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FIFA 23 IS HERE! It's time to bring Barcelona back to top in FIFA 23!
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Sep 24, 2022




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Comments 3 458
adhiraj saini
adhiraj saini 2 months ago
PCQ: Give young players more game time Like Alex Balde, Gavi. Also, I don't think Barca need that much signings, since they heavily invested this summer.
iShowspeedmore7 28 days ago
Marko Vukšić
Marko Vukšić Month ago
You still think that
Carlos Torres
Carlos Torres 2 months ago
He wants to buy Messi in a couple seasons he said 😂😂😂
Tasawwar Auvro
Tasawwar Auvro 2 months ago
@adhiraj saini bro you forgot zlatan
Jecinth Prasad
Jecinth Prasad 2 months ago
PCQ : Hey Sid, if you check Xavi's press conference he told that De Jong will be the replacement for sergio busquets so... You can play gavi in CM and de Jong in CDM
qJah 5 days ago
@Sahla. HDPhi can I ask u a question
Peggy Reynaers
Peggy Reynaers Month ago
Nah don’t think that’s gonna happen cause we already have kessie in cdm
Sahla. HDP
Sahla. HDP 2 months ago
@Younggoat they want him to leave because they'll have 2 talents in the same level or even better (Pedri & Gavi). For their situation, they want to sell De Jong as soon as they can. Barcelona is extremely angry at De Jong, Jordi Alba & Piqué, because they didn't accept to leave in the Summer.
Younggoat 2 months ago
@Sahla. HDP Fair dos, you're actually right about schone and ajax, but de jong isn't an accessory at Barca, Xavi fully understands Barcelona's corporate identity and if De jong has to leave for a mouth watering amount then he won't think twice
Sahla. HDP
Sahla. HDP 2 months ago
​@Younggoat Wrong, on this one. De Jong is a Talisman CM, like Xavi was for Barcelona. De Jong never played CDM, unless in Barcelona. In Ajax, he played a double pivot with Lassie Schöne where Schöne was the CDM & De Jong was the ball carrier + Talisman CM, like the way Jorginho & Kanté performs at Chelsea, whether in a back 3 or in a back 4. Van De Beek was the Attacking Midfielder. A double pivot is always a CM & a CDM. Schöne would build the game & De Jong would do the distribution. De Jong doesn't have the positional & controlling awareness of a real CDM. In Ball Possession based Football, the defensive midfielder is the most important position & most disciplined player of the pitch. He controls the rhythm of the game, sets the tempo & is the Chess Master. The team is performing because of his manipulation. Frenkie De Jong, doesn't possess that. Erik Tek Hag wanted De Jong on Manchester United, to be the best creative player of that midfield to play alongside Casemiro or McTominay, which now the job is performed by Eriksen who is playing CM (but he isn't a real DM & is suffering the same issues like putting De Jong in CDM) when Eriksen was brought in to make tough competition to Bruno Fernandes & Van De Beek, as Attacking Midfielder is a crucial position for Ten Hag tactics. De Jong job is to be in the final third to disorient the opponents with his dribbling & critical through passing. I gave you all the detailed content explained here so no glimpse of doubt can swim to you. So stop being one of the people who believes that the guy is a defensive midfielder, when he is a waste of talent there & the complete opposite. Xavi is playing him there sometimes just to unravel & rest Busquets because they don't have another options. By the way, Barcelona already has a agreement with Rúben Dias to be their player to replace Busquets. De Jong will become squad player & bench of both Gavi & Pedri because Gavi has the same potential of became of the best early like Pedri become in the last seasons. That's why Barcelona wanted to sell De Jong in the summer. He is surplus to Xavi's plans!
Aahil 2 months ago
Ter-Stegen should be captain... He's been so helpful to Barca throughout the years. He deserves the respect and honestly he's earned
Aahil 2 months ago
@gioyu comi lmfao
HotPot 2 months ago
PCQ: For LB, I suggest signing Javi Galán from Celta Vigo, rumoured before back in April - wanted for his speed and offensive aspects. Grimaldo's another good option, since he was an academy player.
