Eminem - The Mental States Of Shady : Fanmade Album 

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Jun 2, 2023




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ten_cents 3 months ago
0:00 Intro 1:05 Low, Down And Dirty 5:50 Just Don't Give A Fuck (SSEP Version) 9:54 No One's Iller Than Me Ft. Switfy McVay, Bizarre, Fuzz Scoota 14:54 Take The World With Me Ft. Pacewon {Remastered} 19:48 Ken Kaniff (skit) 21:04 Stir Crazy 24:16 Hellbound Ft. Masta Ice 28:19 My Name Is 32:47 Lounge (skit) 33:34 My Fault 37:28 Witch (skit) 38:50 Murder Murder 43:33 Rock Bottom [Demo Version] {Remastered} 47:05 Soap (skit) *Disc 2* 47:41 Biterphobia ('95) {Remastered} 51:20 Fuckin' Backstabber ('95) 54:45 The Wake Up Show Freestyle 56:54 Backstabber
Mr.TactiCal 3 months ago
Thanks Shady it is mf ME
Gregory Lewis
Gregory Lewis 2 months ago
❤❤❤ SA❤❤❤❤❤❤❤1a
Peter Steadman
Peter Steadman 23 days ago
Metascope Initiatives
Wow... haha, this is incredible.Well done. Excellent production.
MultiBigman420 3 months ago
Damn I haven't heard half of these good job on making that list bro
meridethmatt 3 months ago
This is the Holy Grail!…..Ty
Babylon Will Fall
Babylon Will Fall 2 months ago
I forgot about those Hellbound bars, unreal
Alx H
Alx H 3 months ago
TheOnly Stars Inférieur thé Sea❤❤❤
-- 2 months ago
If it wasn't you, I would never listened to these and others. That was a good journey.
Aaron How
Aaron How 2 months ago
Awesome upload, right here! :)
Chief Ozone Cloud
Chief Ozone Cloud 3 months ago
I like old people rap
Kevin Mcmaster
Kevin Mcmaster Month ago
Same hear blood.
Loni KD
Loni KD 3 months ago
Good God. No one is better than Eminem. He is also so HOT
Graham Cotton
Graham Cotton 3 months ago
Brilliant ❤️🔥🔥🔥💥💪👌
joe bananas
joe bananas Month ago
Top 🤙
English 2 months ago
Fury Tarzan
Fury Tarzan 3 months ago
That’s hilarious
Dion Khnum
Dion Khnum Month ago
Hold all in check laff 6 times at rappers sneak Diss especially when I feel literally in reception zombies become famous hurtum evil lines after lyrics have studio bad guys blabber sith dark times chopped up crowded lines eve of my evil not to go Grammy astro still seeing Dead Mary vocal lost between my Dos antimatter no hoax what react bring that back barks cant handle fangs vampire impaling mouth first my pledge hold unless scales grams resembles Dots fog mist hit murder than me you can't slip Death Penalty like Polo Streets pussy circles around where I use to be
Juan Castellanos
Juan Castellanos 2 months ago
Asi es como pintura a su aceite y le beben a thiner.
ΠJelly-fash 3 months ago
what is this album cover ai?
kazuto 2 months ago
hip hop. Hospital. Rest.Style.USS.
Andrew Young
Andrew Young 3 months ago
Nick Naugle
Nick Naugle 3 months ago
Declaration divination #investigation #annihilation #extermination #celebration #revelation $#declaration #appreciation #amelioriation 💯🔥👹☠️👺🔥💯
Alison Barnes
Alison Barnes 3 months ago
Fuck yessssss
Mark Stevens
Mark Stevens 3 months ago
Alx H
Alx H 3 months ago
Georg Tomme
Georg Tomme 3 months ago
Triggern gesetzt für meine die keine Entscheidung treffen können. Trick Tik HurraaaaAaaaahhhh
Alx H
Alx H 3 months ago
InnddAaaa l'île pareil fromnFrom BobSponggie 😮
Віктор 3 months ago
Paul Arlukiewicz
Paul Arlukiewicz 3 months ago
Look dude just quit trying to be me please
WittyBlindeyez 3 months ago
Thiß A.I. music is recycled Em over beats that don't match his expression
CaddyV 3 months ago
Lol these are old but real songs
WittyBlindeyez 3 months ago
Not real EM thumbs down 👎
ten_cents 3 months ago
It says in the title fan made not real 😩
Nemi Emo
Nemi Emo 3 months ago
What 😂😂😂😂 go to sleep 💤
KPMG Producer
KPMG Producer 3 months ago