Entourage Crushes This Bride's Confidence And She Ends Up In Tears! | Say Yes To The Dress Atlanta

Say Yes to the Dress
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This entourage led by a cheapskate mum is crushing this bride's confidence to the point of her crying!

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Aug 23, 2020




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Jesi Hutxh
Jesi Hutxh Year ago
Lori looks pissed. I can’t imagine running a business that you’re passionate about trying to make brides happy and they come in with their own family tearing them down. I’d be pissed too.
Kelly Dube
Kelly Dube 5 months ago
this is the reason i would just go myself...pick the dress that makes me happy and they will see it on the wedding day! they dont like it tough!!! its the bride's day!
A.T. Productions
A.T. Productions 5 months ago
As someone who knows someone that owns a dress store personally, I can safely say that they always want their customers to leave feeling confident and beautiful, no matter what they decide to buy, or whether they like it or not.
Nurul Ain Amirrudin
Nurul Ain Amirrudin 7 months ago
Totally agree!
ZAR1AWANG 7 months ago
Kecy M.
Kecy M. 9 months ago
Paige Mick
Paige Mick Year ago
How to be polite: "It's not my personal style, but it's your special day and if it makes you feel beautiful then you shall have it"
Kristina Mekhael
@Hamna Ahmad she brought them for their opinions, not their rude comments.
L Grace Music
L Grace Music 2 months ago
@Mimsy Adamson Even more proves Rosa's point.
Jackie Maxwell
Jackie Maxwell 3 months ago
Nailea Taylor
Nailea Taylor 4 months ago
@Hamna Ahmad there’s a difference between giving your opinion or advice, and just being mean.
Here is a human
Here is a human 4 months ago
@Hamna Ahmad Because they are being rude, not helpful.
W O Year ago
More fathers need to attend their daughters "Dress day" I know I will be there for my daughters.
sleepydemon 17 days ago
but thank you
sleepydemon 17 days ago
or ✨wife✨ i like females and males as well
W O 18 days ago
@Emperor Palpatine ♥️
W O 18 days ago
@sleepydemon I am sorry to hear that. May your husband be the father to your children that your dad couldn’t be to you. ♥️
W O 18 days ago
@Calliope He doesn’t have to have style to sit there silently and share that beautiful moment.
Doggy Doggo
Doggy Doggo 8 months ago
“I just wanna feel beautiful again” girl....you’re gorgeous. Your face shape is amazing and your smile is adorable.
Isaac 3 months ago
I wish she was able to read this
♡ Adelyn ♡
♡ Adelyn ♡ 4 months ago
@DroughtRogue Ok
DroughtRogue 8 months ago
Trolled on
Jami Jenkins
Jami Jenkins Year ago
There should be a rule that if the entourage makes the bride cry and feel like she's worthless, they need to immediately vacate the premises.
Velma Coffey
Velma Coffey 7 days ago
You are right!!
Vixxen Reigns
Vixxen Reigns 9 days ago
YES!!!! ABSOLUTELY!!!! I don't think I will get married again at my age but some of these girls come in with a bunch of people and they're all bickering over what they want and not listening to what the BRIDE wants. And some of these people are downright mean. So mean that if it were me I would rescind the invite and cut them out of my life.
Aiko-Chan Month ago
I feel like this would make the bride feel worthless and the family would call her or him an a hole or sm
April Kurtz
April Kurtz 3 months ago
Conflict makes $$$ for this stupid, stupid show.
WeltonvilleGal 3 months ago
Agreed. Escorted out with extreme prejudice.
Jess Belén
Jess Belén Year ago
She wants a bohemian chic style, imagine the dresses Gok will show her
hu tao
hu tao 4 months ago
@Jennymk01 he's obviously not a crown prince
秋本 4 months ago
@Fazza Muhammad i'd rather meet the queen of England, thanks
llama mama
llama mama 5 months ago
@Fazza Muhammad Greetings from the tired n depressed college student I come to ask are you good my dude?
megantheestallion 6 months ago
@Fazza Muhammad u smokin sumthin?
Keely Brown
Keely Brown 6 months ago
My thoughts exactly
AP-17 7 months ago
Sometimes I wish I were really rich so I could just spoil random people who really need it.
