I Built A SCULK PLANET in Minecraft 1.19 Hardcore (#47)

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Today I built an entire planet out of Sculk in Minecraft 1.19 Hardcore! This build required us to mine thousands of Sculk blocks, make a warden farm, and build high into the End! I also dumped a bucket of ice water on myself LOL...

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Jul 2, 2022




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Farzy Month ago
Not gonna lie, this project was a GRIND, but I love how it came out! Also don't forget to give me suggestions for the next Like Challenge! I'll pick my favorite one if we hit 30k likes :)
Vorayut Vorasubin
I have no
Kaida kids club
Kaida kids club 7 days ago
Can you write the name Lucas and the giant Steve behind it
Allie fox Foxy
Allie fox Foxy 19 days ago
Make a solar system!
Chris Hedrick
Chris Hedrick 19 days ago
leo google
leo google 23 days ago
@mohammedrazal kv :(
Inge Month ago
Your channel is doing so well, love that for you
My guy v1nce cuh is goated
Get off your moms account gilbert
Irmis Michellus
Irmis Michellus 18 days ago
多Q事多Q事 Month ago
ducei Gaming
ducei Gaming Month ago
i have a suggestion, you should add some like street lamps or cool looking lanterns to the fishing harbor.
Mike Pines
Mike Pines 19 days ago
I really loved this idea apart from the UFO's, i personally would've built the ancient portal on there, some how and would've made a moon
MouseKapow Month ago
You should build a nether nightmare zone, like a whole terra-formed nightmare world on the other side of the portal. :)
Blox Borg8
Blox Borg8 Month ago
You should build a apartment building in your skulk planet or make a new cave planet and get villagers in it,also it would be nice to get a custom mod for your hard core like ACTUAL circles
bionic9933 Month ago
Hey Farzy, you should add some wardens. The planet looks cool btw.
Aashish Leosala
Aashish Leosala 28 days ago
But its not possible because u cant spawn the warden
Aashish Leosala
Aashish Leosala 28 days ago
But its not possible because u cant spawn the warden
Charlie's Curls
Charlie's Curls Month ago
Then would just fall off
Mathias skeie
Mathias skeie Month ago
Its hard too do that
Loren Underdahl
Loren Underdahl Month ago
Zola 🔥F-'ck M'-e - Check my P'ro'fi-le🔥
Your channel is doing so well, love that for you
Touch. Me. I Will Turn You ONN
Your channel is doing so well, love that for you
Lindsey hatten
Lindsey hatten 26 days ago
It's amazing how much you put into your videos and making all of these builds. So ofc I'm subscribing!
EmaCandy Month ago
I would love to see Farzy trap a warden in the nether - that'll be really interesting :D
Muhammad Atta ur Rehman
Great idea
10k Subs Challenge with 0 video!!!
Glad to know that this guy is getting enough views he deserved 🙌
a R a n d o m S i m p
I feel like you should add a custom sun in the middle and for an extra challenge if you want to do it you trap the ender dragon in it and then you can either add a bunch of custom planets around the sun or just add our planets we ahve in our solar system around the sun I think that would be a great idea!
mmpj twod
mmpj twod Month ago
He spends so much time making these videos and making us happy. Hope you guys also enjoys his videos.
Plasma Boy
Plasma Boy Month ago
For your next challenge fight the ender dragon only with a stick!
Jack Moberg
Jack Moberg 24 days ago
Make a crimson planet next to the sculk planet it will look cool, your builds are amazing
Claudio Matos
Claudio Matos Month ago
Love the idea for the solar system, next time try to make a rich themed planet
Wallmartegger Month ago
So is it it gonna be the exoplanet Thats made of iron actually a real one
Erlinda Blair
Erlinda Blair Month ago
Animdude2011 Month ago
Worming Squad Gaming
aaron Month ago
Good work! But if your on “the moon” then you should build Earth. It would be awesome to see the earth from the moon
Sarah Kerdi
Sarah Kerdi 7 days ago
Build a house without ANY TOOLS. also… Your episode is SOOOO addicting, Thank you :)
Billy Field
Billy Field 19 days ago
I love that you’re gonna make a solar system just please make More planets please
lian wei
lian wei 26 days ago
The warden despair if he has nothing to attack or get distracted by Mabye do a music juk box to make him stay and not go underground! Love your vids
seiom jvony
seiom jvony Month ago
Man farzy! Your builds gets better and better my braincells explode in happyness
Foxolotl Month ago
I think you should make the concrete of the ufos dark blue so it would match the planet :)
[]#*°• jelly_KR3W•°*#[]:7 •ASOUE•
Challenge: fight the warden with one totem
theres a warden farm that only with one change will make your job alot easier and i believe the reason (typos galore)it despawned is because while you were outside the chunk the bells stopped ringing so the warden dug out to prevent this you should make the floor glass so they cant go through it (edit im stupid they alreadly made a warden farm)
Ben Duncan
Ben Duncan Month ago
i love your channel! your so wholesome and a great channel for any age! also, I have a challenge! you should get 150 zombies and fight them all!
madhu madhu
madhu madhu Month ago
Judahcraft Month ago
Me Too!
