I Filled My School Bus With Packing Peanuts 

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Mar 25, 2023




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Comments : 4K   
@TimeBucks 11 months ago
Love your amazing videos
@GrimSangma26 11 months ago
@ZaidKhan-mf8yl 11 months ago
Thumbs up
@maranagamingyt5078 11 months ago
@atishchaudhary3321 11 months ago
@zubairaslam402 11 months ago
Lovelye vedio
@Pikareview3789 11 months ago
Unbelievable how the bus survives everything.Legendary bus
@LilyGornichec-co4sj 11 months ago
They should fill the bus with merch, it totally couldn't survive that haha
@President_Mike 10 months ago
@Rkaigas 9 months ago
@EmilyMoore-tz2im 7 months ago
No Frl
I like you little Pikachu😊😊
@burgervr58 11 months ago
Props to the cameraman who had to go through all the pain and fun with the boys
@noob-industries 11 months ago
​@Maria CANCER I'm sorry that you have cancer I hope you an fight it wish ya luck
@timvogrinec165 11 months ago
lol that got me
@shhh1481 11 months ago
he deserves a raise
@atishchaudhary3321 11 months ago
@afloat6767 11 months ago
@kayleetharp8014 7 months ago
Can we just talk about how good James is at driving the bus!
@Addybailey_123 7 months ago
@Catstr1d 11 months ago
Can we just take a moment to see that James is such a good driver and manages not to crash into a tree
@LilyGornichec-co4sj 11 months ago
He is, like even when he wasn't touching the wheel and it was spinning he still didn't crash
@haniguda7526 11 months ago
I know right
@ejscolio 11 months ago
@ZayneM232 11 months ago
@HarmonyHomeTeamWA 11 months ago
Your right ✅️
@Kuromi_10028 15 days ago
@devon_x2 11 months ago
The way Gabe was just casually chewing on a packing peanut acting like nothing was happening
@graysonh3977 11 months ago
Get a full size school bus
@Aaliyah_Pinkfish 11 months ago
@spectatorza2186 11 months ago
@danielallsop7427 11 months ago
@SHLSLY 11 months ago
Fr lmao
@oleshm4203 11 months ago
How much has this bus taken!? Respect! Keep it up unspeakable! :D
@creeperawmangod7251 11 months ago
yes is how much its taken
@spectatorza2186 11 months ago
How much?
@TeoTheW 11 months ago
It cost like 10000$
@omarcolin-of7od 11 months ago
For a second I thought this was my reply cause my name also starts with a O
@TeoTheW 11 months ago
@@omarcolin-of7od 1 min ago! Hi
@beans916 8 months ago
James. One of the best bus drivers ever.
@wilbertvandehaar2396 11 months ago
i just love how you see packing peanuts every where on the property
@jsaguy2478 8 months ago
Love the determination in James face when he’s driving the bus keep up the work 👍🔥
@parismiller-ru6xt 8 months ago
😅 😊
@keepitsecret_ 7 months ago
@R3df0xzz 6 months ago
@Itsjuliet22 11 months ago
Give an Oscar to the camera man emagin what he’s been through in all these vids 😂😂😂😂
@tashastiner4175 11 months ago
I love it how James is so aggressive with the bus. Lol
@proffseterik2580 10 months ago
well he probly hated school so thats why hes aggressive
@rimafilali 10 months ago
@LaduskaYork 10 months ago
I would love to just jump in packing peanuts it seems so fun.and wouldn’t you be able to eat them they are cornstarch.
@DragoPlayzThis 11 months ago
Thank you Unspeakable and friends for this amazing content I really appreciate it.
@Monkey.d.luffy3980 7 months ago
The fact that James was smiling means he was enjoying that
@brandoncowan210 11 months ago
That was so much fun. I wish I was there.❤❤❤
@aldemarquez6828 5 months ago
Me too dude I want to try it so much 😩 😫 😭 😪 😋 🤧
Same here bro 6:25 😊😊
@jclark1023 8 months ago
This man is doing all of our childhood dreams.
