Fajitas Burrito  

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Apr 1, 2024




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Comments : 1.1K   
@brandengalo 16 days ago
As a Mexican the way you cut that Burrito was a war crime
Shut up! let him enjoy his food the way he wants
@olgamaciasbarrera 16 days ago
I'm sad because today is my birthday and I didn't have any subscribers 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢
Italians: we must team up to destroy a common adversary
@Windtamer26 16 days ago
Just had to check but yes, the world is still spinning
@bsaodda 16 days ago
He didn't upload video on april 1st so I think that he did it on purpose
That burrito slicing was illegal
@PalbsCooks 16 days ago
So true
@olgamaciasbarrera 16 days ago
I'm sad because today is my birthday and I didn't have any subscribers 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢
*don’t read my name* 🌛.
@mrHard-o7 16 days ago
​@@DontReadMyProfilePicture_​@MrZeikinTV two NPC's at the same time???
@maruthivc2268 16 days ago
​@MrZeikinTVy do u text I did not translet but I know what it is
@damiasart647 16 days ago
10 missed calls from Shelby's kitchen 50 missed calls from Mexican youtubers 10,000 missed calls from Mexico 100,000 missed calls from Mexican mom's
@misaldi2743 15 days ago
+1,000,000 missed call from Mexican drug cartel
@alcatrazthefirst 15 days ago
Is zat shawarma? Abbas.....
@penguinpingu3807 15 days ago
​@@alcatrazthefirstI protzect othzer country culture
@ardhialfahmi9249 15 days ago
*99+ Missed calls from Dr. Mexican* *99+ Missed calls from Lionfield* *99+ Missed calls from Spanyol Citizens* *99+ Missed Calls from God* *99+ Missed Calls from Shawarma Guy*
@Blis-0WHATow 14 days ago
you know, the joke starts to get REALLY funny when you say it the 120th time!
@MohamedAlamir. 16 days ago
Bro trying to make war with both Italians and Mexicans 🗿🗿
@darygaming2022 16 days ago
@JrRobles95 16 days ago
​@@Tav90get out you bot
@luanasari5161 15 days ago
Fajitas is italian 💀
@randomthingy60 15 days ago
Where the FUCK does Italian come into this 💀
@meagan.868 16 days ago
@sethdunaway2407 16 days ago
I don’t know. But I’m now intrigued
*don’t read my name* 🌛.
@olgamaciasbarrera 16 days ago
I'm sad because today is my birthday and I didn't have any subscribers 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢
@gamerstorm9822 16 days ago
Omg 3 bots in a row💀😭😭😭😭
That slice is a war crime 💀
@Cutedemon474 16 days ago
​@MrZeikinTV it's the third time seeing you, bro you sometimes say if i get 20k sub my parents will make me a house in saturn, are you from elon musk family? You always say if you get 30k you will get anything
@Th4t_0neGuyYT 16 days ago
Did bro really put jollof rice in this
@CrunchyCarrots12 16 days ago
I didn't even notice it 😂
@Mrbaey 15 days ago
You animal you cut it from the middle
@SPTL 13 days ago
Chipi Chipi Chapa Chapa Dubi Dubi Daba:3
@AvidYTuser 16 days ago
Bro started the 2nd Mexican-American War by cutting a burrito in a wrong way💀
@SPTL 13 days ago
Chipi Chipi Chapa Chapa Dubi Dubi Daba Daba Mágico de Dubidubidu
16 days ago
Bro chipi'd his chapa with this one 💀
I see you again
*don’t read my name* 🌛.
Another dish, Another heart attack
@phanminhhoang4562 16 days ago
He just chipi chipi choppa choppa the burrito.
@Shafransky_Mark 16 days ago
The cutting speed in Albert's video is impressive
@sawa1gen807 15 days ago
@sawa1gen807 15 days ago
@QXRfourty 16 days ago
Albert CAN cook 🤩
@EncoreBetch 16 days ago
Man should be arrested immediately for that war crime of a slice 😭😭😭
@RudraSlydynamO 4 days ago
His shorts always make me hungry again and again
@davi.s1540 15 days ago
Esta cancion llego demasiado lejos
@gizmojams6556 15 days ago
Okay not gonna lie the structural integrity of that BoatRitto is hilarious.
