Ever wondered how this works… 🤔

That Little Puff
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Mar 16, 2023




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4K sub with no video challenge
The hardest thing about designing a perpetual motion machine is figuring out where to hide the batteries.
Didik Utomo
Didik Utomo Hour ago
Ur Mom
Ur Mom 2 days ago
@Vani Gaming 💖😘 bot
Jig Vig
Jig Vig 2 days ago
I thought it was due to gravity???
~•Jisoo turtle rabbit Kim with luv•~
Aadithya.R 12 days ago
Actually there are 2 types this one with motor and another one with magnet.The magnet one will be soo quiet.
heve seino
heve seino 3 hours ago
잡다한영상 11 hours ago
Make moter ver is geekble
Zulkifli Ismail
Zulkifli Ismail 16 hours ago
​@Gamer Eishan Who Sucks At Gaming gvmhgbbxbf
c.o.d gaming channel 69
Yeah I've had one
VintiCoffee 12 days ago
*LittlePuff* always with the most satisfying things. 😌 FR FR!!
Islam Queen
Islam Queen Day ago
@𝕞𝕚𝕣𝕒 𝕡ø𝕡ø 𝕓𝕒𝕣𝕓𝕚𝕖̂!!! 😊😊😊😊😊
mustakim isalm
mustakim isalm 3 days ago
Didar 5 days ago
​@fnf_fansus 😊😊
Alex Bello
Alex Bello 7 days ago
Ⓘⓢ ⓒⓤⓣⓔ
Hawlucha 9 days ago
This things looks cool.
MaZiLa 11 days ago
В бесконечном двигателе главное спрятать батарейку)
Amalia 12 days ago
woah, I always wondered how that works 😮 thank you so much puff!! and, amazing video ❤
GC 10 days ago
Puff actually bought a rip off version, the real one uses electro magnets so it make no noise from the motor
Allesweter 10 days ago
Actually, the original machine does not work like that, it works by using magnet force, and in this video he shows a cheap ass machine
Amalia 11 days ago
@Domino X oooh woah
Blox_queen 11 days ago
Port:Meu deusss que gatinho fofoooo that little puff ta de parabens! Eng:Omggg what a cute kitten that little puff it to be congratulated!!
Briar Rose
Briar Rose 11 days ago
Love his little chef egg outfit!🥺😊💖lol
LUIS DÍAZ 11 days ago
what a cute cat
Ady Collazo
Ady Collazo 12 days ago
I love that you reveal the tricks 😊
Phazedwolf 10 days ago
Night 12 days ago
That’s not how the real one works, the real one has a censor magnet that speeds the ball up, using perpetual motion I believe. It helps it stay silent.
TBGOF Official
@Happi2813 exactly, it's not the William Le version
Happi2813 3 days ago
GODh8sf@G$ 4 days ago
What does it censor? Foul language?
Kupi Kupi GO
Kupi Kupi GO 8 days ago
What is the name of this thing? I want to buy it.
Minhee Park
Minhee Park 12 days ago
Yeah that’s the real one😊
Peppermint jhj
Peppermint jhj 9 days ago
most adorable baby Puff❤
ilovecats 12 days ago
Such a cute cat ❤😍
莫忘花开 11 days ago
I always thought it was weird how as soon as the ball went through the hole it accelerates like magic.
