Eurovision Song Contest 2022 - Second Semi-Final - Full Show - Live Stream - Turin

Eurovision Song Contest
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The Second Semi-Final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2022 will take place on Thursday 12 May live from the PalaOlimpico, Turin, Italy. Ten acts will qualify for the Grand Final on Saturday 14 May.

Competing in the Second Semi-Final are:

🇫🇮 Finland: The Rasmus - Jezebel
🇮🇱 Israel: Michael Ben David - I.M
🇷🇸 Serbia: Konstrakta - In Corpore Sano
🇦🇿 Azerbaijan: Nadir Rustamli - Fade To Black
🇬🇪 Georgia: Circus Mircus - Lock Me In
🇲🇹 Malta: Emma Muscat - I Am What I Am
🇸🇲 San Marino: Achille Lauro - Stripper
🇦🇺 Australia: Sheldon Riley - Not The Same
🇨🇾 Cyprus: Andromache - Ela
🇮🇪 Ireland: Brooke - That’s Rich
🇲🇰 North Macedonia: Andrea - Circles
🇪🇪 Estonia: Stefan - Hope
🇷🇴 Romania: WRS - Llámame
🇵🇱 Poland: Ochman - River
🇲🇪 Montenegro: Vladana - Breathe
🇧🇪 Belgium: Jérémie Makiese - Miss You
🇸🇪 Sweden: Cornelia Jakobs - Hold Me Closer
🇨🇿 Czech Republic: We Are Domi - Lights Off

Big 5 Countries Voting in the Second Semi-Final:
🇩🇪 Germany
🇪🇸 Spain
🇬🇧 United Kingdom

The Eurovision Song Contest celebrates diversity through music. Please keep your comments respectful. We will not tolerate racism, sexism, ableism, homophobia, transphobia, body-shaming or any other derogatory or hostile language. Offensive users will be blocked and reported. Music first, always.

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May 11, 2022




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Eurovision Song Contest
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mischa masterow
mischa masterow 3 days ago
@Эдгар Тоноян 💙💛
Vukasin Jovanovic
Bobbycarman87 4 days ago
i hope the german song not win thats very bad
Hana Smiljanic
Hana Smiljanic 5 days ago
❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ 🇷🇸🤩👑Serbia ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Zhyrion 6 days ago
Me: trying to read everyone's opinions on the results of the second final 75% of the comments: OMG I'm so happy Serbia made it !!! I almost got a heatattack when they announced her as last !!!
Maja Majic
Maja Majic 4 days ago
@Nevena a simpatično je što si ti verovatno bila fan Sarči Jo.. Ali na tvoju žalost ove godine taj blud, razvrat, kič i šund nije prošao, nisi imala dovoljno istomišljenika.. Kad Konstrakta uđe u top 3, ja bih na tvom mestu obrisala ovaj komentar, bilo bi mi neprijatno.
Nevena 4 days ago
@Maja Majic that's not objective 😅 it was horrible
jackburtonbg 4 days ago
@Ali Rac Well, I'd rather listen to Laurie Anderson, Alessandro Bosseti or other spoken word performers. It seems to me there are some music geners in general that are not your cup of tea (that's ok, but very limiting). That said, the performers you quoted are really good (Cornelia in particular is so impeccable and such wonderful mise-en-scène, ranging from close intimacy to wide angle, big lyricl movements). But they are all very professional well made pop status quo. Konstrakta is doing something different, she brilliant in it and i like it better. She is pushing things much much further (I also like there's is 0 etno nationalist bs there). Should definitely qualify as it did, give me that at least 😊
Zhyrion 4 days ago
@Ali Rac yeah same
Joanna Gabi
Joanna Gabi 4 days ago
I think Serbias song is kind of bad but cool if people like it.
