I Built Bicycle Rollerblades.

Jake Carlini
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Sep 10, 2021




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Comments 509
Beer Expert
Beer Expert 3 months ago
I'm a rollerblader and I feel like I could ride the hell out of these.
Fixed Wing
Fixed Wing Month ago
If he actually learnt how to skate, I think he coulda rode the big ones.
ktorre416 2 months ago
I find so many people that are underrated, that make builds and are creative on their own, I love watching these videos even though I don't have interest, but this guy catches my interest. People like this guy and more underrated people need more recognition.
Zack Markham
Zack Markham 6 months ago
If you wanna try again, there are 'UFS' rollerblade boots for aggressive rollerblades that are one-piece and the wheel and frame come off, leaving only the boots. and most of them have superb ankle support and padded inner boots and insoles. They're more expensive, but safer.
Zen-Dragon Year ago
Great idea executed very well... this video has viral potential, wether it gets there or not. Keep up what you're doing and you will eventually be very succesful (beyond what you are already).
RYLEE 6 months ago
I just got an bike accident
Jake Carlini
Jake Carlini Year ago
Yooo thank you so much’
S Win
S Win 6 months ago
I love your vids man so much hard work and talent are put into these dope projects🤟🏽
Luigi Month ago
double the cool, jake! you literally go through so much physical pain to make your viewers happy, you deserve infinite likes and subs
john frith
john frith 6 months ago
Snowboard boots would really improve this whole thing. Proper fit in the bindings and ankle support would be way better.
Dax Hughes
Dax Hughes Year ago
criminally underrated and high quality, keep it up
Landon 4 months ago
@Milky Rinoa bro what?
Landon 4 months ago
@Hyperdrive318 this guy is better than mrbeast
Pre Flexy
Pre Flexy 6 months ago
@Jake Carlini Yes
Pre Flexy
Pre Flexy 6 months ago
Milky Rinoa
Milky Rinoa 6 months ago
Yes he is one of the families that's why lol
Joe L
Joe L Year ago
Keeeep grinding bro. It will pay off big time! Never stop
Jake Carlini
Jake Carlini Year ago
Myers 6 months ago
Turns out the easiest way to make rollerblades out of bicycles is to turn them into roller skates. Overall a great video nonetheless.
DJ and Isabella Young
Dude I can watch your videos for hours and hours that's how good they are this is what you call real gold talent keep doing what you doing don't let the haters tell you that you're doing something bad cuz I love your videos I'm subscribed with notifications yeah man you should keep doing what you're doing
Cube dude's
Cube dude's 2 months ago
Jake Carlini
Jake Carlini 3 months ago
❤️❤️❤️I appreciate you
Doge 6 months ago
He never gives up. He is a legend. Get this guy 1M subs!
Justin 6 months ago
Basically you discovered that there is a reason they are made the size they are.
User 5 months ago
Bro, your videos are awesome I’m starting to watch almost all your videos I like the one when you made a skate board out of popcicle sticks and I’m going to subscribe and be safe when you do these videos
Temo Alipate
Temo Alipate Month ago
This guy inspires many keep on going and never give up
Mariana Chang
Mariana Chang 2 months ago
You are so good at building everyone in my family has subscribed good job!
IMNidiot 7 months ago
Extremely underrated channel yet best of the best keep this up man and you will hit a mil in no time mark my word.
torres family
torres family 6 months ago
THIS IS SOOO underated! you deserve more
Stormy 6 months ago
This guy could blow up next week keep it goin.
Rakla Year ago
No way you did that😂 fricking amazing, I love your creativity I know you invest so much time and money on this videos so I'm watching ads without skipping them 😌
JC ALACIO 6 months ago
yeah he is awesome
Jake Carlini
Jake Carlini Year ago
I appreciate you! You’re a real one for sure!
Kedy boi
Kedy boi 3 months ago
When you changed the tire you should have gone tubeless on both bikes. You can loose a pound by doing that per-bike! Also what you call a steerer column is incorrect. It’s called a steerer tube.