Dwayne Milburn
Dwayne Milburn Month ago
Right? It would be such a cool thing to be able to help people more often.
Simply Sonya
Simply Sonya 3 months ago
Me Too 🙏🏽❤️🙏🏽
Crystal Jackson
Crystal Jackson 4 months ago
Same 🙏🏽
RDGTrap 4 months ago
Molly Splorch
Molly Splorch 4 months ago
same here totally, I fantasize about that a lot
Izzy Brown
Izzy Brown Year ago
i love that the aunt is like “we aren’t getting a dress bc it’s half price” someone finally said it
Damami Year ago
For her to say "I just wanna feel beautiful again" Im looking at this my heartbroke. All I'ma say is bride if you ever come across this your beautiful. very beautiful.
Isabel Barradell
Isabel Barradell 2 months ago
Amen! She's a lovely young woman with a sweet, gentle heart.
Plum Sparkles
Plum Sparkles Year ago
Samantha Abreu
The recipe is simple: If she says she loved the dress, you all say that she looks beautiful and that's it.
liv nicole
liv nicole Day ago
@Eileen McDonald i’m going to be blunt and honest, if it is unflattering on them i will tell them
Eileen McDonald
@Donna Evans agreed
Eileen McDonald
@Treble Clef only opinion that should matter is your own. If you are that low on self esteem you really should see a professional
Eileen McDonald
@liv nicole so you would want to make someone cry? What a nasty human
Sarah Kendrick
{Insert name here}
Let’s be real she rocked every single dress.
Aya Papaya
Aya Papaya 2 months ago
the second dress looks gorgeous on her.
Radhia Deedou
Radhia Deedou 4 months ago
She didn't
Sofia Salazar
Sofia Salazar Year ago
You know what it’s difficult? Building up confidence, and it’s even worse when someone comes and crushes the little confidence you have.
It's VERY difficult to build confidence, it can take months to even year's to build it, and at the same time it can take a QUICK 20 seconds to tear it down
especially when it's your own family
yo mama
yo mama Year ago
Aunt: “We are not getting a dress just because is half prize..” Mom: “YES WE ARE” and that is on being cheap
cc99556 2 months ago
If $500 is all you can afford to contribute to your daughter’s wedding dress, you are an abject failure at life.
bella 4 months ago
@Nailea Taylor 500 is cheap for any wedding gown
Nailea Taylor
Nailea Taylor 4 months ago
“Cheap?” These dresses are EXPENSIVE. 500+ dollars for dresses that start around 1,500 and go up?? Definitely not cheap. I agree it was their choice to go there, but nothing cheap about spending 500+ dollars 😂
poobus doobus
poobus doobus 5 months ago
I wanna wipe off moms fake eyebrows to shut her up
potocatepetl 6 months ago
@rebecca pirato They did, knowing that she will be willing to pay $500. That means that the others are willing to pay the rest. Why else go there otherwise? Since when do parents HAVE to pay for expensive dresses?
Jennifer Madera
Jennifer Madera 6 months ago
I’m not a fashionista but most of the dresses they showed her were not “hippie” looking. I was waiting for the light, flowy, boho dresses with bling/flower designs and the one she picked was the only one close to that ! Am I wrong?
NUYAKA Month ago
A high-end store is not really the best place to shop for hippie couture.
Marley 4 months ago
Yup. I was imagining a celtic/medieval design, like long sleeves off the shoulder? But the headband was very American hippie ☮️ ✌️
RosieSquall 4 months ago
I was waiting for the same. Flowy, simple but beautiful. The tiara of the last one was waaay too much.
Pegathee Too
Pegathee Too 4 months ago
Probably didn't have anything like that in her price range.