Hemera 5 days ago
9:43 Finland 13:57 Israel 17:47 Serbia 21:48 Azerbaijan 25:44 Georgia 29:31 Malta 37:12 San Marino 42:22 Australia 47:15 Cyprus 51:30 Ireland 55:25 North Macedonia 59:23 Estonia 1:07:12 Romania 1:11:10 Poland 1:15:13 Montenegro 1:19:20 Belgium 1:23:08 Sweden 1:27:20 Czech Republic
Марина. Моя жизнь
Romania 🇷🇴 from Russia 🇷🇺 with love ❤️
Sevda Retl
Sevda Retl 4 days ago
PAPATYA 4 days ago
Azerbaijan 🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿💪
Eray Эрай
Eray Эрай 4 days ago
Thank you 😌
Xavier 4 days ago
Congratulations guys! Especially Nadir. Wow this voice is amazing ❤️😊🇦🇿
manna torunu
manna torunu 6 hours ago
Sağ ol be Xavier reis ❤
Ayka Ayka
Ayka Ayka Day ago
Thank you Xavier. Greetings and love from Azerbaijan to you 🌷
Art Arm
Art Arm 3 days ago
oi oi oi
≖‿≖ 𝓗𝓮𝔂
Thank you so much! 🇦🇿
Orxan xeyal Dede
Orxan xeyal Dede 4 days ago
Thank you♥️🇦🇿
Livia B
Livia B 5 days ago
Azerbaidjan guy, beautiful voice!! ❤ I'm glad to have heard you! 👏
Il commentatore
Il commentatore 5 days ago
I loved Serbia so so so much! Congratulations to Azerbaijan too!! Amazing performances ❤ Love from Italy ❤❤❤
Orxan xeyal Dede
Orxan xeyal Dede 4 days ago
Antonije Filipovic
This really was a rollercoaster of emotions. I thought that Serbia won't make it, but that's not possible
Renáta Benkő
Renáta Benkő 4 days ago
Serbian entry is one of my favourite in this year
Dragana Nikolic
Dragana Nikolic 4 days ago
Danica Solovjev
Danica Solovjev 4 days ago
@Sanja ma ona gologuza je super, žena koja ima pesmu sa jakom porukom je bzvz. Uostalom, videli smo kako su Uraganke prošle 2021
Azerbaijan😍(We proud of you😍❤️🇦🇿)
Anaxandrion 5 days ago
You can really see how she had to pull herself together when the whole stadium started clapping... just a little smile for a second at 18:36... I´m sooo happy for Serbia!!
Sebastian Duczkowski
nothing special but typical for russia of balkans
Drazen Cimbaljevic
Exactly ! ;)
M Way
M Way 5 days ago
Me, too! Light in the dark! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Zelda Sharpe
Zelda Sharpe 5 days ago
Serbia has quite a unique song going there, but I love it, so I hope it gets included.
Mario Silva
Mario Silva 5 days ago
I'm absolutely in love with Azerbaijan!
Orxan xeyal Dede
Orxan xeyal Dede 4 days ago
Nesli-Sonya Babuk
🇷🇸Serbiya ve Azerbaycan 🇦🇿 !!!! Muhteşem !!!👍👍👍👍🥰
angela sweetener
angela sweetener 4 days ago
Thank u so much! Love and greetings from Serbia! 🇷🇸💖
Tatino Zlato
Tatino Zlato 5 days ago
We always listening and voting for 🇦🇿 ❤️🇷🇸
Asim Mustafayev
Asim Mustafayev 5 days ago
Məni qınamıyın, qurban olaram. Amma bu Serbiyanın ifasından başım çıxmadı.
Gunay Ali
Gunay Ali 4 days ago
Azerbaijan bravo! Amazing voice and perfect performance!👍
An original Muslim
I enjoyed how Laura pronounced Azerbaijan❤️🇦🇿, this is the most correct pronunciation I have ever heard from foreigners😘
cengiz 5 days ago
My favorite , Serbia and Romania.💛💙 Greetings from Turkey.
mischa masterow
mischa masterow 3 days ago
Мира и Процветания стране Украине! 💙💛
NoName 6 days ago
Serbia was in another level 12 points from Albania
GPjnr 4 days ago
You know what fine. Like I dont really like the song. But it is a small banger tbh.
