I Built Stone Minecraft Tools

Jake Carlini
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Jan 14, 2022




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Comments 471
Jake Carlini
Jake Carlini 7 months ago
Check out another video!ru-vid.com/video/video-ZkXua9L5GC8.html
🎶Jammer🎵 2 months ago
Daily reminder : never leave ur trees floating.
Imperial fist
Imperial fist 6 months ago
Can you send me a copy of the Stone axe
Esquad Productions
Esquad Productions 6 months ago
Hey Jake if you ever work with concrete again use wire mesh on the inside, pour the concrete halfway, put the mesh in, then pour the rest. Or use rebar.
drəNGk 6 months ago
How you only at 131k subs you deserve more
drəNGk 6 months ago
LucaDbw 8 months ago
The amount of effort you put into these videos is unbelieveble! Very underrated channel
Ollie6000 2 months ago
@Paisley Mead🐶 it wasn’t pee dude pee would have been a different Color and did you see how thick the stream was it defo wasn’t pee
LucaDbw 4 months ago
@Paisley Mead🐶 what the fuck does that mean
Paisley Mead🐶
Paisley Mead🐶 4 months ago
Did you actually pee????? Or was it water in a watering can
Sven 6 months ago
Ye i know
Hussein M
Hussein M 6 months ago
@Jake Carlini true facts
Financial Wolf
Financial Wolf 8 months ago
At least the tools look awesome haha!!
CORRUPTEDLORD 7 months ago
@Jake Carlini ye
Jake Carlini
Jake Carlini 8 months ago
So cool right?
Sir Lance-A-Lot
Sir Lance-A-Lot 8 months ago
See you tried cheating the system at first but once you did it like a real minecrafter you got it right!
Jak the Awesome
Jak the Awesome Month ago
@Lionel Hu yessir
Lionel Hu
Lionel Hu 2 months ago
🥑Avocado Weirdo🥑
@Emperor George The First lol
Emperor George The First
thats why you keep cheats off on a hardcore world.
Jake Carlini
Jake Carlini 8 months ago
I should’ve known
Matthew Osama
Matthew Osama 6 months ago
This guy can actually use multi shadow clone jutsu, im impressed.
Oton World Productions
These videos are so high quality in build, I wouldn’t be surprised if it had like 5 million views. Incredibly underrated
CitrusTopG 2 months ago
This aged very well
Justskyblue 6 months ago
@Jake Carlini facts
Jake Carlini
Jake Carlini 8 months ago
Yoooo thank you! Someday I’ll get those views!
HelloHumanBeing 6 months ago
7:35 what a legend, he managed to make a entire mincraft axe with barely any special materials and yet it looks way way better amazing job
Scientist Miles
Scientist Miles 6 months ago
This was epic, thanks for making these insane videos and putting all this effort for us your also very underrated for all the stuff you do, you deserve more!
ChipsMann 8 months ago
if you continue to make videos with the same quality as this, im 100% shure you will be a very successful youtuber, keep grinding!💪💪
Jake Carlini
Jake Carlini 8 months ago
Christian Sumagang
Christian Sumagang 4 months ago
I love how you're not giving up and made the impossible into possible. Good job Jake!
a0_l 8 months ago
It’s crazy how you were able to make a working minecraft replica of the axe. Good stuff!
Aman Studios
Aman Studios 8 months ago
This channel is so underrated, 10/10 content man!
Hussein M
Hussein M 6 months ago
W facts
Zurq 7 months ago
Jake Carlini
Jake Carlini 8 months ago
Josh Fleming
Josh Fleming 7 months ago
You have such high energy and the edits are pure chaos and it's brilliant! Keep up the great work!
Troy Burgess
Troy Burgess 4 months ago
Can we appreciate how much money and effort he spends
Joshua Allwood
Joshua Allwood 7 months ago
Props for the effort towards content and editing after the fact, great vid keep it up
Lol 6 months ago
Just found this channel, very high quality videos! Just waiting for it to blow up now lol
hesacuber 7 months ago
That fact that you’re wearing Minecraft’s Steve’s clothes shows the amount of attention to detail
ŞČÆBØÖ§H 6 months ago
I swear, this man deserves more subscribers!!!
XDFax 7 months ago
this just proves this guy is professional at building things
The Overlord
The Overlord 6 months ago
If I am correct the axe was able to break through the tree due to it having a jagged edge on it, allowing it to dig into the wood.
Zurq 7 months ago
It’s honestly so weird this guy had me laughing the whole vid so underrated ❤️
Jake Carlini
Jake Carlini 7 months ago
🌟 TigerBro 🌟
🌟 TigerBro 🌟 6 months ago
Ur subs are going up day by day insanely keep up the great work!