Radhia Deedou
Radhia Deedou 4 months ago
@Calliope0954 a flower crown would've been better. The headband reminded of 20s or 30s style
tWoXsL Year ago
"I smell disagreement in the room. That isn't legal in here." I love her lol
The Outcasted Channel
The Outcasted Channel 10 months ago
Omg I read the comment as she said! Lol
Aoife Kennedy
Aoife Kennedy 10 months ago
@ItZSemmy ok I just didn’t want you or anyone else to be offended by the language so that’s why I was apologising
ItZSemmy 10 months ago
@Aoife Kennedy that is alright
Aoife Kennedy
Aoife Kennedy 10 months ago
@ItZSemmy they should make a TV programme called “It’s not your freaking wedding” (sorry for my language and all the swearing)
Aoife Kennedy
Aoife Kennedy 10 months ago
@ItZSemmy same
Emaan G
Emaan G Year ago
Are we not gonna talk about her mom’s eyebrows 💀
Talkative Toadette
Talkative Toadette 14 days ago
RIGHT - They look like a 1st grader drew them on with a pencil 💀
Blondesense 6 months ago
lol these look like old episodes, it was all about that Pamela Anderson look in the 2000’s.
🤡𝓚𝓸𝓴𝓲𝓬𝓱𝓲 𝓞𝓾𝓶𝓪🍇
Bruh what even were her eyebrows?! Bitch looked like she took a pare of twigs or stems and glued them on her face, called them eyebrows and went on with her day
perseph0ne 4 months ago
“we’re not getting a dress just because it’s half prize” “yes we are” “be quiet, no we’re not” lmao tell her
gabrielle wolf-stahl
For "hippie" I was expecting empire waist flowing lightweight sheer layers of fabric...
perksofbeingcurvy 2 months ago
That sounds very Bridgerton too ❤️
Radhia Deedou
Radhia Deedou 4 months ago
Exactly! They didn't show her anything that fits the theme
Soozee Law
Soozee Law 5 months ago
Kitsune Aitsuki
Kitsune Aitsuki 6 months ago
That's what I pictured too; nothing says "hippie" like a Bohemian style empire waist dress.
Sandra Bast
Sandra Bast 6 months ago
@Romans 12:2 something like Jenny wore in Forrest Gump.
Kei Tsukishima
Kei Tsukishima 6 months ago
Personally the last dress wasn’t my style but honestly she looks absolutely beautiful and it’s her special day so..I wish them a happy marriage ❤️❤️
Andree Simoneau
If you want a $500 wedding dress then don’t go shopping at the most expensive store in the state
spirals 73
spirals 73 3 months ago
@ROSSIGRL584 How is this a blanket statement? Money is finite. If you don't have more than $500 for whatever reason then you don't shop where stuff isn't $500. Seems pretty specific to me.
Lyn Neufeld
Lyn Neufeld 6 months ago
@dietotaku or consignment stores facebook market place
Keviona 6 months ago
She doesn’t want a $500 dress, she’s clearly said the WHOLE FAMILY is pitching in for the dress. The mom is saying she only giving $500 cause that’s what she can afford. I’m not going into debt for a dress that’ll only be worn once.
meyli 6 months ago
they literally have a sales floor...
ShinyUmbreon5420 6 months ago
@ash , never buy online online
Wenus Wenus
Wenus Wenus 2 months ago
When she put the last dress and veil on, it made ME tear up. What a beautiful bride. Hate that her family acted the way they did.
C 4 months ago
The bride: I want hippie, vintage, sheer, flowing, elegant Lori: What about a fit and flare with ruffles?! I really wish Auntie Gok had helped her out 😭
spirals 73
spirals 73 3 months ago
Right? She needed a bodice that would come to midriff with a chiffon skirt.
Jayy Mee
Jayy Mee Year ago
" my hand doesnt write over $500 HUNNY" Lmaooooo I felt that
Christa Van Dyk
Christa Van Dyk 6 days ago
What a horrible mother!!
Mary Margaret Blumhorst
Smart Mom! MMB
Farhana Luba
Farhana Luba 11 months ago
When the brides on this show fall in love with the dress and starts smiling and crying at the same time...that is what I come back to this channel for everyday. Lori is actually doing a great job, bringing all these beautiful girls all that happiness. If Lori gets even 20% of the happiness she's given brides...she'd be happy forever 😊
Raissa Bossale
I’m actually so sad, she had a spark in her eye when she saw her figure in the second dress and her family tore her down. What’s even worse is that she said her body has been changing, that could’ve been her moment of accepting her new body and it was ruined
Addy Shorhnr
Addy Shorhnr Month ago
@Fazza Muhammad greeting I am a world class track star and won multiple Olympics.