Tatino Zlato
Tatino Zlato 4 days ago
@GPjnr because She is different and song has strong messages! Sick mind in healthy body! In all magazines they say be healthy have a nice hair and what we should do with SOUL! ❤️🫶🏻 love you
GPjnr 4 days ago
Lola Honey
Lola Honey 5 days ago
Thank you🥰
Tatino Zlato
Tatino Zlato 5 days ago
We are sorry for 🇦🇱 In Serbia all people listening your song ❤️
Serbia you are amazing. so special
tekerish v
tekerish v 5 days ago
❤️😘thank you
Minkica M
Minkica M 5 days ago
Bravo Konstrakta! Bravo Srbija 🇷🇸🇷🇸🇷🇸🇷🇸🇷🇸
Arzu Badalova
Arzu Badalova 5 days ago
Bravo Nadir!!!We are proud of you 🇦🇿❤️
GET HOT with Shannon Nadj
Mulțumim celor care au sprijinit România🇷🇴 ! Felicitări tuturor participanților , ați fost incredibili !
js00 6 days ago
The moment when all of the audience started clapping hands with Konstrakta is so priceless! I'm glad Serbia got to the final! Congratulations to all of the countries!
Samil Guler
Samil Guler 3 days ago
Thank god she didn’t win
seherling 5 days ago
​@AntonR Nik oh it's definitely possible haha Years ago Geier Sturzflug (German band) performed one of their songs and the clapping was even worse than during Konstrakta's performance. Even the lead singer had to hold back laughter
Adriana M
Adriana M 5 days ago
@Samil Guler It's art. Something not everyone can understand and appreciate, but that's ok too.
AntonR Nik
AntonR Nik 5 days ago
Sorry but the audience's clapping was so offputting, how can that many people be off beat lol
Agsa Mka
Agsa Mka 5 days ago
Poland ! Im so very proud ! 💪 Mam nadzieję, że wygrasz ❤️🔥
BubaEr Deljan
BubaEr Deljan 4 days ago
I'm Serbian,so i vote for Poland. Very,very good voice 👏👏👏👏
Branka Jelic
Branka Jelic 5 days ago
svaka cast kojece biti mesto nebitno ali je veoma zapazena
William Flahive
William Flahive 2 days ago
What a semi- final! Congratulations to every country that got through, and to those that didn't- you definitely took the roof off and made your countries proud! What a phenomanal year for music and what a phenomanal group of performers there were taking on Eurovision! Well done to everyone who performed, it was a fantastic show. Every song was amazing in its own great way, so much variety, it was incredible. And the interval acts were astonishing- what raw talent all the acts had.
Bluestar 4 days ago
Tenhle rok bylo Česko úžasný! GRATULUJU! i ostatním samozřejmě všichni odvedli skvělou práci!
Nushaba Xagan
Nushaba Xagan 5 days ago
I'm proud Nadir 🇦🇿 Congratulations 🇷🇸🇵🇱
Su 6 days ago
I really thought Serbia won‘t make it until the last second, so glad they did
BubaEr Deljan
BubaEr Deljan 4 days ago
With that applause from public of course they put it as the last one 🥳🥳 That's how media win's attention and gets paid.
