I Gave 100 Minecraft Players a 10,000 Block-Long Wall to Build Anything 

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Welcome to the edge of our Minecraft Earth server, it is incredibly long and we must seal it
Watch more Minecraft builds: • RTGame Minecraft: New ...
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Everything you see in my videos is edited livestream highlights taken from my Twitch channel. My schedule is Tuesday & Thursday @ 7pm, Saturday & Sunday @ 3pm - all times based in Ireland.
Edited by Ashtaric, you can find her here: / xashtaricx
And here: / ashtaric
To join my Minecraft server, head to my Twitch channel and type !server for the login information. You must be subscribed on Twitch to join, and have a Discord account. This is so we can moderate and manage the server due to demand. The server is open 24/7 and has a survival world, as well as a museum of every past build we've done on the channel.
New Earth Build Rules:
-No obnoxious floating text. No obnoxiously tall buildings.
-Respect the coastline and borders. Islands, continents and countries should retain their shape.
-Build the best you can. Low effort and unfinished constructions will be removed.
-Your building cannot just be a flag.
-No contemporary politics.
-No depictions of war, recent mass tragedy, racism or discrimination or hate symbols of any kind.
-Railways must be at ground level. Railways in the air are considered low effort and too tall. We recommend an underground metro instead.
-No pixel art (outside of the space of this wall)
Special thanks to Nitrous Networks for hosting our Minecraft server. See their site for quality server hosting across a variety of games: nitrous-networks.com/


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Mar 26, 2023




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@RTGame Year ago
We're hoping to finish our New Earth Project over the coming months! If you would like to take part and build on the server, there's a bunch of information in the description. Thank you as ever to everyone for taking part!
@synthwav_ Year ago
will make sure to check it out! :D
@netherhobbit Year ago
@afsilver07 Year ago
Latin America is approaching
@Lightacre. Year ago
Here's hoping survival build days will return after this masterpiece wraps up 🤞
Description says "No Pixel art" hehe
"I'm sorry for your loss" Dan has never delivered such a gangster pogs line before
I’m still confused why did he destroy it I have no idea what it was
@oversecus833 Year ago
Same here, no idea why he destroyed it?
@Xanthelei Year ago
Just came across this part of the video and trying to figure out why it was lost to begin with.
@@salmonbamminfish2925 Look up "Loss meme explained" I sent a link earlier but youtube doesn't like links in the comments
@edith3604 Year ago
​@@salmonbamminfish2925exactly why I'm here too
@Chloeroses Year ago
Thank god the feed wall is back I was starting to worry everyone that knew the wall died-
@BobOrKlaus Year ago
-of hunger. To complete your sentense there ;)
@@BobOrKlaus Doing the lords work
not everyone died of hunger some died of a snap
@@jasonmiller2379of hunger
@@jasonmiller2379 lest we forget
@chatae9599 Year ago
5:19 being a fan of Komi Can’t Communicate, this is fucking hilarious
@livliveart Year ago
Lol, Same!! I had no idea someone made Komi, but I'm so happy to see her 🥰
@un_id5775 Year ago
It's really funny that Dan made an inverse of Komi that could actually be real, glad he didn't just gloss over it!
@raiisleep Year ago
I need another season or I'm gonna riot
RT not again... It's just another chaotic-wholesome Minecraft video that I'm addicted to.
I think you meant probably.
It's ok, now we get to rewatch a new video for several days on repeat instead of an old one. Now that's what I call variety. =>
@ocal123 Year ago
*we* you mean
@AdminAbuse Year ago
Enjoy 15 mins of "addiction" then
Should try something like Kowloon walled city, give everyone the tiniest space to work with in a single massive building
Yea, 4 256^2 blocks separated by 2 6m wide roads that meet in the middle, surrounded by a wall and the roads lead out to the outside world ofc. Above a certain amount (say 8 blocks) above the road you can build over it, so it’ll just be a gloomy hellish place.
@HazeEmry Year ago
@@longfineel2630 hellish for sure but with the amount of wholesome builders in the server, it's not going to be gloomy at all which is nice.
@@HazeEmry I’m talking light level. While the bottom alleys will be just… warrens, it’ll be AWESOME. An idea could be placing this plot just off of Hong Kong on the map!
@HazeEmry Year ago
@@longfineel2630 people would definitely put in uh... Ender rods(?) and stuff to light it up. Maybe something like the functioning city build and the V O I D
@@HazeEmry Yea, it’ll be a mixture between the two! I just realised how many hidden flesh rooms there’ll be.