MsClarinut 7 months ago
@seraby Yes, they delivered the feedback badly, but the second dress wasn't a great dress. It DID flatter her body, but the bottom ruffles were kind of strange and while it had floral detail, it didn't quite have that hippie vibe.
Danna Boy
Danna Boy Year ago
@Fazza Muhammad you can leave Mr. Hacker
i eat babies
i eat babies Year ago
@Fazza Muhammad if you're the crown prince then I'm Joy from red velvet 😬
seraby Year ago
If there is a silver lining, the 3rd dress look miles better compared to the 2nd dress. Plus it didnt fit the vintage chic aesthetic she wanted.
Ever After
Ever After Year ago
This is how it's supposed to go: "What do you think?" "I love it." "And what do YOU think family?" *"It might look nice with more beading but honey if this is what you want then go for it, you look fabulous."* I call it: Common decency
shoba Year ago
She looked like an Angel in every single dress, she looks amazing.
Nailat K
Nailat K Year ago
"I just wanna be beautiful again" That hit hard.
Mary Margaret Blumhorst
To feel beautiful, you will have to take some of those chins off! Why does this happen to women this young?
Diane Hamik
Diane Hamik 6 months ago
Is it a prerequisite on these shows that they bring the rudest, self-centered narcissistic family members with them?
Lorena Lupu
Lorena Lupu 4 months ago
This show educates by counter example.
K 4 months ago
@Radhia Deedou Not every episode has families that are assholes. There are episodes that have nice families that people enjoy seeing.
Radhia Deedou
Radhia Deedou 4 months ago
Yes absolutely, that's the whole point of the show. No one would watch if there was no drama
Jamey` 5 months ago
People like the drama but they still complained lol. If there were perfect and supportive families I'm sure views wouldn't be as much. That's the whole point of a reality show ✨Drama✨
Sarah Spieker
Sarah Spieker Year ago
"I just want to be beautiful again" I COULD'VE CRIED MY HEART HURT FOR HER!
Qyese Mayers
Qyese Mayers 5 months ago
I just wanted to hug the bride
Sarah 6 months ago
I just wanted to hug her and tell her she is beautiful always.
Alexia Giannopoulos
Alexia Giannopoulos 6 months ago
She is beautiful!
heda gabriel
heda gabriel 6 months ago
@Jamie S facts.its for sure a scam.some people are just dishonest.trickers and scammers!no morals at all.cheating people for their own benefit/financial gain.ridiculous and foul!
heda gabriel
heda gabriel 6 months ago
yeh that was sad to watch & hear...i honestly dont get it though cuz i honestly think shes beautiful as is.she aint got a weight problem..i understand if its what she wants,to lose a few pounds though,only if its her choice... i think sometimes some of us are just confused and not looking at it the right way (probably cuz of our antourage,the way we see ourselves; low self-esteem/confidence issue/self conscious).the truth is; *she aint got a weight problem...they just have a prob with her weight!* big difference😉
Iman Rajah
Iman Rajah Year ago
I honestly would love to have these consultants as my friends, they're awesome ❤🥳🥳
Pamela Postma
Pamela Postma 4 hours ago
Absolutely LOVE what Lori did! The bride is beautiful!
Excuse Me!
Excuse Me! 6 months ago
When somebody is showing their body, or anything of themselves that can not change or is personal, you should be cautious of your words. The way some of these families treat the brides is insane.
Lila Gonzales
Lila Gonzales 11 months ago
I love it when Lori and Monte give the death stare. You know there’s a limit they can handle with a rude crowd. They want to make the brides happy and make it their personal mission to see each girl smile when they’re being beat down by comments. It’s also kinda of punishment for the rude crowd when Lori, Monte and the consultants jack the bride up in the dressing room instead of in front of everyone.