Sally So
Sally So 4 days ago
They really should not have worst entry worse than Israel, the salad green song and Norway.. the language sounds cool but if you understood the lyrics as I do it’s katastrofa
M Way
M Way 5 days ago
Teofilovic Vesna
Teofilovic Vesna 5 days ago
Biti zdrava👏👏 biti zdrava 👏👏 bit bit bit 🇷🇸❤️🇷🇸❤️🇷🇸❤️
Sebine Elizade
Sebine Elizade 5 days ago
You are the best, my Azerbaijan 🇦🇿 we are proud of you Nadir
Azerbaijan 5 days ago
IronMan 5 days ago
Azerbaijan is proud of you, you will win, beautiful voice Nadir
Gülər Hacıyeva
This semifinal more better, Azerbaijan great voice 👍👍 and Czech Republic 👍
Yakko! 6 days ago
My Serbian heart was beating so hard
Olg Olga
Olg Olga 5 days ago
Реально песня исполнена круто. Меня прям качало. Голосовали за Сербию из Москвы. 💖✌👍😘
Βασιλική Γεωργούντζου
Win for Serbia!!! Love you from Greece!!!! 🇷🇸❤️🇬🇷
John Smith
John Smith 6 days ago
Congratulations greetings from Poland..
David Dumitru
David Dumitru 6 days ago
Same (from Romania) 🥰❤️
Matteo Parodi
Matteo Parodi 6 days ago
Srce kuca, srce samo kuca Letnjeg dana jarke boje ... I ne mora bolje, srce samo kuca Dajem poverenje, neka samo kuca Dajem poverenje, neka kuca, neka dišem Congratulations from Italy 😉👍 We love Konstrakta 💥
Tamara P.Y.
Tamara P.Y. 4 days ago
Serbian song is the only song in the history of eurovision that takes more then 30 min to analyze the lyrics and all the layers and messages that it sends. And thats only lyrics without performans, clothing, movements and other details. And everything is in such a perfect sync... Simply if anyone doesnt like it thats absolutely fine, the matter of taste.. But who ever claims this is not quality or its "just clapping and repeating words" is just either not well informed, not so smart or just simply mean, coming with bad intentions. Thats all Good luck Konstrakta!
Baptiste Delelcourt
La Serbie 🇷🇸 a défoncé tous les pays .Les applaudissements en direct de Turin sont éloquents.
Mrs.Browni 5 days ago
Thank you very much for the points given to Azerbaijan ... I am Azerbaijani🇦🇿
grape🍇 2 days ago
Maria Farcas
Maria Farcas 5 days ago
Romania and Serbia 😍🇷🇴🇷🇸❤️
Su 6 days ago
Moki 5 days ago
Mixi 6 days ago
@Su agree with you!! Thank you greetings from Serbia!!❤❤
Mixi 6 days ago
@Xav Floxy Hell yeah!!!
Xav Floxy
Xav Floxy 6 days ago
Hell no
Lavinia Dobasiu
Lavinia Dobasiu 5 days ago
WRS - nu știu cine ești, dar ai fost extraordinar....mi-a plăcut melodia, dansul tău, dansatorii .totul...Am primit piele de găină fiind româncă ,când toată sala aplauda...felicitări ție și tuturor din echipă. Mi-ai umplut inima de mii de ori.Fantastic de buna melodia si interpretarea ta !@! Succes mult ,o meriți .O romanca stabilita în Germania.
Ana Lisa Maxime
Ana Lisa Maxime 4 days ago
ar trebui sa castige! E fantastic.
Gülər Hacıyeva
Dama D'Arago
Dama D'Arago 5 days ago
Bit bit bit bit Serbiaaaa, well done! 💫💫💫 Great song message for those with 🧠 and sense for art ❤️🎶
Liza furman
Liza furman 5 days ago
Wow i loved Ausralia beautiful voice 😍 And poland has a great voice 🥰
Alex Pop
Alex Pop 5 days ago
Romania was the best by far in this semifinal, they were on fire didn’t expect to be so good. WOW Well done hopefully he keeps the level up in the final !!!
Disco Pododo
Disco Pododo 6 days ago
BITI ZDRAVA 👏🏼👏🏼 BITI ZDRAVA 👏🏼👏🏼 BITI ZDRAVA 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 BITI BITI BITI! Bices Konstraktaaaa!! 👏🏼😂❤️
Dan Guerrero
Dan Guerrero 4 days ago
@Baнмарсовац No at all. I go for real vocals. Not just some protest talking song.