I have a crush on Roger Taylor
10/10 impressed. Jake said 6/10, that’s a lie. even if you just had that, (talking about the Previous model) i’m super impressed
Zeenath Shereen
Zeenath Shereen 6 months ago
This guy deserves more subs and likes i love him....ur cool man ....never give up
Andy Fitia
Andy Fitia 7 months ago
I adore what you dooooooo : concept, edit and everything
ShadowWolfPrince 6 months ago
Idea 💡 input: flip the bindings so the front of the 🚲 is now the back might be able to push off better 👠 idk something like the kangaroo 🦘 shoes
Itzspringkls 6 months ago
This guy is the next mark rober 🤣
LittleNaturalist 2 months ago
Why have I never heard of this channel before?! It’s amazing, can’t believe he isn’t as famous as MR Beast yet
dreamincolor14 2 months ago
I wanted you to know the moment I subscribed. I've watched a few videos now and I realized that your sense of humor is hilarious and the exact moment I subscribed is when you said "after staring at these bikes from two different angles." I laughed out loud for real therefore, I hit that subscribe button
JustJulyo Year ago
Can't wait for the sequel How I BUILT MY OWN CAST from the remains of my Roller Skates?! (Watch the prequel)
Jake Carlini
Jake Carlini Year ago
🤣🤣🤣🤣 fire idea
Da_GrimGamer 6 months ago
Jake made a new invention the roller bikes, "The hardest vehicle to ride, ever," said everyone in the world
Kevin Volpe
Kevin Volpe 2 months ago
Did you consider mounting the first bikes between you legs? I believe that would have helped keep the bikes more upright and in control. Great video!
Patrick Thibaut
Patrick Thibaut 6 months ago
It would be easier if you made a frame that puts your feet really low, with one inch of ground clearance. But still an interesting and entertainig video!
Reaver 5 months ago
Bro no 🧢 your going to be the best RU-vidr Ever!
Darragh Talorgan
Darragh Talorgan 3 months ago
if you angled the wheels of the larger one more like this: \| |/ With the "|" being your legs. It should offset the weight a little better and should feel better for your legs too. Though, I'm not sure how the wheels would take the strange diagonal pressure.
Mark Gabriel Aguinaldo
I really like your creations they're all dangerous and that is the reason why it's so fun
Mohsan Peerzada
Mohsan Peerzada 6 months ago
Accidently clicked on this video Great content No regret
SkateS BikeS ModS and More
Nice try but I already built the worlds most bestest and most awesomest big wheel skates ever made. Or something.
Pete Vanleuvan
Pete Vanleuvan 16 days ago
“I ran all the way to the Amazon” !!!! Ha !!! 😂😂 “ Then I had to go all the way back to the Amazon” !!! This is too hilarious, maybe it’s just me but every vid keeps getting funnier and more awesome. More more more !!!
Boston Flammer
Boston Flammer 2 months ago
6/10 impressed? rude! I give it a 10/10. Nice work Jake.
Cookie _
Cookie _ 6 months ago
If you make your own skate things, then you NEED ankle support or you could twist your ankle Edit: it also makes it wayyyy harder to skate with them when you step and flex your ankle and almost fall with your feet facing inward. That’ll break your ankles
Jona's Creations
Jona's Creations 6 months ago
some anime kid
some anime kid 11 months ago
Nice this is awesome keep up the good work bro never ever give up 👌
Jake Carlini
Jake Carlini 11 months ago
Thanks! Can’t stop! Won’t stop!
New adventures Collins
I'm 11/10 impressed.
George Robles
George Robles 6 months ago
Guess you never seen a scooter with 12" wheels and brakes? I hand one as a kid, in the 80's. Still sold, and I got some for my own kids. Way better then a razor. Has all the parts you want, 12" wheels, cable linked brakes that can go on handle or ski pole.
George Robles
George Robles 6 months ago
This was a funny video. Definitely try another version with the 12in wheel scooters with brakes you can cut off the handlebars hold them in your hand hold the brake as you push off the first kick then let go and use the brakes as normal
ItsANoodleGuy Year ago
I mean looks dangerous but I'd use them.