@RL2MEMBERFP58 10 months ago
I'm so impressed with james' driving skills ❤
@AnimeHomie-ic4uk 9 months ago
Best driver in the world 😂
Fill a school with packing peanuts
So true
😂 Lol
@olgasoultanian8349 8 months ago
me too
@That_Choir_Kid 11 months ago
This bus deserves an Oscar with everything it’s been through 😂😂😂
@Piggy_Edits_99 11 months ago
I agree
@spectatorza2186 11 months ago
@crystalhensley5241 11 months ago
@CHOONGCHENGCHEEMoe 11 months ago
@abilandrobin4946 11 months ago
I know because the filling the bus with slime the green slime the slime was leaking so I agreed to you
@OwenYTER 10 months ago
imagine nathan just filling our houses with packing peanuts that smells like flipping popcorn....
that would be funny
@stillbat12 9 months ago
Ye we would need a LOT
@casskinsman2066 5 months ago
Can we just appreciate how much she tries to make somebody’s day❤
She he is a he bro
What do you mean??
@littlevet791 11 months ago
@user-tb4qh2bt7d 7 months ago
Let’s be honest James deserves to be a stunt car driver the way he drives that bus
@RackTackits3598 6 months ago
@R3df0xzz 6 months ago
@3freewilly 11 months ago
Keeping the content up we all love it ❤
@ArtVibesX 11 months ago
Its really nice to see that unspeakable has chosen a biodegrable alternative. He really cares about the planet! 😊
@smifclips 10 months ago
Can I just say thank you for creating kid friendly content! My kids and I love your videos and I’m just grateful that you continue to make fun videos for everyone.
@alinaalykhan2129 7 months ago
James looked so professional while driving the 🚍 ❤
@baconzebra1937 11 months ago
The dedication he has to making these videos is extraordinary continue making videos on unspeakable by the way, can we see some videos of Gabes giant bus I’ve always wanted a double-decker bus just like gabe
@RandomEggUser 8 months ago
I had just re visited this channel after 2 years, still good
how cares
@RandomEggUser 6 months ago
@@hi_my_name_can_not_be_told *who And you can’t be talking with an among us x discord profile picture
Raise your hand if you’ve been watching Unspeakable Studios for a long time
@ilvulpixx8384 11 months ago
@jaydenblight3115 11 months ago
@samanthasmith9523 11 months ago
@be_cool_be_a_dude 11 months ago
@dxmp.c0m972 11 months ago
@Tokihere 9 months ago
You guys had me laughing so hard 😂
@juliandiaz8846 11 months ago
I love these videos so much they do all that hard work for us ❤❤❤
@jessicaalred548 5 months ago
me too
@Sha698 8 days ago
@@jessicaalred548I sub to u I’m your first subscriber!
@TheMrwilks 8 months ago
The way gabe was screaming made laugh so hard😂😂😂 love your videos =)
@RoyColeman-zu9pu 7 months ago
It made me laugh to😂😂😂😂😂
@AddisonWikel-oi1hi 11 months ago
Even when I’m down Ethan finds a way to cheer us all up 😂
@toigomunene9337 11 months ago
You mean nathan😁
@ellasoderstrom5407 10 months ago
Even when l’m down Ethan finds a way to cheer us all up 😂
@rickmacdonough3067 10 months ago
@user-lg7be3bl3o 6 months ago
You mean Nathan 😊
@chloesutton7716 8 months ago
I love how Unspeakable makes his video so funny. I would smile and laugh. I love your vids Unspeakable!❤
@_green0977 11 months ago
" *That was the bumpiest yet somehow the smoothest and comfiest rollercoaster I have ever been " unspeakable 2023*
@Ho1lie 11 months ago
The way James face is like we ait going to haven today. Give a round of a applause to James for him doing this and taking it up for the team. Good job love y’all’s vids
@somecarperson 11 months ago
what yall need to do is to make like a plexiglass or clear particion that seperates the driver from the back of the bus so that every thing stays somewhat contained and does not interfear with driving like what happend in 4:14
@L0VE_SILXNT 7 months ago
@MINNOWBOIS 11 months ago
The bus has to be given some credit it’s been through so much
@leannestokes1330 3 months ago
2:49 Finding Keymo
@kathleentam5895 11 months ago
Why does all the videos he do with the bus always end up chaotic 😂😂😂
