camdenkelp9506 20 days ago
Lmao good one
@seryoga2687 18 days ago
Yeah this was really a good one!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Good one!
@laars0001 18 days ago
@patrickg6032 15 hours ago
The way the guy in white is acting tough in the end is pure gold
@SA20127 4 days ago
I always love seeing the shock on their faces 😂
@juarez97 20 days ago
Glad he did not say those were fake weights, otherwise they would commit suicide.
@DespaceMan 20 days ago
Nah the guys would have gone to the front counter asking for their gym membership to be refunded.
@juarez97 20 days ago
That was way better then my comment!!😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣
I love seeing the fake weights reactions😂
@tileux 20 days ago
Those guys were looking at them afterwards as if they were fake.
@user-ox2mz8ds7g 19 days ago
It's bad for the gym to trick the customers with fake weights. How do they get away with this fraud .
@556skitzo 15 days ago
i love seeing these dudes get humbled. the message is clear, "i work for strength, you work to look strong"
those dude are pretty strong too
@user-ih8ft7tp8w 14 days ago
Нет ты не прав я чуваки очень сильные.
@bendenlee7290 14 days ago
you know it staged right?
@curtiszyr 14 days ago
Uhm the buff dudes are strong moron 😂
@@bendenlee7290 I don't know, the one guy at the end in the white tank top looked [pissed and went to his air lats pose to not lose face.
@jhare3635 Day ago
The look on the guys face when he easly and smoothly picks up the weights is priceless.
@phillipthomas118 17 days ago
The fact that the guy was doing a sumo deadlift and Anatoly was conventional speaks volumes 😂👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿
@HuggyBear420 17 days ago
You mean deadlifting the right proper way. Sumo lifting doesnt allow for full use of leg muscles and tendons
@jovanleon7 17 days ago
@BatkoBrat 17 days ago
​@@HuggyBear420 it's a variation, both are correct, but sumo allows more weigth, while conventional allows more effort for smaller weigjt
@AS-ok8hi 17 days ago
@@HuggyBear420annoying comment
@josiahb.2117 17 days ago
Possibly the most humbled I've seen one of these guys in Anatoly's vids.
@AzamatRaxmatovv 2 days ago
Gap boʼlishi mumkin emas bro shu darajaga yetishni oʼzi qiyin Xudoni quvvat bersin senga omad
I could watch these all day 😂😂😂
I LOVE it! Look at their faces. Mouth drop. ✨ . I admire you so much Anatoly🤣
@johnanderson913 16 days ago
He doesn’t even drop out on the way down either. Maybe the technique helped him become stronger over the long road. 🤷🏼‍♂️
@QuantumLocksmith 20 days ago
The most brutal video yet...
Анатолий , Анатолий 😍👍
@Drauma 9 hours ago
The "mmh mmh mmh" on the last, is magical.
😂😂😂...the expressions on their faces at the end is ultimate gold!!!!
@robboerman9378 7 days ago
One of the best so far, the look on their faces 😂
@666neoselen 4 days ago
they were like "how in the what the where damn he's made of" (yes, this badly mashed)
@Sasha-zu3hk 2 days ago
Сколько раз я это просмотрел, можно смотреть вечно)))
@asdmayn3749 20 hours ago
hahaha bros face was priceless after Anatoly lifted them XD
@smartjt 16 days ago
Anatoly has caused those guys to question their existence in the gym.
hahahahhah i stated similar: in under 10 seconds just realised ineffably how much of a waste of time and energy and money and effort etc they spent. Anatoly destroyed their egos. Maybe now they will learn to have a relationship with humility.
@courier_official 15 days ago
@reggaelion86 15 days ago
Question their injections too
@yolirivera51853 20 days ago
Anatoly is my favorite character in his janitorial persona. I love the shocked looks on the faces of these people who think they’re all that and a bag of chips. Thank you for keeping it humble always- God bless Anatoly
@stevemurphy2295 19 days ago
You know I think most of the guys are actually pretty kind about it they don't come off as steroid Junkies
@yolirivera51853 19 days ago
@@stevemurphy2295 it’s that he’s so nerdy and skinny in that uniform, they’re worried about the goofy guy
@500Motombo 5 days ago
Bag of chips??😂😂😂
The priceless face expressions on the cocky guy ~ chief’s kiss
When Anatoly said: For mee That was funny.😂😂 And their reaction🤣
@sidejacked9447 17 days ago
The guy in the white vest looked offended after you walked off. Put in his place in such as a honest way. 💪
@AllynHin 17 days ago
I didn't get 'offended' from his expression. It looked more like "who was that masked man?" (I know you're probably too young to understand that reference.)
@fabiollopes 17 days ago
You mean his ego was offended, right?
@roberthatch6153 16 hours ago
I kinda like the quiet “your going to hurt yourself”
@tbhturbo 18 hours ago
The faces on these men are truly heartwarming... Hahahaha...
@jayaramsingh357 20 days ago
He did a sumo lift , Anatoly destroyed him with a conventional lift. 😎
@zethjairus 20 days ago
If he didn't do sumo it means its fake weights. 🤣
@wahjidnasser7265 20 days ago
The top power lifters in competitions do conventional. “ Sumo is easy” is gym bro vibes
@TastyFreezeyo 18 days ago
The guy with the black hat had his ego destroyed.
With extra weights on
@Taranjotsgaming 11 days ago
My man has proved that size doesn't matter!
@darkrockman2389 9 days ago
Only with weightlifting
@danieljones173 9 days ago
​@@darkrockman2389go wrestle with a professional.
@ripp3rjak934 9 days ago
​@darkrockman2389 You know how incredible that is though? Thats enough weights to kill a man if dropped on you. To have that kind of POWER.
Under his baggy clothes, the dude is shredded.
@NewLeaf-nu4pv 8 days ago
Size does matter and "it matters" is all there is to it, at the end of the day it's up to you what you decide to make of yourself whether it be reaching your own biological peak or competing in a professional field.