@HPFireYT Year ago
Dan sees it and pauses to destroy it “Oh good Dan is gonna save us from the-“ “Sorry for your loss.” You absolute RU-vid, Dan, how dare you
@Kdash123 Year ago
For people who don't get the erasing the black lines in the middle of the video, the black lines are a reference to a 4 panel comic drawn by Tim Buckley of the webcomic "Ctr+Alt+Del". The comic depicts a man running into a hospital (1 vertical line), man talking to receptionist sitting down (2 vertical lines one smaller), then talking to a doctor (2 vertical lines same size ), finishing with the man standing near a woman in bed on her side facing away from him (1 vertical line and 1 horizontal line). This became a meme for a very long time as the subject matter ( Miscarriage ) was VERY heavy for a mostly comedic webcomic. back in the day this shit was everywhere, derivatives too. It became so widespread and modified that people were confused if what they saw was in fact a meme about loss, so much so that the act of asking "Is this loss?" or "Is this loss.jpg" became a meme itself. This was from like 2008-2010 btw so younger viewers shouldn't feel bad not getting it as there is a possibility that this injoke is older than their access to the internet or potentially the viewer themselves.
@HazeEmry Year ago
I remember when Loss was as prevalent as sus is now. At least the Rick Roll stood the test of time
@ABunchOTrees Year ago
And then he said "I'm sorry for your loss" XD
Loss was like the early 2010s version of amogus
@rin602 Year ago
Thanks for the info I was confused
Still a pretty popular meme.
Greatest part of these is seeing Dan melt over all the builds
@violet5018 Year ago
​@Jack Wrath ayo my guy is that Irish???? Nice
@ParsonDewey Year ago
@Jack Wrath I don’t think that many people speak Irish lol
Esp faRTyGame KEKW
You're right!
Yeah and learning that they have wasted thousands of hours of their life practicing builds in minecraft so glad I’m not one of them.
@UFO_MAN Year ago
And then he Minecrafted all over the place
Woo yeah!
@LuNa_097 Year ago
I just loved the moment when RT said "IT'S MINECRAFTIN TIME" and minecrafter all over the place
Minecraft (2022)
@No-bm8mf Year ago
100th like 🥳🥳
I can't believe that RTGame decided to be accurate to the globe and created the ice wall that keeps us from seeing the edge.
Ah the famous edge of the globe
@bustavonnutz Year ago
@@IDontReallyKnowWhatToPutHereOK The icewall keeps out the nephilim.
@nobledamask Year ago
@@bustavonnutz And albino Darth Maul and his zombie army.
The _timing_ of RT passing Judd while saying "we don't need the old Earth" considering Splatoon is post-apocalyptic
i had to do a double-take when it happened
@Argus223 Year ago
13:14 i am genuinely so happy to see some rainworld representation on the wall!
FR i was thinking to myself "man i wish i was there so i could build rain world" and then IT APPEARED
@Argus223 Year ago
@@PipeyardCentipede I know!!!
@twopoint2811 Year ago
It was so unexpected but it was a very pleasant surprise
same here i was really happy to see it
we need to get rt to play rain world
@AcelJean Year ago
I appreciate how the guy waited for RT to finish the sign before they destroyed the block
@NikFromm Year ago
As someone of German descent, I am glad someone has finally put our flag in the correct spot… the Gay Box.
@thehaloreachbros 11 months ago
9:27 was the best gift i could think to do for my brother, thank you for putting it in the video btw dan. We love your work.
@devstorm8764 Year ago
I love these. Don't fear turning 30. I'm approaching 60 now, and I'd do anything to be back there again (and make better choices, maybe).
@meowdyllic Year ago
do you think theres a lot of 50+ rtgame viewers?
why are you wasting the remainder of your time here
@AMare-nk8up Year ago
@@zackglickert4495 meanie :(
@Lordofgeckos Year ago
Any advice you'd want to give? Things to do while you're young that you can't do later perhaps?
@@Lordofgeckos I'm 61. I regret nothing.
Nothing says wholesome than a single father and his 100 children having a family day, making pixel art.
@HazeEmry Year ago
Honestly very wholesome. The art can not be wholesome though 😂
@Tonini08 Year ago
11:56 I feel so old that I instantly recognize the “Feed!!” wall but RT still has to explain it
@donpollo3154 11 months ago
Same bro
@kasbakgaming Year ago
I'm honestly surprised the guy making the noteblock setup didn't take the opportunity to do a Rick Roll.