Thato Mashaphu
Thato Mashaphu 2 months ago
You should've put transfer negotiations on strict
Aske Snaske
Aske Snaske 2 months ago
They legit have one for now, one backup and one for the future no need to sign anyone else
WARLORD 2 months ago
M8 there's a class talent balde why don't give him time?
Ashil Razak
Ashil Razak 2 months ago
WPCQ: We should maybe swap Busquests for Zubrimendi since they are rumours abt it , we should see how he fits in the game.
Oresti19 2 months ago
PCQ: I think when Busquets or Pique are not playing, you should make ter stegen captain. Also don't forget about Hector Bellerin
Marius Hjorth Reinewald
Good idea
Reinout 2 months ago
You should always implement a release clause as it is mandatory in La Liga. For the realism! Great series so far 👍
Sap.22 2 months ago
PCQ: make araujo captain it’ll be realistic and he has great potential during that time period were he grows he’ll become a great leader
Glockenspiel 2 months ago
i think stegen now but he is old so soon araujo should be captain, in game and irl
Mujtaba Yarkhan
Mujtaba Yarkhan 2 months ago
Ter stegen would be more realistic
manf 2 months ago
PCQ: Cancelo is a really good LB his stats are really good and I think he might do good, i also think you should loan out balde to raise his overall and give him play time at a lower level club
Jose Raya
Jose Raya 2 months ago
For the LB position I suggest to sign Alphonso Davis especially now before he goes up in value
Laaska 2 months ago
The way Xavi and his assistant sent Sergio Roberto out had me rolling 🤣🤣🤣🤣😭
Diji EmojiKiddo
Diji EmojiKiddo 2 months ago
It happens with free agents as well when the contract of a player expires
samarth vanpariya
samarth vanpariya 2 months ago
it was like bullying
MYSRIE x! 2 months ago
Archie Findlay
Archie Findlay 2 months ago
PCQ: Make Ter Stergen captain because he has been at the club for a while and he is one of the more experienced players
Soham Vagal
Soham Vagal 2 months ago
PCQ: For the left back you should sign Alphonso Davies. He destroyed Barca once now he can help them rebuild. Plus the Lewandowski Davies link will be amazing.
Max The Great
Max The Great 2 months ago
PCQ: I think borna Sosa would be great at lb and he should still have room to grow as he should be 24 or 25
Irfan Shahzad
Irfan Shahzad 2 months ago
PCQ: You should sign Trent Alexander Arnold as Barcelona want to sign him in real life.
Alvin Solezi
Alvin Solezi 2 months ago
PCQ: If you want this Barcelona team to click try and change the whole team instructions...for instance your wingers should stay wide since this is Xavi's style of play, Lewandoski should stay central and give him a mixed attack...For midfielders Pedri and Gavi come back on defence and one of them should stay at the edge of the box...For fullbacks Balde should overlap while Foyth should be inverted as this will give a numerical advantage in midfield
Bharga Prasad
Bharga Prasad 2 months ago
@footdul press conference questions
Frostyz LF
Frostyz LF 2 months ago
@FATI SZN It is to me I don't bother with custom tactics I'm just a casual
Frostyz LF
Frostyz LF 2 months ago
@footdul it stands for "Press Conference Question" and it is how you give S2G advice for the career mode and he wills answer you in the next vid
footdul 2 months ago
Whats pcq
FATI SZN 2 months ago
@Frostyz LF it wasn't that complicated
Alex Green
Alex Green 2 months ago
Would love to see Kieran Tierney at Barcelona. Versatile full back and would fit Barca
Vasco Hubert
Vasco Hubert 2 months ago
PCQ: Grimaldo is a great option for that left back spot, he has been in the barcelona academy and is regularly linked with them
slida emif
slida emif 2 months ago
Araujo HAS to be captain! His passion and love for the badge in real life is just what we need. He defends our team with his life, finally has a beast in defense since Puyol
The Wright Place
The Wright Place 2 months ago
Pcq: I would suggest for the LB position signing Alex Grimaldo. Former Barca academy player and is only 27 still has trim to grow.
Grok Lop
Grok Lop 2 months ago
PCQ: If busquets is sold and I think you should sell him now before his price drops a lot, you should buy onyeka, he has 87 pace or something and with some developing he could definitely be a nice backup cdm his potential is just under 80 but can easily grow past it with development plans and dynamic potential
Football at its best
PCQ: sign cucurella it will be funny taking a player from Chelsea just like irl 😂, he got real face as well 👀, u never used him as well.
