I Gave My Parents $100,000

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May 15, 2022




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Garrett Clark Vlogs
I tried my best to hold it together
Grant Horvat Golf
Proud of you man! Tammy and Jerry are the best
incredible, garrett! a beautiful moment you and your parents will cherish forever ❤
Drop the Bassline
Drop the Bassline 14 days ago
absolutely incredible
Your parents are so so proud of you
Andrew Sisson
I got a little choked up listening to this. It’s crazy when you think about all the sacrifices people make for their kids. Now that I have a 10 month old daughter I understand that type love. Great video man.
Truly blessed brother! Such an awesome video! Keep killing it man!
The most wholesome part of this is that Garrett's Mom sees the check and just moves it to keep reading the note. That's how you know she means it when she says "just being you is a gift enough for us". Beautiful stuff.
Apline.335 Is
“you changed a lot of lives” indeed you have and way more than you could imagine. Keep up the good work Garrett your a true inspiration to the youth of golf.
Derikk Heinrichs
I don’t comment on videos. Ever. But I felt like this was a great video to leave my first comment on. Like your Dad said, God has blessed you and I truly hope that you believe that. I have been blessed enough to make a career out of doing what I love but it absolutely didn’t happen under my own power alone. You and the Good Good guys make great videos that I can watch with anyone and not be embarrassed by language or any of the content. I appreciate that and you guys are all the more respected because of that. At least in my book. Keep up the great work and it’s so great to see you be a blessing to your parents after they helped you along your path. I don’t have a great relationship with my family anymore and it made me think about a lot of things. Also, I live in Texas now and have started golfing more after watching your videos so I am hopeful that I will run into you at some point! Congrats on being blessed enough to be a blessing to others and I wish you the best of luck in the things to come in your career. Thank you for sharing this great moment and God Bless.
Steph Fran
Steph Fran 14 days ago
"You are gift enough for the both of us", your Mom has a beautiful soul. I'm so proud of you Garret and I'm proud of your parents for raising such an amazing young man. I look forward to a bright future for you and the team.
I cried in this. When Tammy looked at the check I couldn't hold it in anymore. This was so beautiful, G. To see someone so genuine be so successful is heartwarming.
Ur Mom
Tammy isn’t going to be pissed about this 😂 😂
Aw his dad's like " What the Heck son?!" while moms just crying. So sweet ❤
We made the right guy famous bois
Nicolas D Triviño
can’t believe how far this has come so inspiring.
Leroy Rodgers
Garrett is so humble that I think he forgets he is the one who started all of this. It's no coincidence his personal youtube channel was bigger than Good Good until recently lol. The guy works hard. 💪
Rice Daddy
This hits hard for me as a dad but what makes it hit even harder, just 3 days ago I was sitting just off the green on hole 6 at the short course listening to your dad talk to another older gentleman about how proud of you he is and how your love of golf and sheer determination are why you've come so far. As much as you want to give your parents credit for your success, I can only imagine that as a parent, your dad puts all of that success on you. We as dad's can give you every leg up in life, private coaches, a putting green in the back yard, driving you to tournaments, etc. But at the end of the day, there's only one person who has the ability to either put in the work and grind until they finally break through or break under the pressure and quit before they fully realize their potential. Your dad is able to see that it was you who put in the work, you who grinded day and night, you who grabbed your group of friends to not only help you reach greater heights but to also pull them up alongside you. This is why it hits so hard, because as a father who wants to give my son every advantage in life that I can, I can only hope that he exhibits the same amount of sheer grit and determination as you and the rest of the Good Good crew have.
Thomas Thomas
Maybe there is hope for the future when kids like this appreciate and understand what sacrifices are made for them. Having his gratitude towards his parents, even if they didn't deposit/cash the check, was way more important to the parents. Beyond words. This is everyone's "someday" moment.
Sheldon Ramage
Man you didn’t think you’d cry through the intro well I didn’t think I’d cry the whole video. That shit was coolest thing ever, and truly showed how much it means to you seeing how you acted. I love it man don’t stop