@k8was Year ago
@VictorTwo2 Year ago
At this point RT will make the bottom of the ocean before south america lmao
He already did Atlantis
He already did :)
@VictorTwo2 Year ago
@@StartOfTheYear idk if he did it on twitch, but they haven't made a video on it yet, just central america
@nenon_night Year ago
​@@VictorTwo2he already did a video on atlantis where they drained a big square in the ocean of water and let the players build
You: " Alright. RT has done every square inch of new earth except South America and he just posted a new minecraft vid". RT: " So ive decided that we're gonna colonize Mars in this new build series called New Mars"
"Komi doesn't want to communicate. She does not want to talk to ANYONE!" No, thats her brother
@thevoid6596 Year ago
Hey RT, I just wanted to genuinely say thank you. I've always watched your content and loved it, but recently I got a kidney stone and even with the pain medication the amount of pain I was in was immeasurable. Your videos truly helped me get through it with all the pain and discomfort with a smile. Thank you
@RTGame Year ago
Sorry to hear you've been unwell! I hope you're feeling better, I'm glad I could help in even a little way
Personal Timestamps 12:45 Omor 6:24 Boneworks 13:14 Slugcat 13:21 Ironmouse 14:07 Jeremy 13:05 Sennaar 12:49 13:43 Miku
@leozarf Year ago
Wild omori Fan
@feralmonarch Year ago
cant believe i found an omori and rain world fan out in the wild
@thehollyraven 11 months ago
oh thank god i found another omor fan
@OctoAmbush-nc4xt 9 months ago
omor fans unite
@cinderluna 9 months ago
Thank you for the Omori timestamp
@vidblogger12 Year ago
5:57 The way the music just cuts off; the silent, psychotic griefing; and that pun at the end. It’s perfect.
Why did he delete it? Could you explain it?
@Corvin_Ito Year ago
13:14 RAIN WORLD FAN SPOTTED 🫵 ‼‼‼ glad slugcat could make it onto The Wall
@zionre4925 Year ago
Yea lol, too bad it was placed right next to the brain damaged "Boykisser" lol.
@inschaal8454 Year ago
Must have been quite the journey from underhang to get up on The Wall.
@squasherdown Year ago
plot twist: its actually the wall of five pebbles
@swissxpiplup Year ago
I believe that Outer Wilds pixel art at 13:01 was the same one used for r/place, and that makes me extremely happy.
13:50 "guys stop putting the rainbow over my build" Tale as old as time
@_eggtart_ Year ago
My favorite part is when RT said "It's Minecrafting time" and then proceeded to Minecraft all over the place
6:12 I'm sorry for your LOSS, prob my fav part
@Ghostmann2 Year ago
4:54 glad that Komi Can't Communicate is getting more recognition
@livliveart Year ago
For real! I really really want more episodes, so Komi can make 100 friends ❤
Been looking forward to this for ages as someone who doesn't watch stuff on Twitch very often. Thank you for making a video out of this :]
@Caseyscrtm Year ago
favorite part was rt getting confused and intimidated by the boykisser wall with the cat thing
RT opening up the ice wall to make pixel art is probably the best and worst decision that was made on the Minecraft Build Server. Also, proud of building that Etika memorial. Had to put something in to remember him ❤
​​@Jack Wrath Níl, breágach
@thegray_wolf Year ago
joycon bros forever
Stickmaster still around. nice!
Love seeing the Rainworld Slugcats show up more and more recently.
@reaIqwerty Year ago
The 100 minecraft player videos are always good
@reaIqwerty Year ago
@Jack Wrath no
Seeing omori in an rt video is so cool lmao, to whoever built it thank you! And if rt sees this, you should definitely play omori!! It's best to go in absolutely blind, so try not to research up on it too much as its super easy to get spoiled (Look at comments for more info :))
@kaleenar963 Year ago
Although it’s also covered in content warnings so be careful with that!
@@kaleenar963 lmao, can't belive I completely forgot to mention the content warnings in the game, probably should mention stuff like that
I love Omori and I really want him to play it. It’s an amazing game.
@kaleenar963 Year ago
@@pandabottomtext3290 You can edit your comment if you want to
(maybe not on stream? i have to imagine it would make kind of a terrible stream game especially here)
Ah, yes, my favorite real-world landmark: the Northern Art Wall
@Runetrantor Year ago
We werent using that pole anyway.
Projection would crunch that entire wall down to the size of a flagpole, art around the outside :D
@Lightacre. Year ago
I hope he brings back the survival mode build days, they were absolutely incredible
@Powoga Year ago
13:03 That Squirtle is clearly the best build.
