I Filled My School Bus With Packing Peanuts 

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Mar 25, 2023




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Comments : 3 065   
ArtVibes 2 months ago
Its really nice to see that unspeakable has chosen a biodegrable alternative. He really cares about the planet! 😊
BensKnowsBros 2 months ago
Props to the cameraman who had to go through all the pain and fun with the boys
moon_lord 2 months ago
​Maria CANCER I'm sorry that you have cancer I hope you an fight it wish ya luck
Tim Vogrinec
Tim Vogrinec 2 months ago
lol that got me
Shhh 💯💜
Shhh 💯💜 2 months ago
he deserves a raise
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Atish Chaudhary
Atish Chaudhary 2 months ago
[RL²]FP58 Month ago
I'm so impressed with james' driving skills ❤
AnimeHomie 14 days ago
Best driver in the world 😂
Jennifer von Schleinitz
Fill a school with packing peanuts
Mahmoud M. Abdallah
So true
Michiko Amane♡
Michiko Amane♡ 19 days ago
You guys had me laughing so hard 😂
Olesh M
Olesh M 2 months ago
How much has this bus taken!? Respect! Keep it up unspeakable! :D
Creeperawmangod 2 months ago
yes is how much its taken
Spectator ZA
Spectator ZA 2 months ago
How much?
Roblox videos
Roblox videos 2 months ago
A lot
Gigantamelon 2 months ago
The Guy From Roblox
The Guy From Roblox 2 months ago
It cost like 10000$
crazy cats
crazy cats Month ago
I love how calm James is when he drives the bus while unspeakable and gabe are screaming like crazy it is so funny
DragoPlayzThis 2 months ago
Thank you Unspeakable and friends for this amazing content I really appreciate it.
Dbomb_2012 2 months ago
The way Gabe was just casually chewing on a packing peanut acting like nothing was happening
Grayson H
Grayson H 2 months ago
Get a full size school bus
Aaliyah Pinkfish
Aaliyah Pinkfish 2 months ago
Spectator ZA
Spectator ZA 2 months ago
Daniel Allsop
Daniel Allsop 2 months ago
Sarah 2 months ago
Fr lmao
Pika review
Pika review 2 months ago
Unbelievable how the bus survives everything.Legendary bus
Lily Gornichec
Lily Gornichec 2 months ago
They should fill the bus with merch, it totally couldn't survive that haha
MaDogs 2 months ago
Bro that is insane!
mike roblox
mike roblox Month ago
Rainer Parve
Rainer Parve Month ago
Max Leon Devries
I love all your videos keep the good stuff going!😁
Julian Diaz
Julian Diaz 2 months ago
I love these videos so much they do all that hard work for us ❤❤❤
Adam Damron
Adam Damron 27 days ago
Legend has it someone still finds packing peanuts in that bus to this day
Wilbert Van de haar
Wilbert Van de haar 2 months ago
i just love how you see packing peanuts every where on the property
Brandon Cowan
Brandon Cowan 2 months ago
That was so much fun. I wish I was there.❤❤❤
Mappidy 2 months ago
with so many of the videos i really just wish I was there
noobienoobplayz Month ago
I love that James was just chilling and Nathen and Gabe were screaming like the meme goat thing
How are the little ones
James and uspeakable are going to be so happy watching the video back.
Alex Month ago
I love the packing peanut videos!! ❤
littlevet7 2 months ago
Ace 2 months ago
Can we take a moment to appreciate how calm this video is compared to all of there other videos
PJ Reeb
PJ Reeb Month ago
I’m so happy for you guys!
Xydsunshime 2 months ago
Give an Oscar to the camera man emagin what he’s been through in all these vids 😂😂😂😂
Choco Channel
Choco Channel 6 days ago
I love how in the beginning of the video James says “hello” 😂
Bacon zebra19
Bacon zebra19 2 months ago
The dedication he has to making these videos is extraordinary continue making videos on unspeakable by the way, can we see some videos of Gabes giant bus I’ve always wanted a double-decker bus just like gabe
Atyourservice 2 months ago
The way James face is like we ait going to haven today. Give a round of a applause to James for him doing this and taking it up for the team. Good job love y’all’s vids
Samantha Donegan
Samantha Donegan 2 months ago
Keeping the content up we all love it ❤
Alexaaaa 5 days ago
Legend had it that they are still cleaning up alk those packing peanuts that fell out of the bus to this day
Crystal Laberge
Crystal Laberge 2 months ago
Hey man, love the videos, keep it up.
Brandi Abels
Brandi Abels Month ago
You make me happy people say no one likes me but when I watch you my heart goes up❤
Chad C
Chad C 2 months ago
I love ur content!! keep up the great work!!
