I Built a Plastic Wrap Treehouse

Jake Carlini
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Nov 11, 2021




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Comments 1 183
Jake Carlini
Jake Carlini 6 months ago
Yo check out another video!ru-vid.com/video/video-ZkXua9L5GC8.html
Henry Farrell
Henry Farrell Month ago
I like yo cut G
Emmelia Tsougarakis
Emmelia Tsougarakis 2 months ago
you have no idea how mad you made me when you said "Dang they're good architects" i went to real civil engineer because (one hes my fav youtuber two he HATES architects) okay not that mad i just thought it was funny
Billy officially
Billy officially 5 months ago
Man's did an entire production 👌 😂
The Sneakyfox
The Sneakyfox 5 months ago
I'm impressed with the design omg, you actually put effort into that...
Ash Ketchup
Ash Ketchup 14 hours ago
@Regirock that is why
Regirock 15 hours ago
@Ash Ketchup ok
Ash Ketchup
Ash Ketchup 15 hours ago
Regirock Day ago
@Ash Ketchup oh wait are you here because he put pikachu in the tree house
Regirock Day ago
@Ash Ketchup even the pokemon are coming after you
Xeros Morningstar VII
Pollution 100 + arachnophobia 100 You cannot change my mind, that house looks like a massive spider web
Kai Jung
Kai Jung Month ago
FFLJakub 2 months ago
@Ollie6000 look, he well overused plastic, although he taken it down it will still be used
Ollie6000 2 months ago
Pollution? He took it down after the vid read the discription
Prich038 5 months ago
I doubt the plastic wrap will enjoy the sunlight hitting it, probably will degrade in a relatively short amount of time, cool short turn project sure, but now you have a slight environmental waste problem to deal with and despose of all of it
pale 5 days ago
Read description. He took it down. Smh
Enzoatix 14 days ago
@patprop74 good one
abdelrahman Ahmad
abdelrahman Ahmad 22 days ago
Toxic Neko
Toxic Neko 5 months ago
Glad i read the description first. Was almost about to comment about this being so bad because of the plastic. As long as you actualy got rid of it responsibly, thats good! Anyway now positivity! Loved this video youre really good at this :) left a sub
Kazivion 4 hours ago
@MrBrowning42 yeah, that's entirely possible lol
MrBrowning42 11 hours ago
@Kazivion must've changed it because it wasn't true
Kazivion Day ago
@MrBrowning42 the original comment is in reference to the previous description, presumably changed in recent
Kazivion Day ago
@MrBrowning42 okay go read the description five months ago, you'll find it there
MrBrowning42 Day ago
@Kazivion I read the description and it says nothing about recycling
Jovenextgen16 5 months ago
this is the first video I have watched in this channel...and I've only got one thing to say...RU-vid needs to recognise you...I honestly thought I just found like another youtuber that could entertain me....and someone like you definitely needs way more subscribers....let's get this man to 100k!
Nevir202 5 months ago
Funny seeing this comment is barely over a week old, and he's sitting at almost 110k
Brian Jung
Brian Jung 9 months ago
The most underrated channel on YT
Ü Month ago
Levi Mease
Levi Mease 2 months ago
That is very true though
Cast Away
Cast Away 4 months ago
Agreed This channel is too good, I think it’ll probably explode at some point
Superpronoober 5 months ago
@SataNick this man is spitting the facts of the facts.
SataNick 5 months ago
Nothing is underrated on social media , everything is shit ...
Landen Conner
Landen Conner 9 months ago
Love the Mark Rober vibes I’m getting with the narration/story-telling of this! Keep up the superb work
Landen Conner
Landen Conner 5 months ago
@Starman Great minds think alike 😉
Starman 5 months ago
Same profile pic
7 months ago
This is giving me some Tyler oliveirra vibes
Jake Carlini
Jake Carlini 9 months ago
Yooo I appreciate that!
