I Built Spider-Man Climbing Suit That Actually Works!

Jake Carlini
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Thats All I Got!


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Dec 31, 2021




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Comments 1 805
Jake Carlini
Jake Carlini 4 months ago
Follow me on Instagram instagram.com/jakecarlini/
Christine Barry
Christine Barry 3 days ago
Yurotlfjffbfux mini dmx JM l@Miss Karen and Karen miss
shakila pathak
shakila pathak Month ago
@Miss Karen and Karen miss Spider-Man moviewsszx0axcpfv681
itz._ Sarah
itz._ Sarah Month ago
No dummy
Krishna Sharma
Krishna Sharma 2 months ago
Faisal_8019 3 months ago
2nd comment I swear
K1DBOT 25 days ago
The quality of these vids is unreal. Keep going!
Aero Lime ENG
Aero Lime ENG 2 months ago
We REALLY need to appreciate this incredible man, who not only gives up so much time for us, but is an awesome person alone
Mrjamjam 6 months ago
If those claws were made with a tanto style point on them it would have had a better time digging into whatever you want to climb. Make the spikes out of spring steel, it's cheap and insanely tough stuff and absolutely perfect for making pointy objects that need to have a high level of durability. Or just make the spikes out of some ar500 or better steel plating
Messy Muncher
Messy Muncher 2 months ago
ChristMetalMayhem 7 months ago
Garrett is one cool dude! I still can't believe that more people aren't checking out your creative videos, but give it time! =)
Garrett Ielapi
Garrett Ielapi 7 months ago
Wow thank you so much!
Mr.ZacS. 6 months ago
The time he spends on these videos are insane, sometimes I think we need to appreciate him more!
Gabriela Osuna
Gabriela Osuna 4 months ago
What the fuck
Ice 6 months ago
@Adam Games what?
Adam Games
Adam Games 6 months ago
Buy shiba inu
auragod 7 months ago
Imagine Tom Holland, Toby Maguire and Andrew Garfield saw this. They’d be jealous
Jac Jac
Jac Jac 17 days ago
Btw its tobey not toby but imagine they were jealous tho
Cuz they wish they were spiderman in real life
Niviun 26 days ago
Stupid Blader
Stupid Blader Month ago
he doesnt need special effects,he just needs physics.
Pete Vanleuvan
Pete Vanleuvan 18 days ago
Dude we should hang out lol you are HILARIOUS!! I absolutely love your sense of humor and let’s not forget that your a genius when it comes to designing your projects. I can’t believe you don’t have a actual show. I know you could pull it off. I’ve seen a couple different types of these from other people but without the sense of humor. Love these and of course need more, keep ‘em coming brother and I too love spider man but hate spiders but I’m not skipping that vid lol 😂
Eleanor Hudgell
Eleanor Hudgell Month ago
I love how he acts like he has no friends and just edits himself he works so hard I am proud
Miles Peterson
Miles Peterson 7 days ago
0:54 Not even the legendary Flex Tape can work for sticking to walls.
Hello Hello Again
Hello Hello Again 6 months ago
crazy how this guy went from 10k to 150k subs in 2 months talk about progress
Unlisted Month ago
Yo you should manufacture more of these and make this a company. I would buy em.
JAWAD 7 months ago
You aren't a spider man, you are a tree climber 😂
zeno Month ago
Dude this is my second video from this guy and I’m sold love the edits and he’s funny and not annoying
Maks Broone
Maks Broone Month ago
Siempre creí que era posible ser Spiderman, ojalá tuviera un equipo así para convertirme en Spiderman.
Paula Higgins
Paula Higgins 6 months ago
Funny, creative, AND a solid friend. Garrett's a lucky Spidey.
Cast Away
Cast Away 6 months ago
JonDoe297 4 months ago
This is gold content. Keep going!
KidDisRespect 8 months ago
HOW BRO??? Your content looks like someone with millions of subscribers made it. You deserve way more subs my man.