Nicole Stein
Nicole Stein 6 months ago
10/10 Content Man Keep Doing Your Thing.
MrDoge :T
MrDoge :T 6 months ago
I love how you don't give up. Respect
MacKenzie LumberMill
Great storytelling, I found you through Leon Hendrix channel. I am so glad I did, I am researching storytelling for my channel. I can see I will be binge watching tonight
Jake Carlini
Jake Carlini 7 months ago
Heyyy thank you
Cripple TTV
Cripple TTV 6 months ago
The axe takes more damage and you get exhausted more if you try to cut a moving or trembling tree. It didn't cut either, it broke in half.
Emmetron12 7 months ago
how have you not blown up yet? You should have at least 10 times the amount of subscribers keep up the good work
Jake Carlini
Jake Carlini 7 months ago
TheDreamerMVP 7 months ago
Man took 3 days to make a stone axe….. What a legend
KidDisRespect 8 months ago
Jake back at it again with the bangers my guy
StillJokeYT 7 months ago
Flash Smith
Flash Smith 6 months ago
You actually make them good. Unlike the click-baiters. And your channel is great 👍
StarIsTheName2 8 months ago
Wow, this channel if fire, 10/10. Your mom is awesome for indructioning me to your channel. We love watching your channel after doing some work at school, you should upload more, please.
A Mere Creator
A Mere Creator 8 months ago
commenting so the algorithm stops sleeping on this channel
Jake Carlini
Jake Carlini 8 months ago
Yooo thank you
Flashy YT
Flashy YT 2 months ago
This is the best channel I’ve been watching it for a week now and love it,just subscribes keep up the good work
Plagurn 6 months ago
this guy is so damn underrated what the hell
Dax Hughes
Dax Hughes 8 months ago
keep it up, your content is great!
Jake Carlini
Jake Carlini 8 months ago
Brock Milius
Brock Milius 7 months ago
This is sick bro. How is your channel not huge. Just saw a clip of this video on Instagram…you about to blow up soon bro I can feel it.
Jake Carlini
Jake Carlini 7 months ago
Alluttaja 6 months ago
Nice axe! And it didn't require any weird liquids in the end
Zon3laxativezy 6 months ago
I love your projects! :)
MrDanChandler 8 months ago
Jake is the McGuyver of RU-vid
Oleg Korenfeld
Oleg Korenfeld 2 months ago
i want to see him make a real life diamond sword
August Jensen
August Jensen 6 months ago
You deserve more views man, awsome stuff!
Dark Knight
Dark Knight 6 months ago
Man out here making my dreams come to real life
Arian's Universe
Arian's Universe 6 months ago
Amazing content, good job! Also pretty new.
EDDgow Month ago
Jake after chopping a tree: YES FINALLY You arent helping the environment by doing that
KOKY GAMER 7 months ago
Wow excellent build bro !
Utree Username
Utree Username 8 months ago
I think the pilers was used to shape of the design of the axe.
Jake Carlini
Jake Carlini 7 months ago
🤔 hmm maybe you’re right
PRORAGEGUY 5 months ago
you know concrete and stone are different right? in minecraft concrete are made of cooked clay, so concrete basically not stone, but clay, and you know how clay are. fragile
Kyle B
Kyle B 8 months ago
That axe is 🔥
Uh oh
Uh oh 7 months ago
Discovered this vid because of Instagram. Keep up the good work!
Jake Carlini
Jake Carlini 7 months ago
Yo thanks
Jimmy Skateboard
Jimmy Skateboard 6 months ago
bro your views are a lot higher than i remember! congratulations my dude! i wish you well
ender 6 months ago
that was so much effort you put in that was a hell of a sweat
eliminated by ZZ
eliminated by ZZ 7 months ago
rashRACER27 7 months ago
Keep it going❤
Rusty 8 months ago
Wow jakes channel has grown a lot I remember he had like 200 subcontinent keep up the good work my man
Jake Carlini
Jake Carlini 8 months ago
Yooo welcome back!
Allonic 6 months ago
very good video but u could put steel wire in the concrete to make it reenforced concrete witch could actually work at cutting a tree
SteamWRLd 5 months ago
Wow, hats off to you, now do a shovel and pickaxe
06animations 7 months ago
He used gold first thats why it broke so quickly
B dot com
B dot com 6 months ago
Next time have rebar sticking out of the wood and the concrete will be stronger
Max Carnegie
Max Carnegie 6 months ago
Damn how does this guy have so many identical sibling?
ender 6 months ago
the effort that you put in to that was so much so that's why I liked❤😄
Chris Peck
Chris Peck 7 months ago
I love him building stuff
Nugget 6 months ago
Should had used a real rock and melted in into lava and poured into the mold
Jak the Awesome
Jak the Awesome Month ago
I’m gonna tell my friends that he’s irl Steve lol
3OFtwo 7 months ago
Bro imagine going outside to throw the garbage and you see next that a man is breaking the tree next to your house with a minecraft axe and left the tree flying
Doge 6 months ago
He never gives up. He is a legend. Get this guy 1M subs!