Rockabilly Ron
Rockabilly Ron 5 months ago
Love it. In my head i was going along engineering one myself lol loved it and the process. Came out great. Wonder if it stretches too thin or lasts over time though. Bet it was a lot of Wrap. Awesome video thanks 🙏🏼
Matthew Byrom
Matthew Byrom 5 months ago
It feels like every project you take on, you start by doing the first thing that comes into your head, then spend the rest of the project trying to fix the mistakes of your initial idea. If you either planned a little before you started, or started again when you realised how best to do it, it would make for far more satisfying content and a more enjoyable and rewarding time for yourself.
chickpeep v2
chickpeep v2 Month ago
Zenith Star
Zenith Star 5 months ago
The Garagenous Zone
The Garagenous Zone 4 months ago
Your videos make me wish I were there! Such a likable host and excellent presentation! Great job, YO.
Jake 4 months ago
Wow how much did this cost you? This looks crazy cool
T W I L I G H T 5 months ago
OMG!! That had to take at least a day to build! I love it so much!!!! 😃😄
Haista Gäng
Haista Gäng 2 months ago
am i right that you spend much much extra time editing yourself many times and i give credit to that! i hope you get a million at the end of the year
yAnG yAnG ExO-L
yAnG yAnG ExO-L 4 months ago
Wow this is an incredible amount of plastics, I’d like to ask, where was all these disposed? Tysm. Anw the design of the tree house is impressive.
DaP84 Month ago
Heard of the great pacific garbage patch? It was born outta this project lol
Paul Kaymark
Paul Kaymark 5 months ago
You deserve more subs you have amazing content!
L-L-I SKITS 5 months ago
dude this guy is a legend. really good content
Wishermichine 5 months ago
This is an amazing video, first ive seen but you are very underrated. I loved it :)
Laverna17 5 months ago
I’m just glad you took it down after. Very cool! Also I like the lights!
Rainwalker Studios
Rainwalker Studios 5 months ago
Dude, the editing in these videos is incredible.
Laura Stephenson
Laura Stephenson 5 months ago
This was so cool and I liked how you were so dang creative bro.
Pablo brawl stars
Pablo brawl stars 6 months ago
Nah man your so underrated, I hope you get really big because you really do out so much effort into the video ps you make and I love it!
LoganzKickz 5 months ago
Looks great for the environment, after it starts ripping away. Nvm It's in the description (my bad) but as Kami Nelson said still a massive waste of plastic.
Alexander Collins
@Deleted description doesn't say anything?
Ollie6000 2 months ago
@H.A.M. Inc calm down karen
Henkka Henrik
Henkka Henrik 5 months ago
I mean if they're smart about it they could save the plastic and use it as packing material instead of like bubble wrap. Always remember to save packing material and anything that could work as packing material so you never have to specifically buy packing materials when you move.
Space Skeleton
Space Skeleton 5 months ago
Not the hill to die on bro. 1 guy is inconsequential versus billions of other polluting humans around the world
Jacob Bosshard
Jacob Bosshard 5 months ago
you can tell how much effort you put into editing your videos. There's never a time I'm not entertained
Blake Braun
Blake Braun 5 months ago
I'm your big fan
Blake Braun
Blake Braun 5 months ago
Good luck
Jake Carlini
Jake Carlini 5 months ago
That means the world to me
Ruwayfi 8 months ago
Jake Carlini
Jake Carlini 8 months ago
Thanks yoo
Sorum & Sons FF & Painting
I love that the thumbnail is 30 feet off the ground, great editing.
Alex Rylander Engström
Jack: Plastic wrap is like the strongest thing ever! Nokia: Am i a joke to you.
30 Aryan Kishore
30 Aryan Kishore 5 months ago
I betcha if he keeps doing these kind of amazing vide in one month he will have well over 500k+ Just remember us OGs when you get famous ❤️
Queen Kelly Official
Yes 🙌
Famous_Gacha_Gurl 5 months ago
I wish I could build something like that
Gabriel Grassmayr
Gabriel Grassmayr 5 months ago
Damn i just imagine seeing emily from my class seeing this amount of plastic having a heart attack 😂 but damn ur underrated
Jake Carlini
Jake Carlini 5 months ago
~{Kiki Miyazaki}~
That’s amazing you could do that I loved your editing to!
ToxicRoblox 5 months ago
I really love this channel. It's super crazy and creative
Jake Carlini
Jake Carlini 5 months ago
Thank you
A1OMajor 5 months ago
You’re literally all over my recommendation! You videos also gave me so much attention to it and it’s so underrated!