Kaliwind X
Kaliwind X Year ago
This bride and her husband need to move far far away from these negative idiots that she is sadly related to.
soneelita Year ago
Bride can't even afford the wedding dress. She will definitely need them financially.
bbace87 Year ago
She posted a huge long post on her Facebook about what a piece of shit he is so I don’t think that happened or will happen lmao
Beverly Barnes
Isn't that the truth. And mom is gonna be real sorry when that happens and she becomes a grandmother and she only gets to see her grandchild a few times a year.
FelisTerras Year ago
@agnes15101968 You can disagree to a dress without crushing the person's feelings. If they really loved and cared that much about her, they would have never insulted and ridiculed her in the way they did, because they would have know, how insecure and vulnerable she is. So yes, they are inconsiderate idiots who think their budget and a couple of lame jokes are more important than the bride's dreams. Hailey was only happy, because she finally had a dress her family didn't tear her down, for. That was relief, there.
Donna George
Donna George Year ago
Shame her mom passed away saw on her fb profile. Not long after this it seems.
Mika Mika
Mika Mika Year ago
It's sad that she had to share such an amazing and beautiful moment with two kind strangers who could see her beauty when her own family wouldn't
Mrs Amajiki
Mrs Amajiki 7 months ago
I love Lori, she belongs in the high society
Mystical Forest
I absolutely loved the second dress and how it fitted her 🥰
August Riley
August Riley Year ago
The bride's happy face at the end when she learns the price. My heart ❤️😭
joyce hey
joyce hey 7 months ago
She has a gorgeous figure, it makes me so mad when the entourage kill the confidence of the bride ugh
cherub112361 Year ago
Thank you Lori! You just made that young lady very happy, and you knew how to quiet the family. You are my hero!
Emily McKellar
Oh my goodness when she said "I just wanna be beautiful again" my heart stopped.
Alternative Photographer
When she saw herself in the dress I started crying. She looks beautiful!
Jess Year ago
Bride: I want vintage hippie. Does that make sense? Melissa: Oh I know hippie. Melissa has seen some things.
KwalpLillal Year ago
She knows a thing or two because she's seen a thing or two
me Year ago
so has monte lol
Ali x
Ali x Year ago
@Sarah Dee ⁷⁷⁷
April L.
April L. Year ago
@Angel Bulldog I see what you did there 😏 running that business probably has them all familiar with that friend of yours lol
Beverly Barnes
I'm an ex hippie. I sure do miss being young.
BigHit Lyric
BigHit Lyric 9 months ago
I love Melissa she's seems like the sweetest person 💜 and she looked amazing in her dress!!
Méliane Lebel
i love lori... how she comforts evry bride and try to make them feel the best that they have never been...
Betty Sherman
Betty Sherman 11 months ago
This girl made me ugly cry. She just wanted to feel beautiful and special and safe in her own skin but her family tore her down and crushed her confidence. If Lori and Melissa hadn’t intervened she would have left that salon with a broken heart and no dress. I wish her all the happiness in the world and hope that mom learns that you cannot put a price tag on happiness and self love.
Lilah Rauh
Lilah Rauh 7 months ago
She doesn’t need a dress to make her look beautiful. She was already beautiful when the intro started playing. I hope that someday the world will be kinder to people who might not feel comfortable in their own bodies.
Dianne Bernau
Dianne Bernau Year ago
You’re family are meant to love you, no matter what you look like. I have been on the receiving end of cruel remarks for most of my life which has made me feel unloveable and hard to accept compliments. My heart sunk when the bride started to cry. I hope her wedding day is all she dreamed it would be. 💕🇦🇺
W. Lester
W. Lester Year ago
I actually get warmer vibes from this family than I have from some other ones, despite the title ...they had a little shot of their expressions changing once they saw she was sad. And her mom seemed to care about the fact that she liked the dress, when all was said and done.
Sarah Thompson
Sarah Thompson 6 months ago
Love the first dress!!!Actually she look beautiful in all the dresses but the dress she chose is absolutely stunning on her and so happy for her
Kate Lynch
Kate Lynch Month ago
“I just want to feel beautiful again” My heart BROKE. You are GORGEOUS! 💗
Sadly,some of the most poisonous people come disguised as friends and family...
Isaac 3 months ago
So true
Donna Viestenz
Donna Viestenz 5 months ago
Very very true!!!