Bryce 9 days ago
Cat twins
Cat twins 20 days ago
Because someone with 3 million did Something really better
Evan Smith
Evan Smith Month ago
Bob Month ago
Yeah he looks like Someone with 2 million subs
This suits can be used for the peoples who are climbing tree for coconut especially in india 😂
꧁dead channel lol • -1 veiwers • -∞ minutes ago꧂
him: I made the suit! also him: someone did it for me
Goofball 6 months ago
This one was sooooo cool! Great work keep it up
Mrmemekick 7 months ago
5:57 that is the amazing suit with the Rami mask
SupremeLazer 6 months ago
I love it how he did the thingy with gucci shoes lol, man he made those beautiful shoes into climbing shoes lol.
🎗Moonlights🎗 3 months ago
this guys IQ in technology is literally like 1000+ -😭😭😭😭👍
Chad's Catharsis
Chad's Catharsis 2 months ago
Dude I just watched like 5 or 6 of your videos and I'm wondering how you don't have more followers you're hilarious !!!
Snowy Freakz
Snowy Freakz 7 months ago
I was 9/10 into the video and when you said “when we hit 10k subs” I thought you were joking I thought you had like 1.8 million subs 😅but that’s how you know you will definitely hit 1 million subs 💪✌️Keep up the good work😄✌️
Snowy Freakz
Snowy Freakz 7 months ago
@Jake Carlini Np!😄✌ Just keep the hard work going and you will make it up there in no time ☝💪❤
Jake Carlini
Jake Carlini 7 months ago
Yoooooo you’re a real one!
JustJulyo 8 months ago
Looks like we'll be having Jake holding a tarantula in 2022! This year already is better than last, happy new year!
Esther Graves
Esther Graves Month ago
Not for some people
CSK_Plays 2 months ago
@Jake Carlini do it
Cash Money
Cash Money 4 months ago
I mean I would be half scared and half not scared because they’re not poisonous or venomous
clinton Triplett
clinton Triplett 5 months ago
@JustJulyo Can I I like your Spider-Man stuff
King Monke
King Monke 5 months ago
chad3122ctb249 Month ago
Isn't this literally ninja claws and tree climbing spikes added to a Spider-man costume? This is the wish version of Hacksmith. 100 curved spikes made into an exo-skeleton placed under the glove is what I was hoping for. And maybe a motocross boot made similarly...
Elijah_link 7 months ago
"mom can we have J-Lazor?" "no son we have J-Lazor at home" J-Lazor at home:
gizmogaming Month ago
he just copied J-Lazer's thumbnail
iu_flamerain roblox
iu_flamerain roblox 3 months ago
same, even the tumbnail is the same
Zx Xept
Zx Xept 4 months ago
I thought the same thing
🟥Isac_C7🟥 6 months ago
@Premarald He made this 1month before airrack also this is a common idea and tons of youtubers have done it before but he did copy Jlaser although he credited him In the description
Iyore Felix
Iyore Felix 6 months ago
Night Wolf
Night Wolf 7 months ago
Looks like an early invite to a future famous RU-vidr. Keep goin man I love it
Mini Shorts
Mini Shorts 7 months ago
Can already see this guy blowing up soon keep up the work!!
Michael Jason Clark
Michael Jason Clark 6 months ago
Bro just found you, your content is legit great pacing amd editing. You got another subsriber
spider master
spider master 6 months ago
This was exactly my idea to become Spider-Man
Jim Gary
Jim Gary 3 months ago
I love how he never give’s up
hopeforthebest 5 months ago
Wow. Daniel really does seem like a really sweet guy
Sr dos games
Sr dos games 7 months ago
I always believed that it was possible to be Spiderman, I wish I had equipment like that to become Spiderman
00ZIM00 6 months ago
2cool4extramaths 6 months ago
Your so creative! No wonder you deserve 400K subs!
Fred The Fish
Fred The Fish 6 months ago
Yo he went from like 7k subs to 117k in 3 videos. This man is a legend!
Tony H
Tony H 7 months ago
Good effort but I think the Ninjas figured this out already (at least the hands). They're called Shuko claws.
Zielony koń
Zielony koń 5 months ago
You are the most underrated youtuber, I hope it’s going to change
Avramobkilla 6 months ago
Tbh, it's really cool but I still feel kinda odd about the final product, cuz its more like wolverine
Doge 6 months ago
He never gives up. He is a legend. Get this guy 1M subs!