Karnga Riba
Karnga Riba 4 months ago
Looks fun. Its great you allow urself to start with mistakes, trial n error. I get frustated if something goes wrong
Aiden Khant
Aiden Khant 4 months ago
That's look amazing. I really want like that.
Garrett Ielapi
Garrett Ielapi 9 months ago
Somehow when I think you’ve done every idea possible you come up with a new one.
Jake Carlini
Jake Carlini 9 months ago
😁 I’ll do ya real proud one day!
Dusty 5 months ago
Idk how you don’t have like three million subs, your a really good youtuber
Jude Lang
Jude Lang 6 months ago
Nice video. Keep up the good work!
Ronnie Silcock
Ronnie Silcock 2 months ago
what did you do with the recycled plastic afterwards?
Xx iicloxdy xX
Xx iicloxdy xX 5 months ago
Funny moment when he showed enemies of a spider but it was a dog in a spider fit so funny to me 🤣😂🥲
Zane Gorinsek
Zane Gorinsek 5 months ago
Would need to make walls first then roof and wrap it all around to avoid the gaps
Xubcz 4 months ago
Civil engineers are the ones who make architecture possible
Edvin 5 months ago
This is amazing.What you see on thumbnail that's what he actualy do🤯
Unicorn Unicorn
Unicorn Unicorn 2 months ago
That’s literally my dream and nice video
VikiKookie 2 months ago
“Plastic wrap’s probably the most strongest thing on the planet” Spider web silk: 😐
Casy Leer
Casy Leer 4 months ago
I began building 1 of these 2 year's ago. The stuff can make a number of thing's.
Omg so good and y'all put so much effort in this I had to leave a sub
Brother From Another Brick
This man is about to become one of the biggest RU-vidrs
Jake Carlini
Jake Carlini 5 months ago
Mikael Österdahl
Mikael Österdahl 6 months ago
You should deserve more subscribers than you have!😀
kingelvis19 4 months ago
This dude's pretty funny tbh. "Plastic wrap doesn't fit on a paint roller." Lmao
mrdogggg3332 5 months ago
This is insane this will be such a awesome Chanel one day never give up
MrMcDucky 4 months ago
Wonder if the thought of “This is really bad for the Earth” went through his head
ELINIST 9 months ago
You should spend 50 or 24 hours in it.
heze20 4 months ago
But in the same amount of time that patch of forest will then have millions of particles of micro plastic. Wonderful for the environment
MaxBroYT 5 months ago
This is so cool good job 👏
Lewis Lister
Lewis Lister 2 months ago
You can get handle inserts for those plastic wrap rolls makes it way easier and stops your hands being shredded.
Revi Faeb
Revi Faeb Month ago
You just earned another subscriber. Ur videos are wicked!!!
Hunter Williams
Hunter Williams 9 months ago
This video SLAPS. Great job dude!!
bez 5 months ago
I still don't understand why he doesn't have 100k subs tho
Jake Carlini
Jake Carlini 9 months ago
Thank you brother!💪🏽
Dax Hughes
Dax Hughes 9 months ago
outstanding content my dude
Jake Carlini
Jake Carlini 9 months ago
Toxic masculinity
Toxic masculinity 4 months ago
Builds fort out of plastic Greta thunberg: "YOU HAVE STOLEN MY CHILDHOOD FROM ME"
Antsy 5 months ago
This video was only recommended to me now, but it’s really high quality!!! subscribed!
Maximoocow 4 months ago
I feel like I'm the only one that HEAVILY compared this to Matt Browns plastic wrap he made on the discovery documentary show Alaskan Bush People where be did literally this exact same this years before this guy did and as far as I can remember this is almost the exact same way Matt did it too. Not saying he stole the idea or anything but it's kinda a big coincidence to me.
Just chris
Just chris 6 months ago
I love You're content!😁
Jake Carlini
Jake Carlini 6 months ago
Breyanna Nava - Entrepreneurship & Money
CONTENT KING ‼️ another banger 💸💸
Jake Carlini
Jake Carlini 9 months ago
Ogeen Awrahim
Ogeen Awrahim 9 months ago
So unique 🔥
Jake Carlini
Jake Carlini 9 months ago
VoidXD 5 months ago
Wow this guy is SOO smart. (Ya know, by giving the local animals nice warm coats...) Yeah...
Jordan plays
Jordan plays 5 months ago
Jake Carlini : plastic wrap might be the strongest thing in the world Nokia : My man you sure?