The bus has to be given some credit it’s been through so much
Luke Dooley
Luke Dooley 2 months ago
James is the bus driver we all wished we had
S W 28 days ago
That looks sooooo fun I wish I had it 😮
Big-Rhythm 2 months ago
How does this video have 3M views and he has 2M subs? He should deserve more to be honest.
Chloe Month ago
I can’t wait to see the Oobleck bus video next I love your videos ❤❤
BaRnEy Is A dInOsAuR
I’m shocked James didn’t crash that bus tbh😂
Simone Sillem
Simone Sillem 2 months ago
😂I like the way that James was riding the like crazy and he was like (bruh those guys need some MILK🥛)😂
Angel_in_the_sky 2 months ago
I like how focused James is
May Contreras
May Contreras 17 days ago
Literally the best RU-vid video I have ever watched in my life ❤
Sanjay Chakroborty
Sanjay Chakroborty 2 months ago
Great work bro. The video is very interesting and informative. Just keep it up.
Donna Sillett
Donna Sillett Month ago
didnt fail to make me laugh🤣
Pizzamomma 2 months ago
How I love watching grown men having a blast, making other people laugh.
tam nguyen
tam nguyen 2 months ago
Ella Soderstrom
Ella Soderstrom 2 months ago
How l love watching grown men having a blast, making other people laugh.
JaydenBlight 2 months ago
The moment it's chaotic is when James can't control the steering wheel.
💙αʅҽx💙 2 months ago
Can we just take a moment to see that James is such a good driver and manages not to crash into a tree
Lily Gornichec
Lily Gornichec 2 months ago
He is, like even when he wasn't touching the wheel and it was spinning he still didn't crash
Hani Guda
Hani Guda 2 months ago
I know right
ejscolio 2 months ago
Z Meyers
Z Meyers 2 months ago
The Inked Agent
The Inked Agent 2 months ago
Your right ✅️
Nancy Gonzalez
Nancy Gonzalez 27 days ago
I always watch ur videos love them keep up the good work.🙂
I love how his vids aren’t click bate and he actually FILLED his bud with packing peanuts
Kelly 4 days ago
I love that you guys are filling your school bus with stuff
Rayamr 2 months ago
im going to be happy you hit 2.00M :)
Flockdropv2 2 months ago
I just wonder how long it took Nathan, James, and Gabe to clean the slime out the bus from last vid😂
That_Choir_Kid 2 months ago
This bus deserves an Oscar with everything it’s been through 😂😂😂
Piggy_gaming 2 months ago
I agree
Spectator ZA
Spectator ZA 2 months ago
Crystal Hensley
Crystal Hensley 2 months ago
Abil and Robin
Abil and Robin 2 months ago
I know because the filling the bus with slime the green slime the slime was leaking so I agreed to you
Rainbow Unicorn Poop
Hi I love when u fill your house in packing peanuts 😊
Jennifer Williamson
Jennifer Williamson 2 months ago
I can seriously watch you all day!! Funny and easy on the eyes 😍 I'm a sucker for red heads 😉
Maya Tapia
Maya Tapia Month ago
Can we appreciate that when James was flooring it Nathan popped a confetti thing and James was so calm and kept driving like nothing happened-
TimeBucks 2 months ago
Love your amazing videos
Grim Agitok
Grim Agitok 2 months ago
Zaid Khan
Zaid Khan 2 months ago
Thumbs up
Marana Gaming YT
Marana Gaming YT 2 months ago
Atish Chaudhary
Atish Chaudhary 2 months ago
Zubair aslam
Zubair aslam 2 months ago
Lovelye vedio
Content Creations
Content Creations 2 months ago
I love all this bus content, you are amazing
Monchanok Kaosiri
Monchanok Kaosiri 2 months ago
That time gabe ate a packing Peanut 😂
Stephen Ward
Stephen Ward Month ago
I still can't belive you filled your bus with peanuts😂
Oliwia 2 months ago
Someone needs to tell me what's this bus been through. Like it's still rolling and all 😅😂❤🎉
OwenYTER Month ago
imagine nathan just filling our houses with packing peanuts that smells like flipping popcorn....
Time Month ago
that would be funny
StillBat12 Month ago
Ye we would need a LOT
Bao Tran
Bao Tran 2 months ago
we need ball pit balls, cereal, slime, beach, and packing peanuts all at the same time in that bus
Forever always
Forever always 2 months ago
That bus would be destroyed afterwards there would be no fixing the bus lol
Vaida Andy
Vaida Andy 2 months ago
What fun it is, I love it!
Ìm Hêrê †ð Ɏk.