Dan Guerrero
Dan Guerrero 4 days ago
@gentian qelaveti Exactly, there are so many precious voices in this contest, and Serbia is just talking, no vocal challenge... There are songs that can make you loose your breath with lyrics you don't even understand, because it's another language. That's what I think is valuable. More than some talking protest, with little performance. It wasn't even shocking.
@Dan Guerrero You have bad taste, sory
M Way
M Way 5 days ago
Good luck in the finals! Bit bit bit 👏👏👏👏👏❤️❤️❤️🇷🇸🇷🇸🇷🇸
Teofilovic Vesna
Teofilovic Vesna 5 days ago
@Jep Se ❤️👏❤️👏❤️👏❤️👏
Orhan Abi
Orhan Abi 5 days ago
Azerbaijan❤️ Nadir Rustamli 🎼Fade To Black 🇦🇿🇦🇿🇹🇷🇹🇷
Анна Ночовка
Serbia is so astonishing!!! Not just melody, but lyrics worth thinking about.
nikita 4 days ago
No offence but i literally hated it
Анна Ночовка
@Jelle In my view, it's a little bit shaking...
Jelle 5 days ago
Melody is absolute garbage imo
Lazar Millosev
Lazar Millosev 4 days ago
Let's be honest, most replayed part is at 17:32 GO KONSTRAKTA!!! 🇷🇸🇷🇸🇷🇸
Nijat Garayev
Nijat Garayev 5 days ago
I’m proud that I am from Azerbaijan 🇦🇿
Stefan Maksimovic
Ana, Srbija je ponosna na tebe!
Lilly Stefani
Lilly Stefani 5 days ago
Ceo Balkan je ponosan ❤️
Aleksandar Tasic
Aleksandar Tasic 6 days ago
Kraljica je Konstrakta
Milovan Tomašević
Gasi internet, motaj kablove!
Minni Maus
Minni Maus 6 days ago
Žena je magnetski privlačno odradila svoj posao :)
Milos Kovacevic
Milos Kovacevic 6 days ago
Daaaaa kraljica je i najbolja.
Nebo D
Nebo D 5 days ago
I have been watching the Eurovision Song Contest for over 50 years and sincerely can say that this is the best contest ever...The quality of songs and performers is insane; Absolutely fantastic and splendid....
Gabri T
Gabri T 5 days ago
Can't get Serbia's song out my head. I screamed when they said it made it!
tekerish v
tekerish v 5 days ago
Love from Serbia ❤️😘
Kawaii_ Kraziness
I'm so happy Australia is in the grand final again, them along with Sweden and Romania were my favs in this semi final
Andreea Florina 🎀
Cel mai spectaculos moment a fost a lui WRS. Mult succes în finală!!! Hai, România! 🇷🇴 💙💛❤️
Andreja Grban
Andreja Grban 5 days ago
Love Romania from Serbia ❤️
T Zz
T Zz 6 days ago
Не е истина как Сърбия беше обявена последна. Успех на финала и имате моите гласове от България.
M Way
M Way 5 days ago
❤️ love from Serbia
@Св Петаргајтанн мислим, али сваки Бугарин који дође у Србију иде на ходочашће у Љутице Богдана 🤣👏❤️❤️❤️
tudor costel 💋
@Любомир Иванов Thanks ❤️
T Zz
T Zz 5 days ago
@Esi Буквално 😂
Любомир Иванов
@tudor costel 💋 Yeah! One vote from Bulgaria to Romania :)
Serg SAP
Serg SAP 5 days ago
Сербия супер!
Sandra Markovic
Sandra Markovic 5 days ago
Proud of u Konstrakta🇷🇸❤
Velijencov Daria Eva
România a fost SUPERBĂ, toată lumea a cantat cu WRS. ❤❤ Succes in finala! ❤
Gelioty 4 days ago
Очень болею за Сербию. Такая заедающая песня, уже много раз прослушала. 🇷🇸
Елена Иванова
Так рада за Сербию!!! ❤️
Olivera Vlahovic
Olivera Vlahovic 5 days ago
kristian607 5 days ago
My favourites were Romania and Poland.. I'm from Argentina and i didn't know non of this songs.. Great show!