Flying K
Flying K 2 months ago
Lol 😆
Ntsako Fulane
Ntsako Fulane 2 months ago
As good as Lewandowski is I feel you'll have to give him rest time especially for big games maybe play Memphis depay or someone
Kieran Weston
Kieran Weston 2 months ago
Sign Marc cucurellla from Chelsea, can play CB and LM as well as LB. would look great in a Barca kit and could be the next Puyol
Rajanish V Pillai
Rajanish V Pillai 2 months ago
PCQ: I guess you may need a backup keeper cause there is only pena who is low rated and a youth player and if Ter Stegen gets injured you need one
kobi 2 months ago
PCQ: you should know that all la liga players must have a release clause, so keep that in mind for signings
Ain Muhammed
Ain Muhammed 2 months ago
PCQ: You should give ter steagen the arm band because in reality he captened and he was there to win his first ucl with barcelona in 2015
Lord Braithwaite
Lord Braithwaite 2 months ago
Stegen* captained*
Juan Carlos Parra Cardenas
Yea i agree
Fungai Mhoswa
Fungai Mhoswa 2 months ago
PCQ:I think you should give Lewandowski the arm bag because he has leadership and knows how to lead the team.
Avik Devsharma
Avik Devsharma 2 months ago
Pcq : change the instructions or tactics. They will help in your siming and defence. Play araujo or kounde in rb and have Christensen in cb
PhoenixFældo777 2 months ago
PCQ: Sign Alphonso Davies as a replacement for Alba. He’s already a fantastic Left Back and he’s really young so he fits Xavi’s youth based philosophy. Plus, I think he’d look great in a Barca kit
MythicSport 2 months ago
PCQ: I think a good captain replacement for Busquets is the mighty Lewangoalski, he’s a veteran and can provide the leadership for the young players and give advice. He’s a natural leader
Nightcrawler 2 months ago
PCQ: If you're looking to keep the things realistic within the squad then your starting 3 upfront should be: Dembele - Lewandowski - Raphinha. I know Fati has big potential and you like using him but in real life he really hasn't been playing a lot for Barca, but he can be a great choice off the bench of course now that you can make up to 5 substitutes.
garv 2 months ago
@SAHIL .B.K he's trash
Rangz 2 months ago
@ツ it's gonna be boring imo since s2g already used inaki in his everton career mode a few weeks ago. Depay is a good option as Cf imo because he can provide something different from lewa, or maybe bring auba back to barça because he's fast and provide different dynamic to lewa. And auba still loves barça i believe
2 months ago
@Rangz yeah so true, Inaki is a good option tho, or maybe Morata
Rangz 2 months ago
@BOBOSKI GAMING vlahovic as backup striker? My god that's so unrealistic
BOBOSKI GAMING 2 months ago
I highly disagree ansu fati is a good player even this season and I think U need a good back up striker like vlahovic or Inaki Williams
Aveer Singh
Aveer Singh 2 months ago
Pcq: instead of starting ansu on the left start dembele there and raphina on the right as raphina is higher rated than ansu and dembele and raphina make a deadly combo
Zalán 2 months ago
PCQ: till Foyth don’t have enough overall, you should play the defence like: Alonso-Christensen-Araujo-Kounde
SaM2OP 2 months ago
PCQ : I would like you to prefer Raphihna over Dembele, as he is pacey and great with the ball
Lukiemate 2 months ago
PCQ: For that left back role I think you should sign someone like Jonny from Wolves or Ait Nouri
jamiechalmerss 2 months ago
PCQ: for the captaincy you should give it to ter Stegen as that’s barca’s plan for when the 4 captains leave
Jenovic muya
Jenovic muya 2 months ago
That right
Deci 710
Deci 710 2 months ago
PCQ: I would love to see something diffrent if it comes to tactiscs. Maybe try diffrent formation (I don't mean to change it from the begining but might be seson 2) I would suggest one of these with 5 in back. Also new capitan for me Lewandowski is perfect for this role as the most experienced player in the team.