@LilyGornichec-co4sj 11 months ago
I'm surprised that no one has gotten super hurt
@JamesEpic3 11 months ago
it's like back in the old days when you filled your house with packing peanuts you even filled your mansion with packing peanuts so i was expecting this!😃
@truongtran-sl6rh 10 months ago
@chloek527 10 months ago
I love how calm James is when he drives the bus while unspeakable and gabe are screaming like crazy it is so funny
@ninarehrig4854 3 months ago
I know
@aniksylaj1613 2 days ago
R.I.P. for the bus.😢 I wished you would never retire the bus. When I heard the news you were retiring the bus it made me cry
@jackdawson-wx1hn 11 months ago
:D thank you so much for this video it means a lot to us
@maikaloopy 3 months ago
Props to the bus holding all the pain meanwhile the boys having fun
@user-ls3ye2id5u 9 months ago
Legend has it someone still finds packing peanuts in that bus to this day
@olgasoultanian8349 8 months ago
@EGT890_Music 4 months ago
@mayatapia2705 10 months ago
Can we appreciate that when James was flooring it Nathan popped a confetti thing and James was so calm and kept driving like nothing happened-
@Alex-gb5cf 10 months ago
I love the packing peanut videos!! ❤
who remembers the old vlog house full of Packing Peanuts
@pizzamomma4908 11 months ago
How I love watching grown men having a blast, making other people laugh.
@tamnguyen-bl7jf 10 months ago
@ellasoderstrom5407 10 months ago
How l love watching grown men having a blast, making other people laugh.
@user-kj6zd4pt2r 6 months ago
This man is amazing wow this vid made me tear up its so funny -
@TheWompkin 11 months ago
James and uspeakable are going to be so happy watching the video back.
@angrymunci69 11 months ago
I was watching the video when they filled the old vlog house with packing peanuts and ball pit balls *NOSTALGIA*
@unaidynable7906 11 months ago
they did
@isobro7603 11 months ago
Ur picture tho
@spectatorza2186 11 months ago
@pjreeb7663 10 months ago
I’m so happy for you guys!
Unspeakable is my favorite RU-vidr
@Reddix_ 11 months ago
Honestly, I think his videos are getting funnier and funnier each time. Also glad you took the packing peanuts being biodegradable. Respect for you bro.🥴👍
@user-qg1mc4uo4x 5 months ago
That looks so fun and scary at the same time😂😂😂
@sportsking7240 11 months ago
respect for unspeakable 👍
@-..BrynnBrynn..- 11 months ago
I’m shocked James didn’t crash that bus tbh😂
@matthewbailey8326 11 months ago
Here's 1 criticism: Why didn't you just use Gabe's double decker bus That would be really fun to do in the future I can't wait to see what you do with the double decker
I love how unspeakable said we're late for school 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
@_.Itz_CJ._ 11 months ago
This is a small detail, but I noticed how in the background music, one of the songs was Dies Irae, in which our marching band played last year in the first semester. But hopefully that's now the end of the bus. WE NEED THE BUS!!
@BaoTran-lo2nu 11 months ago
we need ball pit balls, cereal, slime, beach, and packing peanuts all at the same time in that bus
@Forever_always 11 months ago
That bus would be destroyed afterwards there would be no fixing the bus lol
@jaydenblight3115 11 months ago
The moment it's chaotic is when James can't control the steering wheel.
@Frostyy14-- 11 months ago
I love ur content!! keep up the great work!!
I wish I could make videos like these they are really good at making content for young and older viewers and it’s very entertaining to watch meanwhile I don’t even know how to edit or make shorts oh the sweet joys of life lol. And yes I liked my own comment
Great work bro. The video is very interesting and informative. Just keep it up.
@PoisonGames. 6 months ago
it’s cool to see you guys
@truckmaster12-dh8yu 11 months ago
@alyzaharting1394 11 months ago
i loved this one but y'all need to do another cereal
@NotAny_One 9 months ago
I love how in the beginning of the video James says “hello” 😂
@einchboard 7 months ago
What time?