Sara Samaletdin
Sara Samaletdin 6 months ago
They didn’t criticize her but the dress even if she was hurt.
Jordyn Dixon
Jordyn Dixon 7 months ago
This behavior is so normalized to me that i was confused on why it was such a big deal And my situation wasn’t even THAT bad..
Trinisha Mukherjee
Trinisha Mukherjee 9 months ago
I want to clap for your honest comment.
Jewelia Lane
Jewelia Lane 9 months ago
When she started crying that broke my heart she is such a gorgeous girl. Its really sucks to see someone so beautiful but they don't see that beauty it them self. I'm so happy to hear at the end she feels confident in her dress.
Natalie Gian
Natalie Gian Year ago
Awww I really feel for this Woman! Every Woman is beautiful & every Woman is a Goddess! 💖💖
Yekishia Braden
Yekishia Braden 3 months ago
I cried like a baby! She is absolutely beautiful ♥️
Hanna Berlin
Hanna Berlin 4 months ago
Monte really was like: "I love me some Hippie weddings ✌🏻😏" and I'm here for it
Malice Wonderland
"Hippie vintage wedding" I could be wrong but was she maybe picturing a Bohemian style wedding?
ndisfoshiz 8 months ago
@erin mefford the thing that made me sad when I checked her profile is not only her mom but she’s single. I hope it wasn’t too hard on her
Ashley Moss
Ashley Moss Year ago
Love the profile pic
Boho chic
Layla Ellis
Layla Ellis Year ago
That's what I was thinking
The Segama's
The Segama's Year ago
Margaret Patterson
Margaret Patterson 11 months ago
✨💖✨The bodice on that 1st gown was amazing. But Lori sure does know her stuff. She could give lessons in everything from tact to hell-fire salesmanship. And there is the best kind of magic in a wedding vail.
Molly Splorch
Molly Splorch 4 months ago
I actually adore the third dress and feel like it's timeless! I would wear it now!
Sophii Year ago
The dresses may not be "hippie and vintage" but she looked absolutely beautiful in all those dresses!
amelia Year ago
“That isn’t legal in my salon” I felt that.
Bookmagic Roe
Bookmagic Roe Year ago
It is apparent that this family does not have much money since everyone is pitching in the pay for the dress. That financial situation has to be respected. You can't spend money you do not have. That being said, they could have been much kinder in their responses to the bride. As for a hippie style dress, she might have found something at a regular store, even among prom dresses, for much less. A flower tiara in her hair, a casual ceremony, and she would be just as beautiful.
R R 9 months ago
Why the hell do they go into a store that's KNOWN for expensive designer dresses? Rent, buy second hand or go online for clearing sales... don't go to Lorries expecting to find a $500 dress
joyfuljaj 10 months ago
Yeah, i wonder why some of these brides come to a store with dresses so far out of their budget. If I had to have my entire family pitch in for a dress, I would be at a david's bridal sale. I will be checking out DB if I ever get married anyway. I wish there were more bridal consignement stores but all the ones in my area have closed.
Sharna Grayson
They should’ve went to a store that sold cheaper dresses tbh
Katie Rose
Katie Rose Year ago
I wish more people would aim for more affordable weddings and save any money they have for a house or vehicle, something they need. Even this shop promotes way over spending on a dress you will only wear once. I support a bride feeling like a beauty queen on her wedding day, but the whole wedding industry has gotten out of control. These days, it's like if you don't spend at least ten grand on your wedding you're a broke loser and your marriage won't last, and we all know that has nothing to do with your loving relationship.
surbon514 Year ago
I agree completely! There's no shame in having a tight budget, unlike what the bridal magazines and industry will tell you. Brides are being told that you can have a Megan Markle style grandiose wedding, or your wedding will suck. Completely untrue!
laura mackenzie
Love Lori. She's the honest best mate who has always got your back!!
Bug Year ago
I love how they butt in even if they don’t have to. And just make the brides feel so special and loved it makes me cry every time
April Pasilaban
Oh, Lori, you're such a darling making the bride feel so much better!
Bee BAE Year ago
My jaw dropped when I saw her in the third dress it seemed like it was so perfect for her🤗
Salehmat Year ago
The joke is not funny when the bride is tearing up not even fake laughing .....