Cubik Farhan
Cubik Farhan 2 months ago
PCQ: You should keep Raphinha in the first team. He will be more effective on that side. As you can see he assisted a nice header for lewa.
Edoardo Ferrazzo
Edoardo Ferrazzo 2 months ago
I think you should make Foyth CB, because he makes +2 I think, and sign new full backs (they could be Gaya and Reece James)
Andrei Mihai
Andrei Mihai 2 months ago
Is it just me or does the new menu look so complicated? Anyways great video, keep on coming with the FIFA 23 videos Sid, lots of love💗💗
Cozza 2 months ago
PCQ: You Could sign Facundo Farias he is 19 years old St with High Dribbling he is A Messi Type player.
htFarbee 2 months ago
@Cozza Wait, that's not Pablo Torre, that is freakin' Ferran Torres. You forgot he exists.
The Life Of Travel
The Life Of Travel 2 months ago
@Cozza copyed
Cozza 2 months ago
@htFarbee Pal He is 63 rated Farias is 75 Depay is not playing that much irl and Torre is A cam so he wont use him?
htFarbee 2 months ago
@Cozza he has Raphinha, Torres, Dembélé, Fati, or even Depay if needed (also probably Ilias). Do you still think he needs him? Man, c'mon.
Cozza 2 months ago
@htFarbee he can make him Lw Or Rw too
HI 2 months ago
FC Barcelona have a new target in mind, with Xavi’s blessing, when it comes to reinforcing the left-back position. Javi Galán of Celta Vigo could be the chosen one to compete with Jordi Alba next season, ahead of Nicolás Tagliafico (Ajax), Alejandro Grimaldo (Benfica), and Álex Moreno (Betis), among others.
Oliver Mears #TROSSARD IS THE 🐐
Pcq: Bring Marc Cucurella back to Barca trust me he grows super quickly and his stats are insane
Matin Sayeri
Matin Sayeri 2 months ago
Alphonso Davis sighting would be great but it wouldn't be a great replacement for jorde alba but Jose gaya would be great options for replacing alba he got that good experience and that quality. Absolutely loving the series 👏 🙌 👌 ❤
Omar Ndoye
Omar Ndoye 2 months ago
PCQ: I think that Grimaldo back would be a feel good story. A guy from La Masia, and with the chance to be great for Barca. I also feel like you’ve signed guys like Cancelo and Davies too much in FIFA 22 so Grimaldo would be nice to see in a career mode. And give time to the youngsters to grow
MajestyIV 2 months ago
PCQ: Are you going to make the series Super realistic or r u gonna keep it only somewhat realistic
Et Adventure
Et Adventure 2 months ago
Araujo HAS to be captain! His passion and love for the badge in real life is just what we need. He defends our team with his life, finally has a beast in defense since Puyol
Aidan Hand
Aidan Hand 2 months ago
I think grimaldo could be a great signing from benfica as he used to play for barcelona
Sporty Liam
Sporty Liam 2 months ago
PCQ: Alphonso Davies would be great. I think you can’t only sign players that aren’t very good yet so I think he would be great and it’s also realistic.
Vizsla 2 months ago
PCQ: You should use Alejandro Balde as your starting LB his potential to grow is insane and he'll be a valuable asset for seasons to come
JiggyMan the SwerveKing
Keep busquet in the starting line up and as Captain, even if it's for the first season. Also Jose Gaya is the perfect LB signing as Barca are known to sign players from Spanish clubs like Valencia, Villarreal and Sevilla
Noureldin Gaweesh
Noureldin Gaweesh 2 months ago
PCQ:I think you should sign Grimaldo for the lb position since he is good going upfront and defending plus he helps the midfield a bit and has some great passing also he feels like a Barca player
Omar Alhassan
Omar Alhassan 2 months ago
PCQ: For the left back postion, why not sign Alphonso Davies, he has got the pace and the attacking stats. Plus he was also rejected by Barcelona in 2019
Yispz 2 months ago
PCQ: if you want a better left back you could go for malo gusto, he is a right back and has a little bit less rating than alonso so maybe you could get a higher rated left back then get malo gusto in a swap deal for alonso for some squad depth.
Dhej Snenen
Dhej Snenen 2 months ago
PCQ: I think you should sign Grimaldo. They wanted him for a long time, very good defensively and imo fits perfectly to the Barcelona team, similar to Alba also.