Void 5 months ago
Leonardoh 5 months ago
Dude you are so underrated!
Nexcroxerix555_ Gaming
YOUR content is amazing you just got a new subscribers
Jake Carlini
Jake Carlini 6 months ago
Yooo thanks
Robb's Homemade Life
I am not impressed by the treehouse. However, is there anyone on YYT that makes better videos and tells better stories than you? I don't think so. If your channel was a stock I would buy it, your channel is going to be BIG. I really appreciate all the work you do to make your videos so enjoyable to watch. Thanks so much for the inspiration for me to tell better stories. I am a happy subscriber.
Jake Carlini
Jake Carlini 4 months ago
Heyyyy that’s what is all about.
Nayan Deka
Nayan Deka 5 months ago
The spider: OMG A BIGGER HOUSE Jake Carlini: spiders is my enemy and run...
beeboi321 5 months ago
this man is a living ledged who will stop and nothing to provide content for us,........NICE JOB BRO
beeboi321 5 months ago
yes sirrr
Jake Carlini
Jake Carlini 5 months ago
That’s right
Cosme Wilma
Cosme Wilma 5 months ago
Did you know you could use a ladder to make the roof
Diesel Martin
Diesel Martin 5 months ago
Alternate title: building a giant spiderweb
Иностранный Агент
Oh wow! So much better for the environment because it will last much much longer than wood
Harvey 3 days ago
Dude thank you so much you have made me build some stuff
Asifur Ornab
Asifur Ornab 13 days ago
Watching you build was satisfying
Bellybear83 17 days ago
I didn’t expect it to be that good lol
shyloh grant
shyloh grant 2 months ago
It's all fun in games till a hole appears and you fall though it and hurt yourself...too much anxiety if I ever went on that tree house as I would think it will break
Itzmehscarlet Month ago
I wanna build something like this
Bluey 2 months ago
I really want to have treehouse but different decorations lol
pale 5 days ago
I keep getting recommended to this channel and I’m not disappointed at all. My teenage and childhood self is seething in jealousy right now
currylover985 4 months ago
that looks really fun and bouncy lol, i really like the way the plastic wrap looks, hopefully you used it more than once
Gaming With Ajju
Gaming With Ajju 4 months ago
I love the tree house how to do this bro love you big fan can I get a heart ❤ 💙 the most underatted channel on youtube
Yu Global Citizen
Yu Global Citizen 5 months ago
This vid deserves 20 million likes
Nate C
Nate C 5 months ago
2:10 not architects, but engineers!
n.e.v.r. 9 months ago
Videos keep getting better and better!!!!
Jake Carlini
Jake Carlini 9 months ago
Yo! Thanks brother
Bonna Verano
Bonna Verano 5 months ago
That actually looks so comfy
Ariani Gee
Ariani Gee Month ago
Rednapp 6 months ago
youre so underated keep it up
Jake Carlini
Jake Carlini 6 months ago
Thank you!
You deserve more subs dude no 🧢
Lucario 5 months ago
So what do you do with all that plastic once you're done with it?
Jake Carlini
Jake Carlini 5 months ago
The description holds all the answers
Somalbholu 4 days ago
This guy deserves 1 million subs.
Faraday92 5 months ago
Commentary was nonsense but the content was 👍 you should try and make a bigger one. Plastic wrap is more versatile than I thought
Huffmo Polygrail
Huffmo Polygrail 8 months ago
this guy deserves more subscriber and more views
Jake Carlini
Jake Carlini 8 months ago
Yooo thank you
Ramiah Castillo
Ramiah Castillo 5 months ago
When you were fixing the floor you looked like a spider making its house ya know? 🤣🕸️🕷️
Kain Tuffin
Kain Tuffin 5 months ago
I'm building me one of these fancy things! Kick Ass!
Jake and Max
Jake and Max 5 months ago
This now one of my favorite channels. The amount of work you put into this video is crazy. I’m definitely dropping a sub. Keep it up!
Reaver 5 months ago
I Love your Content No 🧢
PhantomReap 5 months ago
Jake Carlini: "I built a plastic wrap treehouse" Me and the boys: "We built a tent made of plastic wrap" ONE HOUR LATER....... Me and the boys nearly suffocated