Olia Yelner
Olia Yelner 27 days ago
I really like your videos and builds their amazing!!!
Jemayca cayacay
Jemayca cayacay Month ago
I really love your contents kuya farzy. Me and my lilsis are waiting for your next build!🖤
Gigi & Maverick
Gigi & Maverick 10 days ago
When ever you go in a creative world you look so serious 😂😀
Anastacia Verrier
I love the plant its so cool and btw you should add some Wardens And I have a challenge for you how about you build lush cave! With axololtls!
Titanfox12 Month ago
Challenge: build Broderick his own city with a gold statue of himself.
bilishu aliss
bilishu aliss Month ago
ACTUAL circles
Eli Burl
Eli Burl Month ago
By the way you're in an incredible builder I have no idea how much practice you have I can't even make a House
Sasinan Snow
Sasinan Snow 15 days ago
I think you should build a farm for almost all creatures, also the elder dragon!!!
LApoopoo 23 days ago
Yeah I love the idea of the planets orbiting the Sun ☀️
Alexis’s Awesome Adventures
Please please please make more planets this one was amazing 🤩
DraagBoi Month ago
Build more planets in the end dimension. One of the reasons is, the sky in the end looks dark like the space. So building more planets there will make it look like space. Also love your vids. They are great keep it up. 🙂👍
Kylie Nyssen
Kylie Nyssen Month ago
That’s cool
minh van
minh van Month ago
Zaneta Teo
Zaneta Teo Month ago
I love all your builds!
Enzo playzz
Enzo playzz 26 days ago
Spawn some wardens bc its a skulk planet so After You Place Them You Can name The Planet The Warden Universe
Jeanette Wahlen
Jeanette Wahlen 19 days ago
So you know when you put the wardens in the prison. They went back down underground that’s what they were programmed to do
Breadstickies !🥖
Hi Farzy this is the challenge I really WANT you to do: build a village for Wardens
0R10N 26 days ago
I love your builds so much and find you super entertaining! My little brother (he’s autistic) says your videos are so funny. Here’s one of his ideas: You should build planets in the end which represent all the biomes in Minecraft, and Uranus (haha, I’m so Immature)
Andrew Syracuse
Andrew Syracuse Month ago
This was very unexpected and amazing and make a giant frog structure in your frog city
Willis Barr
Willis Barr Month ago
Challenge : fight the warden with one totem
Among sus Playz
Among sus Playz 5 days ago
Hello Farzy, I Have Gotten a Tip For You That Will Be Very Usefull In The Future! Whenever The SoulsIn The Shrieker Are NOT Glowing, That Means The Warden Will NOT Spawn! Just thought i Would mention That And Also Great Job On The Sculk Planet!
Kelly Wroblewski
love your builds like that frog town. I love that saying I would like to see you make a allay plant because my birthday is coming up so that would be great!
Harry Golden
Harry Golden Month ago
Btw this is really creative. Great work!
Timothy Whelan
Timothy Whelan 18 days ago
How do you build everything so good
Ellie Wang
Ellie Wang Day ago
I love your videos! You will definitely get lots of subs!!!!
Michael Hanson
Michael Hanson Month ago
For next challenge you can only fight the warden only with a sand block with sharpnesses 6 and one to Totem of undieing
BoomiBoba<3 Month ago
I’ve watched all of ur RU-vid vids and they r so GOOD! Idk how many times I’ve even watched them… WAY TOO MANY! lol My suggestion it to make another planet! I love your Skulk one so why not make another? LUV UR VIDS
The Fat Cat's
The Fat Cat's Month ago
Challenge:make a goat horn farm. (sidenote use wheat to breed goats)
Raising Rory
Raising Rory 15 days ago
"Theese skulk sensors are perfect" Just make sure to not activate them
bradyscott59 7 days ago
If you wanted to make the sculk spread around the whole planet you could’ve got some mobs and killed them near the sculk catalyst it would spread around the planet (but the mobs would have to be able to drop xp and the planet at first would’ve had been out of grass or dirt)
Panther Month ago
I like how much progress you made btw
8gamer6 Red Stinger
I love it and here’s something you might wanna do next episode you should duplicate ally’s and make a place with all beacons
wikiuser92 Month ago
Except maybe the Netherite version.
Alejandra Maltez
Make every single plant including The Sun surrounding The End Please
Meraz 8 days ago
You need to put a name tag on the warden for it not to despawn
Cocohour Month ago
This minecraft series truely made your channel amazing nice work farzy
Danica 19 days ago
This was awesome you hey Farley mabye since you made a plant you can make a little solar system with more different planet’s
Sissi C
Sissi C Month ago
I never miss any of your hardcore videos!YOUR THE BEST!!!
Geeta Appan
Geeta Appan Month ago
@Maks Gi what do you mean by farzy and I?
Geeta Appan
Geeta Appan Month ago
Me too
Maks Gi
Maks Gi Month ago
Alexis’s Awesome Adventures
Not gonna lie if you collected every item and block in Minecraft I would literally scream 🙏🤯 P.S. I love your builds 💕
Sonny Side UP!