Was not expecting that monogon build, but it means we’re one step closer (1/10000) from Rt playing boneworks
i only now realise how gold an rtgame pizza tower playthrough would be, we need dad to play this immediately!
@DeXyfero Year ago
Same with omori. Would be so cool if he played these two
I remember he said the game "reminds him of Undertale", which scares him.
@ThePenisMan Year ago
@@DeXyfero as someone who’s favorite game might just be Omori I kinda need him to not play it He gets so much… vitriol? with games that have fandoms who love the game Undertale is probably the best example, but you can see it slowly seep into his playthrough of Phoenix Wright as well, so many fights over minor details broke out towards the end That and he said he’s not playing BECAUSE the fandom likes the game too much too I mean it’s always been a weird stance to me but if that’s just how he consumes video games that’s just how it is I guess
@HazeEmry Year ago
@@ThePenisMan the thing is, he'd probably enjoy these games on his own time but the childish parts of all these fandoms like to harrass streamers for not thinking like they do. Characters, ships, emotional scenes, if a streamer has a differing opinion on any of these then they get up in arms. For example Genshin. Amazing art, phenomenal music, deep lore and interesting characters... Half of the fanbase only like the ships, meta characters for endgame content, and harrass the voice actors. The worst parts of each fandom is the most vocal and it pushes away new players. Can't blame anyone for not wanting to be a part of that
@LittleZbot Year ago
Music List (the ones I know): 0:12 - Main Plaza: Night (Nintendo Land) 1:00 - ??? 1:59 - Trophy Gallery (Super Smash Bros. Brawl) 4:40 - ??? 6:40 - Shopping (Paper Mario: Sticker Star) 9:50 - Able Sisters (Animal Crossing: City Folk) 10:56 - ??? 11:40 - Bubblaine (Super Mario Odyssey) 13:21 - Let the Game Begin (Mario Party 2) 15:03 - Toy Tracks (Kirby's Epic Yarn) If you recognize a song labelled "???", feel free to comment, and I will update the list!
@math9172 Year ago
Pretty sure 1:00 is a pokemon ost. Probably from B/W
I know I’m late but if anybody needs to know, 6:40 is the shop theme from Paper Mario Sticker Star
@LittleZbot Month ago
​@@augisterman3685Added, thanks!
@chatae9599 Year ago
9:54 my favourite clip, Dan sounds so offended
@BlobsoR0ck Year ago
Tommorow is my University announcement on whether I get accepted or not. Seeing RT uploading a new vid really calmed me down, especially it being a Minecraft stream since RT's Minecraft streams are always calming, informative, and so enjoyable to watch. Edit: I didn't get accepted, I appreciate all of you for the support. I have not only failed myself, but those who have believed in me as well.
Good luck with your uni application! ✨
good luck!
@kaylahaas Year ago
Good luck 🖤
@Xanthelei Year ago
I hope you get good news tomorrow!
Good luck!!
@sanddry738 Year ago
Miss seeing all the silliness and creativity of these builds. Awesome work from the community
I love seeing Dad find out about 'Boy Kisser' LOL
@proxy1035 Year ago
13:13 a rain world fan! now the wall is blessed!
Love the Slugcat. Needs a spear, though.
8:26 I'd like to imagine that RT thinks rainbow dash is from anime, so he intentionally said "cartoon" to get a funny "haha RT doesn't understand pop culture" monent and possibly trigger the fans a bit. But instead he just correctly called it a cartoon.
@SFMPlayz Year ago
Hell yeah, love the minecraft community builds. I've been binge watching all the old ones recently it's how I discovered your channel
@emydemi7778 Year ago
Its been so long! Super excited to see this series back!
@Euanverse Year ago
14:06 There's my work of art: 'When the peculiar fellow appears to be incredulous!' Also I'm glad there were like 4 massive Pizza Tower Peppino's as well, it's always pizza time somewhere.
@sheevpalps66 Year ago
I was thinking the entire video "god I hope someone does Jerma sus", the artwork has appeased his bloodlust for a few more hours
@HazeEmry Year ago
13:39 Sylveon shittin the youtube logo broke me lmao. Didn't expect that tiny edit
@4wardAerial Year ago
You can't delay it any further Dan, Brazil is coming and there's nothing you can do to stop it
@voidrain Year ago
Thank you to the people who built Toby Fox's characters, I know they are kind of a meme in the normie world but it was genuinely nice to see my addiction represented again
12:47 whoever built tanya i thank you
@tdcascade Year ago
Love the random Seattle Mariners logo at 10:36 And 13:05 squirtle smoking a doink lmaooo
Honestly super great pixelart. I loved the little dollhouse style designs a few people did, and that glass rainbow was very lovely. So much talent, and that music block is just on another level itself. Fantastic work, all of you. 😊
@octrigs Year ago
Of all the memes to show up, I wasn't expecting boykisser.