Barely a Bear
Barely a Bear 12 days ago
omg my mind is blown, thank you for that
Common Sense Bro
Common Sense Bro 11 days ago
Some use that little roller, I've heard other use a magnet, but yeah those things are novel
Aran Jared Jimenez
Aran Jared Jimenez 11 days ago
Puff is the cutest cat 😊
timmie 11 days ago
Just waiting for that “meow” After that hard day , puff make my day😙😙😙
lightblade 9 days ago
How to keep a person with ADHD distracted Step one:
Zeen Ghazal
Zeen Ghazal Day ago
The perfect loop doesn't exis-
Исо Сафар
Исо Сафар 12 days ago
Спасибо за видео 💖💖❤❤Вы такие милые❤❤💖💖
Muhammad Qamar
Muhammad Qamar 11 days ago
Dear çute kitty chef we love Ur magical work....U r totally different in the world 🤗❣️❣️💝
Levi Stepanian
Levi Stepanian 12 days ago
I’ve never been able to figure out where the motor is in that contraption, thank you
Levi Stepanian
Levi Stepanian 10 days ago
@Marco Guerrero thank you, that makes sense as that is far subtler
Marco Guerrero
Marco Guerrero 11 days ago
The one in the video is a knockoff, the actual one uses a magnetic accelerator in the base
Grill Besteck
Grill Besteck 11 days ago
In the bottom is a magnet sometimes
Grill Besteck
Grill Besteck 11 days ago
In the bottom
Olly Wang
Olly Wang 12 days ago
It's literally impossible to create perpetual motion yet I'm secretly hoping scientist find a way lol
ThatOneSnail 11 days ago
Like you said
ThatOneSnail 11 days ago
Yea me too, but unfortunately perpetual motion is theoretically impossible 😅
Ihab Malik Havana
Ihab Malik Havana 12 days ago
my cute baby cat ❤ mashallah
H1y3N 11 days ago
Felipe Schriefer
Felipe Schriefer 11 days ago
wow what a cute cat
Kylie Wang
Kylie Wang 12 days ago
Wowww now try it when the switch is off! I wanna see what it looks like! Puff your so cute❤❤
Ape 10 days ago
I miss cooking videos😢
加藤明美 11 days ago
Cat_lover 12 days ago
I just realized, congrats 🎊 for 20m subs :D and I wonder if u got any play button❤
Walter White
Walter White 11 days ago
puff always shows how things work❤
LittlePuff is so adorable 🥰
Chonker Gaming
Chonker Gaming 12 days ago
This is so satisfying 🎉
My Papa
My Papa 12 days ago
That Flying Part For The Machine Was Indeed Creative.
TigerLily Day ago
“Lisa we respect the laws of thermodynamics in this house!” -Homer Simpson 😂
FREE FIRE Player 11 days ago
😮 thank you puff I always thought this works real but afterall it's finally a machine
Story Cartoon
Story Cartoon 10 days ago
Today I finally 😅 know how you make videos with a cat. By help of vfx 😂😂😂😂😂😂
jjc1997 9 days ago
I love when the cat is satisfied
Luscious iLash Pham
I didn’t know there was a turn on button but for some reason I want to see it when it’s off
Ideval Silva
Ideval Silva 4 days ago
Agora sim vi um vídeo mostrando tudo, absolutamente tudo
Можете показать как он работает без двигателя 🥺🙏
Samer ?.
Samer ?. 11 days ago
Thanks for letting me know because that's was killing me 😅
Fortnite Kid
Fortnite Kid 12 days ago
Thank you so much puff!
Somecoolbanana123 3 hours ago
That motor is used for getting higher kinetic energy to make it back on the top
DaMegaTaco LilSeaDog
The real version actually uses an electromagnetic so it looks a lot cooler
DeathSentence91 10 days ago
Those things are a great desk ornament but for those that aren’t knowledgeable with some form of science, you can’t generate power out of thin air, disregarding the motor in the device, eventually the marble would gradually lose power to produce the momentum to continually circulate the device
🌻*Eu Adoro Gatos* 🌻
De*Ki 4 days ago
I want to buy this one day ❤
Dilia De Jiménez
Dilia De Jiménez 11 days ago
Nueva seguidora 😊
Dog Walker
Dog Walker 11 days ago
There is also a version with an electro magnet inside the base.
denise marie
denise marie 11 days ago
Puff is a genius and can solve all of life’s mystery’s!!!❤❤❤
That Guy
That Guy 8 days ago
Fun fact, that was the cheap one bought. The expensive one uses magnets which is why it’s so quite in videos featuring the item
Jaan Hendrik Tomp
Jaan Hendrik Tomp 11 days ago
huh, I always figured that there was some magnetic stuff in the base plate but I guess that is more simple
Mr  Whiskers
Mr Whiskers Day ago
Love you puff 💜
Haleema Fatima
Haleema Fatima 8 days ago
so cute puff 😻😻😻💕😘
Default Aryan
Default Aryan 4 days ago
Ahh Puffs Reaction 😊😊
Blueberry 11 days ago
Where did u get the realistic cat doll from?