Sniper Bru
Sniper Bru 6 months ago
One thing is when you change a tube you don’t have to change the tire as well just run your hand around the inside if the tire to make sure the thorn or whatever poped your tube is out of the tire before you put the new tube in.
sahjang 114
sahjang 114 6 months ago
This one true for small punctures, but you could see in the video that the tire casing had been torn. If the hole is large enough, a tube alone won't work. In a pinch you can stick something behind the tear to keep the tube from bulging out, but that's really just meant to get home, after which time a new tire would be suggested.
Rémi Prost Boucle
Rémi Prost Boucle 6 months ago
In fact it already exists and it's already very well done and developed by a German brand named skike and in addition they managed to integrate a brake so you bother yourself for nothing to build everything but at least you will have me well make laugh.
Mig Ram
Mig Ram 6 months ago
Amazing project! Subbed!
Ablejet 6 months ago
This is the most underrated channel of all time deserves 1mil
Mxlo 9 months ago
These vids are amazing, I thought you’d have millions when i found you but you have 7k thats crazy ngl, W Vids W Person W Life
Jake Carlini
Jake Carlini 9 months ago
Hey hopefully it’ll pop off soon! Thanks 🙏🏽
ChristMetalMayhem 8 months ago
Can we all just appreciate the fact that Jake is literally a freaking real life Macgyver?!
Jake Carlini
Jake Carlini 8 months ago
I try lol
Craig Dean
Craig Dean Year ago
This is everything the world needs right now
Craig Dean
Craig Dean Year ago
@Jake Carlini haha thank you
Jake Carlini
Jake Carlini Year ago
Just doing my part
Tropical Gamer io
Tropical Gamer io 15 days ago
Jakes: “This tire has a big old hole.” Me: “Where is the flex tape?”
Alex Ossipov
Alex Ossipov 6 months ago
You have to wear snowboarding boots for the bindings to work properly.... Because boots actually lock your ankle from moving around too much. The only reason you don't have control is because your ankle is bending around with out any support.
kalidwapur 6 months ago
Same issue he had with previous Rollerskates. You are absolutely right
Mister MineBlox
Mister MineBlox 6 months ago
Bro i cant stop watching your videos!!
Jake Carlini
Jake Carlini 6 months ago
Peachface studios
Peachface studios 3 months ago
This was the video no one asked for but needed, new sub ✨
Watch your doom gameplay
I wanted to give that a 10 out of 10
Gunnar 6 months ago
Kinda late here but the reason the first design didn’t work was the side mounted boots. It through off the center of gravity forcing the bikes to be angled towards you. You should cut off the top part of the frame and mount the boots on the center of the second support bar.
Overdog x Underdog
Overdog x Underdog 6 months ago
*kicks the entire bike off screen and expecting it to work* “Hey it doesn’t even work!”
Jake Carlini
Jake Carlini 6 months ago
Ricky Flower
Ricky Flower 6 months ago
I think if u maked them a little bit less long it would be doable to move forward by yourself like rollerskates🤷🏻 but it was a good afford😎
Mr.ZacS. 6 months ago
man your ideas are amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!
sambags_26 7 months ago
Ur very creative 👌
Neil Schneider
damn those calf muscles tho
Jake Carlini
Jake Carlini Year ago
Lol you know
mrpisarik 22 days ago
How to tell apart novice vs expert roller skater? Experts know that wrist protection on rollerblades is much more important than knee or elbow ones.
Andy Konrad
Andy Konrad 6 months ago
This video is him slowly realizing, that he just needs roller blades, and then reverse engineering roller blades
Cory Samoila.crypto
Cory Samoila.crypto 6 months ago
Amazon joke is hilarious 😂
Jake McNeal
Jake McNeal 6 months ago
Turn one of those into a skateboard. It would be sick
Jan Bahlinger
Jan Bahlinger 6 months ago
How could you put so much afford in this? 😂
bitter dreamer
bitter dreamer 6 months ago
If you made them backwards you could go faster. Just make the foot placement backwards so the back wheels sorta higher and you have angle to gain speed like your going down
Gehad Medhat
Gehad Medhat Month ago
How do you build these things?!