Juju 4 months ago
@Kadora Daniels Yo what the fuck that's something my mom would say that made me legitimately angry
Kadora Daniels
Kadora Daniels 4 months ago
@Michelle Foord 4:44
Michelle Foord
Michelle Foord 4 months ago
@Kadora Daniels time stamp please
Kelly Dube
Kelly Dube 5 months ago
@Kadora Daniels Ya i went back and heard it....people these days....smh!
artdecospiral 9 months ago
Is it really a joke if no one’s laughing?
Rain 8 months ago
She looked amazing in all of the dresses 😭😱❤
• C H E R R I •
I started crying when I kept seeing her come out in a different dress because she looks so beautiful. It was just an amazing feeling.
Katie Baylis Ward
Katie Baylis Ward 6 months ago
I don't know how Lori manages to stay so calm and collected when faced with a family like this they are suppose to be bigging the bride up not tearing her down. I love how Lori always nails the style they want no matter what it is they are after she gets it right every time and they always end up looking stunning.
Lapi Ana
Lapi Ana 6 months ago
I love Melissa’s automatic reply « Oh I know hippie » ;) Kudos Lori & Melissa & Monte, the bride looked AMAZING!
Marni 6 months ago
Holy mother of pearl I loved that second dress it suited her perfectly I cried with her
Allison Dail
Allison Dail 6 months ago
Watching these makes me so grateful that I have a family that doesn’t cut me down 🙏🏼
K Year ago
I love Lori, she always knows what to say.
Loreena McGrath
I love this show. The editing. The background music.
Tansy rocco
Tansy rocco Year ago
I love Lori. Such a sweet woman 😍
Abby Hess
Abby Hess Year ago
This episode was so sweet, the bridal store owner is so kind
HayleyLovesLife 101
I feel for her, my family is like that. Even if I still wore what I want they would torture me every chance even years later
glintfiz 6 months ago
Then why the hell do you call them " family".
Fazza Muhammad
Greetings from the crown prince of Dubai as you can see I don't use to chat you're always I prefer hangout application if you don't mind send me your email so I add you
Kassi Adkins
Kassi Adkins Year ago
Lori legit makes me want to go to her shop just because how amazing she is.
Fazza Muhammad
Greetings from the crown prince of Dubai as you can see I don't use to chat you're always I prefer hangout application if you don't mind send me your email so I add you okay
LouKa Year ago
The second dress is something I personally would never wear but it looked cute on the bride. Her family had no right to put her down like that. It's unbelievable that the people that should encourage her and make her feel special are so toxic.
Epaminon Month ago
@Solar If the bride is lucky enough to have someone else pay for her once-in-a-lifetime garb, then that should be happiness enough for her. And if a man can't refuse a parenthood he can't or doesn't want to pay for, like a woman can, than that's wrong as well.
Solar Month ago
@Epaminon literally what, the bride is the one whos getting married and walking down the aisle with that dress on, if she loves it then no one should say a thing. and the reproduction thing im not even saying smth thats just weird....
Epaminon Year ago
Whoever ends up paying the bill for the item should have a word in its conception. This rule should be applicable to both wedding dresses and reproduction.
Amber Watson
Amber Watson Year ago
I loved the second the dress on her
Shannon Reynolds
The second dress was my favorite on her! Sad they knocked her down like that...a banana? No way. How mean 😭😭
KawaiiLemon Year ago
I love the final dress on her. I want to add in pastel sunflowers into the headband and embroider some in white around the trim of the dress. Give her a bouquet and bam: a queen!
Angel Champagne
Angel Champagne 7 months ago
GIRL YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!! Don’t let them tear you down. I was hurting how sad they made her feel
Tiger Lands
Tiger Lands Year ago
I feel so bad for her she is so beautiful and her smile is gorgeous
demondog mom
demondog mom Year ago
I've never understood why anyone would bring an entourage to pick a wedding dress, especially when they aren't supportive. Personally would go alone... should I ever foolishly get married. These people are just horrid.