Nyavor Adjei
Nyavor Adjei 2 months ago
Also a La Masia graduate so it’s perfect.
MTD DrIce 2 months ago
I think you should get Alphonso Davies and/or Jeremie Frimpong for the team. They are both great young players that you haven’t used before.
MichaelPlayz 2 months ago
He's used frimpong millions of times
Flixxy Fortnite
Flixxy Fortnite 2 months ago
PCQ: I reckon you should make Robert Lewangoalski as your captain since he was a very loyal player for Bayern
Jack ripe
Jack ripe 2 months ago
PCQ: You should try and put Frenkie de jong in that CDM role and put Pedri and Gavi in that CM Role
1JoshDude 2 months ago
PCQ: Give MaTS the armband. He’s the most experienced starter and irl has occasionally shown glimpses of leadership
SW67 2 months ago
PCQ: Whenever you sign a player always give them a release clause, It adds a bit of pressure if another club pays it and also a release clause is mandatory in LaLiga.
Usta Sanane
Usta Sanane 2 months ago
Sign Arda Guler from Fenerbahçe pls
Goutham Aji
Goutham Aji 2 months ago
PCQ: For captaincy, I mean Barca does follow the method of player spend most time in the club..So with All of your current 4 captains gone or not starting I think it's Stegan
Tasos Βal
Tasos Βal 2 months ago
PCQ: When Lewandowski starts to drop on overall you should sign De Ketelaere a next generation player that has so much pace
Redmax 987
Redmax 987 2 months ago
PCQ: I think Marc-André ter Stegen should be captain as he is a barca veteran and has great leadership skills.
life of a cat
life of a cat 2 months ago
PCQ. For the left back signing I think you should go for hernandez. He has a goodnrating
Marissa Akil
Marissa Akil 2 months ago
PCQ: For the captain role I feel like it should be ter Stegen hes been at the club for so long I feel like he’s a veteran gk so I recommend that he should be captain
Marvel Editz
Marvel Editz 2 months ago
PCQ: Sign José Gayà from Valencia for the LB position. I think he will be a great signing.
Edgar Vargas
Edgar Vargas 2 months ago
PCQ:For the left back position you can sign zinchenko or nuno mendes
Gavin Bertoncini
Gavin Bertoncini 2 months ago
You should sign Zubimendi because that’s who Barcelona want in real life to be Busquets replacement
The Striker
The Striker 2 months ago
PCQ: Since you sold Alba, I reckon you sign somebody like Gaya who you signed last year, maybe Grimaldo who is a La Masia product, You could do well with the experience of Berchiche, you can also try and put the career of either Reguilon or Bernat on the right path. These will be my suggestions, also use alonso in a swap deal cause of his horrific pace and continue using Balde as backup. I would have suggested Angelino or Cucurella as well but they recently transfered. Wow, that is really 10 spanish left backs in one comment.
Kevin Jr C
Kevin Jr C 2 months ago
Gaya is so realistic
Rangz 2 months ago
Cucurella would be the perfect Lb for them, since he's La masia product and well rounded. I think it's realistic as well since cucu said he will comeback when barça want him
Tom Holland
Tom Holland 2 months ago
Pcq: I think alphnaso davies is the right option for you. You have a good team no need to sign too much so let’s pull that off
Parnavo X Roy
Parnavo X Roy 2 months ago
PCQ: Ter Stegen is the best option rn to make a captain for the team considering there is no more pique,alba or busquets
BIGBOIBULLA 2 months ago
PCQ: In my opinion I think you should keep some players that are older just to add experience (mainly because Barca Is becoming a young team and less experience could be costly in big games
Jack Carter
Jack Carter 2 months ago
PCQ: Use Balde in LB as he has good pace and stats. Xavi also uses him in real life
Lorcán TDS
Lorcán TDS 2 months ago
Pcq: You should use the playable highlights feature a lot as it is a quick way of getting through games without risking the quick sim. (Also I love your vids keep it up)
Tushig Chimi
Tushig Chimi 2 months ago
PCQ: you should let the legends at the club to stay until they retire like Alba and Busquets and just let them stay in the bench until the final game of their careers let them play it
Ekum 2 months ago
PCQ: As you are playing in la liga you should give every player a release clause
Rekap_Editzz10 2 months ago
PCQ: You should make Ter Stegen captian because he has been at the club for a while and I think he would be a good option
Kapitan dundun
Kapitan dundun 2 months ago
Pcq: for full back, sign diogo dalot. Hes had a really good season so far
LukeUnited11 2 months ago
PCQ: When you get a open shot from a distance you should try the new power shot
siraz khan
siraz khan 2 months ago
PQB: Do you think that gavi could replace Sergio Busquets ? He seems like a player that is more suitable in the defensive mid , he’s physical.