Didi Supriadi
Didi Supriadi 5 days ago
All my favorite performer goes to Grand Final : Serbia, Estonia, Polandia and Sweden. I think 2nd semi final more interesting and full of great vocalist. Also 3 grand finalist have a great song too. Can't wait to find out who's the winner this year! I'm a fan of ESC from Indonesia.
Natalja Markevič
Lithuania NR 1
Il commentatore
Il commentatore 5 days ago
love from Italy ❤
maciej grabowski
maciej grabowski 5 days ago
Brawo Poland-amazing voice, modesty and sensitivity, rare features today. Congratulations on your performance.
Vukasin Jovanovic
I am serbian and my heart literally stopped when there was only one place left. Btw big thanks for those people who clapped with Konstrakta.
Adryy Zavv
Adryy Zavv 6 days ago
I almost pass away when they wouldn’t mention Romania and Serbia😥
AnA Maria
AnA Maria 6 days ago
@Biljana Jakovljevic thank you from România ❤❤
AnA Maria
AnA Maria 6 days ago
@SomesTV thank you from România ❤
AnA Maria
AnA Maria 6 days ago
Thank you from România
IlSolitoAlibi 6 days ago
i’m dying because of Malta. LIKE HOW IT DIND’T MAKE THROUGH?
Biljana Jakovljevic
@SomesTV Super su. Svidjaju mi se i nastup njihov...Cestitam za ulazak u finale Rumuniji nasim susedima 👏👏👏👌😘 Biti zdrsva,biti zdrava..Srbijaa-Rumunija 👌👌💪💪🎼🎼🎼
Mitsuki 5 days ago
The energy shift during serbias performance was crazy,so glad people love it
lalamusic58 5 days ago
Nadir Rustamli is incredible! Good luck! Incredible voic! 🇦🇿👏👏👏👏♥️
Gülər Hacıyeva
Daniel 1992
Daniel 1992 5 days ago
România is amazingly beautiful 😍😍😍🇹🇩🇹🇩🇹🇩🇹🇩
Tuule-Haldja Karusoo
I'm from Estonia but Poland is actually amazing😃
Marra Marra
Marra Marra 6 days ago
Sretno Srbija!!!! Najjači ste...kiss from Croatia!!!🥰
Anamarija Delic
Anamarija Delic 4 days ago
inače mrzim srbe ali konstaktina pjesma je super!
M Way
M Way 5 days ago
Hvala puno svim divnim ljudima koji prepoznaju plemenite poruke i misle svojom glavom. ❤️
Milos Stamenkovic
Hvala najlepše Maro.Pozdrav za prelepu Hrvatsku i hvala vam za podršku od srca!!! 💕💕
Marijana Bijelić
Milena Bulatovic
Milena Bulatovic 5 days ago
Jugoslav Durovic
Jugoslav Durovic 4 days ago
Let's make ARTIST visible! Bravo Konstrakta, bit, bit, bit biti zdrava!!.! 👏👏👏👏👏❤️🇷🇸
Spaccuncello2K22 5 days ago
Auguri Romania l'Italia sempre con vuoi abbiamo un'anziana relazione sarebbe gigante la vittoria romanesa quest'anno festeggeremo insieme 🇷🇴⚔️❤️⚔️🇮🇹💪👌😘👊🥇
Hel Mort
Hel Mort 4 days ago
I really enjoyed Czech republic during this second night! Great Rythm! Amazing song and the lyrics are very good! Anyway i loved Serbia and Cyprus too! (From UK-ITALY)
Narin Shirin
Narin Shirin 5 days ago
Go Aze 🇦🇿 Go Nadir, we are proud of you
Marya Belikova
Marya Belikova 6 days ago
I nearly passed away when they called Serbia, Konstrakta is the Queen already! Their vibe is similar to Go_A (Ukraine) last year in my opinion, also royalll Veomi dobro, pozdrav iz Armenije!