Stevetheslayer23 4 hours ago
It also has another that uses magnets
ADAMETRO 12 days ago
Item name?
RadiationControl 14 hours ago
this is actually the Chinese one you bought, the actual one uses an electrical magnet at the bottom to bring the ball to it then let go therefore propelling the ball up the ramp.
Suri Montejo
Suri Montejo 10 days ago
New sub ❤
Elisangela Prudencio
É a minha primeira vez nesse canal ❤
Zelia Sousa
Zelia Sousa 11 days ago
Puff i Love you ❤❤
Chukwuemeka Okerengwor
How can I get this toy gadget .. ? I'm damn interested
Katsura ja nai, Zura da!
The guy was not paid to paint it well. Lol
Karim gamer
Karim gamer 22 hours ago
That’s so cute
헤이룽 3 days ago
AxoReal 9 days ago
The Super Mario World music is AWESOME!
merkurii x stellrr
indeed, best game
hd cenas
hd cenas 12 days ago
i love you my god what a cute kitty
Kitty Crocheter
Kitty Crocheter 9 days ago
It's still a cool gadget 👍🙂
Jaeda Stroud
Jaeda Stroud 3 days ago
If the metal thing behind the door that goes *sprong* can keep me entertained for hours this can be my whole life 💀💀
amazon 11 days ago
best cat
Not Angelica
Not Angelica 11 days ago
Congrats on 20 million subs!❤
Sara Jane Smith
Sara Jane Smith 9 days ago
Cool toy!
Concept & Clarity
Concept & Clarity 15 hours ago
For those who don’t know… The first video of this so called “perpetual motion” device isn’t powered by a small motor. It is actually powered by a small magnetic force within that wooden base. Your welcome.
Rahul A Ranger
Rahul A Ranger 11 days ago
What is the name of the machine?
Vijay Rathore
Vijay Rathore 11 days ago
Love u puff u r so smart cat i love u piff
4K sub with no video challenge
Others: "This is Elon Musk" Puff: *"Exposes"*
Vani Gaming 💖😘
ru-vid.com/video/video-1hcPAD1TOk8.html part 2
Harraz Ammar Studio
Flying delivery😅
Туборцева Мария
В любом вечном двигателе главное спрятать моторчик😁
ig:cepzzzi Day ago
nu kieu ngaran na naon mang urang hayang meli🗿
gameing of life
gameing of life 11 days ago
Congratulations for 20m🎉
rainbow 🌈
rainbow 🌈 2 hours ago
Bro put that Mario music 😄😅
Starlight Espresso
Starlight Espresso 11 days ago
I always wanted that one
nextupcalvin 13 hours ago
something school told us was impossible.
Abhijit Roy
Abhijit Roy 11 days ago
hey we want some being the scenes while puff cooks sandwich
gabriel vidal
gabriel vidal 12 days ago
I love this cat bro ❤
Joan_Of_Craft 11 days ago
That’s a slightly more obvious one- the really expensive ones will use electromagnets. I don’t blame puff for not having one of those for a demonstration though, they’re really pricey for a fake perpetual motion device
Toruk Makto
Toruk Makto 11 days ago
Energy can neither be created nor be destroyed, i always wondered where is that energy coming from
MS Ansari
MS Ansari 7 days ago
What is the name of this product?
Kitty 11 days ago
The real one is powered by electricity where it goes up and has a hidden button
Wrestling universe
Bro this product name what
Trixe trace
Trixe trace 10 days ago
Where do u buy that holy crap
Brunin Jesus
Brunin Jesus 11 days ago
Thats some of this things that function with magnets too
Bekoshka 2 days ago
the hardest part about building a perpetual motion machine is having to read this comment under every video
SANIA 10 days ago
I love your Videos!
Joey W.
Joey W. 11 days ago
The one in the first video uses electromagnets if you were wondering!
R.B.L.X Gaster
R.B.L.X Gaster 11 days ago
puff bought a bootleg perpetual launcher... i feel bad for puff
Black Crow Mice
Black Crow Mice 11 days ago
Does puff watch Dave had or does Dave had watch puff? All the items in Dave had is in puffs viedeos. Please answer puff.
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