Club America
Club America 2 months ago
For LB I feel like The Canadian Davies because he’s suppose to have crazy potential in fifa 23
Aidan Beresford
Aidan Beresford 2 months ago
PCQ: Try the new power shots for when you want to take a long shot
Blaze 2 months ago
PCQ: you should sign Theo Hernandez he would fit the team perfect as an attacking left back
Bennett Patton
Bennett Patton 2 months ago
Very excited for this career!
Naanbe Konlan
Naanbe Konlan 2 months ago
@the cool man what
the cool man
the cool man 2 months ago
I make better content than P2g 😂
Gt4LOl 2 months ago
S2 daddy😃
Jamoldiniho 2 months ago
Same here
Cozza 2 months ago
Same pal
Hayleigh Chikosi H.C
PCQ: Since Dembelé has been underwhelming I suggest that you should strip him off the first team and replace him with Raphina
Antonio Jr Herrera Herrera
For the left back spot I would love to see a former man city left back like Angeliño he never got the chance at city but was amazing for RB Leipzig
Mitro Clips
Mitro Clips 2 months ago
PCQ: Change Cesar Otero's (youth academy striker) position to a winger since his stats are better for that position
Entertainer Q
Entertainer Q 2 months ago
Grimaldo for the left back is a great option
Raj Tiwari
Raj Tiwari 2 months ago
POV: You should have gone for TAA as Barca is looking for a big RB signing next year also Messi and Bernardo Silva for next year
Jake Sampson
Jake Sampson 2 months ago
Pcq : as Lewandowskis going down in rating and there’s no back up striker I feel Cody Gakpo would be a good young back up who could grow to start in the future
KDeathstroke_420 2 months ago
S2G huge fan bro been watching u for years I love ur career mode videos I have one request for u as a fellow Barcelona man. BRING BACK LA PULGA he’s the reason why I fell in love with Barca in the first place! It would be amazing to see him back as our number 10!!!!!
SportTubeYT 2 months ago
PCQ: I think Araujo needs to captain your Barcelona side, a fierce cb and a true leader to captain Barca this season.
Siaosi Vaitaki
Siaosi Vaitaki 2 months ago
PCQ: If you are wanting to sell Busquets I think that you should get Zubimendi as he is young and a good replacement and can give you good squad depth
Ucnoble 2 months ago
Love that you started Gavi and Alejandro Balde, would love to see blade as a starter throughout the season
slida emif
slida emif 2 months ago
PCQ: You should give ter steagen the arm band because in reality he captened and he was there to win his first ucl with barcelona in 2015
Captain Price
Captain Price 2 months ago
PCQ: it’s time we give Araujo and Lewandowski as a captain role. In real life as well they are showing leadership roles
Hasan Darvia
Hasan Darvia 2 months ago
PCQ: Make Ter Stegen the Captain as he has been at Barca for so long and has been performing very well recently.
Exslay 2 months ago
PQC: I didn't like the way your Roma career mode went down where you limited yourself to only buy players that are worth 30 mil or less. I feel like that made the career mode move much more quicker since low rated players tend to have good potentials. I suggest sticking with just 2 signings per season.
Nsn 2 months ago
PQC: You should start doing objectives again for each season of this career mode
Eris Shkembi
Eris Shkembi 2 months ago
Arnav Sharma
Arnav Sharma 2 months ago
PCQ: If the team needs a back-up striker for Lewa, you can look up to Nkunku and get rid off Depay.
basil1s _
basil1s _ 2 months ago
I Sold my Best Player...
World War One (ALL PARTS)
Guess The Price, I Buy It