M Way
M Way 5 days ago
We love you Armenia🇷🇸❤️🇦🇲
Doktor B.
Doktor B. 5 days ago
It would have been a tragic loss if they didn't qualified ! This is a very clever art project way above all others !
Älvdansen 6 days ago
I almost started crying of happiness then Serbia got qualifed to the Grand Final. I was a little worried for her.
Jordan Kralev
Jordan Kralev 6 days ago
Lol same thoughts ! And Ukraine was announced last year too it was the same vibe all over again 😂🙏🏻💖
Srdjan Dekic
Srdjan Dekic 6 days ago
Armenian Orthodox Brothers 🇦🇲 🇷🇸
Pete Mitchell
Pete Mitchell 5 days ago
2:10:45 That clapping OMG I see it just now. They announced Serbia even before the official announcement :O
z_999_z 5 days ago
Сербия красоточка, богиня просто, жаль Ирландия не прошла(((
Vedad Eminović
Vedad Eminović 5 days ago
Lets go Serbia 🇷🇸 jeeer, umetnica mora biti zdrava! 👊🏼
Q 5 days ago
Azerbaijan's performance was so good✨💓💓
Minni Maus
Minni Maus 6 days ago
Bravo Srbija! Podrška iz Austrije i Bosne! Najbolja, fantastična, magnetski privlačna pjesma!!! 🌎🍀❤️
tekerish v
tekerish v 5 days ago
Hvala! ❤️ Srce kuca, srce samo kuca ❤️👏👏👏👏👏👏
Uzumaki girl
Uzumaki girl 6 days ago
I'm from Serbia
Тома Султыгова
san marino performed amazingly, no worse than spain. I sang their song all day and was sad that they did not qualify for the final. I hope these guys come again !
Mario Silva
Mario Silva 5 days ago
Czech Republic really giving us an amazing dance break! So good!!!
Simon Karsten
Simon Karsten 5 days ago
I already thought this was a potential bloodbath semi-final, because there was quite a broad field of almost-qualifiers in my mind. Azerbaijan and Belgium rightfully qualified, while entries like Ireland, San Marino and Cyprus may feel they earned more. These were some exhilarating final ten minutes, can't wait for Saturday!
Saiyasha 4 days ago
While Im super happy that Serbia made it (seriously, what we're they playing at announcing her last!!??) I am sad that San Marino didn't make the cut, I really enjoyed their performance
Βασιλική Γεωργούντζου
Win for Serbiaaa!!! Always love and support from Greece to our siblings!!! 🇷🇸❤️🇬🇷
Tamara P.Y.
Tamara P.Y. 4 days ago
M Way
M Way 5 days ago
Lola Honey
Lola Honey 5 days ago
vladimir zivojinovic
el CID
el CID 5 days ago
Romania 🇷🇴 and Spain 🇪🇸 are fire this year!🔥🔥🔥❤🔥🔥🤞🏻🥇dancing, charisma, energy, happiness 🎉🎉💃🏻💃🏻🎉🎉
Aisha 5 days ago
Good luck AZERBAIJAN 🇦🇿 🇦🇿. BRAVO! Incredible voice! Wow! 😍😍😍
deps 5 days ago
I was rooting for many entries like Estonia or Serbia but I have to admit, even if this genre isnt my coup of tea Romania did an amazing job, way better than most and especially the dance entries, combining very strong vocals, the best and smartest choreography and a beautiful staging/presence/performance. Best wishes and good luck Ro from Greece.
