Eurovision Song Contest 2018 - Grand Final - Full Show

Eurovision Song Contest
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Twenty-six countries participated at the Grand Final of the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest, which was held in Portugal's capital Lisbon. The event took place in the Altice Arena. The contest was won by Netta from Israel with her song Toy.

This were all the songs in order of appearance:

01 Ukraine - MELOVIN - Under The Ladder
02 Spain - Amaia y Alfred - Tu Canción
03 Slovenia - Lea Sirk - Hvala, ne!
04 Lithuania - Ieva Zasimauskaitė - When We're Old
05 Austria - Cesár Sampson - Nobody But You
06 Estonia - Elina Nechayeva - La Forza
07 Norway - Alexander Rybak - That's How You Write A Song
08 Portugal - Cláudia Pascoal - O Jardim
09 United Kingdom - SuRie - Storm
10 Serbia - Sanja Ilić & Balkanika - Nova Deca
11 Germany - Michael Schulte - You Let Me Walk Alone
12 Albania - Eugent Bushpepa - Mall
13 France - Madame Monsieur - Mercy
14 Czech Republic - Mikolas Josef - Lie To Me
15 Denmark - Rasmussen - Higher Ground
16 Australia - Jessica Mauboy - We Got Love
17 Finland - Saara Aalto - Monsters
18 Bulgaria - EQUINOX - Bones
19 Moldova - DoReDoS - My Lucky Day
20 Sweden - Benjamin Ingrosso - Dance You Off
21 Hungary - AWS - Viszlát Nyár
22 Israel - Netta - TOY
23 The Netherlands - Waylon - Outlaw In 'Em
24 Ireland - Ryan O'Shaughnessy - Together
25 Cyprus - Eleni Foureira - Fuego
26 Italy - Ermal Meta e Fabrizio Moro -Non Mi Avete Fatto Niente

If you want to know more about the Eurovision Song Contest, visit eurovision.tv

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May 15, 2018




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Comments 6 032
Carlos Peña Fuenzalida
Flag parade
martino 2 years ago
The nicest Eurovison Song Contest ever! Simple, elegant, entertaining and with many musical genres represented. Well done Portugal! 🇵🇹 Well done RTP! Lisboa ❤️ saluti dall’Italia 🇮🇹
Jesse Henri Vorswijk
Hi I'm Ain
I cried like a baby listening to Germany's song, I can't stop those painful memories from coming back 😭😭 As someone who lost a parent at the very young age, the song hits hard.
Nopparuj Pooh
Nopparuj Pooh 3 years ago
I am going to speak from the bottom of my heart.
2 years ago
I'm from Israel, I was shocked by Estonia's singer, she sings amazing! How did she not win ?? Her voice is not from this world
Nastya Pylypenko
Nastya Pylypenko 4 years ago
Portugal you arranged everything very nicely this year! The stage is gorgerous, organisation is on fleek, the presenters are great! Regardless of unfair judging, yours ESC hosting is one of the best ones, for sure!!!
Albania has consistently provided some of the best vocalists in the competition and in most of times in their own language
Serbia, Bulgaria and Cyprus were so good this year. Love my country's postcards so beautiful. Portugal hosted well.
Fruit Juice
Fruit Juice Year ago
one of my favourite eurovisions. well done to portugal
Sarai de la Mata Brazal
Italy's song was just over the top.
Victoria 2 years ago
A Person
A Person 4 years ago
Loved Melovin. It's such a shame he didn't do better. He sure deserved to
I still cannot believe Cyprus didn't win this. Blows my mind 😳
nelson. lps
nelson. lps Year ago
i've never seen/heard postcards like that, it makes me cry everytime. The little song and the images are so good! I'm so proud to be portuguese ❤
Maria Mathioudaki
Maria Mathioudaki 2 years ago
2018 was the best Eurovision ever!! So many -many wonderful songs worthed the 1st place..
Livia M.
Livia M. 2 years ago
The first time since 2010 that Germany gets 12 points! Lena should be proud for this
I'm still totaly in love with the portugues song. Don't unterstand why they got the last place
fcegradea180 4 years ago
One of the best ESCs that have been organised. Congratulations Portugal from Greece, you did an excellent job hosting the event for the first time.
livsxglows Year ago
I want Portugal to Host it again.They Made it amazing💖