@wodoru_ch 14 days ago
@alfateh2187 16 days ago
Did he just cut the thing horizontally? 💀💀
@honeysquares 16 days ago
You mean vertically??
@olgamaciasbarrera 16 days ago
I'm sad because today is my birthday and I didn't have any subscribers 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢
Skibidi Shrek forever
@Windtamer26 16 days ago
Vertically and yes
@alfateh2187 16 days ago
@@Windtamer26 sorry, can't tell the difference between them
Chibi chibi chaba chaba dubi dubi daba daba
@D2FanPlays 16 days ago
I think the Mexicans are calling an airstrike rightnow
@jaxagamer5335 14 days ago
Ramadan Mubarak to whoever is muslim and whoever is fasting rn ❤
@user-cu6se7iu7i 15 days ago
That burrito 😍🌯 is 😋🤤
@Broxia 16 days ago
@user-lg6ze7mb3r 16 days ago
@FelixFedas255 16 days ago
Bro is never gonna run out of ideas
Wow, it looks so yummy
@entitiessoul 16 days ago
Keep doing you bro.
@5tjttt 16 days ago
Ramazan mubarek ☪️
@JGC127 16 days ago
@VoiceAiUltimate 16 days ago
@@JGC127the hell you mean shut
@5tjttt 16 days ago
​@@VoiceAiUltimate Allah var 🤲🏻
@5tjttt 16 days ago
​@@JGC127 ?
@dhirannramesh7875 16 days ago
I like fajitas burrito
@SaraMosavi-tz8jo 16 days ago
Wow! I wanted it it looks very delicious 😋 ❤
@shonamaynard1268 11 days ago
I really liked the music at the back round
16 days ago
Why cut the wrap like that 😭😭
@unknown12475 16 days ago
Who taught him to slice it like that?💀
@SPTL 13 days ago
Chipi Chipi Chapa Chapa Dubi Dubi Daba Daba Mágico de Dubidubidu :3 😺
That looked so good is there anywhere you have recipes?
Nice song for cooking❤
@ArqueroTojwr3096 16 days ago
Chipi chipi chapa chapa dubi dubi daba daba Magico mi dubi dubi bum bum bum bum bum
@loudharry3740 16 days ago
Please could you detail the spices mix you were mixing in the bowl ? Thank you very much
@po.thepanda 15 days ago
the song makes it even better
@swaruproy9000 3 days ago
Your cooking style are so cool 😍😍👍
@Notabeggar1 16 days ago
People who watch this while fasting 👇
@Blis-0WHATow 14 days ago
the irony of your username
@pinkguycomments69 16 days ago
Albert can cook ✅ Albert can cook offensively ✅✅✅✅✅✅✅
@Sean-zs5ej 14 days ago
Thank you albert, your videos with bayashi taught me how to make many delicious foods❤
@senshiendo 15 days ago
Te doy un 100 de 100, ese burrito es la cosa más deliciosa que he visto preparar en muchos días😊❤😊❤😊❤😊❤
@user-xv7cu3zx8m 15 days ago
Aqui los que son mexicanos 👇
@arish6538 16 days ago
First italians, now Mexicans😂😂
@ericschwartz2630 16 days ago
Is there a Mexican version of Lionfield? 😂
@jayapednekar7346 14 days ago
that looks delicious
@Alemdar-2007 7 days ago
Wow amazing dleicious!
@Theobigmoney 16 days ago
Shelby’s kitchen is calling📞🗣️🔥🔥
@Remyio 16 days ago
people who think Albert should open his own restaurant 👇
#chicken #peppergreen #pepper #pepperyellow #pepperorange #onion #Yellow #red
@saxaf 15 days ago
Looks really good
@_NormalEditor 16 days ago
@1goalrush 16 days ago
bro created a new war crime 💀
@Eternal_Edits1610 15 days ago
I had fajita burritos the other day they were amazing
@UwUnKnOwOn 14 days ago
Ive never had a more visceral reaction to a vertically cut burrito, but dam that looks pretty good and a genius way for me to drown every bit in even more sauce
@ChefRush 16 days ago
I want dammit!!
