I Built an Electric Scooter out of Trash

Jake Carlini
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May 14, 2022




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Comments 1 119
Jake Carlini
Jake Carlini 10 months ago
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Matthew Gomez
Matthew Gomez 5 months ago
I love your videos you make my day
glitch_max 5 months ago
Justin Schmidt
Justin Schmidt 10 months ago
Your storytelling is next level! Love the videos
Toasty 26 days ago
@Thi Dao it’s just part of the story
brahim bechir
brahim bechir Month ago
Thi Dao
Thi Dao 4 months ago
Leion is so mean
the buddy
the buddy 5 months ago
@Jake Carlini of course you will be
💅🏽 cat lover
💅🏽 cat lover 7 months ago
HuzU 10 months ago
Wow this is amazing, the amount of dedication you put to make a scooter out of trash is unbelievable.. You took “one man’s trash into another man’s treasure” to a whole nother level
Deb Radford
Deb Radford 8 months ago
HOW......does Jake only have less then a qt mil subs?! HOW?! The level of editing alone deserves an applause. But not only are his edits clean, it’s the story telling, the dialogue, the creativity. Most people can’t even come up with a half decent idea, let alone a good one. But then to execute it with such finesse, its truly remarkable. And then on top of that he actually makes something cool, while documenting himself, and then editing it to perfecting while telling us the viewers a story. I don’t think anyone here really appreciates the level of dedication this dude puts into his videos. Hats off Jake
Brian Jung
Brian Jung 10 months ago
Prediction: Jake will be one of the top 10 channels on all of RU-vid by the end of 2022
Sophia Duncan
Sadly, no it did not happen, but, It might happen in2023! I hope!
Soy_sauce609 3 days ago
Little did he know that was not true, although it should have been.
Aston person 🫠
Aston person 🫠 11 days ago
*should be
Raees Ziqri
Raees Ziqri 18 days ago
Wrong 😢
AverageGamer 20 days ago
Sadly he isnt
Black Jesus
Black Jesus 8 months ago
I wish my people would stop the hate and watch more people like yall. I love the trial and era in this video. I hope this inspires some innovation.👁❤
Kidale Smith
Kidale Smith 9 months ago
This dude's living my dream, he tied comedy skits, camera editing, cloning, electrical engineering, diy, AND recycling all in one video
Lily Carey
Lily Carey 10 months ago
your videos are so entertaining. They make my day 10 times better. Keep up the awesome work!
MP_SAGA 10 months ago
Opened RU-vid exited for some quality content, but then, I saw this. The best, ultimate content you can watch. Straight up commenting without even watching the video, CAUSE I KNOW that this is going to be awesome. Great job Jacob Carcircli, even with 10k subscribers, you posted videos that were higher in quality than some million sub youtubers, just wanted to let you know, you are most definitely going to reach 1 million and don't you ever dare think otherwise.
BI3L 8 months ago
your insane bro I love your videos and how you never give up. You literally chase your dreams and make what ever you want!!! 😊
Miles 10 months ago
Such a great video, your hard work and determination is very inspiring.
Christian Daniel
Christian Daniel 10 months ago
I love your content! Please don’t stop what you’re doing
SPICY_ICE_CUBES 10 months ago
Hey Jake I just wanted to say keep up the good work. I’ve been watching u since before u hit 30k subs. Your videos and dedication are only getting better. Keep up the good work.
Pixel Evolutions
Pixel Evolutions 10 months ago
100% grammar
Nate o mate o likes cars
Nate o mate o likes cars
Nate o mate o likes cars
Nate o mate o likes cars
@Pixel Evolutions oh
Eagle 9 months ago
I love your videos man, you just made my day way better
Jake Carlini
Jake Carlini 9 months ago
MaybeRzie 6 months ago
bro his videos are a masterpiece… the video was about trash and made it entertaining. Like it was also impressive how he made it too
BofA 8 months ago
This man is an absolute legend
mak&🧀 9 months ago
You are really underrated for the amazing cool work you do.
Suraj Khokhar
Suraj Khokhar 4 months ago
The Tales of Mr Dolphin and Slothy Boi
This was a very creative design, no wonder your growing fast in subs!
Jake Carlini
Jake Carlini 10 months ago
🤌🏽 I try my best
Romeno 10 months ago
Jake's video ideas are insane👏 talk about awesome content
thebeatsaberkid 10 months ago
Keep up the work man we all love the content that you put out for us 😀
Phillip Adetunji
Phillip Adetunji 10 months ago
The good thing is that he’s kind of funny and he knows how to build random stuff ,he should be on the show “making fun”
The Garagenous Zone
The Garagenous Zone 10 months ago
Kind of funny? My man is a master of jokes! 😂😄
tropic 10 months ago
jake’s storytelling has gotten so good
LightReader 8 months ago
I just almost fed up with the situation that came up with stealing my MTB by thieves last week. Thought so much, tried so much & ooooooohps... It was.... Thank you braw for your amazing explanation. It motivates a lot. I just entered to your fan base ! Good Wishes All The Way ! You never give up !