Mona MEJD 5 days ago
We are voting for Poland 🇵🇱 💙 ❤ real voice. Best song this year. Come on Poland Krystian wants to be a King=River🏊‍♂️
Andreea 5 days ago
Yeyyyy! Romania made it to the final I hope we win. WRS has a great voice he was present at the national stadium in Romania for a humanitarian event and I loved his song and interpretation. I think this year we really have someone that has very high chances to win! Good luck WRS ❤️💛💙
Neka Mala
Neka Mala 4 days ago
14:00 - 16:49 Israel Serbia 17:50-20:50 Azerbaijan 21:55-24:45 Ireland 51:35-54:30 North Macedonia 55:27-58:27 Estonia 59:27 1:02:30 Romania 1:07:12 1:10:18 Poland 1:11:13-1:14:21 Montenegro 1:15:26-1:18:28 Belgium 1:19:21-1:22:16 Sweden 1:23:16-1:26:25 Czech 1:27:25-1:30:18
TheBrers 5 days ago
9:43 Finland 13:57 Israel 17:47 Serbia 21:48 Azerbaijan 25:44 Georgia 29:31 Malta 37:12 San Marino 42:22 Australia 47:15 Cyprus 51:30 Ireland 55:25 North Macedonia 59:23 Estonia 1:07:12 Romania 1:11:10 Poland 1:15:13 Montenegro 1:19:20 Belgium 1:23:08 Sweden 1:27:20 Czech Republic
Hernán E De la Costa
And Spain?
Chickenbread 5 days ago
I love the fact that they have microphones installed in the hall and left them on during the performances, so that acts where the hall is likely to participate (like with the Serbian act the clapping), the people at home can also hear that and not just the cheering at the end
Viktor Bönnemark
*COUNTRY TIMESTAMPS:* 9:41 Finland 🇫🇮 13:53 Israel 🇮🇱 17:42 Serbia 🇷🇸 21:43 Azerbaijan 🇦🇿 25:39 Georgia 🇬🇪 29:25 Malta 🇲🇹 37:10 San Marino 🇸🇲 42:16 Australia 🇦🇺 47:16 Cyprus 🇨🇾 51:18 Ireland 🇮🇪 55:20 North Macedonia 🇲🇰 59:21 Estonia 🇪🇪 1:07:06 Romania 🇷🇴 1:11:07 Poland 🇵🇱 1:15:09 Montenegro 🇲🇪 1:19:11 Belgium 🇧🇪 1:23:08 Sweden 🇸🇪 1:27:12 Czech Republic 🇨🇿
Helen 5 days ago
Luis Viking
Luis Viking 5 days ago
גילי טל
גילי טל 5 days ago
Good job!
Teofilovic Vesna
Teofilovic Vesna 5 days ago
S 5 days ago
@Viktor Bönnemark thank you
Enigma 5 days ago
Poland jest w FANALE jejjjj! Ochman życzę powodzenia 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Diana Taoss
Diana Taoss 5 days ago
Bravo,Wrs! Cel mai bun! 😍
I feel like they deliberately put some of the most popular songs last when announcing who made it, just to make us hold our breath. Congratulations Serbia ❤️
Zoé B
Zoé B 5 days ago
9:43 Finland 13:57 Israel 17:47 Serbia 21:48 Azerbaijan 25:44 Georgia 29:31 Malta 37:12 San Marino 42:22 Australia 47:15 Cyprus 51:30 Ireland 55:25 North Macedonia 59:23 Estonia 1:07:12 Romania 1:11:10 Poland 1:15:13 Montenegro 1:19:20 Belgium 1:23:08 Sweden 1:27:20 Czech Republic
ivo ivić
ivo ivić 6 days ago
Konstrakta QUEEN!!!!!!!!!! Almost get heart attack
Filip Montoro
Filip Montoro 6 days ago
Viktor Bönnemark
Me tooooo
Фериде Хасанова
Все крутые, очень сложно выбрать лучших! 🌟🌟🌟
Violeta 5 days ago
Serbiaa🇷🇸 Love from Monetenegro🇲🇪
girl 123
girl 123 5 days ago
Vladimir Trifunovic
Kontrakta ❤️🇷🇸❤️
Каха: Я решу