@A_lost_person 16 days ago
That's...an odd way to cut a burrito... Kinda remind me of something tho
@tbunhonest9668 11 days ago
I can never escape this song
@fireboy2737 16 days ago
"Whats your favorite type of music?" Me: food music
@Naoxys192 13 days ago
Banger music choice Albert letsgoooo! 🔥
@Marocain_rblx 16 days ago
i love your video ❤
@Victoriasmiles-kv 16 days ago
Its actually quite tasty 😋😋
@deadbyjan 13 days ago
@user-rc3oc5yy1w 8 days ago
That cut has just summoned the entire country of Mexico
@Tortuga_gamer44 16 days ago
*This art*
@ultraball69 15 days ago
That burrito looks so good that i didn't notice that he cut it wrong 😂
Wow delicious 😋
Please ingredients for salsa You a great job
@MrKem. 15 days ago
Not the Chipi Chipi getting louder after he cut the burrito that way lmao
@mareknovy5765 16 days ago
Albert: Cut burinou 69 missed calls from Mexicans
@deadblood7085 16 days ago
Выглядит прям вкусно.
@malinkakaterinka 14 days ago
Не просто вкусно, а шедеврально 😅😅😅🤘🤘🎉🎉🎉
@rubenavakian 16 days ago
Bro's taking on the whole world😅
@Big_Ballz-123 15 days ago
He’s got the Mexican army after him now
@user-vl6ol7ow4m 3 days ago
Who else loves your videos Albert 💝
Everyone is talking about cutting the burrito. But he cut the veggies with the sticker still on them 😂
@user-jh8dj1dl5y 10 days ago
Albert I love your videos it's so it's so good❤❤❤
@user-xf9yh2eg1h 16 days ago
10000 missed call from shawarma man 💀
@AngryDigitalNerd 16 days ago
And us Mexicans 😂
@SPTL 13 days ago
CHIPI CHIPI Chapa Chapa Dubi Dubi Daba Daba Mágico de Dubidubidu 😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺
@SyazHikari_Mlbb 13 days ago
Bro sliced the burrito vertically 💀
@katesmith8424 16 days ago
Everyone talking about the way you cut it but it looks like an enjoyable way to eat it!
@aworm 16 days ago
Actually makes eating a burrito easier by cutting it that way thanks Albert
@vasilevasilw8454 14 days ago
Ce vorbești bucătar ca ALBERT mai rar vezi tot respectul pentru el vă iubesc enorm RESPECT frateloo 😅 FANTASTIC PERFECTYQNESS 💯🥳 doamne ajută 🌌💋🩱💖💖💖
Mmmmm nice broooo ❤❤❤
Альберт, если не сложно, говори или пиши сколько ты время потратил на приготовление очередного шедевра кулинарии❤
@victorchung1751 3 days ago
Mom: Cut the burrito in half Me:
@angelhasgone 13 days ago
PTSD kicking in after listening to this song for hours
@Ultrasecond77 15 days ago
Albert: Slices burrito All of Mexico: Aw f***, i can't believe you've done this.
@RahulMoll- 16 days ago
Me vibing on background Music
Orang mana yg motong burrito kek gitu?
@oliverelkk 15 days ago
that way of slicing the burrito left me in the floor, crying
Albert never fails to commit war crimes❤❤😊
@Popo-hi7or 15 days ago
Man woke up and declared war on Mexico
@bellb0y320 9 days ago
Mexican mafia is looking for this man💀🙏🏾
Mexicans looking for this man
@SINGLE_gaming1 16 days ago
Шаверма ❤
Every time I hear this music, I remember that cat
@maryobro2139 16 days ago
Классная, элитная шаурма 😋👍
@Samsung_154 15 days ago
это буррито💀
@maryobro2139 14 days ago
@@Samsung_154 Это шаурма :)
@MeMe-tt6cy 15 days ago
Bro needs 20m subscribers
@gol_d_jessy 15 days ago
Am I the only one that heard "If it's not tight, it's not right" 😂😂
Nice I love it can I have it please
@SomeRandomFriend 11 days ago
saving half of a burrito for later, the "burrito" in question
@arelyvalles5602 7 days ago
Amen 🙌🙏🙌🙏🙌🙏
The burrito dismembering was atrocious, but I swear, this song is drilling holes into my brain
@user-zz7dt9io9n 15 days ago
I love this song
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