Neil Schneider
Neil Schneider 10 months ago
Keeping making content like this and that 1 mil sub count is gunna be happening soon dood! Another fantastic video 💯🙏❤️
Neil Schneider
Neil Schneider 10 months ago
@Jake Carlini I’m always watching fam! I can’t wait to see what you got coming next! ❤️🙏
Jake Carlini
Jake Carlini 10 months ago
Neil my boy!!!!! I love seeing you in my comment section
TheSwitchKid 4 months ago
This is basically an electric scooter but in Ohio. 💀 I love the build and how the idea was unique. Good creation
SilverFNM 10 months ago
200K already, suprises after suprises. Love u bro, congrats💙💪🏻
I like cheese
I like cheese 10 months ago
Me following since 6k
Tristan Henjoto
Tristan Henjoto 10 months ago
Jake Carlini
Jake Carlini 10 months ago
J4CKST0N 10 months ago
Bro that is so creative! Keep making things, your a natural!
benjamin oppong-twumasi
Good product and appears well made. Easy to use.
RykerYT 8 months ago
U are so hard working and I want you to know how much I admire it, I have been here since 10k and I am so proud of how far you’ve come
Selrahc 10 months ago
If Jake doesn’t upload for about days or weeks, you know it’s gonna be a banger
Littleillustrator 10 months ago
Let's get him to 1 million subscribers, he deserves it!
DatboyKB 10 months ago
I had a feeling a drill would be involved lol I can’t remember who it was but I’ve seen a similar video making something janky and using a drills motor. Nice editing by the way.
Shauka Hodan
Shauka Hodan 10 months ago
Why i love this man 1.He has big brain 2.Inpired me to litrally build weird stuff (well some) 3.Creativity 4.Scoot boi
Alone 10 months ago
This man never gives up 😌
Newstevee 343
Newstevee 343 10 months ago
Jeez man. You never fail to entertain
Make it Possible
Make it Possible 10 months ago
Congratulations jake bro now you on Trending ❤️🦋keep going like that up
Aro 10 months ago
Absolutely amazing video, keep up this amazing work!
Mollaby1Official_YT 10 months ago
yo man keep the work up. ur way to underrated, ima tell my family and friends about u. keep the work up, u could become massive i all ready know it!
jon wilkinson
jon wilkinson 9 months ago
I love how Jake never gives up with his stuff he makes
Jessica Behrend
Jessica Behrend 10 months ago
You’re so good at building 😎
Parker Wolf
Parker Wolf 10 months ago
Your editing is absolutely insane bro
Jake Carlini
Jake Carlini 10 months ago
Thanks dude
Cameron Inc
Cameron Inc 8 months ago
How do you not how more subscribers man, you are the most creative RU-vidr out there. I love your vids!!
Mila M
Mila M 9 months ago
Hes hilarious!😂 So glad I found his channel
Creative Sid
Creative Sid 10 months ago
Dang this man ain't trippin for real though! He made an actual free electric scooter and his editing is so good! Next thing you know he becomes Jake Musk! "One man's trash is one man's treasure...almost" You earned a new subscriber!
Peruvian 9 months ago
You are doing so well! I hope you get like 1 billion subs! You spend so much effort!
In N Out 2
In N Out 2 10 months ago
Only 200k subs, this channel deserves at least like 5 million nice job dude.
Crazy4Riding 10 months ago
Great RU-vidr and you never give up. I love your videos!!
Mike Stallone
Mike Stallone 10 months ago
Wow, just another scooter boy I’m subscribed to now 😂 storytelling on another level
Landen Conner
Landen Conner 10 months ago
Unbelievable dedication…and a story involving Leon!!!
Squishipie_Playz 10 months ago
Why ur one of my favorite youtubers 1: good editing 2:skills 3: ur a scooter boy
Squishipie_Playz 10 months ago
@Jake Carlini yessir
Jake Carlini
Jake Carlini 10 months ago
That’s right 🤌🏽
THE MAN 9 months ago
id expect someone with his talent to at least have a mil subscribers
Wickedme 7 months ago
You're not just good, you're just so good!!
Mrdoge 10 months ago
Should he have at least like 10M subs he puts a lot of effort in his videos
L-L-I SKITS 10 months ago
dude you are litterally insane. IM NEVER UNSUBSCRIBING
Papo Taino
Papo Taino 5 months ago
New subscriber just because of your don’t quit attitude, crazy insane no match for my Vsett 10+ but none the less your riding bro. Loved it😂
VicInTheGame 10 months ago
you're killing it bro! 🔥
audellious saulo
audellious saulo 10 months ago
you do hard work by yourself awesome
Stabbed Ryan
Stabbed Ryan 10 months ago
Best part bout him is he never gives up
Jake Carlini
Jake Carlini 10 months ago
Fishy 10 months ago
ive been here since 40k subs. You've grown so much man! well done!