Honestly, I think his videos are getting funnier and funnier each time. Also glad you took the packing peanuts being biodegradable. Respect for you bro.🥴👍
Kade 29 days ago
What makes me angry at the start of when there’s a big pile of peanuts is that the windows are literally open.
steven horne
steven horne 2 months ago
man, you're so awesome in your content!!!!!!!!!
Glitchrøse 28 days ago
James's driving skills on that ride was insane
Jack Dawson
Jack Dawson 2 months ago
:D thank you so much for this video it means a lot to us
HiyakaBrothers 2 months ago
This video is the definition of what happens in my brain: UTTER CHAOS! 😂
AllAboutGamez 2 months ago
Dang another I filled my bus video... This bus is killing it. Keep up the good work man🔥
beanz beanzworth
bro give this man a raise
Mystical Harley
Mystical Harley 2 months ago
The way james can drive is respect➕ And why did we nor talk about gabe eating the nut xD
Langston Roscoe
Langston Roscoe Month ago
I love the video when you fill your bus with cereal I love it! Btw you can eat packing peanuts but it not recommended...❤
Kathleen Tam
Kathleen Tam 2 months ago
Why does all the videos he do with the bus always end up chaotic 😂😂😂
Lily Gornichec
Lily Gornichec 2 months ago
I'm surprised that no one has gotten super hurt
Beyond summer
Beyond summer 2 months ago
That looks so fun wish I could try🤩
Addison Wikel
Addison Wikel 2 months ago
Even when I’m down Ethan finds a way to cheer us all up 😂
Toigo Munene
Toigo Munene 2 months ago
You mean nathan😁
Ella Soderstrom
Ella Soderstrom 2 months ago
Even when l’m down Ethan finds a way to cheer us all up 😂
Rick MacDonough
Rick MacDonough 2 months ago
iknow games
iknow games Month ago
so much fun. I wish I was there. i love the fan
dum-grrrreeeen 2 months ago
" *That was the bumpiest yet somehow the smoothest and comfiest rollercoaster I have ever been " unspeakable 2023*
Miguel Velasquez
Miguel Velasquez 10 days ago
How it feels like in a package getting sent to your home
James Epic
James Epic 2 months ago
it's like back in the old days when you filled your house with packing peanuts you even filled your mansion with packing peanuts so i was expecting this!😃
truong tran
truong tran Month ago
Baby monkey🙉
Baby monkey🙉 2 months ago
I’ve been watching you for so long and I always make you as my inspiration
N.A. Drawings
N.A. Drawings 2 months ago
This is one of the things I want to do when I get older
S G Month ago
This looks so freaking fun!!!
Hailey Burrus
Hailey Burrus 2 months ago
Why does this look so much fun I wanna do this so badly 😂😂😂
JJbidwellman Month ago
There should be a part two of this but as a short and with you guys doing donuts 🍩
Alyza Harting
Alyza Harting 2 months ago
i loved this one but y'all need to do another cereal
M.Ferdi Ansyah
M.Ferdi Ansyah 2 months ago
I think you need a bigger bus,so you can literally build a beach in the bus 😂
gamer, EXE
gamer, EXE 2 months ago
i’m so happy to watch this video
lollillama 2011
lollillama 2011 Month ago
Man, this is the only kids channel that is still interesting
Esme Rain
Esme Rain 2 months ago
He realy does make everyone of his videos so interesting (anyone agree??)
Sniffz 27 days ago
I like when you guys are more genuine
Dodie Walker
Dodie Walker 2 months ago
you are an a amazing person and keep up the good work
Hannah1234 2 months ago
I am so happy to see yall posting
Spencer Morgan
Spencer Morgan 2 months ago
That bus is a miracle, through all its been through is amazing, by the way very good job on the video
Heather Dow
Heather Dow 6 days ago
The way James screamed when the bus flew😂😂😂
Exxhausted 2 months ago
o.o Havnt watched you in like 4yrs, decided too see if you still do yt, and it turns out you have the same personality and everything, same everything. I LOVE ITTTTT. Brings back memories D:
Ms.Roblox Random
I am so excited for you to fill it with oblec, I have been waiting for that
That one kid
That one kid 2 months ago
5:29-6:19 I was on the floor laughing the whole time😂😂😂
Matthew Bailey
Matthew Bailey 2 months ago
Here's 1 criticism: Why didn't you just use Gabe's double decker bus That would be really fun to do in the future I can't wait to see what you do with the double decker
Diamond Star Stables
How that bus still works I’ll never know
Samantha Donegan
Samantha Donegan 2 months ago
I love videos very much forever keeping up the great work❤
maribel madrigal
Love your Videos❤
Indestructable 2 months ago
Is it just me or are you so proud of how long that bus has lasted 😂