Sonny Side UP! 24 days ago
Farzy I have been looking at your channel for 2 years I love it😍
Mark Bush
Mark Bush 29 days ago
For the sculk planet you could get a sculk catelist and spawn mobs and kill them on it because when you do the experience points from them go the the catelist and spread sculk 🙂
One Track Mind
One Track Mind 26 days ago
The Wardens must have despawned water leaving the chunk.
Jazzy Jess Gaming
He spends so much time making these videos and making us happy. Hope you guys also enjoys his videos.
Sam Miranda
Sam Miranda Month ago
Kevin B
Kevin B 3 days ago
You should do your space theme and after hearing this all these different planets please thank you
Tanner Runyan
Tanner Runyan 23 days ago
You don’t need silk touch for warped wart blocks
Rqui Dayn Zemmerman
I think i know why you're wardens left because everytime you leave a world and join at the redstone mechanics reset
sammuel111 Month ago
Go no totems into the dark city and make noise and no audio to your headsets so you can't hear the warden.
MacKenzie Kruger
I LOVE you're Beautiful buildings that you've made! And I have a request, Could you build the Black Pearl From The Pirates Of the caribbean? I would love to see it! And keep the great work up Farzy!
Magolor Gaming
Magolor Gaming 9 days ago
Wow really, The planet looks like neptune :)
Tyler Tyler
Tyler Tyler 22 days ago
U SHOULD TOTALLY MAKE A SOLAR SYSTEM!!!!!!where does he get such great ideas!?
clyvon luis
clyvon luis Month ago
Hi farzy I just wanted to know when u would be posting next ( btw I love all of ur builds)
Alia Ahmed
Alia Ahmed 28 days ago
I love the ideas that you make
Best farzy moments: "But with that being said..." Then makes a sound like a high pitched version of the sound villagers make when they're hit. 😂
troll man?
troll man? Month ago
Mr beast farzy!
That Bird Person
I love these and the idea is great please make a solar system
Madiha Yaser
Madiha Yaser Month ago
Challenge: kill the warden or do a skulk cave
Prince Amari
Prince Amari 17 days ago
Have sink water on for a few minutes on hot then once it's lava hot put the bucket in the sink and wait for it to fill once it fills splash it on your head and feel the hot pain
KAMAL BROHMI 20 days ago
Your next challenge should be to jump into the void with your netherite armor on
Blitz the puppy
Blitz the puppy Month ago
Farzy, your a funny,kind and entertaining person Thank you for the great content that we alll love
Luz Benitez
Luz Benitez Month ago
Noah Townsend
Noah Townsend 7 days ago
your builds are so good
Lisete Martinez
Lisete Martinez 9 days ago
Or try to respawn the enderdragon with crystals and put against the warden
Lipan Bogdan
Lipan Bogdan Month ago
Challange ! Build a medieval style kingdom with some kind of street
Leyona Fields
Leyona Fields 13 days ago
I love your builds!
Lulu the Elf
Lulu the Elf Month ago
Maybe you could make a waterfall and Lava going into each other.
Lisa Watson
Lisa Watson Month ago
I want you to make a 4000 feet tower with so many things in it that you can’t get to the top
Anime Bros
Anime Bros 25 days ago
Challenge:Try to put a warden on the skulk planet
Sarah Green
Sarah Green 5 days ago
I think you should fight a warden with no Amror and you can only use diamond tools
Roger Sobreiro
Roger Sobreiro Month ago
I think u should do the feels like home achievement 😀
Lala Month ago
I think it would be awesome to make a solar sistem in the end, it would look pretty cool And maybe on some of the planets, you could add some rings just like on Saturn 🪐 That would honestly look sick Oh yeah, maybe an idea to consider : maybe you could add a statue to remember technoblade the legend. Just an idea though Anyways keep up the good work, and bye!
Eamon Walsh
Eamon Walsh 24 days ago
i know exactly what you mean😄
Vasana Muru
Vasana Muru Month ago
Fight the warden with a wooden sword and one totem of undying
The Cubing speed demon
farzy another challenge idea: spend 10 minutes in an anciet city without crouching no projectiles or wool or golden apples or totem
Dhiyaani Patel
Dhiyaani Patel Month ago
For your UFOS, you could put some water coming out like laser beams as you did in the overworld
Dana Rosario
Dana Rosario 20 days ago
You should build a solar system also I have a idea! You should build a ender man city! They need a home!
J G Month ago
Wow! I love your energy, been loving this hardcore series
TwilightAxoltl_ Month ago
You should add rings to the sculk planet
volted ben
volted ben 12 days ago
you should name the warden so it wont despawn
Melissa Penney
Melissa Penney 27 days ago
MAKE A ALL 1.19 MOBS COMBINED INTO ONE AND MAKE IT A STATUE thats my idea love your vids
Dana🍆𝗙**𝗖𝗞 Me! Check 𝗠𝘆 𝗣𝗿𝗼𝗳𝗶le💋
Your builds are always getting better and better
Lexington Month ago
"That's no moon", it's a Sculk Sphere of epic proportions 🤣