Blakie Boy
Blakie Boy 10 months ago
Hey Jake I have been watching you since 20k subs and you have grown faster and faster, you deserve it
Late-lammas213 8 months ago
I can't understand why people don't sub you are so under rated
Juan Cena
Juan Cena 10 months ago
Bruh, I legitimately thought this guy had 20 million subs with the quality of this video. Just found you bro but I'm definitely subbing!
Progodxzy gaming
Progodxzy gaming 10 months ago
Love your videos because of Editing ☑️ Your efforts ☑️ Your look lol ☑️ Your skills ☑️ Yours thinking ☑️
TW.1 9 months ago
Just found this guy watched 3 videos and already love it
Abdullah op gaming
Abdullah op gaming 10 months ago
You deserve millions of subscriber bro
Kermit Teh frog
Kermit Teh frog 9 months ago
Your gonna be one of the greatest RU-vidrs ever!
Antony 10 months ago
this guy is so underrated
We know a video is epic, when it starts with a grown man in a teletubby costume 😂💪🏻🔥
Isaac 7 months ago
Yasss your so right
Jake Carlini
Jake Carlini 10 months ago
That’s right
bofooit gojo
bofooit gojo 10 months ago
you're killing it bro!
Neithan Manganhe
Neithan Manganhe 10 months ago
Never give up with your really good content
Sarina 10 months ago
luv your videos keep them up i will help you reach 1 mill sooner!!!!!
Goofygooberv1 10 months ago
He just does not give up and luv the vids keep posting
The Hairy Historian
The Hairy Historian 9 months ago
Bro you’re content is phenomenal!
Haste 9 months ago
@Jake Carlini hi im a fan from iran I use a vpn to access youtube
Jake Carlini
Jake Carlini 9 months ago
Thanks man!
Robby 10 months ago
Jake Carlini
Jake Carlini 10 months ago
Let’s do it
brookin 10 months ago
Bro i remember you from 5k ! Look at how much you grew!!!
Nicholas Hillard
Nicholas Hillard 10 months ago
Love the video! Keep up the good work
Eri Byte
Eri Byte 10 months ago
Some Gunner Person
Some Gunner Person 8 months ago
I could watch this all day!
ADEEB Rahman
ADEEB Rahman 10 months ago
Awesome Video Man, I also love electric scooters!
hazel 10 months ago
It’s so great that you can make trash into anything!
Jake Carlini
Jake Carlini 10 months ago
Vinny Ganzano
Vinny Ganzano 10 months ago
I have seen a couple of electric scooter users come to grief with buses and trucks and I think to myself, what a wonderful world.
Rencola 9 months ago
Cannot believe you don't have 1 mill subs, Pro editing
Chaotic Pg3d
Chaotic Pg3d 10 months ago
Keep up the amazing work :DDD
Quandale Dingle
Quandale Dingle 10 months ago
Nice content keep up the good work
DominicVr 10 months ago
Imagine walking on the side of the road and seeing this man In a telletubby suit on a built electric scooter
Heyyyyy 10 months ago
I know u will make it to one million subs bc u really do try ur best and some day, ur going to make famous people large and amazing things.
Heyyyyy 10 months ago
Like u making a fiant tooth brush
Graham Pritchard
Graham Pritchard 10 months ago
You’ll always be my scooter boy 🥹
Jake Carlini
Jake Carlini 10 months ago
🛴 👦
Banana 10 months ago
It is very fun and idk how you did and you made my brain go 🤯💥
Otter lover
Otter lover 10 months ago
Your creations are awesome
Jake Carlini
Jake Carlini 10 months ago
You’re awesome
Chris Kogias
Chris Kogias 10 months ago
What a video man for real ! 🚀
mutual 9 months ago
@Chris Kogias με κάνεις πάντα να έχω όρεξη να δω βίντεο ο σου είσαι από τους καλύτερους Έλληνες content creator. Keep it up
Red 10 months ago
@Jake Carlini 🤩
Shevaun Malik Francis grade 26
@Jake Carlini yo go man
Jake Carlini
Jake Carlini 10 months ago
Divy Mittal
Divy Mittal 10 months ago
Man! Your channel blew up like crazy I still remember when you had 5k subs
LMV GAMING 10 months ago
Love your content man!
The Garagenous Zone
The Garagenous Zone 10 months ago
I see Jake, I click. Simple as that!
Discover Connection
Discover Connection 10 months ago
By far your best video yet brother 🙌🏼
0ricky7 10 months ago
Password tell me that😈🗡
Jake Carlini
Jake Carlini 10 months ago
ZapSpeed 10 months ago
His face just made me explode with laughter 🤣🤣🤣
I didn’t believe you at first you are truely a banger
Logan Barfoot
Logan Barfoot 10 months ago
Bro you are so smart, how do you come up with this ideas
GoldAblaze 8 months ago
First video I saw and it was great. Earned yourself another subscriber!
BlockyHitman 8 months ago
One of my fav RU-vidrs he is so creative keep up the good work
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