Unspeakable, I am uh big fan of your videos I got the fruit blocks
I hope you got 1000 million and a golden play button and a silver play button
@allaboutgamez9687 11 months ago
Dang another I filled my bus video... This bus is killing it. Keep up the good work man🔥
@hopegrimes4351 7 months ago
I love your videos ❤
@bigpotato2354 11 months ago
3:19 😳😳(I thought this was family friendly)
@StealthVent 11 months ago
@sonic176yt7 11 months ago
Idk man, that seems KINDA SUS
@StealthVent 11 months ago
@@sonic176yt7 AYOOOOO❤
@LunarMemesOfficial 8 months ago
@@StealthVent literally every middle schooler when a guy stares at another guy for 0.00001 seconds:
@johnmielvital8974 6 months ago
@YoshiNebula 11 months ago
The things Unspeakable and his crew does for his Subscribers is Crazy! *Crazy Dangerous*
@terryjohnson4994 11 months ago
Unspeakable never fails to make my day. If I am ever upset all I have to do is just watch one video and I am all better. Thanks unspeakable, you are the best!
@luhmanik1253 7 months ago
4:50 5th jump
@Flopdropv2 11 months ago
I just wonder how long it took Nathan, James, and Gabe to clean the slime out the bus from last vid😂
@ljsell4515 Month ago
If it smells like popcorn, you could eat it because it’s it’s like popcorn, right?😂
@ljsell4515 Month ago
@baturnisel4644 11 months ago
5:41 imagine going to school like this:
@Rikkursjourney 10 months ago
@jaydenatyt 10 months ago
loll imagine!
@1tz_Alexiaa 8 months ago
How my dad went to school * *apparently* *
@HamzaAhmed-ku4zp 4 months ago
Nathan is like hfowbfuhgybwiuwbhi
@maxleondevries8598 10 months ago
I love all your videos keep the good stuff going!😁
3:30 what!?
@Calli_12 11 months ago
The fact that james had a straight face the hole time while driving the bus was funny!
@ellasoderstrom5407 10 months ago
The fact that james had a straight face the hole time while driving the bus was funny!
@swordypop 10 months ago
Bro why did you just copy the entire comment
@smurfcat.welive 6 months ago
6:23 the first time in unSpeakable camraman has shown a part of his body
@Parkerevolved 11 months ago
1:26 unspeakable arrives in the backrooms
@HS-do5cd 10 months ago
@user-ov9em8ho7f 11 days ago
I love how his vids aren’t click bate and he actually FILLED his bud with packing peanuts
@ollienol1 11 months ago
I love your vids, you guys inspire me, i wanna do things like this when im older, your my favourite youtuber! Never give up with your dreams.
@billharding1630 10 months ago
I love you guys so much I'm watching your videos right now watching the boys wear black pants in it😮
@billharding1630 10 months ago
My mom said what are you doing going text me my best RU-vidrs❤ okay I said okay love you too bye
My grandson, Braydon, said he'd like to see you fill your house full of Fruity Pebbles cereal. He loves your videos!!!
@donotprikel 11 months ago
James would be the best bus driver ever he drives it so well he comes so close to trees but some how manages to get past without crashing. Thats just cool
@peterlowbridge 3 months ago
You are the best RU-vidr ever. I have watched you for 4 years now and you have been making videos constantly and entertaining us for nestle 7 years now! We all love your vids and we thank you for what you have done. Thank you unspeakable 😀
@nancygonzalez1656 9 months ago
I always watch ur videos love them keep up the good work.🙂
@keene5598 11 months ago
I actually saw the bus at the event! It was so cool!!❤
@lijunliu6846 10 months ago
@spencermorgan6093 11 months ago
That bus is a miracle, through all its been through is amazing, by the way very good job on the video
Wait how did guys clean it up?
@yeetyourcar9476 11 months ago
I’ve been watching you for so long and I always make you as my inspiration
@Loram-_ 6 months ago
Raise your hand, if you’ve been watching unspeakable for a long time🖐️
@cint5159 10 months ago
Did anybody else notice that at 2:09 when he jumps into the pile of nuts, he farts twice.