00ZIM00 6 months ago
Jolly Oamelda
Jolly Oamelda 6 months ago
He threw the costume and said "suit up spidey" i laughed at that part
SM HAMZA 7 months ago
Dude your going to be succesfull with your content one day
Gabriel Grassmayr
Gabriel Grassmayr 7 months ago
Damn this editing is epic!🔥
Jake Carlini
Jake Carlini 6 months ago
Watch the newest video
KarlGoodGuy 6 months ago
@Jake Carlini where is the video when you will be holding a tarantula?
Jake Carlini
Jake Carlini 7 months ago
Thanks dude
Lilly_Kimili 7 months ago
I loved the ending when you said "OH the claws"
Arthr0 7 months ago
He could climb more better without that suit lol 😂😂
froggy Apples
froggy Apples 2 months ago
if you want to stick on walls you can use cleats like in baseball with a soft wall like the wall in a baseball stadium
SlowmoJo 5 months ago
He was climbing just like spiderman.... Yeah, if spiderman was a drunk grizzly bear trying to escape a flood.
HumanHuman2003 3 months ago
I missed his Bday so imma build him a Spider-Man suit so he can climb walls 😁
Desi Panda
Desi Panda 7 months ago
Man you got good content. Its been a while since i watched a yt vdo from start to finish. See you again...all the best.
Jake Carlini
Jake Carlini 7 months ago
❤️ I appreciate you
fquicky 6 months ago
Your editing style is so good and make it so enjoyable
RudisOnX 8 months ago
Happy New Year! Exited To See The New Level Of Content.
Jake Carlini
Jake Carlini 8 months ago
Moxie Month ago
My uncle climbed a 50ft tree but almost fell like 15 times
Dexter Hermon
Dexter Hermon 7 months ago
Your going to be famous one day keep it up :]
Cean Balumos
Cean Balumos 6 months ago
This man is a legend
MartinGamer90 3 months ago
I will sub Your crazy, you build so many things, i like that! And the history of sadness put into it like this 2:34
Chelsey Grimes
Chelsey Grimes 6 months ago
That’s funny because my dads has the biggest fear of spiders 🤣
Sonic x
Sonic x 7 months ago
This brightens my day you're a great friend
Farasat 5 months ago
Man why this guy wasnt at no way home
Peter Nguyen
Peter Nguyen 6 months ago
Rooting for u dude!! Keep it up
Mint..Flavor 6 months ago
Add this in a store! Because I wanna buy it
IBRAHIM.inc. 2 months ago
That's ur year buddy keep grinding🔥
Sheeshyboy 7 months ago
Can I ask why this man does not have more than 500k subs his content is so entertaining i literally thought u had a mill subs because no one would do this
Arav Khurana
Arav Khurana 7 months ago
5:30 i like how that guy’s just watching one piece
Lucifer Morningstar
Lucifer Morningstar 7 months ago
Son: Mom i want JLaser.. Mom: We have JLaser at home :JLaser at home
(Null studios)
(Null studios) 6 months ago
@Jake Carlini plagiarism!
Gian Sugay
Gian Sugay 7 months ago
I mean, it is
Razia Malik
Razia Malik 7 months ago
Jake Carlini
Jake Carlini 7 months ago
Crappy Films Inc.
Crappy Films Inc. 6 months ago
In the beginning he went through frickin sheet rock that must have hurt!😬
𝙴elly 2 months ago
I remembered what George Washington said ,” 𝑀𝑦 𝑚𝑜𝑡ℎ𝑒𝑟 𝑤𝑎𝑠 𝑡ℎ𝑒 𝑚𝑜𝑠𝑡 𝑏𝑒𝑎𝑢𝑡𝑖𝑓𝑢𝑙 𝑤𝑜𝑚𝑒𝑛 𝐼 𝑠𝑎𝑤.“ Wow how inspiring
Nairobi Nair
Nairobi Nair 6 months ago
He deserves much more followers than matthew beem, this guy do these insane hard things by himself, not like using frnds for videos His efforts and skills❤️
user unknown
user unknown 6 months ago
finally, someone brave enough to call out matthew beem, this guy puts so much effort into his videos, on the other hand, mathhew beem is making his friends do all the work.