Crimson Rose
Crimson Rose 6 months ago
Every woman should feel beautiful on their wedding day. ❤️
Ana Banana
Ana Banana Year ago
These people who work there are sooo amazing they legit the kinda friends need in their life 😩
Betsy Gray
Betsy Gray Year ago
Lori is soooo clever!! She did just the right thing at the right time ...the dress and headband just completed her elegant hippy look!
RubyFyre Year ago
Oh, she looks so beautiful. I hope her wedding was amazing!
m o
m o Year ago
none of the dresses she tried on had the 'hippie goddess' feel. She obviously wanted something airier, with more sheer, maybe a bit shorter and more flowery. with more of a nature feel to it. but it's great that she loved the one she got in the end.
KawaiiLemon Year ago
Right? Like more of a crisp clean cotton and lace that had a v cut front and peasant sleeves. The final dress she was in was gorgeous don’t get me wrong and I’m stoked for her, but it def wasn’t hippie. If you Google ‘strawberry dress’ it’s the style I’m thinking of.
Jennifer Dreisbach
Thank you!!! I feel like the bride to be compromised but was secretly really bummed out in the end.
Beverly Barnes
I know what you're saying. But remember she was on a tight budget.
Annu Shankar
Annu Shankar Year ago
@Tiffany exactly what i was thinking, I love hayley paige
Victoria B
Victoria B Year ago
Maybe it's because the only options they had were the discount dresses
ItzaPeachy Year ago
It’s the brides day honestly be nice it isn’t about the maid of honor it’s about the bride or the groom and it doesn’t matter if they are paying if she loves it and looks beautiful in it then the price doesn’t matter
Chris Cook
Chris Cook Year ago
love the staff and this dress..good job ladies⚘👃
Miranda Hughes
Miranda Hughes 4 months ago
"I just want to be beautiful again" MY HEART oh no!!!! You never lost your beauty in the first place, your family lost theirs! Beautiful beautiful bride!
Ingrid McKernan
I'm so happy for Hailey!! She looked gorgeous in her dress. Family so disrespectful at the start, made me angry 😕😕
Rachhlaur Year ago
Did her mom just want to come here just to embarrass the crap out of her daughter?!
cc99556 2 months ago
If you are 40+ years old and cannot contribute more than $500 for your daughter’s wedding dress, you have failed at life.
irlvioletbaudelaire 7 months ago
@Tes7000 We’re not really talking about her mom only using 500 dollars
Tes7000 10 months ago
I thought the mother was absolutely hilarious, and I saw absolutely nothing wrong with her being perfectly clear about how much she could contribute towards the dress. It probably was the bride's choice, not the mothers, to shop at an expensive shop like Lori's, the point of which was to get on the show. So considering everything, I thought the mother was okay.
Jazz N
Jazz N Year ago
Ikr? It’s so sad seeing the mothers be like that. When I went to my dress trials, my mum was honest but without her honesty, I wouldn’t have the dress I have right now. However, my mum never laughed at me nor tore me down the way some of these “mothers” do
Fazza Muhammad
@Izzysmom send me your email or your WhatsApp number
Deborah Maier
Deborah Maier Year ago
Lori nails it again! Way to go!
Jennifer Baze White
She looked amazing in all of those dresses.
Hannah's stressed
Hannah's stressed 7 months ago
the very first dress looks gorgeous!! ugh so flattering on her. but what mattered even more is how beautiful and confident she felt with the one she picked, i am SO HAPPY for her ugh
Jackson Your friendly neighborhood trans
Lori has supportive aunt energy
Mila Hitomi
Mila Hitomi Year ago
Her freaking mother and friends talk to her the way my mother and father would speak to me. Making fun of me and how I look in something I deeply loved wearing. They knocked her confidence down and made her feel ugly. I want to hug her... I understand...
Emma Penders
Emma Penders 11 months ago
Same. As soon as I am old enough to leave legally my friend and I are going to get an apartment for us to have
Plum Sparkles
Plum Sparkles Year ago
@Destiny Reeves Your beautiful.
Destiny Reeves
I feel tht too as soon as I started to gain... nothing but insults
Plum Sparkles
Plum Sparkles Year ago
@7 4 Your beautiful.
Plum Sparkles
Plum Sparkles Year ago
Your beautiful don't forget that!