Groovy Mammoth
Groovy Mammoth 6 months ago
It was like me learning how to skate on hockey skates
Jax Rhapsody
Jax Rhapsody 6 months ago
"I need an adult!" "I am an adult." "An adultier adult."
Rani Madani
Rani Madani 6 months ago
Dude you need to have 10 mil subs. I am ADDICTED!
Sharon Guskiewicz
Sharon Guskiewicz 2 months ago
20out of 10 impressive
Kayaking Grandma Kelly
I am very impressed!
FarawayThrower 6 months ago
wow i thought this guy had like 5M+ subs lol
Lolokill 6 months ago
Video Idea: wield the other 2 black bikes together put a big seat in the middle and make them turn again strap a steering wheel in the middle and make something that resembles a motor bike out off all
Mark Little
Mark Little 2 months ago
You need to mount ski boots I get the wheels closer together maybe using one axle for each set
WatchDog 6 months ago
lmao that's too cool 👏👏👏👏
PRABLEHM VEVO 2 months ago
You should only use the front wheels on the first model
Michele Molteni
Michele Molteni 6 months ago
And run all the way through the “Amazon” ahahahahahahahah! EPIC! 🤣👊🏻
Vangie Tiglao
Vangie Tiglao 6 months ago
Måns Gulle
Måns Gulle 6 months ago
XxCoolDudexX8817 6 months ago
Your videos make me smile (:
oneway vance
oneway vance 6 months ago
Mark Rober vibes, I like it💯
Mikey Sanchez
Mikey Sanchez Year ago
I mean…id buy a pair
DG MAKIKI Year ago
this man is going to die for our entertainment... that's commitment
Hardhik Sunkula
Hardhik Sunkula 6 months ago
You are cool I am going to be a youtuber in 7 more years
DG MAKIKI Year ago
@Jake Carlini same
Jake Carlini
Jake Carlini Year ago
🤣 let’s hope not
XxCoolDudexX8817 6 months ago
Bro anything possible with you. I wouldn’t be surprised if you built a whole entire solar system!
Balázs Ferencz
Balázs Ferencz 2 months ago
Just use snowboard boots in those bindings... Also using hard rollerskate boots would work 1000 times better. Ski boots could also work... Basically, anything that gives you proper ankle support and better control.
Keitran Virgil
Keitran Virgil 2 months ago
hey great idea.... for more control stretch the length of the bikes.
BussinBoi_6v9 6 months ago
First thing that came to my mind was rollercycles XD
Roshe Rising
Roshe Rising 6 months ago
My boys ankle snapped like a twig at the end of the video 🤣🤣
Doggo_Boi16 2 months ago
Even though some are your videos are a bit dramatic no offense I like your vids I like seeing what you come up with
puddle rat
puddle rat 6 months ago
You should attach a skateboard to one and make a lifted skate board
NB MOTION Year ago
You are so underrated
Jake Carlini
Jake Carlini Year ago
mohammad arafat
mohammad arafat 6 months ago
Try to keep saddle in middle or just turn your saddle back
Amanda Tamborelli
Amanda Tamborelli 6 months ago
The second ones are just an ankle sprain waiting to happen Lmao
NewPhase2021 6 months ago
Nice work, but I was screaming at the tv, “use snowboarding boots!” Would have made all the difference
Aeolus🍃 2 months ago
This seems highly dangerous
JC ALACIO 6 months ago
you're so talented
Christian Sumagang
Christian Sumagang 11 months ago
Just discovered your channel bro and this is the first video I watched from you. I'm gonna watch all of the bangers on this channel and please grind again!
Jake Carlini
Jake Carlini 11 months ago
@Christian Sumagang I’m working on a big one right now. It’s taking a long time! Keep an eye out
Christian Sumagang
Christian Sumagang 11 months ago
@Jake Carlini you're very welcome bro and please do make banger videos again!
Jake Carlini
Jake Carlini 11 months ago
Yoooo thank you so much!🙏🏽
trackle trickle
trackle trickle 6 months ago
They already sell rollerblades with big wheels very close to your end product still really cool tho