@HeejinBunni Year ago
me who usually uses rt’s vids to fall asleep waking up to a bunch of trumpets and car honks at the end 😭
@GeremyG Year ago
These build videos were how I found your channel, love to see them return.
Such chaos, such wholesomeness It's just simply amazing
We need to go back to the chaotic minecraft builds like the vault, the Starbucks island and skyblock, when no one had anything and chaos gave rise to hilarious art and mass sign usage
seeing the pan flag with the same stripe proportions as the bi flag is so cursed lmao
@Ursy Year ago
12:10 I used to make chests at the build and gather up food in survival mode to try and feed everyone. It never went well.
Do you know what video it is?
@Ursy Year ago
@@shanellemurrey9300 it was around the time of the starbucks build cause I remember that one having a whole picnic section that i had 2 hours notice to put together in survival outside the build zone and other people who were early joined in. The frames dropped so hard and everyone took too much food instead of sharing and some people broke the chests. it was a disaster, but it was a good way for me to make use of the mega farm I was building in the survival area.
@@Ursy wow lol
@JossOwX Year ago
13:13 Who ever built that slugcat, You're amazing
@marbleferret Year ago
miku is becoming more present in RTgame's channel? i see this as an absolute win
@nfinn116 Year ago
“I’m sorry for your loss” fucking GOT me lmao
Omg a slugcat! Didn’t expect Rain World to appear here! So cute!
I know survival build streams were harder to manage and had less unique and insane buildings, but the charm of a bunch of people in survival building to a theme made those videos so fun, I hope that rt might do more of them if he's planning more minecraft streams
@kontrystie Year ago
@inschaal8454 Year ago
These Minecraft videos never fail to brighten my day, lol
How does RT manage to have such an incredible community? Tbf it's only about 100 people doing that build, but those people are so talented and creative! And how little trolls and griefers there seem to be, so wholesome.
It's cuz u have to pay to join so no point paying to get kicked straight away
@wigglytby Year ago
I'd love to see an edit of Komi Can't Communicate called Komi Doesn't Want to Communicate
@Nightstick24 Year ago
I love this whole project, it’s always so fun to see the crazy stuff people create!
@thehomie6059 Year ago
rts return to minecraft does not miss
@sandrew8388 Year ago
I felt old when RT explained the feed sign.
@simpIeidiot Year ago
@Deltexterity Year ago
8:53 the pathOwOgen has spread
@matthewboire6843 17 days ago
Yes it has, It will continue to spread >:)
@raiisleep 12 days ago
​@@matthewboire6843spread ;3
5:57 This sequence is great
I don't get it.
@@JimAdventures Your Loss.
@ionic7777 Year ago
It’s been while since you’ve done one of these, can’t wait to watch this later
@TheOddHawk Year ago
@riv7797 Year ago
You know, I thought seeing Komi and Miku was the most anime we'd get, but seeing Tanya was even more surprising
@HazeEmry Year ago
Ikr? Like of all people, why Tanya??? I can understand Sailor Moon or Naruto... Now I wish Chainsaw Man or Beastars were represented too
13:22 Mousey has made it to new earth. 🎉
We NEED RT to play miku games now
I can't believe the original MC builds were so long ago he had to remind us he did survival at the start
i didn't expect komi to be in this stream 5:17 also you're not FAR off, she has a brother that actually doesn't want to communicate. komi does but she is socially anxious
@Skyedancer Year ago
Sees Omori art: *screams in happiness* Everyone in these vids are always super talented, super hilarious, or both XD
@milkedRat Year ago
Binging this in class right now, not stopping that RTGame grind.
@BatmanReal Year ago
hearing rt utter the words "shadow of israphel" brought back so many memories
Yay! Now I get to rewatch a new video for several days on repeat instead of an old one. Now that's variety. =>
@Listaru Year ago
Howdy Dan! Just want to let you know I love your content, thanks so much for making it!
@prongs8488 Year ago
Hearing Dan reference Shadow of Israphel's lack of Ep. 43 really hit home. Godbless
@DaJodad Year ago
YESSSSSS! Another minecraft building stream, I have loved these so much and seeing another one is the highlight of my day.
@mantis7939 Year ago
13:14 glad rain world is getting some recognition