K4THY ♡ 3 months ago
*and this my friends… is UNDERRATED AT ITS FINEST.*
Funny 2 months ago
Michael Zafrir
Michael Zafrir 4 months ago
nah airrack still climbed a building as spider man So I think he’s the REAL SPIDER MAN!
Kesav R
Kesav R 7 months ago
"My Mother was the most beautiful person I saw" -George Washington
LeosGardenXoX 3 months ago
I started watching you at 50k subs And look where we are now!
SuperGuysGaming 7 months ago
Keep it up and everyone will be spider man one day
Bobector 7 months ago
Crazily good content, very underrated 👏👌
Matthew Papillon
Matthew Papillon 2 months ago
Can you please make some for me? I’ll be happy to have my mama pay you. I want to climb walls like spider man!
Michael Mendoza
Michael Mendoza 7 months ago
You should make real life web shooters if you can
Bradley Stahl
Bradley Stahl 28 days ago
jlaservideo already did this plus he actually made suction climbers that literally allowed him to climb full building with nothing but them.
Meow Meow
Meow Meow 7 months ago
I seriously can’t even tell if the last 2 sounds are screwing sounds or screaming sounds in 2:07 😭
rad 7 months ago
dude jake this is gnarly. subbed. keep going man ur insane. amazing production quality too. 🎅
Jake Carlini
Jake Carlini 7 months ago
Yoooo thanks💪🏽
Meow Meow
Meow Meow 7 months ago
No one gonna talk about what he’s doing in the background of 1:37? 😂
Odd guy
Odd guy 7 months ago
I wanna buy that for 5,000$ lol
WolfInRed Month ago
Was it just me or at the end of the video sounded micheal from the office saying "ah the claws."
The Commandblock
The Commandblock 24 days ago
I can climb this tree without shoes
Michael 8 months ago
I swear like a week ago you did NOT have that much subs. Your channel is finally starting to blow up!
Giga Chad
Giga Chad 7 months ago
@Jake Carlini Fr
Jake Carlini
Jake Carlini 8 months ago
I got like 150 more . This is the year
Not Elise
Not Elise 6 months ago
Darn he be living out my dream the only difference is if I succeed I would be spider woman
a youtuber
a youtuber 7 months ago
I remembered when he had 1 thousand subs, dude has 34 thousand now good job bro edit: 228k now!?
Billy 7 months ago
Nice inspiration build from JLaser
Tejas Kanel
Tejas Kanel 7 months ago
Bruh you are so underrated you deservere 1million subs
Jake Carlini
Jake Carlini 7 months ago
Thank you
Cody Williams
Cody Williams 8 months ago
Bro, you deserve more than just 7.25k subscribers. You deserve more like 7.25 million subscribers, your content is top notch🍍
Jake Carlini
Jake Carlini 8 months ago
Yooo I appreciate you
footballplayer66 7 months ago
I was here with my friend I would always wanted to be like a real life Spider-Man kiss my favorite Spider-Man is Tom Holland
Mr Tophat
Mr Tophat 7 months ago
Can it climb up brick walls though
Andrei Angeles
Andrei Angeles 6 months ago
wait can you climb in paints without an wall?.?
Dogsinspacefan91 7 months ago
That is just both wicked and wholesome
Dogsinspacefan91 7 months ago
Intense dabbing
Doctor Horton
Doctor Horton 8 months ago
“I felt like complete garbage” 3:58 while standing in a garbage can 🗑 These are the jokes and content that I am here for! 🤪👍
Jake Carlini
Jake Carlini 8 months ago
I’m glad someone appreciates my “humor “😂
Standard Nerd
Standard Nerd Month ago
Or for $30 buy a set of ninja foot spikes and climbing hooks on Amazon. Just sayin :)
Waddlinglikeaduck 7 months ago
OMG ur so underrated you deserve at least 2 mil subs!
benjamin biltoo
benjamin biltoo 6 months ago
Give this man 500k subs!
Tarun Chopra
Tarun Chopra 7 months ago
As a 8YO, I tried to do this with blue tack and tape, I was unsuccessful.
Poison 2 months ago
teacher: what is this bird name it by seeing it legs Student: uhhh I can’t Teacher: go learn you can’t do anything what’s your name I’ll do a attendance Student: look at my legs you’ll know
I Built a Sword out of Socks
That was crazy!!!
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