I Built Electric Scooter out of Trash

Jake Carlini
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Here's What I Got. I really wanted an electric scooter so i built one out of trash.

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Thats All I Got!

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May 14, 2022




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Comments 804
Jake Carlini
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Justin Schmidt
Your storytelling is next level! Love the videos
Chris Kogias
What a video man for real ! 🚀
Brian Jung
Prediction: Jake will be one of the top 10 channels on all of RU-vid by the end of 2022
Discover Connection
By far your best video yet brother 🙌🏼
Kidale Smith
Kidale Smith 14 days ago
This dude's living my dream, he tied comedy skits, camera editing, cloning, electrical engineering, diy, AND recycling all in one video
Wow this is amazing, the amount of dedication you put to make a scooter out of trash is unbelievable.. You took “one man’s trash into another man’s treasure” to a whole nother level
jon wilkinson
jon wilkinson 21 day ago
I love how Jake never gives up with his stuff he makes
The Last Banana Cat
Hey Jake I just wanted to say keep up the good work. I’ve been watching u since before u hit 30k subs. Your videos and dedication are only getting better. Keep up the good work.
yo man keep the work up. ur way to underrated, ima tell my family and friends about u. keep the work up, u could become massive i all ready know it!
Make it Possible
Congratulations jake bro now you on Trending ❤️🦋keep going like that up
Blakie Boy
Hey Jake I have been watching you since 20k subs and you have grown faster and faster, you deserve it
Opened RU-vid exited for some quality content, but then, I saw this. The best, ultimate content you can watch.
Why ur one of my favorite youtubers
Been around since 1000 when my cousin introduced me to this, still comments and likes on almost all comments, that is impressive dedication, hope you fly past the stars!
Keep up the work man we all love the content that you put out for us 😀
Progodxzy gaming
Love your videos because of
Lily Carey
your videos are so entertaining. They make my day 10 times better. Keep up the awesome work!
200K already, suprises after suprises. Love u bro, congrats💙💪🏻
Phillip Adetunji
The good thing is that he’s kind of funny and he knows how to build random stuff ,he should be on the show “making fun”