Doge 6 months ago
Thank you for responding Jake Carlini!
Jake Carlini
Jake Carlini 6 months ago
Quartzt0n 7 months ago
i think it would work if you sharpen the edges for the pickaxe and axe! edit: Ok did not expect that ending! like holy moly! i want one of those!!!
Robloz 7 months ago
I have a question you need tools to make other tools right? So how did they made a tool with out using a tool so many years ago?
Gojira Month ago
“ but there is no Minecraft tools in the world yet” end of the video Earth: now there is
Gameopedia 6 months ago
this guy is gaining subscribers so fasT! underrated i swear
Royal Pandas
Royal Pandas 6 months ago
All i can say is Im impressed. Good fucking work brother
StudioOfHorror 7 months ago
I’m like 99 percent sure he’s looking like Steve on purpose
Bruno Kralj
Bruno Kralj 6 months ago
New challenge, survive 24 hours in the forest with only your creations
Hexulus Month ago
This guy is so underrated.
javier ramirez
javier ramirez 2 months ago
This guy needs more subscribers
Zurq 6 months ago
Idk if you’d want to do this but I think it would be sick to build like a captain America shield or iron man helmet or something to do with the avengers 🤷‍♀️
GreyCreature_ 7 months ago
Bro really dressed up as Steve, big effects and big results 👍
Becca S
Becca S 6 months ago
I love your channel! Very cool video!
Gort 6 months ago
oh my god sock sword spider man suit AND NOW REAL MINECRAFT this guy is the greatest crafter ive ever seen
Jake Carlini
Jake Carlini 6 months ago
The Moofia
The Moofia 6 months ago
Wow, Jake has blown up in the past month
Beanie jean gaming
Beanie jean gaming 6 months ago
The most useful tool in Minecraft, turned into the most useless tool in Minecraft 😂 3:29
pjesapjes 6 months ago
you forgot putting a rebar into the concrete or at least thick wire mech
Embermoon37.5 2 months ago
How did he go from onder 10k subs to over 200k in less then six months?
ONLY_TWO.GENDERS 8 months ago
You should do iron next
Qt_Tkz 6 months ago
That's so so so cool I wish I could do that in real life it would feel very cool and kinda cold
Leora XD
Leora XD 7 months ago
Great video dude
Jake Carlini
Jake Carlini 7 months ago
Gamer1435 ™
Gamer1435 ™ 2 months ago
Make Real Diamond Tools Next! You’ll Go Broke Tho 😭 But Please… Do It For Us 🥹.
Clayton Tate
Clayton Tate 3 months ago
The strongest Steve is the one from blues clues
Xegenix 7 months ago
I just found you and your amazing I subscribed :>
yuan fang
yuan fang 6 months ago
This video is amazing 10 stars
simba lol
simba lol 6 months ago
i just watched 1 vid+ im new and alr getting addicted u might be come the next mark rober yessir
peter ch 10
peter ch 10 6 months ago
This guy is crazy.thats whuy i like him
Aaa Aaa
Aaa Aaa 8 months ago
Broooo, why does this video only have 3k views? this deserves at least 1 million views, I just subscribed, don't forget about me when you're famous.
Jake Carlini
Jake Carlini 8 months ago
Yoooo thanks dude!
GrinnTheJester 6 months ago
hire this man for the minecraft movie
junaidkharal 5 months ago
Lumberjacks after watching this vid Alright we need 20 sticks and 20 flat stones
Curious Gamer
Curious Gamer 6 months ago
So in the end the only way to make a working Minecraft tool is to make the real life version of that tool and cut it in the shape of a Minecraft one 🤔. I think I could've told you that one buddy 😂.
LOL-PUNK GAMER 7 months ago
Ahmad Sharifuddin Osman
It looks so amazing and awesome 😁😎👍
The Epic of Dreams
The Epic of Dreams 8 months ago
this was an insane ride. can't wait for you to find the ender dragon irl
shiningv1 7 months ago
bro i actually cant believe u only have 9k subs yo this is top tier content
Jake Carlini
Jake Carlini 7 months ago
Yooooo thank you so much!
I Built a Carrot Cannon.